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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  October 24, 2015 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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miami. give your gathering something to gather around.
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amoi setng
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geouofheas g fs. >> cbs sports presents "the ram post-game show." >> adam: welcome to "the ram post-game show." i'm adam zucker. i'm adam zucker. tonight on cbs begins with "ncis: los angeles." and "criminal minds." hours." tonight, only cbs. in the game you just saw, a gritty win for alabama. 19-14. taking the lead in the final moments of the game. a game of sacks. five by each team. now alabama keeps pace in the west. still got that big match-up november 7 with l.s.u.
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and, of course, the tide rooting for a&m tonight with ole miss owning that tiebreaker. tennessee falling further in the east, i'm joined by rick neuheisel and brian jones. this was a great game to watch. alabama survives. >> rick: gary danielson said it best. sometimes it comes down to athlete on athlete. if you wonder why coaches recruit the way they do, you don't have to wonder any longer. you go to fulton dale, alabama to get your player. if you go on a big running back, go to -- yulee, florida. derrick henry. >> brian: athletes on the other side were really up for the test early in the ballgame on that tennessee defense. they had five sacks in this ballgame. three in the first half. the usual culprit corey vereen.
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two sacks on the day and five tackles. they harassed jake coker all afternoon long but unfortunately for the volunteers they ran out of gas. that last drive for bama, eight plays, 71 yards, culminating in a 14-yard touchdown run by henry. >> adam: butch jones can recruit too. bama wins it for the ninth straight time in this match-up. other s.e.c. action. auburn and arkansas, rick, drama in four overtimes. >> rick: if you like long games, this is your cup of tea. drew morgan in the fourth overtime. a 25-yard touchdown. two-point conversion good. this time auburn is not able to answer. shaun white's throw incomplete. going hog-wild in fayetteville. >> adam: bret bielema pulls it out 54-46. also from the s.e.c., we expected it to be low scoring. it is.
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fourth quarter on missouri. meanwhile, a tragedy striking earlier today in stillwater, oklahoma. flags at half staff as head coach mike gundy and his team huddling an hour or so after three people were killed and over 30 injured after an out of control car drove into a homecoming parade in stillwater. a 25-year-old woman was arrested for driving under the influence. mason rudolph and j.w. walsh sharing the load at quarterback. the news went across the country and across the state. in norman, oklahoma, they honored the victims as well, flying the oklahoma state flag before facing texas tech. >> brian: rick has been asking for more, samaje perine, 186-yards rushing, three touchdowns, o.u. had 351 yards on the ground through three quarters. >> adam: coming up we will check
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in on miami.
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for al goldep and the canes. >> adam: welcome back to "the ram post-game show." go big or go home. next saturday the home depot s.e.c. on cbs, georgia and florida. coverage begins at 3:00 p.m. eastern with "autotrader college football today." on cbs sports network,a i big night of college football still going. uconn and cincinnati right now followed by "inside college football." back to the scoreboard and baylor, 45-27, narrowest win of the year, corey coleman 18 touchdowns, more than anyone in the nation this year or last year but seth russell, their
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quarterback, x rays and a catscan after the game showing a fracture in a bone in his neck. he's going to see a specialist shortly. meanwhile in miami, al golden. >> brian: they had three turnovers on the day. pick six here. tankersley picks off back-up quarterback roggier who replaced injured brad kaaya. bad times in the sunshine state. >> adam: the worst loss in miami history. we'll check the wires on al golden. rick, sparty, another tight one. >> rick: flirting with disaster but connor cook comes through again, finding josiah price for a touchdown. sparty looks like they'll hold on. >> adam: kicking woes helping. trailing by 12 late in that one. philip eali, career high five touchdowns. toledo stays undefeated going for that group of five spot.
