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tv   NBC10 News Today Weekend at 6am  NBC  February 24, 2018 6:00am-7:01am EST

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even though it's still winter. how long the wet weather will last and how warm the temperatures will climb in the first alert neighborhood forecast. fire impact. we're following the after effects of lost business and lost real estate after the fire last weekend that destroyed an historic building and damaged two others in old city. >> it's a wrap. the last weekend of the olympic winter games is here and one of the final competitions ends in dramatic fashion with team usa going for gold. >> nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. thank you for being with us. it's now 6:00 on this saturday morning. we are saturdaying off today with a bit of a gloomy look with mist and fog. though we have rain moving in, let's get to our meteorologist this morning. good morning. >> good morning. i wish i could say, hey, but the other half the weekend is good. i cannot say that. we are keeping with this rainy,
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gray forecast all weekend long. take a look at radar and satelli satellite. right now not a lot of rain. it's clouds overhead. the showers are not far off. you see the speckles of green lining up right near us. soon enough they'll be on top of us and look at all this rain. it's sitting over to the west of us. just starting to enter parts of pennsylvania. the pockets of yellow and, heavier rain possible late today and into the overnight through to the earliest part of sunday morning. temperatures, here's the good news. there's a little silver lining. because we've got all this moisture surging, we also have warmer air that's surging in. we're at 48 in discovery. 44 in wilmington. 41 in blue bell. mt. holly at 44. temperatures in the 40s so start means no icing or snow. it will just be rain in the forecast for us this weekend. here's the temperature trend throughout the morning into the afternoon hours. we'll start with those mid 40s
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you just saw. we only pick it up to around the low 50s this afternoon for a forecast highs in philadelphia. low 50s still warmer than average, and it gets warmer than that tomorrow. we'll talk more about what to expect throughout your entire weekend and talk about when the sun shine returns. police are searching for a shoot shooter who targeted two men outside of a deli in the logan neighborhood. it happened at broad and rockland street. both victims are in stable condition. it will most likely take months to put this block together following a fire that gutted this historic building. this morning we're learning new details about the plans to demolish thing that housed a diner and apartments. >> we are live and learning more about these businesses and how they're struggling to get back on their feet. >> reporter: good morning. city inspectors found this
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building at risk of collapse. the decision was made to tear the entire thing down. take a look. crews are out here pretty early this morning working. they're going to be salvaging one piece of the historic structure at 239 chestnut. the first familiar facade will be kept as a piece of history. you can see that building is the one that's going to be demolished and torn down. businesses are still closed. the little lion restaurant next door, ownered say would take months to reopen. many of their workers are having to find temporary jobs at other restaurants in the city. the overnight fire last sunday tore through that historic structure. a number of pets were killed. entire apartments and businesses were destroyed. but no injuries to any residents. the cause remains under investigation. we are hearing from a few other businesses on the other side of that destroyed building. the gelatto restaurant says they
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hope to open sometime next week. this entire street is going to have construction equipment on it for quite some time, and there's still a 24 hour police presence on this block of chestnut. for now we're live in old city. nbc 10 news. we're learning new details about a tip to the fbi warning about the florida school shooting suspect one month before the massacre happened. a transcript of a woman's call to the bureau revealed she was worried that nikolas cruz might be, quote, getting into a school and just shooting up the place. she also told the fbi that cruz had an arson of weapons and ammunition and that he was, quote, going to explode. while the fbi admitted it failed to investigate the woman's tip, cruz is now charged with killing 17 people inside a high school in parkland, florida last week. in the wake of that shooting, florida's is proposing changes to help make schools safer. rick scott wants to prohibit anybody under the age of 21 and
