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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  December 3, 2015 11:50pm-12:52am EST

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soo li oca n.t t t pt.etio >> welcome to the "the mazda postgame show." rich: the broncos hahned the patriots their first loss of the season on the last play of the game sunday night. the monday game ended with no time left on the clock with the ravens running a blocked field goal back for a touchdown and tonight's game ended with no time left on the clock with a rodgers-to-rodgers hail mary pass to keep the packers' season moving in an upward direction and essentially ending the lions' season on the spot in front of a shocked homegrown. rih eisen along with marshall
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that means the last three games in the national football league have edged in walk-off fashion, the last two with no time left on the clock. what in the world did we just see in marshall: just a gritty performance by aaron rodgers. the first half i thought he was beaten, bruised. took a lot of hits, sacks. the offense was in disarray. it looked like they had no answers but in the second have -- half, just a different football team and i'm going to say they were cared -- carried about the resiliency of their defense making plays, getting stops and he willed this team, this offensive team, to a victory what a throw. what a throw. steve: it comes down to a 70-yard throw to a hail mary. what a great catch to the other rodgers from cal. his dad made the play when the band was on the field.
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unbelievable finish and detroit fans are beside themselves right now. michael: i could not believe they could not put green bay away. you say what you want. that first half, green bay looked dead to rights. defeated. after the play you watched aaron rodgers walk away like it was a wrap, and to come back and make those plays and win that game in the end. you hope this can be what can propel them the rest of the year. marshall, you mentioned it. marshall: we talk about quarterbacks or players taking the team and putting them on their backs. in the second half, aaron rodgers put this team literally -- steve: especially, a lineman, two starters out before the game and linsley and bakhtiari out. are you kidding me? michael: the broken play saved the season. rich: as you saw, richard rodgers is heading to the seat
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right now we head to the booth. but you never know in that state with hardly any time left on the clock. jim: it was the nfl's version, if you will, of that same kind of unbelievable finish at michigan-michigan state. there are some packer fans who refuse to leave. they're still celebrating and we're still trying to digest everything that happened here. you think about the packers. they've had all these close games that had lost, including to detroit the first time. against carolina they tried to rally and came up short. less than 30 seconds to go, no time-outs. they get the second chance on the penalty, they get the heave and the miracle and motown and aaron rodgers and this team, you just know -- now they have 10 days before their next game. battered and bruised offensive
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be back. the bulagas, they probably are going to be back. phil: that's the big thing. we came into the game, mike mccarthy told us they are tired and beat up. of course, when you have to go against aaron rodgers, in certain situations, desperate situations, he's tough. i'm not disagreeing, michael, but that wasn't a broken play at the end. that was the only way they were going to win. he need -- knew he needed to scramble, buy time and get the running start to throw it to the end zone. how many guys in the league could make that play, get in that position and still make that throw? we can count them on one hand, i guarantee you that jim: there was the facemask call and they were trying to keep the ball alive. richard rogers at one point
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so it was rodgers to rodgers the other way that led to the facemask and back to the conventional way of aaron to richard for the win. there are the final stats. time leading -- actually green bay never led until all zeros on the clock at the end. phil: think of how this changes everything. the minnesota vikings, how upset are they? the big thing is staying in place to win the division. now this keeps them one game behind minnesota. jim: we'll see minnesota at arizona next thursday night, only only nfl network and that should be a great game. they're currently two and three in the n.f.c. playoff picture. there's a big difference. when you're the two, you get the bye and the pass all the way to the divisional round. that could have a lot to do with that in the end. but i have a feeling after tonight green bay is going to have something to say about that too. coming up next on cbs, your
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coast and don't miss "the late show" with stephen colbert followed by "the late late show" with james corden tonight, only cbs. for more football, "the mazda postgame show" continues on nfl network. for phil, tracy, mike and all the crew, jim nantz saying so long from detroit. a finish you'll never forget, the packers take it here on a hail mary. thanks for watching "the mazda
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>> cbs sports thanks you for
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the national football league. chilling new pictures of a california crime scene after an armed couple opened fire at an office party. >> to be honest, you guys, it was a little surreal. >> now we learn the names of the 14 innocent people killed and the families they left behind. >> just my whole life has been basically turned upside down. >> plus, inside the escape. the heros who led survivers to safety.
