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tv   NBC10 News at 5pm  NBC  March 1, 2018 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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>> snow will be the story in the poconos. we have a live look at the scene on camelback mountain. not a soul out there on the slopes. before it's said and done, other parts of the area could see snow as well. the tomorrow system is already leavings i marge in alabama. crews are working to clear rods after rain and winds toppled trees and power lines. you can see the massive storm on first alert radar. it will slam the area for the next 36 hours. but what you see will depend on where you live. good evening, i'm erin coleman. >> and i'm jacqueline london. from the shore to center city from the poconos to south jersey, our reporters are stationed throughout the region tonight to help you prepare for what's to come. we begin with our first alert team weather coverage. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is breaking down the expected impact of this storm region by region. >> tammie souza is looking at the big picture including the timing. conditions will worse b as this all goes on. >> we're headed straight
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downhill from here. alt-right now we're just looking at the light rain moving into the area and light winds. this is not our big concern can. the first alert is for the entire area. it does not go into effect until tomorrow morning at 5:00. that's through saturday morning at 10:0010:00 area. including 50 to 70 mile an hour wind gusts. this includes you in the lehigh valley and on the shore. e we could see the strongest gusts right along the shoreline because out at sea we're going to see 25 foot waves and hurricane force winds. that's not on the shore, but that's out to sea on the shore we could see 6 to 10 foot waves. so that's going to contribute to coastal flooding. we'll see high tide at the same time. heavy rain is going to come down into tonight and tomorrow. so localized flooding. not a big flooding event but localized possible. and this could end with some heavy, wet snow falling in the suburbs, south jersey, philadelphia, not enough to
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really create accumulation on the services, but enough to blow around in the high winds and create possible whiteout conditions. after that, the fact that there's winter storm warnings possibly tomorrow blizzard warnings for the poconos with 6 to 12 irvelgs of snow possible. we're seeing light rain across much of the area. a steadier rainmaking its way into allentown. the main body is lifting out of ohio and it's going to park off the shore and deepen and strengthen. this is what's it's going to do. watch as it moves by. at first they are coming offshore. then shore. we'll see the heaviest rain tonight into tomorrow. watch the time line. that's cold air wrapped around with the potential of maybe some wet snow blowing around creating bad conditions tomorrow afternoon and look at the winds coming in down the shoreline. that's for saturday morning. when they could see the coastal flooding. so the impacts and the timing of the impacts, here we go. we are going to be looking at the heaviest rain tonight and
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tomorrow morning that is you don't need to be on the roadways and the coastal flooding is for during the high tide times on saturday. >> another live look at the shore. all quiet now. this is 57th street. the potential for. >> walk us through what we can expect at the shore in particular. bl we're going to be getting tremendous winds. we're going to be getting coastal flooding. they could even see some snow before this is all over with. so is a lot going on here. large storm, large and as we take a look, we're going to see that these winds are going to be continuing across the area and increasing as we go through the night tonight. not all that strong by morning. but by tomorrow afternoon, look
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at that. we are going up to 38 miles an hour in cape may. tomorrow by early evening. 60 miles an hour gusts in cape may. but look at the direction that's come iing down delaware bay, th is not a classic nor'easter. that means the back bays are going to be affected the most. 50 mile an hour winds in the evening with moderate to major coastal flooding by saturday morning. we'll talk about other areas and what they are going to see in just a few minutes. >> our team coverage continues now in cape may county. >> mitch blacher is live. what's the feeling tonight? >> reporter: the rain just started but when it really picks up, this is what you're going to see the police department rolling around with. the mayor got the people around here ready. >> things are quiet for whatever reason. >> reporter: he's driving his
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nearly deserted streets looking for debris. >> tables that they happen to leave out or take out a window. >> reporter: he knows what can happen when storm water surges. >> it's why billy scott outside his family's historic bar. i don't want them to slip into people's cars. >> they have seen feet before. last year a storm swept away all of billy's tables. >> some just disappeared. and others were a quarter mile up the road. >> rez are getting reversed 911 calls to update people on the storm. >> the mayor is on the lookout. >> we're hoping for the best. >> they expect the worst part of
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the storm to starred morning. there are only about 800 residents here because it's the off season. i'm mitch blacher, nbc 10 news. >> good news there. but folks are still geting ready. >> while the storm will start out with rain, parts of the area will also some snow. the poconos should get the healthiest helping. here's another live look at the scene on cam elback mountain. but that's all about to change. >> lehigh valley could get hit with. this is the live camera in allentown. >> back to glenn "hurricane" schwartz right now. the lehigh valley and the suburbs. >> they are going to be getting strong winds, but they are also getting some heavy wet snow at the same time. so that means at some point tomorrow afternoon, especially during the afternoon rush, it might be very dangerous to be traveling in almost any way.
