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tv   NBC10 News Today 11am  NBC  February 22, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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the cooler and wet weather continues to move in and it's not going away anytime soon. shot in the driver'sarchs o killed a woman as she drove a  van packed with children. and a win for the ages, u.s. women's hockey team pulls off a stunning shootout victory and brings home the gold. >> announcer: nbc 10 breaking news. we are starting with breaking news. a water rescue in n county. sky force 10 over the scene just a short time ago along the delaware river in clay mont. that's where it appears a forklift somehow went into the water there. a dive team is on that scene right now.
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there's no word yet on how this happened. we will continue to situation there along the delaware river and bring you updates just as soon as we get them. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. and also right now at 11:00, temperatures are falling and so is the rain. here's a live look at allentown after enjoying all-time february record highs of 81 degrees yesterday, people here will see temperatures drop big time down into the 30s. meanwhile, a lye look center city philadelphia. temperatures will continue to tumble across our region as the day goes on and you'll want to keep those umbrellas handy. a live look at our radar showing where the heaviest rain is falling right now the. you're likely to need that rain gear all the way through the weekend. and good morning i'm george sperns. it had to end, our spring fling is over and we're note now set up for several days of wet weather. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist
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glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with your most accurate forecast and what a roller coaster. >> yeah, we've been on a roller coast are for quite a while. most of this winter, actually. but this is more extreme than we have generally seen. we had record-high temperatures in tuesday and wednesday, philadelphia, much of the rest of the area too. by this afternoon we're down to 40 degrees. that's a 37-degree drop. and when you add in the effect of the wind it's more like a 40-plus degree drop. the wind is coming out of the northeast now. we're down to 45 degrees. it was 52 just this morning. so we've gone down 7 degrees just in a few hours here. 41 in blue bell, 43 in allentown, 35 in mount poconos. could be a little bit of freezing rain up there. so every part of the area is significantly colder. we also have lots of clouds, few sprinkles across much of the area, but a steadier rain up
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toward the lehigh valley and the poconos right now. with more rain back in western pennsylvania that will be moving this way. as we go through the afternoon you can see these temperatures continuing to drop across the entire area. look at this, the suburbs going down to 39 degrees by 5:00 this afternoon. so as chilly as it is right now, it will get colder as the afternoon goes on. but we're not going to be seeing a steady rain over the entire area. i'll let you know when the heavy yet rain is going to be falling in your neighborhood coming up. we have more breaking news. a fire tearing through a building in south philadelphia. sky force 10 was over that scene happening in island avenue and paschall avenue. firefighters using at least two ladder trucks to battle the flames there. at this point, there nor repo r of any injuries. one minute a local woman was driving a van carrying several
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children and the next minute she was shot and her van was on a collision course with a building. that woman died and the children were seriously hurt along with two other women who were also passengers. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live at police headquarters where officials held a news conference just within the past hour. randy, what are investigators saying j good morning, george. they say they're looking for two males who they believe opened fire on that moving van hitting and killing the driver. police say they actually were last seen running away from the scene on foot wearing hood dies, but right now it's unclear why exactly they opened fire in the direction of that moving van. but the gunfire did hit the driver, according to police it forced that van to swerve off of broad street crashing into a -- >> we believe the van was struck up to five times.
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the operator of the van regrettably a 23-year-old female was shot in the head and killed. >> she had two jobs, she was about to move into her own place, you know what i mean? good hearted. didn't deserve this to happen to her. >> that was randy gyllenhaal reporting from police headquarters. meanwhile, in south jersey a family loses everything after a fire destroyed their home. sky force 10 was over ivy lane in berling ton, berling ton county as firefighters worked to get those flames under control. all that remains will is really a charred ruin. everyone did get out of that house safely. there's no word on what caused that fire. a truck driver lost his life when something came off the ceiling of the lehigh tunnel and hit his tractor trailer. the lehigh county coroner says a piece of metal piping struck the truck killing the 70-year-old man behind the wheel. that victim is identified as howard sexton of glosser county.
