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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  August 4, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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still applauding slow go after a deadly accident this morning. >> reporter: dramatic video of this morning's fiery crash on the new jersey turnpike almost too close for comfort. authorities say a dump truck between exits 12 and 13 ending up on its side, creating an explosion of flames, and a beginning of huge problems for drivers. >> how bad is it? >> it's terrible. nobody knows what's going on. >> reporter: traffic literally backed up for miles. and look at this. motorists actually being turned around and driving back the wrong way to escape the massive stand still. >> i've been sitting in traffic for about an hour and a half which will probably take me about 20 minutes. >> reporter: back at the accident site, a myriad of concerns. police cordoning off access to the overpass for a while, worried about the strublt of the -- worried about the stability of the structure after the dump truck hit it. the overpass has since been reopened. police say they were
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also concerned over loose power lines and a potential gas main issue. but late word tonight from the gas company says there is no problem. throughout the day there was the traffic. the seemingly endless slow roll, no roll conditions that had drivers going bonkers. while others made the best of a bad situation. catching some rays and waiting it out in the most unlikeliest of places. >> back live in elizabeth near linden where things are still moving very slowly tonight, nearly eight hours after. >> cbs 2's valerie castro right now behind the wheel of one of our mobile 2 units. she's also stuck in the middle of gridlock. valerie, where are you right now? what's it like there? >> right now we're headed southbound on route 1 and 9.
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we're pretty much at a stand still. traffic has been crawling for the last several hours. at times we're not moving at all. again, every once in a while we do move. we've not gotten above probably more than 10 miles per hour on this stretch of route 1 and 9. we headed west on 495 out of the city. that's where we begin to head south. traffic has been crawling every since. we're not far from where scott is. just passing the new york airport and headed in to elizabeth. this is exactly what commuters can expect for at least the next several hours. a lot of frustration and not a lot of movement. reporting live from mobile 2, valerie castro, cbs 2 news. here's a live look at the crash site tonight. new jersey state police confirming the driver of the truck involved in this collision has died. crews are working now to clear the scene, remove the truck, and determine if the overpass is structurally safe. meantime, the traffic backups continue.
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now to the storms that tore through long island overnight. residents cleaning up at this hour after storms cut a 40-mile path of destruction, toppling trees, damaging homes, and knocking out power. jennifer mclogan live in port jefferson tonight where pg&e says 20,000 customers still without power. >> that's right. good evening. it felt like a microburst, a tornado or a hurricane. as it appears, it was just an intense storm whipping across the north shore of long island leaving families like lovero's homeless and powerless. >> we heard the window explode. then we heard a big bang. after that my daughter was screaming. >> we got flashlights. we grapd as much -- we grabbed as much stuff as we can. >> reporter: their blue car crushed. they held their breaths as massive oaks, poplars
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and beach trees seemed to explode. three toppled through their roof, nearly missing them. their home now uninhabitable. a state of emergency declared as first responders directed traffic and walked door to door. damage now being assessed including historic churches in the three village area. many roads in setauket and stony brook remain impassible. >> the lightning looked like shells exploding in the air. my wife stepped outside and there was a sheet of ice on the porch in august. >> reporter: it's difficult to get around. the lirr suspended some service here. with so many closed streets, it took us nearly two hours to drive 10 miles to st. james where residents are clearing their backyards and patios, splintered in crushed furniture, grills, fences and boat tarps. >> as the hail came down and the lights were flashing, it was a horrific storm. it really was.
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>> reporter: the kassays are trapped on a bluff. all hands on deck for crews, 70,000 initially lost powers. even if they wash laundry by hand, the clothes line is a goner. >> i'm stuck here. i can't ge -- i can't go to work. i've got trees on the right side and trees on the left side. >> the town supervisor here is pretty irate. he complains they failed to send enough repair crews in a timely fashion to this local disaster area and many here may be in the dark till friday. port jefferson, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> that's frustrating. the storm also leaving behind major damage in setauket. toppled trees scattered everywhere. many fell on to homes causing extensive damage as well. homeowners let us inside, showing us a branch, how it punctured the living room ceilingism >> my parents had lived here
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for close to 60 years and my mom said she'd never seen anything this bad. i'm just thankful we're all safe and alive. >> the trees also took downpour lines, leaving much of the area in this part of setauket without electricity tonight. the nypd sounding the alarm they homeless. makes people irrational, impervious to pain, and is very dangerous. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer reports on what police weaponized marijuana. >> it's disturbing video. a naked home less man blocking a vehicle under the influence of a resurgent drug synthetic marijuana, also known as k2 and spice. police commissioner william bratton calls it weaponized marijuana. the man is howling and irrational. the commissioner says it's the new favorite drug of some homeless people who buy it for as little as $1 a packet. as this second
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video shows, it makes it very difficult and dangerous for cops to arrest them. >> many of the individuals under the influence of this drug totally crazy. superhuman strength, impervious to pain. so some of the normal take downs that we would use are not going to work. >> reporter: it's such a problem that police recently confiscated over 10,000 packets in central harlem. police released the latest crime stats showing while overall crime is down 5%, homicides are up 10% over the last year. officials say most of the shootings like the one in red hook last night in which five people were shot is gang-related and confined to upper manhattan, the bronx, and central brooklyn. many of the shooters are repeat offenders. >> we had an incident this past weekend in brooklyn of a young man shot in the chest. he was involved in a shooting incident last year. he was shot in the chest this week, the day before he's to be sentenced on a gun charge.
