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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  August 3, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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test positive for legionella. a legionnaires' disease outbreak has forced the health department to perform a meeting. over the past month four people have died and 71 sick. >> before to got started they should have done something about it long time ago. it would have saved those four people's lives that died. >> reporter: inspectors are testing cooling towers across the borough. if not treated with chemicals, cooling towers are vulnerable to bacteria like legionella. droplets of contaminated water can be circulated through a building's air-conditioning. if the droplets are small enough, they can be inhaled and enter the lungs. cynthia rodriguez has two young children and says she is talking with her building's management about their cooling system. >> like i said, you want to make sure that they are taking the right steps towards making everything clean. >> reporter: so far five locations in the bronx have tested positive, including lincoln hospital, the opera house hotel, and the concourse plaza mall.
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>> any questions or concerns that you would want to ask health officials? >> i would like for them to get a grip of it before it gets out of hand. >> reporter: so can you get sick if you come in contact with contaminated water or if water from a leaky air-conditioning system that has legionella drips on you? experts say no. this is a disease of the lungs. you get sick by inhaling water particles or inhaling a mist. hotels, large buildings and cruise ships are places where traditionally spread. any place with a cooling system that is not properly treated is susceptible. tweet me if you have any questions for the doctors tonight. i will have answers later tonight on cbs2 news at 11. for now reporting live in the thank you. and here is some more disease. it cannot be spread from person to person. it's contracted by breathing in water mist that contains the
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legionella bacteria. the symptoms are similar to the flu. a cough, fever, body aches. and the disease is treatable with antibiotics if caught in time. but it can be deadly for people who have weak immune systems such as the elderly. new at six tonight the newly restored high bridge connecting manhattan and the bronx has become a tourist hotspot. literally. cbs2's hazel sanchez spoke with one visitor who says her trip to the historic span left her with burns. >> tara, who works here at cbs2 news, says her hand is still in pain after suffering severe buns to her palm while on the staircase in washington heights. it's cun of those things where i didn't realize how bad it was until i got to the top of the stairs and i saw my hand. >> reporter: she had just high bridge last tuesday when temperatures were soaring into the 90s. she was climbing up this high bridge park while harboring a severe fear of heights. >> i am trying to get up the i kept going.
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it wasn't until i got to the top myself. >> reporter: she was holding on to this railing super tight for staircase. right now railing is about 120 degrees. my hand is already starting to feel that stinging burn and i am only half which up the staircase. >> reporter: our surface thermometer showed the railing at 126 degrees. the city parks department says the iron railing dates back to the mid 1800s. since it was restored, they have never received any complaints. we did find some people who after touching the scorching rails say they see how she got hurt. >> anything can happen if it's real hot and it's been soaking up the heat. >> maybe they could put a lighter color or maybe they could put rub overnight it. >> reporter: the city admits the black paint may make heat ap
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storms may make it worse. she is worried someone else may get hurt, too. >> especially a kid with their skin. it's so tender that they could put one hand on that and it's going to burn them. >> reporter: for now climbers beware. in washington heights, hazel sanchez. >> the brooklyn borough president puts a cas set on display for five days as community leaders demand action for mayor de blasio to stop gun violence in the city. this comes as 22 people were shot and three murdered over the weekend. cbs2 political reporter marcia kramer has more on gun city. >> reporter: brook borough president eric adams and five community leaders were paul bear he is carrying a casket to dramatize the devastating impact of gun violence following a weekend when bullets rang out with frightening frequency on the streets of the city. >> our children deserve to live. our adults deserve to live. >> reporter: demand be more
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money and resources after ten incidents, 22 victims, into murders. one of the victims 25 darnell smith was shot and killed inside a hallway at glenwood houses in east flatbush saturday morning. his mother pleading for justice. >> they shot him down like he was a dog in a street, and that i'm not standing for. >> reporter: and there was this. nine people shot and injured as gunmen in this surveillance video opened fire on a house party in east new york. many viewers taking to facebook to place blame. 22 too many in my opinion. where is deblah blah blaze yeah. tend marcia after him. unacceptable posted deborah. louis valentino says it is simple. mayor puts blew it. team de blasio says the number of shootings is down slightly from last year, which was a low year crimize. 669 shooting incidents so far this year. 674 in 2014. >> there is no question that any crime and a victim of a crime
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is a tragedy. it's an issue that is taken very seriously. new york, it is the safest big city in america. and the mayor and the police commissioner are going to keep fighting every day to keep it the safest big city in america. >> reporter: and the past weekend was broaddy, it was a marked improvement over last year. there were a total of 18 gun incidents in the past week compared to a year ago when there were 40, 55% decrease. dana. >> thank you. the driver of a minivan is accused of causing a serious crash that injured a dozen police officer. several cars smashed and destroyed after police say the speeding minivan barreled into the cars and hit several people. this happened last night. 30-year-old keith jeffers was charged with four counts of assault by auto, leaving the scene of the crash, and driving while intoxicated. three times in three days unmanned aircraft have encroached on jfk airport, coming close to passenger planes. the latest sighting happened last night.