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they win 59-10 over winless u.c.f., we've got overtime between duke and virginia tech. michael brewer. he got hurt in the opener. touched to bucky hodges in double o.t., duke is going to get the ball next for a chance to answer as the hokies coming back from down a couple scores in that one. tied atop the coastal. so is pitt, rick. >> rick: less than five minutes to go in the game fourth down, pitt keeps their drive alive, a fake punt. ryan winslow to matt galombos, for the touchdown, chris blewitt did anything but, to win the ballgame. >> adam: the coastal with the mostal atop the conference
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>> brian: don't encourage him. >> brian: shock lynwood. a very balanced offense in waco. >> adam: i lining the bottom one. the miami fans. that will just about do it for this week. thank you for watching "the ram post-game show." here is a look at what's coming up tone on cbs. a reminder. it's thursday night football on cbs and nfl network this week. >> adam: for all of us, have a
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at relapsing ms. well, that is carrie underwood, her new album, story telling, just released on friday. now she is opening up about getting back into the studio. balancing work and motherhood. she is raising baby isaiah and two little puppies through her all decked out for halloween. >> going to be our first halloween with isaiah. i think i'm going to have fun finding a costume for him. >> we are sure isaiah will be aderable no matter what carrie underwood and husband mike fisher put him in. >> our house is like the fake head stones in the yard and there's pumpkins and stuff on the stoop. welcome to my cover shoot for
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"parade." happy halloween. >> carrie an her pups are getting their halloween on early. >> ace is horrified of thunder or fireworks. penny, i don't think she is afraid of anything. >> and she is dishing on her fifth album "story telling." >> a cool modern twang to it. >> >> with a busy mom's biggest job right now. >> i always buy candy for the trick or treaters. >> and good news, we will see carr next month. she is performing along size celine whiaselena gomez in five seconds of summer here in l.a. >> amy schumer talking to us about her bff jennifer lawrence. even rocking j law's oscar look and what she is saying about bradley cooper. >> when is the wedding, how is the planning going.
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>> and megan trainer after vek allal yal /- /- voc yl surgery. >> patty duke hits the disney channel. >> bam. what? >> brooke anderson spoke with patty on the set of living maddie. playing dual roles and after the patty duke show. now starring opposite doug cameron who also plays twins. >> no one else has i've been able to relate to. i had it wait 50 years. >> hey, grand mom. >> that's great fun. tell you the truth, to have a job is great fun.
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25 years ago and i havett2watx#@n4 p bt@qj4@ tt2watx#@n4 p "a@qz8$ tt2watx#@n4 p bm@qq3( tt4watx#@n4 r dztq 4/, tt4watx#@n4 r entq d+l tt4watx#@n4 r gzt& ],4 tt4watx#@n4 r hnt& m"x tt4watx#@n4 r iztq 'k tt4watx#@n4 r jntq 5;@ tt4watx#@n4 t& >> amy and bradley for real? what?
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cooper and he indeed confirmed you guys are engaged. >> that's right. >> how is the planning going? >> it's a huge secret. and i would tell you. but i would have to kill you. >> okay, no real wedding bells here but amy was one of elle magazine's eight laiddies in hollywood -- >> if you told me i would be on the cover of elle magazine, i would be like, yeah, i can see that. i'm pretty cute. like i get it. >> you are 40 and fabulous. i think you look better -- do you feel better? >> i do. we were filming ""titanic"" when 1 2 snz /- /- 21. >> amy schumer is a sister. >>i was dunham, with the look alike of jennifer lawrence's oscar gown. >> you and your bffj lena law hang tough. what is a night like when you hang out?
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>> i can't say. we have a great time. we are two birds of a feather. we were meant to be friends. i think we feel very lucky that we found each other. >> you know i put myself in their girl thing, and they said yeah, you're one of us. they love each other. they really do. now ano red carpet, this week at the premier for his movie "burnt" in theaters next weekend and next week you will see bradley on the small screen therhe series modelled after his film of 2011 "limitless." >> i got to go. in t but -- >> you going? >> no, i'm good. >> shooting high above new york ty. bradley keeps his word returning to limitless. >> he is crushing it. we are shooting episode six and i'm lucky e ci to be a part of it. >> i have to know what your
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limits are. someone who takes orders or someone who has character. >> bradley inoughlso an executive producer and was instrumental in casting jake as before i an finch. >> we saw each other at a party and i was like hey, i wasn'ts a quite sure if he was interested or not. >> so the fact we got a chance it meet and talk about the project and i could validate how excited i was to take a crack at it. >> i would never let that happen. >> and next month jake and his cast mates are paying homage to ferris buehler's day off. i love this. jake decides it play hooky from the fbi. day dreams about going a are er /- bueller, including thomas dressing as bueller's girlfriend. nowll bul let's talk about meagan trainer. a clothing website for women size 12 and above.
