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tv   NBC10 News Today at 6am  NBC  March 2, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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damaging winds. you've got heavy rain, snow and then the there's flooding. and no matter where you live this snnasty weather is going t impact your neighborhood. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sikehema. >> i'm tracy davidson. we have you covered. we have a team of meteorologists tracking the storm's path and impact. our reporters are showing us cessions you can expect and traffic troubles, we've already had them. we begin with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> lots of moving parts with this system. it's going to last all the way until 10:00 a.m. the reason we issued this is we have wind gusts between 50 to 70 miles per hour today. the one thing we're watching on the coast is the changeover from rain to wet snow that could cause whiteout conditions when you couple it with our wind speeds between 50 and 750 miles
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an hour. right now it's fairly light. if you take a look at the poconos we're starting to see snowfall. and even just to the north of allentown a bit of a changeover. we have light rain and heavier pockets. here is the poconos. again, snow is coming down near lehigh. a little bit of a changeover and wintery mix. we'll start to see cooler air filter in on the back end. what we'll start to see is that cooler air moving in and we're starting to see a changeover near wilmington as well. that is the big thing. as we go into the next few hours we're we'll continue to see rain moving through. by 8:00 a.m. we're tracking wind gusts closer to 30 miles an hour. as we get into your afternoon
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those wind speeds really start to jump as we continue to see rain coming down. and then we start to watch as we get closer to the afternoon and evening hours. we'll time out the rest of this coming up when i see you again with a closer look of what's happening right now on the roadways we'll send it over to kate katey zachary. this is new castle county. there's a crash really clearing out 295. we believe it involves a tractor-trailer. we're getting more information how long it could be out there. but the three left lanes are closed, so only one lane of traffic is getting by that. traffic is starting to back up to the exit just south of there. the new jersey turnpike northbound there's a car fire on the inner drive just as you make your way towards exit 8a.
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so i'll let you know when that does clear. a live look at 95 southbound right at girard avenue we are seeing some wet roads and some ponding on the majors in pennsylvania. another travel note we just got from philly international. 156 flights in and out of philly are canceled right now. we'll keep you updated. always check with your carrier. now let's look another mode of transportation. you can put your umbrellas and hooded jackets this morning. our team coverage continues now in philadelphia. >> nbc 10's randy gyllenhaal is live for us in rittenhouse square where the rain is falling. the last time we saw you the wind was a problem with your umbrella. >> reporter: right now we've got a light drizzle. if you're heading into work you'll nee one of these. we've got some people out here up early this morning. but the one thing we're keeping
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an eye on is right above us. these trees and tree limbs that could come down with high winds expected today. construction crews in the city as well they are on high alert because of high winds. the city actually warning some of these crews they need to secure some of their items, their debris, ladders and scaffoldings because they don't want that blowing around. some crews delaying their work today. take a listen. >> sometimes it's pretty bad because the wind comes and is strong sometimes. even when we are inside, we can feel the wind pretty good. >> reporter: yeah, those winds also going to be a problem for power crews. we caught up with peco as well. they say they're not adding extra crews yet but they'll have a number of them on standby. they say if they're able to go up in their bucket trucks they
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will, but the winds could prevent from doing that. here in the city we mentioned those flight delays and cancellations. if you are heading to work you're going to need one of these all morning. >> randy, thank you. we heard steve and brittney tell us this will be a very dynamic storm, which means it'll be different in different areas. this is a live look right now from atlantic city. and let's take you to the poconos where the story will be snow there. you're looking at camelback mountain. parts of the poconos could see up to 10 inches of snow. you're seeing right happening right now as it switches over to snow. between the rain this morning and the snow mix roads will be slippery. you see the roads are wetd. we are seeing bonding in some
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areas. people are telling us they're hydroplaning. same situation in delaware. a live look at the roads in wilmington. remember you mix in the high winds everyone is going to see. so whether you're seeing rain or snow it could reduce visibility on the roads. and then we have high tides and coastal surges. crews put up barriers and have big pumps ready for any surging water from the delaware river. businesses tell us they're bracing for damaging winds and potential flooding. when there's a weather threat you can count on nbc 10's weather team for the most accurate forecast. >> we begin with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> there's three main parts to this system. we're already starting to see the rain over the past couple of hours here. then we'll start to see blowing snow. and the final piece of the puzzle is going to be the coastal flooding once this system continues to push away and offshore.
