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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  October 5, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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>> reporter: well, chris and mary good afternoon to you. crime scene investigators have been out here more than 30 hours now helping to piece together exactly what led to this woman's death. at this point police don't know if this was a murder, an overdose or some type of other tragic accident. >> she came into the city for a night on the town and never made it back home alive. 38-year-old dermatologist kiersten cerveny, a married mother of young children was found unconscious in this chelsea dorway. -- doorway. >> i'm nervous and scare d. >> police found her body around 8:30 sunday morning. it left neighbors and residents stunned. >> i left at 8:00 yesterday morning and there was no sign of anything in the building. >> police sources say cerveny was originally out with friends, one of whom told cops the doctor
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was doing drugs and drinking. they met up with a man at a lower east side bar. cerveny and that man left here to come to chelsea where they met up with a second man who lived in the building. the super said he identified him on surveillance video for police. >> he's a nice guy. >> they captured both men carrying cerveny's body during the front door. one of the men called 911 but both of them left before police arrived. >> i'm looking at her feet and i knew she was like a young lady. the guy was trying to revive her. >> reporter: law enforcement sources say the tenant with cerveny did speak with police telling them he got scared and did try giving her cpr. police at this hour are still looking for that other man who she met up with at the bar for questioning. they did talk to her husband we're told but do not believe he's involved in any of this.
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at this point police are also waiting on the medical examiner to officially rule on the cause of death. reporting live this noon in chelsea, andrea grymes, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. breaking news out of vt ermont where an amtrack train has derailed. it happened in central vermont near the town of rocksbury. the train goes through new york penn station. amtrack said it struck a rock slide on the tracks. no word on injuries. rescue crews are still searching the wreckage of a deadly explosion trying to find a missing woman. ilana gold has more from the scene. >> chopper 2 flew over the explosion site at 13th avenue and 42nd street in borough park where investigators have been working non-stop today. they're using k-9s and heavy machinery hoping to find any sign of
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through right now. >> it's hard. nobody knows nothing. it's scare y. >> her nephew said the family the since the explosion saturday investigators believe she was in the building when it happened. >> i think she was just cleaning out the house. that was her last day there. >> this surveillance video shows the front of the three story building getting blown off. the liquor shore across the way recorded everything. >> firefighters found the body of 64-year-old ligia puello in the stairwell. she lived on the top level. >> we prayed for her, for her and for her family based on the explosion that she's not with us anymore. >> investigators tell us they believe this was a gas explosion that could have been caused by a stove being disconnected. they are also looking into other possibilities and not ruling out criminal activity. >> do you know if she
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disconnected the stove? >> no. >> the blast so strong parts of the building turned into projectile striking and injuring two men and a 9-year-old child walking home from synagogue. both adults managed at a near by market including 27-year-old moshae moscwitz. >> we're going to miss them and hope they will be back soon. >> the manager hurt in this explosion had to have several leg operations and his injuries were the most severe. ilana gold, cbs 2 news. >> the red cross is helped 49 people displaced. a queens man was found shot to death in his car outside a home. police responded to a residence on 120th street. he's been identified as 27-year-old vickiram ramlogan. there are no areas at this hour and the investigation continues. in westchester county this morning chopper 2 flew over a crash site as crews pulled a car
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it slammed into a wall just short of crashing into a church. investigators say an elderly driver accidentally put her car in drive instead of reverse. she was able to crawl out of the back door. no one was seriously hurt. cars completely covered, roads turned to waterways is being called a historic flood. at least seven people have died and it's not over it. david begno reports from columbia, south carolina. >> oh, my god, the truck is sinking. >> the devastating flooding hitting south carolina has reached catastrophic levels. >> we haven't seen this much rain in the low country in 1,000 years. >> the driver of the pick up truck tried to drive through a flooded street was his car was quickly over taken.
