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tv   NBC10 News Today at 400am  NBC  March 1, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EST

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then the heavy rainfall will be set to move in tonight. we'll break it down hour by hour and show what to expect in your neighborhood coming up. first, katy zachry watching your first alert traffic. that's right. this early hour, 4:00, we're looking at good news. the vine street expressway is open now. this is a live look now at 18th street. i was checking cameras at broad at 24th, everything is running smoothly. the vine in both directions is open for your early morning commute. these are the drive times, all in the green. average speeds are where they should be, in the low to mid 60s. there are no issues on the roads. 95, 76, and the blue route all looking really good. the typical trouble spots, no problems. good news on 95 northbound. construction just cleared a few minutes ago. this is 95 northbound between bridge street and cottman avenue. when i see you in a bit, we'll look at new jersey roads and tell you about construction spots to be aware of. >> thanks. 4:00 a.m. now. as bill mentioned, we're tracking a major coastal storm that you'll have to be ready for.
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>> it's expected to bring heavy rain, strong winds, and even flooding. people in west wildwood are getting ready. the mayor has asked residents to tie things down that may come loose in a storm. and there are already signs up warning people about the threat for high winds and flooding. public works crews will also be checking properties to make sure that their communities are safe ahead of the storm. >> we drive around, have the public works department running around to see if there's anything -- even in a yard, if something's not battened down, they do their best to batten it down to protect residents. i'm hoping to god it changes, we get west winds and everything moves up north. if it doesn't, we'll be ready. >> nbc10 is warning you now so you can prepare for the storm. download the nbc10 app to get instant updates and alerts, plus track the forecast down to your neighborhood. this morning, philadelphia police will have extra patrols set up at olney charter school after a shooting threat.
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>> they went into lockdown after a warning of shooting students with an ethnic background. the vice chair of the anti-violence coalition has a son who goes to the students. she says students are scared. >> when you do -- if you do get caught, it's still a felony. these kids need to know you're about to ruin your life over a joke. >> the school sent a letter to parents which says it is taking precautionary measures including adding security. survivors of the parkland high school shooting say the reminders of the massacre are everywhere they go. students returned to stoneman douglas high school yesterday carrying the memory of the 17 students and staff killed during the valentine's day shooting. >> words cannot describe how painful it is to see an empty seat. >> they're no longer in this world and no longer with us. something i don't think any human will be able to fathom. >> there's a hole in our family. she's not coming back. >> hundreds of police officers
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escorted the teens yesterday to make sure they felt safe. classes began with a moment of silence for the 17 students and staff members who were killed. philadelphia police say o man is fighting for his life after someone shot him in the face at pointblank range. witnesses told investigators that someone walked up to the victim near a car dealership last night and fired multiple rounds. when police arrived, they found the victim with a bullet hole through his eye socket and a gun in his hand. the gunman remains on the run. the victim had no i.d., so investigators are working to figure out who he is. new, a proposal of the proposals philadelphia mayor jim kenney will present to council today. he will ask council to pass a 6% increase in property taxes to help erase a $900 million deficit facing public schools over the next five years. the city's finance director talked about how it will affect the average homeowner.
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>> our median value home is about $113,000. a 6% increase, would be about a $95 increase for the year. >> other highlights of the proposed budget include almost $100 million to add police officers and fund the relocation of police headquarters. $60 million would go toward the city's vision zero program to prevent traffic fatalities. you'll be able to watch the mayor's address at 10:00 this morning on our free nbc10 app. 4:04. today the jury in the allentown mayor's corruption trial will take at least one more day to deliberate. jurors got the case after noon yesterday and worked until 6:00 p.m. last night. prosecutors say ed pawlowski is the mastermind in a pay-to-play scheme that awarded contracts to companies that support his campaigns. pawlowski says he did nothing wrong. we're following accusations of violence against a delaware county lawmaker this morning. at least two women filed complaints against
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representative nick miccarelli. two newspapers say the women are a state official and political consultant who dated him. the state official said he threatened her with a gun while driving more than 100 miles per hour. the consultant says he forced her into sex after their relationship ended. state lawmakers are taking the allegations seriously. the house gop leadership released a statement that says, "these allegations are alarming and, if true, cannot and will not be tolerated. we're in the midst of investigating and have been working with capitol police to address concerns raised during our investigation." governor wolf also issued a statement demanding miccarelli's resignation and a full investigation. he said, "the situation is made even worse by the fact that these women reportedly did not feel they could come forward without negative consequences personally and professionally." micca miccarelli says the relationships were completely consensual. police say these two men are
