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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  October 1, 2015 11:15pm-11:50pm EDT

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called. by baltimore. so here's an interesting thing. you see, he's been sacked twice weeks one through three. those those both came at denver week one. he was sacked all of last season just 17 times on the whole season. so he had 19 sacks since the beginning of 2014. now he has five tonight alone. phil: two things. they didn't do a great job of picking the blitz up but what was the number one reason why he was sacked tonight? receivers that can't get open. so he held the ball. a lot of times we saw the initial protection ok but that last play was an illustration there's not enough receivers still in this baltimore offense to shake away from defenders when it's tight man-to-man coverage. jim: third and 4. that's bell. and he's tripped up right at the line of scrimmage.
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scobee for another field goal attempt. phil: i'm not second guessing here. i just think, man, if michael vick takes the ball and runs around the edge -- you lose track of what's going on sometimes. as the steeler offense you're not worried about those keepers and bootlegs but -- jim: he's going to let this run down to about 1:06. phil: as al davis said to me one time on the field. i listen to you on sunday. you think you have all the answers up there. i didn't quite imitate him. it's easy to see from up here to make those decisions. referee: pittsburgh takes its third charged team time-out. this is a 30-second time-out. phil: a really good job of managing mike vick in this game. by the steelers, by todd haley. they worked their way through it. played very safe.
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not even really close of ever making a turnover by the steeler offense. jim: again, here's an illustration of why that reset -- the clock being reset to 2:04 was so crucial. phil: 40 second. jim: now they'll have time to at least get in a few throws down the field. 41-yard field goal this time for scobee. greg warren, brought here by bill cowher in 2005, will snap it back for jordan berry and this kick is also wild left. phil: there's a little breeze right to left. i've seen it all night, when you're kicking the other way and these two kicks. boy, does that change everything. jim: scobee opened in the opener, missing two at new england. now two at home tonight. this has been problematic for them since shawn swies happen
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tore his m.c.l. they had to make a -- severe happen tore his m.c.l. they had to go get scobee from jacksonville. 1:01 remaining this is waller. phil: have to spike the ball immediately. jim: but they're getting close enough for one or two throws to put tucker perhaps in a situation to tie it. that's 18 yards to waller, his first-ever nfl catch. phil: yeah, that was a good job. just get the play off. jim: need about 15. incomplete to williams. phil: about six times a night when they're on the right hash or left, the corner from that side is blitzing and it made joe flacco that time throw the football before he was ready.
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jim: they are going downwind. we've seen flacco here with heroic moments in the past. you remember a sunday night win here finding torrey smith with about 25 second to go. another year, houshmandzadeh, he connected with him in the late going. 32 second. sideline. incomplete. pressure from antwon blake, who was blitzing. phil: same thing. i just said it. when he's on the short side, he's on this hash, watch the blitzers come and there's nothing they can do about it. there's just one blocker, the running back for two blitzers and flacco once again just has to throw it away. jim: even if he found someone open in the middle of the field, they'd have plenty of time to go up and spike it, assuming now they had enough yardage to make tucker a factor. phil: 12 to 15 yards and -- is what they need. jim: the man is there and the
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ravens are going to have a chance! that was aiken coming down with it. phil: and what a job by joe flacco. he stands in there and he takes it and throws a beautiful pass to the right side -- right sideline. jim: he knew he was going to get walloped and he threw a ladieser. phil: here's comes another defensive back. jim: here at the 32 it would be about a 50-yard field goal attempt. they have 23 seconds to go. phil: still time to throw it inside and throw it out of bounds, clock it, whatever you need to do. jim: handoff, forcett. stumbled at first but plows ahead for about eight. now they have to hurry to the line to spike it. that they do. it will be about a 4 -yard attempt by tucker, who has always been clutch. phil: you go for the kick here.
