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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  February 22, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EST

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harvey weinstein used her and other actresses in his legal defense. thanks for being with us. this is "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. we're expecting a big drop in temperatures. 34 in some places. we'll get to meteorologist bill henley and the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. bill? yeah, that cooldown has already started. we were at 53 degrees an hour ago. now at 52. slowly but steadily coming down. the warm spot right now was yesterday afternoon's cool spot, cape may. in the upper 50s now at the shore. that will change along with this -- wet weather moving in. showers, the moderate showers, a heavy downpour moving through berks county and lehigh county. the beginning of the rain. to start, not too many clouds. raindrops falling, that will change. the temperatures will be coming down. we're in the 50s nowment upper 40s for the -- now. upper 40s for the suburbs.
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warmer now than it will be for the afternoon. the afternoon temperatures coming down with the rain, 39 in the lehigh valley. middle 40s for new jersey. at the shore, the temperatures will be dropping into the 40s, as well. 42 in delaware. stand by. you'll need the rain gear and heavier coat. not just today either. for days to come. i'll show you when you'll most need the umbrella when i come back. first to jessica boyington. watching roosevelt boulevard, cameras just moving through at kelly drive. here in the southbound side, that's the direction headed toward the schuylkill. not seeing any big delays so far. in allentown, this happened yesterday around 6:00 p.m. a beam collapsed in the lehigh tunnel. now the southbound side of the northeast extension of the p.a. turnpike is shut down from jim thorpe headed to allentown. waiting for that to open back up. we'll end with mass transit. no delays so far for the morning. everything looks good for patco, new jersey transit, septa, and
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amtrak. again, all of that's on time, and also watching 95. 95 moving through delaware. 11 minutes on the northbound side from 295 to 495. speeds there still into the 60s. >> thank you. president trump is pledging action to keep america's children safe in their classrooms. following a day of emotional appeals from students and parents. take a look. >> i'm never going to see my kid again. i want you all to know. that never, ever will i see my kid. >> we won't stop! >> students who survived the parkland school shooting swarmed the florida state capitol demanding stricter limits on guns. nbc10's matt delucia has more on those conversations. >> reporter: president trump held a listening session at the white house yesterday as one after another parents and students, people impacted by gun violence, got up to demand action. just over a week since the school shooting in parkland, florida, where there was pain
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and anger. in a rare moment, these people got to speak directly to the commander in chief. vowing action, the president says it's not going to be talk like it has been in the past, and we're going to get it done, he said. among those who spoke was carrie gruber whose son survived the shooting my bodying in a closet. >> not old enough to buy a drink, go and buy a beer, he should not be able to buy a gun at 18-years-old. >> reporter: last night president trump tweeted, "i will always remember the time i spent today with courageous students, teachers, and families," adding, "we must not let them down. we must keep our children safe." on cnn, students questioned senator marco rubio and the president of the nra. >> none of us support people who are crazy, who are danger to themselves, who are a danger to others getting our hands on a firearm. and we have been for over 20
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years -- and i have been scream being this which is why i'm here. i have kids. i'm not just fighting for my kids. i'm fighting for you. >> you told this group that you are standing up for them. you're not standing up for them until you see "i won't let weapo weapons" -- [ applause ] >> reporter: throughout the debate, there were a lot of boos from the crowds. senator rubio is getting credit for showing up. today the president is planning to meet with state and local officials at the white house on school safety. matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> thank you. sheriff's deputies in broward county, florida, where last week's school shooting happened will carry rifles including ar-15s on school campuses. investigators say suspect nikolas cruz allegedly used an ar-15 to kill 17 people at marjory stoneman douglas high school last week. university of pennsylvania students plan to stand against gun violence.
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hundreds of penn students will gather just before noon at the love statue at 36th and locust walk and fan out in both directions. they'll end with silence for 497 seconds -- one second for each of the victims in the mass shootings that have happened over the past year. the empire state building in new york honored the victims of last week's massacre by going dark last night. only a rotating orange halo glowed in sympathy for those killed. and we have more now on our nbc10 app. you can learn about the lives of the victims and survivors. and you can always get breaking news updates when you sign up for our alerts. 6:05. developing now, police are searching for the person who fired shots at a van carrying children, killing the driver. no that van crashed in old philadelphia last night. the woman driving died. another woman and two children were hurt. police are searching for the gunman and motive. coming up in the next half hour, we'll hear from the victim's uncle.