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her day job, singing, after a vocal cord hemorrhage. but she is not following doctor's orders asbout we found out. >> how are you feeling after the vocal cord surgery? >> great, much better, yeah. there are days where i'm d. like today. i woke up really raspy. >> is there anything you have to do differently now? >> i'm supposed to talk more like scarethere. like more ice is.sighs. but i talk done here. pretty bad. >> megan is only sevenks removed from the surgery that caused the cancellation of her summer tour but she's been busy turning her anthem about loving your curve wee an ad campaign for full >> why just wear it when you can own it? i feel intolike, a skilled business woman but also sexy. >> sexy is megan's mission creating on point trends for fuller figures. >> it is hard growing up especially for young curvy girls.
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i remember shopping at the mall. and all my friends would be, the sm the ss. i would be getting the l. i wrote a song called curves two days ago. wish i had that a year ago.alls.but that's all right. >> what about curves? >> just that i got curves and i know how to use them. i got curves and no plan it lose them. >> so are you dating right now? >> no. >> what are you looking for in a guy? >> someone who is a gentleman. someone who opens that door. >> open the door for me and you might get some hip -- >> megan is getting a lot of love from her family in her new video for the peanuts movie, better when i'm dancing. >> i flew them out from nantucket. these are my cousins. aunt and uncle. it was a family thing. i felt so comfortable with all those people around me. >>'s and her dad, gary, has the moves. >> he hasn dancing in our
7:21 pm
he would throw funky parties with bubble machines, the whole thing. that was the best part of bee my childhood, the parties. >> he taught you how to dance? >> yeah. one night i went all out. i did not care what adults thought. it inspired me to write a song for the new album called dance like your daddy. >> megan was just nominated for three american music awards, including artist of the year. that show is november 22 on abc. all right, here is what is stale ahead on "e.t.." >> perfect man.>> i want little challenge. >> jay-z's alleged infidelity with rihanna. inside the beyonce tell-all scandal. first, the author revealing stories about the world's hottest couple. >> i found out. she laid down law. >> fitness routine. and is friend gweneth upping her in the mom department? >> yeah, gweneth is like, ithe made this really good tomato and
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tecfidera, and take another look at relapsing ms. here are this week's top fivestories. five, blake shelton sued in touch weekly for $2 million claiming defamation and invasion of privacy after rec reports that he checked into rehab after split from miranda lambert.ent both to set record straight and recover damages for the harm done to his reputation. number four, did paris jackson get secretly married? michael's 17-year-old daughter added a surname to insta gram. source close to the family tells us not true. number three, rosy settles with her ex. >> you are having a financial settlement? >> it's over. >> michelle rounds all smiles
7:26 pm
after court in manhattan. sticking pount reportedly was over care of their 2-year-old daughter kota. rosy and michelle agreed to share joint custody. >> i feel great. >> number two, oprah's weight watchers takeover.da lady o bought over 6 million shares owning 10% of the company and she joined its board of directors. >> i have more to come on that. i will tell you about that later. >> and the number one story this week. khloe and lamar. call off their divorce as he recovers following this collapse at a brothel last week. >> it could be a sign of reconciliation. but it also allows clekhloe to make medical decisions on his beh >> like jessica simpson creating a billion dollar company, she set her sights on a fitness empire and when she walks through the doors of her store for the first time our carly stalf.s by her side. >> this is so cool!
7:27 pm
i can't stand it. >> it was an emotional moment for kate,eel wa opening of her new boutique in new jersey. she launched her active wear collection on-line in 2013 but nothing compared to grandctually walking into her own store. >> this is actually really crazy for me. very exciting. i have not seen the store and it looks a amazing. >> it is just wild. because you go from something that you don't know if it's going to work, you just don't know. and you're like okay, let's see. and two years later we're opening stores across america. it is pretty cool. >> kate plans to open six stores across the countryit this fall. the brand is as fashion forward as she is and fits her active lifestyle. >> talking about fab lettics, what are some of your favorite techniques? >> i do everything from spinning to pilates to yoga.
