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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  August 26, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

6:30 pm >> pauley: a news crew gunned down in cold blood on live tv. the killer captures the crime on video and posts it online. >> i just can't believe that she's gone. i can't. >> pauley: we look at the lives cut short and what may have driven the gunman to kill. also tonight, a strong rally ends a five-day wall street slide. trump attacks another member of the media. and a new orleans institution is 92 and still cooking. >> i'm still trying to kick it up a notch. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pauley: good evening. scott is on assignment. i'm jane pauley. once again, a deadly shooting has sent shock waves across america. the difference-- this time it played out on live television. a gunman filled with anger.
6:31 pm
he described himself as a human powder keg-- opened fire on two young journalists, reporter alison parker and cameraman adam ward of our cbs affiliate in roanoke, virginia. both were killed. the 41-year-old gunman took his own life after a police chase. we won't show you the most graphic part of the shooting but we caution what you will see and hear is disturbing. jeff pegues begins our coverage. >> reporter: the gunman posted his own video of the shooting on twitter and facebook. in it, vester flanagan is seen approaching the three victims who apparently do not know he's there. he lefts gun once, but then waits. when the photographer turns his camera back to the reporter, flanagan begins to shoot, as many as 14 shots can be heard. ward's camera caught a picture of the gunman as it fell to the ground. alison parker, and adam ward
6:32 pm
diedt scene. the person being interviewed, vicki gardner of the chamber of commerce, was badly wounded. police say flanagan, a former reporter at the station, fled in one car, went to the roanoke airport, where he got into a previously rented vehicle and drove away from the city. flanagan was spotted about 200 miles from the shooting scene with police in pursuit, he crashed his car alongside interstate 66. police say when they approached the car, flanagan had shot himself. he was tan to a hospital where he later died. >> now, if you missed today's performance. >> reporter: flanagan was a longtime television reporter who went by the name of bryce wilson on air. besides roanoke he had worked in several cities across the country. shortly after the attack, someone identifying himself as flanagan called and faxed a 23-page letter to abc news. in what he describes as a suicide note, flanagan says he was attacked for being a gay
6:33 pm
black man. according to abc, flanagan also said today's shootings were retaliation for the church massacre in june in charleston, south carolina. flanagan, referring to dylann roof, the man charged in the charleston shooting wrote, "you want a race war, bring it." >> we're in shock. >> reporter: wdbj general manager jeff marks said flanagan was fired two years ago and police had to escort him out of the building. >> a few months into his employment, i kept getting reports of uncomfortable situations that would arise between him and the photographer he was work with. >> reporter: like what? >> he wanted to do it one way. they wanted to do it another way. and he got angry about things like that. >> reporter: flanagan sued wdbj for discrimination. court records say the case was dismissed.
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he also filed a $15,000 racial discrimination lawsuit against an nbc station in tallahassee. according to court records, the case was settled. before police caught up with him, flanagan tweeted under his on-air name, apparently speaking about reporter alison parker he wrote, "alison made racist comments." about the cameraman he wrote, "adam went to hr on me after working with me one time." >> reporter: also in that fax, flanagan cited and praised the mass shootings at virginia tech and columbine high school. and, jane, when he was fired from his job here two years ago, all of the employees here were told to call 911 if he ever came back. >> pauley: all right, thank you, jeff. journalists around the country are showing their support for alison parker and kevin ward by posting pictures of themselves doing live shots with the hashtag we stand with wdbj. parker and ward began as interns
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at the station. we asked kris van cleave to tell us more about them. >> i just can't believe that she's gone. i can't. >> reporter: chris hurst was supposed to be anchoring the news tonight. instead he's mourning the loss of his colleague and girlfriend. >> alson was a marvelous storyteller with so much promise ahead of her. >> hurst and parker had been dating for nine months. he said they planned to get married. >> alson was the brightest light i have ever met. she was the funniest, kindest, most beautiful woman that i ever love me back. >> reporter: you lost the love of your life today. >> yeah, yeah, without a doubt. >> i'm alison parker. >> reporter: parker had just birthday. james madison university. he loved being on the water and playing with the family dog. >> in salem, adam ward, news 7 sports. >> reporter: 27-year-old adam ward had worked at the station since graduating from virginia tech in 2011. he'd also found love at work.
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he was engaged to morning prosecutor melissa ott. she was in the control room watching live when the shooting happened. it was her last day before starting a new job in north in north carolina. ward planned to follow her there. on the set this morning, the anchor team found themselves not just delivering the news but a eulogy. >> they brightened up the room every morning. they were all sleepy and tired and they came in like gang busters. >> reporter: the other victim, vicki gardner, ran the local chamber was chers and was being interviewed about tourism. she was shot in the back but is out of surgery and expected to survive. outside the station, people have been coming by all day laeg flowersflowers and balloons. jane, instead of celebrating at ward's going away party, the staff has been working to cover this horrible tragedy all day, stopping after the noon news to grieve together. >> pauley: crition, thanks. this is what president obama had to say about the shooting. >> i think it's one more argument for why we need to look
6:37 pm
at, you know, how we can reduce gun violence in this country. but right now, the f.b.i. has been helpful with local authorities in trying to solve what is really a tragic death. >> pauley: some public health officials say gun violence, like car accidents, can be prevented, or at least reduced. we'll have both side of that issue on tomorrow's broadcast. to the race for the white house now. republican front-runner donald trump is feuding with another journalist. it began at a trump press conference last night in samuel malcolm dunn buick, iowa. >> sit down, you weren't called. sit down. sit down. go ahead. >> reporter: donald trump says jorge ramos, an anchor with univision didn't dnt wait his turn. outside in the hall way, an unidentified man accosted ramos. >> get out of my country. get out. >> reporter: a trump spokesperson said the man is not with the campaign.