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some people diagnosed with mental illness from buying guns in the state. our governor is calling for a ban on assault style rifles. reaction is mixed at the gun stock shop here in wilmington, the owner tells us a ban is not the answer to the problem of mass shootings, and he had this message for the governor. >> sit down and relax and let's try to talk it out and see if there's any other kind of recourse. >> reporter: and don't ban the sale of the guns? >> i don't think a ban is going to do anything. >> guns are everywhere. you're not going to stop every gun. ban some. it's better than none. >> that mother says the governor's proposal is a start. the governor promises to work with state lawmakers in delaware over the next few weeks to create a bill for the ban. >> is this time different? chuck todd will tackle that question with pat toomey from pennsylvania, another guest on
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meet the press tomorrow morning at 10:30 right here on nbc 10:00. police are surjing for a man who they say groped a teenage girl. this man you see right here crept up bethe 13-year-old and grabbed her inappropriately. the i said dent happened as the girl was -- incident happened as the girl was shopping with her mother in target on wednesday night. customers at the store tell us they plan to be more aware of their surroundings. >> now i'm like really hesitant to tell her to go to the store, especially if it happened at this target. she comes here all the time. >> i come here time with my mom, with you, my younger sister. it's scary. >> reporter: the police say if you recognize the man on your television screen, they want to hear from you. police in new castle county are asking for your help as well. they're trying to track down a man wanted for exposing himself to two different girls. look at this composite sketch of the man. investigators say he exposed
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himself twice this past month in wilmington. it happened after the man drove up to thes in a green older model sedan and asked them for directions. montgomery county residents can try out new voting machines at an open house in blue bell. officials want voter's feedback as to the style of machine they should purchase. today's open house runs from 9:30 to 12:30 at montgomery county community college. >> talk about a soggy weekend in store. here's a live look at the center city skyline. foggy out there. the wet weather will be with us. the temperatures will rise. the details on this spring like forecast coming up. plus this. there are a lot of changes going on, and hopefully it's for the best. >> casino reboot. changes and openings are on the horizon for atlantic city. we'll take a closer look at what's driving this new outlook for the gambling resort town.
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now your first alert weather. >> welcome back. we are looking at what's coming up over the next 48 hours or so. morning fog, that's what we're tracking right now across the region. it's not terribly dense except for a few spots. then it's all about the wet weekend forecast. and you know the drill at this point. we saw showers on and off thursday. on and off friday. we'll continue with it saturday and sunday. it's not a constant rain but on and off periods. here's the good news. the sun returns on monday. you'll get a little more sun shine in the forecast. this is the visibility map i was talking about a moment ago. a couple trouble spots. billville, lan -- millville, lancaster, a quarter mile visibility. heading west, those are areas that are right now under a dense fog advisory including chester county. discovery three quarters of a mile. mt. holly, two and a half.
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it's patchy fog but drivable. take things slower, but otherwise there's no rain yet. most of that hits noon or laterc and again, it's scattered in nature. in philadelphia from 47 degrees at 8:00 a.m. to 53 at lunch. that's around the cap. low 50s for the forecast highs because of the clouds and the showers passing by. in the suburbs, low 50s. you see the rain chance starts around noon. i don't think it's going to be a constant rain. some periods of rain are possible pretty much noon and after. lehigh valley, 50 at the lunch hour. around 53 at noon in delaware. may make it to the mid 50s. low 50s at the jersey shore. we're starting this morning already in the upper 40s. all right. thank you. today the american heart association will hold a free health and wellness event at philadelphia's logan elementary school. it will have panel discussions and blood pressure screenings. i'll host that event which
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begins at 10:00 this morning. also in delaware people will be putting on their finest suits and gowns to help support american heart month. the wilmington heart ball will be held at the chase center on the river front. the annual event raises money to reduce the impact of heart disease and stroke. still ahead, going home. eagles running back cory cleney clement s proves he'll never outgrow his roots. we catch up with him next.
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another soggy weekend. rain or no rain, they are planning to strut in the annual mardi gras parade. tomorrow afternoon's event is on despite the forecast.