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you do, that's for damn sure. kristine johnson. maurice has the night off. we have team coverage on the new clues uncovered in the california mass shooting. we begin with cbs 2's danielle bernandino. danielle? >> reporter: kristine, officials don't know what motivated this issuing, but loft says syed farook had been in contact with overseas. police say the couple had stockpiled a cache of weapons, bombs, and ammunition. >> there were another 2,000 9- millimeter rounds found at that house. over 2500 223 rounds.
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american born, and a san bernandino county employee. him. i see him, and clutch to this. >> reporter: witnesses say the five minutes. >> it was unspeakable. the carnage that we were seeing, the number of people who were injured, and unfortunately, already dead. >> reporter: evidence markers littered the street where nearly two dozen officers got into a gun battle with the suspects killing them. police recovered an arsenal of weapons from inside the black expedition. investigators said 12 of the 14 victims were county employees. farook's wife was in the u.s. on a pakistani passport, and she also had a special visa that required federal screening. the couple left behind a 6-
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of relatives. live in san bernandino, california, danielle nottingham, cbs 2 news. >> danielle, thank you. vigils are held in california to honor the victims of the shooting. hundreds turned out this evening at san bernandino's san manuel stadium. the 14 people killed ranged in age from 26 to 60. one had ties to new jersey. cbs 2's jessica schneider here now with a look at their lives and the people that they've left behind. >> reporter: christine, several of those killed knew and worked in fact, many of them had raised money for the shooter and his wife when they had a baby 6 months ago, and tonight word that one of the men killed got into a heated argument about religion with the shooter, just two weeks before the attack. friends say 52-year-old
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he occasionally posted views that were critical of islam on social media. he used to live in new jersey, but upon moving to california, he worked with syed farook. the two men regularly discussed politics and religion. >> he tried to start something, my husband is very outspoken, and he would have been right in the middle of it, and he would have been standing up for what he believed. but thalasinos' wife says she could never imagine farook becoming violent. >> as far as i know, he got along with everybody. i feel whatever went on in his life, he became radicalized. at men, and six women. some in their mid-20s. the oldest, 60 years old, and one victim, a father of six.
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photos of eight of those killed. 27-year-old yvette velasgues. 21 people were wounded in the attack. julie swan-paez arrived at the holiday party to be honored as employee of the year. she was shot at least twice. the mother of 22-year-old jennifer stevens who was shot, said her daughter described the scene as surreal. >> she said i know i saw people die. >> many of those victims had children. one was engaged to be married, and of course all leave behind worried and devastated families. a cell phone video shows one of the many police officers who put their lives on the line to keep civilians safe. >> thank you, thank you. try to relax. try to relax. i'll take a bullet before you do, that's for damn sure. >> the video has gone viral,
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for his comforting words, and bravery as he led the terrified workers out of the building. on the campaign trail, chris christie is faulting president obama for not calling the shooting a terrorist attack. >> let me tell you, as a former prosecutor, from the time i began to watch the events unfold last night, i am convinced that was a terrorist attack. we need to come to grips with the idea that we are in the midst of the next world war. >> the president said today that it is possible the attack was terror related, but it's too soon to know for sure. governor christy made his remarks at an event hosted by the republican jewish coalition.