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we're hearing he was driving a furn tur truck at the time. it's not clear if the conned due witness fell or if it was dangling in that tunnel there along the northeast extension. it is time now for a check on the roads this morning with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jessica boyington. what are we seeing out there? >> an update out in allentown. earlier this morning we were dealing with the northeast extension on the southbound side shut down between jim thorpe and allentown. but right now they're directing all the southbound traffic, although this has reopened on that southbound side, it's being diverted into the northbound tun pell. there's going to be one lane in both directions going through the lehigh tunnel so you might see delays in both directions. watching 95 too, you can see no delays here if you're heading out there and have to catch a flight, you should be fine heading out the door there.
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checking out 95 at another spot because the northbound side hearing of a crash, vehicle fire reported on the northbound side near driss to, not seeing any increase in drive times just moving slow by the scene. we're also seeing problems for septa. trains 9237 and 9234 canceled with 20-minute delays because of fire department activity in newark, now we're dealing with the newark line being suspended because of that. today the president will meet with state and local leaders to talk about school safety just a day after hearing from people whose lives were forever changed by gun violence. this morning the president is tweeting about his plan to prevent future school shootings. he tweeted, quote, i will be strongly pushing comprehensive background checks with an emphasis on mental health, raise age to 21 and end sale of bump stocks. congress is finally in a mood do
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something about this issue, end quote. meanwhile, dana laos spoke this morn at the annual conservative action conference better known as c pac. they said the media loves the ratings they get while covering mass shootings. she also said it's not the job of the nra to follow up on red flags that could stop the shooters before they strike. gun violence was the topic of an emotional listening session at the white house yesterday. survivors of the parkland shooting and people who lost their loved ones in other mass shootings spoke directly to the commander and chief. among those who speak was kerry gruber who's son survived the shooting last week by hiding in a closet. >> if you're not old enough to go and buy a beer, he should not be able to go and buy a gun at 18 years old. >> last night president trump posted on social media, quote, i'll always remember the time i spent today with courageous students, teachers and families
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adding we must not let them down. we must keep our children safe. end quote. also last night cnn featured a town hall with marco rubio amonging onners. the laos, the nra spokesperson was at the townham as one. one tamt from her prompted a fiery response from the broward county sheriff. take a look. >> none of us support people who are crazy, who are a danger to themselves, who are a danger to others getting their hands on a firearm. and we have been for over 20 years and i have been screaming about this, which is why i'm here, because i have kids and i'm not just fighting for my kids, i'm fighting for you. >> you just told this group of people that you are standing up for them. you're not standing up for them until you say i want less weapons. >> cnn said president trump and florida governor rick scott both declined invitations to attend that town hall.
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and we have much more on the florida school shooting right now on the nbc 10 app. you can learn about the lives of the victims and the survivors and a reminder i can get breaking news updates when you sign up for our alerts. and today the school superintendent in voorhees will meet with the police chief to talk about safety after hearing complaints from parents about how leaders handled an alleged threat to shoot up a school there. at a meeting last night, parents said school leaders should have talked to students about the incident at eastern regional high school. police arrested an 18-year-old last week and charged him with threatening to tear or rise students and staff. it went out through a rob bow call. for now they have increased safety procedures. in philadelphia today, university of pennsylvania students plan to stand against gun violence. hundreds of penn students will gather just before noon at the love statue at 36bling and
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locust walk and then fan out in both directions along locust walk. they will end with silence for 497 second, one second for each of the victims of the mass shootings that have happened over just the past year. and happening right now, allentown mayor ed pawlowski is expected back on the witness stand in his federal corruption trial. yet mayor pawlowski defended himself against accusations that he sold his office to campaign donors. pa la pawlowski said he did not give contracts in exchange for campaign donations. coming up, nothing short of amazing. that victory by team usa that's already being called the new miracle on the ice. america's golden girls talk about ending a 20-year drought
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and pulling off that spectacular finish. and kind of cool and rainy today. is the wet weather going to last all the way into the weekend? i'm tracking this pattern and i'll let you know when the sun's going to return just ahead.
