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tv   NBC10 News Today at 430am  NBC  February 22, 2018 4:30am-5:01am EST

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under fire on the road. three children caught in the middle when a gunman opens fire on a van and kills the driver. police are searching figu-- searching for whoever pulled the trigger. i'm not going to sleep until it's fixed. >> pain and anger. parents and survivors of the high school massacre take their demands for change straight to the president and lawmakers. and claiming the gold. did you see it? tense moments on the ice as the u.s. women's hockey team blazed their way into the history books. on the anniversary of the m miracle on ice. >> look at you! >> i couldn't breathe. wait until we show you. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. say good-bye to the record
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warmth as temperatures are dropping. bill? they're suddenly coming down, and rain is coming into the area. not everybody is seeing the rain this morning. philadelphia, for example, is dry. that will change during the day. i'm tracking some rain showers. so far, passing to the north for most neighborhoods. we've seen a little bit of rain in reading and allentown, the first showers now moving off to the northeast. there's more wet weather on the way. don't leave without the ra rain gear today. temperatures mild, coming down slowly. 54 now in philadelphia. 54 in new jersey and suburbs, the lehigh valley, dropping into the 40s. that's where we're headed during the day. temperatures will keep coming down, and rain will come down, eventually dropping into the 30s this afternoon for the lehigh valley. low 40s in delaware, 40s for philadelphia, the suburbs, and new jersey, too. it's going to get colder as the day goes on. i'll come back, break it down hour by hour, show you when to expect rain in your neighborhood when i'm back in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington
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watching first alert traffic. starting in allentown, the lehigh tunnel beam collapsed on the southbound side of the p.a. turnpike's extension. that area is shut down. i double checked in on this -- they were hoping to reopen later on, we'll watch that. watching southbound where we're closed. the schuylkill expressway, too. good news here, not seeing any construction that we normally see at the vine street expressway. eastbound and westbound, all lanes are open. wash for a crash in nor -- watch for a crash in norristown, too. tracy? a van carrying children comes under fire leaving the driver dead. philadelphia police are searching for whoever fired the shots in the neighborhood. katy zachry joins us live at philadelphia police headquarters. the van crashed after the shooting. tell us what happened. >> reporter: it did, and we're learning more about the woman who was behind the wheel and shot and killed. we learned she had a twin sister in the van, and there were young
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kids in the van, as well. in total, there were three young women and three children inside the white van when the driver was shot on broad street. the vehicle crossed several lanes of traffic on this busy road around 8:30 last night before slamming into the side of a building. when police got there, they found the driver's side door and window all shot up with nearly half a dozen bullets. the 23-year-old woman behind the wheel was shot and killed. >> she was a bright young lady, graduated with honors from high school, currently working for school board and u.p.s. she had two jobs, was about to move into her own place. c contientious. didn't deserve this.