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>> reporter: the joint issues of gun violence and homelessness a continuing problem for mayor de blasio. >> the murder rate has gone up year-to-year according other the latest figures by the nypd. some people look at the increased murder rate, the increased homeless, as signs the city is going downhill. what would you say to some who believe the city is going downhill? >> i'd say look at the facts and stop the hysteria. i understand the concept in this city, what have you done for me lately, but let's try to be a little factual here. at this moment crime is down almost 6% compared to last year which was a record year. >> the mayor says a good percentage of the homeless have mental health issues. tomorrow he plans to unveil the first phase of the plan to deal with them and get them off the streets. >> can always count on you to ask the questions, marsh -- marcia. daniel and larry lenox say
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a man began yelling obscenities at them. they say things escalated and that the suspect punched one of the victims in the face. the attacker took off on his bicycle. police on long island asking for the public's help tracking down a suspect targeting women while they shopped. here's a picture of the man police are looking for. investigators say a woman caught him trying to use a cell phone to take a picture up her skirt. the incident happened last month at the target store on corporate drive. the city is cracking down on rooftop cooling towers that use recycled water after a legionnaires disease outbreak has now killed seven people and sickened 86 others. inspectors found legionella bacteria in rooftop cooling systems at five buildings in the south bronx. those cooling towers now have been decontaminated. the health department says bacteria can flourish in the recycled water
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of cooling systems that are not cleaned properly. the city is working to identify, register, and inspect every such system in the city. coming up here at 6:00, a family's frightening ride. their rear window shattered. glass rains down on two young children and police say it was road rage. >> a massive sinkhole in brooklyn. an intersection devoured. what caused it in sunset park? >> cars for sale taking up parking spaces on the streets. some even parked on the sidewalks. the new crackdown on dealerships. >> what an early morning it was for the north shore of suffolk county. right now calm throughout our area. what about the possibility for more storms? >> and the cbs evening news coming up after us. a new poll in the republican primary race in this very crucial week. scott pelley joining us now. >> we're going to break the news on our new cbs news poll at 6:30 tonight. it has some interesting things to say about new york's donald trump. he's
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this just in, the candidates who will be taking part in the first presidential debate this thursday, the big news here is new jersey governor chris christie makes the cut. he along with ohio governor john kasich grabbed the last two slots based on recent poll numbers. participants were chosen based on their rankings in the latest polls. so we're pretty sure who the eight other candidates would be. former texas governor rick perry just missed the cut. a car windshield shattered with a mother and children inside the car. police say it's road rage. and tonight they're looking for a second driver. cbs 2's emily smith explains. >> this photo shows a child clinging to her mother following a road rage incident that left her entire window smashed. it happened in the midst of rush hour traffic ending with the driver of a white van just taking off. this street vendor said he saw them crying.
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>> a lot of people. i see a lot of police. i see a small baby. >> reporter: it all started a few blocks away here at 57th and 5th. apparently the woman driver would not let the driver of the white van get in front of her so he decided to follow her east. the woman, police say, had two other adults in her vehicle, along with her 4-year-old daughter and infant son in the back seat. she turned left on to park avenue and then right on to 59th street where her back window suddenly shattered. it's believed the driver of the white van may have thrown something. >> because she had young kids you want to empathize with her but at the same time she probably instaigated it a little bit and it set him off and she should have known better especially with the kids in the car. >> reporter: police have not released the surveillance cameras. it's one more clue as cops continue looking for the driver of the white van and two other men witnesses say he had in the vehicle. anyone with
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information is asked to call police. in manhattan, emily smith, cbs 2 news. a sinking situation in brooklyn became dangerous this morning. emergency crews rushed in after a 20-foot crater opened up at the corner of 64th and 5th avenue in sunset park. people who live in the area say they've been calling about the sinking pavement and sidewalks for some time. but nothing had been done. >> there's a lot of agencies that have been involved or contacted and none of them wanted to take any action. >> investigators say it appears a water leak undermined the foundation and caused the roadway to give way. there's no word on when that giant hole will be completely repaired. new at 6:00, complaints that sidewalks are becoming crowded with cars in woodside, queens. on northern boulevard we found cars and trucks from auto dealerships parked all over the sidewalks. there are fears about the safety of pedestrians
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who have to navigate around these cars. dealerships tell us the cars are there only briefly as they get moved around but some local leaders say the vehicles create a hazard. >> this is not an attack on auto dealerships. this is, though, an appeal and a reminder of what the law is. the sidewalks are meant for pedestrians. not for cars. >> park ing on the sidewalk is prohibited in the city. violators are subject to fines. the councilman says he's asked for greater enforcement by police and better cooperation from car dealerships. let's get back to lonnie quinn talking about the powerful winds over the island early this morning. >> and a very short period of time. take a peek at my weather watchers. they recorded weather totals for me. you'll notice .1 of an inch. northern half of