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the u.s. justice department is cracking down on people who scam senior citizens. less than an hour ago, attorney general jeff sessions announced the largest elder fraud enforcement action in american history. the feds have charged more than 200 people with committing elder fraud schemes and have brought civil actions against dozens more. sessions said the cases involve more than 1 million victims who were altogether robbed of more than half a billion dollars. and right now live pictures from the c pac conference that's taking place in maryland. right now you see vice president mike pence there speaking to the
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crowd at c-pac in maryland. he spoke just for a few minutes so far this morning about the trump's administration's accomplishments and called 2017 the, quote, most consequential year in the history of the conservative movement. the u.s. women's hockey team this morning is celebrating their gold medal win over rival team canada. the players are euphoric and you can understand why. the americans have lost to canada in the last three olympics and they had to fight for this victory from regular tlieti lation to overtime and then ending in a shoot out. >> i've pictured and visualized moments like that thousands of times and for it to just to get the nod and for the coach to throw me out there, there was no doubt that it was going to good
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our way. >> and there is so much more to see and experience from pyeongchang. right now on and the nbc 10 app, get an up to the minute medal count and read all about our team usa athletes, plus get behind the scenes pictures, articles, and videos you won't find anywhere else. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. well, unbelievable change over the last 24 hours or less than 24 hours. plunging temperatures today. we have a really wet pattern and it goes all the way through sunday. and the sunshine, well, we're not going to see it really returning until monday of next week. the winds out of the northeast, that's bringing in cool air, it's also allowing the clouds to hang in and not going to get any break there. everybody is in the 40s. have some patchy rain across the region and, of course, nobody is anywhere near what we were
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yesterday. we have a few places still in the 50s, melville's 51, dover 52, georgetown 50, but those temperatures are going to be dropping along with the rest of the area. as you can see, in philadelphia itself gradually going down, 42 by 6:00, by later this evening we're going to near 40 or upper 30s. and with a little bit of wind, of course, it will feel cooler than that. the bulk of the rain now is in western pennsylvania, it's cold enough to snow in new york state and this pink area, the little bit of icing too in northern p.a. and just some generally light patchy rain across the philadelphia area. not steady rain here but more steady in lehigh valley and the poconos. and we're watching for any of that pink to show up in the poconos that will most likely be later today or tonight when there could be a little bit of freezing rain affecting bridges and overpasses.
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in the meantime, that area of moisture goes all the way down to the gulf of mexico and the next storm starting to get organized in texas and oklahoma. and that's a lot of icing for pretty far south in the country and that's a storm that's going to be affecting us as we go into the next couple of days. as we go through the afternoon, we find that steadier rain, heavier rain up through the lehigh valley and poconos, some of of that pink showing showing up in mount poconos. and then we get a bint oft of ak this evening. the steadier rain moves out. we wait for the next wave of the moisture to come in and we're starting off in the 30s and we're going to pretty much stay in the 30s. much of the day tomorrow is in the 30s, okay. today we're in the 40s. so it's going to be even colder tomorrow. we do have some areas of rain coming in, especially later in
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the day. and we don't get out of this. here's friday night and into saturday morning. it's not quite as cold on saturday, but still kind of nasty. you saw the clouds, you saw the periods of rain. and here we are saturday noon, we're in the 50s at least. and then on sunday, if you haven't had enough clouds and rain, here's the heaviest rain of the whole system starts coming in saturday night and into sunday morning. and after that, then we're going to start seeing some improvement. so it's going to take a while. quite a while. so the coldest day is tomorrow. cloudy all day with some periods of rain. cloudy all day saturday except perhaps some breaks in south jersey, jersey shore, and delaware it's going to be a front hanging right up in the middle of our area. so there may be a big temperature contrast, especially