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thinking they're not going to try to run another play, i don't think, with no time-outs to get five yards closer. i would not have taken that chance. jim: see, he's got a little wind at his back. phil: look at the goalposts, you see the little flags on top moving left to right. jim: 42 yards to send this game to overtime. kick on the way and the kick is good! what a turn of events here. phil: the missed field goal, of course. jim: two of them. phil: two field goals but also the fact that that one play was on the other side of the two minutes gave them a little hope and they got that hope when the field goal was missed by the steelers. man.
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well, that was some drive and it was not easy to get it down the field. joe flacco did a good job throwing the football away and finally he got that one chance to made a play and he made the big throw. jim: this is a baltimore team that was so backed up at 20-7 down in the third quarter. they put up the last 13 unanswered and somehow with no time-outs and your best wide receiver on the bench and maybe your third best target, campanaro, knocked out of the game, flacco was able to make a couple of throws, gets the one to aiken for 20. phil: find a way to win this game is what they're hoping. get these days off and kind of redo or go over their thought process of what they want to do as a team. of course what they would like to do is improve these next 10
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days. jim: gets past archer and the steelers will have the snap at the 20 and then we'll find out about who's going to get the football in overtime. you know, you watch the ravens team as closely as we do through the years. they've had some never-quit games before. of course, the mother of them all, the miracle at mile high. it was a fourth down and forever situation a few years bang as well at san diego. when -- back as well at san diego when ray rice took a little pass across the middle and weaved past the whole denver defense. phil: and we were here when flacco threw a beautiful pass to the back of the end zone to win one of those games here late. jim: so it's a 15-minute quarter. each team guaranteed a
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receives the football goes down and scores a tony:. on that first touch. that first possession. and if the score is tied after each team has a possession, the next score wins the game. no coaches challenges. booth reviews only. phil: all done by the booth. referee: gentlemen, here's the situation in overtime. we'll play up to one full period of 15 minutes. both teams will have an opportunity to possess the ball. the first team on offense scores a touchdown, the game's over. if the defense scores, the game's over. you each get two time-outs and all replace will be handle upstairs. you good? >> yeah. referee: good? ok. baltimore, you're the visiting team. the breast cancer awareness symbol is heads. the other side is tails. what's your call? >> tails. referee: it is heads. you won the toss.
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you want the ball? pittsburgh wins the toss, will receive. jim: so they'll be kicking to pittsburgh when we begin the overtime in a moment.. (bird screeching) i wonder why they save those backups... and not just put them in the regular rotation. i bet if they just had the chance, some of those backups would really shine. no matter what happens,
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it's the final countdown! the final countdown! if you're the band europe, you love a final countdown. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. jim: a little thursday night bonus coverage here. the first thursday night overtime game since cameron wake ended this one against
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safety. phil: you look at this, now the steelers have to find a way to restart this offense. they've been in protect mode for so long. jim: it's going to be returned by archer and archer with an excellent runback to about the 31. brought down by marlon brown. this, -- yes, this offense has been pretty stagnant in the second half. phil: they have. got the turnover and the touchdown to start the third quarter but like i just said, they've been protective. they've been very careful and sometimes this is where a coach earns his money. you have to have a drive starter. a screen, maybe something the
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offense moving again. jim: they've had 62 yards of offense since halftime. that was very well covered so it goes into the ground. otherwise webb was in front of the receiver, heyward-bey. phil: oh, yeah. lardarius webb, he had it. he was going to cut in front of the receiver and maybe michael vick saw it at the last second and threw it short. lardarius webb, 21, bottom of the screen. reading the quarterback. oh, nice break and he timed it well. read it well and was in position to make a play. juliann tiny brown at the top of the screen, four catches, 25 yards. here's bell breaking the tackle and then tries to high step up to -- it to juke the defender. big breakaway run by bell for
