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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  August 3, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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and then a soaker on thursday and friday. >> thanks so much for watching. good morning. it is monday, august 3rd, 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." explosive wildfires in california force thousands from their homes. an entire town is threatened by fast-moving flames. a massive manhunt is under way this morning for ab alleged cop killer in memphis after a routine traffic stop turns deadly. and police so desperate to crack down on distracted driving, they pose as panhandlers. we'll take you inside that very unusual sting. but we begin with a look at today's "eye opener," your world in 90 seconds. >> everyone we know that lives down there, they have nothing anymore.
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it's crazy. >> massive wildfires in california threaten thousands. >> crews are battling 21 large wildfires throughout the state. >> the fire behavior that we're seeing, it's historic. >> severe weather is wreaking havoc across the midwest. >> the tornado ripping through a field in iowa. >> look at this. oh, wow. a deadly tent collapse during a thunderstorm outside chicago. one person was killed. more than a dozen were injured. >> into the sky and we heard screaming and crying. a massive manhunt for the suspect accused of killing a police officer in tennessee. >> he is considered to be armed and dangerous. in kansas, 9-year-old kaiser carlile has died after he was accidentally hit with a bat during a baseball game. saturday afternoon. i think the e-mail scandal is going to be a devastating blow for hillary. >> growing fallout over hillary clinton's e-mails released by the state department. >> there's a big story of what she's hiding, why she's not being transparent and following the rules.
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president obama calling for carbon pollution to be cut 32% in 15 years. a dramatic drag race in texas. daddy dave of discovery channel's "street outlaws" rushed to the hospital. a stunt motorcycle rider riding his bike on the waves. yes, this is real. this is dirt bikes surfing. the new era of late-night laughs is almost here. >> i already got my new book bag and my charlie rose trapper keeper. and all that matters. legend! >> triple crown winner american pharoah finished first in the haskell invitational. >> this horse, he just keeps bringing it. >> on "cbs this morning." the taliban confirms mullah omar did die in 2013. >> still releasing statements from him as recently as two weeks ago. they've essentially been full on "weekend at bernie's" for the last two years. is presented by toyota.
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let's go places. welcome to "cbs this morning." california's under a state of emergency. crews are struggling to fight unpredictable, raging wildfires. mandatory evacuations are in place with 25 fires burning across the state. the rocky fire is the biggest. it now covers 54,000 acres, an area larger than the city of san francisco. >> the fire has already destroyed two dozen homes, more than 6,000 more are threatened. carter evans is in lakeport with how an entire town could be in the fire's path. carter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. this fire still just 5% contained, and it's only grown here. erratic winds and triple-digit temperatures have made a bad situation much worse. the rocky wildfire more than doubled in size over the weekend. it started five days ago and has
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scorched nearly 85 square miles of land northwest of sacramento, forcing thousands from their homes. >> i couldn't get back if i wanted to. and with the fire danger, i'm not sure i want to. >> reporter: this is why evacuate early. as we saw firsthand, the fast-moving flames can cut off roads in minutes. i see firefighters leaving. what does that mean? >> it's time to go. >> reporter: as crews work to box in the fire, this containment line could be the most crucial. just beyond it lies the town of clear lake with a population of 15,000. right now this is the line that's going to keep this town safe. >> that's what we're hoping for, yes. if it gets across this line, we have to start this whole process over again. >> reporter: with so much ground to cover, crews are battlings flames from above. video from a helicopter shows how the military is helping scoop and drop water. and planes are dropping tens of thousands of gallons of fire retardant.
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at the same time, crews on the ground are fighting fire with fire. these controlled backfires burn out fuel in the path of the wildfire to keep it from spreading. the heat from these flames is intense, but the wind is perfect right now. it's pushing the flames up the hillside and away from the highway, which is the goal. it's the kind of fire the state has been bracing for, after four years of crippling drought that has turned california into what the governor describes as a tinderbox. >> this has been a tough fire season. >> it's, unfortunately, i think just beginning. >> reporter: now, crews are already spread really thin. there are 3,000 firefighters working this wildfire alone. and gayle, there are thousands more spread at different fires across the state. >> all right, carter, thank you. more than 75 million americans face the threat of severe weather today. tornadoes tore across parts of iowa yesterday, destroying several buildings. the same system brought deadly
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winds to the chicago area. adriana diaz is in wood dale, illinois, where a tent collapse killed one and injured several others. adriana, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. hundreds of people came out to enjoy the last day of a four-day festival. in addition to the one man who was killed, three others were injured when severe weather rolled right through this field. lightning and hail at prairie fest in wood dale, illinois, forced many spectators under one large vinyl tent. witnesses said when the wind whipped up, the 80 x 100-foot tent collapsed, sending its metal support poles flying. >> the wood dale fire department is requesting ems box alarm level for the mass casualty. wood dale junior high. >> reporter: wood dale police say 35-year-old steven nicic was killed when the tent came down. >> we turned to look and then the tent flew off into the sky. and then the fence blew off. and then there was everybody on the floor, and we heard screaming and crying.