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to get you out the door and get you ready for what you're going couple of hours, we'll start off with the radar. and that's showing us light to moderate downpours coming right over philadelphia to trenton. take a look at the poconos as we continue to see cold air filter in on the backside of this system. ts e already starting to see system and filtering through allentown. as the cold air wraps around we're starting to see a bit of wi wilmington. galaway and also atlantic city seeing light rain. we're watching for the changeover regardless of its rain or wet snow, by 10:00, 11:00, we will be dealing with very strong wind speeds, damaging wind speeds.
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here is the break down. i said i'd time this out for you. now we're talking wind gusts in philadelphia 60 miles per hour. wind gusts right around 58 miles per hour. allentown, 62 miles per hour. and then we start to see the switchover. by the time you get ready to head over from work we're still watching these strong wind speeds. we're either dealing with rain or the changeover in parts of allentown, lancaster. this is going to continue to shift. regardless, steve, we will be dealing with those really strong wind speeds throughout all of today heading into tomorrow. for a closer look of the neighborhood break down we'll send it over to you. >> that's right. so weir on the warmer side of the storm yesterday. it was in the upper 50s. this morning the chill, the rawness of the air is out there. and look at these temperatures. we've been watching these temperatures drop all morning.
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and this is a critical part of the forecast today. how low do they get? it's in the upper 30s right now across chester county. montgomery county around 40, and in the lower 40s in bucks county. but these numbers continue to drop, and today's forecast is all about the snow intensity. if we get the intensity of the snow to come down at a hard rate, we will see accumulation all the way through the suburbs and philadelphia. that's the wild card of the storm we've been tracking all day. we know the winds will get stronger midday upwards of 50 miles per hour in the northern and western suburbs. this is the part of the storm that's potentially life threatening, damaging winds, very low visibility and treacherous conditions on the roadway. it's this evening's commute is the one very worrisome with potentially blinding snow and low visibility. that could go all the way down to philadelphia. we'll break down the jersey
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shore and delaware. but, guys, this happened back in february. it's all about the rates. we had 60 degree weather, but still got snow on the ground saturday night because of how intense the snow was coming down. that's why you need to keep checking back each other. >> ten minutes past 6:00 a.m. let's look at drive time and the roads and see how things are going for your morning commute. >> katey zachary has you covered. she's been saying all morning be careful, watch for ponding. >> we're seeing evidence of that on 95. i like this angle because you can see the traffic traveling southbound towards center city philadelphia is breaking considerably. i just checked. there's no crashes. it's just really due to volume and the road conditions, the wet roads. so this is great story, an illustration of what you're going to find on our majors
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throughout our area. again, everything is in the green right now. i thought it would have been in the red but everyone seem tuesday be driving pretty well. in pennsylvania we do have a crash in new jersey in new castle county. and 95 northbound right before you hit the 95, 295 split. and three left lanes are closed. only one lane is getting by. also have a crash on the new jersey turnpike. i'll have details in a bit. fears of a global trade war are impacting your retirement fund this morning. up next president trump's plan that's making the stock market tumble. also our live team coverage on a major storm that's moving through continues. we'll have that straight ahead.