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whether it's by car, bus, train, even airplanes not really going anywhere tomorrow afternoon. tonight it's just rain. the temperatures are above freezing. but by tomorrow morning, here's the rain and snow line. the mix in the pink. the poke knows could be seeing some snow by the begin. ing of the morning rush. not all that windy yet, but through the morning, temperat e temperatures are going down. the wind is coming out of the north. gusting to 50 miles an hour in pottstown. and you can see the rain/snow line coming down toward montgomery county. by the afternoon rush, 62 miles an hour gusts in allentown and mount pocono. 60 in pottstown. and it's snowing heavily and accumulating. the temperature might be a little bit above freezing. but travel is going to be extreme dangerous at that time. >> steven fisher spent his day
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in the lehigh valley and in the polk knows. he's live in allentown. do people seem concerned about any that could come their way? >> reporter: snow, yes. we are dealing with some rain right now, which could slow you down home tonight. but this is is just the beginning. for people that live here in the lehigh valley and the poconos, they are preairing for snow. >> we might see a little snow and some rain, but our northern counties in the poconos area might see is a significant amount of snowfall. >> reporter: it will vary depending on where you live. the traffic management center penndot has their eyes on the roads and they are prepping for whatever falls tr the sky. >> we want to make sure that no matter what comes down, we're ready for that. >> reporter: they are not taking any chances. crews were cleaning leaves from gutters before the storm rolled in. >> the rain can't get down, then
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we have probs. >> reporter: temperatures drop. >> we're supposed to get 3 to 4 inches of ask we're going to get a heavy snow. >> up further north more. >> no fan of the snow. she's heeding the warning. >> everybody said, go get your stuff done this morning because by 3:00 there's going to be a storm. >> reporter: she was right. it was about 3:00 when that rain started to fall here in the lehigh valley. depending on how cold it gets tonight, people in the lehigh valley and the poconos could wind up waking up with snow on the ground. steven fisher, nbc 10 news. >> thank you for that. the rain we see tonight will only be intensifying. this is a live look at city hall. philadelphia will be pounded by drenching rains over the next few days and with it will come those whipping winds. >> across the river, they are
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getting set for what's to come. a live look at the skyline of camden. we want to focus on what south jersey and philadelphia can expect from this storm. it's neighborhood by neighborhood. >> let's bring glenn "hurricane" schwartz back in to break down that region. >> e we also may be seeing a changeover to snow. it's all rain. you see the area in green. first thing in the morning, actually nearly calm at the center of the storm moves right over us. watch what happens between the morning and into the afternoon. and the afternoon rush hour wind gusts close to 60 miles an hour in philadelphia. this is the rain/snow line ag n again. there's the rain in green. the mix could be sleet falling at hour and snow to the north. so chestnut hill could be get. ing snow at the same time we're getting sleet in south philly
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and rain in gloucester county. that's the kind of minute by minute changes we're going to be seeing here. that's why we have to keep up with the nbc 10 app. things are goichk to be changing over the next couple days. >> you're right. our nbc 10 first alert radar is also in our freedom nbc 10 app. download it now. you can track the storm to your neighborhood. we'll also send you weather alerts for your neighborhood where you work or even your current location. our coverage of the major storm baring down on us continues. >> we have a live look at i-95 in will mimington. tim furlong takes us to delaware for a look at preparations there. and our major winter storm is just making its way into the area. we're going to be looking at a whole bunch of different conditions for your neighborhood from the coast to the mountains, flooding, heavy snow, high winds that could bring down trees. find out when it's going to affect you the most. a live look now at our
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foster care bank. there's a constant need for foster families. help nbc 10 by calling 877-622-9228 for more information.
