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tv   NBC10 News Today at 400am  NBC  March 2, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EST

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this started early this morning. it's going to stay in effect until saturday at 10:00 a.m. and wind gusts anywhere from 50 to 70 miles per hour, coastal flooding going to be a concern for us, heavy mountain snow, and one of our biggest things is white out conditions. again, this is going to affect both of your commutes today. for a closer look of what we're expecting, what we're seeing right now we're going to send it over to katie zachary. >> take a look at this video right here. slick conditions may be to blame for this tractor-trailer crash. the cab of the semi separated from the frame. it is still in our system potentially causing delays as you start off on the blue route. we want to look at the schuylkill expressway on
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montgomery drive. some ponding on the schuylkill expressway as you make your way into or out of philadelphia. outside of this camera view there is a disabled vehicle on 76 westbound right near montgomery drive that may be causing you to tap the brakes a bit. from what i can see it's been moved into the insoshoulder so causing too much of a disruption. everything in the green right now. so any of those crashes we had have been cleared. and also a quick look in camden. 76 at market street where we can see a lot of rain on the roadways. that is the story this morning as you're heading out. we continue our team coverage with matt delucia. matt, tell us what they are doing. >> reporter: they're expecting that with the high tides that are coming up. right now we're along california avenue along the bay.
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we pulled into atlantic city. right now misting a little bit here. but you can see over here over the sea wall into the bay it is not reaching sea level at this point the city here are preparing for coastal flooding. they're going to be watching the back bays here along the atlantic city coastline here. and on the bay we can see there are several homes this area does tend to have some nuisance flooding every now and then. but the atlantic city fire chief last night told us we're expecting more with that and also some potential power outagewise the heavy winds and high rains and possibly 65 mile per hour gusts. the worst part they're expecting would be early tomorrow morning at 8:00 with that flooding. because the high tides are going to be coming in cycles. the first one is going to be a little after 7:30 here in
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atlantic city. because of that the atlantic city has put in their high-water vehicles for the police. and they've also got protective clothes ready for the firefighters as well. they're just getting ready and being prepared just in the event this storm is more severe than they possibly think. at this point right here, not too bad. here's a live look right now at broad street from the kimmel center campus. you can see there it's rainy. it has been a steady rain throughout the early morning hours. roads are wet there as you can see. nbc 10 found construction crews preparing their sites if the storm. philadelphia officials have warned that equipment scaffolder and fencing could all go flying during the high winds. some crews that would normally continue to work today decided to scale back. >> sometimes it's pretty bad because the wind comes and
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strong sometimes. even when we are inside, but we can feel the wind pretty good. >> and told nbc 10 the company hasn't added any extra crews for this storm. here's a live look right now at philadelphia national airport at 4:04 this morning. we're expecting the wind to cause trouble there. some airlines are even offering to waive their fees if you need to change your flight because of this storm. and as always check with your carrier if you need to head to the terminal. >> parts of our region could see snow today. here's a live look at the camelback mountain where they'll definitely see snow today. poconos expected to get up to 10 inches of snow. yesterday crews cleaned leaves from gutters to make sure waters can get through the down spots.
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bendot says workers are preparing for whatever falls from the sky. here's our camera from the blue rock stadium. the afternoon commute could see rain or snow. >> meanwhile high tide and storm surges could threaten coastal towns in delaware during this storm. crews in delaware city putting up barriers, and they have big pumps there. businesses telling us they're bracing for damaging winds and potential flooding. in camden county, they're ready for the storm. they were stocking up on groceries yesterday. road crews also put storm drains to help drivers maneuver in what could become flooding. you can also track the conditions hour by hour and get updated forecasts. 4:05 and 45 degrees outside. in other news we expect to learn more from prosecutors this
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morning after a jury found allentown mayor ed pawlowski guilty. mrs. pawlowski collapsed on the way out. after being helped by paramedics she's fine. the mayor will be forced to give up his position when he's sentenced. >> we're extremely disappointed. we thought we presented a case that showed the mayor's innocence. >> even though it's raining tonight i think the snow is out of allentown. the black koud has becloud is g allentown. it is 4:06 and we want to be sure that if you're just waking up this morning we have issued a fist alert because of this severe storm that's rolling in. >> it is a big storm with
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massive pieces but we'll break it down for your neighborhood. >> yeah, lots of moving pieces with this system, so everyone's going to be dealing with really strong wind speeds. but right now if you were planning to leave in the next hour or so, we're dealing with heavy rain through parts of philadelphia. we're not seeing as heavy as a rain as in delaware or even in parts of south jersey and right along the shore. but right over philadelphia really heavy rain. right now in sea aisle city showing light rain amounts. and if you're closer to dover you're not seeing any rain yet. so this is going to be a dynamic system that's going to continue to change as we go through the day. heavy rain. on the back end we'll see blowing snow and coastal flooding. you can see how big this system is. and here are going to be the impacts for us as we go through today. the potential for power outages as we start to deal with wind
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gusts. property damage. we're going to watch oural coastal roads. dangerous travel conditions especially once we start to see the blowing snow. and as we get towards the evening white out conditions a possibility. we expect to see plane delays for today. the first thing we're seeing in this system is heavy rain. and as it starts to push out towards the coast the next thing we're going to see is blowing snow. that's going to couple with our wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. this is all going to happen right over the evening. and as the system continues to move away the last thing we'll be dealing with is coastal flooding. so a closer look of what you can expect in your neighborhood as we go through the day we'll send it over to meteorologist steve sauce nu.