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as in years past, the sound of spring bands will fill the air. but a local super bowl hero will add a new wrinkle. jason kelce will play sax phone with the avalon string band. the band provided the suit he wore during the birds' championship celebration. i think that he's a man of the people, loves being with the people, and i think that the people love seeing this side of him. >> and in case of heavy rain tomorrow, parade organizers plan to put the string bands in clubhouses along main street so you can go inside to watch. >> i don't think they're going to mind the rain down the shore today. at least it's not going to be freezing. fringd as it is in years past for the polar bear plunge. there is an annual polar bear plunge in north wild wood today. the plunge benefits the philadelphia police fallen heros fund and other worthy causes. seaside heights also holding the annual polar bear plunge at 1:00
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this afternoon. you can take the chilly dip at summer in avenue. you can do one and then get over to seaside heights and do theirs at 1:00 this afternoon. here's the deal. because there's a renovation at seaside hopes, there's a special setup to get you to the beach. proceeds of that one go to special olympics of new jersey. team usa strikes gold in men's curling. the u.s. brushed aside sweden 10-7 for the championship. this big score late in the contest iced the sweeds. the crowd went nuts. it's america's 9 th gold medal in pyeongchang. what a great way to wrap up the week. >> we needed to get our medal count up. our daytime coverage today includes speed skating and cross country skiing. you'll see a bobsled team and the figure skating gala tonight.
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ivanka trump is in pyeongchang. earlier today she visited the team usa house in the olympic village before heading out to watch several events. the presidential adviser and first daughter met with south korea's president yesterday. and a reminder, nbc 10 is your home for the olympics and for this final stretch of the winter games. don't miss the closing ceremonies right here on nbc 10. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. a live camera view in center city. this is looking right atop there on the building. flags are pretty calm this morning. it's a little hard to see them. that glow around the sign, that is because we have low clouds and some patchy fog this morning. just like we've been seeing over the last several days. we have a good bit of moisture over the region. it's going to lead to foggy conditions. and gray conditions the rest of
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the day. temperatures throughout the board, jersey shore, 47. philadelphia, 44. suburbs at 42. not a bad start. we're starting in the 40s and going to the 50s. there is no freezing territory in sight. all the moisture that moves through today just going to be in the form of rain. in our new jersey neighborhoods, washingtontown ship, 44 degrees. coil field at 44. florence at 45. we're starting mostly in those low mid 40s today. on our radar and satellite, the gray overlay is the cloud coverage. a good bit of clouds this afternoon. then look west, the rain starting to approach pennsylvania and pittsburgh. it's going to pump moisture our direction. we're going to get our own good bit of showers and some heavier rain possible, particularly later today through tomorrow morning. that's the best time slot for us to see it. look at the temperatures today. up to 53 in center city.
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51 in allentown. in new jersey mid 50s possible. cape may up to 55. and wilmington up to 56 degrees as well. this is warmer than average for this time of year. kind of nice temperatures. it's just the rain that's a bummer. we've been seeing it so many days now. on the hour by hour, we run through. i have the temperatures so you can watch them closely. there's the low mid 50s i was talking about. around noon. and then the rain approaches. this morning if you want to get out, for the most part, we'll be dry. the better chance of rain really hits in the afternoon. and it's really especially the north and west zones from the i-95 corridor up. watch as we go through the model. notice, again, the zone that's focussed in on is around here. areas like south jersey and delaware may see scattered showers. 7:00 at night, pockets of rain are possible. this continues in the overnight
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areas. you see yellows and orange lighting up on radar. the showers extend south in the overnight hours until about 9:00 a.m. or so. then we get more of the scattered rain activity into the afternoon. this is 2:00 p.m. tomorrow. not as much rain. not as heavy. and temperatures are yet again in the 50s to 60s across the board. look at areas like dover. this model pushing it closer to 70 with the warm air push from the south. and then overnight things start to clear out which will finally make way for some sun shine to return to the forecast on monday. >> all right. thank you. happening today, morristown, burlington county pays tribute to the eagles head coach who lives in the town. the celebration is set for 9:30 this morning on the front lawn of the community house. the mayor and councilmembers will honor peterson for leading the birds to their first super bowl title. another hometown hero celebrating back where it began. corey clement had fans pumped to