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a live look at cape may. a major storm is approaching and
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will impact the entire region. tammie souza's complete forecast is is minutes away. yesterday i introduced you to a loving young boy obsessed with the group fifth harmony and. very grateful for his foster participants. they changed his life forever by welcoming them into their home as one of their own. such a great family. tonight we are hoping more families decide to open their homes to children in need. >> rk joins us now live with more on how you can help. >> the need is very great. that's why we are reaching out. anybody who has a desire maybe has questions. they thought about becoming a foster parent. the number to call is 87 7-622-9228. one of our volunteers is cindy bash. she's talking to callers now. what are you hearing from people? >> i'm hearing people are very
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interested. this is really exciting. i'm excited to be here to participate today. >> you were tell iing me earlie. this is inspiring to you and you're even potentially considering becoming a foster parent down the road. >> absolutely. i have thought about it. i want to expand my family. i'm very excited about the possibility of adoption or fostering. and i think this is a great opportunity to bring a child into my life and my oklahoma and also a chance to learn both for the child and myself and my family. so i'm excited about that as a possibility. >> philadelphia city councilwoman, we'll get you get back to the phones. we're going to be here throughout the afternoon into the early evening. so please call us. we're here to answer your questions and take down your information if you're interested in making this commitment. back to you. >> thank you for that. switching geerz to the coastal storm that's churning towards the area. . tammie souza is here with your first alert forecast. >> some storms are regular
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storms. we tell you to be prepared and kind of batten down the hatches. every now and then, we want you to pay attention because there's a storm that's very unique. this one is very unique. tomorrow afternoon, try to stay in. get all your running around down. it could be dangerous in some spots. that's because we're going to see high winds with downed trees and power lines. you don't want to be driving and have a telephone pole come down on top of you. it could be late tomorrow night but on the high tides on saturday. and into tomorrow morning, making for just a very slippery morning commute tomorrow. because 1 to 2 inches of rain could fall overnight tonight. e we could see some dangerous travels tomorrow evening because we'll see heavy snow in the poconos. 6 to 12 inches, but across philadelphia, the suburbs, south jersey, delaware, we could see enough snow bylined with the 50 to 60 mile an hour winds to create whiteout conditions.
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not much in the way of accumulation. you won't see too far in front you have. this is going to be a lot of stuff going on across the area. now the high winds affect basically the entire area. we're talking about 50 to 70 mile an hour winds. likely the 70 mile an hour winds are out here along the beaches. we could see 60 mile an hour winds from philadelphia into lehigh valley and also into delaware. we are going to be looking at the coastal flooding potentially for all the beaches in delaware and new jersey. we're going to see the heaviest of the rainfall coming down across parts of south jersey, the pennsylvania suburbs, philadelphia, all the way into the lehigh valley. where you see the pink is where the winter storm warnings have gone into effect for 6 to 12 inches of snow in the poconos. some of that could taper down. north ton county has some watches out for potentially anywhere from 2 to 3 inches of accumulating snow at this point. so these are the areas that we're watching closely. right now we're getting a steadier rain. off toward reading, but much of the area beginning to see the
5:19 pm
rain move in. it's going to pick up overnight. we have a storm ranger picking up returns from philadelphia toward washington over toward wilmington. at this point, that's where the lightest rain ends. you can see it here. this is pretty accurate. you can see kind of a steady rain. when you factor in the weather service, it's just a big smudge. that's why we use storm ranger to see the details of who really is getting the rain and who isn't. here's the storm system that's headed towards us. it's going to park off the coastline. hour by hour, lock at this. we're going to draw from the 50s into the 40s tomorrow. the heaviest rain overnight tonight. between 9:00 and 2:00 in the morning. rain continues. look at the snow in the poconos. then the cold air is still above freezing. air drifting across the suburbs, philadelphia and new jersey. could make for wet snow. then the heavy wind comes in. it looks like by the time we get
5:20 pm
into tomorrow night and saturday along the engineer philadelphia. that's incredible. and the winds keep up all the way into saturday morning. how much rain, we're looking at 1 to 2 inches of rain tonight into tomorrow. you can see we have a whole lot of everything and unfortunately most of us are going to see more than one thing happening in our area. >> a lot of elements here. people wake up in the morning and see the rain but don't experience the strong winds. they shouldn't be fooled because the winds are going to get stronger throughout the day. it's going to be a rush hour on the way home. the 60 mile an hour wind is flying. >> our coverage of the major storm continues. how it impacts you will depend on where you live. >> cydney long is heading up our coverage in south jersey.
