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toward the afternoon, it's only going to feel like low 30s for today. i'm tracking the full details. the forecast coming up in a bit. now to jessica and traffic. watching the schuylkill expressway, the schuylkill expressway was a big mess yesterday. much better now. at least the report around girard avenue. both directions, you see it looks a little shiny on parts of the road. shiny means a little slippery. watch getting on the on and off ramps, watching lingering precipitation or frozen roadways either direction. watch merion at 422. and 55 at 49 in millville. not too bad. you can't see the roads as much because there's not a lot of cars moving through. when one does come it's often to the center medians and shoulders. watch the on and off ramps.
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that's a problem again e agathi morning. >> thanks. matt delucia has been tracking conditions in storm force 10. he joins us live in manayunk, and the roads and hills, we know about those. is it slick out there? >> reporter: it is a little slick. that happens in manayunk after big storms. we're at manayunk avenue here. you see that all the black ice jessica was talking about, you see that shine. be careful. this is haley -- a hilly street, as well. looking at wendover street, still snow covered, hasn't been touched with a plow or any snow-removal vehicle. you also see the tire tracks down there where you get some of the black ice there, as well. you slide around the hills at manayunk and roxboro. of course, that is bad news. so talking about the roads and spinouts, we saw a lot of them yesterday. aaa responded to more than 1,000
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calls in the philadelphia five-county area yesterday. mostly because of drivers losing control, skidding, getting stuck on the side of the road. this is a situation getting into the morning rush. if you're getting out and getting snow off your car, it's icier than it was yesterday before we went to bed. we'll get back to storm force 10 now, head out on the rest of the roads. we'll be traveling to delaware county, through south philadelphia. seeing how the conditions are throughout the area this morning. for now, live in manayunk, matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> thanks. we'll check back. cars can again park on snow emergency routes in philadelphia. that's a heads up as we look at broad street. the city ended its snow emergency at 9:00 last night. also city government offices which were closed yesterday will be back open today. and this morning, if you're taking mass transit, septa plans to run a normal schedule. there could be delays. septa will update times before the rush hour begins. amtrak on a modified schedule. expect delays there.
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n.j. transit running a close-to-normal schedule. airport officials say there could be leftover delays, so check your flight status before heading to the airport. the storm left thousands without power across our region. the hardest hit, bucks county leads the way with more than 51,000 customers still in the dark. more than 19,000 remain without power in burlington county this morning. with fivewood and water in the trunk -- firewood and water in the trunk of their car, the valentino family in newtown is prepared for what could be days without power. they're among the thousands of homes and businesses making due without electricity in bucks county following the storm. and now here's a live look at allentown from our camera at the ppl center. today people will be busy clearing out the heavy snow that fell through much of the afternoon yesterday. today new jersey governor phil murphy will visit sussex county. the governor will talk with residents about restoring power there knocked out by the storms
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yesterday and last friday. in ocean city, a lightning strike sparked this fire in ship bottom. nobody was hurt. also lightning struck a teacher's umbrella outside manchester middle school yesterday. we have learned the teacher will be okay. camden county police officers went on snow patrol in camden yesterday, clearing heavy, wet snow from sidewalks and address. they checked on older residents, as well. and heading to delaware, here's a live look at wilmington. dark, but that is blue rock stadium. communities throughout the area measured four to ten inches of snow yesterday. the snow hit hard in north wilmington. all local, county, and delaware state offices closed early in new castle county. and schools were closed yesterday which kept the traffic light. download the free nbc10 app to stay up to date on the weather conditions and the storm cleanup. you can find more pictures and videos of the snow and get updates on power outages and
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school closings. in other top stories this morning -- >> in chester county, regulators have shut down the mariner east pipeline again. for months it's been plagued by sinkholes and water contamination issues. the recent sinkholes opened over the weekend. now the public utilities commission says continued operation in the area could be "catastrophic." sunoco now has to inspect the lines and test the ground, and that could take ten days or more. the eagles make it clear they are in it to win another super bowl. >> indeed. the eagles agreed to a trade for seattle's michael bennett. a great player. the eagles get bennett, seventh round pick, in exchange for fifth-round pick and receiver marcus johnson. the defensive end was a pro-bowler in each of his last three season. and his new teammates are welcoming bennett. carson wentz tweeted, "welcome to the squad. excited to have you."
