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tv   NBC10 News Today at 5am  NBC  March 8, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EST

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slick. still closings and delays scrolling at the bottom of the screen. we'll get to brittney shipp. >> we are staying under the first alert until 7:00 a.m. this is what you'll wake up to in a lot of locations. a lot of the major roadways are going to look fine. a lot of the sidewalks will have snow. temperatures in philadelphia are above freezing. a lot of locations especially in the suburbs, still right at freezing, just below. we're expecting some of the snow to ice over. be careful walking from your car to your job, the bus stop, anywhere you're going. be careful driving, as well. we expect everything to stay slippery through the day. the actual temperature will be into the 40s, melting snow in the afternoon. with the wind speeds moving in, it will feel like 20s and 30s. a few snow flurries to the west. the area of low pressure would be west of the area in boston.
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we don't have to worry about anything else today. for philadelphia, 39 the high. the feels-like temperature even in the afternoon, 31. closer to summerton, 41 will be the actual high. 32 is the feels-like temperature, pottstown. a feels-like temperature of just 29 degrees. closer to new jersey bordenton, 40 the high, feels like 30. jerseytown, mid 40s. feels like the mid 30s for delaware, smyrna, low 40s. but feeling like we are in the 30s. that's going to be true for us, basically the entire day. look at this 12-hour loop. temperatures teaming like 22 degrees by 6 -- feeling like 22 degrees by 6:00 a.m. by afternoon, feeling like 31. the other big story is the roadways. we'll send it to jessica boyington. we're watching the vine street expressway now. our cameras moving through center city at 24th street to start. both directions east, looking closely, looking shiny in spots. that's just leftover
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precipitation. it might be a little slippery and might be ice at some point. so watch for that. but i think for most part, the majors are the way to go. it's the back roads that are going to bring you most of the problems. route 38 in morristown. this is lenola road. they turned cameras from nixon and zoomed in. you see the traffic lights there malfunctioning and on flash. i'll end with the 42 freeway, a five-minute trip headed northbound from 55 to the walt whitman bridge. speeds there still into the high 50s. most of the main roads and si interstates are clear. the side roads can be slick. a plow was clearing rosewood street overnight. >> nbc's matt delucia is in storm force 10 this morning taking a look at the side roads where you might expect as you head out the door. matt, you started the day in manayunk, roxboro, the platt bridge. where are you now? >> reporter: that's right. we're in upper chichester.
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we jumped out to look at what we're seeing on the roadways that you might not see as you're behind the wheel and driving. one of the things, the black ice on the side streets. this road looks plowed, looks good. some of that moisture on the road did freeze overnight. you see that shine on the road, and that is definitely black ice. if you look here, this is very, very slick. and if you're walking out the door, not really expecting anything, you might slip and fall here. especially if you haven't yet shoveled your driveway or your sidewalks here. a lot of this is definitely icy. right here on the side street here, excelsior at bethel, when you get off of i-95, this is what you're seeing here. kids walking to school this morning might want to just be extra careful. and if you're walking out the door heading to your car, be careful, as well. some of that snow did freeze overnight on the cars. so you might need the ice scraper this morning, as well. the major roads really do not
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look bad. we took i-95 over here, did not look bad at all. still want to take it easy. we were in roxboro and manayunk this morning, and it was definitely difficult travels there, as well. we'll get back in storm force 10 now. we'll head to south philly and see what the conditions are like there. matt delucia, nbc10 news. >> personal experience, that's going to be like shoveling rocks. that snow is heavy. the storm left thousands of people without power across our region, but power companies are making progress restoring electricity. among the hardest hit was bucks county where right now more than 47,000 customers are still in the dark. more than 19,000 remain without power in burlington county this morning. the concern now that the storm has passed is that wet snow could bring down more tree limbs and wires, causing new power outages.
