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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  October 23, 2015 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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michelle turner is in for nancy. >> we begin with new developments. >> khloe is cancelling all press appearances and promo tour for her new book. stores tell us that she hates cancelling anything when it comes to work. she realizes this is something she needs to dofrment but right now her number one and only priority is getting lamar back to good health. >> lamar's fans have been reaching out on social media offering to donate kidneys to the former nba star needs a transplant. >> a source close to lamar tells us that doctors are really just waiting for test results to come back right now to see if he does need a kidney trans plant. he had two medical prourz done on thursday night. >> next, the drug investigation. "e.t." has obtained an affidavit in which police explained why they want to get a search warrant to take a sample of odom's blood in las vegas before arriving here at cedar sinai medical center. the doctors state through interviews with the prosecutors,
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ingested cocaine in the bathroom add joining in the bedroom in which the prostitutes were located along with mr. odom. >> now another celebrity health update. val kilmer is slamming reports he was hospitalized and in intensive care. he took the facebook last night writing, "there is a rumor i'm unwell again and in hospital which is totally untrue. i was in to verify i have no tumor or infection of any kind which was verified by the very caring experts at ucla." this was the actor in august. his appearance sparked rumors of health problems. next, from l.a. to palm springs, michael jackson's controversial doctor and confident anltant died. >> i sat down with arnold klein after michael's death. klein was 70 years old and also known as the father of botox. >> there are rumors that klein was biological father of kids
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with debbie roe. he implied he was the biological father of prince michael. prince addressed the rumors earlier this month after everyone said knows you're a real klein, not a jackson. he responded back, the blood of the calf nant is thicker than the water of the womb. i was raised by my dad with my brother and sister. >> well that, is going to lead to more questions. but there are no questions about this. kelly clarkson just posted this shot today of her daughter with the announcement, river is going to have a little baby brother. #its aboy. >> another star mom has the whole world talking to day. adelle released her first new music in three years. and it is so good. it gives me chills. yes, miss adelle, it was worth the wait. >> and you know how fans will react to this one? >> yes, very nervous.
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i hope they like it. >> at least i can sant that. >> this morning adelle posted the new video on the internet immediately stopped what was doing and freaked out. beautiful, soulful, edge ji. she was using a flip foam which is a symbol of her muse chick is a throwback. she really does sing her own way. >> adelle severing. >> already number one on itunes and 85 countries, "hello" has us feeling the feel. it even left kate hudson in tears. adelle herself revealed, there is one person who is not a big fan, her 3-year-old son. >> he doesn't really like my music. so i think he likes the kid songs. >> i mean your version of twinkle must be amazing. >> what set her up for success is the 27-year-old herself. from the beginning, she never had that sleek star celebrity look and she doesn't need or want it. >> i've never seen magazine
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covers with music videos and been like i want to look like that. i see them up close. >> well, hollywood goes just as crazy for adelle as we do, she takes fame in stride. >> i never say ways a celebrity. ever. it's so boring. i mean maybe later. that's unrealistic. >> and what is next? will a concert tour soon follow? adelle says you better believe. >> i was ment toant to do it then i was knocked up and i couldn't do it. i will do it. but when the new records comes and absolutely, yeah. i can't wait. >> the honors keep rolling in for justin timber lake off the heels of getting aulg teary when inducted into the memphis music hall of fame. j.t. was the toast of a star studded fashion event last night in new york. justin stepped aside to put his bride in the spotlight.
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they got before hitting the carpet. >> cheers at first. then the paparazzi get upset because justin needs to get inside. give the guy a break. >> come on! >> plet but plenty of red carpet love for the ladies. the stars getting every fashion note. >> forry kelly played for justin. he was honored at the fashion group international night of stars for his amazing style. he didn't gush over jessica as he did in memphis. but he was short in the speech. >> lord and taylor and oracle. i was like i'm an oracle? or is our friend kanye likes to call it, kanye. >> moving on to another amal. she is wearing a cream pleated have.