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stealing your money. according to authorities, they placed skimming devices on atms in ben salem, lower merion township, and possibly other locations. police discovered the device when someone noticed unusual activity on their account after using the atm. authorities hope to find them before they steal more money. life is returning to a block of old city after on this fire completely destroyed part of the community. >> here's an instagram post of the fire oven at the capofitto pizzeria as it reopened yesterday. the restaurant was damaged during the february 18th fire on chestnut street. right now we don't know when or if other businesses damaged in the fire will reopen their doors. 4:06. march is women's history march. today the betsy ross museum is beginning a special celebration by opening a brand-new exhibit. >> stitching the story together is a new permanent installation in the house's main gallery that
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allows visitors to discover the life behind the legend of betsy ross. the doors open up at 10:00 a.m. 4:07 and 45 degrees. now we are getting ready. that's why we issue first alerts. >> yeah. >> we'll find out from bill when it starts. to get you ready, just heads up. >> this is a coastal storm that can be serious. let's look to bill henley for details. it's going to be felt by the entire area. you will see different types of weather in different neighborhoods. the biggest threat at the shore looks to be the coastal flooding that will be occurring possibly during the day on friday, friday night. especially into saturday. right now it's completely dry. the storm is nowhere near our area just yet. we have clouds that are starting to move into the area. you see them building in philadelphia and wilmington. we will get sunshine. these are high clouds that are coming in. we'll get sunshine filtering through the clouds to warm things up before this rainstorm comes in. and it's a large one. it's going to be taking shape over the next 24 hours.
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you can see this afternoon that's when we'll get the rain starting to move into the area. this evening, we'll start to see the heavier showers to the west. that's a steady rain at 9:00 this evening for trenton, philadelphia, wilmington. it extends across the area into the shore communities, as well. then at 11:00 tonight, when tammie souza is updating you on the news, you see the heavy rainfall moving into wilmington, philadelphia, delaware, into south jersey. it continues into saturday in the morning. there could be -- into friday morning. there could be breaks in the precipitation on friday morning. that's temporary. look at later in the morning on friday. still steady rain in our area. and during the day on friday, that's when the winds will really start ramping up. that's another part of this system. as far as totals for rainfall, more than an inch is possible coming in with this. we could see two inches of rain in the next week and a half. the worst of it is coming in the next few days. the heaviest rain, that's going
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to be tonight and into tomorrow morning. there will be rain during the day, however, on friday. the highest winds come after the heaviest rains. they're due in friday afternoon and friday night. talking winds of 50 to 60 miles per hour. that could cause trees to come down leading to power outages in our area. then the coastal flood threat with the strong winds at the shore and the water building over the couple days will come saturday morning from 8:00 to 11:00. and then for the evening high tide, from 8:00 to 11:00, as well. there's a lot going on. we're here to break it down for your area and show the different effects to the region. brittany shipp now. >> we'll be dealing with a lot as the storm moves closer. here's a look at the coastal storm impact. we have a few different things that we're looking at. the first thing is that our high winds are going to affect the entire area here. we're talking wind gusts between
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50 to 60 miles per hour. again, that's the whole area dealing with strong wind speeds. if you look closely at the coast, that's where we're watching for the coastal flooding. and then we have to factor in the fact that we'll be dealing with rain and even heavy snow up in the poconos, especially on the back end of the system. right now we'll break it down for you region by region. we'll start off with what you can expect as we take you along the shore. we'll time it out. clouds moving through as we go into the rest of today. then we'll start to see rain heading into tonight. by 9:00 tonight, we're dealing with breezy conditions. look at millville, winds around 16 miles per hour, same for cape may. pushing into friday, overnight hours will see heavier rain starting to develop over atlantic city. now our wind speeds are starting to push closer to 22 miles per hour. when our first alert goes into effect, 5:00 a.m. friday, look at these wind speeds moving at 43 miles per hour in cape may. starting to pick up here in
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atlantic city. closer to 30 miles per hour. lewis, 43 mile-per-hour gusts. once the strong wind speeds start, they continue through the entire day on friday. friday night into saturday. our wind speeds are going to get closer to 50 miles per hour by 9:30 on friday. then we'll see cooler air filtering in with the system. that could bring us a wintry mix late friday into early saturday morning. some of these wind speeds up to 60 miles per hour near atlantic city. that's going to be our main concern as we go through friday night into saturday. here's the takeaway points here. coastal flood watches close to the shore. tonight all the way until saturday afternoon. coastal roads, we expect to see flooding and also our surge will build to about 2.5 feet by saturday morning. coming up, we'll talk more about what you can expect in philadelphia and parts the suburbs in a bit. guys? >> all right. grateful to see brittany shipp helping with the imminent storm rolling in.