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ben salem tweeted this video yesterday. you see the sparks that fell from the power lines at ford and meeting roads. because of the power outages, the red cross has a shelter open for people in bucks county who need a warm place to sleep. >> nbc10's katy zachry is live there in langhorn. they have some people there, but then more people will show up this morning. when do they expect more people to show up? >> reporter: the shelter open wanted around 11:00 last night. so far they're waiting for people to show up. i spoke with the executive director inside. he said this is very normal. most people once they get into a situation like this go to a home, a relative's hope, or sleep in their cold home. he expects later this morning come 7:00, 8:00, when people wake up in those cold homes and need power to charge their devices, they'll come out here. take a look inside. we were just inside a short time ago. when people do arrive here, they'll find some cots that they can sleep on, if they haven't slept well or slept at all
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because power's been out. there are blankets inside and items to help people warm up. the reason they're here is because bucks county requested it. there are storm outages from last friday. people in bucks are in need of basic resources, and you can get those here. >> we will be available and open for people who want to charge electronics. that's a critical need when we have an extended power outage. cell phones, tablets, laptops. we'll have hot food available three times a day. we'll have coffee, water, and snacks available. really gives people a place to come and get warm. >> reporter: and some good news on the power outage front. we've been checking in with pico several times an hour. every time we check in, fewer and fewer customers, households and businesses, without power. that's the good news. the crews were out there working around the clock or actually making good progress. reporting live, katy zachry, nbc10 news. >> thank you for that
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information. if you live or work in philadelphia, you can now park on snow emergency routes. the city ended the emergency at 9:00 last night. also city government offices which were closed yesterday will be open today. this morning, if you're taking mass transit, septa reports that its buses, trains, and trollies are operating on a regular weekday schedule. however, 13 septa bus routes are suspended because of poor conditions. amtrak on a modified schedule. expect delays there, of course. new jersey transit expects to run a close-to-normal schedule. at philadelphia national airport, crews had the runways cleared by last night. however, airport officials say there could be leftover delays today. check your flight status and carrier before you head to the airport. now along with the snow and rain, the storm also brought lightning. in ocean city, a lightning strike sparked a fire in ship bottom. nobody was hurt. in another story, lightning struck a teacher's umbrella
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outside manchester middle school. we've learned the teacher will be okay. camden police officers went on snow patrol in camden yesterday, clearing away heavy, wet snow from the sidewalks and the address, and checking on older residents. our live coverage continues all morning. check our nbc10 app for first alert weather and traffic updates as well as a full list of the school closings and delays. i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. broad street, you see the snow that's piled up on the sidewalks and side streets. the majors are looking pretty good. we still could see icy, slick spots, especially in the suburbs where temperatures are close to freezing or just below freezing. under a first alert with the exception along the shore. this will stay in effect until 7:00 a.m. the reason why we're still under the alert is we're expecting slippery roads and sidewalks.
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a lot of homes still have power outages. it's dark out. you can barely see where you're going. and also, the poor commute, the poor morning commute. take it easy. at least the system is out of here. now the cleanup starts. we wanted to make sure everyone stays safe and no one slips and falls or get in another accident. closer look at our cleanup tips, drive slowly, we're expecting slippery areas. dress for the windchill, feels like 20s and 30s, wind speeds will stay strong today and tomorrow. be careful shoveling this heavy, wet snow. and then also as we get into the afternoon, watch for melting snow. we could see a little ponding on the roadways as the temperatures push closer to 40 degrees. right now, 31 in pottstown. a few locations are just below freezing. 31 in pottstown and in reading, lancaster at 30. mid 30s for parts of allentown, northeast philly at 35. 33 in philadelphia. wilmington, one of the areas hit hard, too, just at freezing.
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we're expecting snow to ice over. be careful. the actual temperature only feeling like 25 degrees. although the actual temperature's in the 30s. 29 in northeast philly. feels like 26 in atlantic city, feeling like 26 in dover. it's going to be a cold start to the morning here. satellite radar shot showing a few clouds with a few snow flurries. the system is away from the area. one thing we're watching tomorrow is a chance of light flurries. the next thing late sunday night into monday, one model out of about three models is suggesting the round of wintry mix or snow moving through as we go through the day and evening monday. potentially a third nor'easter. we're watching this closeliment one out -- closely. one out of three models suggests that we could see measurable snowfall. we'll keep you update on what to expect and have details coming up in a bit. >> thanks. 5:10. let's get you back to work for a
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lot of people. a check of 422. jessica? the schuylkill expressway around route 202 and 422, we had an earlier crash in this direction. right now, not bad. if you look here, you see where there is -- there are icy spots and snow left into the shoulders. the roads and the actual lanes to drive in are much better. it's going to be the on and off ramps in spots, too. not even all spots, that are still slippery spots. and a little bit of a dangerous drive. watching that police activity here out in norristown, route 38 at lenlola road. traffic lights flashing, they're directing around the scene. a new crash in upper dublin, route 309th northbound ramp to butler pike. >> thanks. new this morning, a controversial pipeline project is once again off line. next, the new safety measures after sinkholes opened up in a chester county back yard. also, teamwork on and off the court. wait until you see this story. not even old man winter's worst can stop the ladies of the northeastern university women's basketball team during a stop in our area.
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5:15. new, the mariner east pipeline has been shut down again. for months, homeowners have questioned the safety of the sunoco pipelines that run through their property because of a series of sinkholes and water contamination concerns. the most recent sinkholes opened up in west whiteland township over the weekend. the public utility commission says continuing operations could be catastrophic. it also shut down construction of the mariner east two pipeline. sunoco must inspect both lines and test the ground. that could take ten days or more. 5:15. 32 degrees. watch out for people trying to take advantage of you and steal your money after the storm. pennsylvania's attorney general reminds homeowners that criminals can prey on people in need of home repairs or snow or
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tree removal following a storm. to protect yourself, the a.g.'s office says research the contractor, watch out for unsolicited door-to-door sales pitches, and don't make a large up-front payment. get written estimates. even as the snow fell, quakertown still had customers. people stepped out to grab coffee, a quick meal. the guy working the grill said he was busier yesterday than he might have been on a non-snow day. a visiting basketball team got stuck in our snowstorm yesterday and took matters into their own hands. >> the northeastern women's basketball team. they're not the kind of women to wait for a bus of guys to rescue
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them. >> oh, no. >> let's push this thing. they do. they made it back to the hotel safely. they will play the ncaa semifinals this afternoon. instead of using brute force, how about more teamwork? the neighbors here, everybody grabs a shovel and come to the aid of the septa trolley. in holmesburg, everybody grabbed a shovel and pitched in. they shoveled a trolley right back out. >> let's talk about mass transit and getting you to work. >> jessica has all of it. starting with the blue route and cameras at the germantown pike on ramp. not bad here. we can still see snow. icy spots to the shoulders. for most part, things are fine. slippery off and on ramps.
