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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  September 21, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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i am dana tyler. mayor de blasio says the summer is the safest in new york city in 20 years, yet this weekend a string of violence tore through the city. at least eight people were killed. there were 13 shootings, including a cab driver in the bronx. ten people were wounded, including a 7-year-old girl. cbs2's political reporter marcia kramer with the latest on what has become gun city. >> reporter: the pregnant wife of cabbie inconsolable after her 39-year-old husband was shot and killed behind the wheel of his car in the bronx. >> that this community -- >> the trail of tears for victims of weekend gun violence leading to brooklyn where a councilwoman broke down talking about the search for the alleged gunman. police looking for the man who killed cab driver dewberry in what they say was dispute over a
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fare. >> next he loses the family -- the family lose him. lose my brother for a couple of dollars. >> where are the cops? where are the cameras around these streets in the bronx and in east new york and jamaica queens? >> reporter: 7-year-old ariana mall danodo showing a grade wound to the back of her leg. she was hit by a trail bullet walking home last night in the bronx. >> i heard kaboom. >> reporter: and it hit your leg? >> reporter: her dad shows us the hole left by the bullet. >> i heard a shot fired. my daughter ran to me saying, daddy, ow, it hits. >> reporter: provoking anger, especially in brooklyn, where city hall. >> if we do not raise your voices, we are giving permission for this to continue to help. >> reporter: controller scott stringer not buying mayor de blasio's argument that the city years. >> when you talk to the parents
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and grandparents, they don't want to hear that. >> reporter: what you say to new yorkers concerning their perception will about the increase in gun crime? >> look at the facts and numbers, nypd continues to drive down crime. >> reporter: the police commissioner said the weekend body count was unusual, the fact we had seven, think, that's twice as many as we would normally have. and every one of those lives count. >> reporter: well, mad to the gun crimes, there were nine stabbing incidents since friday night. ten people were wounded. the knife crimes were in every borough expect brooklyn. dana. >> marcia, thank you. a police officer in new jersey accused in a deadly wrong-way crash has pleaded not guilty to vehicular homicide and a slew of other charges. 28-year-old pedro a bad turned himself into the 120 precinct in citi this morning.
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three times the legal limit when he slammed head on into a tractor-trailer on the west shore expressway last march. two passengers were killed. fellow linden police officer frank figiano and joseph rodriguez. tonight the rodriguez family is demanding justice. >> he has to pay for what he did. he has to pay. my family is destroyed. ruined. he has to pay. he has to pay. >> abad is free on $25,000 bond. as part of the bail deal he is not allowed to drive. if convicted he faces up to 25 years in prison. a suspended new york city police officer expected to plead guilty tomorrow in last year as off duty ambush shooting of an innocent civilian. lou young spoke exclusively with the victim.