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see him as he was signing autographs in glass bro. we got a chance to watch up with him and how important it is to stay in touch with the community. >> this is always important to realize the roots you really came from. so every time i'm out here, i try to be connected with something. and even if it's something small or something large, i want the opportunity to let them know i haven't outgrown anybody here. >> you saw the lines outside yesterday for the signing. they were wrapping around the building. everybody was excited to see the super bowl champion. let's talk some basketball now. if you're going to the 76ers magic game this evening, get your best eagles chant ready. carson wentz will ring the pregame bell at the wells fargo center. tip off is at 5:00 this afternoon on nbc sports
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philadelphia. 6:21 right now on this saturday morning. is atlantic city primed for a casino come back following the closure of hot spots in recent years a well known developer is taking a chance of ac to revive the resort town. when we see a woman who comes to cancer treatment
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centers of america in philadelphia to have her breast cancer treated, she's coming for the expertise that we have, for the multimodal therapy where the specialists talk to each other and form a treatment plan together. we were looking for a cancer team that would help us decide the best course of action. amy met with our three specialties, radiation oncology and genetics-there are so many different options. rather than one treatment fitting all, it is a personalized approach to cancer therapy. we have so many tools available at cancer treatment centers of america. this is what attracted amy to our center all the way from new york. cancer is what they deal with every day.
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these were people who were experts in their field. and for us that was the best choice. learn more about our breast center at appointments available now.
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atlantic city would be months away from a casino comeback. what casinos are expected to reopen and a recent move could return to gambling at another spot. >> but as ted greenberg tells us, it's prompted new concerns about too much competition being in town. >> reporter: on this gray, drizzly day in atlantic city, high hopes that a brighter era is just around the corner. >> there are a lot of changes going on, and hopefully it's for the best. >> reporter: the hard rock hotel and casino and ocean resort casino both expected to open this former at the former taj mahal and rebel properties
6:26 am
bringing more life and thousands of jobs back to this section of the boardwalk. >> hopefully it's a new beginning. >> reporter: this month show boat hotel owner making more waves by taking a preliminary step toward getting a casino license for the former gaming hall. he says he's exploring his options but at least one casino expert believes bringing gambling back to show boat is a bad bet. >> the capacity in the town would be a detrimental effect to the existing conditions. >> reporter: the owner is confident it will benefit from the location between the hard rock and ocean resort. he says his company is spending millions of dollars on improvement at the property. >> re-investment is the key. atlantic city suffered from a lack of re-investment. that's changing now. >> reporter: the exec director of stock ton university
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institute of gaming hospitality and tourism believes the often discussed concept of right sizing atlantic city's casino industry needs to be reconsidered. >> i think as the destination evolved, so do the markets. as we grow as a destination, the market grows as well. >> reporter: a market many hopes is truly on the verge of a rebirth. >> just a few minutes before 6:30 on this saturday. we continue to watch the fire that happened last weekend in old city. some businesses have been forced to close. it's going to be that way for a while. we're also learning about plans to demolish the structure. >> we are live in old city this morning following developments. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. crews are up early this morning clearing out some of those damaged buildings. coming up, we'll talk about the city's plans to tear down this historic structure. >> and take a look at our first alert radar and satellite. cloudy conditions for now. it's not going to be much longer
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before some of this rain starts to make it over us. and then it lasts through the weekend. we'll track how much rain you can see on your neighborhood coming up. and now a view down broad street where currently the roads are dry.