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today allentown mayor ed pawlowski will take the stand against in his federal corruption trial. yesterday he defended himself against accusations that he sold his office to campaign donors. he told the jury he did not promise city contracts in exchange for campaign donations. the judge says he expects jurors to begin deliberate rating next week. we have new video from a story we brought you as breaking news yesterday morning. philadelphia investigators say the driver of the car that you see speeding in reverse is a home invasion suspect running from the scene. the man broke into two apartments in the same building early yesterday morning. he pistol whipped the v chiicti and took off without getting anything. the victims are expected to be okay. a desperate plea from the family of a man who died in this delaware county house fire. please check your smoke detectors. that family believes just one could have saved the life of 65-year-old michael olsafe who died in the inferno yesterday
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morning. investigators say there's no way to know how long the collingdale home was burning before neighbors called 911. a high school basketball player who was benched for not removing her head covering was back on the court last night. the 16-year-old played last night. last week the referee told her she could not play because the coach didn't fill out the waiver required for her to wear her hijab. >> if i had followed the rules, we wouldn't be talking here today, wouldn't have this issue today. that rule probably wouldn't -- will hopefully be changed. >> i hope they make the right decision and get rid of the waiver. >> a group of state lawmakers, the aclu, and council on american islamic relations are involved in efforts to get the hijab waiver rule changed. happening in new jersey, two state police officers who responded to the scene of an apparent terror attack in 2016 will be hailed as troopers of
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the year. they're credited with defusing two explosives in seaside park after one had already exploded. they were set along route of a marine charity run. the man suspected, ahmad rahimi, is still awaiting trial in that case. last week a new york judge sentenced him to life in prison for two bombs he set in manhattan. 6:08 on this throwback thursday. we'll show you the marina in cape may, new jersey. >> we'll show you what's to come for cape may and your neighborhood with meteorologist bill henley and the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. >> throwback thursday is appropriate as we throw back to february today after getting a taste of late spring. temperatures are falling in philadelphia, and we're just waiting for the rain. it's on the way. colder temperatures have started to move into the lehigh valley and pottstown. low 50s now and falling in philadelphia. look at millville at 56. still in the upper 50s, but not
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for much longer in atlantic city. here comes the rain. seeing a few sprinkles in south jersey. the first light rain showers have moved through the lehigh valley. that's pretty good downpour that's moving through lehigh county now. it's coming down at a rate of almost two-thirds an inch an hour. it's moving to the northeast. that first heavier shower in allentown. there will be heavier downpours during the day in the lehigh valley. we'll see a steady rain for much of the rest of the area. this is the hour-by-hour forecast. look at 9:00 today. the 50s that i showed you, they're gone. 44 in philadelphia are rain. 30s for the lehigh valley and allentown. look at the 40s, they're gone -- the 50s are gone. back to the 40s for cape may and atlantic city. that's at 9:00 in the morning. you see the steadier rain and heavier downpours in the late morning hours. at lunchtime, still in the upper 30s for the lehigh valley. low 40s in philadelphia. with rain coming through this afternoon, look at the temperatures come down even a little bit more. we'll drop into the low 40s.
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a rainy day ahead. the commute home, windshield wipers will be going. we may get breaks into the evening hours. and there will be breaks over the next several days. but you can count on the temperatures staying chilly. 40s for thursday and friday. warmer this weekend, and wanted sunday. you're more likely -- warmer this weekend, saturday and sunday. you're more likely to see showers on sunday. temperatures bump up on monday. that's when we'll finally get to see sunshine. i'll give the detailed weekend forecast when i'm back in ten minutes. >> all right. 6:10. looks like a problem on route 422 right now. >> let's get you updated. jessica boyington is watching the ride to work. yeah, disabled vehicle on 422's eastbound side at 23. we're down to two lanes eastbound at that point in the highway which makes it so everybody has to get over to the right-hand lane. it looks like actually our camera froze right. now either way you see what's happening. there we go. it's going to vet.
