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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  February 23, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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nothing. a 4-year-old prepares to give his twin brothers a layoff saving gift. and going out on her own. new this morning a college stupidity turned ceo explains how frizzy hair made her a youtube hit and she shares her secret to success. a lot to get to today plus olympics, right? >> a lot's happening. >> good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikehema. whatever kind of hair you had tonight, you're probably going to have to cover up. >> it is going to be a challenge for sure. look at the rain coming down. this is the radar view. some moderate showers are in the area. that steady rain in wilmington extending into philadelphia. south philly seeing the rain right now. washington township, hammingten, and at the shore atlantic city, all coming from the west and
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continue during the day today. it's not going to be an all day rain for all neighborhoods. you can see right now a break in the showers for reading and allentown. everybody is getting the chilly temperatures. the numbers about 10 to 2yester which has everybody in the 30s to start with. but we're all above freezing, . warms to near 40 in the lehigh valley. 40s for the rest of the area. it's going to be a chilly rain, though, especially with the breeze blowing this afternoon. i'll break it down hour by hour and show you when you're most likely to need your umbrella when i'm back in ten minutes. but first see how the rain is affecting the roads. jessica boyington with your first alert traffic. our cameras around the philadelphia international airport this morning, not too bad. we're watching on and off-ramps and any crashes that may be reported. not too bad, though. north and southbound 95 looking pretty good.
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we're near the end of an opening for the tacony-palmyra scheduled for 5:35. you can still take the betsey ross as an alternate, but you probably don't need to. north and southbound to the schuylkill with speeds into the 60s. today teachers make an emotional return to their classrooms more than a week after 17 of their students and coworkers died in a mass shooting. it is the first phase of the staggering reopening. classes resume on tuesday. and this comes amid a new revelation that the school's officer did nothing to stop the alleged shooter, even stayed outside the school for a full four minutes. >> this morning we are getting a first look at the officer who is entrusted to protect students. overnight tt delucia is developments in our digital operation center. >> the broward county sheriff
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watched the security camera video and said it's clear the school resource officer could have done more to stop the shooter. that officer is off the job now. this is him at a school board meeting three years ago. he resigned yesterday when he was informed there was an internal investigation into his failures. peterson who was armed stood outside the building and surveillance video shows pederson waited outside for upwaof while 17 people were shot and killed. here's one student reacting to that revelation. >> first of all, he's an absolute cowered. and i think not only should he be in jail for what he did, he should have to sit down and talk to every one of the victim's famili families and explain what his reason is for not protecting the victims he's sworn to defend. >> the jengen town police
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officer said his officers would definitely go inside. >> if there's an incident and an officer waits to go in and pauses for some reason, which i have no idea why he would do that, that would be a problem for me and this community. >> and today the first responders who are on the scene of that shooting last week will speak to the community in parkland. matt delucia, nbc 10 news. 6:04 right now. also this morning we're hearing the 911 calls the accused florida shooter made himself back in november. take a listen. >> the thing is i lost my mother a couple of weeks ago, so like i'm dealing with a bunch of things right now. >> question. you don't have any weapons on you right now, do you? >> no. >> nikolas cruz called 911 to tell his side of the story concerning a fight between him and the son of the couple who took him in after his mother's
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death. cruz had gotten angry and began punching holes in the wall of the home and the son stopped in to step him. our coverage of the florida school shooting continues on the nbc 10 app and online now. you can hear more of the 911 calls of the confessed shooter. police are searching for someone who shot two cars in philadelphia's neighborhood. officers found eight shell cases at the scene early this morning. no one was hurt. we be an update on the deady shooting of a philadelphia mom killed driving a van with her twin sister and three children inside. police now say they do not believe the gunman targeted the victims. they don't believe the victims were the targets. police are looking for the two gunman they say killed timmons. new surveillance video shows her van veering across the road before crashing into a building thursday night. >> i never felt this pain