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we're tracking showers with heavier rain on the way. find out when you'll most need to take your umbrella with you. >> counting up the losses nearly a week after this fire destroyed an historic old city building and damaged several others. we're learning more about the economic impact for restaurants and small businesses on this block. and aiming for change. florida's pro gun governor proposing tougher gun laws in response to last week's deadly high school massacre. nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. >> it is 6:30 on this saturday. we're still in february, barely. it's still like spring.
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>> it's been an interesting roller coaster. we have warm days and the temperature drops and then rain. it's all over the place, and now we're back to rain again. >> our meteorologist is tracking those ups and downs for us. >> it seems like we've had to talk about rain so much recently. in fact, i didn't have to really change the verbiage of a couple of my weekend graphics because we were talking about rain last week. it's a cycle we've been dealing with. i don't like that kind of cycle. unfortunately, here we are. radar and satellite. still cloudy. tracking rain moving our way. we've seen rain the last two days in a row. we'll have more today and tomorrow. here's why. we have this damp pattern where moisture comes in from the southwest. there's a lot to be had here. this is just a piece of what i could stretch out on radar and show you a good chunk of the country. we have this moisture moving our direction. we are going to get rain as we get later into the afternoon, especially and particularly heavy rain possible tonight into tomorrow morning. that looks like the best time slot. current temperatures, this is
6:32 am
the good news. when you get the southwest moisture flow, you at get the southwest temperature pump up. we're at 44 in philly and in mt. holly. 46 in vineland. 43 in coatsville. temperatures make their way to the 50s. that's going to feel pretty good if it wasn't for the rain jacket you'll have to wear or the umbrella to carry. because we have the moisture in our atmosphere, we're dealing with foggy conditions at the surface. patchy fog for some of us. three mile visibility in philadelphia. areas like millville and lancaster, down to a quarter mile, that's more dense fog. that can be dangerous to drive in. take it easy, especially if you're headed west. those areas are under a dense fog advisory through 8:00 a.m. this morning. we'll talk more about what to expect in saturday and sunday in terms of rain coming up. thank you. a driver suspected of crashing his vehicle into 15 parked cars in south philadelphia is under arrest
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right now. it happened here on south third street at porter street. this is at 10:00 last night. no injuries. a lot of damage. we're following developments after a fire ripped through a fire in old city. >> new details about the city's plans to demolish the building and how the fire impacts nearby businesses. we are live in the neighborhood in old city, philadelphia with more details for us. >> reporter: city inspectors decided that this building was at risk of collapse so the decision was made that they'd have to tear the entire thing down. that demolition should begin sometime starting this coming week. look behind me. that's the building in question. 239 chestnut street. it's a total loss. structure it's unsound at this point. we have crews out here pretty early. they've been here all week working to clear out some of the adjacent buildings as well. businesses affected by this fire still remain closed a week
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later. it could take a much longer time to get them back open. the overnight fire last sunday tore through this historic structure, spreading into nearby apartments. a number of pets were killed. businesses and buildings were destroyed. the cause remains under investigation, and this week businesses are starting to decide what they're going to do next. we know the little lion restaurant has said it could take months for them to reopen. they hope to be open by mother's day. some of the employees at that restaurant are having to find jobs at other restaurants in the city. we're also hearing from a restaurant down the street that says they should be open sometime this week, but we're going to have a lot of construction on this block for the foreseeable future, especially as the demolition gets underway. for now, we're live in old city, nbc 10 news. now to our continuing coverage of the florida school shooting. we're hearing from florida's governor, rick scott. he says he has a plan to keep students safe.