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they went to a power lunch. they went to a power lunch. their guest, very unl.a. a british politician. gentleman george helping amal into their car and there is just enough pda going on here to know they're still in that honeymoon stage. finally, jay z and beyonce. what do you do the day an unauthorized tell all reveals secrets about your marriage? yeah, you head to broadway for a date night, right? they took in "hamilton." beyonce's orange velvet suit, a bold statement saying nothing will keep this couple from doing what they want. back to justin. he and his wife just celebrated their third anniversary on monday. so a very belated happy anniversary. >> coming up, my tennis face-off with jennifer aniston's bff and what she told me about her instagram. >> i can do whatever i want. >> then we're behind the scenes with gladys knight inside her special reunion concert with stevie wonder and dionne warwick singing their hit. that's what friends are for
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>> that's next. >> but first, steve jobs opens in theetaters today. what is the buzz? predicting. >> very wise decision. >> i agree. >> the cast has been around the world promoting the film. kate taking control with that fashion and that's what she does on set, too. not with clothes but with the cast. >> she looked like a hotel for met weekend. you're getting enough rest? you get something down time? get away this weekend. >> i definitely felt like i had to look after him. >> she is direct, actually. >> how did you get that accent >> oh, my god. the read. >> i didn't. >> yeah, you did. yeah, you did. i was like, oh, pimy god. >> she talked a lot and she drags out phrases. i just try to bring in some of that. >> i remember at the read
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out there brian guzman told us who we could thank for the instagram.d out there brian guzman told us who we could thank for the instagram.i out there brian guzman told us who we could thank for the instagram.e out there brian guzman told us who we could thank for the instagram.s out there brian guzman told us who we could thank for the instagram. gladys knight made a lot of great music during letter career. i still hear my father playing "midnight train in georgia" over and over again. she also made a lot of famous friends including oprah winfrey. that's why gladys is creating a special concert on own and is
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in our special correspondent janet mott was there. good times and bad times i'll be on your side for ever more >> what is one thing you're looking forward to doing on the appall low a apollo stage? >> i just like being there. >> there is a reunion with stevie and dionne and plenty of -psolo tunes as we were the only ones allowed in on the rehearsal. >> gladys knows this place. she played the apollo as a teen. >> we did so much prafrpgnks here. >> what was a prank? >> we called it a crow's nest. just okay them off and don't say anything. they don't know what i'm taking them from. >> now as a debut of winfrey's legend own at the apollo, gladys makes a triumphant return to where it all began. >> i know that you also have
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history with oprah winfrey. i know that you serenaded her on her 40th birthday. >> i did! i was so nervous. we were just all so very, very proud of her. >> see, that's how i felt when i first met gladys. her concert is the first of four on own, one each week. she is followed by smokey robinson, isaac brothers and then earth, wind and fire. >> up next, we're with kate hudson taking the fashion world by storm. >> definitely want to do more stores. >> then, we're behind the scenes of "limitless" with the star goofing off in front of his boss bradley cooper and jacqueline smith. >> she is telling me how she is helping cancer patients and how does she look so good after 34 years after "charlie's angels." >> i'm young at heart. >> they're fully supportive. >> they're among the honorees at
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organization celebrates the 25th anniversary. >> we make sure that every k through 12 school in this country is safe and good for lgbt youth and every other student. >> i'm no longer a victim. today i'm an advocate and leader. >> last year's honoree will be on hand. can you get into the action by bidding on items like tickets to the mtv movie awards or a "young and the restless" set tour. >> you get a behind the scenes view of the day time drama. you get to see the crimson lights, the police station, victor newman's office. come on, guys.
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bradley cooper is having a limitless bromance. >> he's crushing it. i'm lucky enough to be a part of it. >> bradley was having a lot of fun high above new york city whether we dropped by the set. the oscar nominee returned to the cbs series on tuesday just like he promised. >> you're going to be okay. >> he's so involved in the process in frontst cam rashgs behind the camera. i just really, really have learned a hell of a lot from being around him. >> bradley starred in the version and is an executive producer on the show. he gives us technical details of
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>> we were batting around 30 different combinations of three letters. we realize that people are going to say it many times. >> nzt. and nzt just sounded right. >> wow. what a week it has been for kate hudson. her new movie with bill murray just hit theeters to day. and her first fitness wear stores are now open for business. >> i want to talk about an unattainable goal. body by kate hudson. where i do sign up? how do i get it? >> you got to work pretty hard. >> no doubt kate's been working out. but she knows how to have fun. the actress posted this video getting her groove on with her son rider. >> you put your workout clothes, hopefully you get to the workout, if not, at least you took first step. >> she started a workout line. her new line is in a new store. zblook at how cute these are. they're shorts. we like those. i live in them. >> she even donate 30d% from
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and while the line promotes health and fitness, kate says the idea goes way beyond the workout. >> we want it to feel more easy and more manageable. i want to reach more women. >> and i already made arrangements for you three to go to prison. >> prison? you got to be kidding, charlie. >> we all remember jacqueline smith from "charlie's angels." did you know she is a real ainge snl jacqueline is using her fame to help other women who are facing cancer which she battled more than ten years ago. now we talked about that, her hollywood. by the way, what is jacqueline flawless. >> i'm young at heart. haven't you noticed that? >> i have noticed that, as a matter of fact. >> no, no. i mean ageing is a state of health. i'm still working. so that's a feeling of accomplishment. accomplished. she's had her fashion line in stores for some three decades now.