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a pilot reported spot ago drone 30 feet to the left of runway 13. none of the inbound jets at jfk needed to take evasive maneuvers, but the pilot of the small plane in south jersey was forced to turn on sunday to avoid hitting a drone. the faa is investigating. pros who use drones say it's amateurs who break the rules that pose the danger. >> reporter: if we find them, we will turn them in and we will make sure that the faa deals with them. >> reporter: it's already against the law to fly any aircraft within five miles of an airport without two-way communication. but there are calls to up the penalties for drone violations. a new jersey woman dies in a car crash just hours after auditioning for "american idol." 20-year-old natasha bell lit of bloomfield was heading home from her audition in philadelphia when the suv she was riding in overturned on i-95 around 7 last night. pennsylvania state police say
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the 17-year-old who was driving the median. five others were in the car. one with serious injuries. "american idol" ticket in her pocket. more than $10 million in state funding has been secured to help make repairs on the new york side of the palisades parkway. the new jersey side was repaved last summer after cbs2 highlighted the bad condition of the pothole riddled road. be repaved this year. then a stretch from there to exit 13. that will be repaired next year. new york senior senator chuck schumer says he is not iran newark deal. >> this is one of the most important cities that i will make that any senator or congressman can make. seriously. >> schumer is in line to lead in
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2017, so opposing president obama on key legislation would be trickty. many of schumer's jewish constituents want him to vote against the iran deal and even sway other lawmakers. another schumer spoke out today. comedian amy schumer. she wasn't her usual funny self though. >> i am not sure why this man chose my movie, but it was very personal for me. >> the actress showing her serious side as she talked about the fatal shootings at the movie theater showing of her film train wreck. also shattered glass and a little girl's bed ruined for her fourth birthday. what went wrong with a movie into their new home. and new information on a dog stolen outside its home in new jersey. where the puppy showed up odd. a bit of rain as of right now for newark, new jersey. it was the seventh day of the heat wave. more in store for you. we will talk about a big cool-down that's on the way. and coming up on the "cbs evening news," big game hunting
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after the killing of cecil the lion in zimbabwe. scott pelley live with that and more. >> dana, we have been hearing a lot about the killing of that beloved lion in zimbabwe by an american dentist. now we have learned of another lion killed by another american big game hunter and these hunters are now in the crosshairs of outrage. we are going to have that story. we will also have the rest of the world news coming up on the "cbs evening news" at 6:30. patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid. just seven percent received five stars. among them were four
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. comedian and act rest amy schumer is teaming up to push for gun control legislation at the fatal shooting at a movie theater. >> sadly, we always find out how people do these things. not why. how the shooter got their gun. it's often something that shouldn't have happened in the first place. a showing of schumer's new film "trainwreck" in lafayette, and injuring nine others. senator schumer proposing legislation to improve background checks. it would require stites states to send information to the federal government or face a fine. police arrest a tourist at the september 11 memorial for allegedly carrying two loaded
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guns onto the site. investigators say elizabeth enderly from houston asked a where she could store the guns she had in her backpack. she spent the night? jail or criminal charges of possession of a weapon. her family reported she said a military veteran mistakingly believed her texas weapons knock. a suffolk county family stymied and angry tonight tonight at what they call a shoddy job of moving them into their dream home. cbs2's jennifer mclogan has the story from holbrooke. >> reporter: birthday girl bella, four years old. she and her brother and parents are celebrating by moving into their first home. queens to holbrooke. >> the mover broke it and i'm sad. >> reporter: the dream move did not go well. bella's belllini bed is splintered. dresser scratched and gouged.