5:21 pm
>> those heavy winds could be the more critical condition for south jersey's sbeinterior counties. we spoke to sol who are looking forward to the miserable weather about to hit the region hard, next. and if you are just joining us, nbc 10 is working to find good homes for foster children and we need your help. we have a phone bank set u right now. you're looking live at it. call to learn how you can help.
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a live look at the camden sky can line. our coverage of the major storm continues in south jersey. >> cydney long joins us live. >> reporter: we have had patches of drizzle for the last half hour or two. and you can see right here the road surface here is wet behind us. but i caught up with camden county. the big. est issue with the storm will be wind. so they are preparing heavy equipment and chain saws to be ready for what mother nature delivers. >> today most people panic. >> reporter: she's out grabbing groceries. >> shopping for stuff i was going to get because i'm making meat loaf. i don't stockpile because you
5:25 pm
can't change it. >> rain, snow, i love the winter. >> i hate summer. i hate the last couple days. you're talking to the wrong guy. i look forward to this stuff. >> reporter: high wind and accumulating rain on the way for camden county. road crews cleared to help drivers maneuver in what could become flooded shoulders. >> it's about safety. you don't want no issue. nobody wants issues. >> this school bus driver says safety is is marparamount. >> make sure you drive normal. >> i'm too old to shovel snow so the rain is fine. >> reporter: and because we have had so much rain lately, camden county tells me the water table is high, which could mean that areas that are prone to flooding those roads could see ponding faster than they normally do. i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> the flooded roads can catch
5:26 pm
you off guard. use caution. >> our team coverage of the major storm continues next with a look at our powerful mobile radar. we can track the storm like no one else. we'll show how it helps to pinpoint when it will hit your neighborhood, next. and don't forget you can help make a difference in the life of one of nearly 6,000 local kids looking for a family. phone lines are open right now on our foster family phone bank. get your questions answered by calling 1-877-622-9228.
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♪ at here it comes. heavy rain, damaging winds, flooding, even snow. the nbc 10 first alert team is tracking a major coastal storm la that will impact every part of the region for the next two days. what you see whand when will depend on where you live. people at the jersey shore are prepare iing for what's to come. coastal flooding and wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour. >> that wind will reek halve here in philadelphia. a rainy rush tomorrow morning will become a wet and windy ride home in the afternoon. the rain will turn to snow. the mountains could see a foot by president time this massive storm finally moves out. nbc 10 issued a fist alert to help you prepare before the conditions get worse.
5:30 pm
from the city to the shore, the leval lee, we have a team of reporters spanned out to help you prepare for what's to come where you live. >> we also have our team of meteorologists. steve sosna is in south jersey with storm ranger so, the only mobile radar. >> we have the latest on the timing and the impacts of the weather. >> it's so different region to region. let's start off with the radar. show what's dpoing on. this is the typical rain coming down at this oint. we have had light showers through the area. jut jersey through philadelphia. steadier rain has moved out of allentown and it's towards easton. we're going to continue to see
5:31 pm
this move off to the east. this is part of the first wave that will come through the area. you see the heavier rain off to the west of us. that's going to come through tonight and tomorrow morning. you also see on the backside of this, cold air wrapping around. we have snow. we are going to see the heavy snow in the knows and mountains all the way to the west. and we could see some of the snow. wrapping in across philadelphia and south jersey and delaware. not expecting wig. accumulations, but. expecting potentially whiteout conditions with anything falling through the air. so this could create whiteout conditions. we're watching this area of low pressure at midnight tonight. we're going to see heavy rain still in the philadelphia area as the low approaches and moves over us. it's parked across the atlantic. those strong winds come in out of the north. we'll see the gustiest wind from noon through midnight. that's when we could see the
5:32 pm
blowing snow coming down. we'll see the last of the rain as we head into the wee hours of saturday morning. and we see the winds coming straight down the jersey shore and the delaware beaches. that's when e we could see the coastal flooding as this must'ves out over the ocepen ocean. 6 to 10 foot waves along the shoreline are possible. this is going to be parked out there for awhile. so we have a first alert for the entire. area. friday morning through saturday morning we're locking at 50 to 70 mile an hour wind gusts. some coastal flood iing and are with roads covered with water. periods of heavy rain and whiteout conditions possible tomorrow evening though it won't be a lot of snow that's falling. we'll talk about your neighborhood coming up. >> we heard them talking about the variance with this tomorrow storm. >> our first alert team breaking things down neighborhood by neighborhood. right now let's go to delaware. here's a live look from the stadium. it's raining a bit right now.