6:38 pm
>> all we ask, be respectful. >> reporter: the trump campaign later allowed ramos to return to continue their combative debate over immigration. >> so here's the problem with your immigration plan. it's filled with empty promises. >> excuse me. >> you have to change the constitution, mr. trump. >> i'm not a bully. >> reporter: in an interview on nbc this morning, trump defended his decision to eject ramos. >> he stood up and started ranting and raving like a mad man, and, frankly, he was out of line, most people-- in fact most newspaper reports said i handled it very well. he was totally, absolutely out of line. >> what's out of line is that i got ejected from a press conference simply for asking a question. >> reporter: ramos, the most well-known hispanic anchor, spoke to us today from his office in miami. >> it seems to me donald trump is much more authoritarian than i originally thought. he doesn't like to be questioned. >> reporter: trump said
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hispanic voters love him despite his proposal to deport all 11 million illegal immigrants but his recent poll shows his favorability rating among hispanics is at just 14% and is unfavorability, 65%, far higher than any other candidate. but here in dubuque, the hispanic population is only 2.4%, and during lunch hour at town clock plaza today, fans of trump, including veteran jason davis, agreed with his decision to throw ramos out of the room. >> it was donald trump's press conference, and not the reporter, you know, to be in the spotlight. so i don't see a problem with that. >> reporter: on conservative talk radio today, trump said he's proud that he kicked ramos out of the room, but he also said he's glad he let him back in because it helped him avoid criticism. jane. >> pauley: thanks, chip. investigators went shopping for bargains on wall street today, and after five straight
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triple-digit losses the dow bounced back to finish the day with a gain of 690 point. reason to call in our senior business correspondent anthony mason. >> reporter: jane, the rally held this time. all three major indexes were up about 4% today. the dow's really was its third largest point gain ever. the turnaround occurred even though china's nosedive continued. the shanghai index was down another 1.2% wednesday. >> pauley, so, anthony, why the turnaround. >> reporter: one of the reason is the head of the federal reserve said the case for an interest rate hike in september now seems less compelling than a few weeks ago. he said what we're seeing is not a u.s. problem. but markets may stay volatile for a while. on monday when the dow fell more than 1,000 points in five minutes, trading in 401(k) plans, jane, was seven times the normal level. >> pauley: we will stay tuned, anthony.
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warnings are up tonight for islands of the eastern caribbean, including puerto rico and the virgin islands as tropical storm erika approaches. the storm is pack winds of 45 miles an hour, too early to say whether erika will reach the u.s. coast. president obama flies to new orleans tomorrow to mark the recovery from katrina. it was 10 years ago this weekend that the hurricane tore into the gulf coast. more than 1,000 people were killed, most by the flooding in new orleans. the storm displaced more than a million people in the region. mitch landrieu of lieutenant governor of louisiana when katrina hit. he is now the mayor of new orleans and joins us tonight. thank you, mayor. i wonder about your regulations, or your impressions from 10 years ago. >> wow, it was incredible. i mean, this entire staefs underwater. as you know, we lost 1800 of our brothers and sisters and our exphorgz fathers.