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>> as you can see it's a stormy warning. the one aspect you are encountering right away in many neighborhoods is the flooding. and that is especially true north and west of the city. let's break this down here at the moment. where you see these heavier yellows and oranges right now up to the northeast extension right now, that's where we have flood advisories. this is where you need to really budget yourself a lot of extra time for the morning chute. the evening commute is a whole different story. i-95 through 295 right now through montgomery and bucks county. tis is where we saw the most rainfall overnight. our radar estimates are anywhere between 1 and 1.5 inches of rain. this ground is very wet. it doesn't take a lot to cause flooding.
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coastal you saw nearly 1.5 inches of rain. you don't have to deal with the flooding here this morning. the coastal flooding that's the concern here. that will take place here. this morning minor levels and later on today and especially during the day tomorrow. so let's walk you through the rain part of the storm here. rain continues through 5:00 and 6:00 in the morning. we see that rain/snow line collapsing down to the south. and we will start to see that rain changing over to snow potentially. and coming up i will talk about the wind element of the storm and also the coastal flood element. those are two really big impacts for our area. >> steve said something super important. this weather is going to change. so in the afternoon folks will worry about what happens then. but this morning, weather is different this morning. so that's going to have an effect on the commute. >> yeah, on it roads for sure. and katey zachary is going to
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monitor that all morning long. we already know we have hydroplane ponding right now. >> we are seeing glistening roadways. wet roadways. roads are wet throughout the area. but i do want to take you through new jersey. 295 the garden state parkway, and the 42 freeway. well, everything is clear. and i have in the green because we aren't seeing any crashes. i do want to offer cautionary advice. go slow because we are seeing that ponding on the majors. >> great advice. thank you, katey. costly and complex. there's a race against the clock to make the track safer. >> it's been fraught with challenges and progress has been slow. >> the answers top railroad officials gave lawmakers. saving for the unexpected.
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we look at what you can do to prepare financially for an emergency. and there's a live look outside right now. the heavier rain has already started over philadelphia. we're going to continue here as wind speeds pick up today as this coastal storm continue tuesday bear down on our area. what you can expect in your neighborhood coming up after the break. (alex trebek) if you're age 50 to 85,
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and your rate is locked in for life, so it can never increase. you get a lifetime rate lock guarantee. plus you can pick your own payment date. so call now for free information, and you'll also get this free beneficiary planner. this valuable guide is a great help for you and the loved ones you leave behind. so call now. (mellow music) ♪ it's a quarter after 4:00, and we're tracking a major storm that will bring destructive winds to our entire area. and we did a full picture from our first alert meteorologist in just a few minutes. that's just the radar. here's a live look from ocean
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city. they're really concerned the back bay is flooding in ocean city. and in philadelphia right now seeing rain. and we've gotten reports of drivers hydroplaning on the wet roads. let's fast forward and look ahead to events happening this weekend. >> on sunday this restaurant hopes the community will help its displaced employees. the little lines is holding a fund-raiser at the mad max restaurant. 20 restaurants are bringing in the food. the little lines employees could be out of work for two months. and starting tomorrow customers getting new phone numbers in philadelphia will be assigned the area code 445. the new number affects the area with the 215 and 267 area codes. people with 445 area codes will need to use ten digit dialing for local numbers. meanwhile, many families are
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not prepared for an emergency. >> statistics show 47% of people can't handle it because they don't have any money in savings. we asked the president of credit counseling center what they can do to start saving. >> if for example in the last two weeks you went out and bought coffee or take-out or went to a restaurant, that's extra money. that's money you could save instead, for example, when you need for car repair. >> she says family cans work as a team to boost their savings. we'll have suggestions about that coming up in the 5:00 hour. we have help for you to financially prepare, and also prepare for the weather that's hitting us. >> brittany shipp yesterday was talking about those high winds for everyone. so i made sure all my furniture
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was pulled aside. >> you still actually have time to pull all that furniture inside. over the next couple of hours those wind speeds are going to pick up. the heaviest rain going to happen through this morning. damaging wind speeds are going to happy later this morning overnight tonight until parts of saturday. overnight conditions with wet snow and really strong blowing winds will happen this evening into tonight. and last concern before this system departs will be the coastal flooding issues, and that's going to reach its peak saturday. let's talk future wind gusts. right now again just breezy. we're talking wind speeds right around 20 miles an hour for philadelphia. as we get towards the afternoon, right around your lunch hour maybe you plan on heading outs. hopefully you can stay inside. we're talking wind gusts anywhere from 58 to 60 miles per
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hour for most of the area. so everyone emphas's going to b dealing with these really strong and potentially damaging wind gusts. now you have to factor in the fact we're going to be dealing with cold air moving into the system and the potential for blowing snow. we can't emphasize this enough. this is large system. it is dangerous. and a lot of these impacts are going to happen as you are trying to make it home from work. so be careful today. and right now we're seeing the heaviest rain right now in philadelphia. and then we'll start to see with the blowing snow and then we'll deal with coastal flooding. same thing near ship bottom, and dry in cay may. and if you're closer to dover, we're also seeing drying conditions. coastal flooding is going to be different for us. for a closer look at that we're
