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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  February 21, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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soorg to the 70s, record warmth all across our area today but just how long will this taste of spring last? president trump said 70 to meet face-to-face with florida's survivors. team usa still in the hunt for more medals as the final days for the winter olympics get set to continue in north korea. >> announcer: nbc 10 news starts now. right now devastation in delaware county. firefighters have been waiting for hours to get into this house where the roof collapse dollars. home owner is still unaccount the for. thenous collindale, delaware
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count city a total loss destroyed by flames and the investigation is just beginning. we're live on the scene where crews will be sifting through that damage later on today. dray. >> reporter: rosemary, firefighters are still here on the scene. the number of firefighters have been scaled down, but you can see behind me it's still a very active scene. meanwhile, neighbors also here standing across the street, they are all waiting on word on the whereabouts of the man who lived inside the home. right now he's still considered missing. when firefighters arrived here on 900 block of pit man avenue early this morning, this is what they found. a single family three-story home wrapped in flames. neighbors recall hearing a troubling sound around 6:00 this morning. >> all we hear was like, boom, and we all come outside and it's all enghufld fire. >> tossing and nurng my bed and i just heard two bangs. >> the flames outpaced firefighters who arrived within minutes after getting the first
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call for help. the flames were too widespread for any rescue attempts, but firefighters knew a man lived at the home alone. he's still unaccount the for. there is concern he may have perished in the fire. >> we're checking lobl thopts see maybe if he was admitted to a hospital and we're trying to get a hold of some family members. >> the fire destroyed the home and nearly burned down two adjacent houses. neighbors watched from a distance in disbelief. a home that stood tall for decades nearly burning to the ground in mere minutes. >> i've lived here on the block 24 years. that was one of the oldest houses on the block. >> now the focus will shift to the investigation. what ignited the fire and more importantly, where is the homeowner? >> reporter: i'm back here live now you can see they have brought in the heavy equipment to begin the process of the demolishing the home. and also removing that rubble. that's the only way they can remove the rubble at this point because it's just burning too hot or still too hot there for
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firefighters to go inside. also keeping in mind firefighters are working under the possibility that the homeowner could very well be found inside of that rubble. at this point in time, they have no idea where he is, but you see, again, still a very active operation here behind me and so many people just want to know and hoping that their neighbor will be found alive. but at this point in time, it's anyone's guess. we're live in collindale, dray clark, nbc 10 news. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> another day of 70s in this winter season. don't forget we're still in winter. this is a live look over philadelphia at eighth and market streets where the sun is finally breaking through those clouds create something mild conditions. meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is tracking it all for us in the first alert forecast. glenn. >> it's a pretty amazing day. we've already broken some records, 11:00 a.m. and in allen
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town there's a live picture here where it was socked in with fog at this time yesterday. sun's out, that flag is blowing, south wind bringing the warm, record-breaking air to allentown too. rehoboth beach, nice sunshine, already 70 degrees. look at these numbers. 67 in philadelphia, wilmington is already tied the record at 70. it's 70 rehoboth beach, international 71, breaken a record at read, 64, broken a record in mount poconos. but it's not going to last. 72 for a record yesterday, at least 76 today, and then tomorrow afternoon closer to 40 degrees. that's a 36-degree drop in just 24 hours. so as we go through the rest of the day, we're going to find temperatures in the 70s just about everywhere except right at
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beaches at the jersey shore. and even very warm this evening. we've got a front coming down, showers moving through the area, so take the rain gear with you if you're headed out tonight. it's not going to get cold until tomorrow morning. look at this. 63 degrees in delaware, 9:00 tonight. and then tomorrow temperatures are going to be falling all day. we'll see how cold it's going to get and we've got a really wet pattern coming. more on the timing of that rain coming up. >> that roller coaster continues. thanks for that, glen. you can track today's warmth on the go with the free nbc 10 app. you can also get the forecast for your neighborhood and get a look at the temperature changes on the way. this morning we're learning the reverend billy graham the christian eadvantage list of who became a household name in america is dead just shief his 100th birthday. chris clackum has more on his life and his impact.
