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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  August 19, 2015 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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cheated on blake shelton. only i got to talk to the alleged other man. lots to get to. let's start with megan and brian's reported breakup. >> they've been split for six months now. they tried really hard to keep it under wraps. sources close to them are telling us it was the issue of megan focusing on her career. >> brian doesn't get any intimacy whatsoever. so i don't have advice for for anyone. >> the outspoken actress joked about their relationship last year and this was their last big appearance at a charity event in december. the couple tied the knot in hawaii in 2010. >> does megan now about this? >> does she know about the court or the lakers? >> there were signs of trouble just a week ago when the couple's home renovation and proposed basketball court were featured on bravo's flipping out. >> what the [ bleep ] blood pressure man?
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>> more details in u.s. weekly out friday. next, news on another split, blake and miranda. "e.t.'s" first with country singer chris young caught in the middle. >> the way that you handled being pulled into the rumors was just -- it was so classy. why did you feel the need to put out a statement? >> when it comes to both of them. i've toured with both of them. they're both really good friends. i was just like, this is completely untrue. i felt like i needed to say something about it. >> was that hurtful? >> you know what, i don't know if it was hurtful more than it was just surprising. people know i'm friends with them. >> right. >> i'm shocked as to why you would try to pick me. i was in touch with blake all day that day. he's like, dude, sorry. i was like, i know, man. it's just one of those things. you know, that's kind of a byproduct of doing this and being in the spotlight i guess. >> the spotlight on the country star today. chris has a new single and upcoming album.
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both titled "i'm coming other." the 30-year-old remained tight with his former tour mates. >> how are blake and miranda doing now? >> they're both good since every time i've heard from them. as good as you can be. >> we will for sure keep up with that. tomorrow, they are definitely the most famous newlyweds in the world and we are with jennifer and justin. we'll ask all about their secret wedding and the story behind that muppet cake. we'll bring it to you of course tomorrow. let's turn now to shannon dougherty's breast cancer lawsuit. is was a shock to learn she is fighting this disease. shannon claims her former management company is to blame. in the lawsuit filed today in l.a. superior court, dougherty claims her former management company let her health care insurance lapse in 2014. and a year pass before she could reenroll. as a result, shannon didn't get a regular checkup giving her cancer the chance to spread. in march, she says she discovered she had invasive breast cancer. metastatic to at least one lymph
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node. she now faces a mastectomy and chemotherapy. she claims she wouldn't have needed if the cancer had been caught earlier. in a statement, her attorney wrote. trust was violated here and we hope the defendant will correct it in a responsible manner. her ex-manager issued a statement. we will aggressively defend all of her claims in court. >> now to another case making huge headlines today. former subway spokesman jared fogle heads to court. >> today, jared fogle has been charged and admitted to participating in a five-year criminal scheme to exploit children. >> listen, the feds don't play. he has agreed to at least five years behind bars without a trial. what does that mean? that means they've got him dead in the water. >> in court documents, he is
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agreeing to plead guilty to one count each of distributing child pornography and traveling to pay for sex with minors. jared will serve between five and 12.5 years in prison. nancy grace has more. >> the sentence will probably range on the heavier side. and also in the federal penitentiary, there's much less chance of early release. >> wow. and there is more. jared's wife released a statement today. no real surprise, she is planning on getting a divorce. the couple has been married for five years. this is just a stunning fall from grace. >> it's a disgusting story. >> yes. thankfully in happier parenting news, rosie o'donnell, her teenage daughter was found yesterday after she was missing for a week. you can really sense the toll this took on rosie when she faced the cameras for the first time. >> she's in 100% good health. >> a tired rosie addressed press at her home. >> she was located through using
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third-party contacts of hers who were gracious enough to call the police to alert us that she was contacting them today mainly through text messages. >> today, o'donnell tweeted that this 25-year-old was with her 17-year-old daughter who suffers from an undisclosed mental illness when she was found 130 miles away on the jersey shore. in 2012, she pled guilty and served jail time for endangering the welfare of two children and put on probation for the possession of heroin. we broke the news of chelsea's return at last night's new york premier of grandma. >> i sort of waited to write rosie hoping she would turn up happy and safe and great and all would be well. >> you know i love you rosie. sending you hugs. lots of luck to your family. now another celebrity child making headlines. harry connick jr.'s 19-year-old daughter was arrested at his
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home in connecticut. during an unsupervised house party. >> harry once gave people magazine a tour inside the home. georgia faces minor charges of permitting minors to possess alcohol and procuring alcohol for minors. >> unfortunately, i'm always the last one to know. >> harry was in a good mood the morning after his daughter's arrest. re are h in philly to discuss the last season's crop of hopefuls. >> i don't know why they're intimidated by me. i have a high school music education. >> he was in good spirits, but but then again he was promoting idol. >> he was at work. >> at 19, if that had happened to me, i would have been grounded. i wouldn't have seen the light of day for months. >> going to be interesting in their home for a minute. >> it is no joke she has a date in superior court september 2nd. >> look at this cute picture of georgia and her sisters at the premier of twilight back in 2009. i don't think jill's that happy today. anyway, i busted out that picture because last night there was a twilight reunion in hollywood.