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>> reporter: the southern jack band was preparing to take the stage but took shelter instead. guitarist tom maslan spoke to "sbs this" "cbs this morning." >> when the tent came down, the tent was blown over, and we weren't sure if there were people trapped. there were people slicing the tent open to make sure there was nobody trapped underneath. >> reporter: in downtown chicago, more than 49,000 concertgoers at lollapalooza were evacuated from grant park as thunderstorms rolled through the area. >> the shelters are in the underground parking along michigan avenue. >> i think they did a good job on moving everybody out on time. it's frustrating to sit outside right now, but i guess it's for the better. >> reporter: this same storm system is expected to bring more severe weather including hail and high winds to other states from ohio to maine. charlie? >> adriana, thanks. rescue crews are responding this morning to drivers stranded
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area. record rainfall in florida overwhelmed storm drains. floodwaters are causing accidents and snarling the commute. tampa's mayor is urging residents to stay off the roads. this morning the faa is investigating new reports of drones flying near one of the nation's busiest airports. three airline pilots reported close calls as they approached new york's jfk airport. kris van cleave is in washington with the growing safety concerns. chris, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that number now stands at at least three around john f. kennedy airport in new york. sunday. a pilot of a regional jet from richmond reported seeing a drone off the left side of the aircraft as the plane landed around 6:00. take a listen. runway. >> location, please? >> altitude? >> 30 feet. >> reporter: just 30 feet high,
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that drone was flying off the runway. shuttle flight 5911 landed without further incident. on friday a delta airlines md88 with 154 passengers on board spotted a drone while on approach to land around 5:00 p.m. friday evening, again, and that flight came in from orlando. "cbs this morning" has also confirmed a jetblue pilot saw a drone friday afternoon. none of these flights had to take evasive maneuvers. all landed safely. the faa and the port authority of new york/new jersey are investigating this. the faa adds that as of at least the end of may, drone sightings were on the rise being reported on average twice a day by pilots. >> boy, kris, very glad nothing serious happened there. thank you so much. a huge manhunt is under way right now for the killer of a memphis police officer. 33-year-old shaenean bolton was killed during a traffic stop. wilborn is a convicted bank
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robber who is out of jail on supervised release. mark strassmann in atlanta reports he is considered armed and dangerous. mark, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the driver of the car the killer was riding in told police the shooter was his passenger. and new details have emerged about how this routine traffic stop turned deadly. >> please, please hurry up. >> 48 summerlane, he's shot. >> reporter: as officer sean bolton lay dying, a bystanding came to his aid, using bolton's police radio to notify dispatchers of the shooting. >> call an ambulance! call an ambulance! >> ambulance is already en route. >> reporter: the altercation started after officer bolton approached a car parked illegally. after a brief confrontation, police say the passenger of the car identified as tremaine wilbourn reportedly shot the 33-year-old officer, then ran. bolton, who joined the force in october 2010, had served a tour of duty in iraq. he was taken in critical condition to a local hospital
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where he later died. memphis police director tony armstrong says investigators believe bolton interrupted a drug deal. >> when you look at this individual, you're looking at a coward. he's a coward. you gun down, you murder a police officer for less than two grams of marijuana. >> reporter: bolton is the third memphis police officer killed in four years. mayor a.c. wharton said it's a reminder of how dangerous the job can be. >> men and women in blue have certain rules of engagement that they have to follow, but at any given minute in a 24-hour day, they're dealing with folks who have no rules. >> reporter: memphis police and federal agents have now teamed up. in memphis, they're all on the hunt for a cop killer. norah? >> mark, thank you so much. democratic front-runner hillary clinton is focusing on family. in the first tv ads of her campaign. the ads will air tomorrow in
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iowa and new hampshire. they highlight clinton's support of families and her close ties to her mother. nancy cordes is in washington where she's reporting on whether joe biden is now going to get into the race. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the vice president has always left the door open for a run, but he hasn't made any overt steps towards a bid either. but clinton's e-mail troubles and some soft poll numbers have re-ignited questions about a backup. the latest round of speculation about a biden run was sparked by a column in "the new york times." maureen dowd wrote that biden had been talking to friends, family and donors about jumping into the race and that before he died, biden's son, beau, tried to make his father promise to run, arguing that the white house should not revert to the clintons and that the country would be better off with biden values. >> my friend, my father, my hero, the next vice president of the united states, joe biden. >> reporter: beau biden passed
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away from brain cancer on may 30th. father and son were very close. >> my sense is that he's getting closer to making a decision, and i'm hoping that decision will be he'll throw his hat into the ring. >> reporter: dick har pootpootoian is a friend. >> democrats have not connected with hillary clinton orber bernie sanders, and they're open to other candidate, and they're willing to listen. so i don't think it's too late. >> reporter: biden's past two bids for the presidency were rocky ones. the first time in 1988, he dropped out after news reports revealed he had plagiarized part of a speech. in 2008, he got just 1% of the vote in iowa. clinton got more than 29%. polls now show she is vulnerable on questions of trust and honesty. but she still leads biden in a hypothetical matchup, 55% to 13% according to a recent poll. biden would be arguably the most experienced candidate on either side.
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two terms as vice president, 36 years in the senate. in a statement this weekend, the vice president's spokesperson would only say "as the biden family continues to go through this difficult time, the vice president is focused on his work." charlie? >> nancy, thanks. 14 republican presidential contenders will share a stage tonight in new hampshire. candidates and their supporters want to raise their profile before the top ten gather for thursday's primetime debate. tonight's event will not include donald trump, but we've heard a lot from him and his opponents over the weekend. major garrett is in washington tracking the republican race. major, good morning. >> good morning. donald trump has discovered one of the previously unknown fringe benefits of presidential front-runner status. the freedom to call the sunday shows. that means no fancy suits, no brightly colored ties and no hair spray is required. >> reporter: donald trump on the three network sunday shows. >> i'm preparing, but i prepare
7:15 am
by seeing what's going on. i don't have pollsters telling me every move that, you know, i can't say this i can't say that. >> reporter: is he ready for thursday's debate? >> the poll numbers are very good. and people are tired of being ripped off by the world. >> reporter: the latest "wall street journal"/nbc poll shows trump leading the field with scott walker and jeb bush within striking distance. powerhouse gop donors david and charles koch did not invite trump to their summer issues conference and fund-raiser. trump suggested his gop rivals who were invited might be puppets who had to beg for money, et cetera, from the koch brothers. while thursday's nationally televised debate is the first of the campaign -- >> how you doing? >> reporter: -- today's forum in new hampshire could loom large for candidates like bush who need a solid showing in the first primary. bush has vowed to be ready to rumble with trump. >> i'll have my big boy pants on. i won't be with my little shorts with the knickers on. >> reporter: marco rubio currently polling in the mid
7:16 am
single digits is among a group of republicans who may not make it into the top ten to compete in thursday's primetime debate, unless, of course, they find a way to tap into the excitement trump has generated. >> clearly he has hit on a theme that people are frustrated by, particularly illegal immigration. >> reporter: trump yesterday fired a campaign worker for posting racially charged remarks on facebook about reverend al sharpton's daughter. trump also continues to flirt with a third-party run if he doesn't win the gop nomination. that could become a flash point at thursday's debate. >> major garrett, thank you. new mexico's governor said cowards set off bombs outside two churches. they happened within 30 minutes of each other at a baptist church and a roman catholic parish. one bomb went off in a mailbox and another in a trash can. they caused minor damage and no injuries. police are looking for suspects. they are not sure if the attacks are connected. this morning a small kansas town and its baseball team are mourning the death of a young
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bat boy. 9-year-old kaiser carlile died on sunday, one day after he was accidentally struck in the head by a bat. he was wearing a helmet at the time. don dahler shows us how the job that kaiser loved doing turned into a tragedy. don, good morning. >> good morning. kaiser carlile was about to start the fourth grade in the small town of liberal, kansas, but it was the game of baseball he couldn't get enough of. and that's what makes this tragic story even more heartbreaking. 9-year-old kaiser carlile loved baseball. it was his first season as a bat boy for liberal bee jays in kansas. on sunday he was collecting a bat near the on-deck circle when a bee jays player accidentally struck the young boy in the helmet while taking a practice swing. kaiser carlile died from head injuries at an area hospital sunday afternoon. >> he walked into the park, and guys were giving him high fives, laughing with him, cracking jokes with him. for a 9-year-old kid to have that much of an impact on some
7:18 am
of these players is something that was very special and something that they will cherish for the rest of their lives. >> reporter: a player for the bee jays posted this message on instagram last sunday, saying "you are now in god's hands, and being the bat boy for the angels up above." >> it's what he enjoyed. it's what he loved. he loved coming out to the ballpark. and so as tragic as the event was that happened, i have absolutely no doubt he was enjoying life and enjoying where he was at. >> reporter: the umpire working saturday's game who wasn't scheduled to work that day is a veteran paramedic, and he treated kaiser directly after the incident. manager adam anderson said it was the umpire's quick thinking and training that gave the 9-year-old even a chance at survival. norah. >> oh, don, such a tough story. thank you. >> heartbreaking that he's 9 years old, you feel for his family, the player who accidentally hit him. it's just a sad thing all the way around. >> indeed. in other news today, president obama will unveil sweeping and controversial rules
7:19 am
on power plant emissions. the white house reviewed and previewed this new epa plan to fight climate change this weekend in an online video. the goal is to cut carbon emissions by 32% by 2030. wind and solar will rise from just 5% of the nation's energy to 28%. how about that. republicans in more than a dozen states vow to fight the plan. another american is caught up in the controversy over illegal lion hunting in zimbabwe. ahead, the doctor accused of killing a lion in the months
7:20 am
before the death of >> announcer: this national weather report sponsored by country crock. real taste from real ingredients. welcome to crock country. investigators this morning are studying the plane section that may be from malaysia airlines flight 370. >> ahead, we're on the island where they are searching for more signs of that missing jet. the news is back in the morning right here on "cbs this
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behind the recall of kraft singles. your local news is comin > good morning. it is 7:26 on this monday, the 3rd of august. not too humid today, but still hot out there. john with a forecast in a moment, good morning. i'm chris wragge. aviolent weekend in the city with 50 people shot. in one incidents, a suspect opened fire at a house party injuring 9. since friday, there have been shooting incidences with three fatalities. this morning another drone soiling -- sighting near kennedy airport yesterday it was spotted on the left side of
7:27 am
the plane as it approached the runway on friday afternoon. federal aviation administration is saying delta and jetblue pilots reported sighting a drone. they are investigating. a small dog left to bake in a hot car in queens is alive today thanks to the nypd. 112th precinct tweeted this. he was reduced by three officers. when the 39-year-old owner returned she was issued a summons for leaving an animal in a vehicle. here is john elliott. >> remember, this kind of weather, heat and humid, make sure that the dogs have ample water because, yeah. they're going to feel it. sunny and 75. you, too, take care of yourself, you don't have to drink out of a bowl, but a lot of water. we have 73 through the hamptons.