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>> jesus said you have to become as a little child. >> the reverend billy graham, the son of a north carolina darely farmer lived to become one of the most beloved and powerful religious leaders of our time. >> and now on this 20th day of january, 1993. >> he was the unofficial pastor of the white house, giving spiritual council to every president since truman. he made the gallant survey of the ten most admired men in the world 37 times in an age when other teleeadvantage lists were tod scandal. he may be most remembered for his crew sads, massive revooifls which filled colonel see ums and stadiums around the world. >> he has conquered the grave. he's alive. >> billy franklin graham grew up on his press ber terrian family's dairy farm. his ministry began in 1943 in a
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small church in illinois. he preached on street corners, on radio, and was one of the first ministers to embrace the new medium of television. >> give your life to christ now right in your home. bow your head. >> as we face a new millennium. >> late in life as his body was waeng weakened by parkinson's disease, his faith remained rock solid. >> the moment i die i'm going to be in the presence of god. it's going to be a wonderful, a thrilling life, something beyond anything that we have here in this world. >> fittingly, three past presidents were there for the dedication of the librarian charlotte bearing his name which he said was too much about him. >> the primary thing is the gospel of christ. >> less than a month later, graham was back at the library for the burial of his wife and spiritual partner of 64 years. >> ruth, i sat there a long time last night just looking at her and praying 'cause i knew she
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had a great reception in heaven. >> let's welcome the man of the hour, my father, billy graham. >> public appearances after that were rare. the last one in late 2013 to celebrate his 95th birthday. and the light where graham once said he had read the last page of the bile and it's all going to turn out all right. >> in jesus name, amen. >> nbc 10 news. and even at this hour we're watching some problems out there on the roads. jess, you're seeing a slow down on the northeast extension. >> we're seeing a bunch of problems. we're going to start here with the most severe one. lansdale they're diverting all traffic off a few tractor trailers are involved in an accident the the north pa side
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on the northeast extension. it's closes between lands dale 31 unto exit 44. for right now obviously being detoured around the scene you don't want to get detoured off and be behind all of that detour because that's what's going to get you stuck for a little while. right now my suggestion is take route 309 if you're trying to head north on the northeast extension or you typically do into the afternoon. watching out in wilmington for a vehicle fire. seen some of these delays right in here because on 4 point in 5 northbound side approaching route 13 there was an earlier tractor trailer fire that now is off into the shoulder. huge delays in the skewing kill expressway right now bus of construction crews up ahead. sht eastbound side and right now that's our camera moving through glad win. there's other slow moving areas. four 22 eastbound a trooper, schuylkill westbound getting to the boulevard willing slow there. 90 five southbound before academy road is dealing with some that. right around cherry hill and
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cuthbert boulevard, this is the east side because all that traffic has to get down to one lane. and i'm taking a breath because we're hending palmyra. there was an opening at 10:45 we're in the process of that going back down. if you're nervous you can take the betsy ross bridge as your alternate. thanks. a man and woman in two different apartments are the victims of home invations. police tell ace gunman brooik bro -- broke into both their apartments. he pistol whipped a man in one apartment and the woman in the other. the man played dead in order to escape. both victims are in the hospital. police are also busy this morning looking for the car and driver wanted in a hit-and-run that be sent a woman to the hospital. officers responded to the intersection of west honey park and pulaski avenue right after 12:30 this morning. the injured woman is in critical condition with a broken harm ar she's expected to shall okay.
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right now allentown mayor is testifying in his own federal corruption trial. he took the stand earlier this morning. yesterday jurors heard several character witnesses tell the court pawlowski is an honest man. they allege he rigged city contracts for businesses that supported his political campaigns. the mayor has pleaded not guilty to the pay to play scam. we have a journalist inside that courtroom right now to bring you updates later on this afternoon right here on the air and on the nbc 10 app. today, new york authorities expect to arraign a neurologist who used to practice in philadelphia on charges that he raped a patient in new york city. here's what we know. dr. ricardo cruciani is accused of reigning a woman in '05 and 2012. in 2016, he pleaded guilty to groping and assaulting seven patients while he was chairman of drexel university's neurology department. under that plea agreement, authorities sentenced him to seven years probation and he had to forfeit his medical license.
