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tv   NBC10 News Today at 400am  NBC  March 7, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EST

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some of them have been out
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overnight treating the roads. chester county is concerned. government offices and courts are closed today. they are getting prepared by keeping as many home as possible. department of emergency services have been advising 350e78 through social media, charge your phones, tablets, anything you can just in case power does go out. this morning it is all about taking it easy. if you don't have school, work, stay home. wl be out here checking the conditions. nbc 10 news. thank you. given the accumulation we got overnight at nbc 10 studios, you can see it covering the grass, trees, parking lots, mostly slushy. tree limbs sneaking up on drivers on dark parts of belmont
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avenue. our team coverage continues now. randy, thousands of people still without power from the storm. >> reporter: delaware county still without power. this new system is moving through. right now we're getting a steady snowfall. it is this nasty wet slushy snow. you can see it sticking to some of the branches here. trees have snow on them. you can see the rain/snow line. the snow is winning that battle. it is still wet on the roadways. not a lot of people out this morning. we have seen a few clouds. as we get more snow, that will change. they are up early this morning hoping for a big stphofl. take a listen.
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>> it's good so far. i hope we have a lot of snow. >> good for business? >> good for business, yeah. >> how has business been? >> little stuff. not much. not much big stuff. >> we are still waiting on the big storms. you might get busy later today. we will be watching for the power outages, especially for the people who still don't have power away. in norwood, a lot of those folks don't have power. combine that with cold temperatures and this brand-new storm system, that will be an issue. we see another plow truck early this morning. we are treating the roads. as you head out, hopefully the roads are looking okay. live in delaware county, nbc 10. >> it will be a long day for the plow drivers. over to lehigh valley. 8 to 13 inches possible here.
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again, this is a live look at allentown. trucks hit the street hours before the snow started following there. road crews will work 12-hour shifts around the clock until the snow is clear. everyone was getting ready yesterday. that was the opportunity. starting 8:00 this morning, a snow emergency goes into effect. >> that means they will tow parked cars. i-95 in south florida, snow is falling there. coming at you right now in that area. we will see a little bit more later on as the day continues on. pen tkrot clearipenndot clearin. airport officials say airlines
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are offering fee waivers to change flight plans. you should check in with your carrier before you leave for the airport. and city offices are closed because of this storm. all courts and court offices closed. trash and recycling suspended for today. >> about an inch or so in other parts of the region. windy conditions later in the day. it will move further inland. we can tell you areas of south jersey, two to six inches of snow. the governor says road crews are ready to tackle the storm head on. he's urging residents stay home if you don't need to be out so road crews can do their job. a live picture from wilmington, i-95 in the upper half of the shot, the car just coming across that bridge in the
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lower half of the street light you can see it is dark. they're getting some rain. a little mixture there this morning. >> more than 10,000 peco customers remain without power. the highest number is in montgomery county. 4,000 people are without service right now. numbers slightly lower in delaware county. philadelphia, chester, fewer than 1,000. bucks county, just short of 600. >> make sure you have the nbc app app. you can see snow totals and full list of school closures. 4:07, 33 degrees outside. our meteorologists have been given us heads-up about this. we had time to prepare yesterday. now it's here. >> he we had a couple days, right? let's check in with brittany schiff to find out what the latest is. >> it will stay effect all day
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long. it will stay in effect until 7:00 a.m. accumulating snows with heavy wet snow. it is messy out there. be very, very careful, especially into the evening commute. right now we are seeing breezy conditions. as we get into the afternoon and evening, we will see wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour. that will have the ability to bring down trees and also power lines. we are watching the wind speeds carefully. it is not going to be as strong as the last system but could cause another round of power outages for us. we are seeing rainfall closer to cape may. but the big story is the snow we
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are already seeing develop across the area. we slide over here to philadelphia where we are still dealing with lots of snow coming down. same things for king of prussia. westchester, again, all starting to see the snow here. wilmington, we are starting to see darker blue, that's more moderate snow coming down for us. but it is not the entire area. if you're closer to the shore, we are seeing rainfall near atlantic city to sea issl s atlantic city to sea isslisle, may. it is possible along the shore we will just continue to see a lot of rain throughout the day. most of the area is expected snow. wind speeds another concern for us. right now it is relatively calm. toms river, close to 17, even 20 miles per hour. that's going to shift as we go into the rest of today.