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come on. -- to reset. come on. we're not going to lose the camera here. 422 again at 23 on the eastbound side, i'll get back to that again. we're seeing delays eastbound moving toward the schuylkill. watching a crash, too, in west pottsgrove on west vine. grovestown road. also in allentown, watching the p.a. turnpike's northeast extension southbound because of a beam collapse that happened in the lehigh tunnel yesterday night in allentown. it's now closed on the southbound side from jim thorpe headed to allentown southbound. we're watching that, too. i'll end on route 202. both directions look okay at least in terms of drive times. nine minutes both directions north and south from route 30 to the schuylkill with speeds into the 60s. >> thank you. a game show host will dabble in pennsylvania politics this year. up next, alex trebek's role in the governor's race. plus, name dropping. one of hollywood's leading ladies is firing back at disgraced movie mogul harvey weinstein for twisting her fwhorwords in his legal defense.
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two of the 138 flu deaths are children. in delaware, it continues the record-setting pace for the flu season reporting more than 4,200 cases and 18 deaths so far. and the flumist nasal spray could return next flu season. flumist has been popular among kids because it's the only
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needle-free vaccine. doctors stopped offering it because it didn't protect as well against certain strains. now it's been reformulated and works better. meryl streep is firing back after harvey weinstein's lawyers used her words in his defense. the lawyers want a judge to dismiss a federal sexual misconduct lawsuit filed by six women against weinstein. the attorneys say facts don't support the women's claims, and they cited comment by actresses. one of the examples was a quote by streep that said the movie producer was always respectful in their working relationship. streep released a statement saying, "harvey weinstein's attorneys' use of my true statement that he was not sexually transgressive or abusive in our business relationship as evidence that he was not abusive with many other women is pathetic and exploitive." he's best known for quiz game show contestants.
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this week, alex trebek will quiz candidates for pennsylvania governor. the pennsylvania chamber of business and industry says that trebek will be the keynote speaker at the annual dinner in october. the chamber says as part of the dinner trebek will moderate a debate between governor tom wolf and the winner of may's republican primary. the debate will focus on topics critical to pennsylvania businesses. and in case you're wondering, candidates will not have to answer in the form of a question. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with you now with a check on the roads. watching problems on 422 this morning. cameras at route 23. we have a disabled vehicle here. looks like we have penndot crew trying to help. down to one lane. drive times spiking up there. 34 minutes now, really heavy. this is without traffic, about a six to seven-minute trip now from 29 to the schuylkill. you can see how much we've added on to the morning commute now. average speeds are already down into the teens.
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now this is obviously right at the scene. further back from the scene, we're seeing traffic not move at all. merging starting to create huge drive times and a crash at pottsgrove and vine at grosstown road. 62 relatively warm degrees compared to what's going to happen. we take a live look over the schuylkill river and new penn. let's find out about the falling temperatures with bill henley. bill? they are slowly coming down. you'll feel it in center city. there's a breeze blowing banners. the wind has shifted. cool air is slowly descending into the area. i'm tracking falling temperatures and rain that's due in this morning, it will be with us today, tonight, and tomorrow, a chance of rain will continue for the weekend. temperatures have fallen in the lehigh valley, suburbs, delaware at 52. warmer temperatures in south jersey and philadelphia. 52 degrees at philadelphia international.