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long island, close to half an inch of rain. here's ralph. rain total is for the overnight event. it was the overnight event early in the morning. i'll show you what it looks like in new york city right now. mostly sunny. 87 degrees as of right now. high temperature in new york city was 89 degrees. a.m. storms, that's what dana and i were just talking about. here's the deadline here. one cell. it was not a line of rain that moved over everybody. a real specific area had it. it was the north shore of suffolk county. a lot of folks thinking this was a tornado. it was not a tornado. national weather service already has looked at some stuff. thithink -- they think it looks like straight line winds. north shore suffolk had it the worst. it was 4:45 in the morning when it first entered. 6:15 it entered the eastern tip. basically it spent about 20 minutes in your town if
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you're in that area. it put down 1,440 lightning strike. 1 to 2-inch hail. that's golf ball-sized hail. and hurricane force winds. at least guaranteed near hurricane force because we have a guaranteed reading of 70 miles per hour, estimates of 80 to 90 miles per hour. vortex satellite and radar, whatever is left of the system now clinging to the tip possibly of duchess county but more so in to the coast of maine, basically entire coast of maine is under a severe thunderstorm warning because of that system. here's what we're watching for your day tomorrow. the winds have started to shift coming in from the northwest. lower humidity day tomorrow. then friday, rain. look here in this could probably mess with our thursday night in to friday. it was due east. now a little you. still too close to
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discount it for our area, but we keep the rain chance in. i just know if i see more models indicating this is staying down to the south, i'll start to discount it all together. could start up late thursday, 82 degrees. friday would be the day which will be most likely the wet weather day if that storm does track north at 80 degrees. saturday, 81. by saturday afternoon it's fine outside. sunday looks to be beautiful at 83. cooler temps on the way. the mets' trades seem to be working out. steve overmyer with what's ahead in sports. >> you're right. talk about making an early impression on your new team. yoenis cespedes gave the offense a much needed jolt. we'll tell you what franchise record he tied.
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otis is off tonight. steve is here with the story about the mets. >> when this mets team traded for yoenis cespedes, they were hoping he'd add a little bit of a spark to an offense that was ineffective. didn't take long
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for him to make an impact on the entire lineup. he tied a mets franchise record with three doubles in one game. he also had four rbi and also a head's up base run. regain first place in the nl east. they've gained four games on washington in the last four days. >> also nice to be there. but we got a lot of games to play. we've played hard and this whole week has been some kind of roller coaster ride. hopefully we stay there for a while. the first place yankees are also back in action tonight as they start a series against the red sox. this year the match-up doesn't have the same sizzle. the red sox were languishing in last place in the division. yankees have a 13-game lead if you're keeping track of that. that doesn't mean tanaka's start is pressure-free. >> it's important he pitches well moving forward, and all our guys pitch well. he has experienced pitching in big games even though not necessarily here but there was a
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lot of expectations on him in japan and he understands that so he needs to pitch well. the jets are back at practice today with a focus on injuries. they've already lost rookie receiver devon smith for a month with a punctured lung. now wilkerson has an injury. we thought the jets would get by with a mediocre offense, now maybe a little bit more is going to be asked of quarterback geno smith. offensive coordinator really seems to be working for geno. through five scrimmages, he's thrown no interceptions. >> i like the way we're moving around. i think guys are in really good shape. we've got a lot to work on. i think as a team we've got a ways to go. we've been put in a bunch of situations by coach. that's really good for us to learn and figure things out on the go. >> the giants have the day off but recently defensive end robert ayers shared a moment he had with michael strahan. he saw the giants great in the lunch room. his childhood hero
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sitting a few feet away. with no shame whatsoever, ayers got strahan's autograph. >> when i got a chance to meet him, i was kind of in awe a little bit because this is my first time. i said hey, i'm robert ayers, it's always been a dream of mine to meet you. >> he said he's saving that hat. he actually might frame that. [ laughter ] >> we'll be right back.
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i'm maurice dubois. we continue to follow the developing story on the new jersey turnpike. traffic is still backed up for miles. closures are still in place hours after that deadly dump truck crash. and now the big rush to get this all cleared out in time for your morning commute. plus the crowds are already camping out for the final show at nassau coliseum. don't worry if you don't have a ticket. cbs 2 will take you inside billy joel's big show tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00. next on the cbs evening news with cautd pelley, a lawsuit over the most recognized song in the english language.


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