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trend, the sheriff of ulster county wants people to -- >> if you feel comfortable carrying that handgun, and you're responsible with that handgun, i encourage you to carry that handgun. >> that has sparked some debate, and disagreement, including new york city police commissioner bill bratton. >> good luck to him. i'm not supportive of that at all. >> the sheriff also wrote that police officers, both active duty, and retired, should carry a weapon when they leave their homes. and it is certainly hard to avoid the horrifying images, and news from yesterday's events no matter how old you are. so how do you talk to your chirp about this? advice from the experts 0 on the best way to approach your family, that is coming up later in this newscast. now to a developing story. a man opened fire on a street in brooklyn, and police say his target was a former girlfriend, and her new lover. cbs 2's valerie castro reports from east flatbush.
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believed to be the sister of a 44-year-old man shot inside this bullet-riddled car along with his 33-year-old girlfriend in east flatbush. he later died at the hospital. police sources say the couple was shot at by the woman's former boyfriend around 5:00 p.m. thursday evening, as they sat in the car on 91st street near clarkson avenue. >> i just heard the gunshots at first. >> how many gunshots did you hear? >> probably at least 8 or 9. >> reporter: earlier in the day, the couple was at the corner of bodega. hours later, sources say the gunman confronted the couple on the street, firing several rounds of bullets into their himself. >> i heard only bullets, and then, i was like, one minute, and then i go outside, and i see a dead body in the floor. >> reporter: he was pronounced dead at the hospital. this man works at the corner gunshots.
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children crying near the scene before police arrived. the woman was taken to kings county hospital in critical condition after she was shot in the torso. reporting in east flatbush, brooklyn, valerie castro, cbs 2 news. accused of touching a woman during a traffic stop. the essex county prosecutor says he groped a woman while on patrol two weeks ago. the officer has been charged with criminal sexual contact, and witness tampering. new developments in the murder of a teacher in west nyack. investigators reveal, the victim may have met his fate by listing an ad on a popular website. >> i've bought off craigslist many times. >> reporter: timothy enghler is stunned his friend was murdered. >> maybe he needed to have
12:09 am
him with his expenses, and maybe to offer some companionship like roommates do every day. >> reporter: 66-year-old michael windberg was found stabbed to death in his apartment in west nyack. four days after meeting his accused killer for the first time. >> the victim had posted an ad on craigslist, to which the suspect had responded to. >> reporter: 19-year-old dylan lintini is accused of attacking the former teacher with a kitchen knife in the second floor of the apartment. he drove to the white plains train station to pick up his new found craigslist roommate, deadly decision. >> in a situation like that, entering some sort of relationship with a stranger you always have to have your guard up. >> reporter: because of this, a warning is now listed on craigslist, including be careful who you allow into your home. police recommend vetting
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up with them. in west nyack, cbs 2 news. new tonight, a vote on principal as the republican controlled senate passed a bill to defund planned parenthood, the measure also seeks to affordable care act. the house did pass a similar measure in october. he would veto both. women are now being u.s. military. the pentagon announced that it would allow women to hold any combat position, including commando posts. the decision follows three years of study, and debate. implementation won't happen overnight. military officials have until january to submit a plan. the national christmas tree is shining bright tonight in washington, d.c. president obama and the first family did the honors near the white house. festive ceremony did have a somber moment. the president remembered the victims of the mass shooting in san bernandino, saying quote,
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mr.obama then closed the event on a joyous note, helping santa claus sing jingle bells. starting to feel a lot like christmas on wall street as well. >> 3, 2, 1! >> there was police commissioner bill bratton, helping light the christmas tree outside the new york stock exchange. hundreds of people gathered for the 92nd annual christmas tree lighting, which also featured a performance from the rockets. caught stealing with a stroller. still ahead, what the two accused thieves are said to have walked off with while a baby was in toe. >> you slam on the brakes, it can go flying through the window. if there is an accident, they can jump out of the car and get caught in traffic. >> crates are supposed to keep animals safe, but new crash tests reveal not all of them do that. we'll show you the best ways to protect your pet.
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to amaze. jets/giants game.