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wind gusts 40 miles per hour. for a closer look as we look ahead, over to meteorologist crystal clyde. >> we will really dive neighborhood to neighborhood. we will start pennsylvania suburbs. this is a live look from allentown. the picture is quiet right now, and i will tell you why. this storm system is wrapping in ocean air. it is is pulling from the ocean. they were just getting rain the last few hours. as a whole, this handles the timing ofl of the rain and snow very well. i want to show you a closer look. parts of the suburbs, lehigh, burks county. the model is just snowfall. it may be thinner along the northwest edge. again, we have the dryer air moving in.
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it will force in more moisture. we will see the snow return. some of the high totals will be bucks county, montgomery, lehigh county and burks county as well. the tkaoper blue indicating a steadier pickup of snow as we go through these areas. we could start to see more of the limited visibility conditions out there with higher snowfall rates. we're talking noon to 5:00 p.m. snowfall can be between one and two inches per hour. it is all sticking, which is why we have the higher totals. temperatures around freezing. slightly warmer. a little dryer. by 5:00, 6:00, we will start to see the clearout. coming up in a few minutes, i will talk about more snow totals across the region and impacts across the neighborhood. >> thank you, crystal. 11 minutes past 4:00 a.m. on this wednesday.
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a lot of you have the good fortune of staying home today. a few of you may have to go to work or school. >> 295, it is showing you the lesser traveled roads. if you look here, it is wet. a slight slushy mess. that will be the difference. the second is ear and back roads, that's when it is going to get worse. they have been pretreated. stick to the majors as much as you can right now. we have down wires on route 73 northbound and southbound near route 130 to 73 southbound also blocked. heavy delays and detours.
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checking in with everything. no delays or anything reported yet. severe weather scheduled for new jersey transit. a snow schedule. and modified for amtrak. rules of the road. a dangerous situation you may run into during a storm and ways to protect yourself. slips and falls. the weather raises serious health concerns. from boots to shoveling, what you need to know to stay safe. >> and one part of the beach is sparking worries this morning.
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. a major winter storm is
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pounding our region. here's a live look at route 202, at route 29 in chester county. so far up to 3 inches of wet snow is piled up on the grass. under the city's snow emergency, which gens at 8:00 and means you've got to move your cars off the snow emergency routes or they will be towed. and you can see the storm system over us on our first alert radar. we will be dealing with accumulating snow, wind, and rain throughout the day. and we're watching conditions all across our region including in delaware this morning. >> thanks for joining us this morning. just give us a quick status of roads, how they look in delaware right now. >> so far we're seeing mostly wet conditions on the roadways. though in northern delaware we have seen an accumulation of snow already on trees and wires.
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and that's really going to be our primary concerns if the morning hours. >> i know i saw you tweet a speed limit reduced on 95. so what's your advice for drivers? >> be aware of the conditions as they worsen and be aware of the plows out salting and plowing. >> you mentioned the downed trees, the possibility of downed trees with the heavy snow that's going to fall. certainly that's a concern. tell us how you'd guys would deal with that later? >> many are still cleaning up trees and wires from the last storm, and so clearing trees and wires is obviously going to be a concern this morning.
