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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  October 26, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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two people, but many. >> it was coming to the point where it isn't safe. if they are not together, who knows, they could harm others around them. >> reporter: the situation not much better around them, monday afternoon, nearby business is calling and zombie land. who is responsible for preventing loitering inside penn station? amtrak. amtrak runs and owns the overall building but declined multiple requests to speak on camera. a spokesperson said in a statement, homelessness is a complex problem without an easy solution. amtrak says it provides homeless outreach services 365 days a year, and it hosts monthly meetings of a task force with representatives from the mta, new jersey transit, nypd and homeless outreach organizations. this homeless woman who asked we not identify her says the task force needs to do more. >> there's a whole lot of us out here into can't get help. you can't get help in any state. >> reporter: we showed our
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cuomo and asked him if the state needs to step in. he expressed confidence the city has homeless crisis under control. >> the good news is we know how to solve them but we have to have the capacity and confidence to solve it. >> reporter: the problem is hitting many places underground, especially railroads and subways, even after police commissioner bill bratton said this last week. >> subways are not homeless shelters and the homeless will not be allowed to congregate in them. >> reporter: the city says it has homeless outreach programs in all 468 subway stations with teams dispatched 24/7. but commuters to say that clearly is not enough. at penn station, hazel sanchez, cbs 2 news. at least some additional help is on the way. earlier today, the mta board approved more than $800,000 for homeless outreach programs over the next five years. behind the wheel of a school bus, he says he solved danger and spoke up. parents applaud him, but his
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cbs 2's caroline gusoff with the story of a driver fired because he took concern to the wrong person. >> reporter: schoolbus driver willie tuey says he cannot stand by watching what he calls an accident waiting to happen. >> i'm seeing kids walking into the packs of buses. >> reporter: children he says start around delivery and maintenance trucks into the bus loop. he spoke up last year but claims nothing changed so again he complained to the district superintendent. he then got fired. his employer, montauk bus service, refused to comment but issued this termination letter citing serious mint conduct. he disregarded policy that all drivers are to report any and all concerns to their immediate supervisor, not school district personnel. he did not follow chain of command protocol. >> don't fire me because i'm speaking out on the safety
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why would to fire someone who is concerned about saving kids? >> reporter: parents are trying to get the beloved drivers job back. >> i'm heartbroken because he did not deserve it. >> reporter: he contacted attorney kenneth mullins who says workers who report lawbreaking buses are protected but not in this case. >> your we don't have an employee versus an employer. here we have an employee speaking out to protect students on his bus. that takes it out of the scope of the whistleblower statute. >> reporter: still, parents don't understand why it matters who was told when safety is an issue. this school bus loop unique, buses sharon entrance with trucks. to go in that way. >> reporter: the superintendent of the patchogue medford district says they take all this to be a problem. wheel of a schoolbus he says. and patchogue, long island, carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. >> the school district would
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not comment on his termination of employment because they are not the ones that fired him. he says he took his concerns directly to the school district because they offered an open door policy on safety matters. we have new information tonight in the shooting death of nypd officer randolph holder. police say tests confirm that the gun found yesterday in the harlem river is the weapon that was used to kill the officer. the weapon was discovered by a harbor unit detective crawling on his tummy got the bottom of the river. meanwhile this part of your scene, officer. holder with his fiancie, she's mourning the loss of her high school sweetheart, both of them from guyana. she told cbs 2 that he epitomized the american dream. >> i said, randy, you are one of the people that came to this country and it what you were supposed to do. do you understand? you accomplish so much. i'm so proud of you. >> the couple was raising muhammed's 12 girl daughter
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together and plan to get married. the wake for officer. holder will be tomorrow starting at 9:00 a.m. at the greater allen a.m.e. cathedral of new york in jamaica, queens. services are wednesday at the cathedral, 3:00 in the afternoon. officer holder's body will be flown to his native guyana for burial. in north jersey, wildlife experts had trouble trying to coax a bear out of a tree. after the bear got stuck, officials had to figure out what to do next. cbs 2's matt kozar reports from moorestown. >> reporter: maybe this 247 pound black bear wanted to savor the site of the moorestown green or enjoy the lovely fall weather. whatever the reason, he would not budge. >> it's really rare for a bear to climb up a tree. >> i have never seen a bear in the moorestown green ever. >> reporter: moorestown fire chief robert flanagan says the bear wedged himself between tree branches and got stuck after wildlife crews
