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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 530am  NBC  February 24, 2018 5:30am-6:01am EST

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>> it's 5:30 on this saturday. thank you for being with us. let's check our first alert neighborhood forecast with our meteorologist. it's sort of a misty morning out there. >> that's a good description. fog in place, cloudy conditions. and soon enough the rain will be returning too. it has been a wet last couple of days where we've had on/off showers. the pattern continues. there's radar and satellite. not a lot of action except at the corner. if we pull this out a little bit, there's where all the rain is. it is moving our direction. in fact, some of the oranges and yellows you see are pockets of heavier rain. we'll have a chance of seeing some of it later today into the overnight hours as well. look at the current temperatures. here's the good news. there's no concern of ice, snow, anything like that. it's just rain. this has been a springy conditions that we've been dealing with for the last week. we have mild temps but it comes with moisture. allentown, 42.
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dover, 48. atlantic city at 47. these 40s aren't going to rise a ton today. we're looking at temperatures that make their way into the low, mid 50s for the most part. visibility, fog to contend with this morning. lancaster and millville only a quarter of a mile visibility. a quarter of a mile or lower leads to driving trouble. the next couple hours, i expect it will stick around this. dover, half a mile. these get better in areas like philadelphia, tronten, allentown, two and a half isn't great but doable far morning drive. we'll talk about hourly planners neighborhood by neighborhood coming up. thank you for that. new overnight a driver suspected of crashing his vehicle into 15 parked cars in south philadelphia is under arrest. it happens here on south third
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street between ritner and porter streets. a lot of damage, no injuries. we're following developments after this fire ripped through a building in owen cih old city. >> we're learning how the fire continues to impact restaurants and nearby businesses. we are live in old city. >> reporter: city inspectors found this entire building at risk of collapse. the decision was made that they'd have to demolish and tear down the structure. that should begin sometime this week. crews are going to try to salvage one piece of this historic building. the first floor facade will be kept as a piece of history. businesses on this block still remain shut down. over to the left next door, the little lion restaurant. owners say it could take months to reopen because of water and smoke damage. they haven't even been allowed inside yet, and their workers are having to find temporary jobs at other places in the city. the fire tore through that
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historic building. a number of pets were killed. entire apartments and businesses destroyed. but no injury to any residents. right now the cause of the fire remains under investigation. on the other side of the block, a local gelatto restaurant says they hope to reopen next week. as you can see behind me, this block has a ton of construction equipment. that will get worse as the demolition gets underway. right now there's a 24-hour police presence here on chestnut street. nbc 10 news. now to our continuing coverage of the florida school shooting. the florida governor says he has the plan to keep students safe. >> scott is hoping his proposal strikes a balance between the rights of gun owners and what he calls an obvious need for public safety. nbc 10 reports. >> reporter: teachers and staff return to stoneman douglas amid heavy police presence friday. the first time since last week's
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mass shooting that killed 17 people. meanwhile the florida governor who is a member of the national rifle association unveiled plans to keep students safe from gun violence. >> i want to make it virtually impossible for anyone who is a danger to themselves or others to use a gun. >> reporter: the proposal would block anyone with mental illness from having a gun. ban the sale of bump stocks, and raise the minimum age to buy any firearms to 21. >> i'm proposing a half a billion dollars for school safety and mental health initiatives. >> reporter: that includes dedicating at least one police officer or sheriff's deputy to every single public school in florida. the only armed security officer on duty at the parkland, florida high school last week, scot peterson, never went inside the high school or engaged the gunman during the attack. drawing criticism from president trump. >> somebody was outside. they're trained.
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they didn't react properly under pressure or they were a coward. >> reporter: support for stoneman douglas continued friday with students from a neighboring high school marching in support of their peers. as well as on the mound with major league baseball players wearing marjory stoneman douglas hats. in kit county, delaware, a high school student arrested in connection with with a brawl at a basketball game. it broke out friday night in a basketball game. the teams played on a neutral court. witnesses tell police tensions boiled over when a fan would not move his foot off a player's seat. >> our coaches, we just want to get our guys on the bench, get our guys back into a huddle and move on. >> to me that whole setup was
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just dynamite waiting to explode. the brawl forced the refs to call off the game with just 4:00 to go. in philadelphia high school basketball player says she's hopeful change is coming after she was forced to sit out of a game because of the clothing she was wearing related to her religion. last weekend a referee benched a sophomore at a high school because she was wearing a hijab. the athletic association says she did not fill out a waiver for religious head coverings as required. yesterday state senators and muslim groups called for the rule to be thrown out. an alert for several riders in morris town. this week the norristown has construction. shuttle buses will take people between the elm street and main
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street stations. >> what does night rider and this have in common. his name is justin. we'll introduce him to you next. one of the most interesting people we've met here at the olympic park.