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>> they never wrapped the cribs or mattresses. >> reporter: the family says joy turned to sorrow. >> i took it out and heard more crunching and then another and then another. i just burst into tears. >> reporter: what was wrapped appeared cracked and crushed. >> my franciscan bowl. >> reporter: washing machine electronics shorted. you paid to have everything taken apart and put together? >> yes. that was part of the contract. >> reporter: did you have a rapport with the movers at all? >> when they got there they seeped great. >> reporter: they bought the men breakfast and had lunch delivered. when the movers appeared behind schedule. >> guys, who is going to fix the refrigerator? you have to put the doors on. they started arguing amongst themselves. >> reporter: this may have been the result. >> it comes right off. >> reporter: what do you think happens here? they hired bay shore moving and storage because it came highly recommended rated a-plus by the better business bureau. >> we try to do our best on eve and every move.
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we regret this move wasn't handled to the moffett he's complete satisfaction. >> definitely to recoup my deposit. >> reporter: the company cannot remove the move. they must file individual claim forms for each damaged items. that will take weeks. they hope the company will stand by the claims. >> the state department of transportation says you do have recourse. complaints can be lodged with them and companies can be forced to rebate losses even without receipts. an update at six on a small dog stolen from the owner's driveway in new jersey. police say they found the dog. the owner of diamond, a pomeranian, says somebody turned the dog into an animal shelter. video from surveillance camera at the home shows a woman walking up the driveway in hackensack saturday and taking the dog. police are still looking for the suspect. lonnie quinn is here right now.
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it really heated up today, lonnie? >> we hit 90 today. been didn't have a 90-degree reading in the city over the weekend. so if you are wondering could this be day one of an upcoming heat wave? i think we will see cooler air getting in midweek. especially end of the week. right now outside 80s. a customer 90-degree readings. john in old field. john is telling me as of seven minutes ago a great wind off the water. interesting, john. here he is on the north shore. the winds are going to come from the southwest. watch the humidity go up tomorrow, especially south shore beaches. a tough time with rip currents as well. outside in new york city, there is my picture to share. 86 degrees. it's a sun and cloud mix right now. as you look ahead, this is what i would be planning on. isolated storms. maybe it's a slight chance. mainly north of the area. it really just a little bit of rain that's left now. it's going to be hot again tomorrow. dana and i were talking about
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hitting 90 tomorrow. tomorrow 90 degrees. humidity is going up. slight chance for thunderstorms tomorrow. tomorrow looks to be very similar to today, and then by the time we get to wednesday that's the pick of the week. i think temperatures are going to be more comfortable and the skies are going to be brighterrer. wednesday and tuesday as well, for that matter, we have to worry about moderate to high risk for rip currents on any of our surfside beaches because that southwest wind is kicking in. vortex satellite and radar. thunderstorms have faded away. there is a little bit of very light rain left. you even, look at this, when you see the radar picture losing the bright oranges and yellows, there is a light shower out there in certain spots from dutchess county into sussex county. i don't see that line pushing to the south. low pressure to the north. that's the culprit that gave us a couple of showers today. you had strong storms out there north of the city. i think the same thing could be said tomorrow because the low is not going too far away. it will be in the general
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vicinity. similar set-up for tomorrow. then luke at this channel of beautiful air. that's the wednesday i'm talking about. that's your pick of the week. and then behind it the spin that you see around salt lake city, this low pressure system is going to be to our area thursday and friday. it's going to give us another chance of rain the end of the week. i think the other big game changer with that system is it's going to lower the temperatures. i am not talking temperatures around 90 degrees. i am talking temperatures around 80-degree for high temps thursday and friday. so for tonight slight rain chance out there. the big stuff is done. it's mainly north of the area. 76 degrees. if you take a look at the day tomorrow, still hot once again. 90 degrees. humidity is going up. it will feel hotter tomorrow than it was today. there is a 20% thunderstorm chance. similar to what you had today. as you look across the board here we go with the numbers. we are going to be 90 degrees tomorrow. we talked about that. 85 on wednesday. wednesday look to be a great looking day. thursday you're you're 2 for a high, dana. 81 on saturday. we are dropping all the way down
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to the lower 80s as a result of that system i showed you in utah. >> thank you, lonnie. >> you bet. mets mania taking over new york. >> dana, everybody is talking about how citi field sounded like old chase stadium last night with good reason. last night might have been the most important game in citi field history. i will show you why next in sports. it took leonardo and miriam years to master the toss.