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tranquilized him. so, firefighters used their tower ladder to get close and pull them into the bucket. on the ground, crews tracked him, and even tattooed his lip so they could identify him if he ever stumbles into trouble again. curious onlookers snapped pictures and posted photos of the fuzzy creature on social media. >> we had one in our backyard a few weeks ago, they are across the street from us. they are just part of nature and i think it's really cool. >> reporter: for some, this curious black bear is the new mascot of the square. >> i was taking a lot of pictures. >> we had been hearing about it at school and became into town. i was hoping that there would be okay because it seemed dangerous. >> reporter: wildlife officials say that there will be just fine. once he wakes up, you'll be released tuesday part in morris county. reporting and moorestown, matt kozar, cbs 2 news. >> wildlife officials say the start not the bear out for about four hours. plainfield police are investigating after a little girl was crashed -- killed in a
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crash on the way to school. the 10-year-old one of six children in a minivan, that one there. witnesses say a car blew through a stop sign at the intersection of arlington and west ninth street and slammed into the van. people familiar with the area say it's a dangerous intersection. tonight police are looking into a number of actions and consider putting up additional stop signs. a woman narrowly escaped death when her car flew off the cliff, plunging 40 feet into a construction site in yonkers. the driver was leaving her buildings garage when she suddenly growth straight to offend and over the cliff. you can see the gray toyota down there had no spurs, and then rolled onto its roof. firefighters took the women to the hospital with serious injuries, the cause of the crash is under investigation. you and 6:00, police in nassau county searching for a pair of robbery suspects accused of targeting and 88- year-old woman. the robbery happened yesterday morning at great neck plaza. police say the woman was going
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shopping at a store when two men came up to her, pointed a small knife at her, and then demanded money. people who live and work in the neighborhood are shocked that something like this would happen there. >> it's frightening to tell you the truth. just very surprised. because it's a safe neighborhood. i'm here many years now. and it's a safe neighborhood. >> the woman dead and over her wallet, the suspect ran off, she was not hurt. now to the mets championship race, game one of the series in kansas city. fans in new york city showing support at a rally this afternoon in queens, chopper 2 was there over borough hall and kew garden where fans were decked out in blue and orange. today, practicing right now at kauffman stadium. cbs 2's otis livingston, these are still pictures in kew enjoying. there he is, otis livingston,
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playing tomorrow. otis? in kauffman stadium in kansas city, the royals route here the mets are facing live pitching, michael conforto is in the box now, it has been a while since i have faced live pitching. it. media day in advance of tomorrow night's world series game one between the kansas city royals and new york mets, both teams looking to end long world series stress. the royals last appeared in 2000 while the -- by the royals come off last year's appearance and when their only title in 1985. it should be an interesting and entertaining series with the mets great pitching against the royals clutch hitting on stage. >> when you are a manager, to play in this setting, it's hard to get here. so, you've got to have some fun with it and even though it's pressure packed as it may be,
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going to enjoy it. >> to go out there and get the win over the cubs, winter to tell each other, we are going to the world series but it doesn't have the same effect as when you walk out here and know that you are going to be playing on the field tomorrow. >> reporter: coming up tomorrow it will be the newly named comeback player of the year, matt harvey, going for the mets against edison lopez in game one. much more coming up later but reporting live from kauffman stadium, kansas city, missouri, otis livingston, back to you. we want to see how you are celebrating the mets championship chase. send us your photos, go to we certainly might use them on tv. next, a sacred objects stolen from cemeteries, more grave robbers are stealing from the dead. also, a salad recall at whole foods. the popular items that could be tainted. and, free sat exams for some
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and monday weather. when game one starts at the pitch, 57 degrees, but a 20% chance of showers late in the i will talk not just tomorrow but next six days including the coming up on the cbs evening news, a new study might have you thinking. timing is perfect in our time. what will you have time? >> as you may have heard today the world health organization announced that eating processed meats like bacon and ham has a link to cancer. and, eating red meat of all kinds likely linked to cancer. we will have a report from our dr. tonight about what this really means and how great the risk actually is.