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in to try to rescue him but moments later he too was trapped. >> we were there as ronald austin retrieved medicine from the flooded home of his 84-year-old father. a neighbor with a kayak helped austin make the life-saving trip. >> a god send right there, somebody to get you a ride. that was just almost like an answer to a prayer. >> the city of columbia got 18 inches of rain in 24 hour. that's nearly 1/3 of the rainfall this city would get over the course of a year. people here are without water. those who have it have been told to boil it. those who don't may not see it for three to four days. cbs news, columbia, south carolina. some new jersey towns are scrambling after storm preps did not help they said. meg baker is live on one beach where despite preparations parts of the shore were washed away. meg.
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i'm on 8th avenue, a part of tom's river township. you can see this beach completely eaten away by this weekend's storm. i'm 5 foot 5 and this drop is 8 feet. i was with residents earlier and they said if we got heavy rains along with strong winds they would have been completely washed out. >> crews are still working to move sand into place to protect homes from rising tides. >> everything is almost like a band aid. it's a temporary fix, a little sand, a little extra sand, a little higher sand. we lost a lot of beach in sandy. >> the president of the homeowner's association said this area is one of the weakest on the new jersey coast. >> thank goodness we didn't get the hurricane, this nor'easter. it took out a fair portion of the dunes. if the hurricane came behind it we would have water to the bay. we have had breaches.
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the township is doing all they can to replenish dunes. >> some people say you dump it and it goes out to sea. part of the sand did form a sand bar out here. that helps break up the waves so it's not a total loss. >> the mayor and others said the only solution is a major beach replenishment project but that can't be completed until easements are signed. there's 17 hold outs in tom's river township. >> the project is so critical to us. there's still some folks who haven't signed it and if last week wasn't some reason for them to do it they should come down here and see what we're faced with her. >> the water did breach and that was without any rain. we're just sitting ducks right now. >> reporter: now, i'm able to be down on the beach because it's low tide. the concern is
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today i'll go down too brick township where they built a seawall after hurricane sandy and we'll see how they fared. meg baker, cbs 2 news. the coast guard found the body of a crew member from a cargo ship that sank near the bahamas during hurricane joaquin. a helicopter crew spotted several survival suits floating along the debris from the ship el faro. the vessel set out last tuesday from jacksonville, florida. a distress call came as it sailed near the eye of the hurricane. >> the main portion of the vessel was disabled. >> we believe it sank in the last known position that we recorded on thursday. >> the coast guard said it is continuing its search for survivors. coming up here on cbs 2 news at noon, an air strike by u.s.
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what the u.s. is saying today about the attack that killed doctors in afghanistan. >> plus, senator ted kennedy's son is exposing secrets and not everyone is happy. >> the frantic rescue of a jet skier off the new jersey coast. the timing that may have saved his life. >> we still have big waves for parts of the area. we'll take a
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coming up. pressure is mounting to explain why a u.s. air strike hit a hospital in afghanistan. as mark phillips reports, officials say civilians were accidentally struck. >> the question is no longer whether the msf hospital was hit by u.s. air strikes, the u.s. has admitted that. the question is how and why. >> doctors without borders which run the hospitals said the government and the united states knew where it was and that the air raid continued even after they raised the alarm that the facility was being hit. >> the afghan government said taliban fighters were inside and shooting from the hospital. vicki hawkins side that's a lie.
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government coming out are outrageous. they're justifying destroying a fully functional hospital. >> they said it was afghan units that called the strikes in. >> the afghan forces called in for fire to support them because they were under direct fire. we have u.s. special forces that continue to train, advice and assist. >> an investigation is underway but msf said that's not good enough. >> this is an issue that goes beyond afghanistan. it comes at a time when the u.s. has been causing russia of targeting in syria and that making it for difficult to justify this. mark phillips, cbs news london. >> doctors without borders demanded an independent inquiry. the kennedy family does not usually want to talk about secrets in public by senator ted kennedy's younger son is revealing them. patrick kennedy writes of his own mental illness
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>> you put vodka in water bottles. >> i put vodka in spring water bottles and oxycodone in bayer aspirin bottles. the book has angered his family. >> i told this story about my life which i can't separate from his family's life because it's important that all of us break the silence and the shame surrounding these issues. >> patrick's brother ted kennedy, junior said in a statement, i'm am heartbroken that patrick choose to write chosen to write this. a jet skier gets caught in rough waves off the new jersey shore. see the rescue. >> a new york university student is released after being
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korea but it's not a happy release yet. why he's being investigated in another country. in brooklyn in 1907, four courageous ladies saw the despair of the poor, old, and sick
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and founded what would become mjhs. today mjhs provides quality home care, rehabilitation and skilled nursing, and advanced hospice and palliative care for adults and children, but the values of the brooklyn ladies still guide us.