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and right at 50 for west mt. airy. the numbers in the 50s. this is probably the last hour we'll see them in the 50s. the numbers come down, gets about ten degrees colder this afternoon. the steady decline, winds and rain moving in bringing temperatures down through the day. as far as the rain, haven't seen too much yet. you can see the sprinkles now just starting to form over northern delaware and new castle county. that's very light rainfall. it was the beginning of the rain increasing during the day. steadier on and off showers moving through the lehigh valley. look at the downpour moving through just to the northwest of allentown right now. you see it in northern lehigh county. we'll get downpours in the valley, most of the rest of the area in store for light rain. what we won't get the next several days is temperatures cold enough to give us freezing rain or snow. it's going to be dreary conditions as we go through today, tomorrow, and the
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weekend, too. the numbers will be coming up. 40s today and tomorrow, by saturday afternoon, 54 in philadelphia. upper 50s, close to 50 degrees in the lehigh valley. the 50s for delaware for the shore, and new jersey warmer on sunday. rain due in, looks like we could see 60s in those neighbors. a thunderstorm, showers on sunday. then clearing next week. a look at that in the next hour. >> thank you. uber is rolling out a cheaper way to ride. the costsaving new plan next. and this -- >> reporter: america celebrates. i'm keith jones in south korea covering the winter games, the gold medal drought. and thanks to women's hockey.
6:21 am
. right now norway remains in first place with 33 medals. germany in second with 24. thanks to the gold medal win, team usa is moving up in the standings. now 21 medals.
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an option that could save people money on a ride. uber is rolling out a new express service, a cheaper version of existing carpool service. uber will match riders with other passengers in the same area. passengers will meet at a pickup point. express pool is available starting today in philadelphia and seven other major u.s. cities. 6:24. 52 degrees. all this week we're focusing on how to launch a successful youtube career. three pieces of advice that we've gotten from the pros this week. first, focus, follow your passion, and make videos on a subject that's really important to you. second, be careful what you
6:25 am
post, one bad or insensitive video could derail your career. third, the most successful bloggers are launching merchandise lines to make money and game reviewers. tune in tomorrow at 6:15. we'll introduce you to a local youtuber who found her niche on line and was able to quit her day job felt she'll reveal her strengths to felt tomorrow. good morning, everyone, jessica boyington with you and a quick check on the roads. right now watching 422, massive drive times on the eastbound side 54 manipulates alreainutes. we'll keep an eye on this and check in with the northeast extension, too. for now, we'll check the forecast with meteorologist bill henley. nice, sunny, warm. that was yesterday. today, rain, and temperatures are falling. a live view of cape may from the marquis de lafayette hotel. raindrops are on the way. right now, 52 degrees.
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6:25. ahead, get out of jail free. the change that will leave philadelphia jails little less crowded. plus, one of philadelphia's crown jewels prepares to go back in time to mark a big milestone.
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driver show. over, a driver targets a -- driver shot. overnight, a driver targets a van killing a woman and causing a crash. hundreds of parents and students outraged over a threat to hurt classmates. new from overnight, revenge on the ice. the usa women's hockey team pulls off a stunning shoot-out win against their arch rival. i know i'm on record saying i don't like shootoffs in the men's loss, but i'm all on board with shoot-outs.
6:30 am
good morning, this is "nbc10 news today," i'm via sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. 6:30. let's update you with the weather. temperatures will do a big change. meteorologist bill henley has your most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. i hope you're on board with rain because we've got some this morning. tracking showers through the lehigh valley. look at lehigh getting moderate showers. raindrops falling in allentown and easton. this is just the beginning. the light rain showers now popping up over northern delaware. it's going to be rainy and will get chillier. temperatures not all that bad. we're in the 50s in new jersey and in philadelphia. the cool neighborhoods in the lehigh valley, 45 degrees. these are the numbers for now. this afternoon, rain coming down, and the temperatures slowly coming down. by this afternoon, 39 in the lehigh valley. 42 in delaware and low 40s for philadelphia, the suburbs, and new jersey. you'll need the rain gear and winter coat, too. numbers will get each colder tonight. i'll -- get even colder tonight. i'll break it down for each part of the area and show when you'll
6:31 am