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phil: changes everything. it's going to be third and long. nice job by dumervil. they're outside. you see lewis the safety and then nobody makes the tackle. you have to really think here we are tonight, thursday night. our players are getting tired, is that why they missed the tackles? excellent job by will hill bringing him down before he cut it back for even more yardage. jim: and the ravens have now allowed a 100-yard rusher for the first time in some two years, as bell is over 100. he's got another five or six year -- here. he's at about 124 now for the night. phil: nice first down by le'veon bell, just making plays with his talent but looking at it from the ravens' defensive side here. always remember, this new overtime rule, you don't have to gamble here to keep them out of field goal range or anything
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just make sure you don't give up the touchdown. then your offense can come back out and if they kick a field goal, now you can play four-down football. jim: and off steeler kicker who's missed two field goals in this direction in the last quarter of play. bell is stopped at the 39. the first one was from 49 out and it drifted. the wind was pushing it that way and the second one was closer and it, too, was off the mark left. they have a third and short here. third and 2 on the way. and davis almost was able to come away with it. phil: how about this job by will
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davis? twice here in crunch time making plays. antonio brown just had a little bit of a step. i'm not sure if he caught it if he's going to get the first down. jim: time-out is called. the steelers have called it. they've brought the punter onto the field but then mike tomlin said hold on, i'm going to think about this for a minute. they called time-out. phil: listen, there's no thinking in my mind. you punt this football. you're playing joe flacco who can stand than there. he makes one throw and there's going to be a field goal attempt by the ravens. make them drive up the field. they haven't picked up the blitzes. jim: well, the pittsburgh offense is still on the field. phil: look, i can't imagine they're going to try for it. my guess is send something in motion.
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that's just my thought. jim: mike tomlin place instincts all the time. that's why he's been going so often for two instead of the long extra point early in this season. all about feel, he says. phil: he's told us many times, i coach by my belly. they've been conservative all time. michael vick is definitely calling a play off that wrist band. jim: miller and bell into a slot to the left and villanova, a backup tack en -- tackle on the near side. this is like running a two-point play and vick is stopped by the ravens defense! this was a set play in case they needed to go, i'm sure, for a two-point conversion and the ravens were there to stop it. phil: you've been conservative with your decision making all night. that's why i don't understand why upped take this chance here. that is a really good job on the outside. elvis dumervil, jimmy smith. they got the edge.
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the block. but they can't account for the secondary coming up and making the play. i'm sure john harbaugh had his -- was sitting there going i don't know if he liked the fact they were going for it on fourth down or not. he lives -- loves it now. jim: forcett in the backfield. a 132-yard night. a good piece of tackling. will allen, only two. and will allen is shaken up. phil: jim, what do you think? the whole night they're doing it just conservative play calling everywhere and all of a sudden, fourth down. overtime you decide to go for it. jim: you know, he had basically the exact same distance they've had on these two-point dries -- tries, two yards out and he's been going for them all season. except for last week in st. louis.
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phil: could have cost them last week. that could have cost them the game if the st. louis rams do anything on the offensive side to score. jim: they split out villanova to the right as a wideout. this was a play that had been practiced for presumably a two-point conversion at some point in the game. phil: absolutely. you're right. that's a two-point question, play. a little deception by putting nil norv to the outside but -- villanova coming in. jimy smith coming on the outside in the backfield and no chance for it to be made. jim: dumervil never gave up any ground. jimmy smith. robert golden has come in at safety for will allen, who was injured on that last play.
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i would love to see the ravens play-action, do whatever. make sure you can block it up and give joe flacco -- give these receivers, and they need the extra time to run down the field, maybe to make a move, create some separation and give him an easy throw. steve smith, as he has that back contusion. there's no way you'll see him get back in this game, that's for sure. jim: second and 8 on the way. harrison coming in. flacco unable to find anyone in first time -- time and just unloads it. phil: bud dupree once again back there along with cameron heyward.