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before. i hope no one has to go through this, but definitely a feeling i can't put into words. >> timmons sister and three children were not seriously hurt. former trump campaign chairman paul administer and business associates are facing more chargers. it charges manafort and rick gates with tax and bank fraud. they are accused of laundering more than $30 million, not reporting money in foreign bank accounts and bilking banks for real estate loans. mueller indicted manafort and gates last october on similar charges. the charges not directly link today their work for the trump campaign. now an update to the story we told you about yesterday. harvey weinstein is now apologizing to merayoraeryl str. the movie mogul also apologized to jennifer lawrence and direct his legal team not to use specific names in the future. those actresses fired back while
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weinstein's lawyers used their remarks. this morning teachers and child advocates will learn important signs of human trafficking. they're hosting a conference that begins in a few hours. human trafficking is when people use force to control victims for commercial sex or labor. coria employees who work with children report seeing signs of trafficking right here in philadelphia. >> there are kids as young as 10 being trafficked and then there are adolescents being trafficked and some of these kids are still in our schools, and we need to identify who they are. >> according to coria in the last seven years the number of trafficking victims has doubled. get a live look right now at south philadelphia. the girard point bridge where believe that is. looks like it's a little misty
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there. >> yeah, let's find out what's to come today. i know bill's been saying we'll need the umbrellas for a couple of days. >> it is damp this morning. a live view from for the lafayette hotel. a rainy, chilly day is ahead, and this weekend we'll likely see more rain and downpours, too. sun will return but not until to workweek. it comes back in on monday. right now if you're heading out the door, chilly. 37 degrees in philadelphia, 17 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. allentown is 37, and 38 in wilmington. a few spots in the low 40s. it's never going to be feel warm during the day today, and chilly wait at the bus stop with the rain coming down. clouds and a few showers in exten, and look at wilmington. atlantic city 34 degrees, but make it feel like it's in the 30s to start with.
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a little bit of light rain in philadelphia. a steadier rain moving through wilmington. and vineland, you're going to get a break shortly, though, but there's more on the way. rain showers lining up for the west and keep coming at us during the day today. and i think we'll get a break this evening in most neighborhoods. 9:00 this morning, no break from the cold. look at the rain in delaware and south jersey. as we go through the day we may get a few hours where the rain's not coming down, but clouds will stay with us, and the kemptures will will be able to come up with a little bit. and then going into the late afternoon hours, so a few showers in the area. light showers. 45 in millville, 42 in trenton, and just 43 degrees in mount holly. and this evening a lot of cloud cover but not too many showers around at 6:00 and later in the evening, you might get a break
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if you're out and about. mainly mostly cloudy and temperatures holding in the 40s during the evening hours. i am expecting warmer temperatures over the weekend, but not a huge warmup. 55 degrees on saturday. there's a chance we'll get close to 60 sunday afternoon, but a chilly morning with the rain. and then finally we break out into the some sunshine. look at the nice warmup we have next week. i'll give you a closer look at the weekend forecast in ten minutes. ten minutes past 6:00. if you've got a 7:00 flight, you're going to be light. in fact you won't make it but we want to get you covered for that 8:00 flight. >> right now if you're trying to make that flight, you're going to miss it. we did just check in with 95 so we do know what it looks like so it's not bad. the vine east and westbound in both directions they're okay. and roads a little wet here.
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route 38 over in morris town both directions okay. we're getting right in the beginning of rush hour. i'll keep my eyes open for that stuff and also keeping an eye on mass transit. right now everything on time. insta pots are the newest trend in cooking but one is calling to shut it down and this. this 4-year-old has a lifesaving mission ahead of him. up next the gift he's giving to his baby brothers. and from frizzy to famous. up next at 6:00 we'll introduce you to a local youtuber who turned her.