7:28 pm
hot yoga. >> abs -- >> i don't know. >> speaking of friend, you just did a movie with jennifer aniston. >> oh yeah. >> you and jennifer and gweneth, do you share workout tips? >> y that's what we all do. >> kate said she picked up some ofeah. gweneth's's workouts but that's about it. >> yeah, rider has dinner there and he is like, you know, i had tomatoes roasted mozzarella -- and i'm like whatever. can you stay there. he is like, mom, all my friend be like, with old is your mom? >> is she a fan of fabl how sh. >> my mom has a uniform. just all black.
7:29 pm
i have just given her as much black pants and black tanks as possible. i'm at the point where i'm like, month, absolutely noetics you can take that off. right now. >> and you know kate is not slowing done. you can see her on the bigt. screen this weekend in rock the kaz ba along side bill murray. >> i'm looking forward to that. >> superstar raising little blue eyes, that's right, beyonce. an unauthorized biography of mrs. carter. >> and we talked to the author about what secrets he says will be unveiled. >> to all the people out there who believe that jay-z cheated on beyonce and that she allows it, that's not going to happen. beyonce is not that girl. jay-z, if he is cheating on beyonce, she doesn't know about it. because if she did, he would be out. >> thetionship rumors never die.
7:30 pm
open relationship. he add fling with his prote rela >> he is a hip-hop star. he has history. he has girls. >> there was a bill storeg story that jge. was having a fling with rihanna. i found out in research that it wasn't true. a publicist working for rihanna and j because na was tied to j's record label put forth a story in the national enquirer that j was having an affair with rihanna in order rihan to get her career boosted and get her first song up the charts and make it a hit. it was total fiction. ? other claims in the book, by the time b shot crazy in love she had already had -- and beyonce used duct tape to make sure her shot in winter. >> but what about these shots? the infamous tmz elevator brawl
7:31 pm
that happened in 2014. >> people told me that there waswhispered argument that night having to do with j wanting to go it a party that was a going to be with rihanna. and beyonce did what she does. she laid down the law. saying, you ain't going. it's not going to en. end of story. it was a whispered married couple's argument that would have gone completely unnoticed had not happsilange always heard it. >> someone always watching you. >> queen b herself didn't sit down before coming beyonce and her reps doesn't respond when we asked for comment on the allegations. anyone must sign a contract of rules which include blue's not allowed to follow suit it music p. >> she is a control freak, let's be honest. if you are a n and coming into her household and you think you will just raise blue ivy the way you want to, that's not
7:32 pm
going to happen. beyonce has structure. you have to adhere to this.anny >> so what randy told us about beyonce, she said her alter ego, dead and began. why? randy claims that beyonce wanted to be more connected with her true emotions instead of burying them and becoming this untouch touchable type pf. >> saying beyonce no longer needs sasha fierce in her life. >> great talent. >> not easy being bad. >> back to the future 30ears later. we're with the original cast all
7:33 pm
>> and from [hold music playing] we at time warner cable, need to apologize to you. we no longer offer extended periods of free on hold elevator music when you call us. we're making a bunch of changes at time warner cable. including reducing how long you could wait on hold. now, we'll even call you back at a time that's convenient for you. but for those of you who miss our old
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our greatest hits at
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>> now i need your help to get back to the year 1985. >> can you believe it's been 30 years since back to the future is fill a big hit? this week we were with michael j. fox and the cast back together in new york to celebrate the milestone on october 21, 2015. exactly the same date that marty mcfly was brought back to in the sequel. >> finding that people love movies so much. and that it's resonated with them for all these years. so it matters to them where life is now compared to where thought it would be. pretty exciting.
7:36 pm
friends and you know, i celebrate. i want to celebrate with them. >> if i said t old somebody, i think it will happen today, they say i was wacko. >> you tell meging me o built a time machine? out of a delorean? 1955. >> with what this called for was a peppy excitable vulnerable guy who could be cool but goof up. >> your uncle joey didn't make parole again. >> you know, the old lady, you know, drunk and unhappy person. then i got to be that young kind of ditzy and '50s girl. that was a real nice change.