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>> reporter: police currently looking for a person. one motive we're told they're considering is road rage, though they haven't released a motive. they are looking for the shoo r shooter. coming up, the evidence police are going through. katy zachry, nbc10 news. 4:34. heartbreaking pleas for change by the parents, teachers, and students impacted by the high school massacre. >> they took their message for gun control straight to lawmakers yesterday. >> look at me and tell me guns were the factor in the hunting of our kids in this school this week, and look at me and tell me you accept it and you will work with us to do something about guns. >> i'm saying the problems we're facing here today cannot be solved by gun laws alone. >> the town hall in florida and white house, those touched by gun violence are demanding change. matt delucia live from the digital operations center with the emotional pleas and how lawmakers are responding. >> reporter: it's been just over
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a week now since the school shooting in florida. since then, parents and students from the school have jumped into the gun debate. yesterday president trump welcomed some of the parents of victims to the white house, hearing their concerns along with the concerns of students and teachers who have seen and experienced the impact of gun violence at school. they came pleading for change, anything to stop the murdering of students in the classroom. andrew pollock's daughter, meadow, was killed in parkland lakefront week. >> i'm pissed because my daughter i'm not going to see again. she's not here. king david cemetery, that's where i go to see my kid now. >> reporter: last night you saw a snippet of it earlier. nbc10 is held a town hall -- cnn held a town hall with the students. they were joined on stage by marco rubio and a spokeswoman from the nra. they received a large of amount of boos from the crowd. one student offered this perspective -- >> this isn't about red and blue. we can't boo people because
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they're democrats and boo people because they're republicans. anyone who's willing to show change, no matter where they're from, anybody willing to start to make a difference is somebody we ned on our side here -- we need on our side here. this is about people who are for making a difference to save us and will people who are against it and prefer money. senator rubio, can you tell me right now that you will not accept a single donation from the nra? [ cheers ] >> reporter: in response, senator rubio said that he supports the second amendment and that people buy into his agenda. later today the president is expected to meet with state and local officials at the white house to continue that discussion on school safety. live in the digital operations center, matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> thank you. in philadelphia, university of pennsylvania students plan to stand against violence. hundreds of penn students will gather just before noon at the love statue at 36th and locust walk and in fairmount, both directions along locust walk. they'll end with silence for 497 seconds, one second for each of
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the victims of the mass shootings that happened just over the past year. our coverage of the florida shooting and gun debate continues now on the nbc10 app. find out how students across the country are taking a stand and learn more about the shooting survivors. parents and students at eastern regional high school in voorheis are upset with leaders over the way they found out about a shooting threat. police arrested an 18-year-old last week for allegedly threatening to shoot up the school. notification went out through a robo call. at a meeting last night, people said school leaders should have talked to students about the incident. today the superintendent will meet with the police chief to talk about safety. 4:37. in other top stories today -- >> new jersey health officials confirm they have a third child death from the flu. state health officials confirmed yesterday that the virus killed 8-year-old daniella genaro over the weekend. administrators at the girl's school in new jersey spent much of the week reassuring parents that the building is safe and sanitized for their children.
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in pennsylvania, two of the 138 flu deaths this season are children. delaware continues its record-setting pace for this flu season, reporting more than 4,200 cases and 18 deaths so far. allentown mayor ed pawlowski will take the stand again in his federal corruption trial. yesterday he defended himself against accusations that he sold his office to campaign donors. he told the jury he did not promise city contracts in exchange for campaign donations. the judge says he expects jurors to begin deliberating next week. a prominent victory reminder. >> how one eagles player is making sure the lombardi trophy never leaves his side. >> reporter: the wait is over. i'm keith jones at the winter games in south korea. the team usa women's hockey team faced down their biggest rival. details coming up. nbc's competition to watch is locally sponsored by penn medicine --
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good morning, everyone, jessica boyington with you. in allentown, a beam collapsed last night in the lehigh tunnel. with construction work, the p.a. turnpike southbound moving down is shut down. it looks like that it east shut down with traffic not able to get on until about 78 or so. roosevelt boulevard, looking good at 17th north and south. washing a crash on nor -- watching a crash norristown at dekalb and east marshall street. 18 before 5:00. i'm tracking showers.
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showers are not in our area yet, but stand by. that wet weather to the west is going to come at us and keep temperatures falling during the day. look at how the temperatures come down with rain moving in. 43 during the afternoon hours. the suburbs, 48 degrees right now. starting to see the chillier air already. we've seen a few showers in the suburbs. better chances during the day. the lehigh valley, down to 39 at noon, in the upper 30s this afternoon. new jersey also dropping into the lower 40s later today. not bad, just cloudy. you'll need the umbrella during the day. the showers will be light but steady for much of the afternoon. at the shore now, 58 degrees. it just dropped from the low 60s. look what happens during the day, winds out of the northeast bring in the cooler air and drop the temperatures into the 40s. the numbers really coming down over the shore. and 54 right now in delaware. at 8:00 this morning, 47
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degrees. scattered showers, cloudy skies this morning, and then steady, light rain this afternoon with temperatures in the 40s. in fact, there's more chilly rain ahead right on through the weekend. i've got the weekend forecast and beyond with the ten day on 10 when i'm back in ten. >> all right. back in time. the reading terminal market is having a grand opening more than 100 years after it first opened its doors. and bringing home gold. the usa women's hockey team faces down their rival in a game for the ages. their remarkable journey to redemption.