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a south philadelphia -- we'll get the video in a secon,. first let's bring you breaking news. we'll get to breaking news in a minute. okay, here are these little guys. they're just four months old and suffer from a rare disease that is wreaking havoc on their tiny immune systems. the boys need a bone marrow transplant and that's where their older brother michael steps in. doctors determined he is a perfect match. >> i want to save their live. yeah, i'm really scared. shocked a lot of emotions all at
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once. >> i'm never going to forget what he did. even though he's sometimes a pain i still love him. >> the family's oldest son who you just heard from suffered from the same disease. a quarter past 6:00 right now. new this morning you'll want to check your instant pot, but not to see if your food is ready. the company says several of its eight in one cooker pots are overheated and melted. you can find a full list of the models affected on if instant pot says you should stop using those models immediately and call the company. all this week we have been showing you how to cash in on youtube. >> and today we're getting expert advice from a local success story. and you can meet her. she's a penn graduate. she's a ceo and star of natural
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club. it's a subscription based service that delivers organic hair products online. she tells us it all started as an experiment. she posted about her hair and how people with similar hairstyles tend to struggle. >> i know if we give our product to other youtubers and other youtubers like it, and those sup scribers are going to buy our product and learn about us. that drives most of our revenue. >> you can see all of our stories on launching a youtube career right now on our nbc 10 app. we learned a lot. now we've just got to launch our own youtube careers. >> figure out how to monetize that. jessica, maybe you've got some ideas. >> nobody needs to see anymore. i've got instagram.
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you can follow me. moving towards the schuylkill expressway, definitely a different picture than we saw yesterday. we had massive driep timve time with a crash involve on the eastbound side. watching 202 as well. these drive times aren't doing too bad. i'll end here with a 42 freeway, definitely starting to see more volume heading northbound, typical. of course we're adding a little bit more time but for right now we're not hearing anything reported and drive times are still pretty much normal heading it northbound. tracy, back over to you. let's take a look outside at brook line boulevard in havertown, delaware county. that's going to be the kind of morning it is and i think probably the kind of day it's going to be. bill henley has got your most accurate first alert forecast. >> they're getting some light rain.
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i've seen a person walking a dog, so it's not a heavy rain but chilly rain this morning. and we'll get on and off showers but the temperatures are going to creep only into the 40s this afternoon. so not a whole lot warmer than it is right now. 37 in philadelphia, 39 in south jersey, and rain coming down in delaware. and southern lehigh valley typical typically chilly is above freezing. we're starting in the 30s, winds out of the northeast just strong enough to make it feel like it's at or below freezing. 31 feels like below freezing right now in philadelphia, pottstown, trenton and wilmington, 32 degrees n feels like temperature. and even at the shore where we had a mild start yesterday, not this morning. it feels like it's right around freeze 'ing wild wood. the temperatures will creep up a little bit but a mild warm up.
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topping out in philadelphia in the middle 40s. the good news is the wind will die down some, and there will be some breaks in the rainfall. right now i'm tracking steady rain moving through delaware into delaware county and pennsylvania and south philadelphia is getting that rain. and look at the rain showers moving through south jersey. there's more to come. that is going to keep us in rain today, tonight, tomorrow and into -- even into sunday. in fact, we could get some heavier downpours coming through saturday night and into sunday. this evening a few light showers possible, mostly cloudy skies. some downpours saturday morning. this is 10:30. look at the rain coming down in delaware and south jersey. and here come the showers saturday evening and still going and into sunday morning. look at those downpours north and west especially in berks county and central pennsylvania. so it's going to be a rainy one. sunday afternoon there may be
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some improvement. a rainy day saturday, temperatures in the 50s. heavier showers saturday night and into sunday. sunday afternoon a little bit warmer. new jersey could hit 60 degrees, up to 62 degrees in delaware. the rest of the area will be in the 50s. i am tracking some warmer weather next week and some sunshine how about that for a change? >> 6:21 right now. now to this breaking news we just got in from lehigh county. a destructive fire is giving students in the parkland school district a long weekend. a fire damaged 29 buses at a depot, so snow school today there. nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is on his way to the scene. we'll get you updates on our nbc 10 app. penn students are getting a new line of defense against the heroin movement. it's about the journey and the destination.