7:37 pm
>> why do you keepalling medical vin? >> that is your name, isn't it? calvin klein? it's written all over your underwear. >> the movie made over c$210 million in the u.s. and on a budget of just $19 million. but fox was the ori marty mcfly. acting with eric stoltz who was then fired. >> first it was get out of ginaltown, you know. but you think a lot about getting nervous about replacing another actor and what he did and what i should do. and oh, no it is a steven spielburg film. flop. there was no time for that. i just got to be there tuesday. >> hello? o? anybody home? >> and biff, big fat bully, thomas wilson, drew on the fact he was pushed around in high school. >> hell what are you looking at butt head? >> it's not easy being bad and at the end of the scene
7:38 pm
but you got to do it. >> and it is hard it believe new that three months before the film would even open michael had no idea it would become a blockbuster. >> back to the future does real well then it'll open up an opportunity for me to do another film. i just enjoyed it and as long as people do i'll keep enjoying it. i don't want to look back an say i could have enjoyed it more if i wasn't so worried about what happened next. >> now with the three film trilogy, new epgenerations can go back in time. >> i'm so proud to be known for this part. such a great movie and such a great part. >> i was young and thrilled to work with these people. >> now one thing that back to the future 2 predicted we with see in 2015 was hover boards and while those segues without the handles don't exactly hover, they are called hover boards.
7:39 pm
some of the predecks were. >> coming up, the grounds of kevin costener's beach front home. >> i go out there for lo clos >> plus jacqueline smith on ageing in hollywood, 34 years after charlie's angels. >> i'm young at heart. haven't you noticed that? >> thenbster. kathie lee's first sit down on the death of husband, frank. her children love for their dad. >> cody is almost a spitting image. >> he told me to you that he loves you more than ever. >> this weekend in entertainment tonight birthdays, which singer mooned the paparazzitell during music video shift? taylor whatever life throws your way, you've got it in the bag. you've got t.j. maxx! keep your standards high, and your spending low. maxx life! grilled chicken and bush's baked beans. >>they're totally eating their vegetables. i know. it's awesome.
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pay as little as a $15 copay. visit i don't know you are but you've got about two seconds to drop that done. >> wow, jacqueline smith on charlie's angels. 34 years ago. before you were born. who >> well you know, i'm 25 years old. that's right. she has done a few television cam whyiosyeo cameos. jou now jacqueline is using her face to help women battle cancer i need to know what jacqueline is doing because she is -- >> i'm young at heart. haven't you noticed that? >> i have noticed that.. it a state of health. i'm still working.
7:43 pm
>> jacqueline should feel accomplished. she has had her fashion line in store for three decades. her hter, a yoga instructor, helped out with her anniversary. >> how were with you that? >> she is just a magic light in my life.daug she is beautiful. your children are your miracles. >> jacqueline has also been active with the farrah fawcett foundation. her cohort died of cancer six years ago. >> why is it important to keep her spirit and memory alive? >> because i think she did something, living beyond herself, and i think she wanted to leave behind a legacy. so i think her thinking forward and paying it forward is wonderful to have watched her never give up. >> and new, jacqueline who is diagnosed with br cancer in 2002 is paying it forward herself.
7:44 pm
keeping up with famedeast hair stylist jose ebert to create wigs for cancer patients. >> our hair, we are so connected to it, and the fact that it is visible. >> i think putting on a wig is feminine again. it is our identity. >> it is a safe place it come and with other cancer patients and choose a wig. >> very nice. here. look cool and mond trendy. but a woman has to have a sense of self it carry that off. you have to have the added little enhancements to bring you back up.dern a so the next chapter for jacqueline? she wants to be a grandma. her daughter, spencer, just got married. pressure already. >> i got to spend time with kevin costener.
7:45 pm
hollywood, where he is raisinge three children with wife, christie. >> i'm closing these because of the glare. >> kevin is living the good life raising three kids. >> are you pretty hands-on? >> yeah. we raise our kids. you know, we both drive them to school i morning and when i'm here, we are both in the car, we get their packs on and away they go. chris is great about what they get to eat. n theuse if it was meed this have chocolate. you know, they would have what's simple. put some ribs in there. chris would go, no, no, no. beca's not how we're going to do it. >> how do you run after a 5-year-old? how do you keep up? >> i got a thatcandy bar. get over here. you don't have to chase them very far when you talk about chocolate. go right after lobster. >> really? >> oh kndyeah.