7:28 am
afew more numbers around the area. franklin to walden 63. the numbers are up today. what is coming down is rain. it is weakening, with the front off to the north and west is going to usher in the chance for a shower or thunderstorm this afternoon. there is another round possible on tuesday, but then feeling really nice on wednesday. chris. >> all right. john, thank you very much.
7:29 am
7:30 am
we'll be right back. how long they can run. >> it sounded like brad maybe -- oh, he's just hit a crew member. this is a disastrous thought for brad keselowski. >> disastrous and a scary moment for brad keselowski and his crew at the pocono 400. his number 2 car, as you see, overshot the pit, takes out two crew members. one of them loses a tire that rolls onto the track. hurt. keselowski got back in the race seconds matter. he lost a lot of valuable seconds but did okay to still come in second. >> wow, coming in hot. >> the crew says oops. welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, zimbabwe is investigating the death of a second lion at the hands of an american. officials believe that a pittsburgh doctor illegally
7:31 am
hunted the animal in april not far from where cecil was later killed. we'll show you the nation's new crackdown. plus, cops make a bold call in the fight to stop distracted drivers. how they posed as homeless people in their unusual sting operation. we'll have that story ahead. time to show you some of this morning's headlines. "the wall street journal" reports on a decision by president obama to authorize using air power to defend a new american-backed force in syria. the group is supposed to be fighting isis, but it could also be attacked by the syrian government that would raise the risk of the american military coming into direct conflict with the assad regime. "the new york times" reports on a showdown in the senate today over funding for planned parenthood. this comes after an anti-abortion group released videos of planned parenthood officials apparently talking about providing fetal tissues to the researchers. the senate holds a procedural vote today to cut off the funds for the organization. democrats are expected to block it. "the washington post" says lindsey graham was promoted in
7:32 am
the air force reserves despite light duty. graham retired from the air force this summer after 33 years. "the post" found during his first decade in congress, he was promoted to lieutenant colonel and later to colonel even though he did little to no work. graham said his promotions were warranted. "the baltimore sun" helping police fight a spike in violence. ten agents will join the homicide unit. the baltimore police department's clearance rate for identifying and arresting homicide suspects is only 36%. so far this year, 191 people have been killed in the city. cbs pittsburgh reports on a big recall of kraft singles over choking concerns. kraft says a thin strip of plastic can stick to the cheese after the wrapper is removed and people eat it accidentally. the recall involves both american and white american cheeses. the three and four-pound boxes are marked with best used by dates of december 29th, 2015, to january 4th, 2015.
7:33 am
and they also have the manufacturing code s54 or s55 so >> that's right. check your fridge. and new jersey's asbury park press says horse racing's run. >> american pharoah, the party continues as he rolls home in the haskell! >> american pharoah easily won sunday's haskell invitational in new jersey. it was his first race since he captured the triple crown in june. we don't know yet if american pharoah will run again before his final race at the breeder's what a horse. >> oh, boy. >> i look "the party continues." >> that's right. >> i think one of the trainers, someone said, we don't know how fast he can go. >> yeah. a second american is being investigated in zimbabwe this morning for taking the life of a lion. jan seski is accused of i will canning the lion. seski is a well-known ginologist
7:34 am
and oncologist in the pittsburgh area. anna westerner erwerner shows us why officials are cracking down on illegal hunting. an fa good morning. >> reporter: good morning. zimbabwe's wildlife officials as a suspect in a new investigation into an illegal lion hunt this past april. and like the american hunter who killed cecil the lion, seski's reputation has also been ravaged on the internet by opponents of trophy hunting. pictures posted online show dr. jan seski's prowess with a bow and arrow as he poses with numerous animals. but officials in zimbabwe want to speak with him about the lion he hunted in april, a hunt they say was done without the proper permit. >> our law enforcement officers are looking into the matter so that we can really understand what transpired and if whatever happened in april was illegally done. >> positioning system for the patient. >> reporter: seski has several
7:35 am
pittsburgh. he has not responded to numerous him. the international fund for animal welfare says about 600 lions are killed legally every year on trophy hunts. and 60% of those wind up in the u.s. >> the scarcity is helping to creatures. of. it's not something to show pictures of, standing behind dead animals. it's seen these days as being perverse. >> reporter: zimbabwe wildlife officials claim he hunted the big cat on a farm where cecil the lion had been a fixture. >> extradite palmer! >> reporter: cecil's death sparked worldwide outrage that forced walter palmer, the minnesota dentist who shot, beheaded and skinned the beloved lion, into hiding. the u.s. fish and wildlife service said palmer's representative finally reached out to them late last week. palmer has not been charged in zimbabwe, but officials there
7:36 am
want him extradited. this weekend, zimbabwe suspended all lion, leopard and elephant hunts outside and banned bow hunting. >> there have been a number of positive developments since this tragedy with cecil has occurred. we're very optimistic that zim zimbabwe is going to take this matter very seriously. >> now, seski has not been charged, nor are officials in zimbabwe seeking his extradition. there were also reports this weekend that jericho, another male lion in cecil's pride, had been killed by hunters, but officials say jericho was actually still alive and caring for cecil's cubs. gayle? >> all right. the more you hear about this story, i wonder if it will make people rethink the whole trophy hunting. when i was younger, i used to think it was kind of cool. now i feel so very differently about it. >> absolutely. i think it's causing a lot of people to look twice. >> it doesn't seem rather gamely to have somebody release them so that you can shoot him. >> no, and the way he was killed. french investigators are meeting with a judge this
7:37 am