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and katy zachry in for jessica. >> checking the schuylkill to start. things are quiet now on the schuylkill expressway. this is a live look outside right at 76 around the spring garden area. just west of this you will find a lane restriction. that's what we want to highlight here. there's overnight construction that should lift around 5:00 this morning. still you'll be reduced to one lane as you make your way on 76 weekend between south street -- 76 westbound between south street and spring garden. also we have construction clearing on route 422 westbound. this is between egypt road and township line road. it was there for several hours overnight. good news for those taking 422 this early hour. coming up, we'll look at 76 in camden. back to you. >> thank you. changing their policies. stores are taking action following the florida school shooting massacre. the new policies on selling guns and what customers think about the decision. plus this -- >> my kid will be home in a few
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an atlantic city mother is on a mission against drug dealers, taking over her apartment. >> incidents involving guns turned the building into a crime scene twice in a matter of hours tuesday. >> my kid will be home in a few minutes. [ beep ] mary stockton says a guy pulled a gun on her tuesday after this confrontation in the hallway of her building at iowa and
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atlantic avenues. two hours later, someone fired gunshots on the same floor. police arrested three people and found a loaded gun. she regularly makes reports to police and records the video. >> you could say i'm the most hated person in the building because i'm taking a stand. my kid will be home in a few minutes -- >> stockton tells us she will keep putting her life on the line to make her building a safer place to live. 4:16. 45 degrees. septa and the parking authority are considering a new way to pay for parking in philadelphia. drivers would be able to use the septa key card at ppa kiosks and possibly even parking lots. the plan is only in the initial stages now. there's no timeline for when it could begin. the sixers and cavs face off tonight in cleveland. philly hopes to snap a two-game skid after coming up short of an historic a-game winning streak. they played the cavs twice this season and lost both times. however, it seems like there's something more on the line tonight. fans are making no bones about
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it. they want superstar lebron james in a sixers uniform, but does king james love philly back? let's add fuel to the fire. outside of the billboard scoring the king can opt out of his contract this summer. according to nbc sports philadelphia, lebron has been secretly checking out philly. >> prior to going to l.a., he was here -- listen, apartment it doesn't take that -- apparently it doesn't take that long to check schools. from my very reliable sources, lebron was looking at private schools on the main line. >> the plot thickens. >> we'll see. >> yeah. tip-off between the sixers and cavs is tonight at 8:00. >> so cool. in sports, four billboards paid quite the compliment to serena womens. >> being called a gmoat, her husband says she's the greatest
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mama of all time. williams'ohanian, is honoring the tennis great as she returns to practice after giving birth. the greatest mom ever. >> amazing that she can come back and play tennis after giving birth to a -- you know, september? >> that's what an athlete she is. gmoat. let's find out what's happening again with the weather. we have issued a first alert for tomorrow morning through saturday morning. >> a major storm coming together. it will impact the entire area. we'll see rain today. heavy rain comes in overnight tonight and tomorrow morning into saturday morning. that's where we're going to see a potential for flooding and damaging winds in our area. we're talking winds of 50 to 60 miles per hour tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. a coastal flooding, worst of it may hold off until saturday. heavy rainfall, we'll get to se some of that coming in tonight. right now, if you're heading out the door, completely dry.