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on sunday where lehigh valley could stay pretty cold and delaware could get well into the 60s. more on the changes coming and improvement for next week in just a few minutes. >> glenn, thank you. tributes continue to pour in for the reverend billy graham who died yesterday at the age of 99. next, graham's son talks about carrying on his father's legacy and how graham would want to be remembered. >> announcer: nbc 10's olympic medal count is locally sponsored by independence blue cross. live fearless. pocon
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. >> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. the reverend billy graham who died yesterday at the age of 99 will receive one of the nation's highest honors. house speaker paul ryan just
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announced that graham's casket will be brought to the u.s. capital next wednesday where it will lie in honor in the rotunda for people to pay their respects. graham's son franklin talked about his father's legacy this morning on the today show. >> he spent his life telling people about heaven, how to get to heaven, he wrote books on heaven, now he's in heaven and woe want me to tell everybody watching that if you put your faith and fluft god's son jesus christ, that you can be in heaven too. >> reverend billy graham's funeral is planned for next saturday at his library in charlotte, north carolina. what a difference a day makes from record warm toth cool -- warmth to cooler and wetter weather. first alert meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz will let us know howl we're stuck with this weather pattern just ahead. and firing back, the hollywood leading lady who's accused disgraced movie mogul
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>> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. it is back to reality today after record warmth yesterday, cloudy, rainy, and cool as we take a live look along the ben franklin parkway in philadelphia. nbc 10 meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the most accurate forecast and, glenn, big change from yesterday. >> i would say phenomenal changes since yesterday. allentown set a record of 81 degrees yesterday. they beat their old record by 14 degrees. that never happens. you beat it by one or maybe two. so 81 yesterday afternoon. this afternoon down to 35 late in the day.
11:30 am
that's a 46-degree drop without adding in the wind and the wind chill, all right. there's the rain over philadelphia now, the flags are blowing hard, it's just a nasty day. down to 45 degrees. we were 77 in philly for the record. 41 in blue bell, 35 mount pocono. it's way colder all across the area. it's not raining everywhere, it's mostly raining up toward the lehigh valley, bucks county getting a fair amount. not much in delaware or south jersey, but everybody's got the clouds, everybody's got a northeast wind, everybody's way cooler and there's more rain back to the west that's going to be coming in later today and into this evening. as you can see, the temperatures gradually going down during the afternoon, that will be the case everywhere, even going down into the 30s in areas north and west of philadelphia, places that got to 80 degrees yesterday.
11:31 am
and may get a bit of a break from the rain during the night tonight, but more waves of rain are coming back. i'll let you know when the heaviest is going to come in just a few minutes. all right. thank you. the search is on this morning for a gunman who shot and killed a woman as she drove a van down broad street, a van that was carrying children. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live at police headquarters with new details on this investigation. and, randy, we are now hearing both from police as well as from t the victim's family. >> reporter: they just released new information if the they're looking for two males who were seen shooting at that moving van. they were actually last seen shooting from the street then running away, last scene wearing hoodies. according to police that's the best description they have right now. it's unclear according to authorities why they opened fire on this moving van, but according to police, the gunfire hit the driver of that van
11:32 am
forcing it to s a building. it left the 23-year-old driver dead. three other children and 3 adults were also inside that van. some of them were injured and according to victim, one of them includes the twin sister of thao not believe this is a case of road rage but they have much more investigating to do. >> we believe the van was struck up to five times. the operator of the van regrettably a 23-year-old female was shot in the head and killed. >> she had two jobs, she was about to move into her own place, you know what i mean. conscientious, good hearted. didn't deserve this happening to her. >> reporter: the victim's family says they're grieving right now, a number of them at the hospital waiting for those ornls to get released. meantime, police are gathering surveillance video. it happened in a busy section of north broad street so that could be crucial in the investigation. police also tell me they're
11:33 am