morning to discuss that possible piece of debris from malaysia airlines flight 370. malaysia's transport minister says the wing piece is definitely from a boeing 777, but they are not sure it's from the missing jet. johnathan vigliotti is on reunion, that's the french island off east africa where people are still trying to find more wreck an. johnathan, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. malaysian officials have sent their own crews to assist police in this ongoing search effort. at this point it's been predominantly islanders helping police, and that has caused some confusion. the local beach-cleaning crew that found a flap last wednesday was back this morning looking for more debris. there was, for a moment, hope yesterday that what police put in these silver cases were more pieces of an airplane. instead, they were just parts of a rusty ladder. reunion's east coast is still open to the public, and locals have come here to help find more
7:38 am
clues. >> oh, maybe if we can find the part of the piece of the plane, we can find another piece, and maybe more than that. >> reporter: but on a beach where every washed-up bit of weather debris could belong to anything, separating trash from hard evidence is difficult. the main piece of evidence, that fragment of wing, arrived on mainland france on saturday for an investigation that is set to begin on wednesday. boeing officials confirm it is a piece of wing from one of their 777s. mh370 is the only missing 777 in the world. investigators will now analyze the wreckage for where it came from and how it broke off. reunion is known for its active volcano, and that volcano erupted last week, delaying search efforts. it's been a dramatic few days. but there is hope the island will unlock the mystery of what happened to mh370 and the 239 people who vanished without a
7:39 am
trace 16 months ago. malaysian crews arrived here on the island on saturday. they are now asking for other territories to bring backup. they have come to getting answers. >> all right, johnathan vigliotti, thank you. an unusual undercover sting is trying to catch distracted drivers. next, you'll find what police found when they disguised themselves as homeless. and if you're heading off to work or just out the door to camp or whatever it may be, set your dvr so you can watch "cbs this morning" any time you like. we'll be right back. now at chili's, new smoked chicken burritos for lunch. make it a lunch combo. then tap, swipe, and go. [music] do you like cougars? terry will you shut up! you are adorable. thank you. ladies your belts all snugged up? why do we have to buckle up?
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7:44 am
potentially deadly habit. >> white escalade, cell phone. >> reporter: this is not your average police sting. hand. >> reporter: these officers are in plainclothes, but they are also hiding in plain sight. >> hey, i'm a police officer. >> reporter: these drivers assume the officers were panhandlers, but had they read the signs instead of what was on their phones, they would have busted. >> phone, left hand. >> i gotter erher. >> reporter: some drivers were more than distracted. >> pull over. >> reporter: we had a woman coming down with no seat belt on. she was talking on her phone and putting on mascara all at the same time. and driving. >> reporter: cell phones are now involved in 1.6 million auto crashes each year. that kills 6,000 people. 98% of adults say they know texting and driving is unsafe, but 49% admit to still doing it. >> it happens. and it will probably happen again.
7:45 am
however, i got caught. >> reporter: detective devin peck says in just two hours, they stopped 54 people and issued 39 tickets for distracted driving. >> new ticket. >> reporter: a first-time offense in san bernardino totals $162. >> i text sometimes, and i know i shouldn't be. i think it's good. i mean, it teach me a lesson. >> blue mitsubishi right here talking on her cell phone. >> reporter: but others have not learned their lesson. >> you're going to be cited cellular device while operating a motor vehicle. woman again. >> she was checking voice mails. >> reporter: just two weeks after her last ticket. a second offense is $285. >> same violation, same >> reporter: did she seem embarrassed or just angry? >> she was just angry today. >> reporter: do you think people taking? >> i don't think they do. i often ask people if they would the answer is no. and they kind of see the relation between driving blindfolded and driving distracted.
7:46 am
>> reporter: on average, a person takes their eyes off of the road for five seconds every time they text. at 55 miles per hour, that's like covering the length of an entire football field blindfolded. san bernardino is cracking down on distracted driving because lieutenant travis walker says the city now has more traffic fatalities than homicides every year. why do you think people are just not getting this message? >> it's almost like the rules don't apply to me, and that's what's unfortunate. accidents are preventable. >> reporter: but only if all eyes stay on the road and off the phone. >> i need your signature on the green box at the bottom. >> reporter: for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, san bernardino. >> very important story. >> makes sense to me. >> me, too. >> absolutely. >> people still don't get it. >> get off your phones when you're driving. >> your makeup. >> and your makeup, too. your mascara can wait, people. 34 seconds, that's how long it took ronda rousey to knock out her competition.
7:47 am
why her latest fight in brazil was so very personal. plus, a futuristic crime scene under investigation today. who in the world would vandalize a robot? >> oh. >> in philadelphia? >> announcer: this portion of "kbgs" "cbs this morning" sponsored by blue buffalo. you love your pets like family, so feed them like family with
7:48 am
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and lung cancer have been reported. tell your doctor if you're prone to or have any infection like an open sore, the flu, or a history of copd, a chronic lung disease. orencia may worsen your copd. if you're not getting the relief you need... ask your doctor about orencia. orencia. see your ra in a different way. proof this morning that hitchhiking -- god, i need a new tongue today -- hitchhiking is not safe. even if you're a robot. the creators of hitchbot hoped it would travel across the country with a gps camera and the ability to make limited conversation, but somebody may have vandalized hitchbot on philadelphia's oldest street. the photo took off on social media this morning. hitchbot is missing. the robot's tracking device is not transmitting, but its
7:52 am
canadian inventors are focusing on the good times, exploring america by land and sea like its visit to boston's fenway park. they say hitchbot's end is simply part of the experience. it's a shame it happened in the city of brotherly love. what do you get out of vandalizing a robot? answer that question for me. >> let's hope he turns up. >> he's not. he's gone. they say the company sells bad sunscreen and they're putting the evidence online. the results ahead on "cbs this morning." new benefiber healthy shape. this, i can do. "good morning" with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella gives you so manydelicious options every morning.