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cbs evening news at 6:30. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms.
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monday evening and a commuter alert right now, there is a collision on the henry hudson parkway. joel bierman overhead live in chopper 2 and the information for us. what happened? >> reporter:'s logo for those
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coming up to 178th street, that suv has overturned, closed all the henry hudson west side is bumper-to-bumper from the 56th street all the way up to the george washington bridge. live in chopper 2, joe peer men, cbs 2 news. a historic cemetery in queens has a problem. over the past decade these have been targeting something on grave markers there. cbs 2's alice gainer with more from kew garden. >> reporter: headstone after headstone boasts the same empty >> to do that to somebody, it's just heart-wrenching what they do to these families that they don't realize for a buck. >> reporter: stolen from a cemetery in kew garden -- bronze vases stolen from a cemetery in kew garden and has been happening over the years. >> about 13,000 stolen over the course of 15 years. >> reporter: this superintendent says a month ago 25 to 30 were stolen.
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>> reporter: the vases cost hundreds of dollars. is to make it inverted down into a recessed hole within the memorial itself and when it stands up and is inverted it locks in place. >> reporter: a small chain of the down which can easily be broken. there are strategically placed hidden cameras around the cemetery and in recent years they have been successful at capturing some and images of the themes. here are still images of one such piece. we decided to stop by a couple of scrap metal shops in the area. both said they would never buy one of these vases or ever in the cemetery. >> i would not accept it. >> reporter: for a while, the cemetery was replacing vases at no cost to families but it became expensive. to replace a stolen what it would cost of family $275. but they do have the option of using a plastic vase for free. rush flynn asks would be robbers this. >> think about your own mom or
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dad her grandmother, would you want somebody doing this to them for a buck? >> reporter: he says many of these families have dave been through enough. in kew gardens, alice gainer, cbs 2 news. the city is knocking down students in the public school starting next year all high school students will be able to take the sats for free. this expense on a program that take the practice sat for free. the sat will be given during spring and ordinarily would cost $55 to take the test. so then it will be free, that's really good news. there is a recall alert if you shop at whole foods, the chain has recalled its curry chicken salad and delhi pasta salad due to possible listeria contamination. both were sold in stores in seven states including new york and new jersey between october 18 band the 22nd. the salads have a sell by date of october 25 coming yesterday. listeria can cause fever, severe headaches and nausea. so far, though, no illnesses
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have been reported. let's check in with lonnie quinn, start of the week after a decent weekend. >> very fall like, great- looking day, the sunset about 18 minutes ago, sunset, 6:00, left with a temperature of 54 degrees, but still clear degrees off the mark but still feeling great outside. guy is serving up, not much of anything out there, beautiful sky, high pressure system in control. it stays with us tomorrow but it's not the dominant factor. it's going to push offshore, weaken a bit, and some of the clouds to the southwest will make their way into the area. more clouds tomorrow, not the rain, rain will arrive thursday, all part of what's left of hurricane patricia. watch this. cloud cover will arrive tuesday and wednesday, morning commute, 7:30 some wet weather, heavier
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4:00 p.m., you will deal with it overnight hours into the start of thursday but by 11:30 thursday, it's done. skies will get better and things look better as you look to the events around here say friday, saturday, sunday. let's go over rainfall totals for this event. it's quite a bit of rain. wednesday serves up about 1 inch, maybe 1.5 inches, throw on top of that another inch or so. we could be seen one, 1.5, 2 inches of rain out of this event, depending on where you live. world series when it comes back home to citi field, game three, good-looking sky overhead, 51 degrees at first pitch, it will the day. her halloween, forecast looks pretty good as well. kids will be trick-or-treating, temperatures in the lower 50s as for the marathon sunday, runners will do much better than last year, if you recall, dana, they were battling those big headwinds. that will not be the case. the tough weather days on this seven-day forecast will be wednesday and thursday. wednesday and thursday, mild