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take your time. we'll pop up with a few accidents here. one in west conshohocken at front street. route 38 and lenola, police activity here. looks like we actually may have resolved this problem. both directions on 38 aren't bad. lights down at hartford. police will detour you around the scene. >> thank you. 5:18. 33 degrees. temperatures around the freezing mark. as we were saying, it's going to be slick. be careful heading out the door. >> if it looks wet, it could be black ice wants be careful. brittney shipp has the most accurate neighborhood weather forecast. >> that's right. it depends on the temperatures, and they are dropping. a lot are close to freezing. be very careful as we go into the rest of today. here are the weather headlines -- messy roads expected. still seeing stronger wind speeds today and tomorrow.
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it will make the feels-like temperature closer to the high 20s and low 30s. tomorrow, flurries are expected pushing into friday. here's a closer look at the temperatures. 33 in philadelphia. getting close to freezing. 32 in wilmington. above freezing in dover. 34 in atlantic city. temperatures in mt. holly, 35. pottstown, lancaster, seeing below-freezing conditions. a lot of the snow has the potential to ice over, glaze over in parking lots. some of the side roads. a lot of people have have power outages still. back to that all together before you leave the house. here's the feels-like temperature. 29 in allentown. feels like 24 in reading, 225 in philadelphia. cold in -- 25 in philadelphia. cold in millville, only 25. 26 in atlantic city. the satellite and radar shot
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shows lots of clouds today. a few snow flurries staying off well to the west. the system is bringing snow to parts of boston into tomorrow, a chance of snow flurries toward the afternoon. the possibility in the evening to, according to one model, flurries. and monday, one model suggests another nor'easter that could bring another round of snow. a secondary model shows most of the snow staying away from us. this is the second model. getting into sunday, you see it brings it in as rain monday morning. a wintry mix. it stays mainly south. not strong enough to bring it all the way through. we'll keep you updated on the models, disagreeing a little bit. however, it's still in the ten-day forecast, the potential, we'll watch closely, for yet another system as we go into
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monday. windy conditions expected for us to return again monday, tuesday, wednesday. temperatures over the weekend look good. look at and wanted sunday. nice weekend, mid 40s. coming up, we'll talk about what's in store and how long the first alert is going to last. >> all right. thank you. there is now a new online option for the tens of millions of medicaid members to buy their supplies. next on the cnbc business report, an option for people getting government aid. everyone's a winner. how one lucky powerball winner is planning to share the wealth.
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a new hampshire woman who won a powerball jackpot worth nearly $560 million is paying it forward even though she's fighting to keep her identity private. the woman is asking a judge to let her remain anonymous despite having already signed the back
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of the winning ticket. new hampshire law says that the state lottery commission is obligated to release the woman's name to the public. yesterday lawyers for the woman announced that she will donate at least $50 million to charity. 5:25. tens of millions are enrolled in medicaid. now amazon prime wants to make buying medication and supplies more affordable. lynnwo landon dowdy with that and more in the cnbc business report. >> reporter: hi, good morning. amazon is expanding its offer for discounted prime memberships to people on medicaid. this comes about nine months after amazon began offering discounts to lower income americans who receive a government aid. to qualify for the membership, $5.99 a month, you must provide a valid electronic benefits transfer or my kid card. you can renew your prime relationship at the discounted rate annually for up to four years. >> how about the markets? u.s. and global investors are jittery after the resignation of
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the president trump's chief economic adviser and threat of new tariffs. talk about that. >> reporter: that's right. all impacting the markets. president trump may formally announce his plan to impose tariffs on foreign imports of steel and aluminum. that prompted the resignation of top adviser gary cohn which rattled wall street. traders say it's not so much about cohn's departure but that he was seen as a voice of stability and spokesperson for the financial markets. his exit adds to fears that president trump will adopt a more protectionist stance which could spark a global trade war and hurt the u.s. economy. wall street did trade down on the news of cohn's resignation yesterday but closed well off the lows of the session. the markets are mixed later this morning. we'll see what happens at the opening bell at 9:30 a.m. back to you. >> we'll see what happens. thanks. changes after a high school tragedy. the measures approved by florida lawmakers and what still needs
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digging out. clearing heavy snow that fell across the area. waking up in the dark. more than 90,000 customers are without power this morning. why that number could still grow even though the storm is now gone. and on the road. the danger you could face during your morning commute. we've got you covered this morning. welcome to "nbc10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm via sikahema. we remain under a first alert for another hour and a half until 7:00 this morning because of the dangerous conditions many of you will face heading out the door. we'll get to brittney shipp and the most accurate neighborhoo


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