6:35 am
>> he's hoping his proposal strikes a balance between the rights of gun owners and an obvious need for public safety. nbc reports. >> reporter: teachers and staff return to marjorie stoneman douglas high school amid heavy police presence friday. the first time since last week's mass shooting that killed 17 people. meanwhile the florida governor who is a member of the national rifle association unveiled plans to keep students safe from gun violence. >> i want to make it virtually impossible for anyone who is a danger to themselves or others to use a gun. >> reporter: the proposal would block anyone with mental illness from having a gun, ban the sale of bump stocks and raise the minimum age to buy any firearm to 21. >> i'm proposing a half a billion dollars for school safety and mental health initiatives. >> reporter: that includes dedicating at least one police officer or sheriff's deputy to
6:36 am
every single public school in florida. the only armed security officer on duty at the parkland, florida high school last week, scott peterson, never went inside the school or engaged the gunman during the attack. drawing criticism from president trump. >> somebody was outside. they're trained. they didn't react properly under pressure or they were cowards. >> reporter: support for stoneman douglas high continued friday with student efforts a neighborhood high school marching in support of their peers. as well as on the mound with major league baseball players wearing their hats and welcoming students who survived the shooting. erika edwards, nbc news. >> meanwhile in delaware, a high school student arrested in connection with this brawl at a basketball game is now facing charges. that fight broke out thursday night during the playoff game between two teams. the teams played on neutral
6:37 am
court in millford to avoid this type of thing from happening. witnesses tell police tensions boiled over when a fan would not move his feet from a player's seat. the brawl forced the refs to call off the game with 4:00 to go. we have an alert for riders this morning. the manayunk norristown line will not operate between elm street and the norristown transportation center due to construction. shuttle buses will take riders between the transportation center and the elm street and main street stations. coming up, thrill seekers on skates. you'll meet athletes hoping to take the fast track to the next olympics.
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a few minutes before 7:00.
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the "today" show is just minutes away. >> we get a look at this morning's show. good morning. >> hey. >> good morning. >> coming up on a saturday morning on "today." the latest on all the overnight action from pyeongchang as the medal count goes higher thanks to a thrilling curling match against sweden. the u.s. wins gold. the first time ever in the sport. we'll talk with the players live. >> also ahead, a silver medal win for american kyle mac in the first ever big air competition at the winter games. we'll talk to kyle live as well. >> and wait until you see what happens when craig, dylan, and natalie put on ra traditional korean skis and head off into the snow. this is something you won't want to miss. >> spoiler alert. it didn't go well. those stories and more when we get started in just a bit here on "today." >> all right informal we'll look forward to that. -- we'll look forward to that. >> see you in a bit. >> now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather. starting out with a look at the dense fog advisory in place through 8:00 a.m. this morning. chester county and areas to the west of us affected. the visibility is lower. a quarter of a mile or lower is when you run into issues driving. we have seen that reporting in a few spots even down to millville. a heads up, patchy fog for all of us this morning. that will thin some. the gray conditions, they last the rest of the day. take a look on our planner for philadelphia. the time is 6:41. the temperature is 44 degrees in philly with cloudy conditions. about noon is when it's likely we'll start to see scattered showers. the model at 10:00 a.m. gives sprinkles. you could see an isolated shower before noon. not a constant rain. you could see a pocket of heavy rain by 4:00 p.m. with the temperature peeking at 53. in new jersey we're at 44 degrees. also cloudy and looking at chances of showers picking up into the afternoon hours. mid 50s for high temperatures. they'll drop off a bit later in
6:42 am
the afternoon. for delaware 44 degrees. winds are only at 5 miles per hour this morning. it's not the winds that really going to be an issue. it's just going to be that you'll need that umbrella on hand throughout the day. 51 at noontime in delaware and up to 53 at 2:00. the temperature will be higher if you're farther south into the state of delaware where this morning we're close to 50 degrees. coming up, we'll track out the rain for you not just through today but another round of rain for your sunday. all of that coming up. not raining. sunny in florida. that's where the phillies are for spring training day. just started their matchup. >> they took time out to pay tribute to a beloved former teammate and the victims of the high school shooting. details coming up in sports.