most likely need the umbrella when i'm back in ten minutes. first, jessica boyington has first alert traffic. right. and to start, 422 and our cameras at route 23, this eastbound side seeing massive delays right now. this is norm -- would normally take about 15 minutes. right now the left-hand lane is completely blocked off. one car at a time is getting by. traffic backed up behind that really bad. now we're at -- from 29 to the schuylkill again, 63 minutes. speeds to the single digits. they might be moving it out of the way. it could be pushing to the shoulder. we'll keep our eyes on that. this drive time might lighten up a bit, but for now, it will stay heavy. watching in allentown, this happened yesterday. last night we saw a beam collapse in the lehigh tunnel causing the p.a. turnpike's northeast extension to deal with construction. southbound shut down between jim thorpe and allentown. back to you. developing overnight, a gunman shot and killed a woman
6:32 am
driving a van full of children, and several were hurt when the vehicle came to a crashing stop in philadelphia's ogontz neighborhood. katy zachry is live at police headquarters where investigators questioned several witnesses about exactly what happened overnight. tell us more. >> reporter: and one of most important pieces of information that police have gotten from witnesses is that the shots may have come from a dark-colored vehicle driving on broad street. at this hour, the shooter has not been found. take a look at our video from the scene. this is the heartbreaking aftermath of the shooting on broad street. it happened around :30 last night. the white van carrying three young kids and three young women crashed head on into a building. the driver's side was riddled with bullets. the vehicle crossed five lanes of busy traffic before crashing along old york road. inside, police found the driver, a 23-year-old woman shot to dea dea
6:33 am
death. >> she's a bright young lady, graduated with honors from high school, currently working for school board and u.p.s. she had two jobs. she was about to move into her own place. conscientious, good hearted, didn't deserve this to happen to her. >> reporter: aside from the driver who was killed, everyone on board was badly injured. when police got to the scene, everyone was bleeding. that thursday three young children on board, and the driver who was killed, her twin sister. reporting live, katy zachry, nbc10 news. >> thank you. 6:33. today the school superintendent in voorheis will meet with a police chief to talk about safety after hearing complaints from parents about how the school handled an alleged threat to shoot up a school. at a meeting last night, parents said school leaders should have talked to students about the incident at eastern regional high school. police arrested an 18-year-old last week and charged him with threatening to terrorize students and staff. the notification went out through a robo call.
6:34 am
in the future, parents and students call for more active shooter drills and increased safety procedures. the school scare comes as president trump is pledging action to keep children safe in their classrooms. the president made the promise yesterday after listening to stories of students and parents impacted by gun violence in schools, including those affected by the mass shooting in parkland, florida. today mr. trump will meet with state and local officials to discuss school safety. 6:34. in montgomery county, the person who murdered a pregnant woman with her two other children nearby is on the loose this morning. police were called to the apartments in elkins park on monday for reports of an argument. they found 31-year-old ebony white stabbed to death in her bedroom. her two children were in the apartment when she was killed. >> that's a horrific crime. always horrific, but when kids are involved it's even worse. >> i knew she had two kids. hopefully the kids are all right. definitely hard for the two kids
6:35 am
growing up without their mother. >> the children, ages 7 and 12, were not hurt. the unborn baby did not survive. police have not made an arrest. this morning, septa police on the hunt for three suspects who punched a woman in the face on the subway. investigators trying to figure out who this man is. he and two suspects punched a temple student during a fight on the broad street subway after the eagles' super bowl win. the victim suffered broken bones in her face. if you happen to recognize this man, septa police want to hear from you. today national republican leaders expect to file a second challenge to a new redistricting map for pennsylvania. yesterday state gop officials asked the supreme court to block that map saying they believe it's the legislature's job to redraw the district boundaries. state supreme court issued the new map monday. democratic leaders say the map redraws districts that had been gerrymandered to favor republicans.
6:36 am
a change to philadelphia's criminal justice system means people accused of certain crimes won't be stuck in jail just because they can't pay bail. district attorney larry krasner says his office will no longer seek cash bail for people accused of misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies. right now felons are stay -- suspect read forced ed -- righ suspects are forced to stay in jail if they can't afford jail. lawmakers in camden county claim the makers of oxycontin are the same as powerful drug cartels. the county said it filed a groundbreaking lawsuit against pharmacies and drug companies including purdue pharma which makes oxycontin and other addictive opioid painkillers. the lawsuit aims to stop opioid distribution and make funding available for treatment, awareness, and educating doctors about the drugs' dangers. >> they should know the devastation they've caused. they knew those pills were addictive.
