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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  October 22, 2015 11:15pm-11:50pm EDT

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sunday then have their bye week. see arizona for first two of times coming up out of the bye. third and five. lynch will have first down bring us to the two-minute warning have couple of kneel downs on the other side of it to close it out. two-minute warning. seattle 20, san francisco three.
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football. build your team. think about design offense and defense about beating the three teams you play twice a year. >> jim: 56-13 it adds up to in the meetings last year and this one tonight. >> phil: the pass rush did get there. wide receivers for the san francisco 49ers they had trouble all night trying to get open. the pass protection for colin kaepernick was spotty right from the start no. rhythm to the offense. never gave defense even a chance to rest and maybe go out there and give it an effort where they
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field a little quicker. >> jim: 390 total yards by seahawks. 142 for san francisco. niners tonight 1 of 11 on third down. joe staley has seen some really good years around here. got to be impossible to accept any part of a production like this. with so total feel good about on that offensive. the mazda postgame show coming up next. looking forward to miami and new england next thursday night. marshawn lynch, he's heading in early. good night's work. 27 attempts.
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touchdown. last snap of the game. seahawks anxious to get back on to that field. ready to get right back out there. >> phil: they showed it. really -- running game, way their defense played. that was most impressive things of the seahawks here tonight. you can count on defense, you can run the football. like they did here. that makes you tough in any wakes home or away. >> jim: updated standing now in
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the seahawks improved to 3-4. niners coming off the win against baltimore on sunday not able to back it up. that had ended four-game losing streak got sense they were feeling pretty positive about how things -- well things had gone against ravens but just wasn't anything like what they had four days ago. >> phil: they had great rhythm on offense. able to protect colin kaepernick, the receivers, ravens have their own struggles. lot of work for san francisco 49ers, no question, in rebuilding stage jim as you look at their football team. talked about all the players they missed or don't have on defensive side. they're going to have to play well any time give themselves chance to win. >> jim: not something that you want to go out talk about how you're rebuilding in this league any more. that's just word you can't
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it is reality. kaepernick this evening, 13 out of 24 for 124 yards. again first game in his career where he never had rush attempt. in fact niners tonight had only 15 attempts on the ground. for 16 yards. >> phil: for him not get rush attempt lot of discipline. i know that is going to be the number one thing that they take out of this game. the seahawks, discipline they showed on defense, no major errors. going to enjoy mini bye this weekend after the thursday night game. >> jim: tracy. >> tracy: thanks lot i'm here
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with russell wilson, you talked about yesterday how confident your team was coming into this game. what was the biggest difference you saw from your team? >> we really executed on all phases, defense was phenomenal. offense executed. we had two bad plays on me, other than that we were rolling. i thought -- special teams is great, big plays there. we believe. that's what we said last game. in the locker room we broke it down, we said we got to believe, no reason why not to. we choose to believe. we have best fans in the world they came out tonight, too, which is cool. good thing we have couple much days off here and kind of regroup just see where we can go. >> tracy: how much do you scale win like this can propel you guys down the road? >> it's only one. that's the way we look at it. our goal to go 1-0. nothing changes. we believe that we focus on one game at a time we give ourselves a great chance especially short week.
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coach got us prepared. we were flying around today. that is the key thing for us. >> tracy: good win, congratulations. >> jim: they were flying around. marshawn lynch. wilson, 235 yards passing. 157 of the 235 came in the second quarter. highlighted by the long heave right on the money to tyler lockett the 43 yard touchdown pass that was the play of the game. 20-3 street the final. seahawks take it coming up next is the mazda postgame show. we'll be back with more after this. huh, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. yeah, everybody knows that. well, did you know that playing cards with kenny rogers gets old pretty fast? you got to know when to hold'em. know when to fold 'em. know when to walk away. know when to run. you never count your money, when you're sitting at the ta...
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>> the biggest play of the night. russell wilson finding tyler lockett before the end of the half for 43 yards, 41 fewer yards than niners had total yards in the entire first half of dreadful 20-3 loss to seattle week seven kickoff here on thursday night football. rich, marshal, steve, michael. earl thomas richard sherman together will visit mazda postgame in san francisco. just no other way to put it tonight, total domination by team that needed to dominate make a statement and get within one game of .500. >> michael: they may have found what they were and who they are. who they will be this season. we talked about rawls running. with marshawn lynch running like that, starting with him then you
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add on the things outside like a tyler lockett, the guy we had on game changer, small guy, 5'10" only 182 pounds but much better receiver than most people give him credit for. this ball was tilted, you know how hard it is to focus on staying with that ball running that fast? he still pulls it down with him up top start finding jimmy graham. seattle may have found their groove. >> with all that being said i understand seattle may have found their groove but san francisco 49ers that was awful effort. the game that is in your house against division rival, game that is hard hitting. we expected a better game but to come outlay a egg the way they did just not be productive, i don't even know what to say. there's no analysis for what we saw tonight except for -- they're going to throw that tape out get ready for the rams. >> how much goes on the receivers and everybody else that could not get open?