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a guilty plea from rick gates means he's now a cooperating witness in the russia investigation. court papers reveal he admitted to conspireing against the government. they say he lied to investigators even while he was working out a deal with robert mueller. the plea comes the same day as they hit paul manafort with more charges that he'd secretly paid european politicians millions of dollars to lobby on behalf of the ukraine. manafort and gates were first indicted back in october. gates is the third trump associate to plead guilty in the probe of russia interference with the 2016 election.
6:46 am
this is the final weekend for the olympic winter games. you're looking live at the olympic game in pyeongchang, south korea. athletes will compete in events today and tomorrow and the games wrap up tomorrow evening with the closing ceremony. turning up the heat on the ice. we've been watching speed skaters. they take on tight turns all the while going 30 miles per hour. >> we meet local thrill seekers hoping to become the next crop of olympics athletes. >> reporter: when you have that need for speed, the east penn speed skating club is chasing that next record. >> a little more. last lap. >> i started off figure skating, but i always just really wanted to go fast.
6:47 am
>> reporter: 14-year-old penny picked up speed skating three years ago. a sport that looks like car racing on ice. >> for me, it's really scary, because i'm a really -- i set a high standard for myself. >> reporter: christian gold has dreams of gold and what it takes to get there. >> can i talk about that for another hour, honestly. >> reporter: the first thing you might notice is the skates are different. the blades are longer than you see in ice hockey or figure skating. that equals speed. >> we're on a skate that's built for speed. those skates are built for agility. >> reporter: cloud car knows a thing or two. he competed in short track for the u.s. in sochi four years ago. >> good job. >> it was never just a hobby. it was never just a sport. it was always an obsession.
6:48 am
>> reporter: it's the fire he wants to see in the next generation. nbc 10 news. >> your next outing? >> i don't think i would personally try it, but i love to watch it. i was watching it thursday, it was amazing to see skaters in the back. it's really a tight squeeze and somehow they go from the back to the front and bob and weave. >> and all the while maintaining control. >> and balance. yeah. it's pretty cool. >> crystal, what about you? >> i could barely walk and not trip. there's no way. there's no way. but i feel the same way. it looks so amazing. and when they would switch out sometimes, oh, man, so cool. let's look at cape may, new jersey. not so cool. the fog, again. man, we have had to say this so many days in a row for a couple of weeks. foggy conditions that make it difficult to drive. i just saw a car on the camera. it's hard to tell. across the region, patchy fog and even a few spots where it's
6:49 am
dense including spots in cumberland county. temperature, a mild morning. 46 in atlantic city. cape may point, 44 degrees. these 40s are going to up into some spots to low, even mid 50s possible into the afternoon. but for now, not a bad start. no worry of icing, snow j nothing like that today. in philly, same deal. we're at 46 in or the ris dale. if you want to sneak in a morning run, right now would be the time to do it. later in the day is when that chance of rain starts to tick up a bit. here's the radar and satellite view. the gray overlay is cloud coverage. the green, yellow and orange, that's the rain with pockets of heavier stuff that's moving our direction. we'll start to see the shower chances go up as we get later into the day. especially in this north and west zones. we're talking i-95 corridor, head north. this is a better chance for
6:50 am
steadier rain to fall, particularly late today and even into tomorrow morning. here's the weekend forecast. in philly 53. goes up to 60 for the forecast on sunday. 51, up to 55 in the lehigh valley, and 56 up to 60 in delaware. both days are going to be very mild in terms of temperatures and warmer than average. here's the hour by hour model. we run through about 1:00. there it is. i was mentioning the rain that lines up along the i-95 corridor. when you see the showers, a little more steady and consistent. over areas like burks county and the lehigh valley up to the poconos. this lasts through 5:30 this evening. it's scattered south and consistent north for today. 8:30 at night lighter but spread across the board. as we get into the overnight, at 3:00 a.m., pockets of heavier rain passing through. mostly from philly north and west. you're going to see that heavier
6:51 am