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field today. an update on our top story. police in california are now
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two rifles used in a mass shooting at a holiday party. police say syed farook and his wife killed 14 people yesterday. this graphic shows eight of the men and women who died. many children have questions about the tragedy. we have advice for parentsment parents should first ask their children what they've heard about the shooting, and what they're feeling. also be proactive, and create a list of people children can contact in an emergency. police in the bronx are looking for men who had a baby with them during a violent robbery. one of the suspects was caught pushing a stroller. the video was taken inside thirstland. the thieves are accused of taking four pairs of ugg boots. this incident happened two weeks ago. new tonight now, most dogs
12:15 am
but take a look at this crash test video. this is what can happen if a dog rides unrestrained. the question is, would a carrier help or make matters worse. tracee carrasco reports. >> reporter: what pet owner doesn't want his or her dog to feel the wind in their ears? >> firing! >> reporter: but in the event of an accident, a flying dog can exert 300 pounds of force. >> you slam on the brakes, it go flying through the window. if there is an accident, they can jump out of the car and get caught in traffic. >> reporter: countless pet restraint products promise to keep you and your dog safe in the car, but not all are created equal. just ask laura gilis, when a car was struck head on. >> they were bruised up quite a bit, and banged around. >> reporter: everybody including the dog survived.
12:16 am
nearly as well as gilis expected. >> what pet owners don't realize, is most of the products that we've purchased for our pets for travel in a vehicle have never been tested, or crash tested. >> reporter: the center for pet safety, a nonprofit organization is changing that. using stuffed animals, and the same technology to test car safety, they're now testing pet vehicles restraints. watch how poorly some of the crates perform. >> the anchor ports are critly important to ensure the product does not release. if you do get into a sudden stop or accident. >> reporter: shelfs of pet restraint options, here are the ones that did particularly well. the gunner kennel with anchor straps, and the jet set carrier with a latch connection. >> hop in. >> reporter: jade and gil is have been reunited after an
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they still travel together, but now the dogs ride in specifically designed crates. a look at your forecast. lonnie joins you now in the studio. >> tomorrow is going to be just fine. going to be a good looking day out there. it's not going to be balmy, but a click or two warmer than we expect out there. all armed the area, you are basically looking at lower 40s. a 38 right here coming in from barry goldberg. barry is out in bloomingdale. he says we're in a bit of a valley. sure enough, one of the cooler temperatures out there anywhere. new york city 44. the skies, still a couple of clouds out there, but in the process of clearing. setting the table for a better looking day tomorrow. here are my headlines. temperatures will be just a bit above normal, except i think sunday could be significantly above average. 5 to 10 degrees above average sunday. great weekend weather awaits.
12:18 am
for this time of the year, 46 degrees, 47 maybe. saturday, looking at 51. so you're above average. let's just call it a cool day, in comparison to sunday. sunday will be a little bit warmer and 55 degrees. but a nice sunny sky throughout the time period. yet winter is now 18 days away to the official start of the season. overhead right now, things are improving. we had one little last gasp of precipitation. very light little sprinkles rolled through the area, and lasted for all of a minute or two, and they were just out of here. really nothing for the nighttime hours. what's going to happen for the day tomorrow? this high pressure system moves in. the low pressure system moves further away. by the time you get to tomorrow afternoon, sunny skies. i will say north of the area, you're going to find more clouds out there. but i don't think anybody has a bad day. it's a good looking day out there. high pressure becomes reel strong for saturday. look at that sky. sunday looks good as well. it's all about the temperatures and how they play out.