7:46 pm
>> his gorgeous spread is right outside of santa barbara. >> right around the corner, if you think it couldn't get better, it's a nude beach. >> shut up. >> complete with a garden and homemade gate for his wife. >> i painted this. i ran out of paint. that'swhy there is still white. >> i thought it was for effect. >> i couldn't get to the white park. if it looks artistic, it is just because i didn't have the stuff. >> he even has dolphins for neighbors. they come right up to, like very close? >> oh very, very close. like i said, put on a she for free sometimes. >> he has plans for a larger house here. his latest project, an ilted novel with coauthor john bayer. >> what is o safe to say is there would be no explorer's guild without john. >> most people with assume that lustrae cowboy would show up at the end, right? that's not the deal at all. he was in there, always made time for it and he th shaped it.
7:47 pm
>> expect to see the book make its way to the big screen. turns out kevin is big on fantasy adventure and is like a kid at disneyland. >> i love pirates of the caribbean. to this day i reach my hand out the boat. you hear voices say, get back. in the second row, get back. >> problem is, you're a gren grown man reaching. of >> this man won me over for this organic garden's planted for his wife, christine. he said they are a farm to table family. whatever is grown in the barreden somehow makes their way to the dipper plate. >> so such a beautiful piece of property, beautiful home. and adorable kids. >> kathie lee and her husband she just lost two months ago. paying tribute to a beloved father and husband. >> on a night where frank is honored. >> yes.
7:48 pm
>> you think frank is looking down saying, well done, my love, well done. >> yes. i have to say my incredible husband who taughtme so much, the most generous person i've ever met. >> you know, more than anything, he would be thrilled that my children, our children, are here and that they are just the two nicest human beings you would ever meet in your life. >> the night wasn't so much about the award. the realonor was witnessing a woman still loving her husband after his passing. and seeing their h two children growing up. >> he loved even when someone wasn't loving back. >> to live one's live the best can. thank you dad, i love and miss you. above all, he wanted me to tell you how prouds of you, mom. he told me to tell you congratulations and well deserved. and that he loves you even now and more than ever. >> do you see your husband in those two children? he wa
7:49 pm
image at the same age. >> we, he is. >> he is taller. not as good a football player bu better scholar. >> hardest thing to do is two raise two people in this world today who love god, who love theirt a country. who i guess they've done a lot of bad stuff but i don't know about it. i'm doing great because i have a deep faith the lord jesus. it is lovely to receive awards. but my daddy and my husband are in the real hall of fame. and i'm goi in get there some day, i hope. >> life-long friends, a wonderful night upon reflection. >> dakota,ng to what does this lady mean to you. >>. >> every now and then someone steps into your life and completely changes it. every year i tell kathy that she totally change mid life. i had a nice life, i thought was nice.
7:50 pm
it could be. and you can laugh. like she laughs through tears like nobody's business. >> she is one of those ladies you don't meet in this business. she is smart. beautiful. and she can handle anything that comes her way. and i just think she's terrific. really. >> 15 years together. and 8 years with this one. >> wait a minute. tell them who you won your emmys with. >> i did get my emmys with hoda. >> touching to see regis and kathie lee back together again. they hosted the show every morning for 15 years. i remember the first time i a guest with two of them on that show. huge deal for me. >> yeah. for me, the first couple of daytime television, in my eyes.was regis is a cannotontributor now on
7:51 pm
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and trying to get shots of us and we ended up mooning them. so >> that is katy perry. who turned 31 on sunday. >> monday on "e.t.." our dancing group rehearsal exclusive. >> hey, "e.t.." >> nick carter ditches for backstreet boys. >> and julia robertson and justin timberlake stand up to bullying. the generations have grown up with this as their source source of information. >> and the exclusives keep on coming. >> only on "e.t.." >> we are almost out of time this>> weekend. but for more breaking news, good to our website. >> check out the new video from country star, sam hunt, from break up in a small t >> now it is about a break up but it gets intense and emotional. >> it is interesting. enjoy itown. and the rest of your weekend, everybody.
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