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look at that. norway dominating in south korea. they remain in first place with 33 medals. germany second with 24. team usa moving up with 21 medals, eight of them gold. one of the new gold medals is
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thanks to a history-making game on the ice. >> usa women's hockey team comes away with gold after a nail-biting finish against their archrival. keith jones joins us live in south korea with how it played out overnight. i made a big deal the other day after the men's quarterfinal. i don't like shootouts. i changed my mind. i love shootouts. >> i got a text right away. we were holding our breath watching the end. >> reporter: yeah. this was an unbelievable game. vai, i was thinking about you during the shoot-out. u.s. was looking for redemption against canada. they lost against them in sochi. the gold medal game. regulation was tied, goes to overtime, tied. then the shoot-out. this is how it played out -- >> the united states wins gold in pyeongchang! >> reporter: team usa desperately wanted this win. they had lost to canada in the last three olympic games. it's their first gold medal
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since 1998. 20 years. lindsey vonn and mikaela shiffrin competed against each other for the first time. vonn had the lead at the start of the alpine combined. made a major mistake and i didn't finish the course. shiffrin earned the silver medal. back to you. >> local athletes, newtown's jamie greubel poser competing in women's bobsled. it was a tough night for her. you were way up when we talked to you yesterday, she had just started to come down, right? >> reporter: yeah. she ended up in fifth place with asia evans, her partner. she says regardless this was an incredible experience for the family. you might remember her sister ended up here, she was adopted in south korea, moved back, lost her compete. this is how jamie responded. >> i wouldn't trade this
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experience for the world. to be able to have her here and, you know, to connect my sport and journey with my family means everything to have them here. >> reporter: she said she had no regrets. we caught jamie and elizabeth hugging after the competition. a moment they will always remember. jamie is a fierce competitor. we got to know her in lake placid during training a couple months back. what's next for you? she says, right now, sleep. who can blame her? >> not at all. >> maybe she's got a future in morning television. thank you very much. great job. see you in a bit. there's so much more to see and experience from pyeongchang. right now on and nbc10 app, get the up-to-the-minute medal count and learn more about our team and usa athletes. pictures, articles, and videos you're not going to find anywhere else. if you're figuring out what
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wear, whatever you wore yesterday, than kind of day. >> yeah. it's warm now, but it's going to get cooler as the day wears on. meteorologist bill henley with more. >> in the record books yesterday afternoon, 77 degrees. and 80 degrees in reading and allentown. first time ever in the month of februa februar february. that was then, this is now. temperatures are falling. we're in the 40s and 50s. we will see those temperatures drop into the thirds and 40s during the day. colder as the day goes on. and damp, too. grab the umbrella. we will see rain. the light rain will continue into the evening hours. in fact, days of potential rain ahead. the range of temperatures, upper 50s for the shore, wildwood, atlantic city, 58 degrees. middle 50s for wilmington, philadelphia, northeast philadelphia, the chillier air in reading and allentown, that's the cold air starting to sweep in. even colder in the pocono mountains, 37. don't expect the temperatures that we have this morning to last through the day.