6:37 am
>> if they affected one life, this lawsuit is worth it in my eyes. >> purdue pharma issued a statement saying they could for only 2% of total yoiopioid prescriptions and "vigorously deny the allegations." in lehigh county, police officers and recovery specialists will follow up with people who overdose. the district attorney announced the program called blue guardians yesterday. the guardians will make personal visits to homes within two to three days to encourage addicts to start recovery. i'm meteorologist bill henley. 6:37. a live view from cape may at the arena. clouds overhead. temperatures are falling, and the rain is falling in the lehigh valley. temperatures coming down here, too. temperatures dropping to the 30s during the day today. rain is on the way. grab the umbrella. not everybody is getting the rain right now, but that changes
6:38 am
during the morning and continues into the afternoon and evening. light rain, as well. temperatures get chillier. right now, settlier showers -- steadier showers to northwest. light rain through the suburbs, chester county, pottstown area, into montgomery county and a few showers leaving new castle into delaware county in pennsylvania now. you'll definitely need a heavier coat during the day. and your umbrella, too. it's 52 now in philadelphia. that's warm for this time of year especially this time of day. look at the numbers -- they keep on coming down as the rain moves in. this afternoon, low 40s. the wind blowing feeling like 30s. the suburbs now, cloudy skies, starting to see a few showers. showers are more likely during the mid morning and afternoon hours. 39 by 4:00. the lehigh valley, dropping to the 30s by lunchtime. that's where they'll stay in the upper 30s with the rain falling this afternoon. new jersey is cloudy right now,
6:39 am
there are a few sprinkles to be found, but the steadier rain by 10:00 this morning. 53 now. down by ten at lunchtime. the jersey shore, the warm spot. 57. dropping to the 40s. that's where it stays this afternoon. the winds got a bit stronger at the shore. 20 mile-an-hour winds this afternoon. keeping temperatures in the 40s and keeping rain showers coming in. and delaware, you see the clouds building already. showers at frawley stadium. chilly, low 40s this afternoon. this is just the beginning of the chilly air. colder tonight. the weekend is a different story. we'll look at that when i'm back in ten. good morning, everyone. jessica boyington with a check of the roads. watching massive delays on 422 now. here's the cameras around trooper road.
6:40 am
earlier a disabled vehicle at 23. this is approaching the scene. it's finally moving. believe it or not, this is even an improvement. the eastbound side was dead stopped a second ago while we had lanes lost. now at this time should typically take you 15 minutes. now an 89-minute trip eastbound. from 29 to the schuylkill. speeds way down into the single digits. crawling there. huge delays moving toward king of prussia on 422. allentown, actually a beam collapsed yesterday around 6:00 p.m. moving through the lehigh tunnel forcing northeast extension southbound to shut down between jim thorpe and allentown because of emergency construction. we're watching that and the schuylkill expressway. eastbound and weekestbound, bot directions not bad. normal vietnam. 18 minutes from the blue route -- normal volume. 18 minutes from the blue route to the vine and speeds into the 40s. i'll update you on the roads coming up in ten minutes. >> reporter: good morning, i'm randy gyllenhaal live this morning at reading term unanymously market which is celebrate -- terminal market
6:41 am
come is celebrating a milestone. 125 years. coming up, we'll tell you how to score lunch for just 15 cents and more. that's next. usa versus rival canada. i'm in south korea covering the winter games. the gold medal games coming down to the final second. i'll get it to you next.
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6:45. our fling with spring is over, winter is back this morning. we're waking up much cooler, and a long stretch of rain begins today. meteorologist bill henley is tracking the changes in the first alert forecast coming up in a few minutes. the drought is over. usa women's hockey team won gold
6:45 am
overnight, beating our rivals to the north in dramatic fashion. >> we were up overnight watching every minute. the grudge match is sweet revenge for the women. keith jones is live at olympic park with the emotional win for team usa. keith? >> reporter: guys, revenge, redemption, whatever you want to call it. team usa got revenge. here in the games, they took home gold. american the have lost to canada in the last three olympics. they had to fight for the victory from regulation to overtime, then the shoot-out. here's jacelyne lamoureux-davidson on her shot that put team usa over the top. >> pictured and visualized moments like that thousands of times. for it -- just to get the nod and for the coach to three me out there, there was no doubt it was going to go our way. >> reporter: jacelyne lamoureux-davidson.