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it's a quarter past 6:00 a.m. on this friday. we're in a first alert as we track a major storm that will
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impact our entire area. we are seeing rain right now, but later today we are dealing with dangerous winds that could knock down trees as well as power lines. we're getting our neighborhood by neighborhood break down in just a few minutes. ll bean is joining the list of major retailers that are changing their gun sale policies following the parkland high school shooting. the company will no longer sell guns or ammunition to anyoneneranyone under the age of 21. that morning that's sparking worries of a tradewer with countries of china, canada and mexico that could raise costs from anything to construction equipment to beer cans. we have new details about the shooting in harrisburg that left two u.s. marshals dead. deputy christopher hill was killed by friendly fire as officers raided a home in january. during the raid the suspect
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started shooting at marshals. deputies shot and killed the suspect as well. a news conference will beal held this morning a day after a jury convicted allentown mayor ed pawlowski. prosecutors say the verdict sends a message to corrupt politicians that they are not above the law. our first alert meteorologist steve sosna and brittney shipp joins us at the desk. 41 degrees right now, but temperatures are going to start dropping. >> yes, and this is why we're concerned about the neighborhoods. neighborhood by neighborhood it changes over through different times. up in the lehigh valley it's going to an earlier start. down at the shore a later start. but i think by evening there will be some wind and blowing snow and tough visibility. it's not that bad out there this morning. it's breezy. there's a little bit of flooding on the roadway, but it's this
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afternoon we're really concerned about and this evening. >> that's right. we're going to time it out for you. basically had you step out the door we're seeing wind speeds maybe only 20 miles per hour. by the time you head out to lunch these wind speeds are going to balloon to about 50 miles per hour for our entire. we're seeing the heaviest rain move through this morning. we'll continue to see precipitation through the afternoon. it'll either by rain or wet snow. damaging wind speeds for the entire area, late morning, all way until tomorrow morning. whiteout conditions are going to be a possibility as some of the rain switches over to wet snow. and this is going to affect your evening commute and continue to tonight. the last thing we're watching is the coastal flooding issues that are going to start tonight but will reach their peak tomorrow morning. this is dynamic storm, lots of moving pieces here. the impacts include power outages, damage to property, coastal roads will be flooded today, dangerous travel for us
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especially when we start to see the changeover depending on which neighborhood you live in. and also evening whiteout conditions. planes and trains will be delayed. so keep this in mind as you're making your plans today. when you're heading to work we're seeing wind speeds of 29 in millville, already gusting to about 31 and as you head out to lunch, take a look at these wind speeds. they jump all it way to 60 miles per hour in philadelphia. this is not just a coastal situation. this is going to happen over philadelphia, lehigh valley, trenton we'll see wind speeds moving right around 60 miles per hour. for atlantic city the same thing, close to 60 miles per hour. once the wind speeds start this is going to continue the entire day tonight until tomorrow morning. right now we're dealing with lots of rain down towards
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philadelphia, reading. poconos seeing snowfall. we'll start to see cold air wrapping around the back end of this system. it's already happening for parts of the poconos. it's going to move down closer to the lehigh valley. and as we close a closer look here towards south jersey and the shore, we're still mainly seeing rain. but the big thing as we go through today is we are watching the changeover from rain to wet snow. we'll time that out for you in just a bit. but right we're sending it over to meteorologist steve sosna. he is timing out the neighborhoods for you. there's a lot of information we're trying tro deliver this morning. this is live look at the kimmel center campus camera. you can see wet streets. again, this morning is not terrible. it's really this afternoon and this evening that we're concerned about. it's that changeover to snow. even through philadelphia and south jersey, now that's a range because the storm's intensity will dictate how fast that
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changeover happens. so that's still a variable at this moment. damaging winds that's a slam dunk. that begins midday and happens this evening through early saturday morning. and then some blinding snow potential there for the evening commute tonight. just because the snow doesn't stick to the ground doesn't mean this is not going to be rough commute but because of the visibility. in the lehigh valley the rain to snow this morning, we're already seeing that changeover happening right now. the damaging winds begin midday and that evening commute looks rough. finally down at the shore this is the real concern. the damaging winds are real close by. they're moving through areas of northern virginia and maryland. right now that pocket is going to enter around 7:00 this morning and continue through midday. minor to moderate coastal flooding today, and moderate to potentially major coastal flooding in spots tomorrow. again, it all depends how strong that storm system gets tonight. it's the same kind of storm that went through baombogenesis
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earlier on in the wintertime that delivered snow to boston. a flush a1 to 4. it's a big range. and up in the poconos you get 5 to 10 inches of snow. storm force 10 on the roads to show you the wet conditions. this is on the road in horsham. we've had a number of crashes. right now talk about something happening in allentown. >> and not far from that area where we're seeing the live video right now. we had a crash earlier right on route 63, and that took a while to clear. we don't know if the wet roads were a cause or factor. but you know what, you can only imagine. because we're seeing ponding and wet roads across our region. things are running pretty smoothly.