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going to send it over to meteorologist steve sosna. >> it's just a complicated and long duration storm and that's what makes it so challenging. this is look at the comcast center. it's going to change each hour. so we're going to be looking at a different picture by the time we get into this afternoon. so my job here is to show what's going to happen in terms of the type of precipitation coming out of the sky. your northern and western neighborhoods, look at these wind speeds. not too bad. 17 in pottstown, 17 in allentown. you start to see these winds stepping up. 24 in pottstown. also notice the rain/snow line starting to collapse down to the south. so that's your change over. doesn't mean it'll stick right away, but that means your visibility will be reduced by snowflakes. by lunchtime today the change over to snow all the way to
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montgomery county right now, wind gusts up to 60 miles per hour. as you can see 50, 60, 65 miles per hour possible along with blowing snow. the morning commute in many areas, it's do-able. the evening commute will be a real tough one here especially with the strong wind gusts and snow. down at the shore again we have multiple threats going on. this go around we're talking about the rain and the wind. so the rain moves out as you can see here during the morning hours it lightens mup. this is an hour by hour situation. these storms are very dynamic. just be careful here. we may see reduced visibility even down at the shore as we get down to this evening. and we're looking at wind gusts 60 to 70 miles per hour even here as well, and the same case
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goes for dover. so there really is no escaping here area by area. >> yeah, steve, you were saying for those commuting this morning it's do-able. but those traveling this morning at 95 i often take the boulevard. and a lot of ponding in different parts of the boulevard. >> i experienced it, too. you're just driving and conditions are wet and then all of a sudden there's this pool of water. especially in the morning hours you don't see it with the s sunrise. >> let's talk more about the commute and what we're seeing on the roads. katey zachary is following that for you this morning. we're talking about our majors. specifically, vai, you were saying the boulevard. and just minutes ago there was a crash reported on the boulevard. it further adds to the vad vice we're giving you all things are a little dicy this morning.
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the good news is the vine is open in both directions, not closed for overnight construction. take a look at your drive time. your drive time is still pretty good. we're seeing average speeds where they should be in the low to mid-60s. into philadelphia that will take you about 13 minutes. let's take a look at the pennsylvania turnpike. because i just got an alert there is some kind of issue twine pa westbound and fort washington northbound. back to you guys. 4:22 right now. a summertime decision for the king. >> what are you talking about? >> oh, you know what we're talking about. lebron james speaks out about reports he's seriously considering moving to philly.
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it's 4:25 right now. we are in a first alert this morning for a major storm bringing rain, dangerous winds and even snow here to our area. here's a live look right now at the jetty in cape may, at the jersey shore big concerns during this storm will be the flooding. and philadelphia is already seeing rain. that will be combined with those destructive winds later today. you see right there not much wind at the air mark bidding. while much of our area will see a bit of snow, the poconos is going to get hit harder. the area could get 5 to 10 inchoffs snow there and white out conditions. well, the white house is showing more signs of turmoil.
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>> another key member of the trump administration may be leaving. national security general h.r. mcmaster could exit the white house as early as this month. those sources say the move is being orchestrated by defense secretary john kelly and mattis. 4:26 right now. bracing for the worst our team coverage of the storm continues. nbc 10's matt delucia joins us live in atlantic city where they're getting ready. >> reporter: and we're here along the road. >> taking a live look outside. you'll start to see our wind speeds pecking up to around 50 to 60 miles per hour today. coastal flooding is an issue. we are watching the potential
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for white out conditions over your evening commute. you want to stick with us. we're updating the situation all through the morning. now let's send it over to katey zachary. this is route 1 in philadelphia. not far from here whisker avenue there was a crash reported. good news is they just cleared it but we're having a lot of issues pop up.
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right now tracking a dangerous storm. we have issued a first alert because of damaging winds, rain and possible flooding. it storm will impact our entire area today. let's take you down the shore.
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you can see the jersey shore, philadelphia, pennsylvania suburbs. all of our area preparing to handle everything from downed tree tuesday near white out conditions because the rain is going to change to snow, too. good morning, this is nbc 10 news today first look at 4:00. >> from the shore to the roads we have a team of reporters fanned out, meteorologists getting you prepared. and let's check in with brittany shipp with more on that. >> we want everiyone to stay sae as we go through the day. the entire area is under this first alert. it wept into effect at 4:00 a.m. and going to continue through tomorrow morning. we're expecting wind gusts anywhere between 50 to 70 miles per hour, coastal flooding, heavy mountain snow. right now we're seeing rain over philadelphia. but it's going to switchover to wet snow and with the potential for white out conditions because we're going to see


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