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her daughter spencer a yoga instructor even helped out with her 30th anniversary. >> how proud of her were you? >> oh, i mean, she's just magical. she's the light of my life. i mean she's beautiful. your children are your miracles. >> jacqueline is also been act whiff the farrah fawcett foundation, her charlie's angel cohort died of cancer six years ago. >> why it is so important to keep her memory and her spirit alive? >> because i think she did something very living beyond herself. and i think she wanted to leave behind a legacy. so i think her thinking forward and giving it forward is wonderful to have watched her never give up. >> and now jacqueline who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002 is paying it forward herself. teaming up with famed hairstylist and the city of hope to provide wigs for cancer patients. >> our hair, as women, is so emotional to us.
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and we're so connected to it. the fact that it's visible, i'm sure, really gets to you. >> i think putting on a wig and feeling feminine again because it is our identity. >> this provides a safe place to come and, you know, with other cancer patients and choose a wig and get your hair done and it's really nice. >> a little bit like a sorority in here. >> i mean men can shave their head and look cool and modern and trendy. but a woman, it -- you know, she really has to have a sense of self to be able to carry that off. you have to have the added little enhancements to bring you back up. >> i told her i'm one of the women who was scared to get a mammogram. she cut me off right away and said get it done. that's how her cancer was diagnosed. now, you want to know the next chapter? she wants to be a grandma. her daughter spencer just got married and jacqueline is already putting on the pressure. >> the babies are komg. speaking of next chapters, we're celebrating "e.t.'s" first 35
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exclusive hollywood legends and being the worldwide leader in entertainment news. >> 35 years of breaking entertainment news. >> generations have grown up with this source of information. >> 35 years of making entertainme entertainment news. 35 years of making history. >> i'm mary hart for "entertainment tonight". >> "e.t." always there. >> and the exclusives keep on coming. >> only on "e.t." true. >> we're celebrating the icons. >> thank you, "e.t.." hoping and wanting to be better. >> and the stars remember their first time on "e.t.." >> hot, sexy, pumping. >> i like the part where my mom falls. >> oh, my god. this. >> it all starts next thursday on "entertainment tonight". >> did you see mary hart walking with michael jackson?
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all right, still ahead, what happens when i hit the tennis court with chelsea hand willer. >> and in our birthdays, which ryan failed drama class, ryan republican old, ryan gossling or ryan filbing.r, ryan gossling or ryan filbing.e, ryan gossling or ryan filbing.n, ryan gossling or ryan filbing., ryan gossling or ryan filbing.y, ryan gossling or ryan filbing.n, ryan gossling or ryan filbing.o, ryan gossling or ryan filbing.ld, ryan gossling or ryan
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tt2watx#@n4 p bt@m>o4 tt2watx#@n4 p which famous ryan failed his high school drama class? >> that is ryan reynolds. i was correct. >> all right before. we go, i will a chance to play tennis with chelsea hand willer and maria sharapova. she is bringing the tournament to ucla on december 12th and 13th. some proceeds go to maria's charity. >> you play for fun but you're one of the most competitive people i've ever met. >> it was fun. >> take a look. >> see you. >> chelsea is getting a touch-up between games.
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come on. that was fancy. >> yeah! >> they weren't ready. they didn't realize who they were going up against. >> can you explain the instagram shots? >> no. i don't have to explain anything about what i do. >> i like them. >> thank you. >> i can do whatever i want because i'm me.
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>> whoy. avsl iert hi. a viabt uny?
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