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times and survive. >> reporter: he recounts his improbable survival when an off duty new york city cop shot him at stoplight in pelham six toon months ago. the attack left one arm and his life dangling by a thread as his friend raced him to a hospital. he recalls the fear of losing everything. >> i remember yelling, you have to save me. i have a three-year-old. and that was probably the worst part of the or deal, knowing you're dying is worse than death itself. >> reporter: officer brendan cronin is expected to enter a plea tuesday it to the attack he says came during an alcohol black yacht the night of april 29, 2014, after a day of police weapons training and heavy drinking. there is anger among the victims that it has taken this long. >> i feel like we have to fight the system every step of the
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way to get justice that should be so obvious and so forthcoming. >> reporter: the victims never saw officer cronin at the scene in pelham, but surveillance video we are told shows the officer getting out of his parked car, the victims stopped at the traffic light. he has his service weapon in hand. he walks up and empties it into the back of their vehicle. >> i heard a loud popping noise. then i just felt like my arm exploded. >> reporter: his attorney say the attempted murder charge could get cronin 25 years if it went to a trial. >> what's his story? i was drunk. who got you drunk? >> reporter: the victims are willing to settle for half the maximum, but will feel cheated at anything else. the officer is suspended with pay pending the outcome of this case. lou young, cbs2 news. >> they have sued the nypd claiming officer cronin got drunk with his supervisor at city island bars near the police
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we are just three days away from the historic visit of pope francis to new york city, and get ready for gridlock and traffic delays as major security measures are in place. the mayor says the city is ready as it's been preparing for this for months. >> we are working with the secret service. they are the lead on this. i am very, very close cooperation with the secret service and the fbi and obviously the nypd is doing an extraordinary job of preparing. >> starting at 1 a.m. tuesday parking will be banned along central park west and side streets from the 60s to the 80s to columbus avenue. an eight foot high fence will also be built down the center of the sidewalk on 5th avenue from 49th to 55th streets. delays, commute are alert, gridlock alert, whatever you call it, be ready. the pope's visit means travel will be an extraordinary challenge and traffic a mess. cbs2's chistine sloan with advice on how to survive the
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>> reporter: a summer of headaches for new jersey transit riders dealing with delays and cancellations caused by electrical problems. now pope francis is coming to manhattan addressing the united nations thursday, leading mass friday. there is also a giants game at mets metlife stadium hours after his holly father lands. ahead. work from home. i think i will pick thursday and friday to do that. that's my plan. >> reporter: it's what new jersey transit is telling riders to do despite adding extra trains and buses. once you get into manhattan, try not to get into cabs or buses because they are going to be a lot of road closures. at least 21 that we know of. your best bet might be walking. commuters, though, worried about getting to the city. most can't stay home. >> maybe i'll take amtrak if it's going to be that bad. >> reporter: amtrak may be the
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nj transit uses amtrak tracks. but amtrak trains get priority when there is an issue. security will be tight. photo i.d. with you and be prepared to show it to the conductor. >> reporter: you can drive to newark's penn station to catch an amtrak train. other stops in new jersey, newark liberty international junction. if you going to the main event in philadelphia over the weekend, amtrak into trenton a great way. it's where you can get on nj transit's river line to camden, and walk over the ben franklin bridge starting friday night. bring comfy shoes. waiting and walking inevitable. in newark, chistine sloan, cbs2 news. >> and one more tip. make sure you buy your train tickets in advance so you don't have to wait in potential lines at right-handing machines. also, cbs will have complete coverage of the papal visit to new york, including his address
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to the united nations general assembly, his visits to the 9/11 memorial museum, and east harlem school. our lady between of angels. the central park procession leading to the madison square garden mass. just ahead here at six, big changes for some new yorkers at the airport. why you may soon need more than your driver's license it to fly within the united states. also, a long island father arrested in a road rage attack. what police say he did while his two-year-old child was in the car. also tonight. >> if i can be nice, i think all of us can be nice, too. >> this six-year-old girl's heartfelt plea touches millions. hear the lecture she gives her own mother. beautiful monday? >> you bet. great looking day. more clouds coming into the area right now. look at that clear air behind that. i will give you the timing on both in just a bit. and in just a bit coming up
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on the "cbs evening news" after us on cbs2, volkswagen apologizing for a cheating scandal. scott pelley with that and more. >> dana, it's a remarkable and ingenious scheme that volkswagen is admitting to. it says it rigged the software or half a million diesel cars to sense when they were being tested for federal emissions tests and to cut the emissions just during the test. we're told that the justice department is considering a criminal investigation. we will have all of that and the rest of the world news just
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news." the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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a long island man with his two-year-old son in the car has been arrested in a brutal road rage attack. rouson hinston is accused of attacking a driver on the meadowbrook parkway on sunday leaving the scene. the assault leaving the victim unconscious with a brokennen jaw and other broken bones. witnesses say he was weaving and speeding, apparently upset the slowly. >> the operator was in the driver 'seat. the window open, attempting to apologize when mr. hinton got out of his vehicle and punched him numerous times. >> in court hinton's family denied he left the scene.