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> good morning. it is 7:56 on this monday, august 3rd and another hot summer day, with 90 degree temperatures. i'm chris wragge. first, a man is accused of breaking into a woman's apartment and groping her. joseph from staten island. the 43-year-old woman is saying he grabbed her from behind as she slept. it happened last thursday. family and friends will gather in new jersey to say a
7:57 am
final good-bye to bobbie kristina brown. her funeral was held saturday in georgia. six month ago she was unresponsive in a bathtub. small dog is alive today. thanks to the nypd. the 2,112th precinct tweeted this picture. the pup was in the car for an hour with the windows up and rescued by three officers yesterday. the 34-year-old owner returned and was issued a summons, but was allowed to keep her dog. now, john elliott with the forecast on monday. hi, john. >> i tell you what, a pretty monday. i love the halo effect there. and brilliant blue skies. 77 in the city right now. let's head out to the west. cooler, though, look at west milford. 77 right now. this afternoon 90. above normal. absolutely. sunsets at 8:10. it is above normal, yeah, a little bit warmer than we were
7:58 am
yesterday, hovering around 90 the last few days and again tomorrow. but it is the humidity values. you're feeling it today. it is a little bit more humid for your tuesday. so the chance for an isolated shower and storm. going to the beach, high rip
7:59 am
8:00 am
local update in 25 minutes. it is monday, august 3rd, 2015. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead including tonight's big republican presidential gathering. donald trump is not coming, but he may still dominate that conversation. but first, here's a look at today's "eye opener at 8." >> this fire still just 5% contained. erratic winds and triple-digit temperatures have made a bad situation much worse. >> in addition to the one man who was killed, three others were injured when severe weather rolled right through this field. the pilot of a regional jet from richmond reported seeing a aircraft. the faa and the port authority are investigating. the driver of the car that told police the shooter was his passenger. new details have emerged about
8:01 am
how this turned deadly. the vice president has always left the door open for a run. >> i don't think he's going to be that effective as a campaigner. >> donald trump has discovered one of the fringe benefits of presidential front-runner status, the freedom to call the sunday shows. that means no fancy suits, no brightly colored ties, and no hair spray. you think people understand the risk they're taking? >> i don't think they do. i often ask people if they would drive blindfolded, and of course the answer is no. left center, hit pretty well. here he comes to the plate, and they win it! >> congratulations, your first career walkoff hit. >> this morning's "eye opener at 8" is presented by subway. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. there is a state of emergency this morning in california. the state.
8:02 am
the rocky fire west of sacramento is the biggest. weekend. flames have burned 54,000 acres. >> well, the fires destroyed two dozen homes and forced thousands to evacuate. more than 6,000 other homes are threatened. crews are working to contain the fire before it reaches the town of clear lake. this morning the northeast is bracing for potentially deadly storms that already ripped through the midwest. one person died in a chicago suburb yesterday when a tent festival. strong winds ripped up the tent's metal support poles. dozens were hurt. thunderstorms also forced the evacuation of the lollapalooza music festival in chicago's grant park. people took shelter in nearby parking garages. 14 of the 17 republican presidential candidates will appear together tonight for the first time. newspapers in three key states organized the forum. they want voters to see where all the candidates stand. donned trump will not be there.
8:03 am
he leads the gop field in a new poll with 19% support. chris christie, john kasich and each. that is crucial. only the top ten will be allowed to debate thursday on primetime television. republican strategist frank luntz is with us now from california. frank, good morning. >> good morning. >> so what do we look for in this new hampshire debate? >> well, they're going to be trying out some of the sound bites because not as many people will be watching. and they're going to get a measure of each other. the difference between monday and thursday is that you don't have donald trump this evening. and trump is going to be the focal point. i know that the candidates have been preparing for him. they've been doing various debate prep. they've had people stand in for him. and nobody knows what trump is going to say and do on thursday. and that's why i think it's going to be the most-watched primary debate in american history. >> wow. it will certainly include us. >> that's right. how will his no-show play out tonight? what effect do you think that
8:04 am
will have, if any? >> i don't think it will have any effect on the other candidates, and they're going to get a chance to express their message. and the difference in format between tonight and thursday is that each candidate goes individually. on thursday, they're all going to be lined up, and they're going to have a chance to respond to each other. and of course, the big difference is there's going to be no one with trump's interest with his -- with his presentation that's going to be on the stage this evening. >> on the front page of "the new york times," jonathan martin had some great reporting about how jeb bush's campaign is delighted by donald trump's surge. has his surge kept those other alternatives to bush at bay? >> it's been very difficult for every candidate. it is though trump has sucked the energy out of the room. and you don't get any stories about anybody else. i don't think it's been good for jeb bush. i don't think it's been good for any of the republican canneddidates because they're trying to draw a bright line between themselves and each other and hillary
8:05 am
clinton and the democratic party and it's impossible to do if the focus is just on donald trump and all the things that he's saying. >> so what came out of the koch brothers' weekend? >> i actually am going to be speaking there in a couple of hours. and i'm going to be curious to ask participants what they thought. i know that carly fiorina who will not be part of the debate on thursday night, that she was definitely a favorite of the people who were there. you know, everyone is trying to size up these candidates. and what's interesting about that koch conference is that they're not looking at each other based on who is more intellectually purer, who's a better speaker. they see these candidates versus hillary clinton because they're so eager to have a replacement, a philosophical replacement in the white house. and they want to try to figure out who's the best person. who's the best candidate for that job. >> and donald trump was not invited. >> he was not invited, no. >> so how important is an endorsement of the koch brothers to a republican candidate, frank, do you think? >> i don't think it's the koch
8:06 am
misnomers that people don't realize. that there are 400 or 500 people attending, and these are small people. most of them first generation. and this is kind of the american dream that's all brought into one place at one time. they all have different candidates that they support. the one thing that they've got in common is that they're all about economic freedom. and they're looking for a candidate who's going to support less rules, less taxes, less government spending, less government involvement, and more freedom. and they split. they split over a number of different candidates. >> but frank, it is true that a lot of the candidates have been making stops to meet with the koch brothers, hoping to get their support because their financial support could mean a lot. >> well, you know, there's a lot of -- that's very true, charlie, and there's a lot of money in politics on both sides, but there's no difference in going to see people who are in that room versus those who go to the afl-cio or those who go to see the teachers unions. that everyone who's running for president is desperate for two
8:07 am
things, money and air time. you cannot win a presidential campaign without having both. >> all right. thank you, frank luntz. it certainly looks like a laid-back california scene where you are. thank you very much. >> oh, i love this. thank you. >> me, too. thank you so much. actress jessica alba's natural products company is fighting accusations this morning that its sunscreen does not work. parents are posting online photos of badly sunburned children. now, they claim that the kids got the burns and the blisters while using the honest company's spf 30 sunscreen lotion. one unhappy customer wrote this product review on amazon. quote, honestly, no protection, honestly burnt. the company says in a statement to "cbs this morning" the number of complaints received on our own website about our sunscreen lotion constitute less than one-half of 1% of all units that were actually sold at we stand behind the safety and the efficacy of this product. later this week, we'll take a look behind the scenes at jessica alba's entry into the market for all-natural, nontoxic
8:08 am
products. a new study out this morning shows a link between children's picky eating and emotional problems. research by duke university published in the journal "pediatrics" preveals more than 20% of kids age 2 to 6 are selective eaters. about 3% are considered severely selective. they are more likely to develop anxiety, depression, attention deficit or hyperactivity disorders. moderately selected eaters make up nearly 18% and face the same risk. children who show normal dislike such as refusing to eat vegetables will likely outgrow the habit. that's good to know because i was starting to get a little nervous there as someone who has a child who's a picky eater and i think most parents i know have children who are picky eaters. so good to know. >> and i wonder if your palate changes. because now i think broccoli is good. >> i think it does. >> it's a good thing. brussels sprouts, yum. she is proving she's the best fighter in the world. ahead, what is left for ronda
8:09 am
rousey to accomplish after she demolished -- and demolished is the word -- her latest opponent in half a minute. >> announcer: this morning's "eye opener at 8" is sponsored by subway. start your day at subway with a bacon, egg and cheese topped with guacamole.