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11 minutes past 11:00 right now. coming up are survivors unite. dozens of students are in tallahassee right now demanding changes from lawmakers one week after they witnessed the deadly violence at their florida high school. plus, calling for action, president trump is hosting a listening session at the white house for survivors of gun violence, but they want him do much more than just hear that i -- their message. if you're enjoying the 70s, you don't have a whole lot long doer that. i'm tracking a big temperature drop and this rain on the way. the timing for what you can expect where you live just ahead.
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we want to get back to our first alert traffic because we're watching a real problem out there on the northeast extension. jess, you've been keeping a close eye on it. what's going on? >> we have an incident involving a few tractor trailers which means some cleanup under way and
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now a giant closer. startsing in lansdale in the northeast extension heading northbound, away from the pa turnpike closed between exit 31 starreding in lansdale so they're diverting everyone off until exit 44 near quaker town. we're starting to see huge delays behind that because all that traffic has to get off of one exit. everybody trying to head in that direction, not going to happen four today. what i would say is to take route 30 nine and it looks good. when we pull out here and see really the surrounding roads, here's obviously the northeast extense before that. we don't see massive delays until the top there. but the pa turnpike looks good. if you're heading out in the door in this direction, 202 is still available, 30 nine, everything else is in the green but all traffic is being diverted off the northbound side starting in lansdale and it may there for a little bit. >> what do we want. >> change. >> students on a mission take their message to florida's leaders one week oft murders of
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their friends and school staff. today, 100 survivors of last week's shooting are meeting with lawmakers in tallahassee. their goal is to ban the assault-style rifle the gunman used to kill the 17 victims. >> i know my voice is going to be heard because i was there and i can tell them to close their eyes and just imagine hearing your friends scream as you hear the gunshots knowing that your lawmakers making those laws are the reasons why your friends deaths are not even natural deaths, they were murdered because of my government's law. >> just yesterday florida legislatures voted down a motion to hear a bill on banning assault rifles. students in the miami area are showing their anger by walking out of school. several south florida schools held walkouts just today. other students who lived through the florida school shooting are heading to the white house today to tell president trump what they think will make their schools safe. this is a live look from
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washington right now. students have been chapting, they've been outside for hours demonstrating against gun advocacy groups, in particular the nra. nbc 10 national correspondent tracie potts has more on the meeting set for this afternoon. >> reporter: has student walkouts begin across the country. >> we just don't want to happen anymore. >> reporter: students, parents, and teachers join president trump for a listening session at the white house today. >> to see what can be done better, what the actual concerns of the students, what are they would like to see. >> reporter: many want to see semiautomatic rifles like the ar-15 used in parkland restricted. >> they can't let 18-year-old kids go out there and get these kind of gups. a -- guns. and i think that should be the first step. >> but with congress in grid lock, trump is telling them to ban all rules. >> to ban all devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns.
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>> bump stocks and other devices that make rifles fire rapidly. >> we must do more to protect our children. we have to do more to protect our children. >> it's unclear what the administration can do. today, the president hears first hand what scared students think he should do. >> some gun owners are taking action on their own giving up their rifles, posting the pictures online with the hashing to, one less gun. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >> a round table discussion in florida last night focused on protecting students in light of last week's shooting. government, school, and law officials considered changes including more officers in school and mandatory active shooter drills. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. well, we have some very unusual weather for february out there with the sunshine after the fog burned off, temperatures are already near records and these warm record levels are just going to be smashed, not
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just broken by a degree or too 2, just obliterated. a drastic drop in temperatures coming tomorrow and a real wet pattern thursday through sunday. we're already up to 69 in philadelphia, and that southwest wind is helping do it. and it's just going to keep going. the snow is gone, the lehigh valley, the fog is gone, so they're already 70. so look at the sunshine all across the area, and that is a change from yesterday. and it's reflected in these temperatures. already tying a record in reading at 70, tying wilmington at 70. atlantic city marina only 54 because of that wind coming off that 41-degree ocean but rehoboth beach has already hit 70 degrees. and where are we? 10 to 15, even 18 degrees warmer than we were at that time yesterday. and we were setting records yesterday. so today is going to be a good bit warmer across much of the area.