5:33 pm
conditions will be getting a lot worse. tr more on what the storm will bring together. >> obviously with the way delaware is situated, you're going to get anything from snow in the northern portion of the state to coastal flooding in the southern portion. everybody is going to get a lot of wind. not so much tonight. this is the radar plus the wind obama on top of it. and then into tomorrow morning, the wind starts increasing. and it starts changing direction. now to those northwest. we have gusts of 43 miles an hour in georgetown. but it is not an on shore wind. in the afternoon look what's happening up to the north. we're starting to see a changeover. even in wilmington. 50 mile an hour wind gusts and rain changing to sleet and then
5:34 pm
some wet snow right during the afternoon rush. look at that 60 mile an hour wind gust in wilmington with possible wet snow. just picture that. 58 miles an hour in dover. 60 in georgetown. 62 in lewis. and you see with the wind direction like this, lewis has the greatest threat of significant flooding. even compared to the beaches n n the atlantic side like re who business because of the wind direction. so every little bit of a change could have an impact on different parts of different places in our area. >> let's go to delaware. >> tim furlong has been talking to peel all day long. you were in delaware city. now you have moved north. >> we have moved north and west and a little inland from the delaware river.
5:35 pm
that's at home depot. you can see on my jacket. it is now raining a little bit here at 5:30. certainly not a downpour. you hear the all the stuff that glen fwst grand strand says. none of us like anything he just said. it's not a good thing. i talked to people were at the hospital, which is a lot of people on the plaza. and they said you know what, whatever comes tomorrow, we have to deal with it. take a listen. >> we have to go to work any way we don't get snow days. we pretty much have to show up to work. you just go really slow and whatever happens happens. >> reporter: i'm right there with you. that's what we do when the weather happens, we go out and work longer days. we want to keep you at home safe. here's our plan. coming up for 6:00, we'll get in the jeep and fire up the camera in the front and drive up the highway and show you what's going on in wilmington. we'll see if it's raining heavier.
5:36 pm
you can see the layer of water coming down now in newark. not too bad at this point, but it's going to get worse. we're live, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> conditions are are going to change quickly. thank you. over the next 36 hours, we could see damaging winds with gusts between 50 and 60 miles per hour in philadelphia. and that could cause trouble for buildings under construction. and areas surrounded by scaffolding like here along broad street. >> when severe weather strikes like this, nbc 10 is armed with one of the most powerful weather tools around to give you the most accurate forecast. >> steve sosna is in glassboro with storm ranger 10. it's one of the many tools we use to give the most accurate forecast. so impressive. >> reporter: that's right. and it's very important for a reason. we use storm ranger because we like to get information about the clouds and the rainfall and
5:37 pm
the snow happening close to the ground. so when you have a pickup truck with a lift on it, you are getting a sample of the clouds around us and what is falling from then in a heartbeat. that you see is the data. we'll go into that in a second. yao see a couple dishes here. the first dish if we happen to have no cell phone service, we could use that dish to transmit da data. we have two cellular services we're constantly transmitting radar data back. up atop there you see a white camera. we can pan around and show images from outside of the truck. if it's storming outside, we can be inside the truck. we're watching a live feed right now. and back to the back here, this is the radar itself. this is the joy and the beauty of 10. because we have this realtime
5:38 pm
immediate feed. notice where we are right here. that's not any rainfall coming down. but to the west, we have some rain. you can see this. and show the rain off to the west. if you go to, you can use storm ranger yourself and zoom into your community. good for 30 miles of data. we'll be here at 11:00 tonight to show you some of the heavier rainfall moving in on the west. >> it's like having the first alert team in the palm of your hands. make sure you have it downloaded to send weather alerts for your location right to you. up next, paying more. >> the plan that could send more money to schools and take more money from your wallet. what a new budget plan could
5:39 pm
mean for thousands of local homeowners. and nbc 10 and telemundo are working to help find good homes for foster children. right now we have experts in our studio answering your questions. on how you can help. give them a call at 1-8 77-622-9229. new tv, new speakers, netflix. this is going to be the place for binge watching, ladies. is it, ladies? don't get me wrong, you have killer tech mrs. d, but you still don't have fios.