6:46 am
her game-winning shot -- >> go ahead. >> reporter: her game-winning shot has a name, britney spears' "oops i did it again." for those of us who aren't aware, i think it's about right. you do your own rendition right now. >> oops, i did it again. yeah. >> reporter: we talked to fans before, during, and after the games. they opened the gates here. after the gold medal warship, they came pouring out, they had their flags, they were chanting like crazy. here's a taste of it. >> usa! >> usa, usa!
6:47 am
>> america won. best olympics experience ever! >> reporter: i'm standing there, someone said you may want to get this check out. it was not moving. incredible. >> reporter: this is one of the games that lived up to the hype in a big way. it's been an awesome feeling since the victory inside the olympic park. back to you. >> you've got to get some rest. a great day. keith, great job. >> thank you. the "today" show just tweeted a picture of hoda and al in the audience watching the game. like just screaming their brains out. they were so excited. on the "today" show, gold medal-winning women's hockey team will join savannah and hoda to talk about their monumental late-night win. >> hopefully they've got voices left. and lindsey vonn's last olympic event put her against m mikaela shiffrin.
6:48 am
vonn made a mistake and didn't finish. shiffrin earned the silver medal. download our free nbc10 app to see a preview of five things you won't want to miss during the games today. if you're heading out and thinking what coat should i grab, yesterday i didn't need one. today, you will. we'll find out what's to come. bill? >> the slowly falling temperatures will continue falling during the day. chillier temperatures, in the low 50s now. i'm tracking rain. it moves in this morning and stays this afternoon, stays tonight, tomorrow, and a rainy weekend ahead. not much change the next couple of days. easton, already seeing rain here. the streets are damp, and the rain has been pretty good so far. a quick shower moving through. moderate showers moving through easton. more rain in the lehigh valley
6:49 am
than the rest of the area. you'll still need the umbrella in wilmington, philadelphia, and trenton. you'll need the heavier jacket, as well. light showers in berks county and now montgomery county, too. delaware county, a few raindrops, as well. the beginning of a rainy day. the system will not bring us snow. colder air to the north. at 1:30 this afternoon, rain in philadelphia. for the ride home, 4:00 this afternoon. close to one-third inch in wo m wilmington, but less south and east. 50s now. we drop into the 40s for this afternoon. tonight, down into the 30s. it stays above freezing, rain showers with this event that's going to carry us through friday. this weekend, temperatures will come up. chilly mornings, saturday, chillier neighborhoods. 54 in the afternoon. the rain comes through on
6:50 am
sunday. we start drying out on monday. and would machine will be mild. 57 degrees. low 50s for tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. the rest of february, march begins on friday. 50 degrees in the afternoon. cooler next weekend. showers coming in next week, as well. >> and looking at 422, jessica boyington, a lot of volume? yeah, volume because we had a disabled vehicle there on the eastbound side. that's cleared. now we're watching delays. this is half of what it was as far as drive time. still crawling eastbound on trooper, but seeing delays. 51 minutes. typically a 15 to 20-minute trip. adding a half hour out of the gate for the commute. from 29 to the schuylkill, speeds down into almost the single digits in spots. a beam collapsed yesterday around 6:00 p.m.
6:51 am
northeast side is shut down between jim thorpe and allentown. you'll be detoured there. shore or in the area, yesterday would have been the day for this. right now the a.c. and br brigantine tunnel is closed for an hbo filming. afternoon, early afternoon. maybe they'll be on time. you know usually it's later than scheduled. staying until 4:00 p.m. that bridge will be closed in between brigantine and atlantic city. >> you never know what's going to snarl traffic, but you can count on jessica for sure. happening today, a milestone for one of philadelphia's most iconic attractions. reading terminal market celebrates its 125th birthday by hosting the grand opening it never had. >> nbc10's randy gyllenhaal is there live. >> who hasn't been there? they've got a party planned, right? >> reporter: decked out for 125 years.