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i'm keith jones here in south korea. i'm going to introduce you to a group that shares their olympic experience over and over and over again. >> that is look at the olympic count right now. team usa in fourth place now with a total medal count of 21. eight of those are gold
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. 6:25 on this friday, new this morning penn state announced plans to equip all of its officers with narcan. the school is working on
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equipping officers at the university park campus now. officers already carry the medication at the university's berks, great valley and erie campuses. the girls will compete throughout the weekend at the pennsylvania convention center while raising money to help women affected by breast cancer. proceeds allow survivors to get complementary treatments like acupuncture andaw not usually cover bide insurance. >> i looked like a 12-year-old boy. i had no hair, so sick and suffering from depression. so we feel we just bridge that gap where we can bring these y together, the medical side and the complementary side. >> the organization she fuounde
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is unite for her which provides that's resources. she expects the gymnastics meet will raise about $500,000 for those sees ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ we buy any car dot com ♪ ♪ any any any any ♪ did you know trading in your car
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at a dealer could cost you money? a recent study found consumers who trade in their car pay an average of $990 dollars more. so don't trade in... sell it.... to we buy any car. learn more and get your free online valuation now at we buy any car dot com ♪ find out how much your car is worth at ♪
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an officer's inaction. new video shows the man police say was armed and entrusted to protect students did nothing to stop the florida school massacre. american's stumble. team usa's figure skaters make olympic history for all the wrong reasons. his next adventure. eagles star jason kelce he's already stolen one show and he's about to steal another. and you can look for that outfit again. >> yeah, that's a hint. >> good morning, this is nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sikehema. >> it's 6:30. let's get right to meteorologist
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bill henley. >> i figured that outfit would be in the smithsonian by now. and hopefully it's waterproof because we've got a rainy weekend ahead. look at cape may. we have seen some steadier rain but you can see the puddles that came with that rain. i'm tracking rain showers and only rain showers. even though it's going to bea chilly rain and you'll need jackets and umbrellas to get through the day, the temperatures will stay above freezing. so there's no threat of icing in our area. won't get colder during the evening hours. i think it's going to hold steady. the steadiest rain this morning has been in delaware. that's a dreary view in wilmington. and into salem county in new jersey these rain showers are moving due east, so they're coming at us and making their way into philadelphia and some of the suburbs as well.
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won't be rainy all day. showers will be on and off, but you can expect to see more rain right in this zone during the day today. the temperatures are in the 30s right now. we will see the numbers climb, but only into the 40s this afternoon. the one exception the lehigh valley, a high of 39 degrees. i'll break it down hour by hour and show you most likely when you'll need your rain gear when i'm back in ten minutes. first let's see how the rain is affecting your traffic. we're not seeing a ton of things happening on the roads. we're watching for delays right now. admiral wilson boulevard back here the ben franklin bridge. that's the toll plaza right here. so coming from that direction we're okay. the tacony-palmyra, we're all clear. and checking route 309, both directions clear right now. a little damp in some spots, and
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i'm watching the on and off-ramps, too. i'll have another update in ten. new this morning we're getting a first look at the school resource officer who police say did nothing to stop the florida school shooter. this is video of scott pederson at a board meeting in 2015. the broward county shaffer said he was armed in uniform and standing outside the school last week as the armed shooter opened fire. school surveillance video shows the officer doing nothing when he should have addressed the killer and killed the killer. that's when utwhen officer says. the veteran officer resigned yesterday when he learned there was an internal investigation into his failures. again, he stood outside the school. meantime teachers will return to the school today. >> in the aftermath of yet another school shooting the solution to keeping classrooms safe is dividing the nation. students are fueling the debate by taking action across the
6:34 am
country. nbc 10's matt delucia live in our digital operations center. >> students in westchester will join thousands of young people across the country demanding action on gun violence. today the high school students will hold a rally on campus with gun control activists and demonstration against the nra. in florida students rallied at the state capitol pushing for gun control legislation. and so far president trump says he would support background checks and raising the age of buying an assault rifle to 21. he's always focused on a plan to train and arm teachers and staff. the president said attacks would end because school shooters would be deterred. he said teachers who agree to carry guns in the classroom would even get a bump in their paychecks. >> the people that do carry, we give them a bit of a bonus. frankly, they'd feel more comfortable having the gun