continuing to look into whether this shooting was connected to another one last night that happened about a mile away. for now, we're live at police headquarters, randy gyllenhaal, nbc 10 news. happening right now, president trump is meeting with state and local lawmakers to talk about school safety following the high school massacre in florida. and this comes after yesterday's listening session with survivors and parents from parkland. the president has been tweeting about his plans to prevent future school shootings. today he posted, i will be strongly pushing comprehensive background checks with an emphasis on mental health, raise age to 21, and end safl bump stocks. congress is in the mood to finally do something on this issue, i hope, end quote. in other tweets, the president praised the nra as a great american patriot. he also talked again about arming teachers and staff inside schools. a father who lost his
11:34 am
furn-year-old daughter in the parkland shooting appeared on morning joe today. he talked about his daughter's life and why he says the government should outlaw assault-type rifles. >> my daughter had rights, more than just the second amendment. they've all been terminated. okay. that's what i say. i'm a believer in the second amendment, assault weapons are simply allowed through a bass starredized interpretation of what the second amendment is. >> he also said he disagreed with the president's proposal to arm some teachers. sheriff's deputies in broward county florida will now carry rifles including ar fifteens on school campuses. investigators say suspect nicholas cruzealdly used an ar 15 to kill 17 people at marjorie
11:35 am
stone douglas high school last week. you can learn about the lives of the victims and the survivors on the nbc 10 app and get updates anytime. well, there's a desperate plea this morning from a family of a man who died in a house fire. they're urging everyone to check your smoke detectors. that family believes just one could have saved the life of the man who died in this inferno. this cell phone video shows all threes for of the home engulfed in plams. investigators say there's no way to know how long that house was burning before neighbors heard loud booms and called 911. >> i just saw a lot of orange and i opened the front door and you could just feel the heat. my car was in front of his house, i had to get my hand -- couldn't even touch the doorknob it was that hot. >> firefighters found the body of 65-year-old michael inside
11:36 am
that home. they do not believe that home had one working smoke detector. investigators have identified the person who threw a hand grenade into the university of monta negative grow and then killed himself. they believe an ex-soldier was behind that attack and now they're trying to figure out how he did it. no one was hurt avenue threw the grenade after the embassy wall. they say he then activated a second explosive device which killed him. three police officers in egypt ared with making a life-saving catch. they noticed the 5-year-old hanging from the balcony so they jumped in prepared for the worse. he jumped and one of the officers kachd the child. he was okay after the fall. meryl streep is firing back
11:37 am
after harvey weinstein used her words in his defense. the lawyers want a judge to dismiss a federal sexual misconduct lawsuit filed by six women against weinstein. the attorneys say the facts don't support the women's claims and they cited comments by several actresses. one of the examples they used was a quote by streep that said the movie producer was always respectful in their working relationship. well, streep has now released a statement of her own saying harvey weinstein's attorneys use of my true statement that he was not sexually aggressive or physically abusive in our relationship as evidence that he was not abuse swif other women is pathetic and exexploitive. well, happening right now in center city, they're partying like it's 1893. here's a live look at the reading terminal market which is celebrating it's 1 25th birthday today. today is 1893 day. a horse and buggy is just some
11:38 am
of the victorian era things that you can check out there at the famous market. governor tom wolfe and city leaders were at the start of the ceremony just a shart time ago. it's actually kicking off a week-long celebration of several deals and events. super bowl winner and king of the parade of champions jason kelce is showing off his love of music to young people in philadelphia. kelce visited with central high school students this morning. the eagle's center plays the sax phone so the kids played him a few tunes while he was there. it was all part of a very cool exchange program between the music department at central and kelce's high school alma mater over in ohio. well, up next, the need for speed. meet a group of local thrill seekers on skates hoping to take the fast track to the next
11:39 am
olympic games. temperatures taking a tumble today and the rain has moved into parts of the area. let you know how long this stretch of wet weather's going to last just ahead. >> announcer: nbc 10's competition to watch is locally sponsored by penn medicine. when we see a woman who comes to cancer treatment
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well, to the victors got spoils. you win an olympic gold and you get to go on the tonight show with jimmy fallin. >> chloe kim, you've officially made the cover of a box of kellogg's cornflakes. look at this. >> big olympic honor. that is team usa snowboarding champion chloe kim after getting to see that huge box of cereal with her face on it, she talked
