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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  September 29, 2015 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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elaine quijano. test. . it's tuesday, september 29th, 2015. this is the "cbs morning news." a cold encounter at the united nations between president obama and vladmir putin planned parenthood goes on attack. they go before congress today to too fight fetal tvp tissue research t. fight over planned parenthood could lead to a shutdown. teammates collide in the outfield. one needed to be carted off. daily day but. trevor stewart takes over for jon stewart a it is host of "the
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good morning from cbs news headquarters in new york. thanks for joining us. this morning, president obama meets with cuban president raul castro as he wraps up his visit to the united nations. their speeches to the general assembly painted starkly different views on resolving the crisis if syria. then the leaders, whose relationship can best be described as frosty, held their first face-to-face encounter into nearly a year. u.s. officials say the president and putin spent about half of the 90-minute meeting talking about the four-year-old civil war that's killed more than a quarter of a million people putin called the meeting quote very useful and frank. but the two leaders remained at odds over the syrian president bashar al-assad.
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to the crisis and the only way to take on isis is to stick with assad. >> we think it is an enormous mistake to help the syrian government and its armed forces. >> reporter: the president said any resolution must include the removal of assad the russian allie from power. >> we must recognize this there cannot be after so much blood shed, carnage, a return to the pre-war status quo. >> reporter: the russians have built up the military prent presence in syria over the past several week. they say it's a part of their effort to fight the islamic state. putin says russia will not send if ground troops. u.s. and russian military leaders will hold talks to avoid conflicts. during a 60 minute interview with charlie rose, putin made it clear, he's trying to salvage the assad regime and had this advice that want to see assad gone. >> they should send this message to the syrian people. it's only the syrian people who
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should govern your country and how. >> the other half of the meeting between president putin dealt with the situation in ukraine. outside the u.n., demonstrators chanted putin is a killer. they claim russia's actions in syria are a destruction to mask it's aggressive moves in the ukraine. the u.n. is worried eastern ukraine could hold elections next month and violate the fragile peace accord. coming up on "cbs this morning," we will talk about the crisis in ukraine with british prime minister david cameron. this morning, taliban moved into the northern city of kunduz yesterday. it was the first in the 14 year war the taliban captured a capital. the u.n. says it carried out an airstrike against the rebels. today the president of planned parenthood addressed congress
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videos concerns fetal tissue for research. some lawmakers demand that cut payments and threat on the shut down the government to get their way. a just released "cbs news," "new york times" poll, find they would blame republicans for a shutdown. 55% of americans say planned parent shood should seif federal funding. >> planned parenthood president will field questions today from lawmakers on capitol hill. some who are still seething after the release of secretly recorded videos that show employees discussing the use of aborted fetal tissue in medical tissue. >> a lot of people want intact heart these days. >> from testimony prepared ahead of the hearing, richards aggressively defends her organization, saying the practice is just a small part of what it does for millions of women across the country. she adds, planned parenthood is quote proud of its limited role in supporting fetal tissue
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richards also goes after the founder of the anti-abortion group that recorded the videos. saying quote it is clear that they acted fraudulently, and unethically and perhaps illegally. a hearing comes one day after the senate voted to advance a bill authorizing government spending. >> that includes funding for planned parenthood. many conservatives, including republican presidential candidate ted cruz have sought to end federal funding for the organization. >> it is essentially a blank check to barack obama. that's not very clean to me. >> that actually sounds like a very dirty funding bill. >> reporter: the house is expected to take up and pass the spending bill as early as today. and planned parenthood will hold rallies in dozens of cities across the country on what it calls a national peak outday. senator cruz says he will offer an aamendment today to put a one-year ban on planned parenthood.