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>> spread the blame around. bobby wagner middle linebacker was back, so is that defense. that defense, sacked colin kaepernick six times. created third and longs. niners were 1-11 on third down. talking about michael bennett three and half sacks. colin kaepernick was under duress all night long. this defense was suffocating looks like the old seattle defense back. >> one time i thought colin could have run for that first down he didn't run. i was like, they are missing with -- they are messing -- >> niners defensive line did show up tonight russell wilson is on pace to be sacked 71 times this season. that is something that seattle will have to get ready to try and plug. certainly before they face the cowboys next. send things back out to the stadium super bowl 50 will be going down to announcers who will be calling that game. jim? >> jim: let's hope that super
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bowl 50 is a little more compelling than this one we saw tonight. levi's stadium with the 20-3 victory by the seahawks. where do the 9ers go? >> phil: i'm sure super bowl will be more compelling than this game. rich said the right word, dreadful. i never want to say the effort was not there from the san francisco 49ers. i think we just saw really who they are. they played a team that matches up with them so well in so many areas that there was nothing they can do. michael irvin said it they couldn't get open. they couldn't protect colin kaepernick where do you go? a few successful runs but this league sooner or later have to throw the ball to win the game. they just couldn't do anything. >> jim: is this the start of something for seattle? >> phil: we'll see. i'm not going to say that's it. their intensity never doubted that for second. russell wilson getting sacked not that they were all breakdowns but, jim, what about
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this game we said. you and i have said don't be misled what happened here because this san francisco defense can't rush the passer. the fact that he got sack the so much, every time they blitzed they seemed to get there. they're going to see lot of pressure, some good pass rushers that is going to tell the sale for this seattle. >> jim: next thursday night new england. patriots against dolphins. >> phil: dan campbell the new coach of the miami dolphins, you watch them play tennessee it was different acting football team. we'll see if suh the defensive perp they picked up, defensive lineman see if they can be more dynamic be the seem we all thought they were going to be especially on defensive side. >> jim: look forward to seeing you at gillette stadium all of you with us next thursday night on cbs. and nfl network. coming up next, your local news except on the west coast don't miss late show with steven colbert followed by late late show with james corden tonight only cbs.
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tonight nypd boats and dive teams scour the east river, searching for a key piece of evidence, the weapon used to kill one of their own. also tonight cbs 2 obtained new information as to why the alleged cop killer was on the streets in the first place. good evening everyone. i'm maurice debois. >> and i'm kristine johnson. east harlem. >> reporter: a growing precinct outside of where officer holder worked. the questions continue as some
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reverend vernon williams asking people in east harlem to join the 7-person march for officer holder. >> there should be more support for the nypd and showing their condolences to the nypd. >> reporter: you're not seeing enough of that, you don't think? >> not from the notables. >> reporter: a larger crowd assembled to hold hands and pray. police continue to search for the gun that tyrone howard fired once at officer holder, hitting him in the head, killing him. officer holder's father was a police officer in their native country, and he said his son bravely faced danger for the last 5 years in new york city. all day holder's colleagues streamed into his home in far rockaway queens to drop off
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>> my son, a good cop, he was one that was brave to face whatever problems that he endured. he tried to take care of it, and he lost his life. my grief will always be here. it never goes away. >> reporter: the wake and funeral for officer holder will be held next tuesday and wednesday, and then his body will be flown to his native country for burial. jessica schneider, cbs 2 news. tonight there's serious questions about the accused cop killer including why he was even on the street. marcia kramer uncovered chilling information about his criminal past. >> reporter: why was tyrone howard, this accused cop killer, not in jail? cbs made two discoveries. first a shooting that injured an 11-year-old and 27-year-old was sealed. sources said he was granted youthful offender status even
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when he was arrested on a drug case in the fall of 2014, the district attorney didn't mention it, he couldn't legally, so the judge didn't know about it. the second finding, court transcripts show the judge fell for the defense attorney's plea for drug rehab because he came from a family of addicts and deserved a chance. >> the alternative or the default should not be let's keep him on the street and maybe by a miracle from god he will do better there. >> reporter: even without knowing of the case, the judge should have sent howard to jail because he had four felony drug convictions. >> given the record he walked in with, he should have never been given another chance. >> where's the scripts? >> tomorrow mayor de blasio will demand reforms to bail and diversion programs. a former nypd officer is new jersey.