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now, of course it's not going to be in the 70s right at the jersey shore. 54 in atlantic city, 54 in cape may point. it's already 71 in mays landing. look at the difference over just a few miles and the reason is the wind direction. and the southwest wind keeps the jersey beaches on the cooler side. we had record warmths in pittsburgh yesterday, another warm day here. washington is already 74, but chicago, really warm, a day or two ago, they're 29. dallas was in the 70s and they're getting freezing rain and it's still below zero in rapid city. so we're going to get a piece of that cold air coming in. we're not going to get the real surge, just a little bit of it. but here we are today, everybody's setting records. some by quite a few degrees.
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wilmington may break there's by a half dozen. that's a lot to break a record by that much. we're dry now, but here comes the rain, that band the rain right where the temperature contrast is. that's no coincidence. and that area is headed this way. as we go through the afternoon, we're in the 70s, but here come a line of showers, maybe even some thunderstorms coming up through the poconos tlat afternoon and through the philadelphia area into the evening hours. i do not know how that just happened, but i'll get the extended forecast coming up a little bit later. >> we'll see you shortly. thanks, glen. still ahead, cracking the case. details on a promising new treatment that could help children suffering from peanut allergies. >> announcer: nbc 10's olympic medal count is locally sponsored by independence blue cross. live fearless. >> the medal race keeps on changing. norway remains in front with 33.
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germany is in second with 24 total medals. the united states is in fifth but just added to its total of 16 medals and may get more later on today.
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another medal to report for team usa. and has nbc 10 national correspondent jay gray tells from us olympic park, more medals could be coming our way later on. >> reporter: lindsey vonn raced to bronze in the downhill skiing to honor the memory of her grandfather who passed away before the winter games. >> i wanted to win so much because of him. but i still think i made him proud and our family never gives up and i never gave up. i kept working hard and i am really proud of this medal and i know is he too. >> red gerard needs to bring something special here.
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>> three snowboarders advance to the finals in big air return colluding slopestyle gold medal winner red gerard. >> just happy i got compete and this is pretty awesome. >> what a combination they are, but they've got to deliver here. >> and the american women are racing toward a medal in the mountains. team usa is in second and fourth with two runs left in bobsled. >> the czech republic wins. >> but the olympic run for the men's hockey team is over. they lost their quarterfinal matchup in an overtime shootout against the chezech republic. jay gray, nbc 10 news, pyeongchang. >> you can always turn to the nbc 10 app for free coverage of the within the olympic games. you can see highlights of the competitions and get a look at the local athletes. 11:27. right now coming up we'll go live to the scene of a house fire in dem county that's been
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burned to the ground. what we're learning from neighbors about the homeowner who has been living there for decades and remains unaccounted for. plus, dinosaur on the loose? imagine seeing this coming down your street. the strange sighting that had a lot of people in one local community doing a real double take.
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we continue ton update you on our flerlt traffic because there's some real issues out there the especially on the neecht extension. fill us in on it. >> the issue starts in lansdale. there were four vehicles involved. it seemed seems to be two box trucks and two tractor trailers. five injuries reported right now on the northbound side of the pa turnpike's northeast extension. since it's headed northbound it's diverting all traffic owl currently around lansdale and back on at quakerston. you don't want to be stuck in that diversion you want to get a
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head start from that. so from what i would say right now, this is route 309. 3 is nine is a good idea for an alternate. if we pull out further, route 202 looks good. we're not seeing delays, it's a typical afternoon right now in the surrounding area. so diverting yourself around before you get on the extension is your best bet. but a heads up, there's also a crash on route 309 but luckily this is on the southbound side. if you're trying to head northbound, you probably won't run into this, but just in case somebody was driving around the area, we do have an accident on the southbound side of the detour on route 30 nine around north wales road. back to you. >> thanks for that. the other big news we're watch noug, fire destroys a delaware county home. this morning neighbors are concerned about the man who been living in the house in collindale for years. nbc 10's dray clark is lye at the scene where crews still searching for that homeowner. dray. >> reporter: yeah, rosemary, that's the biggest concern, the whereabouts of the man who lived here at the 900 block of pittman
11:33 am