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that tops tonight's quick hit. >> twi-hearts are digging this. kristen stewart and taylor lautner hanging tonight. at the premier of her new movie american ultra. >> i like love him and i really appreciate the support. does. has kristen playing the girlfriend again, but he's no >> how did this happen? >> i don't know. i'm freaking out all over the place, babe. this. >> now onto a little fun photo check out jessica simpson in her daisy dukes. showing off those tone legs. simpson was on a date night with hubby. she celebrates the tenth anniversary of her fashion brand this year. we're digging her bojo chic look. they hit up a local hot spot which happens to be the hometown of another famous family, the kardashian's. kim's baby bump is on vase occasion with the rest of the clan in saint barts. six months pregnant, she was in
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black leggings right before her mountain hike workout. of course she cooled down with a swim along with sisters khloe and kourtney and mom kris. >> do they ever really vacation? it's always about business. they're shooting for the fall season already of "keeping up with the kardashians." that's what this is all about. >> if shooting can take me to st. barts, i'm going. >> of course. >> not so bad. coming up, we are with matt damon at nasa talking about his new movie "the martian." also what he's saying about buddy ben affleck. and his own own relationship. >> marriage is insane. i wouldn't tell anybody else anything about their relationship. >> that's next. closed captioning provided
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the point is, you have options. oh, how convenient. hey. crab cakes, what are you looking at? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. matt damon is talking to us about his buddy ben affleck who just celebrated a birthday with his family.
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matt is also opening up about his own marriage and his new movie the martian. matt is always so unbelievably charming. hard to get enough of him. ashley found out firsthand. >> your buddy ben just had a birthday. >> he did. >> did you help him celebrate? >> i was in boston with my family. it was kind of -- 43, you know, not that big. i think he was in atlanta with his family. so we missed each other. >> how is he doing? >> he's good. >> i'm coming up on my two-year wedding anniversary and you're coming up on ten. what's advice you can give me? >> i wouldn't give anybody any advice. i think marriage is insane, but i love being married to my wife. so i wouldn't tell anybody else anything about their relationship. i'm lucky i found my wife. i guess maybe if there's any secret it's that. it's to feel lucky. >> matt may be lucky in love, but his luck runs out in "the martian." >> he's an astronaut stranded on mars. >> this will come as quite a
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shock to my crew mates, but i'm still alive. surprise. >> we caught up with matt at nasa's jet propulsion laboratory. >> this idea of being stuck in solitude for four yearr that's extremely haunting. >> these guys they're trying to select, they're psychologically incredibly tough. one of the things that keeps the guy alive is he just keeps solving the next problem in front of him. i certainly couldn't do it. >> i am the greatest botanist on this planet. >> in "the martian," you have to be in top physical shape. do you always have to be in shape or do you get to hang out and eat a hamburger every once and a while? >> i always look for an excuse to hang out and have a beer and a burger. right now, i have to be in shape. >> and then it's ice cream. >> off the reservation completely. in your face neal armstrong. >> matt has the ultimate reason
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to stay in tiptop shape because he's getting ready to roll on his next jason borne movie. he said he didn't want to come back unless they could make the movie as good as the other ones. sadly, we have to wait until next year. >> those movies are so great. he is the best at at jason borne too. up next, new video of jared leto and his crew in a scuffle with the paparazzi at l.a.x. as we investigate why the airport has become hollywood's paparazzi battleground. >> i think someone at the airport tipties them off. then on the set of john stamos' new comedy. acting with twins again. >> i made some other twins very wealthy.