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driveway in midland park this afternoon. investigators said 48-year-old susan bardell was stabbed several times, found outside of a black suv parked outside of her home. the former officer is accused of killing her. he jumped in front of a subway car in manhattan. he is now under going surgery. a 63-year-old woman was attacked in a public bathroom in union square sunday afternoon. the man demanded she perform a sex act. they struggled and he ran after she bit his hand. the suspect was last seen with a green army camouflage jacket and dark jeans with a backpack. 11 hours, that's how long hillary clinton was questioned about the benghazi attacks. there were no new revelations
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>> reporter: handshakes after a historic meeting, but for most of the day, the gloves were off. >> reporter: what do you hope to accomplish today. >> reporter: they were trying to catch clinton in missteps. >> if you look at the statement i made, i clearly called it an attack. calling it an attack is like calling the sky blue. of course it was an attack. >> reporter: e-mails were questioned from sydney bloomenthal. >> did the president know that he was advising you? >> i don't know what this line of questioning does to get to the bottom of the deaths of four americans. >> they set up this select committee with no rules, no
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budget, and they set them loose, madame secretary, because you're running for president. >> i've thought more about what happened than all of you put together. >> reporter: today's hearing was 9 months in the making. also on capitol hill, paul ryan says he's ready and eager to be speaker of the house. after weeks of intense speculation, the wisconsin republican formally declared his candidacy. he appears to have secured enough votes with the provision he gets to spend enough time with his family. we have an update on the fire in passaic, new jersey, that left hundreds homeless. residents were let back in to salvage what they could. the fire started on the top floor of the five-story building. many residents say they had no warning because fire alarm in
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so far there's no word on how the fire started. police are asking brownstone residents in two neighborhoods to close their curtains because of a recent spike in residential break-ins in clinton hill and fort green. closing the curtains can discourage thieves because of what they can see inside. mostly the burglars targeted brownstones with large picture windows. to the mets' championship chase now. what an amazing 24 hours it has been. the mets are back to the world series for the first time in 15 years. >> otis livingston was with the team all week in chicago. >> reporter: you have to believe the mets have been there before. mcgraw and company celebrating the division title on the same wrigley field in 1973. last night the stakes were bigger, and the players were
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had a big bottle of the bubbly himself. no talk with harvey about innings limits at a time like this. the skipper wanted to share with the fans who made the big trip. the party went on until the break of dawn, and then there was another celebration at citi field this afternoon where steve overmyer caught up with him. >> reporter: the day after celebrating a world series birth in chicago, the mets got to do it all over again in new york. >> it's going to be a lot of fun, excitement, and energy. >> reporter: at citi field, some of the fans have been here since the overnight to get a glimpse at their returning heros and a chance to enjoy the celebration. >> we have all waited a long time for this, and for it to finally come to fruition, well worth the wait. everything we have been through over the last 9 years, it's worth it. i'm glad we are able to deliver for them.
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>> reporter: the staples were here. cowbellman, sign guy, and pinball man. they didn't get any sleep, but night? >> it's very special. now we have become a family. the team has become a family, the team. >> let's go mets! >> reporter: today's chants could change from simply let's go mets to let's go to the world series. steve overmyer, cbs 2 news. >> don't want to mess with those three guys. now we will wait to find out who the mets will face in the fall classic. the royals can nail down the alcs tomorrow night in kansas city, and we will get it on in kansas city, or they may go to 7 games we shall see. >> the mets' superheros will be there. >> i'm sure they will be making the trip. now that the mets are in the world series, seatgeek says the
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tickets are selling for $1,000 and are already reselling for $1,700. we checked stubhub, and found bleacher seats available in the $600 range. send us your facebook photos and videos, and if you keep watching, we may just share them with the rest of the viewers. after a nice stretch, time to say so long to the 70s? >> lonnie? >> it will get here overnight, that's exactly right. while you're sleeping a cold front will pass through. still, 68 degrees. it's almost midnight. look at monticello. 52degrees. the front is coming through the area it will lag before you feel the cool air. 51 to start off. i will tell you what the high temperature is up to later. back to you guys. >> thank you, lonnie.
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