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the morning will be dry. this is some -- some of the neighborhoods may not see rain until late this afternoon. the wind won't be all that strong today. an easterly wind, northeasterly wind in philadelphia at nine miles per hour during the day. winds will really ramp up tomorrow. i'll show you with the futurecast in a second. first of all, the temperatures -- no sign of cold. this is a big rain event for our area. we will likely see snow to the north in the mountains. the rest of the area looking at a lot of rain. trenton, wilmington, high clouds moving in right now. the nearest rain in virginia and west virginia. it will take its time, but once it moves in it will stay interest us through most of the day friday and out of here friday night. berks county into the lehigh valley, rain. parts of delaware. may well be dry in wilmington, philadelphia, trenton, with
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cloudy skies during the evening hours. here comes the heavier rainfall. this is 11:00 tonight. then overnight tonight and into tomorrow morning, we could see an inch of rain overnight tonight. then additional rain coming through during the day on saturday. and saturday afternoon, there is the heavy rain returning to new jersey, especially along the coastline and even into the suburbs in bucks county. that's 1:30 in the afternoon. notice that little bit of snow to the north, the pocono mountains. good news for skiers. they'll get snow out of this. that is the best part of the storm coming our way. the worst for some neighborhoods is going to be the wind. this is 6:00 tomorrow morning. winds not all that strong. you see they're starting to pick up in wilmington. look to the south, winds of 30 miles per hour for dover and rehoboth. then as we go into friday afternoon, tomorrow afternoon, 41 miles per hour in wilmington. 45 miles per hour for wildwood. close to 40 miles per hour in northeast philadelphia. and we'll get stronger friday
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evening. there's a potential for damaging winds as we head into friday night. could lead to some power outages in our area. the impacts from the storm will down trees and power lines coming with the damaging winds. travel delays, coastal roads flooding, and property damage, as well, into saturday. we're talking moderate and possibly major flooding in some communities. heavy rainfall and the mountain snow that i mentioned, as well. the weekend is going to be improving. we'll still have the flood threat at the shore, and we'll see a few showers to start. clearing skies in the afternoon. sunshine as things settle down on sunday with temperatures in the 40s. >> all right. thank you. 4:21. we have our own resident gmoat in the morning show, greatest mom of all time, katy zachry. such a great mom. when she comes and works with us in the studio, she sometimes runs to mcdonald's to get -- what are they, shamrock shakes? >> i've done that before. you know, he's smart. he's planting that --
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>> that's why she's such a great mom. see? >> working it. >> tracy meets me on the rotation. 76 looking good in camden as is 295 through camden and the 42 freeway making your way northbound. this is a live look at route 30 at 676 as you make your way over the ben franklin parkway. free and clear of issues. traffic running smoothly. speaking of 76 on the pennsylvania side, not so free and clear, especially if you're headed westbound between south street and spring garden. you'll see traffic is narrowed to one lane. there's a lane restriction because they're doing overnight construction. i'll let you know when that clears. here it is on the map here. from the camera we showed, it doesn't look like it's holding anything up. coming up, we'll look at delaware roads. >> all right. thank you. today nbc10 and telemundo 62 are trying to help find loving homes for 6,000 children i n foster care in philadelphia. >> we're teaming up with philadelphia's department of human services to host a phone
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bank to answer any questions that you might have. you can call this afternoon starting at 4:00. finding answers. a woman goes on a journey to discover the mother she never knew. how her search brought her to nbc10 and the emotional find decades in the making. walking into danger. the distraction on the roads that is turning deadly for thousands of people. coming up at 5:00, above and beyond the call of duty. how a south jersey community recognized firefighters and first responders.
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a new study highlights the
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distraction of walking while texting or looking at your phone. >> the data shows nearly 6,000 walkers were killed in car crashes in 2017. many of them distracted. this video shows a person on their phone who walks right into a fire engine that had its lights and siren on. the internet is full of videos of distracted walkers stumbling into poles and falling downstairs. >> it's a deadly combination when we see there are more people in cities walking and being active and yet they're more distracted. >> according to the report, pennsylvania, new jersey, and delaware are working to combat the problem. all three states place patrols at busy pedestrian areas, and officers have pamphlets on walking safety that they hand out. 4:26. storm safety. what you need to do to get ready as wind, rain, and possible flooding heads our way. i'm meteorologist bill henley. dry now, but a storm is building
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through the southwest. the first of the rain moves in later today. the worst of the storm still to come.
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storm threat, preparing for strong winds, rain, and possible flooding. taking action. two stores taking matters into their own hands when it comes to who can buy a gun. white house shakeup. one of president trump's closest advisers steps down a day after testifying on capitol hill. we have a lot to get to, but we're really focused on the weather. good morning, 4:30.
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this is "nbc10 news today" first look at 4. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. a storm threat is heading our way and preparing for dangerous winds and flooding. we have more on how the new jersey shore is preparing. meteorologist brittney shipp is tracking the forecast neighborhood by neighborhood. we begin with meteorologist bill henley and the storm's impacts. >> good morning. it is a major storm that's coming together that is not here yet. we'll get a dry start, but the entire area is going to be impacted by the storm system that is going to start moving in during the day and really get going tomorrow and into the weekend. the first alert is 5:00 tomorrow morning into saturday morning. the wind that comes with this, winds of 50 to 60 mile-an-hour gusts. those are damaging winds. coastal flooding as a result of those winds and the potential for heavy rain which could lead to flooding in other areas, as well. there's the storm system.


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