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north korea has released a new york university student the country detained back in april. won moon joo was landed over to south korea officials at the korean border today. it may not
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be an entirely happy return. south korea now wants to investigate to see if he violated security laws there. joo a permanent resident of the u.s. may have crossed into north korea from china to make a statement. a frantic rescue caught on camera. the man was throw off his jet ski in rough waters. a coast guard training crew happened to be flying over at the time and spotted the abandoned water craft and found the man trying to keep his head above water. they rescued him and the man did not appear to be seriously injured. one of the most fortunate people probably on the face of this earth. >> those were rough waters. let's get to your nor forecast for today and see what we can expect. >> there's more sun the next few days but still some rough water out there, mary and chris. we will see that persistent northeast wind. it's not as strong as it was over the weekend but you're still clocking 20, 25 miles per hour. that keeps it cool.
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south shore around long beach, in white plains. cooler readings up into parts of the hudson valley. let's get the pictures tell the story. charlie reminding everything train. eva has a little they're everywhere. this is oreo right here. i like this picture too from bruce adams. i like it just because it's compelling and telling. just two of the 15 boats that broke loose on north port harbor this weekend. definitely dealing with still some active seas. surf advisory we'll show you in a second. in the city there's more sun, the clouds racing by with the breeze. winds out of the northeast at 9. 61, feeling cooler. it is cooler in monticello at 55, 57 sparta, 57 in sparta, i think i
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already said that. twice. these numbers compare to yesterday on average 2 or 3 or 5 degrees warmer. we're trying to get you closer to 65. closer to 70 and then nice on wednesday. 68 is normal. we'll be there and then some the next few days. afternoon. sunsets at 6:32. the surf advisory is for the south shore. waves 6 to 8 feet. winds still out there though. watch the afternoon high tide cycle all around the beaches. pollen will be up a bit this week because it's a dry week. you see the numbers between two and three all week. clouds over head but high pressure will build in and pave the way for nicer skies. definitely more sun tuesday and wednesday. warmest day of the week likely wednesday. still dry and seasonal on thursday. increasing clouds with just a
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30% chance of a shower later on your friday. when the wind dies down it's going to feel fabulous for fall. >> it looks pretty good. what a difference a week make s. neither storm nor record setting floods will put a damper on a special day. a couple determined to go on with their wedding over the weekend in south carolina despite the storm. >> no hair and make up. we're just doing that, no photograph y. >> they ended up finding a photographer and a minister the military humvee drove through the floods to bring the groom to the venue. a rainy day over >> they're lucky that humvee was around. it's a popular fruit for many but are you picking and storing bananas directly. >> here's your fresh grocer
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>> bananas in the u.s. are the number one consumed fruit. potassium, super food. they either get over gripe, turn gray from the cold weather which we don't have to worry about now but selection and storage is the bottom line. when you buy them make sure they're yellow like this. a little bit of green is okay. when you bring them home store them on the counter. never store bananas in the fridge. that will turn gray. >> i like to eat bananas when they get nice and ripe with little brown specks on them. that's when the sugar comes out. bananas, there's your tip. everybody enjoys them. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. eat fresh and stay healthy. >> we will. we'll be retaining back.
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> one alaska family had a special seat to a heavy weight
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show down. he recorded the fight between two moose on friday. they duked it out from one side of the street to the other before going their separate ways. >> thank goodness. >> experts say fights like these are common during the season for moose mating. >> don't want to get involve in that fight. >> didn't we have another moose story this morning? >> a moose on the loose. thank you for join ing us. i'm mary calvi. >> i'm chris wragge. we'll see you tomorrow morning at
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