8:10 am
subway, eat fresh. ahead, an entrepreneur gives a whole new meaning to the phrase "liquid lunch." >> reporter: i'm ben tracy in los angeles, and this is an entire meal in a bottle. we'll tell you what's in it, how it tastes, and why the guy who invented it says it could solve some of the world's biggest problems. coming up on "cbs this morning." i can't find my way through the trees so so so so don't don't don't don't wait wait wait wait for for for me me me me me me me to get home
8:11 am
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8:14 am
these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. serious allergic reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you or anyone in your house needs or has recently received a vaccine. in a medical study, most stelara patients saw at least 75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara helps keep my skin clearer. ask your doctor about stelara . ronda rousey is extending her domination of women's mixed martial arts. the ufc world champ crushed her latest opponent on sunday in less than a minute. wow! talk has already turned to who is she going to fight next? vladimir duthier is here. >> it was just after 1:00 a.m. on sunday when rowdy ronda rousey entered the arena for a fight so short, let me tell you, it actually took her longer just
8:15 am
to walk to the octagon. >> reporter: in front of a sold-out crowd in brazil this weekend -- >> the champion in the black. -- >> reporter: ronda rousey proved yet again why she's the world champion. >> ronda's hand speed unbelievable. >> reporter: the 28-year-old needed just 34 seconds to defend brazilian with a punishing knockout. >> it is all over! just like that! >> even the people that booed me, thank you for the noise. people that cheered me, i like you even more. thank you. >> reporter: for rousey, the fight was personal. just last month, she told "cbs this morning" she had it out for her opponent after the brazilian apparently made a comment referencing rousey's father's suicide. >> i wanted to embarrass her in the worst way possible. and i think that beating her in front of her home crowd is one of the worst ways that i could beat her. >> reporter: sunday, she got her wish. >> i hope that nobody really brings up my family anymore when it comes to fights.
8:16 am
and i hope this -- this is the last time. >> reporter: rousey has won 11 of her last 12 bouts in the >> there's the arm. it is all over! >> reporter: it's that star power that helped transform the california native into a cultural powerhouse with a cameos -- >> you couldn't last 30 seconds with me if your life depended on it. awards. sproo please don't beat me up, ronda rousey. >> reporter: next up, rousey is expected to take on mischa tate for a third time. tate took to instagram after this weekend's beat-down writing "guaranteed she won't do that to me." >> i feel like i'm one step closer to retiring undefeated and having a real legacy, and that's my goal at this point. >> reporter: rousey plans to leave her ufc title belt in brazil as a gift. on sunday she tweeted she'd hand it over tomorrow. >> nobody's going to be making jokes about her family. >> don't talk about her dad.
8:17 am
>> no yo momma jokes about her. that's impressive. 34 seconds. >> 34 seconds. blink and you miss it. >> but will she seriously retire? >> she's pretty young. they always say that, i'm going to retire. then they come back. i'm going to retire. and then they come back. >> thank you, vlad. singing and playing at kidsapallozza. >> the crowds and performers at this weekend's lollapalooza were younger that over. i'm adriana diaz. coming up, we'll show you how concert promoters are capitalizing on a younger demographic and making music festivals a family affair. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance, flonase controls six. see the world in a whole new light. flonase, this changes everything. it's just a summer thing double it up this summer... with a hot deal from mcdonald's. the two-fifty double combo. a mouthwatering double cheeseburger... and small fries for just two-fifty. ba da ba ba ba
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8:21 am
what if you never, never, never needed to worry about food again? well, that's the promise of a company called soyland. today it begins selling what it calls complete meals, 125 calories ready to drink in a bottle. the ingredients include powdered oils, rice protein and vitamins. first on "cbs this morning," ben tracy takes us inside what could be the future of food. >> this little piece of gum is a three-course dinner. >> reporter: when willy wonka created a three-course meal chewing gum -- >> it's tomato soup! >> reporter: -- it did not turn out so well. >> violet, you're blowing up! >> i feel funny! >> reporter: but now a company called soylent says it has found the formula to replace food as we know it. it comes as both a powdered and beginning today, a
8:22 am
ready-to-drink form. rob rheinhardt is the ceo. >> reporter: what do you think give food? >> nothing. quite the opposite. i love food, pizza, burritos, barbecue. >> reporter: the 27-year-old engineer realized that while working long hours, he was also eating a lot of bad food and wasting a lot of time and money on it. he now drinks 80% of his daily calories. do you view this as meal replacement or is this meal supplement? >> this is something that's not designed as a supplement to fill in the gaps of your diet. this is a full meal. it's going to give you everything your body needs. >> reporter: soylent is designed to provide a complete meal of essential vitamins, minerals and healthy fat with zero cholesterol. each serving is 400 calories and contains 20 grams of protein. yeah, it is bland. it's a little chalky. he said he designed it that way so people could flavor it to their liking. can you make a version that tastes like a margarita?
8:23 am
>> sure. >> reporter: some nutritionists have criticized soylent, saying our bodies don't metabolize synthetic nutrients the same way we process food and that soylent does not deliver enough protein. >> this does not substitute for regular food. it certainly could be used together with food, but in no way does it provide all of the things that you get from eating a diet of colorful fruits and vegetables and adequate protein. >> reporter: soylent says it has sold more than 6 million meals and has 50,000 customers. including michael hoopingarner. >> i was often finding myself hungry in inopportune moments. >> reporter: he said the meal in a glass comes in handy on the sets of the movies he makes. >> final edit. >> reporter: and during late-night editing sessions. >> i drink soylent every morning for breakfast. and certainly if i find myself in a situation where i'm working late into the night, then i'll definitely drink it then. >> reporter: if the name sounds
8:24 am
familiar, you may remember this 1970s sci-fi film in which overpopulation made food scarce. >> soylent green is made out of people. >> reporter: rheinhardt hopes his product could feed the world's poor. soylent currently costs $9 per day. but a silicon valley venture capital firm just invested $20 million in the company, and he thinks the product can get even cheaper. >> all we have to do is produce food more efficiently and distribute it wider, and we do that through tech following, and that's what we're working on. >> reporter: he has plenty of time to work now that he doesn't have to worry about eating. >> cheers. >> reporter: cheers. for "cbs this morning," ben tracy, los angeles. >> i certainly think that can be helpful, but i think part of the joy of eating is doing it with friends. >> exactly. >> you know, and cooking for friends, you know. >> the consistency looked good. i still like a fork.