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>> thangz, and we'll check back in with you as conditions change. let's switch gears and talk jersey shore. crews scrambled last night to shore up a section of beach in north wild wood. >> they are concerned about an area between sixth and seventh avenues. the worry is that the storm moving through this morning could pound the shore leading to more beach erosion and potential flooding. 4:18 right now, 33 degrees outside. let's talk about the wind, the rain, and the wet snow so far. >> there's a lot to cover. let's check in with brittney shipp. >> we can't emphasize enough how careful you need to be as we go through today because the heaviest snow is not even here yet. here's a quick time line for you. we're seeing snow for parts of the area, wintery mix and mainly
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rain at the coast. 8:00 to 10:00, we start to see that snow rate picking up a bit, and that's when that steady, wet snow continue tuesday come down. between 6:00 and 10:00, snow and rain at the coast will end. we're also dealing with wind speeds. i'm tracking where everything is right now throughout most of the neighborhoods. first we'll flyioup up to the poconos where you have light rain. richmond seeing a little bit of light snow. if you're closer to reading it looks like it's just starting to switchover from a wintery mix to a light snow. same thing for chester. things are picking up in wilmington because we always start to see the darker blues here. that's moderate snow coming
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down. salem, pittsburgh all starting to see snowfall. egg harbor city seeing a rain snow mix. it's basically most of the area is going to see heavy snow. closer to the shore that's where we're going to see little bit of less snow, but for a closer look at snow totals we're going to send it over to meteorologist kryst krystal klei. >> this is actually from storm ranger 10 we longed into the suburbs yesterday so we could get an accurate picture. and so far storm ranger reporting just snow throughout the suburbs. these are snow totals we are forecasting. we have updated this map just a bit last night as we were watching that storm develop off the coastline.
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around 8 to 13 inches, could see a bit more in parts of upper burkes county, berks county and lehigh valley and up through the poconos where the total will possibly be a bit higher. 6 to 10 inches over the suburbs and stretching out through chester county as well. and look at this blue. this is the 4 to 8 inch range. wilmington, through delco, except for the northern most range of philadelphia like chestnut hill, and then that stretches into mercer county as well. it'll be a quick 2 to 6enches that falls over parts of south jersey. and mostly rain expected along the delaware shore and jersey beaches. i think this model showing the line starts to edge close to philly. philly may stick with just wet snow, but there may be more rain in areas like camden, glossner
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county. why? that's the ocean air sweeping in. that's going to bump up the temperatures. bam, just like that, the cold air is going to wrap in. notice the arrows are going to turn. snow the snow starts to dig further south. and look at that 10:00 to the afternoon, that is a heavy snow and very hard and nearly impossible to drive in. and this is going to continue as we progress through about 5:00 in the evening. and then the snow is going to start to pull out of the area, and we should start to dry. and by the time we get into your thursday morning temperatures are cold but the snow is no longer in place. we'll talk more about the local impacts coming up. >> thank you, krystal. let's get a look at the blue route this morning. look at that snow. the roads aren't too bad. they're a little slushy in some spots and you can see definitely some accumulation off into the
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grassy areas and center median as well. that's what's to come. but right now watching cars be able to get by. route 73 southbound side is closed because of those downed wires. from the southbound ramp from 130 to 73 southbound is blocked, too. in norristown new jersey we're watching route 38 at nixon drive. you can see the roads are definitely wet and the accumulation off into the grassy areas and center median as well. jessica, thank you. a dangerous sthal. what you should do if you face an intersection problem during a storm. and a live look at center city as the snow continues to come down. we have a team of reporters and meteorologists tracking it all for you.
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4:26 and we are tracking this major winter storm this morning, and storm ranger 10 is giving us this live picture from the airport in collegeville. you see the snow falling there. montgomery county has already seen a couple of inches of snow so far this morning. there's much more to come as this storm pounds our region throughout today. and let's take a live look right now at the penns landing area. the street department is mobilizing its crew at midnight and has 400 available to clear the roads. now police reminding you what to do if you come to a
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signal that's not working. >> the rule of thumb is treat it like a four-way stop. most of them have led lights instead so they don't generate heat and won't melt the snow. so the snow accumulates on the lights so the signal is hard to see. a heavy storm is moving into our area right now and we have team coverage monitoring it all. nbc 10's matt delucia. >> reporter: and we're in malvern right now where it meet up with 202. definitely a coating on the grassy surfaces. the roads mostly wet right now. we're going to give you a live look at conditions from people on the roads. >> and you're taking a live look on i-95. we want everyone to stay safe today as we're tracking this nor'easter bringing snow and rain at the coast and also
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strong wind speeds. what you need to know for your neighborhood coming up after the break.
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4:30. nor'easter danger. right now heavy snow begins to pummel our area. here's a live look at center city, philadelphia, where drivers will be facing a dangerous commute. and here's a look at allentown. lehigh valley will likely get the most snow out of this storm. and don't expect it to let up anytime soon. we have you covered with everything you need to know around our area. >> we have issued a first alert for our entire area this


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