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that's jared leto rocking the green hair. he's playing joker. things got a little chaotic when the paparazzi caught up with the star and his team at l.a.x. next thing you know, the police were involved. swarmed, security guides jared to a shortcut to his car, but
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then this happens. just off camera, they scuffle with one of jared's posse. fernando, the guy in the red cap tells "e.t." he felt his camera being pushed into his mouth causing his lips to bleed. he told the police who were right there on the scene and next we see them questioning both jared and his friend. the result, fernando got the apology he wanted and no arrest or charges being filed. with these kind of star run-ins happen every day. >> the white curb is for the immediate loading and unloading of passengers only. >> ashton and mila, bombarded. kim k. surrounded. and kanye west can't always ignore the paparazzi like kim does. fernando had his own kanye moment. >> no, he doesn't like us.
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he's getting better now, but he just plain doesn't like us. >> how do they know the celebs are coming? we found out it may be that some airline employees actually sell their flight lists. >> there are people who do work within those organizations that do provide that information. >> should be like around noon. then we can go get kylie at 1:00. >> there's paris hilton's greeter. usually she stays in the car for like ten minutes. >> paris actually stays in for 15 minutes, then -- >> thank you, paris. looking great. >> i'm used to it. i've been doing this for so many years. it gets a little crazy sometimes. especially landing in foreign countries. there's like hundreds of them. >> there's also a network of greeters who guide celebs through the airport. the paps item like a hawk. >> we have around ten good greeters at l.a.x.
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we know their body language. we know when they have something. >> kylie jenner has mastered the technique of looking down or blocking her face. >> it's 1:00 right now. we're waiting for kylie jenner. she's not nice. >> the paparazzi are totally okay with kind of violating the stars' privacy. watch what happens when our "e.t." crew got in their shot. >> don't photo bomb because we have to blood pressure wlp sell the pictures. therefore i cannot put food on my table. >> okay. okay. >> and if you think a photo bomb is bad, the guys hate it when stars like the biebs do this. >> they'll shrink down and run behind body guards. we still got him. and he was running full speed. you were there. you saw how fast he ran. >> the saddest day in a celebrity's life is when they walk off a plane and all the paparazzi are there and nobody chases them or takes their picture. then that's a bad day. >> they're all right. i think i'd be pissed off if they weren't there.
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>> that is so true. most stars love the attention as long as they're not in trouble. john stamos had a little dust up recently. he's all better now. he's back to work. michelle, you sat down with him. >> yeah, i did. he spent a little time in rehab. he's got a lot to be thankful for today because he is the birthday boy. happy birthday, john. turns 52 today. >> that's crazy. >> i know, right? look at this instagram that he sent out. him in his underwear with the hash tag, my depends. i don't think so, buddy. he told me that he feels great and he definitely looks too young to be starring in a series called grandfather. >> i know, i can't change the past. like i've always said, the children are the future. >> is there anything sexier than a hot guy being tender with a baby? >> always heard actors say working with kids is the toughest thing we have to do. you know a little something about that. >> when these girls start getting fussy, i say, i made some other twins very wealthy.
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be good and you could have your own clothing line. >> that was 28 years ago before the olsen twins were mogul. this time, john's got two little twins. both playing the baby of the son he never knew he had. john's a playboy wrestler on tour and he's one of the show's executive producers. >> i picked a thousand other titles before grandfather. >> what were they? >> oh, you know, hot guy in his 50s. dude finds out he's got a kid and another little kid. >> anything but the g word. >> what do you think of the title grandpa? i said what do you think [ bleep ]. >> he's looking mighty fine. and because he's greek, they bought him baklava to celebrate. guest star helped with the surprise. >> richie going to sing to me for my birthday? >> maybe. >> i will sing another song. >> what will you sing?
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>> living on a prayer. >> that's what i was about to say. oh, living on a prayer oh, living on a prayer >> so what's john's secret for looking so young? >> you look good, dude. >> maybe i'm lucky. i don't do anything more than most people. i take care of myself. swim and eat well. i think it's no stress and i try to lead a very healthy life. i feel better than i felt in a decade. i want to feel calm and focused and i do. so i'm happy. >> that's a fine fella right there. >> it's the new 30. >> you could guest star on that show papa frazier. >> thank you. here's a story john will be interested in. tomorrow we're with the guy playing him in the unauthorized full house movie. >> john came out and said he did try to get the twins fired.
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>> onset drama with the olsen twins. >> and how john met rebecca romjin.
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off his skills and love for skateboarding? find out in our star shots gallery on "e.t." online. >> travel considerations provided by -- we are out of time. but tomorrow we will show you the young lady who won one of
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the most coveted roles in all of hollywood. we're flying high with the new super girl. >> oh, come on! >> look up in the sky. it's a bird, it's a plane, it's a female super hero coming to prime time. >> can't help but feel like a strong empowered woman. >> she's great. and the show looks like a lot of
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