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their lawyer believes he was the victim. hinton is being held on $25,000 bond. he pleaded not guilty. new tonight two men under arrest accused of selling untraceable firearms known as ghost guns to undercover investigators on long island. prosecutors say antonia himinitis and thomas weber ordered unfinished gun parts from different manufacturers across the country and modified the parts to make different guns. charged with conspiracy, weapons sale, and possession. your passport is a must for international flights. we all know that. but some new yorkers may need to pack it for domestic flights as well. cbs2's meg baker explains. >> reporter: have a new york state license? will you be grounded? >> i think people need to know if they are not going to be able to board. >> reporter: you may not be able to fly domestically in the u.s. with just a new york state i.d. why? >> whatever the current requirements ar to get a driver's license, it's insufficient as far as the
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department of homeland security is concerned to be able to battle against terrorists possibly getting fraudulent and getting on the planes. >> reporter: the u.s. department of homeland security says new york state licenses are among those in four states that do not meet federal standards. for the real i.d. act set to go in effect in 2016. >> well, then, what would you use to get on? you would have to carry a passport? >> reporter: a valid passport is always accepted. or you need to visit your local dmv in person. the state has offered enhanced driver's licenses or edls. they cost 30 extra dollars on top of what you already pay for a standard license. the new york state tent of motor vehicles has asked an extension to the real i.d. act. >> to get the new edl or enhanced driver's license, that including proof of identity, proof social security number, proof of new york state
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birth and proof of u.s. citizenship. >> that's a hardship. we know what the dmv is like. >> reporter: they go on to say we have no reason to believe that in i new yorker will have a problem using their current state issued i.d. to get on a plane come january 2016. none of the new yorkers we spoke to had any idea this change was coming. at the laguardia airport, meg baker, cbs2 news. rounding out summer, lonnie begin with the start of the week forecast. >> pretty day today. cool. >> a little cool. i think getting people in the mindset for fall. you're saying, you know, fall 4:21 a.m. the fall season will begin. i have what was a beautiful looking fall feeling day. right now. the clouds are in place. you see more and more cloud cover into the nighttime hours. i think the more of those clouds will stick around tomorrow as well. thermometer. your high temp was 77. as far as rain with any of the clouds out there.
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could see a few sprinkles. that's a possible. it's just not a big rain. temperatures will be warming up again, especially as you start the first day of fall on wednesday. i think probably 80 degrees that day. take a peek at the numbers. 83 saturday. yesterday you were 79. today 72. okay. tomorrow 74. wednesday 80 degrees. may duplicate that on thursday. two degrees cooler today than average. you will hit the 74 tomorrow. for the first day of fall 80 degrees. significantly above average. vortex satellite and radar. i know you see flashes of green around places like hunter ton county into somerset county. not a big threat. if you see a sprinkles, i think you may be in the minority. i think a lot will be fading away and not holding together. our air is too dry. you felt how dry it was today. temperatures nice, sunshine was out there. not a muggy air mass at all. so this rain that you see around washington, d.c. is going to have a very tough time holding together. could see a little bit. just don't think it will be too
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much of anything. then you tap into the nice sunshine behind this, okay? through more clouds tomorrow. i don't see a big rain chance. then the sunshine back onens with and thursday. that's what when your well. for tomorrow 74 degrees. clouds and sun, but definitely nor clouds than you had today. temperatures around where we should be normal. wednesday 80 degrees. thursday again right around 80. we will go 79. friday still warm at 77. then for the weekend, you know, it likes a good drop there. really back to where you should be. saturday 72. sunday 73. also you notice outside of the little falling leaves there to denote the start of fall on wednesday, you don't see any big rain clouds there. i don't see a big system getting organized to give us any big pounding rains this week. i will keep an eye on things. i don't think it's going to happen over the next seven. >> good with the papal visit. game two for the jets. otis livingston with what's ahead in sports.