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also, "i'm glad i don't have to play our d line. #nasty." wentz isn't the only one excited. chris maragos was bennett's teammate in seattle. >> he's the type of guy that when he laces them up and puts the shoulder pads on sundays, the guy is an animal. he's out there, you know, wreaking havoc on the quarterbacks. you know, what's unique about him is his ability to play all along the line. it's going to be good for our team and locker room. ♪ >> the eagles' center, jason kelsey. linebacker michael kendricks there leading the crowd in the eagles chant. the flyers' mummers hat. and the "let's go flyers" chant. unfortunately, they -- >> that's was the best part of last night's game. what i'm going to say about that. ♪ 4:06. we'll talk about the cleanup.
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>> brittney shipp, i guess we'll have a day today, going to warm up, 40 degrees. in the 40s for the people who start shoveling, if they haven't already started? >> that's right. be careful of shoveling the heavy snow. you also want to drive slowly because it warms into the 40s, temperatures in a lot of locations are close to freezing. that will give us slippery areas. dress for the windchill. it's going to feel like 20s and 30s for most of the day. and then again, be careful shoveling. watch for melting snow. we could see flooding for poor drainage areas as the snow starts to melt. coastal look at our satellite radar shot. not picking up any snow. we're mainly seeing a few clouds as the system continues to move away from us. behind it, we're still seeing gusty wind speeds. so we are watching that for you. that's why we are going to see those cooler conditions, cooler than the actual temperatures. here's the planner for philadelphia, 6:00 a.m. 32 degrees. 36 by 10:00 a.m. by 2:00 p.m., temperatures pushing into the 40s. for our p.a. suburbs, starting off in the low 30s, 34 degrees
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at 10:00 a.m. 38 at 2:00 p.m. very cold. 6:00 p.m., 31 degrees. 10:00, 35 degrees. 38 by 2:00 p.m. closer to delaware, temperatures pushing to the low 40s. new jersey suburbs will push into the 40s, as well. toward the shore, more sunshine toward the afternoon, temperatures at 42 degrees. going into the 5:00 hour, wind gusts around 26 miles per hour. 29 in parts of west chester up to 31 near avalon toward the afternoon. again, still a windy day. blowing snow around. then as we get toward the evening hours, we're still with wind gusts 20 to 30 miles per hour going into tomorrow morning. the wind speeds are going to be with us for a while. our current temperatures now, 35 in allentown. 31 in pottstown. we're at 35 degrees in philadelphia. and 33 degrees in millville. coming up, we'll talk more about
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what's in store in your seven-day forecast. and unfortunately, there is another system that could bring us snow and rain back to the area. i'll let you know when coming up. >> what? >> i know. >> this early in the week, we hoped it wasn't true. the majors, they're plowed. there are slick spots. >> and snow-covered roads -- forget the majors. if you have to get to the majors, right, it's snow covered. slippery. >> right. for sure. so the majors are really where you'll try to stick today. that's what your best bet will be. i know it's really not something that everyone can totally avoid. but for most part, you should try at least to take most of your trips on bigger roads and more heavily traveled roads, as well. this is 95 around woodhaven. blurry now. i don't know what's happening with this. both directions not too bad. snow off into the shoulder, slippery spots, too. you can -- when it's not blurry on the camera, you see a little that the roads are shiny. expecting some frozen spots and slick spots, even on the majors.
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some of the areas that are heavily plowed. watch for a crash on upper merion on the schuylkill's westbound ramp to 202 and 422 for now. speed restrictions, too, on the new jersey turnpike. 45 miles per hour on the new jersey turnpike from the delaware memorial bridge headed north and southbound to exit a in south brunswick. watch for feed restrictions. even if you don't see restrictions, go slower on the roads -- especially the on and off ramps, as well. >> thank you. protecting yourself after the storm. what you need to be on the lockout for as you begin the -- the lookout for as you begin the cleanup. plus this -- [ screams ] snowstorm teamwork. how a team works to get back on course. billboard battle. the fight heats up. >> come on. >> who's now taking on the sixers. you kidding me?