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we're seeing light, not even moderate traffic here. and no crashes to report on 78 because of that earlier crash. moving into new jersey, though, they are not free and clear of any issues. just north of here right around exit 8a on the northbound side on the turnpike you will find a car fire. it's in the inner lane where it's in the process of clearing. but the 42 freeway, 295, the parkway is looking good. 6:22 right now. it's tax time. do you save the cash or pay off your debt? we and the experts next. plus our live team coverage on this major storm moving through continues straight ahead.
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emergency. >> this actually america saves week. a program aims to change that. statistic show about 47% of people can't handle annen expected expense of $400 because they don't have any money in savings. also families without savings may also have credit card debt. we asked the president of the counseling center whether it's better to pay off that debt or focus on saving. >> put some money in savings and you might want to focus on paying down more of the debt. but you've got to have savings in place. nine times out of ten the reason the credit existed is because you didn't have the savings in the first place. >> she said the best way is to have your money deducted from your account even if it's a small amount. it's the wind and coastal flooding that's going to be a big concern here. we're checking on the conditions down at the shore. i'll have an update next.
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a weather whirlwind is unfolding outside your window. the rain is starting to change over to snow here in the poconos as we expected. that transition will happen across our area throughout the morning. and the problem facing everyone right now slick roads and ponding. we've got your covered with everything you need to know. 6:30. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikehema. this storm has a lot of angles and what you could expect all demands on where you live. we have a team of meteorologists and reporters tracking this storm. the conditions outside and any traffic trouble you might face with katey zachary. we begin with first alert
6:31 am
meteorologist brittney shipp, though. >> this is challenging storm. things are going to shift, so you have to stick with us as we go through the morning. heavy at times, so that's the fist thing you need to know as you head the door. we're just starting to see breezy conditions. and snow is starting to move into parts of the poconos and also getting closer to it lehigh valley, which basically means we're watching cold air filter in on the back of this system. and even seeing a bit of change over to wet snow just outside wilmington. the thing we're sure of is the fact the entire area is going to be dealing with really strong wind speeds. and we're talking about 50 miles per hour for your lunch hour. moderate rain coming unin parts of westchester. by 9:00 a.m. we're just seeing breezy conditions. closer to cape may we're seeing
6:32 am
wind gusts closer to 40 miles per hour. you will quickly see these wind speeds jump all it way up to 50 miles per hour. in philadelphia, in mt. holly with 44 and moderate downpours. this will be true as we get into your evening commute. the big thing we're going to watch is your change over. so it's pretty challenging. we'll go over more details with the challenge and changeover to wet snow. wire following a number of major issues in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. starting things off in new castle delaware, 95 northbound you'll find there is a crash right at the 495 split. three lanes are closed because of that crash. expect delays. traffic is backing up quite a bit. in new jersey the 42 freeway, things are looking smooth other
6:33 am
than volume. we are following on issue on the new jersey turnpike around exit 8a. you'll find that issue as you're traveling nobld and traveling northbound and on the inner lane. finally moving into pennsylvania, the schuylkill expressway at girard avenue. i like this camera because it does show the wet roads even though we're seeing moderate to heavy traffic, no delays to report on the schuylkill. now to the jersey shore where the storm's winds could have the greatest impact. here's a live picture of the cape may marina where anything not tied down could go flying. >> nbc 10's matt delucia is live for us on the boardwalk where the rain has stopped now but the winds could still be picking up again. >> reporter: the worse is yet to come on the shore. and they have been preparing here as far as the emergency workers are concerned. we're on the boardwalk right now, and it's just damp at the
6:34 am
moment. very few people have been walking around. you have the ocean that we can now see a little bit more of with what we can see with the clouds. just a little bit of sunlight here. this is about as best we're going to get here. the first high tide should happen, the next phase but it's the rain and wind we've been talking about that could cause some major problems along the shore. they say if you live down here or have a summer home you should take precogs as well. >> have an emergency kit, have contact numbers and place to go just in case you should need to use your electric. know how to shut your electric and gas off. >> reporter: another problem would be the wind. also be aware of some possible
6:35 am
road closures depending on what this storm does to the area. very few people out here on the boardwalk. i did talk with one gentlemen within the last hour. unfortunately, he's homeless and he says these next couple of days are going to be pretty difficult for folks like him who are out and about in the city. this is going to be a rough go andplice are going to be out checking. >> we have been talking about the roads. slick conditions may be to blame for this tractor-trailer crash on the blue route. you can see the cab of the truck separated from the frame. fortunately, no one was hurt. this is live view of rittenhouse square. we talked to randy gyllenhaal who was out there. nbc 10 found construction crews preparing their sites for the storm. some crews that would normally