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the winds have done a 180. they were coming out of the southwest yesterday, a warming wind. this is a northeast wind that's bringing the cool back and keeping clouds around and showers, too. look what happens during the day -- 49 at 7:00. they slowly come down, low 40s this afternoon as temperatures feel like they're in the 30s thanks to the northeasterly winds. you'll need the winter coat again. no shoveling with what's ahead, just rain for the lehigh valley now and into berks county. light rain at that. most of the rain is missing us, but that's temporary. plenty of moisture to the west will be coming in, you'll see it during the day. hour-by-hour forecast shows during the noontime hour, lynchtime, light rain falling in philadelphia -- lunchtime, light rain falling in philadelphia. south to jersey and delaware, too. it continues this afternoon. you'll probably get good use out of your umbrella the next few
4:53 am
days. chilly rain for thursday and friday. the temperatures come up a bit over the weekend. we'll still see rain on saturday and a steady rain on sunday. in fact, it will really be coming down on sunday with a high of 55 degrees. we final get sunshine heading into next week. the temperatures won't be as warm on tuesday, but still mild for this time of year. friday, march 1st, 50 degrees. dropping into the 40s on saturday. umbrella weather for the days to come. >> all right. also good time to get the windshield wipers replaced. you'll need them the next four days, we've got rain. we'll check the ride to work with jessica boyington. the blue route? >> yeah, watching cameras to start at the germantown onramp. both directions not bad. if you're headed to the mid county tolls, you'll get there just fine. we have a problem in allentown, a beam collapsed in the lehigh tunnel yesterday around 6:00 p.m. or so.
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the southbound side of the northeast extension past that point is shut down moving through the lehigh valley or moving toward the virginia. in norristown, watching a crash on dekalb at east marshall street. a journey to the beginning. how the reading terminal market is marking a milestone by taking you back in time. and this -- >> nbc10 live from pyeongchang. - honey, look what we got! - [narrator] going big... (yelling) - [narrator] isn't always best. - who's our little puppy? - sweetheart, daddy got you a new. sweetheart? elizabeth, where are you? she's under the bears! - [narrator] unless it's a aaa plus membership. - woo! - [narrator] get 100 towing miles and free emergency gas delivery. when going big is best. aaa. go ahead. - [man] woo!
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new video from a story we brought you as breaking news yesterday. >> police released surveillance video. the driver of the car you see speeding in reverse is a home invasion suspect tearing down the road. the man broke into two apartments in the same building on roosevelt boulevard early yesterday morning, pistol whipped the victims, and took off without getting anything. both victims are expected to be
4:58 am
okay. today the national republican leaders expect to file a second legal challenge to a new congressional redistricting map for pennsylvania. yesterday state gop officials asked the u.s. supreme court to block that map saying they believe it's the legislature's job to redraw the district boundaries, not the state supreme court. the state supreme court issued that new map which could impact thousands of voters and congressional candidates. democratic leaders say the map redraws gerrymandering districts that favored republicans, and they say they hope the new configuration will help democrats reclaim the majority in the u.s. house this year. today in reading city, the terminal market is throwing a grand reopening. in celebration of the 125th anniversary, it is hosting the 1893 day extravaganza. look for today's celebrations that transport you back in time to the victorian era.
4:59 am
1893 kicks off an entire year of anniversary events. speaking of celebrations, one of our super bowl champions has a permanent reminder of the history-making win. >> look at the long snapper rick lovato. a reminder that's never going away. super bowl-inspired. tattoo. you see the lombardi trophy emblazoned on his side. together forever. that must have hurt. >> amazing. now to more of the stories you're following on "nbc10 news today" at 5:00 a.m. -- >> cries for change. parents without children and kids missing classmates. the survivors of school shootings make their for gun control in front of the president. a move that could clear out philly jail cells. and stopping suicide with social media. the new science used by an online giant in hopes of saving
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lives. 5:00 a.m. on the nose. glad you're with us. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. yesterday about 4:00, i went out with my dog charlie in shorts. me, not the dog. it was nice. not so much today i don't think. we'll check in with meteorologist bill henley with the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. bill? it is going to be a much chillier day. we'll see those record, temperatures in the rearview mirror. they're falling now. the numbers are still on the mild side for this time of year. we're in the 40s and 50s to start with. wilmington, though slowly seeing the temperatures come down. so far it's dry in wilmington, philadelphia, trenton. you see the wet weather moving through the lehigh valley, light showers from berks and lehigh counties and north hampton and the pocono mountains. temperatures will slowly come down. we're getting our warmest temperatures of the day right now. 53 in new jersey. 53 in philadelphia. fourth


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