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today people are cleaning up and getting back to work and school following yesterday's winter storm. storm force 10 is driving along mitchell street in roxboro. you see how much snow there is. they plowed the middle of the road. the first alert continues through 7:00 this morning. watch for icy spots or snow-packed roads as you head out the door this morning. and here's a live look at i-95 in south philadelphia. >> much different than yesterday, right? >> much different. especially in the afternoon, right? major roads there. they look -- they're in decent shape. watch for freezing on off ramps and side streets, as we were
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talking about with jessica. 4:13. something else to watch for, people trying to take advantage of you and steal your money. pennsylvania's attorney general reminds homeowners that criminals can prey on people in need of home repairs or tree removal following the storm. to protect yourself, research the contractor, watch out for unsolicited door-to-door sales pitches, don't make large, up-front payments, and get a written estimate for the work. a visiting basketball team got stuck in our snowstorm, had to work together yesterday. watch this -- >> whoa! come on. >> yeah. that's the northeastern women's basketball team. they got stuck on the hill after practice at st. joe's university yesterday afternoon. the women got off the bus and look -- yes! >> girl power! >> the team made it safely to the power. they played delaware -- play delaware in the quarterfinals
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this afternoon. instead of using brute force, neighbors used a shovel to come to the aid of a stuck septa trolley after the trolley got stuck in the snow in philadelphia's honesburg neighborhood. the neighbors pitched in and took turns digging it out. >> a snowstorm brings people together, doesn't it? >> it really does. today it will be back to school and work for most families across our area. at least they had fun with the snow. >> great snowman out here. >> i'm throwing snowballs. >> we found people sledding and getting in snowball fights in chester and delaware counties yesterday. what fun. it was wet, good packing snow. look at this viewer video. >> whoa! >> that's big air. that's in the olympic spirit. the sledder flew down a big hill in kennett square. nice! we always want to see your
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pictures and videos. we love to share them. send them through our free nbc10 app. just scroll down to the bottom and just click on "see it, share it." makes it so easy. >> yeah. since we're the olympic station. that video will come in handy when the kid goes to the olympics. >> pull it out. >> exactly. we'll check how things are looking. 38 degrees, above freezing. that's going to help with the snow. >> what's to come today? >> it is going to help with the snow, but a few locations north and west of us, some of the suburbs are closer to freezing. so we're concerned about the messy roads as everyone tries to head to work. more wind into today and tomorrow. flurries into friday. we're tracking yet another system late sunday into monday. we'll show you what that looks like. lots of clouds. the satellite radar showing flurries way to the west of us near williamsport. as we widen out the picture, you see where this system is still bringing a lot of snow to the boston area. we're done with the system.
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behind the system is causing stronger wind speeds. tomorrow, a chance of a quick burst of flurries as we go into the morning and once again into the afternoon. this will be quick. gearing up for sunday, watching this, what a model suggests. by 10:00 p.m., you could see a wintry mix here moving its way up near parts of cape may and eventually the possibility of bringing us a quick shot of snow as we go through monday. that's in the seven-day forecast. of course, it's really early, so we'll have to firm up details on that. it's back in that forecast, a chance of another round of snow. right now, we're at 35 in allentown. 31 in pottstown. 35 in philadelphia. temperatures at 34. millville, 33. areas like pottstown, lancaster, right below freezing. snow especially on unplowed side
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streets. be careful today and be careful shoveling heavy snow, as well. our feels-like temperatures, the other big story. it's going to feel cold throughout the day. the wind speeds are staying strong. wind gusts up to 20, 25 miles per hour. our actual temperatures around 40. you factor that together at 7:00 a.m., still feeling like right at 20 degrees. 20 in doylestown, pottstown, philly. into the afternoon hours, temperatures are still going to feel like they're around 32 to about 34 degrees. the next three days, temperatures will bump up into the 40s. we have to watch for a stray flurry or so on friday. as we get into late sunday night, monday, there's yet another chance of snow back in the forecast. >> it's going to be a while before you see what happens with the models, right? >> yes. i have to say it like that -- >> yeah. going to say it nicely. >> thanks. now let's talk about your ride to work now. >> let's check in with jessica
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boyington. where are you starting us off? 209? >> yep. cameras at the p.a. turnpike. so not too bad so far. i picked it because you could see underneath the lights here that the roads were shiny. we have off into the shoulders snow still gathering. for the most part, the majors are fine. that's where you want to stick with as much as possible this morning. when you're there, remember the ramps will be an issue. in upper merion, a crash on the westbound ramp from the schuylkill expressway to route 202 and 422. florida that -- that area slippery. 95 through delaware, not bad. north and south, 11 minutes. same story here with the roads mostly clear apart from the on and off ramps being slippery. 495, 295, speeds almost to the 60s on the northbound side. >> thank you. travel alert. the new warning to stay away from one resort town. virtual violence. today president trump meets with leaders of the video game industry. how it's becoming part of the
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gun debate. call to action. the switch companies are making to mark international women's day and why it might be turning heads today.