6:36 am
continue working today planned to scale back because of increased dangers in the unfinished buildings. >> and if you're in the lehigh valley you have to be aware of power outages and down trees. yesterday crews cleaned leaves from gutters to make sure can get through those down spouts. no matter where you are or where you're going you're going to want to take it slow. this is 476 near plymouth meeting. later today drivers will have a mix of snow and rain and poor visibility to deal with because of those high winds. and we want to see what's happening outside your window. you can send us your pictures right now on the nbc 10 app. easy to do. we want to see what's happening in your neighborhood. when there's a weather threat you can count on nbc 10's first
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alert weather team for your most accurate forecast. >> we begin with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> areas will see different things at different times. everyone is pretty much seeing rainfall this morning. by your late morning hours heading into the afternoon, evening, and into tomorrow morning that's when our damaging wind speeds will pick up. we'll track wind speeds closer to 50 miles per hour for the entire area. one thing we're watching is if the rain is going to switchover to snow, and that could cause whiteout conditions. even for parts of the area with those really strong wind speeds your visibility will be decreased. so you need to take it easy no matter where you are. coastal flooding expected for us as well. here's our first alert radar. right over philadelphia stretching down towards wilmington. allentown up through poconos we're watching snowfall. so we're already starting to see cold air move into the system on
6:38 am
the back end bringing us snow from the poconos into the lehigh valley. and also starting to switchover in parts of wilmington. the entire area dealing strong wind speeds. as we take you through 9:00 our temperatures stay above freezing. although we have cold air coming in, we still have really warm surface temperatures. 9:00 a.m. for parts of philadelphia, heavier rain for doylestown, parts of trenton, mount holly. and those wind speeds will start to pick up as well. but the big talker for today is going to be the changeover challenge. we have the cold air moving in on the backside of the system. we also know that we have above freezing surface temperatures. for a closer look and a break down of this challenging forecast we're going to send it over to meteorologist steve sosna. >> yeah, that's right right, brittney, it is a challenge. and the reason why is we're seeing a variation in our models. some models predicting upwards
6:39 am
of 8 inches of snow and others say nothing. the reason for that is this is called a bomb cyclone. this is the second one, and some models don't capture the detail and the details are extremely important. conditions along 95 are moving well. you'll be able to see we do continue to see even the chilly conditions in philadelphia. we're looking at temperatures in the upper 30s. so my graphics are not advancing, but my main points i want to give you here today are the winds stepping up -- thank you, brittney. upper 30s in philadelphia as well to lower 40s. we're seeing that wind pick up out of the northwest at about 15 miles per hour. throughout the day today it's about the temperature drop and that rain/snow line. you can see it dropping past
6:40 am
allentown. and i can tell you from my observation here there's a few wet flakes starting to mix in. we'll get the changeover to snow by midday. and winds really ramp up by lunch hour through the evening hour. that's when the damaging winds combined with blinding snow doesn't necessarily accumulate on the ground, but the visibility will be low. we'll be tracking that throughout the morning, and it's important you stay with us throughout it day because storms like this do throw curve balls, so we'll be on top of those changes each and every hour. >> good storm work by our team of meteorologists. we also have good teammates in our first alert traffic center. >> katey zachary has been monitoring road conditions and a number of crashes this morning. >> i just smiling in response to vai's comment. on a more somber note we do have a lot more issues going on. this is girard avenue where we're seeing traffic slow considerably. this is southbound traffic heading towards center city
6:41 am
philadelphia. your drive times are reflecting the problem out there. it's about a 25 minute drive. we are seeing speeds slow to the mid-30s right now, which is typical for this time of the morning because we see an up tick in traffic because of the morning rush. it's getting pretty dicy out there, and this is a shot of the wet roads. this is cherry hill route 38, light traffic here. so that's the good news. throughout the -- across our region you're really going to have to be tapping your brakes. and we are going to be finding some crashes. we don't know if it's a result of the bad weather, but one can only guess. this is new castle county right before you hit the 495 split. all this week we have been focusing on medical debt that has been putting families everywhere in financial strain. >> what you can do to avoid falling behind when medical
6:42 am
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tracking the major storm we will see a range of kriconditio today from rain to snow to dangerous winds. our team of first alert meteorologist will break it down neighborhood by neighborhood in a few min. and here's a live look right now at philadelphia international airport. more than 150 flights so far in and out of philadelphia have already been canceled. the airports say some airlines are willing to waive your fees. we have storm force 10 checking on the roads for us.