6:52 am
the reading terminal market has fed families in philadelphia. we'll do a little time travel, going back in time now the 19th century. here we are checking out. they've got victorian decorations, old-timey curtains, light bulbs. later we'll get period costumes and actors. philly's market was outside on the fittingly named market street. farmers, fishermen gathered there to sell their goods. in 1893 they decided to move the market indoors. for decades it's become a main fresh food source for the city of philadelphia and the entire region. it's been written that the market was the beating heart of the old original philadelphia. today's celebration will take customers back to the time period including for a lucky few customers prices that match those back in the 19th century.
6:53 am
>> lunch might be 29 cents. pound of apples, 19 cents. we'll have victorian folks in costumes outside, the giant bicycle wheel. we'll have an organ grinder, barber shop quartets. it's going to feel like 1893 out there today. >> reporter: it's going to be fun. it kicks off this morning at 10:30. the governor as well as philadelphia's mayor will be here. by the way, they'll have an official ribbon cutting because back in 1893 they didn't have a grand opening celebration. the vendors showed up and started selling goods. that will change today with the ribbon-cutting and grand opening 125 years later. live at reading terminal market, nbc10 news. >> you would look great in black and white, the handlebar mustache. appreciate it. the lombardi trophy will never leave the side of one eagles' player. long snapper rick lovato tweeted this picture of his new super bowl-inspired tattoo.
6:54 am
you see the lombardi trophy is right there. on the side of his body underneath his armpit. the caption reads, "forever a part of history #flyeaglesfly." >> whatever. coming up, the chilly changes in your first alert forecast. plus, the primetime lineup of olympic events you don't want to miss tonight. nbc10 live from pyeongchang. mom you called?
6:55 am
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developing this morning. police are searching for the gunman who shot and killed a woman as she drove a van carrying children along broad street in philadelphia's ogontz neighborhood. the van crashed into a building injuring three children and two women riding inside. right now we're watching 422. our cameras at trooper road. actually looking a lot better this morning. so this eastbound side with a 29-minute drive time, speeds were way down into the single digits earlier because of a disabled vehicle. we're still watching that. at least it's doing better. in franconia, also watching maplewood drive and schoolhouse road for a crash. allentown, still watching that closure on the p.a. turnpike's northeast extension. southbound shut down between jim thorpe and allentown. i'm meteorologist bill henley. watching the clouds move in to cape may. right now, dry. that is going to change.
6:59 am
you see nothing falling from the clouds just yet. that's a different story. northern new castle county, into delaware and chester counties, the showers just starting in south jersey, as well. the steadier showers, some heavier downpours have been moving through portions of northern lehigh and north hampton counties. the showers moving off to the northeast. there's more wet weather that's going to come in from the west. grab your rain gear and plan on temperatures getting colder as the day goes on. it's 51 degrees right now in philadelphia. the wind is at 13 miles per hour. the temperature comes down as the rain starts moving in. by lunchtime, 45 degrees. this afternoon, down to 43 degrees. and cooler neighborhoods in the lehigh valley, dropping into the 30s by late this afternoon. the rain today will be with us tomorrow. and still with us this weekend. >> the weekend. >> yes. >> you ladies bring your umbrellas? >> yep. i listen to bill all the time. count on him. >> if you didn't, bill will walk you out with his umbrella.
7:00 am
>> part of the service. local updates throughout the morning. good morning. breaking overnight, heartstopper. >> the united states wins gold in pyeongchang! >> in a thrilling overtime shootout, the u.s. women's hockey team beats long-time rival canada. their first gold in two decades, setting off a huge celebration on the ice. and they're bringing those gold medals live to our plaza this morning. fix it! students, teachers and parents demand action from lawmakers in the wake of the florida school shooting. >> your comments this week and those of our president have been pathetically weak. >> after hearing emotional pleas from survivors -- >> i don't understand why i can still go in a store and buy a


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