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good push but dupree makes flacco step up and that allows heyward to get the pressure on the inside. good throwaway by flacco. jim: this pittsburgh defense again has sacked flacco five times tonight. tied for the most in flacco's career. third and 8. and here's the pass down the field and it's incomplete. it looked like aiken had it for a moment but mitchell lowered the boom and he's shaken up on the contact. phil: good job by aiken going up and getting the football but mitchell right there knocks it out. we've seen some really good reactions from the steeler safeties in some passes here
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mike mitchell and will allen. jim: mitchell shaken up and on the steeler sideline. in fact, two yards off the field. koch is out to punt. antonio brown, who's had the quietest game in the last two-plus seasons tonight. don't forget, though, he's had three career punt-return touchdowns. this one is a low kick. mishandled for a moment and picks it up and takes off! antonio brown down the sideline. he may have been out of bounds back near the 40. yes, indeed, they're going to mark it back there but brown takes it from deep in their own territory, a 2-yard return. phil: punt return doesn't even look like it's there.
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jim: that's where he stepped out right there. it's at the 41. phil: well, that energy he has saved in the passing game he showed it that time in the return. it just kind of shows you how an offense -- there's where he steps out. how an offense changes with quarterbacks. all the things that you can throw down the field and use antonio brown. even all the screens not available because it's the hand signals. checking to the right one. too tough for mike vick to do on short notice. jim: vick throws and he's got an open target and there is antonio brown. with his fifth catch. phil: watch him go down the field. the tight split. gets jimmy smith squared up and then he breaks it out.
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jim: we talked to jimmy smith last night about trying to defend on antonio brown. he said it's almost impossible. phil: jack rabbit in a phone booth i think is how he described it. jim: and he goes down sideways at about the 40. so brown with a 17-yard reception after a 29-yard punt return. phil: what you have to do on the defensive side, you see the down and distance, see where you are on the field and you have to call defenses if you're dean pees accordingly. you don't want them to even get a field goal try. they're going to play a little pressure defense to try to keep the steelers out of field goal range. jim: vick, play-action. vick, two yards short of the first. brought down by hill.
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but he is in field goal range with that scramble. phil: yeah, will hill, nice tackle in the hope -- open field, michael vick. four years ago that would have been out the door. will hill knows about scrambling quarterbacks. he was a great running quarterback at st. peter's prep in new jersey. i've watched him play a lot of games, a lot in high school, and he was great on both sides of the ball. jim: they're going with both backs here. harrison watching on the big screen. ben from the sideline, vocal all night. williams and bell are in there. vick. jump pass. and he's stopped a yard short. it's hill. we just talked about him. he makes the stop here and it's going to be about a 50-yard field goal attempt. phil: will hill just has a tremendous feel for the game. that's his greatest attribute. he just can play and what a job once again running through the
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receiver and taking him right down. jim: they're not going to kick it here. phil: why would they? his confidence is shattered after the other two misses so mike tomlin is not going to put this game on the foot of his kicker. jim: he's been in the league 12 years. all-time scorer at jacksonville and he's missed the last two by a fraction to the left and time-out is called here. by the steelers. phil: let's go over this i like to coach every once in a while. jim: it's a good time right now. phil: i'd kick it. jim: i would too. phil: the ball is traveling. the distance is not a factor. he's got some experience, he knows the wind, what it is. i would definitely kick this football. the kickers around the league, they're so accurate. you think there's no way he can adjust, make this kick under pressure if you do it.