11:43 am
to him about deciding to do another run after she won her gold medal. >> i think i'm just really competitive with myself so it's like if i know i can do better i'm going to do everything i can to just do the best i can. >> pretty inspiring. in addition to her cornflakes box honor, kim is also open the cover of sports illustrated. well, turning up the heat on the ice, speed skaters take on tight turns and tough competition all while going 30 miles per hour. nbc 10's mat delucia introduces us to some local thrill seekers in berks county hoping to become the next crop of olympic athletes. >> reporter: whether you have that need for speed. >> faster. >> reporter: the east penn speed skating club is chasing that next record. >> little more. little more, penny. last lap. >> i always just really wanted
11:44 am
to go fast, but started off with figure skating. >> reporter: this 14-year-old picked up speed skating three years ago, a sport that looked like car racing on ice. >> for me it's really scary because i'm a really like -- i set a high standard for myself. >> reporter: christian gold has dreams of gold and what it takes to get there. >> i can stand here and talk about that for another hour, honestly. >> reporter: the first thing you might notice is that the skates are different. the blades are longer than you see in hice hockey or figure skating and that equals speed. >> we're on a skate that's built for speed where those skates are built for agility. >> reporter: kyle carr knows a thing or two. he competed in short track for the u.s. four years ago in sosh which i. >> good job. one more fast one. >> it was never just a hobby, a
11:45 am
spof sport, it was always an obsession. >> reporter: it's the fire he wants to see in the next generation. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. and turn to the nbc 10 app for more coverage of the 2018 olympic games. you can see the highlights of the competitions and get an in-depth look at all of our local athletes at the olympics. well, tomorrow night you are invited to a birthday party where the gift giving comes with a real purpose. it is a night to network, mix it up, have fun, and fringe raise too. we very wendy hamilton, the director of sugar house casino, also markus allen, the ceo of big brothers, big sisters, and dr. keith lee part who's a physician and entrepreneur. gig crowd of the studio today. wendy, we want to start with you. tell us this is going to be a big birthday bash for some names
11:46 am
that a of philadelphia locals will know. what can people expect this year? >> i was so thild. gentlemen are ny friends and they are good men and they said we're looking for eye venue, we want to do this great thing. we're all having a birthday and we'd love to do it at sugar house. i said, yea. between them they have a lot of friends so i'll let them tell you the details but they're bringing their birthday bash to sugar house. beautiful views, free parking, great food and they're going to raise money for four great charities. >> right there along the delaware river in that space. >> yes, absolutely. >> and so, markus, tell us a little bit. you're asking party goers to make a donation if they attend this big birthday party. where's the money going? >> well, we thought this year we want to do a birthday party where we didn't receive gifts ourselves. all four of us, we all have our networks so it was like we support these four charities, so why don't we do a birthday fear the give money back to those four charities. and it's big brother big sisters
11:47 am
independence region i have to be biased i'm the ceo there. and then we have the fund for the school district of philadelphia, urban league, as well as the fourth one is ccp, community college of philadelphia. and so we're really excited about that. we're hoping that we can raise as much money tomorrow night to make sure we can continue to affect the lives of the kids in the communities of philadelphia. >> four of the most worthwhile organizations really across the delaware valley. so proud to be a supporter of this. keith, i wonder from you, so a lot of people think about birthdays as getting the gifts. how did this originate? are you hoping to set an example with this giving back? >> absolutely. i mean, the thing that all four of us have in common is that we're all very social but more importantly we're socially responsible, right. so we're going to have a good time, we're going to have a good time with a purpose. and the four organizations have been giving back to, you know, young youth in the city of philadelphia for up to 100 years. so it was just a great opportunity to use our brands
11:48 am
and our networks to help raise money for the four organizations. >> this is for people who are well connect and have room to really give back. >> i think it's four real leaders. people who have credibility and so i think, you know, like today we know that we're probably going to sell out at some point and probably at some point today. so people will try to get tickets they need to hurry up and get them. but i think it's a real testament to the platform that these four organizations have established as well. so you have four leaders who happen to be friends, we've been friends and now we have to say 5. we may have to rename it five, five, five. >> i love having birthdays. >> we definitely know wendy and her team at sugar house know how to put on quite a party. >> absolutely. >> thanks for making time, happy birthday to the birthday guys and have fun tomorrow night. the four four four charitable birthday celebration is happening tomorrow at sugar