12:19 am
saturday. a 55 on sunday. a nice finish to the week. 51degrees. looking at 3 degrees, 4 degrees above average. then right across the board, here we go. looking at 51 on saturday. 55 on sunday. 52 on monday. tuesday, 51 degrees, and right now on tuesday, i'm just going to hint at the idea there could be a rain chance. there's a system out there, if you were watching that future cast out there, i showed you some rain offshore, as we approach tuesday. as of right now, i don't really have a big storm there for tuesday. but it's you know, close enough, that it's within 200 miles. 200miles from mother nature is nothing. so i'll watch it. >> thank you, lonnie. now to an update about a pair of pop warner football teams who were nearly sidelined from the national championships. today, the brick city lions
12:20 am
midget divisions will make it to disney world for the games. more than 50 donors came through today. the championship tournament starts on saturday. good luck, boys. here's otis with a look at sports. christine, we're going to go from pee wee football to the big boys. get you set for the big showdown between the jets and giants on sunday. they were once the hottest team
12:21 am
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no way. savor an egg mcmuffin any time you like. a fresh cracked egg, canadian bacon and an english muffin with real butter. mcdonald's all day breakfast menu. otis livingston is here with our sports update. great game tonight, but we can't wait for the weekend. >> looks like dorell revis will not play in the showdown with the giants. he's still not able to sit in meetings with concussion symptoms. odell beckham jr., not a field
12:24 am
that is ridiculous. a 30-yard field goal off the turf and he was spinning the ball. unfortunately, with the news about revis, we won't be treated to two of the best in the nfl at their respective positions. >> obviously, i have high praise for him. unfortunate that he's not playing, but down the road, you know, you never know. there may be a match up there. but right now, we're focused on beating the jets. >> just in case you missed or preview show earlier tonight, shame on you, but the giants rashard jennings joined me in studio, and talked about what game. >> we both need this fame to get a seat at the table. not turning off the ball, executing in the red zone, being able to tackle well. we've got to get offer him, and just cover the deep ball. >> what about you? >> ain't that funny, that we're
12:25 am
so that's why, at the end of the day, that's what's beautiful about this game. everybody wants to do it and win. it's about going out there on sunday, mondays and thursdays and actually doing it. for myself, and my team, we're excited. another opportunity to win. playing against a team across the road, but as far as the rivalry, we're leaving that to the fans, and we do want to go out there and play good for our fan base. >> time for us to step aside for a anyone.
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you'd be surprised how easy it is to get a good low-cost health plan! you might even get help paying for it! go to or call 1-855-355-5777 enrollment ends december 15th welcome back, everyone. rangers and colorado. msg is fortunate this doesn't happen more often.
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johnson in the face. amazingly, he would only end up with a cut lip and would return. the rangers seem to sleepwalk through this one. the blue shirts have dropped 5 out of 6. is someone going to put a body on adam henry? the devils fathers are following their sons on the road trip. jacob josephson threw it in. that's his dad there. that's my boy. he's all the way from sweden. sweet night for the devils. 5-1, the final from raleigh. on the eve of the first knicks/nets night of the season, kristaps porzingis is named rookie of the month, and apparently, his talking is as good as his game. he was quoted as saying this about net fans. i know our fans are better than brooklyn fans. it will be a good game.
12:29 am
when a brooklyn hat on, i'm like what is that hat, you need a knicks hat. of course, he's having fun. 20 years old. >> why not? >> he's turned those boos into serious cheers. i'm so happy for him too. that night it was brutal. he was just a kid, and everybody was booing him. they were booing the knicks, but now they're cheering him. >> the way things turn around in the city, and how much are we looking forward to sunday? >> so important to both teams.
12:30 am
right back. kiming up next on the late show with stephen colbert, his guests burt reynolds, julianne moore, and cee lo green.
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see you back here tomorrow. >> welcome stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: welcome to "the late show" everybody, thank you so much! thank you for my book. welcome to "the late show." thanks so much, everybody.
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thanks so much, everybody. thanks so much for being here. i'm very grateful for your presence. thank you for my book. welcome to "the late show." thanks so much, everybody. welcome to "the late show." i'm your host, a miniature stephen colbert who lives inside your tv. when the tv goes off, i can still see you, just like your x-box. no judgment, except for that one thing you do-- grow up. thank you-- thank you for what i'm going to trust was your sincere applause, just a moment ago. ( cheers and applause ) thank you. i appreciate it. i love it. i just want to make sure it's not the mindless cheering of a horde of robots, because it's hard to tell who are the people and who are the robots. that's how fast the robots are progressing. and i fear the eventual enslavement of the human race by the metal men. i know what you're saying: oh, they'll never do that.