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nbc 10 is keeping you prepared as a major storm bringing rain, wind and even
5:42 pm
snow bares down on our region. you can see it here on the fist alert radar. tammie souza will be back to break down the timing of the storm and what you can expect in your neighborhood. that's coming up in about six minutes. sglz. a delaware county lawmakers says he will not step down after allegations of sexual assault and domestic violence surfaced. representative nick mickrelli resigned his house seat. thousand he's saying no. they come from two former girlfriends. e he denied the allegations saying he had consensual relationships with the women. rain, wind and flooding, what are you going to see in your neighborhood? i'm going to answer that when i come back with the full forecast in just a few minutes.
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one of the biggest storms to hit the region is right on our door. step. people are bracing for damaging winds and severe coastal flooding. tammie souza will break down the timing of the storm and let us know how bad conditions will be in her most accurate just two minutes away. earlier this week, we introduced you to erika edwards. half of her biological children and the other three are brothers taken in by this single mother a year ago. her inspiration comes from her own foster mom. e we hope to provide you with information so you can become a foster family. >> we have a phone bank set up to answer your questions. let's go back to rosemary connors live with more.
5:46 pm
>> and more guests in studio. if you're looking for inspiration, look no further than eric johnson. single guy and you thought i want to make this ncommit pmt ad have children in my life. >> i always wanted to have kids. i just waited a long time. >> here you are with a 2-year-old. and edward is 4. >> hi. >> he's interest ed in the microphone. anything else you want so say? >> eric, you and i were speaking earlier this week this has been a very rewarding process. and you are in the process of adopting these boys that you started fogering at first. >> i am. the process takes a little over a year. so it takes a little over a year after everything. and then we're just waiting on the court date.
5:47 pm
>> what do you want to tell us? >> we'd like you to call that number if you have questions about becoming a foster parent. 87 -622-9229. these are two of the boy who is came through dhs and are are now in eric's loving home. thank you so much for being with us. and thank you. anything else you want to say? >> say bye-bye. >> thank you. >> if that doesn't get the phone ring iing, i don't e know what will. >> they are too cute. i love to see that family there. >> they can come and do the rest of the the show. come on over. we love them. march is roaring into our region with a major winter storm right now. it's bringing rain. you're looking live at allentown. along with strong wind and rain, that area could also see snow from this storm here's a look b at the storm on first alert
5:48 pm
radar. you can see it is big and it will have a impact on our area for the next two days. take a look at this it. that same system battered parts of the south. rain flooded roads across the tennessee valley causing some highways to close. you can see similar flooding and damage here. first alert meteorologist tammie souza has been tracking the system all week. this is a serious storm. >> it is a serious storm. every storm is unique. but it looks like a typical winter storm when we show you the radar. it's what it's going to do once it just moves across the area and parks in the atlantic that make it is a unique storm. we have the first alert in effect through saturday morning. the heaviest rain will be tonight through tomorrow morning. we could see 1 to 2 inches of rain. the is going to be wet roadways overnight and for your morning commute tomorrow. we can see some localized ponding on the roadways because the ground is saturated. that's also going to make it easier for trees to blow over. and telephone poles to come down
5:49 pm
because it has the soft ground. the damaging winds that pick up tomorrow afternoon between noon tomorrow and midnight tomorrow night, 50 to 70 mile an hour wind gusts. that's when we could see some of the damage. some of the property damage and the trees coming down. we could see whiteout conditions late tomorrow afternoon. cold air wraps on the backside of this. we could see e snow flying around the philadelphia area. for all of you in south jersey, will it be a lot of snow on the ground, no, it will melt and may melt it. it's going to be flying around in the air with 60 mile an hour win winds. that could create whiteout conditions for the commute. and along the coast, saturday morning during high tide and saturday evening, that's when we could see the winds and the piling up of the water create that coastal flooding. we'll have 6 to 10 foot waves out there. it's going to be a vicious storm for a lot of the area.