6:46 am
so far we've gotten reports of hydroplaning and ponding on the roads in many places, so you'll need to take it easy as you drive. all this week we've been showing you the misery created by medical debt and the growing effort to help erase that debt for people in our area. >> nbc 10 responds reporter harry harristen tells us they are part of 1.1 million people smothered in medical debt in our area. >> oh, yeah, it's a major problem. medical debt is the leading cause of personal bankruptcy in the u.s. overcoming that debt may feel like an never ending battle. but there are some things you can do to avoid this situation. stay in your medical insurance network. also you want to talk to your doctor or the hospital and and how much you should be charged and and your provider to work out a payment plan if you can't
6:47 am
pay the full amount. if you are in clecks taollectio to the agency holding your debt. >> they've probably bought it for some discount on the dollar. so you have a better chance of negotiating with them because they're trying to settle an account. >> our parent company has donated $150,000 to rip medical debt to help erase $15 million in medical debt nationwide. that includes $2 million of debt in our viewing area alone. and you can go to or nbc 10's app to make your own donation if you would like to. we also have other resources if you are fighting medical debt. no one can sign-up to have their debt abolished. the process is anonymous and random. >> you can be dealing well
6:48 am
financially until all of a sudden you have a medical issue and all of a sudden you're sunk. >> it could happen just that quickly. >> all right, now let's talk about the weather. 6:48. main concerns today, rain, snow, wind, coastal flooding. a live picture hof rittenhouse square, which doesn't look bad right now but our meteorologists have been saying don't be fooled because things are going to change. >> we've only been seeing wind speeds around 15 miles per hour, but closer to lunchtime now we're trabicking wind gusts clor to 50 miles per hour. property damage, coastal roads will be flooded today. dangerous travel is expected especially as some of the rain switches over to wet snow, and evening whiteout conditions a possibility for parts of the area. trains and planes will be
6:49 am
delayed so make sure you're checking in with our airport and train stations. future wind gusts show by 9:00 a.m. we're just around 25 miles per hour. closer to dover it's stronger. almost 40 mile per hour wind speeds. same thing for rehoboth beach and avalon. 58 in westchester. take a look at avalon. 58 in atlantic city, 55 in ann arbor. plus we have rain to tell you about over philadelphia with moderate downpours in there. same thing over wilmington. vineland looks to be dry right now. reading also seeing light rain. take a look at allylten. we're starting to see some of the rain switchover to snow. so that's what we're watching is all of this rain switching over to wet snow, and it could happen
6:50 am
right over your evening commute. we'll have more detail on that, but for our coastal flooding issues we'll send it over to meteorologist steve sosna. so the coastal element is a significant one at that. it just depends on what neighborhood you're in. not a lot of action right now in philadelphia. chilly, it's raw but not terrible. a live look at ocean city, new jersey, right now. the boardwalk. that soft churning right now and i've been watching the pressure falls off the east coast. some other indicators we had a 66 mile per hour wind gust down in virginia, and we've also been watching in and around the washington, d.c. area of wind gusts of 60 to 62 miles per hour. taking a look at the coastal aspect of this storm that's certainly on the board here with this morning's high tide and evening high tide with minor to potentially high flooding here. but it's really tomorrow
6:51 am
morning's high tide we're concerned about, especially the western shore here. so anything tat faces the bay, the barrier islands, the western shores there facing the bays and down in delaware, too. especially lewis because we'll have that wind driving in from the land towards the water. a live look at i-95 in south philadelphia. the threat here is a little bit different. we have the drizzle out there now. the heavy rain threat has pretty much fizzled out here. and we're going over to the wind now and potentially some snow. we have a high wind warning in effect for the entire viewing area. the heavy rain aspect as i mentioned is starting to fade, but it's the winter storm element that will become the main concern along with the wind. that's something that we'll be tracking all day long in the weather center. we'll have the whole weather team you. >> nine minutes before 7:00 a.m. as you're driving be careful of