avenue. flames were extinguished hours ago but you can still see smoke coming from the home here. they have brought in the equipment here to slowly and methodically remove the rubble. they're still working with the possibility that the homeowner may very well be buried somewhere in that rubble. neighbors say he lived here alone for decades and the concern is he may have perished in the fire if t. it was around 6:00 this morning when the neighbors reported hearing a series of bangs. when they looked out their doors this is what they found, a wall of flames wrapped around this home here. firefighters were here within minutes but by the time they arrived the fire was too widespread if the took them about 80 minutes to get the fire under control, but by then the home was destroyed along with two neighboring homes here. again, neighbors say they are very concerned about their neighbor because he has not been seen or heard from at all. >> we were checking local hospitals to see maybe if he was
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admitted to a hospital and we're trying to get a hold of some family members. >> i've lived here on the block for 24 years. that was one of the oldest houses on the block. >> reporter: and back here live again you can see smoke still coming from the home. very delicate operation right now. they want to make sure that they get that rubble out of the way, but at the same time being mindful that the homeowner could very well be inside there. just checked with the sergeant a moment ago. he says at this point in time the homeowner is still considered missing, they have spoken with family members, they had have again checked toes hospitals which so far they have not located the homeowner. we will continue to kiep updated both here at the scene and also on the nbc 10 app if anything should develop. for now we're live in collin dale, dray clark, nbc 10 news. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. the picture's tell the story. no heavy coats, gloves needed today. instead, it's shorts and t-shirt
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kind of weather for a walk as we enjoy this weather breaking winter warm-up. now to a live look at the poconos moun tanss whe poconos mo poconos mountains. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here to tell us how long this warm weather, and might i say pleasant, how long is it going to last? >> it's not going to be there when you get up tomorrow morning and we're not going to see weather like this for quite a while after this. now, reading has already tied a record for the day. there was snow done here just a couple days ago, totally snow covered. but not anymore. that snow is gone. wilmington, beautiful sunshine. now, the field is covered because rain is going to be coming in tonight. the southwest winds are in right now, it's 70 in wilmington, 71 in reading. tying records in both place dollars. the poconos have set a record at 64 degrees.
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the only cool spot right at the jersey shore. after the 72 record high yesterday in philadelphia, up to 76 at least today and then by tomorrow afternoon down to 40. 36-degree temperature drop. a lot of sunshine across the area now, but there is that rain getting into western pennsylvania. that's a very long band of rain that is moving in and it probably will get here right around 8:00, 9:00 in the philadelphia area, a little earlier farther to the north. but you can see how warm it's going to be even moo this evening. tomorrow, though, winter-type temperatures return along with a pretty wet pattern. and we'll show you how long that's going to last coupling up have that rain that's coming for us, it made a stop in the chicago land area. really it's a one-two weather punch for chicago. first area got battered by overnight flooding that led to many school and rode closures,
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some stranded drivers had to be rescued. now the area is expecting up to an inch and a half of snow and sleet. this morning, the trump administration is revealing that vice president mike pence was ready, prepared to talk to north korean officials during his visit to the olympic games for the opening ceremony, but, north korea canceled that meeting at the very last minute. pence floond discuss u.s. concerns over the north's nooek nuclear programs. the state department says the u.s. regrets north korea's quote, failure to seize the opportunity. vice president back in the states and today he attended the national space counsel's second meeting in flar. he's the chairman of the newly reestablished group. today's focus was on regulation reforms in commercial space flight. back here in our area, lehigh county is tackling the problem of opioid addiction with a new program that brings help directly to the home of addicts. here's how it works. after a person is given far can
11:38 am
because of an overdose, their information is taken down by police. then within about two to three days after the incident, a police officer and a certified recovery specialist will go to that person's house to try to get them into a treatment program. >> by joining law enforcement and treatment supports together in meeting an individual and family members where they live, it's helped the barriers and obstacles that exist can be lessened. >> the lehigh county district attorney also notes that none of the information gathered by the police will be used to prosecute any drug users down the road. county leaders say they need to act now and act directly just like this because the county has the highest number of opioid deaths in the area with the exception of the city of philadelphia. police get calls about -- just about everything, but dinosaurs? take a look at that facebook video posted by the east landsdown police department. officers received an unusual report about a dinosaur on the loose, but no worries, it is just a person in a cos sttume w
11:39 am
a child to school. don't have the reason behind this but it must have been school related. up next, the science of skating. the local university is testing a high tech way to give athletes an edge on the ice. and the ice out there is going to melt today, but the warm weather is going to be long gone by tomorrow. tracking the colder air headed our way and also pretty rainy stretch. let you know what to expect and when just ahead. >> announcer: nbc 10's competition to watch is locally sponsored by penn medicine.