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>> they are under the bright lights of monday night football trying to press the colt's luck. through the first two weeks we have seen the eli manning that has cable. he struggled and not a whole lot of time to get ready for week three. way back when, in the neighborhoods of new york... the working people, the people who really make this city work-- the beat cops, nurses, teachers, and engineers had affordable health care thanks to an upstart mayor, and a couple of non-profits called ghi and hip-- now called emblemhealth. because emblemhealth believes that working new yorkers deserve quality care, so new moms and dads can breathe a little easier, and the young at heart can live healthy and strong. and today, emblemhealth is still doing what it did when it was ghi and hip,
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setting a national standard with neighborhood care-- not because of some new law, but because looking after your neighbors is just right. emblemhealth: what care feels like... in the neighborhood. every insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. for those who've served and the families who've supported them, we offer our best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why
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otis is here. and the jets have an early season test tonight? >> that's right. many people choose the colts as a super bowl favorite. the jets are expected to step up in class in week two after convincing a 31-2 bin over the browns. they face off the indianapolis colts team coming off a loss. >> it's monday night football. it's their home opener. what do you expect out of them and their crowd? >> they are going to be tough. they will be loud in the dome. we got to weather the storm. we just got to settle down and play. once we settle down and play i think we will be fine. >> meanwhile, two games into the season there are serious concerns for giants fans. usually reliable eli manning not coming through in the clutch when the team needs it most. after the miscues late against dallas in week one he gets stripped in the third quarter. driving for more.
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you can't have the mental mistakes like a delay of game penalty on the second to the last drive making third and 12 instead of third and seven. his final attempt to parker who drops it. not to your money man, odell beckham jr.'s. that added up to a loss to the fast at home and a 0-2 record. >> i just asked them to search down inside. we talk about finishing. that wasn't a finish for me. >> we have to take responsibility for it. we just let two games get away. i am feeling sick. >> these are tough bullets to swallow. these are the ones that build your team. they make or break your team. >> all right. skins on thursday night football. our coverage begins at 8:00 on cbs2. it's pre-game show on nfl network at 7:30. to baseball. the yankees begin the biggest-series of the season tonight in toronto. adam warren faces david price. the yankees two and a half game
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back after two of three from the mets as a result of losing two of three. mets fans feeling siteness around the collar. they are seeing red after the harvey innings limit. he left the game looking strong. up 1-0 after just five innings. they had given up just one hit and picked up 7 k's. the yankees feasted after that. 11 runs on bullpen, including two five run innings. obviously some frustration from one of your best pitchers shutting down irrelevant. >> i want to be out there and the way things were going, the tight game, last thing i want to do is come out. i am kind of kick myself for having a couple of long innings. >> there is lots of things in our game today i don't necessarily agree with. you either adjust to it or get out. so i'm adjusting to it. >> and that magic number is not dwindling. they have to win ballgames. the fans are starting to think, oh, 2007, 2008 again.
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>> get the bats going and the pitching going well. just ahead, telling it like it is. >> if we live in a world where everyone is being mean, everyone is going to be a monster. >> a little girl sitting her mom down for a little chat.
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we will be right back. i am maurice dubois a nine-year-old is forced to get behind the wheel in this mangled mess is the result. his mom jumped out of the driver's seat and into the street. we will show you what scared her so much she left her son to fend for himself. and this is not just about looking good. your hairstyle could be making statements about the kind of person you are at work. style secrets and your career, plus all the news an cbs2 news at 11.
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alice and enrico. a six-year-old canadian girl gives her divorced parents a heartfelt talking to. the mother posted it to facebook. she heard her parents argue and she asked them to please get along. >> i am not trying to be mean, but i am trying to do my best in my heart. nothing else than that. i want you, mom, my dad, everyone to be friends. i want everyone to be smiling. >> wow. the girl's mother says the message was a real wake-up call. we hope you can join us tonight on the news at nine. tv 1055. up next on the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley, a republican presidential candidate says he is out of the race. thank you for joining us here at six.
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