5:50 pm
we have the rain now starting across the area. we have steadier rain near reading. we have steadier rain toward easton. that's pushed off to the east. you can see the pockets of yellow there. let's take a look. right down here have where we have the storm ranger. for the most part, it's truly picking up where we see the steadiest rain. we're watching all this rain move in with all the tools and you can see the snow on the backside. you can see the stronger showers and thunderstorms across the northern part of the storm. and the southern part of the storm, which comes together and merges with it is coming up out of the carolinas. so here's what's going to happen. we're. here ob hour by hour, you can see heavy rain maybe even a few thunderstorms across the area. and then tomorrow morning when you wake up, you'll still have rain on the roadways. but snow in the poconos where they could see 6 to 12 inches of snow by tomorrow afternoon. temperature above freezing. as the snowfalls it could be
5:51 pm
blowing around and may not evenstick to the ground. it could create whiteout conditions. we see this thing gone b by saturday morning. that's when the winds are coming in along the shoreline. piling all the water up and creating the flooding potential. hiow high will the winds go? 60 miles an hour for all of you in westchester. that's how high the gusts could be there. potstown at 60. allentown at 62. philadelphia, you could see a 58 mile an hour wind gust. 1 to 2 inches of rain across the area. not out of question. coastal flooding. 20 to 25-foot waves with 70 mile an hour winds out there. numerous roads could wind up flooded during the high tides of tomorrow morning and by the time we get into. . saturday morning and into saturday evening. so this entire storm system is going to be with us for the next 36 hours. if there's any good news at all,
5:52 pm
the rain, snow, precipitation is out of here for the weekend. so we will have a dry weekend. >> so many people are on the roads during the workweek creating a danger. >> tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening, if you don't have to go out, probably good not to. it's just better not to take the chance of all of this coming down on top of you. >> thank you. two words homeowners hate to hear, but it coming coming for thousands in our area. how much more people can pay and who is fighting the increase.
5:53 pm
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making his case. the mayor explains why he wants to raise your property taxes. the budget focuses on funding the public schools. >> doing that will cost the city nearly $1 billion and nbc 10's aundrea cline-thomas explains. >> reporter: noeing the budget would be a tough sell, he invoked the spirit of the football team. >> students for the first time are holding on to the realization they are no longer underdogs. they are champions. >> reporter: but becoming a champion comes at a price. the mayor is proposing $1 billion to the school district of philadelphia over the next five years. >> all the things we spend misery dollars on will go away if. our kids are educated and have a
5:56 pm
job that makes a living. >> reporter: to pay for it, employees who work in the city will have to wait even longer to get relief from the wage tax. the mayor is also proposing increasing property taxes by. 6%. >> these are our kids. they are no one else's kids. to one else is coming to the are rescue. not tr harrisburg and not from washington, d.c., god knows. >> reporter: even with the city taking over criminal of the district, council president says paying for the school is still part of the state's responsibility. >> i'm not going to step back and say we own it now. you're no longer responsible. >> reporter: there's concern for people like harold. >> e low income people like me, why should i have to put money up. >> reporter: the school district deserves more. >> the burden is on residents and it's not equally distributing the sacrifice to large businesses. >> but expect a fight about how to meet the district's needs.
5:57 pm
>> we can't keep on talking about it unless we pay for it. >> reporter: aundrea cline-thomas, nbc 10 news. coming up next, we're learning new details every hour about the major storm headed our way. today it's a common sound heard at the enginejersey shore. boarding up and fearing the worst. we have live team coverage next. it's a monster storm threat in march. where you live depends on where you're going to see rain, flooding and even snow. in our first alert forecast, that's next. new at 6:00, nbc 10 is looking for a cure to the medical debt crisis in the delaware valley. the small changes that could impact thousands of lives.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
right now at 6:00, a major coastal storm has its eye set on our entire region. damaging winds, power outages, flooding and even snow on the way, we're here to get you ready. nbc 10 issued the first alert to give you time to prepare before the conditions get. worse. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> and i'm jim rosenfield. >> as you can see right there from first alert radar, we are in for a major storm. the jersey shore is going to get pounded with strong winds and flooding. this is a live look at conditions right now along the boardwalk ahead of the storm in ocean city. from the jersey shore now to the lehigh valley, this time tomorrow, heavy snow could be
6:00 pm
falling there. there's a live look in allentown. information on this storm:con substantiately being updated. it's important to stay with the most accurate weather team in our region. >> nbc 10 has tools no other station has and more reporters hitting the streets. we sent seven reporters across pennsylvania, delaware and new jersey. and our first alert team of meteorologists has been tracking this storm for days. >> let's begin with meteorologist tammie souza. it's raining now but the severe weather is still on its way. >> i want to say these are not severe storms, but this is severe weather. we're going to see the high winds as this storm system revs up. we're going to see heavy snow in the poconos and snow elsewhere and also going to see some very heavy rain that could lead to flooding. so again, this is for the entire area. because we're all going to be affected. especially noon tomorrow through midnight. we're going to be affected. the first


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