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long time and he's faced adversities and game-winning situations many times. i remember him making a 55-yarder as a member of the jaguars at indianapolis once to make it -- win it on the last play of the game. fourth and 1. they're going to eschew the field goal attempt and go for it. another big gamble on fourth down. it's incomplete! wow. the ravens take over. phil: had him. he's wide open. michael vick never got squared up. and got in position to throw it out there in front of the receiver. he was kind of in the way. that's why the football went high and it was a little off target. tough throw. you have to really spin the body. never gets out of the way of it. off balance and that's why the throw was off target. jim: what do you think harbaugh
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was thinking when they didn't go for the field goal? phil: i'd like to know if he does find a way to win this game what he's going to do when it's over. jim: ravens need about 30 yards to set up tucker and not a good start to this drive for the ravens as heyward and dupree double up on forcett. phil: boy, cameron heyward. boy. he's having some night. they expect him to be a great defensive end in this 3-4 front. every time we talk to the coaches, they talk about he just keeps improving, getting better. and they need one of these defensive linemen to become a force, especially going after the quarterback. jim: will allen, who was shaken up before. the safety, he's beenen -- bark in. second and 11. they run again and there's a hole there for forcett, who
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no, it's not a first, even though he signaled for it. phil: watch the push. yanda, everybody, zuttah, the center, all getting good blocks. it's the right side pushing and those cutbacks have been a big part of this offense for the ravens tonight. won't be a quarterback sneak here, jim. jim: third down and a foot, forcett's got it. that was the other thing that you talked about that time when they failed on the sneak. they did not have forcett in the game. it was second and 2. they didn't have forcett in for second, third, our fourth down and he's on a 147-yard night. but tucker, he is craving for a chance to get this opportunity to win one here and you can see it.
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yards. as flacco is able to connect here with aiken. phil: nice play call. they've been running the football. the play-action. i'll tell you what that was a good little throw by joe flacco. he flue it to the back shoulder coming across the field. otherwise it's going to be knocked down or trouble by the safety flying up there. jim: now at the 44 of the steelers. 11-yard pass play. forcett again. and blake comes over the help out on that tackle. williams hit him first. phil: forcett, 26 carries, 150 yards. jim: a lot of people saying hey,
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maybe these young backs ought to get a thans chance. forcett has shown the firepower he approvaled a year ago. the this shall this is the second most yards in a game in his career. buck allen is in for him. second and 7. here's the rookie from southern cal securing it and they're definitely now in tucker field goal territory. they will not bypass their kicker from 50 yards out. favre no, i don't think they will and what a job by this offensive line. the run game tonight. i thought as they said many times. for the ravens to win, joe flacco has to be really sharp and they're going to win it be -- with their pass game but it's been the running game that's kept them in it. jim: time-out called by the ravens.
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indoors from 61 out to win a nighttime affair at detroit back in 2013. from here, if they don't pick up any yardage on third and short, you'd be talking about 53 yards. remember, the steelers decided to bypass the chance from 50 to win it. so here's that play on fourth down when they decided not to go with scobee. phil: that was a good shot. just how michael vick never turned enough to get himself in position just to make a very routine throw for any quarterback in this league. jim: third and 1. forcett.
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no gain. phil: let's see what he does. yeah, the kicker is coming in that was some job, jim, as i was just watching the play. they lined up those linebackers deep and they were all going to just run to wherever the ball was going to be handed off. to jim: down 13 at one time, time running out in the fourth quarter. given one last breath of a chance. they drive down, tucker ties it from 42 yards out and now, unthinkable at times they can win it. from 52. tucker for the victory for the first win of the year for the ravens and tucker's kick is good! the ravens pull it off in pittsburgh! phil: played the breeze, absolutely flushed the kick and you saw it move left to right right down the middle. jim: he played to win. phil: he sure did.
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jim: he knew it was going to slide a little. pushed it a little bit to the right. another three-point margin of victory in this great rivalry. but what a turn of events, a game that the ravens in many respects had to have it. and it looked so improbable with about two minutes to go in regulation. phil: most of the night it looked improbable. jim: yep. phil: many times during the game they were dominated. the situations were really never in their favor. jim: matt schaub with backup quarterback. and john harbaugh. and now mike tomlin is going to be fielding a number of questions about why didn't they go for the win? phil: i think he just said as it was kicked, it looked like he said "my bad."
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jim: the ravens will return home


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