6:35 am
anyway, but you give them a bit of a bonus. so practically for free you have now made the school into a hardened target. >> now, it is of course a controversial proposal. there would be more guns inside classrooms. criticoffs the plan question how teachers would be trained to handle deadly weapons and how police would distinguish a teacher from a suspect. >> matt, thank you. and we want to hear what you think. should more teachers carry guns? answer yes or no in our poll at the top of the nbc 10 facebook page. and coming up later today on nbc 10, three survivors of the high school massacre will share their stories on the ellen degenerous show at 2:00 right here on nbc 10. today in berks county the governor will start reviewing its communication policies with students and parents following two incidents that raised safety concerns. the district met with families
6:36 am
last night after a student posted this snap chat foetphotoh the caption school shooter selfie. the super intendant said the student faced some kind of discipline but quid not believe there was a threat. the parents we spoke with disagreed. >> there needs to be armed guards outside the school unfortunately. >> i'm a human being. i have composition, but he sits next to my daughter and she's nervous. >> the student has not returned to school since posting that picture. the second incident involved an online rumor about a school shooter that turned out to be untrue. now to other stories making headlines county by county this morning. a mercer county gas station worker who was killed trying to help ais helping others this morning. he struck the pump attendant as
6:37 am
he was trying to stop the driver from getting away. police are looking for this unidentified man they say was driving a gray nissan. he was an organ donor and his organs will help patients in new jersey. customers are honoring him by signing a special wanner. and in lehigh county upper saucen township and back open this morning. the crash happened during a light rain. to delaware where police are investigating a fight between fans and players during a high school playoff basketball game. this video shows punches being thrown during a matchup last night. the referees ended the game early. we have an alert for septa riders. it won't operate because of
6:38 am
construction between elm street and m&a street. now let's talk about the weather outside for this weekend. 6:38 right now. a live look outside at a wet broad street. i think we're going to have wet roads, sidewalks and everything else for a little while this weekend, bill henley. yeah, get used to it. we had rainy conditions yesterday. they're back again today. look at this live view of havertown. it's barely drizzling, so it's not too bad right now. but it is a chilly morning with this little bit of light rain. steadier rain is just to the south moving through delaware and into south jersey. and some heavier downpours right now. let's take a closer look at that to the south of wilmington. these showers are moving due east, but they'll be making their way into salem in about 20 minutes time. so it's moving steadily, and there's more lining up to the
6:39 am
west. notice there are some breaks in the rain, so it's not going to be an all-day rain. those showers will be on and off, but it's going to be chilly. you'll need your winter weather gear. winds at 8 miles an hour so it feels it's right around freezing. we'll warm into the 40s but just barely at lunchtime. more showers in the area. those easterly winds keeping things cool. into the low 40s, on and off showrs for averten and the rest of the suburbs. and lehigh valley, that's a live view from downtown wilmington. 37 degrees, safely above freezing. mainly this afternoon at noontime, 2:00 and 4:00 you'll see that steadier rain in the lehigh valley. some showers in new jersey. in fact, we're getting that steadier rain in many neighborhoods right now, but a steady, slow warmup in store. 45 degrees this afternoon, and
6:40 am
middle 40s at the shore. delaware, yes, more steady rain. 38 degrees right now. still at 39 degrees at 8:00. so still in the 30s, and into the very low 40s at lunchtime. not much warmer this afternoon. we will get some warmer weather but more wet weather this weekend, too. and i'll show you when it'll finally dry out and get sunshine coming up. 20 minutes before 7:00 as we head into a wet weekend. >> jessica? >> yeah, guys and not too bad right now but we are seeing some norming delays on 95. our cameras right around girard is what we're watching here. right now we're at a 22 minute drive time. speeds dropping but still into the high 30s. we're in the middle of an opening or at least on standby
6:41 am
for a one that's supposed to be on time, 6:40 for the burlington bristol. we're going to be tied up on both sides of the bridge there, and also on the schuylkill expressway, starting to see some slow spots in some areas. the westbound side not really that bad, but 20 minutes on the eastbound side from the blue route to the vine and average speeds down to the 30s there. a philadelphia college student is secelebrating the greatest come back in division history. and plus from dressing like one to being like one. good morning, everyone. i'm keith jones in south korea. this is my first olympics. coming up next i want to show you a group that's gone to every single one since 2000.