8:25 am
>> and some roughage. always helps. >> i want to try it. i wa nday august 3rd. witnesses are saying the crash
8:26 am
strength debris flying. and the driver is in custody. [ no audio ] now this morning another drone sighting near kennedy airport. yesterday, the shuttle saw the drone on the left side of this airline as it approached the runway. >> location please? >> it is an emergency -- >> friday -- the federal aviation administration said delta and jetblue pilots reporting seeing a drone. the f.a.a. and the port authority police are investigating the incidences. nypd officers scouring a park after someone spotted an alligator there yesterday morning. police from the 110th precinct released photos of the search. no word on mow big it is and dangerous it can be. but police did nickname it jaws. john? >> nice, inviting nickname. hello sunshine.
8:27 am
look at that, that is pretty in the city right now. 77 degrees. the windserize light and variable. later today a gusty wind out of the southwest. the south shore you are seeing cooler temperatures. 73 in lakewood. still cooler, wayne is at 72. the front is losing a little bit of it its steam. it will head our way. there is a slight chance for an isolated severe thunderstorm well north and west. marginal risk for the city. what we're looking at right now, yeah, just the possibility of a shower or thunderstorm and then another passing shower in the morning. and tuesday afternoon another round of isolated storms. so it is a little bit busy today and tomorrow. and then the humidity breaks and feels better on wednesday and cooler on thursday. >> all right. john. thank you very much. we're back with another
8:28 am
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welcome back to "cbs this morning." coming up in this half hour, the killing of cecil the lion highlights a larger issue in africa. his death could have a lasting impact on his pride and other lions. animal planet save salmoni is standing by. first on "cbs this morning," the top pics from nearly 18,000 photos. "national geographic traveler" takes us behind the scenes on this year's picture contest. that's ahead. >> i love those pictures. right now it's time to show you some of this morning's headlines. "the washington post" reports on why reporters are not asking scientology scientology.
8:31 am
even jon stewart avoided the topic last week. tom cruise is promoting his latest "mission impossible" movie which was number one this weekend. reports say his publicity team stopped interviews from asking him about scientology or his dating life. tom cruise is one of several after a high-profile controversy. "the dallas morning news" says cowboys star dez bryant got, in his words, a little overheated at training camp. bryant took several swings at teammate tyler patman on sunday. it started when patman pulled drill. he does not cool off until his quarterback, tony romo, got between them. bryant and patman shared a hug when practice was over. and tributes to cecil the lion making history. empire state building saturday night alongside a group of other endangered species. this is the first time moving
8:32 am
images appeared on the iconic skyscraper. the display promoted a new documentary. really just an incredible display. >> yeah. >> beautifully done. >> says a lot. cecil's death and the killing of a second african lion have caused zimbabwe to crack down on new hunts. the scientists say the lion population is down more than 50% over 35 years, and one nature group considers it a vulnerable species. dave salmoni is the animal planet's large predator expert, and he joins us from toronto this morning. dave, good morning. hi, dave. >> morning. >> every time i see the pictures of cecil walking around, he looks so majestic to me. like something out of "lion king" the movie. it really is heartbreaking to see him when he's walking around. and i wonder how his death has affected other lions in the reskron andre region and your thoughts on that. >> yeah, i feel like there's a lot of impact that his death had. the immediate impact is on his own pride. obviously, we now know that there was another, you know, coalition member, jericho, another big male that's left by himslf to defend the females
8:33 am
and those cubs which makes them susceptible to any other coalitions. one male by himself is going to have a hard time defending those females and those cubs. and if new males do come in, they're going to kill cecil's cubs in order to have their own. and then long term, obviously the bigger problem with trophy hunting is the fact they're always going after the biggest, the strongest. so what they're doing is they're removing the good genes out of the gene pool. we've actually noticed over the last 30 years that the average size of a male lion has decreased significantly. >> how does trophy hunting work? >> trophy hunting, it doesn't really work, to be honest. it's not a sustainable system. but what they do is typically, you know, these professional area. shoot this animal or that. oftentimes they'll have the animal already on their property. they'll send pictures to someone and say hey, would you like to come and kill this thing? and they come over and have their experience. >> wow.
8:34 am
>> do you think this will change things? >> i think it's changed things already. i think it is a great representation. all of this attention that this story is getting represents the globe's feelings on trophy hunting. i think, you know, african countries who make a majority of their income -- some of the southern and eastern parts of africa, the biggest industry they have is ecotourism. so the world is saying we don't -- we don't believe in trophy hunting. the world is saying we'll come to your country. we'll come and look at your animals, but we don't support this. so i think it's -- the awareness always creates a built of change. >> so what can people do at home to help, dave? to take action? >> i think the biggest -- the biggest thing is as i was talking about is, you know, if you're going to go to a certain country to have your once in once-in-a-lifetime safari, i think you should spend your money in places where people can't come and do these types of trophy hunts or at least the legalities are a lot more
8:35 am
controlled. the other big thing, obviously, i always tell people is if you have your heart in the right place, if lion conservation is your thing or dolphin or whale or whatever animal it happens to be, you go and you research what the problems are. you see the groups that are doing things that you like, and you help them out. maybe it's with your skills, maybe it's with your money. but there is something you can do for the animals that you love. >> david salmoni, well said. thank you so much. and thunderstorms in chicago forced the localllapalooza music festival to end 30 minutes early on sunday. it drew thousands to grant park along lake michigan. lollapalooza's lineup is bigger than ever. as adriana diaz shows us, it covers all ages thinks to kidsapalooza. live and let die >> reporter: for fans, chicago's lollapalooza met all expectations. i don't care long days of music, little room to dance, the requisite and
8:36 am
retro flower crown. but what was once an adolescent right of passage is trending younger than ever as the married with children set is opting to bring their kids along. these are festival fans from their teens. this is the first time the couple in their 40s brought their twin boys. >> once you start seeing live music and you love it, then it just continues. but we wanted to pass it on to these guys. >> reporter: how has your first festival experience been? >> fireworks. >> reporter: the parents say they would have had to leave the boys at home if not for kidsapalooza. >> it's almost like this hidden garden that's like a playground with music. and then you can take them out and actually experience a big show. >> it's really cool that y'all came with your family. >> reporter: jane's addiction
8:37 am
front man perry farrell started lollapalooza 24 years ago. as his own kids grew up and fans started having children of their own, he adds kidzapalooza. >> i wanted them to have fun at and learn and enjoy themselves and bring their friends, and that's what they do. it's not like a disney thing. it's a lollapalooza thing, and i think think it's really cool to have that. >> reporter: kidzapalooza acts included the helmets. a band of middle schoolers with 11-year-old tye trujillo on bass. his dad, robert of metallica was here, too, as part of lollapalooza's headliners. did you ever think you'd be sharing the lineup with your 11-year-old son? >> it's great because in a way, they're sort of, like, opening the day, and we're closing the day.