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enough but that is your rainy weather chance thursday, but then it looks better and we set up for the game, we should be just fine, then saturday and well. >> very nice, thank you. the mets just came off the
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otis livingston. way back when, in the neighborhoods of new york... the working people, the people who really make this city work-- the beat cops, nurses, teachers, and engineers had affordable health care thanks to an upstart mayor, and a couple of non-profits called ghi and hip-- now called emblemhealth. because emblemhealth believes that working new yorkers deserve quality care, so new moms and dads can breathe a little easier, and the young at heart can live healthy and strong. and today, emblemhealth is still doing what it did when it was ghi and hip, setting a national standard with neighborhood care-- not because of some new law, but because looking after your neighbors is just right.
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tomorrow morning, get traffic and weather on 2's. and are you ready to play ball as the mets prepared to play in kansas city? wake up to cbs 2 news tomorrow followed by cbs this morning. let's check back on the mets championship chase, otis livingston live in kansas city. should we call it world series eve, otis? >> reporter: yes, let's do that. t -1 day and counting until the mets and royals take the field to decide which team will be champions. it has been 15 long years for the mets since they held -- 59 mongers for the mets since they held that distinction and 40 for the royals. today it was media day, we had a chance to talk with matt
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harvey, national league comeback player of the year who gets the ball for game one. for most players it's their shot at fulfilling a lifelong dream and playing and hopefully winning in the world series. >> when you are growing up in october you see the world series and you always kind of imagine your self being there. to be able to make it is definitely very exciting. >> it's something that you dream about from a very young age. to be able to be here and on the stage, it's definitely a blessing and very fortunate to be in this position. >> reporter: yeah. hats off to this next guy, one more step for the longest tenured met and captain david wright, only remaining member of the 2006 team that fell short in the alcs to the st. louis cardinals. >> i'm not going to lie to myself to imagine what it would be like, you know, if we can pull this off. i know that i think everybody has said how gritty and relentless this team is that we are playing.
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i think our focus needs to be on game one. >> reporter: to the nfl where there is no such thing as a moral victory, the jets believe they could have and should have been the new england patriots, in foxboro. they had a lead during the fourth quarter, but could not stop tom brady and company when they counted two straight touchdowns down the stretch. the patriots win, the jets falsehood 4-2 and play again december 27. defense no problem for the giants who picked off dallas matt cassel twice, including the 56 yard pick-6. and special teams were special as well, how about duane harris' 100 yard kickoff return after the cowboys tied the game at 20 late in the fourth quarter? the cowboys defensive player, greg hardy, was fuming. he got into the specialty model
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receiver dez bryant, after the giants win, hardy did not have much to say. >> no comment, next question. no comment, next question. no other questions? no comment. no questions. no comment. any other questions? >> reporter: well, i guess he fulfilled his media obligation by standing there. but, boy, what a way to go out. once again, game one tomorrow night here at kauffman stadium in kansas city, the mets look to go up 1-0 on the royals. much more coming up tonight at 11:00 for not reporting live, otis livingston, back to you in
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we'll be right back. the centers for medicare and medicaid services recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia.
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i'm kristine johnson. tonight at 11:00, a big problem in an upper east side building in the owner says he's not getting answers. >> reporter: a residential building is about to run out of fuel oil because somebody had the bright idea of moving this temporary streetlight a couple of feet. we explained tonight. a facial expression becoming a social phenomenon
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and how many are going to extremes to change it.
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