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it's a quarter to 7:00. f falling short. team usa's women's figure skaters turned in the worst performance ervin an olympics, with the three skater team the americans finished ninth, tenth and 11th. russians took the gold. >> now it's top the canadians in men's curling. >> i actually watched that yesterday. it was really good. >> now see the olympics in person just one time could be a dream come true, but for one group it's become a tradition. >> it's taken them all around the world. keith jones joins us live with their story of adventure. it must be, keith. >> reporter: oh, yeah, it is.
6:46 am
good morning, guys. take a look at the olympic park here. we're going to take a walk through here. this place has been packed the last two weeks. the "today" show, fans are getting ready there. the hockey center in the background. germany and canada about to face-off. some canadians have gotten my face. i want to remind them about team usa curing and team usa women's hockey. but i want to introduce you guys to dozens of american fans who travel to every event together. they're part of a group called journey to the game. members have attended every olympic to the early 2000s. i talked to their founder and he said to them the olympics is more than just a sport. >> we are one planet. it's amazing, and this is place we can feel good if nothing else for just a few weeks. all winter, all sum weir promise never to miss an olympic game or
6:47 am
summer game just as spectators. >> reporter: the travel itinerary is already done for the 2020 games, the summer games in japan. they're a diverse group of real really enthusiastic fans of team usa. >> and we understand one guy sticks out, right? >> reporter: oh, does he ever stick out. this might be the best for last. we found this guy immediately and we said to ourselves, i can't wait to tell a story. take a look at this video. he is from australia. he travels everywhere with a david hasselhoff action figure. now, that sounds ridiculous until you dig into how deep his passion goes. he takes this with him all over the world. as you can see here he even
6:48 am
takes pictures with olympians with their medals. at first you wonder how did that guy get that close, but it really is just an honest-to-goodness love of nightrider in particular of david hasselhoff's character there, which is unbelievable. yes, that is the action figure, and we've got a story coming up at 11:00. canadian hockey players steal a medal on the podium after losing to the u.s. drexal university's basketball team did something that's never, ever been done in division one hoops. they came from a 34-point deficit. they lead 53-19 and then the dragons fought back.
6:49 am
they win it at the back. we get to say good morning to savannah guthrie and hoda kotb. good morning, ladies. >> hi, vai and tracy. good to see you both. good morning from the olympics. and coming up we're going to start in florida. teachers and staff returning to the scene of that school shooting for the first time today. we'll be there. and we'll have the resignation of the armed school security officer. officials reveal he did not enter the building that day even as the shots were being fired. and the u.s. olympics figure skating team will stop by after last night's free skate. and we're going to unveil the flag bearer for the closing ceremony. and on our very last morning here we're going to look back at all the fun we've had in pyeongchang.