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welcome back. we have patchy fog across the region this morning. this isn't anything surprising. it's been on and off the last several days. a dense fog advisory over chester area and west of us. parts of maryland as well as areas like lancaster county. if you're heading west, it's a little more dense fog in zones. and driving may be difficult. the fog should lift in the next hand full of hours. the gray sticks all day. we keep the cloudy conditions.
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philly, 44 degrees. we'll get into the low to mid 50s this afternoon. that's as good as it gets. i think a lot of spots may be lower than this model is running. the icons, cloudy throughout and then on/off showers in the forecast. it's not a constant rain all day. it's a better chance we'll see rain noon and later. 45 degrees in new jersey. same deal. temperatures in the 50s as we get later on into the afternoon. mostly the low mid 50s for forecast temperatures. delaware 44 as well. you see some consistencconsiste. winds at 5 miles per hour. we keep with the chance of showers starting around noon and on and off into the afternoon hours with the low 50s for high temperatures north. farther south, it may be more like mid upper 50s. jersey shore, 47 degrees. starting warmer than some surrounding areas. we cap off in the lower 50s. cloudy throughout. it will be later than noon. i think more so around 2:00 to
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4:00 p.m. scattered showers roll through. not as much rain as neighbors north and west. a charitable organization is honoring the men and women who protect and serve communities in south jersey. a group recognized police officers, firefighters and ems technicians for going above and beyond the call of duty. let's talk sports. philly is opening grapefruit league play. >> and they take time to pay tribute to a beloved former teammate. details and highlights coming up in sports. competition to watch is locally sponsored by penn medicine.
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gates means he's a cooperating witness in the russia investigation. gates admitted to conspireing against the government. gates lied to investigators even while he was working out a deal with robert mueller. the plea comes the same day as mueller hit paul manafort with charges that he secretly paid european politicians millions of dollars to lobby on behalf of ukraine. gates is the third trump associate to plead guilty in the probe of russia interference with the 2016 election. we have to talk about the olympics. it's the final weekend for the winter games.
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you're looking live at the olympic flame. athletes will compete in events today and tomorrow and that's it. the games wrap up with the closing ceremony tomorrow evening. keith jones has been in south korea it seems like for months now. >> i'm sure he's ready to come back. >> he got there before the games began. >> he's run into a lot of athletes and even more olympic fans. check it out. >> reporter: here in the olympic park we've talked to so many great people. we've experienced some a little more unique than others. ♪ >> reporter: tfrom flags to blu hair, we found team usa love everywhere, and then we found this guy. michael night action figure. yes, that michael night played by david hasselhoff in night
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rider. first name justin, last tim. >> reporter: for him it started in a flee market. >> i was like great, i collect action figures and toys. i grab one. there's another two on top of a pile. i walk out with eight. it kept on growing. now i have 88 michael nights. >> reporter: which he takes everywhere. at meals, inside the hockey arena. and celebrating the gold medal victory for team usa women's hockey. >> bobsledding. i got a picture in rio with al michaels. i'm pretty sure he'll remember that the rest of his life. it's interesting to take pictures of him than me when guy places. i'm not married for some reason, so i think this is a great thing to do. >> reporter: he says this isn't an infatuation with david hasselhoff. he has no actisays it's all abo
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rider. michael night, in particular. life at the olympics isn't complete without him. >> never enough. i will always collect michael nights until i die. >> reporter: when we say he gets around, we weren't kidding. look at the pictures. he took this epic pick with figure skater adam rippon from northeast pennsylvania. adam took home the bronze in the team event. we also took a picture with dale earnhardt junior. and the gold medal winning hockey team stopped for a picture. this was right after they upset canada for the victory. justin is just one great example of all of the wonderful, passional people we've met here in the olympic park. that's where we're starting from at the winter games. >> he said he was going to keep collecting. no problem -- i mean, he's single. if he gets married -- >> yeah. i'm sure. there's no real surprise there.
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can you imagine what any athlete would think, pose with michael. okay. i'll take a picture with your michael. a foggy morning and rain in the forecast. right? >> that is right. i'm still trying to figure out how did keith find that guy. here's a look outside. we have patchy fog this morning. we also have some low clouds. it's cutting off the tops of the building. this has been something we've seen day after day. it's no surprise. damp conditions in the forecast for saturday and sunday. look at philadelphia neighborhood temperatures. this is the good news. fairly mild. you put on one coat and you're good. you don't need the extra layers. you're not going to worry about freezing as you step out the door. 44 at the graduate hospital location. 45 society hill and at the airport 44 degrees. nice 40s to start the morning. not going to pick up a ton in the afternoon. we should make our way to the
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50s later. radar and satellite, clouds right now, showers west. that's moving direction. and then it's going to be that on/off rain pattern. it's not a washout constant rain for two days straight. this is more like showers that move throughout the forecast on and off for the next two days. 53 for the forecast high. 60 possible tomorrow as the winds shift directions. lehigh valley, 51 to 55. look at the hour by hour model. our computer model goes through about lunchtime before we see much action. could you see an isolated shower or sprinkle early this afternoon? yes. for the most part we're dryer than in the lunchtime. north and west neighborhoods, i-95 north and west, better chance of rain than areas south today. watch the model. 4:30, a break in philly. still raining in areas like redding, allentown, and montgomery county. this is the on/off pattern.