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these mets really on a role. here is steve with sports tonight. >> this is a happy time for mets and mets fans. they are not thinking about their history of disappointments and collapses. all it took was a few trades and a few wins and they have turned the season around. and in the span of just four at-bats last night, in the third inning a 5-1 lead on washington. have you been keeping up with what lucas duda has been doing. in the past eight games he has nine homers. it was good enough to earn him cannabis oil-nl player of the week. an award he shares with noah syndergaard. thor dominated washington.
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the mets complete the sweep of the nationals in front of an energized citi field. >> pitching is unbelievable. it's august 2nd. can only imagine when october is rolling around. >> the scope of things, this was a great homestand with the way we finished it. this is my first experience with a new york ground and the energy they bring to the ballpark is unbelievable. >> well, the yankees have a comfortable lead in their division. they are off tonight before a series with the red sox tomorrow. but it also gives us a chance to bring attention to the fantastic reis surgeons of mark teixiera. at the age of 35, he is having a season like he had when we as 25. five home runs in the last four games. the road trip including his 29th yesterday. he is on pace for a career year and in consideration for al mvp. the giants are in the grind of camp right now. they are still waiting on jason pierre-paul, obviously. the unsigned defensive end has been missed from camp this year while recovering from his fireworks accident. he made contact yesterday.
6:25 pm
the good news is pierre-paul is texting with teammates. he is talking with front office personnel. it feels like he is starting to emerge from this month-long hibernation. >> i want to let him know that i'm here for him. it's just, you know, we are here for you. the fans, you know, they may not understand what you are going through. the organization understands what you are going through. as players we have a bond. whenever someone is doing something that they believe this their heart is at their best interest, i never disagree or agree. >> mets have the day off tomorrow. the jets the day off today. soccer fans occasionally throw things at players. i bet they didn't expect this. juan carlos alava picks up a sandwich and playfully takes a nibble out of it. he turned around to thank the who threw him that free lunch. maybe he is trying to keep a tidy work area in front of the goal. >> be very careful. >> exactly. thank you. we will be back with an update on the legionnaires' case in
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new york after this. closed-captioning on cbs2 news is brought to you by today. traffic and weather on the 2s, plus hassle-free cooking
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breaking news news in the legionnaires'out break in the city. the health department says the
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death toll has risen to seven people. the number of people diagnosed with the disease has risen to more than 80. cbs2's matt kozar is right now at the town hall meeting on the outbreak in the bronx. matt will have much more tonight at 11 on cbs2. also, what else you will see on our news at 11. >> from hospital stay toss medications you thought were private, there is a chance your complete health history can be stolen and exposed. the questions patients need to ask to make sure they are safe. how far would you go to protect your child? why a dad says he went after students in his vehicle to defend his daughter. we have got that plus all the news tonight when we see you at 11 on cbs2. >> thank you, maurice. that is cbs2 news at six. we hope you watch the cbs2 news at nine on tv 10/55. up next, california in a state of emergency. a report from the front lines of


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