6:50 am
>> i don't know how you guys keep going, because you're having so much fun and covering so much for all of us, and we appreciate it. >> we've had a great time, guys, thanks so much. all right and have a great weekend. meanwhile, let's check out wilmington right now. it's a little misty, a little cold. >> rain drops on the camera. yeah, let's check in with bill henley. >> the only game is going to be dodging the showers on and off during the day to a bit of a breeze blowing. it's not a strong wind blowing in philadelphia. this is live view from center city, but just enough wind to make a feel like it's freezing this morning. we're just below. northeast wind at 8 miles an hour, and keeping the clouds in play and giving us a feels like wind chill reading for 31 in philadelphia. temperatures in the 30s and
6:51 am
allentown 31 degrees. the steadiest rain we've seen so far has been in northern delaware. and look at these moving past reds line into pensville and into the shore. we will see showers in the rest of the area, too. and there's more on the way for the weekend. look at that line of showers from the ohio valley into texas. showers this afternoon at 1:00 you can see those rain drops still falling in delaware and south jersey. but by 1:00 they move into the suburbs, lehigh valley, berks county and philadelphia, too. there's still a possibility we'll run into a sprinkle, but the steady rain is going to hold off until tomorrow. in fact, tomorrow morning at 10:30, you'll get the rain back in delaware and south jersey with showers in the rest of the area. and potential for heavier
6:52 am
downpours for saturday evening. sunday morning quite rainy to start with. downpours at 5:00 in the morning, but there's a chance we'll get some nice breaks in the afternoon. just a few showers. that's at noon or 12:30 in the afternoon on sunday, so less rain in the afternoon. that could allow temperatures to get close to the 60 degree mark. for today a little bit of light rainfall. these are not large amounts, but steadier rain in south jersey and delaware. close to half an inch for millville possible today and additional rain this weekend. 40s today, 50s tomorrow. close to 60. we get that break in the rain in the afternoon on sunday after that rainy morning. close to 60 on sunday. then sunshine returns for monday and a warmup. look at that. 60 degrees on tuesday, 61 on wednesday. a little bit chillier with some rain showers on thursday and down into the 40s for the first day of march, friday. and next weekend, clouds, sunshine and a little bit above normal temperatures wise into the low 50s. all right, bill, thanks for that. eight minutes before 7:00.
6:53 am
let's get you to work. just got to get through one more day. >> let's check in with jessica boyington. >> i was saying earlier be careful on the on and off-ramps. we have a problem here coming from the eastbound side heading to 30th street station over here or market street. you can see the traffic moving in that direction is really slow. right here is the eastbound schuylkill and now there's some backup into the schuylkill expressway because of that. and we're also watching the bridges. in the middle of that opening for the burlington-bristol. we're in the middle of that. and we already had the tacony-palmyra opening earlier. and also clear on the betsa ross bridge. back in five minutes or so for an update on the schuylkill. luke bryan brings his what makes you country tour to the jersey shore tonight, and
6:54 am
tickets are still available. are you ready? in the lehigh valley opening night for monster jam in allentown. shows run through sunday. and happening today cory clement will bring his fans. he plans to sign autographs and take pictures this afternoon from 4:00 to 6:00. and jason kelce became an eagles legend with his super bowl victory speech. and now he'll get a chance to march as a mummer, a real mummer. ke kelce will strut down maine street, and he'll be playing with the manayunk band.
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two before 7:00 and we have breaking news in lehigh county. the parkland school district is canceling classes this morning after a fire damaged buses. you can look for updates and video from the scene on-air and also on our nbc 10 app. and watching a big problem on the schuylkill expressway, guys. on our eastbound side moving
6:59 am
towards the vine street expressway. now it looks like a school bus is actually involved right over here. fire engines just got to scene there. clearly some police activity there. moving through the schuylkill really slow and blocking the off-ramp of 30th street station. a chilly rainfall falling. the steadiest rain has been in wilmington. look at pensdale, coming down a little bit heavier. all day, though, it's going to be chilly. we're in the 30s right now. the temperatures will will come up. there'll be some breaks in the rain. it's not going to be an all day rainfall. so that'll allow temperatures to climb. 40 frz ts for the rest of area,t will be rainy most of sunday of
7:00 am
saturday, too. >> we'll have local updates throughout the morning. >> have a great weekend. thanks for being with us this morning. "today" show starts right now live from pyeongchang. good morning. outrage. >> devastated. sick to my stomach. >> new fallout after officials reveal the deputy assigned to that florida high school never entered the building, despite being armed and on campus. this, as teachers get set to return to the school today for the firsttime. and a disturbing 911 call from the confessed gunman emerges. doubling down. president trump repeats his controversial call to arm certain teamers to fight back against school shooters. >> unless we have an offensive capability, it will happen again and again and again. >> will the president find himself at odds with the nra? stunning arrest. missouri's ger


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