rain, and it lasts through about 8:00 a.m. or so on this model. by 9:00 a.m., light scattered showers. more broken by the afternoon. now the rain is not as consistent but still possible on your sunday afternoon. and then everything starts to swipe out of here as we go into the overnight hours into monday. by monday we will finally have some sunshine back in the forecast. look at the forecast rain totals. it's not terribly high amounts through the next 48 hours. we're talking about a quarter of an inch to a third of an inch. south about a half inch around philly and wilmington. we'll talk about your 10-day on 10 coming up. this is sports desk. brought to you by xfinity. x1 from xfinity will change the way you watch today. good morning. baseball season almost upon us. yesterday the phillies played their grapefruit league opener
6:52 am
against the blue jays. a moment of silence before the action for a man who played for both teams and died in a plane crash in november. the players also wore stoneman douglas caps to show support for the victims in the florida high school shooting. two runs given up in the first inning including this leadoff one. then philly's offense having issues as well. in the fifth innings, a runner caught on no man's land. he was gunned down at third. phillies lose 2-0. they play their home opener today on nbc sports philadelphia. the flyers and sixers hot since the eagles won the super bowl. they'll look to keep things going this afternoon. the orange and black in the great white north. they take on ottawa at 2:00. they are 8-0-1 once the birds brought home the lombardi
6:53 am
trophy. the sixers hosting the magic. they're 6-0 since the super bowl and have won 11 straight at wells fargo center. they're both primed to make a nice playoff push. the eagles and their fans continue to collect the spoils of victory. when you usually win a bet, you don't have to pay up. here the philly mayor boxing up eagles gear to send to massachusetts. brockton to have to put the items on their rocky statue. they have a statue of rocky, the hall of fame undefeated heavy weight champ. as if you needed anymore super bowl gear, jason kelce's speech inspired a sweet t shirt that the eagles are now selling. it simply says no one likes us. we don't care with the eagles logo smack in the middle. that's the super bowl logo that
6:54 am
looks so sweet. good to see you as always. enjoy your day. - [narrator] look around.
6:55 am
if our world isn't stuck in the past, why is higher education? we say if there's a better path, you should take it. and when there isn't, well, you know where i'm going with that. don't do things by the book if the book can't keep up. take your page from one that hasn't been written. we took two renowned universities, including a premier medical school, and created a single university that defies convention. at jefferson, we're making modern look old and making old look new and making sure new is not enough. we're adding more weight to your degrees and more meaning to your careers, going where others wouldn't dare, making connections few think to make and setting tomorrow's standards by breaking today's. because we believe the lines that are drawn are meant to converge. that's where the future is born. and once you realize you're not limited to what's possible, guess what? you redefine all that will be.
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simplancht live look inside archibishop carol high school where the students have been dancing for about 12 hours. they've raised over $58,800.
6:57 am
this takes on penn state's successful fundraiser they do every year. 58,000 in 12 hours. >> they're wrapping up at 7:00 this morning. job well done. >> props to them. let's talk about the weather. a live view. you can see it's hazy. we have low clouds and patchy fog this morning. expect that out there early. 53 today. showers particularly noon and later. heavier tonight into sunday morning. up to 60 on sunday. we stay mild, upper 50s, low 60s, monday, tuesday, wednesday, that comes with sunshine finally. >> it looks like we've got a little bit of february. it looks like we're thaw out of winter? >> i like it. >> that's going to do it for us this morning. >> we'll see you for nbc 10 news at 9:00. the "today" show is next.
6:58 am
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7:00 am
good morning. rock stars! overnight team usa's men's curling team wins gold for the first time ever. the curlers taking on favorite sweden and beating them in a nail biter. we'll talk to the guys live about theircomeback and what it means for the future of curling. this as the u.s. picks up another silver medal thanks to kyle mack with the performance of the big air snowboarding competition. we have all of the olympic action. closing in? special counsel robert mueller unceiliseals of a new indictmen manafort.


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