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another round of rain slopes through from 4:00 to 7:00. pockets of heavy rain possible into tonight. the better chance of heavier rain, that hits in the overnight hours. this is around 2:00, in the morning we get scattered heavier rain showers. t it's light ere farther -- lighter farther south. that moves out, the heavier stuff, by 8:00 in the morning. this is good news if you have morning plans tomorrow rain, but it's not as heavy as in the overnight hours. then it's broken and a little lighter by the afternoon. on your sunday the heavier stuff falls in the morning. lighter more spotty stuff in the afternoon. and then everything starts to move out of here by around 8:00, 9:00 sunday evening. two days. it's tomorrow evening. this is through the next two days. the model doesn't give a lot south. maybe a quarter of an inch to at most a half inch. that's not showing up here. half inch along the i 95 corridor. an inch possible in the northern
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most zones. 53 for us today. 64 tomorrow. both days mild. both days come with rain with the heavier rain focussed on your sunday morning. then we finally see the sun shine return. partly cloudy to mostly sunny conditions monday, tuesday, into wednesday. still mild, upper 50s monday, tuesday. low 60s wednesday. even 50 thursday. by later in the day thursday right through friday, again, rainy conditions return to kick off march. we fall down again as well. back to the 40s in the forecast. >> this is sports desk brought to you by xfinity. x 1 from xfinity will change the way you watch today. good morning. baseball season almost upon us. yesterday the phillies played their grapefruit league opener against the blue jays. a moment of silence for a player who died in a plane crash.
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the players wore stoneman douglas baseball caps also. two runs given up in the first inning including this lead off. philly's offense having issues. in the fifth inning, caught in mo no man's land. gunned down at third base. phillies lose 2-0. they'll play their opener against the orioles on nbc sports philadelphia. the pfliers and sixers hot since the eagles won the super bowl, they'll look to keep things going this afternoon. the orange and black in the great white north. they take on ottawa at 3:00. they are 8-0-1 since the birds brought home the lombardi tro if i. the sixers have 6-0. both teams are prime to make a
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nice playoff push down the stretch. the good times still rolling in the city of brotherly love. the eagles and their fans collect the spoils of victory. when you usually win a bet, you don't have to pay up. here it's the philly mayor boxing things up to send to ma. they're honoring the birds' win over the patriots. that's a statue of the hall of fame undefeated heavy weight champ. as if you needed anymore super bowl gear, jason kelce's gear has inspired a sweet t shirt. it says no one likes us, we don't care with the eagles low in the middle. that super bowl logo looks so sweet. that's a look at sports this saturday morning. good to see you as always. enjoy your day. - [narrator] look around.
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these high schoolers are dancing all night long to help children who could use the support. it kicked off at 7:00 last night. the students will stay on their feet until about 7:00 this morning. about an hour to go. the event benefits patients at
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children's hospital of philadelphia. happening today naval foundry and propeller center will hold a career fair. it runs from 10:00 to 7:00. they make propulsion parts for the navy. it's looking to hire 200 employees over the next year. if you go, remember to bring a copy of your resume. you will see a sea of pink in center city this weekend where 3,000 gymnasts are competing in the pink invitational. the competition raises money to help breast cancer survivors received treatments like ak you puncture and nutrition counseling. coming up at 6:00, we are in for a wet weekend. >> and foggy. you can see it behind us. we're tracking the showers. >> yeah. right we are dry. still cloudy over the area. but all of this rain moving our direction. we'll see how long the showers
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last and who sees the most rain coming up. right now a live view from ocean city where the fog is hanging over the shore.
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right now an nbc 10 news today rainy weekend. the spring showers stay with us
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even though it's still winter. how long the wet weather will last and how warm the temperatures will climb in the first alert neighborhood forecast. fire impact. we're following the after effects of lost business and lost real estate after the fire last weekend that destroyed an historic building and damaged two others in old city. >> it's a wrap. the last weekend of the olympic winter games is here and one of the final competitions ends in dramatic fashion with team usa going for gold. >> nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. thank you for being with us. it's now 6:00 on this saturday morning. we are saturdaying off today with a bit of a gloomy look with mist and fog. though we have rain moving in, let's get to our meteorologist this morning. good morning. >> good morning. i wish i could say, hey, but the other half the weekend is good. i cannot say that. we


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