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>> thank you. coming up on "cbs this morning," we'll ask house majority leader kevin mccarthy, who announced he is running for speaker about the budget battle over planned parenthood this morning, donald trump's plan to revamp the u.s. tax plan. >> we are lowering tax, simplifying and getting rid of debucks that are actually obsolete. >> there will be four individual tax rates with a top rate of 25%. workers less than $25,000 a year would pay no taxes. most credits would disappear t. credit tax rate would be cut from 45 to 15%. contradiction says the plan does more to cut taxes for the rich and that trump's estimates for growth are unrealistic. hillary clinton let loose on jeb bush that democrats offer free stuff to minority voters, calling it deeply insulting.
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recorded his approach to quote plaque messages. >> our message is one of hope and not one of division and get if line and we'll take care of you with free stuff. our message is one that is uplifting saying you can achieve success, we're on your side, things can get better. >> from a facebook chat yesterday, clinton says republicans promise tax breaks and deals to their corporate friends, but then call democratic social programs for the stuff. this tropical storm joachim -- joaquinn is in the bahamas. joaquin is expected to strengthen in the next 48 hours. it will be a wet day for much of the eastern united states, the gulf coast, particularly the pan handle is getting drenched with heavy rain and thunderstorms. on the gulf coast, residents of florida are being warned to stay off the roads.
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some areas got up to 8 inches of rain overnight. flood waters are up to three feet on some roadways. still to come, emergency landing patches on an aer lingus jet had anxious moments when they had to return to the airport, michelle obama talks about better opportunities for
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. >> this morning, nasa announced they have found liquid water on the planet mars because if there is water on mars, that means there might be life on mars, which would call into question everything mankind believes about its place in the universe. it's unbelievably exciting. on the other hand, now we have to worry about the recoveries getting wet. >> scientists are excited for the new possibility on mars t. discovery of flowing liquid water. nasa found flowing water years
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ago. the new hope is that the planet can sustain life. >> everywhere we go that it's liquid water, weather deeply in the earth or the arid regions, we find life. there is tremendously exciting. >> one estimate of the amount of surface water on mars is it is enough to fill 38 olympic size swimming pools. scary moments last night for passengers on an aer lingus jet. it returned for an emergency landing 15 minutes after takeoff. the aircraft had landing gear problems and no flaps t. rear brakes overheated when it touched down and caused a small fire. no one was hurt and everyone got off the plane safely. southwest pulled two planes from service after they collided, one jet rolled into another jed morning as the planes taxied to pick up passengers. people scheduled on other airline's flights might be rerouted. on the cbs money watch, will
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today? good morning, jill. >> good morning, allison, asian markets are tumbling on sour news from wall street and worries over china's sagging economy. japan's nikkei lost 4%. the shanghai composite down more than 2%. here on wall street, investors may be opened for a rebound after worries sent the stockmarket to its worst drop in almost a month. the dow lost 312 points monday, the s&p 500 fell 49. the nasdaq fell 142, billionaire investor carl icahn warns about the u.s. potential catastrophe in the u.s. economy, he says low interest rates, he says donald trump's opinion before the republican presents the presidential candidate reveals his economic proposals. whole foods is cuting jobs
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>> that represents about 1.6% of the work force. some of the reductions will come through atricks. whole foods is trying to lower prices and costs to keep up with the competition. carl walker's daughter is suing meadow walker filed a lawsuit on behalf of her late movie star father paul walker. he died in a high speed car crash in november. the suit claims it lacked safe guards to protect the occupant. apple breaks its record for iphone sales after apple sold more than 13 million iphones 6s and 6s-plus models in the first three days. that's three million more than the first weekend last year. >> now, jill, i hear today is the national day of intuition for one of america's favorite drinks. my favorite drink, coffee. does that mean we will get free coffee? >> absolutely.
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today is national coffee day. here are some of the places you can get your free caffeine fix. dunkin' donuts is offering a free medium cup and you can get a free 12-ounce cup of coffee at crispy creme and on original do nut. if only they were open 24 hours. >> and only if they'd deliver us to set so we wouldn't have to leave and keep working. coming up, a collision in the outfield sends one player
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observation. >> 3, 2, 1. >> eric griner made a name for himself doing off the wall stuff on mtv's inaugural circuit t. 21-year-old died monday in a skydiving accident. his sudden death is leaving the tight knit extreme sports in sadness today. that's one of the headlines on the morning news stand.