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4:22. today our region is recovering from yesterday's winter storm. this is a live look at 9th street in south philadelphia where some cars are still encased in snow which is now ice. camden, the skyline. south jersey got its snow. portions of camden county getting upwards of eight inches. yesterday's storm battered states along the northeast and new england.
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drivers in connecticut struggled on snow-covered roads. coastal massachusetts faced more flooding. even as it recovered from flood damage caused by friday's storm. from maryland to maine, electric companies reported more than 800,000 power outages. in other news, all eyes on u.s. and global markets this morning as jitters mount over the resignation of president trump's chief economic adviser. >> gary cohn's surprise announcement comes as the president prepares to sign new tariffs on steel and aluminum. more than 100 republican house members are urging president trump to reconsider the tariffs. business leaders are also warning about potential economic fallout and the possibility of a global trade war. meantime, nbc news has learned that president trump's lawyer is trying to silence adult film star stormy daniels after she filed suit against the president over an alleged hush-money deal. the report says the attorney, michael cohen, obtained the secret restraining order and warned daniels that she will face penalties if she publicly
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discusses an alleged relationship with president trump. daniels is suing to make a nondisclosure agreement flainva because the president never signed it. the chief of detectives at nyc says it's gathered considerable evidence in a rape allegation against harvey weinstein. it's up to the d.a. to decide if the case can go to the grand jury. weinstein's attorneys deny the allegations. 4:24. now, the u.s. embassy in mexico is barring government employees from going to playa dell carmen where an explosion injured 26 on a toughest ferry last month. -- tourist ferry last month. left in the dark, tens of thousands without power following the storm. katy zachry joins us live from hard-hit bucks county.
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katy? >> reporter: with so many outages here in bucks counties, overnight the red cross moved in to set up a shelter and try and help people get through the difficult aftermath. coming up, more on how they're helping. i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. you're looking at broad street. doesn't look bad. we have lots of locations with snow, and it's going to cause icy conditions. more details coming up. jessica? we're watching berlin, new jersey. this is what you're going to see a lot of this morning. intersections with slushy spots and ice. i'll keep you updated.
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rushing to repair. the storm knocked out power to tens of thousands. the overnight effort to get the lights on and help those in need. fighting for the king. philly has a new competitor in the battle for lebron james. the big message for the sixers. and international women's day. the call to action and what companies are doing in response that may have you doing a double take. 4:28. good morning, this is "nbc10 news today" first look at 4, i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. as the storm cleanup continues, hundreds of schools across the area are closed or delayed today. over 500 so far. you'll see the full list scrolling at the bottom of the screen throughout the morning. brittney shipp has our first alert forecast. good morning. a live look at the philadelphia national airport, things are getting back to normal. let's take a closer look at some of the snowfall totals.
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impressive. starting in new jersey, picking up ten inches, norristown, nine inches. west deptford, 9.5 inches of snowfall. closer to the berks and lehigh valley, same thing, in the ten-inch category. 10.5 here, east texas, just 3. there was a wide range. for delaware, we picked up in greenville 10.4 inches of snowfall. brandywine over ten inches. pine creek about eight inches. claymont, 4.2. again, this was a powerful system that moved through montgomery county. 14 inches in rosemont. haverford, 11 inches of snowfall. and now as we take a closer look at the seven-day forecast, we have yet another chance of snow back in the forecast sunday into monday. a look at the clouds this morning, we'll see the stronger wind speeds. a chance of a few snow flurries. we planned that out, the system is far away. still bringing snowfall to parts of boston. your planner for today,
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temperatures in the high 30s. the wind gusts up to 20 miles per hour, making it feel like 31. 41 for summerton. feeling like 32, west chester. 37 the high. it will only feel like 29 throughout most of the day. the lehigh valley, same thing. new jersey, berlin, 32 degrees the feels-like temperature. that's your daytime high. 44 the actual temperature but feeling like 35. inte delaware, smyrna, feels like 33. i'm tracking changes, but for now the big story is the messy roads through the commute. we'll send it over to jessica boyington for a closer look. >> it's obviously not going to look like yesterday afternoon. we're only seeing improvements from here on out. 95 at cameras at academy road, they're empty now. they look primarily wet. at least they're not slushy and snow covered. for now, both directions are


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