6:42 pm
it was really a very, very difficult time. but what happened amazingly that flood came in. so many people came to ouride. it really was a magnificent story of neighbor helping neighbor, and then everybody in the country, in the world coming to help us. so from a very grateful city one of the things we want to do this week is say thank you to the rest of the nation and to the rest of the world for helping lift us up. >> pauley: a question looms over your recovery and that is black incomes have fallen, black employment and poverty higher than before, while whites are more prosperous. >> the people of new orleans realize that katrina and rita did not cause all of our problems but what we have done in the last 10 years is not promise to fix every ill that's in america but fix the way we address them and the way that we deal with them. and the real telltale is going to be years from now to see whether or not he's taken the responsibility laid on our shoulders, the burden we have to bear and we do something wonderful with it. >> pauley: katrina was a three. if the next one was a category four or higher, isn't new
6:43 pm
orleans still vulnerable? >> new orleans isn't even the most vulnerable city in america. miami is number one, new york is number two. we're way down the list. and that's why i've said to the people in america that we're the nation's canary in the coal mine on the issue of emergency response and the issue of resiliency. the city of new orleans has done something pretty magnificent. they have looked at themselveses in the mirror. we have seen ourselves honestly and we have made a commitment we will fix all of those problems going forward. >> pauley: player, we thank you for your message and we thank you for joining us. >> great, thank you so much, jane, appreciate it. >> pauley: still ahead, the chef who has been feeding new orleans for generations. the prep school graduate on trial for rape takes the witness stand. and there is late news about the twin panda cubs when the cbs evening news continues.else is a surprise? shingles. and how it can hit you out of nowhere. i know. i had it. c'mon let's sit down and talk about it. and did you know that one in three people will get shingles? (all) no. that's why i'm reminding people if you had chickenpox
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6:46 pm
and denied raping a freshman last year. the trial has exposed what some are calling secret sex traditions at the elite prep school. anna werner is in concord. >> i thought to myself, you know, we're going to have sex. >> reporter: 19-year-old owen labrie admit to the jury that at one point during his encounter with the 15-year-old girl he thought they would have intercourse, and he even put on a condom, but then he says he thought better of it. >> i thought to myself, you know, maybe we shouldn't do this. >> reporter:and he says he did not. his attorney, jay carney, asked why, then, did labrie later to confirm to friends that he had, had sex with her? >> i guess i wanted to look good and, you know, i wanted everyone to think that, you know, it had gone-- it had gone great. >> reporter: in cross-examination prosecutor joseph cherniske was skeptical. >> you thought sex is happening? >> yes. >> right, and she was half naked on the ground in front of you, correct?
6:47 pm
>> um, yes, yeah, she was back over on the blanket at that point. >> and you want all these people here to believe that after all that time spent thinking about her and having foreplay that you just stopped? >> um, i didn't just stopped. we kissed more afterwards, but i didn't have sex with her. >> reporter: labrie also testified he thought the girl had, had a great time. today, the 16-year-old ran from the courtroom in tears during his testimony. jane, closing arguments are expected tomorrow. >> pauley: thanks, anna. james holmes, who went on a shooting rampage in a colorado movie theater three years ago was sentenced today to 12 life terms, one for each of the people he killed, plus 3,318 years. then the judge got in a final word. >> get the defendant out of my courtroom, please. thank you. . >> pauley: holmes was spared the death penalty when the jury
6:48 pm
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>> pauley: civil rights activist amelia boynton robinson has died at the age of 104. back in 1965, during the bloody sunday march at selma, alabama, boynton robinson was knocked unconscious. the previous year, she ran for congress and lost but continued to fight for voting rights. last march, boynton robinson returned to the selma for the 50th anniversary of bleed sunday and spoke to cbs news about being regarded as an icon. >> they would say, "well, we appreciate what you have done. we are standing on your shoulders." and my curse was, "get the heck
6:52 pm
off of my shoulder and get to work." >> pauley: today, president obama said he was honored to cross of edmund pettus bridge with boynton robinson this year. he call her a hero. one of the panda twins born at the national zoo in washington saturday died today. this was the smaller of the two. the cause of death is not known, but the mother mei zhong had stopped nursing the cub. zookeepers were bottle feeding it. the surviving cub appears to be strong and healthy. at london's zoo, this was weigh-in day for all 17,000 animals, including some very large kamals, and some very tiny toads. the tortoise had to be bribed with food but getting the penguens on the scale proved next to impossible. she has cooked for celebrities and presidents.
6:53 pm
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all in 160 calories. ensure. take life in. >> pauley: president obama's trip to new orleans tomorrow will be his sixth since taking office. he will see a city transformed in the decade since katrina, but michelle miller reports, some of what made new orleans great has not changed. >> i've been in this kitchen 69 years. >> reporter: for chef leah chase cooking is a calling. >> so good. >> reporter: and at 92 years young, she's calling all the shots. >> in this kitchen, i tell you, it's my way or the highway. hello. are are you?
6:57 pm
>> reporter: you'll find her at dooky's chase. it's been a fixture in the downtown neighborhood that's endured the great depression and the perils of forced segregation. what did this place mean? >> this was like a safe haven for all of us. >> reporter: but in 2005, it didn't stand a chance against hurricane katrina. >> we had five and a half feet of water in here, lost everything. >> reporter: when did you first see your restaurant? >> the year after that. i couldn't get in here. >> reporter: what made you come back? >> people said, "well, what are you going to do at your age?" there was only one thing for me to do. no matter what you do on this earth, you have to do it, and do it well. it takes everybody to do a part. >> reporter: so mrs. chase teamed up with her family, friends, and some of the chefs she mentored and in 2007, dooky's' was back. the customers haven't stopped flooding in.
6:58 pm
eating and paying homage to the grand dame of creole cuisine. and some of her biggest fans? >> mr. bush was a good person. he said, "lea, would you like to fix breakfast for me tomorrow morning? you? don't tell the president no. i love mr. obama. till today, i wish i would have one more chance to just feed him. >> reporter: with his visit tomorrow, she just might get her chance. michelle miller, cbs news, new orleans. >> pauley: and that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for scott pelley i'm jane pauley. see ow "sunday morning." good night.
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