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hit a tree in squaw valley. roner is being remembered as a pioneer in action sports. >> it's definitely been a little bit dploomy. you know, it's been an overwhelming part of sadness everywhere. you kind of feel it in the air. >> roner's wife calls him a beautiful man, great father and wonderful friend. >> the lehigh valley express reports on a high school football player. evan murray died friday after massive pleading from the spleen after he was tackled on friday. the examiner says his spleen was abnormally large, making it more susceptible to injury a. funeral is scheduled for thursday. the los angeles times reports on a billboard battle between eight held health care groups and dating aps. tindered dating aps say the signs unfairly link their
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>> this is surreal for me. i'm not going to lie, growing up in the dusty streets of south africa, i never dreamed i would one day have, well, two things really. an indoor toilet and a job as host of the ""daly" show." >> trevor noah has taken over the "daily show" the south african comic debuted last night. in his monologue, he paid tribute to former host jon stewart. >> thank you for believing in me.
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i'm not quite sure what you saw for me. i will work hard every day to find it. i'll make you not look like the crazy old dude who he was his inheritance to some random kid from africa. >> and "the late show" with stephen colbert welcomed first lady michelle obama last night. she discussed her let's girl learn initiative. the program's goal is to provide opportunities for the 62 million girls world wide who do not attend school regularly. >> we're really trying to shine a light on this issue, working and leveraging resources of developed countries to do more work in developing countries to make sure that those girls are getting the opportunities that they deserve and the barriers are many. you know, it's not just resources. a lot of it is attitude. >> the first lady says she wants all girls to have similar opportunities like the ones her own daughters have. tonight on "the late show"
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page and jerry eisen berg. on tuesday, in the 7th ining in pittsburgh last night, cardinals outfielder dove for a fly ball, he lay motionless for several minutes. he was taken out on a stretcher. doctors say he has a bruise if his head, all tests are negative. he is being kept overnight for observation dmpblts washington nationals suspended jonathan applebaum. he didn't like rarper not running harold to 1st late in the game. he has been suspended for four games without pay which means the rest of the season t. team has been eliminated from the playoffs. in nfl monday night football, packers quarterback aaron rogers threw for 353 yards and after building a big leak, green bay defeated the chiefs 38-28. we stop arthritis pain, so you don't have to stop.
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>> it was a banner night. cbs was the most honored network, winning nine awards, including best report, best future story and best interview. cbs evening news anchor and "60 minutes" correspondent scott pelley won the award for best writing on the 60 minute story "the shooting at jardin high. when he accepted the emmy, he said the judges made great respect. >> with great respect and admiration for the judges who did a very food job, there may be people that believe this award might be a mistake. i would be among them. the other person who was nominated in this category is bob simon. i learned how to write from bob simon. bob simon taught me what writing
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and it was because of his example that i have been a student of writing ever since, a struggling student of writing but a student nonetheless. and with the permission of the academy and the permission of the judge, i'd like to dedicate them my award in the name of my friend and my colleague, bob simon. simon. >> bob simon died in a car crash. he collected 27 emmys believed to be the most ever by anyone. coop up on "cbs this morning," british prime minister david cameron joins with us his only interview, he comes to studio 57 to talk about his new movie "the martian." he introduces to us cabin porn. no, it's not what you think. that's all. >> there is this kind of idea out there that staring at old cabins in the woods is therapeutic in some way.
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is that the way you see it? >> no, i never intended it that way, but it is remarkable how often we receive letters from people letting us know that it plays that role in their lives, that this is their way to relax or to destress themselves. >> that's all ahead on "cbs this morning." that's the "cbs this morning" news for this tuesday. thank you for watching.
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