8:38 am
>> reporter: tye, what do you want to be when you grow up? >> a bass player. >> reporter: just like your dad? sthoets he certainly head bangs as well as his dad. do you hope music festivals become more family friendly? >> absolutely. it's a great, fun atmosphere. rock music needs to keep going. i'm glad that it's happening through the kidzapalooza stage. >> reporter: like the bigger festival, the experience went beyond the stage. there were drum circles -- let it go let it go >> reporter: -- karaoke, even rock 'n' roll stylists on hand. do you feel like rock stars? >> kind of. >> reporter: do you think you'll be able to keep this to go to school? not really? some things are better left at the festival. adriana diaz, cbs news, chicago. >> applause. applause. >> absolutely, yeah.
8:39 am
>> that is such a good -- because kids like seeing other kids do stuff like that. >> right. the more you get kids interested in music and playing early. how impressive was that 11-year-old on bass? >> got the head banging down. an eye for the amazing. the photos that might make you smile, some will make you cry and some will fill you with wonder. the winners of the 27th annual national geographic photo contest next.
8:40 am
8:41 am
first, a check of your local - [explosion of fireworks] [crowd cheering] [sounds of tennis rackets hitting tennis balls] [crowd cheering] [tennis racket swing hits tennis ball] [crowd cheering] [player yelling] [tennis racket swings hit tennis balls] [crowd cheering] a day of destiny.
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now a story you are seeing first on "cbs this morning," "national geotraffic travelgraphic traveler" is the most widely read magazine. a 27-year tradition. readers send in their most remarkable images. chip reid is in washington to reveal the winners. good morning. >> reporter: some of these were taken by amateurs, some by professionals, some with high-technicalcameras, others with cell phones. get ready to take a trip around the world without leaving home. >> reporter: they are images that capture the wonder of life. the electricity of the earth.
8:44 am
and its soft, tranquil moments. images that draw you into the action. and introduce you to cultures all but forgotten. nearly 18,000 photographs were submitted from travelers around the globe. they capture spontaneous moments moments. and stunning natural vistas, pictures that offer a sense of place and portraits filled with love. >> that one on the lower left is a pretty nice image. >> reporter: for six "national geographic" judges, they had to narrow it down. one by one they decided which would stay and which would go. >> no. >> no. >> yes. >> yes. >> i think this is elegant. >> do you like it? >> yeah, i like it. >> i like this one. >> reporter: jim richardson has been a "national geographic" photographer for over 30 years. is the judging subjective to some degree?
8:45 am
>> i think ultimately you have to be in some way because what you have to measure is do these pictures get to me? when i look at this picture, something happened. >> reporter: is it usually an aha moment where you go, wow, look at that? or does it take some time for it to grow on you? >> it can be both. sometimes you just look at this thing and you go, yeah, there -- i get it. and those things are -- those moments are wonderful because they expand me. they take me someplace i haven't been before, either physically in the world, geographically, or emotionally. the kind of reactions that you get out of a great novel. >> reporter: a judge's emotional reaction to a photo can override the technical rules of photography. some images pose questions. who are these men? what are they doing? is this bird escaping or meeting its demise? >> i'm waiting to be shown something new.
8:46 am
>> reporter: sara polger is a senior producer at "national geographic" and runs the contest. >> i like working with all the photographs entered and looking to be taken to somewhere i haven't been before. and when that happens, it clicks, and you're excited for both the photographer and for yourself to help go to that place and show this person's work. >> reporter: beth mccarly was on vacation in namibia. >> i was just so busy feeling like the area was so surreal and, like, i didn't want to take photos. i just wanted to enjoy it. >> reporter: but she snapped away, not sure if she was capturing what she was seeing until she got home. >> it almost looked just as surreal as it felt being there in those conditions with the moonlight out and the stars shining as well. >> reporter: how much of a role does luck play in getting a great photograph? >> in my career, i've had about three truly lucky pictures. >> reporter: so mostly it's work.
8:47 am
>> never turn down luck. never, never turn down luck, you know. photographer in mexico. we talked to him on skype. >> we were very lucky that day. >> reporter: on a dive off a small island in the pacific, a humpback whale allowed him to get this close to her and her calf. >> you hadve to see things before they happen. they open up the stage, and we had divers surrounding the whale and moving away from her. and you can see the proportion of the whale. i knew that there was power in it. >> so we have 31. continued -- >> we've got to lose something. rhino. >> this one. >> yeah. >> reporter: some judges felt powerful connections, but hard decisions had to be made. >> i just find that just bear as loan don't do it for me anymore. >> i think those two are going to lose out to the three guys looking out. >> reporter: finally --
8:48 am
>> yes. >> yes. >> the winner, grand prize right there. >> i absolutely love this picture. >> reporter: they agreed. this is the one. right, so we can now officially announce that this stunning photograph by anwar took first place, and anwar's prize is an eight-day "national geographic" photo expedition to panama and costa rica. second place goes to this image of gravel workers in bangla esche did and third place goes to this camel racing photograph taken in oman. norah? >> all good choices. >> great interviews. what a beautifully produced piece. absolutely love it. thank you. >> i love, chip, that you took us behind the scenes to see how the judges worked. that was really fun to get that perspective >> reporter: it was fun. >> and in the end, they're all winners, aren't they? absolutely. although a trip to panama and at. >> thanks again, chip.
8:49 am
and the producer did a fabulous job. a police officer helps a skunk out of a sticky situation. that's next on "cbs this
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
morning." darksh cam video captures a police officer helping a skunk in distress. the baby skunk got his head stuck in a yogurt container. the officer moves in carefully, moves in and ran away to avoid the stink. luckily for officer taylor, the skunk is too young to spray. >> very lucky. >> the baby skunk could be lifting up his little tail, don't know how to do the spray stinky stuff yet. >> that was nice of the officer to help him out. on that fogt, charlie. >> that's it for us. be sure to tune into the "cbs evening news with scott pelley."
8:53 am
watch our 24-hour digital news network, cbsn, and we'll see you tomorrow right here on "cbs this
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at good afternoon, i'm mary calvi. new this morning police have arrested the man accused of breaking into a man's west village apartment and groping her. 35-year-old joseph from stating island. the 43-year-old woman is saying the man grabbed her from behind as she slept. it happened 5:00 a.m. louisiana thursday. ajersey city police officer is in critical condition this morning after a chain reaction crash that injured a dozen people.
8:56 am
it was caused bay the driver of a minivan speeding through an night. the driver is in custody. small dog left to bake in a car in queens is alive today. thanks to the nypd. the 112th precinct coated this issue. with the 39-year-old order returned she was issued a summons for leaving an animal in a vehicle. she was allowed to keep her dog. time to look at the forecast. a steamy one, john. so be smart again today. it is 90. and feel like the mid 90s with the humidity. we're flirting with 80-dollar. long island, and 72 in middle town. this is the front off to the north and west. there is a slight chance for a
8:57 am
severe thunderstorm well north and west. a marginal risk closer to the city. heat is on today, a southwest wind builds in. aslow moving front. relativelyspeaking. so a chance for another round on tuesday morning before the pick of the week on wednesday and then an organized low brings in a better chance for more widespread rain to wrap up the week.
8:58 am
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