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>> announcer: this week's wednesday's child is sponsored by mealy's furniture. >> the child you're about to meet may be one of the most loyal young people we have ever
11:43 am
profiled. amina is helpful, loveable and a protector for everyone she grows close to. we're introduced to her in this week's wednesday's child. >> meet amina. she's very artistic. >> purple, pink. >> loves to color or anything related to art. >> thank you, mr. hole freeze. >> amina is a very friendly and cute zblirl she's very loveable, helpful, she's protective of families altogether even on her resource mother right now she's very protective of. anybody that she forms a bond with, she will protect them and care for them basically for the rest of their life. >> amina hasn't had a lot of experience with pets, but today she's really enjoying playing with cats. she considers herself more a dog person, but she's adaptable. this little spit fire is super talented. >> she is very artistic. she loves to sing, dance,
11:44 am
anything art related she's very good at. she is very smart. recently learned that she's learning spanish, months in spanish. so she's doing really good with that. >> what amina lacks say forever family. but what she has to offer is more precious than jewels. >> she would open up her heart to any family. she -- like we said, she has a big heart. she just wants to care for someone, she wants to love someone, and she wants someone to love her. >> amina is this week's wednesday's child. >> if would you like to make amina's dream come true or the dream of any wednesday's child, just go to our website nbc 1010m and search wednesday's child. you can also call the adoption center at 1-866-do-adopt. we'll take you live to sky force 10, just arrived over the scene of that really terrible krosh out on the northeast
11:45 am
extension of the pennsylvania turnpike in bucks county. you can see the damage here. we know that five people have been rushed to quakertown hospital. we're trying to learn more about the extent of their injuries. two tractor trailers and two box trucks are involved and of course the traffic is just backed up. jessica boyington keeping an eye on it for us here in the studio. >> you can see that from that video that no traffic is getting by the scene, that's because they have it closed down on the northbound side. had is the northeast extension of the pa turnpike closed around landdale. they're diverting everyone off there. they're diverting everyone back on around quakertown. but rather than get stuck in that delay and get back on one of these ramps, that's going to be a nightmare and you can see what it looks like now, it's going to be there a little bit longer at least through the beginning part of this afternoon. route 309 is open four and empty at this point. here's the pa turnpike wide out
11:46 am
past the scene where the closure starts right up here. the northeast extension is fine up to that point, but down the want to get stuck behind that again. 202 is an alternate frour 309 is good four as well. 309 we were watching a crash on the southbound side. it just cleared out of the way. again, 30 nine looks good now in both directions. rosemary. >> we'll be watching the northeast extension. thanks for that. there's a new warning this morning about the danger of i bugs alcohol. doctors say use of heavy drinking can lead to memory loss and a decline in thinking skills. researchers in france linked about 8% of dementia cases to alcohol abuse and about half of all early onset dementia cases. scientists believe that drinking leads to permanent structure roal damage to the brain. peanut allergy, the new treatment could help children. right now the findings have not
11:47 am
been confirmed by independent researchers, that's still in the works, the company's hoping to get fda approval by the end of the year. today team usa's women skaters will head into the free state skate, but in yesterday's figure skating short final they proved that even elite olympic athletes are human. all three american skaters slipped and fell on the ice. if you want to win gold in figure skate, you need to have a flawless performance. but the university of delaware's trying out a high-tech method to give skaters an edge. nbc 10's matt delucia checks it out for us. >> reporter: becoming a gold medal figure skater takes more than raw talent. >> a lot of years of training, years of dedication and hard work. >> emanuel and his family went so far as to move from florida to delaware just to learn from the pros at the university of
11:48 am
delaware. >> we just made a sacrifice and moved here for our dreams. >> what the kids are doing now is unbelievable. i mean, it just -- they've taken it to a whole other level. >> 2002 olympian fill duala bon wants his proteges to have the same experience had he. >> with the jufrpss they have to be able to rotate, triple and a lot of times quadruple jumps at the olympic level and land it perfectly. as a coach you're trying to help your skater do those things as easily as possible. >> enter a professor with no figure skating experience. his skills are in biomechanics. >> what we are trying to do, if a skater can land a jump one out of ten times, we're trying to take them to eight or nine out of ten times. >> jim richards turned the ice rink into something that looked like the set of abaction move. >> i those markers allow us to recreate the body as its moving across the ice. >> then he and the coaches build simulations to see what adjustments the skater needs to
11:49 am
make. >> if they had to explain it to me, i was just looking at three d vision and i was like what does that mean? >> emmanuel is about one of 60 skaters who have used the high-tech tool. >> it was cool to see where i needed to improve and what my body was doing in the air. >> it's a matter of honing your skill. like finding those little things that you can do. >> that makes a difference between going for gold or going home. matt da lush, nbc 10 news. >> incredible. get olympic updates anytime right now on the nbc 10 app. we've got up to the minute medal counts plus team usa profiles and behind the scenes olympic access you won't find anywhere else. nbc 10 is your home for the winter games. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. well this is day two of record warmth across the area and it's going to be even warmer than yesterday if it isn't already.