11:49 am
house casino in north philadelphia. tickets are still available for just a little while longer for that party way purpose apology at 8:00 p.m. to midnight. for more details tap on the nbc 10 app and look for find it on ten. >> thank you. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. yeah, we're going to have a few days to party inside with this weather pattern. not what we've seen the last couple days. 45 and rainy in philadelphia. you can see how gloomy the sky is. the wind is northeast so that means it's not going to improve. and everybody's got an east or northeast wind. everybody's cloudy, everybody is much cooler than yesterday. and you got to take the rain gear with you. now, as far as the high temperatures so far today, these generally occur right after midnight. 62 dover, melville, 57 philadelphia, now let's see the
11:50 am
current temperature. that's quite a drop. 45 philadelphia, 52 dover, 40 degrees in pottstown. it's up to 80 yesterday. so the 24-hour temperature change in coatesville we're about 30 degrees colder than at this time yesterday. philadelphia is 27 degrees colder, mount holly 24, trenton 23. as we go through the afternoon, these numbers are going to get bigger because yesterday's temperatures were higher and today's temperatures are going to be going lower as you go through the afternoon. so we're already below 50 in much of northern delaware, at least livestone road, greenville at 47, claymont at 46. glassco one of the few spots at 50 degrees. bevie few 50s in the inland areas. dover 52, 50 in herrington, but as we head toward the coast when that northeast wind is only 43
11:51 am
in rehoboth beach. we do have a little bit of patchy light rain in our area now. mr. significant rain in western park pennsylvania. you can see, again, it's a lighter rain, we don't see the yellows or the reds that we would with the heavy rain. we're checking to see if there's any kind of frozen precipitation up toward the poconos later today and tonight, could be a little bit of freezing rain affecting bridges and overpasses, for example. more moisture down to the south and into oklahoma and texas and as you can see the track of that is moving more up in our direction. so there's more rain on the way. it's just wave after wave. it's not necessarily a steady rain for four days, but rain is in the forecast for four days. this afternoon we're borderline freezing in the poconos while it continues to get colder across the rest of the area and more
11:52 am
widespread rain. we taper off on the rain this evening, but the temperatures continue to go down a little bit. we're not going down below freezing except, perhaps, in the poconos. so you don't have to worry about icing over, it's just going to be nasty. cloudy, drizzly, east wind, chilly. here we go tomorrow with another wave of rain coming and a break tomorrow night and then we got more coming in on saturday. those saturday's rain is kind of patchy and not quite as significant. the temperature's a little bit up. the heaviest rain of this whole pattern is going to be coming on later saturday night and into sunday morning especially. that's the heavier rain with the yellows and the reds. so a nasty weekend. sunday a little bit less cold but also wetter.
11:53 am
>> announcer: nbc 10's competition to watch is locally sponsored by penn medicine.
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well, record-setting warmth yesterday, glen. it's a totally different story today. >> things have really change and welcome back to winter. and it's a wet pattern all the way through sunday. the wettest weather this afternoon and again on sunday. and then we finally get some nice weather next week. you notice nothing bitterly cold. you also don't notice any snow. and by the end of next week we're heading into the beginning of march. >> yeah, pretty mild stretch after we get through the rain. thank you, glenn, if the thanks for watching nbc 10.
11:57 am
from glenn and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day.
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>> kate: well, this has been a really, really great visit. you show up unannounced, you... i bump into you in the mausoleum. you tell me that you were there to comfort me for losing andre. lie. you tell me that the bullet casings i found are ancient history. lie. you tell me that the mausoleum is too cold. lie. of course, that last lie was just to bundle me out so you could play secret agent and get yourself shot and end up in this hospital bed. [sighs] and then tell me that you're going home tomorrow, so it was--it was really great. it really was. that was really comforting. i feel so much better now, billie. and you're playing games. i'm worried about you getting shot, and you're playing games. billie.


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