6:52 am
ponding. >> let's get you to work for starters. katey? >> this is good snapshot of what's going on on pennsylvania roads at least. you can see our drive time is pretty good. it's average. average speeds right now in the low 60s. you can see from our camera there is a lot of moisture out there. the roads are wet, and that's causing drivers to go a little bit slower. we're seeing that on 95 and 76. so the schuylkill expressway especially southbound heading towards center city, philadelphia, are seeing some slowing because of cruel y'all volume and wet roads. the 42 freeway is looking good other than volume and 295 is
6:53 am
looking good as well. starting tomorrow, 445, customers getting new phone numbers in philadelphia. and parts of berks, bucks and lehigh valley counties will be assigned a new number with the 445. people with 445 area codes will need to use 10 digit dialing for local numbers. on sunday on old city restaurant damaged by fire last month hopes the community will help its employees. 20 restaurants from around town will be bringing the food. the little lions employees could be out of work for two months. the philadelphia flower show starts tomorrow. at the convention center it runs through march 11th. tickets start at $32 when you buy them online. we'll be right back with a live state by state look with the wind and rain hitting our area
6:54 am
this morning as the major storm moves through.
6:55 am
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6:57 am
a first alert is in effect this morning as a major storm brings brings us a mix of high winds, rain and heavy flooding. >> and a live look across our area starting with the injures so shore. >> reporter: i'm matt delucia on the boardwalk in atlantic city where the rain has stopped for for you. but more high wind and rain expected in the next 24 hours. emergency workers say they're getting prepared and they advise you should be prepared as well.
6:58 am
>> reporter: and i'm randy gyllenhaal. we're live here in rittenhouse square. also keeping an eye above on those tree and tree branches. when those heavy winds pick up later today we could see a threat of power outages in the city. storm force 10 has been checking on the road conditions all morning. a look look at roxborough. poconos mountains could get up to 10 inches of snow during this storm. now let's take a look at allentown. >> a live picture right now overlooking camden. crews in south jersey, they're ready for the storm. street flooding also a concern in delaware. here's a live look at the roads from our camera at the blue rock stadium in wilmington. a quick scroll of our
6:59 am
traffic cameras. this is 95 southbound at girard avenue. we're seeing a lot of brake lights. look at your drive time. 20 minutes to go between wood haven and the vine street expressway. we're also seeing some wet roads in new jersey. i-195 at the new jersey turnpike. just north of here at the exit 8a we are seeing on the northbound side and inner lane a car fire that's affecting traffic as well. all right, we're tracking rain moving through the area. the wind speeds have not picked up yet. we're also watching a bit of a changeover here. we saw a beach changeover in wilmington as cold air starts to filter into this system. the big story is still going to be our high wind speeds as we go through the entire day. parts of rain through philadelphia, the thing we'll see as you go into this afternoon. we're watching closely the changeover from the rain to the
7:00 am
wet snow which would bring down your visibility as you're trying to make it home from work. so we want everyone to be very careful. >> download the nbc 10 app. we'll keep you updated throughout the morning. good morning. coast-to-coast wild weather. a powerful nor'easter slamming tens of millions from maryland to maine. flooding, fierce winds and heavy snow. leading to a nasty commute, with flights canceled nationwide. and outest, mudslide fears force an emergency evacuation of 30,000 people overnight. we'll cover it all live. nbc exclusive, vladimir putin speaking out after boasting to the world at his nuclear weapons. what it will take for him to use them and his message to the u.s. about-face. a late-night meeting behind closed doors


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