11:50 am
69 in philadelphia, southwest wind, we've got temperatures already into the 70s in many parts of the area, including some of our northern suburbs that were socked in with fog yesterday. it's already 64 in mount poconos where they've set a record. we've tied a record in pil wilmington and redding. cooler right at the jersey shore. now, in berks county and lehigh valley this is one of the cool spots yesterday but not so today. 72 in sinking springs, 71 in reading, 73 in hopewell, 70 in murts town. now these places were in the 40s at this time yesterday, even walnut port support to 60 degrees now, bethlehem and easton at 69. now as we good farther south in delaware, we're seeing temperatures into the 70s as well. wilmington at 72, that would be a record. glassco 70 three. odessa 71, farther to the south
11:51 am
70 in ellendale, mills burrow, 72 at bethany beach, 71 at rehoe beth beach. at this hour of the day, that makes it even more amazing. the record warmth going all the way up toward maine. 74 in d.c. right now. 64 in pittsburgh. look at the difference in temperatures here over a short period. that is what has led to all of this rain. and in chicago where it was warm, then it got real wet now it's feeling wintry. and farther to the north and west, that's brutal winter. that stuff is not headed this way. well there are is for today, records all over the place, philly, allentown, reading is already set it. trenton is pretty close. wilmington has already broken the record. and they're going to be breaking it by a lot, more than 5 degrees. no real cloud cover around here but western pennsylvania starting to see the showers and
11:52 am
that bachbd rain stretchnd of r the way down to the gulf of mexico, even icing in texas on the other side of this front. very extreme weather pattern all over. so as we go through the afternoon, of course temperatures in the 70s. then a line of showers moved through later in the day and into the night and it is out of here by midnight. and watch what happens tomorrow. that's potential icing up toward the the poconos. and rain and colder weather in the rest of the area. this latest model has the potential sleet, even down to lehigh valley and snow up toward the new york border. then a bit of a break late tomorrow and we wait for the next area rain to come in during the day on friday and with an east wind temperatures stay low then too. so this is a dramatic change that is going to be taking place in less than 24 hours. and we'll be right back.
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not so fast you're going to change out your wardrobe, right? >> if you like the warmth, race out there because you only have a limited number of hours. record warmth today, then showers come in tonight setting us up for colder weather tomorrow. temperatures falling from that morning 48 down to the 30s in the evening. and look how wet it is thursday, friday, saturday, sunday. it's not raining every hour during that period, but there are going to be a lot of hours of rain over that four-day period. temperatures still a little bit above average even with all that cloud cover east wind and all and we've seen the bitter cold air on the way. >> here's the silver lining.
11:57 am
no snow. >> not for a while. it's not necessarily over. >> we know it right. we've had those blizzards in the past. we know it. that's going to do it for now, say good one tns time and spon auto insurance. drive well. . tns time and temperature sponsored by cure auto insurance. drive well. tns time and temper sponsored by cure auto insurance. drive well. > tns time and tempe sponsored by cure auto insurance. drive well. > tns time and tempe sponsored by cure auto insurance. drive well. tns time and tempera sponsored by cure auto insurance. drive well. time and temperatur sponsored by cure auto insurance. drive well.
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