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no, he wasn't. and neither was tickle me elmo. that was just putting a muppet face on our cybernetic overlords. think about the name. tickle me elmo? why wasn't it tickle you elmo? who is in control here? it sounds like a one-sided relationship. just get out of there. it's getting worse. there's shocking news out of japan, robot designers have now created an artificial robot that passed the standardized exams, like the s.a.t.s. this thing is going to collenge. the only silver lining is they might avoid a robot uprising. in medieval french literature, the robots won't be able to enslave us because they'll be
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student loans. "can't get a job. what was i thinking? i should have gone to law school. can i get you a refill on that pepsi?" ( laughter ) but if there are any robots watching, i hope they enjoy tonight's show. because, first-- we have a very good show tonight-- first, i'm talking to academy award-winning actor julianne moore. so talented. >> jon: a genius. fantastic. >> stephen: i'll join in. i'll join in on that one. longtime fan. longtime fan. she stars in "the hunger games: mockingjay: part 2." our interview will be gripping, especially the second half that comes out a year from now. i'm also sitting down with legendary actor, mr. burt reynolds, ladies and gentlemen. a model of manhood.
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enough about me." he was a huge sex symbol in the 70s. now, he's a huge sex symbol in his 70s. then a performance by post-punk powerhouse public image limited. ( cheers and applause ) they used to be public image incorporated, but they became an s-corp for tax liability reasons. which is very rock 'n' roll. that funksplosion... that is jon batiste and stay human. say hi, everybody. ( cheers and applause ) jon, now, if i'm not wrong, i understand you have a special guest sitting with the band this evening. who is that? >> stephen: we have the soulful vocals of ceelo green. >> stephen: ceelo green, everybody.
12:36 am
>> thank you for having me. >> stephen: thank you for being here. >> of course. >> stephen: and thank you especially-- ceelo green. i want to thank you especially for wearing your formal track suit to be here tonight. thank you for going the extra yard. would you care to join the band, my friend? thank you very much. always a pleasure. they're about to get this party started, ladies and gentlemen, but before they do, one more thing: a man in new york city claims that two psychics tricked him out of $700,000. and they were clearly frauds because they predicted they'd take him for a million. ( band playing "late show" theme ) >> tonight, stephen welcomes, julianne moore. burt reynolds...
12:37 am
image limited. featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now it's time for "the late show with stephen colbert"! >> stephen: thank you! thanks, everybody. thank you, jon. thank you, ceelo. >> jon: yeah, baby. >> stephen! stephen! stephen! stephen! >> stephen: thanks, everybody. thank you so much. that feels good. that feels good. did you see the show last night by any chance? we have-- we had our friend bill maher on the show last night. and we had probably one of my favorite interviews we've ever had on the show.
12:38 am
or something like that. and he's incredible. but we did, like, 16 or 18 minutes of interview, or something like that. am i right? and we had to cut, like, six minutes out of it because we had to make room for a cat circus. ( applause ) but if you liked the interview, we've got the whole thing uncut, unedited on the web site. go to and you can watch the whole thing. it's really good. really enjoyable. you should go check it out. thanks for coming, bill. now, if you watch this show-- and if you're watching me right now, i assume you do-- you know i'm a huge fan of "star wars." ( cheers and applause ) i'm even willing to overlook the fact that since there are a lot of stars but only one war, technically it should be called "stars' war." okay? i'm going to let it go. again. now, as a die-hard fan, i've made a solemn pledge to buy and
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wars" tie-in. for example, this is-- this is absolutely true-- this is my actual luke skywalker bathroom set from 1977. it has "star wars" shampoo, it has "star wars" bubble bath, it has a comb, and see if you can see this, that is luke himself trapped inside a bar of soap, foreshadowing han solo being trapped in carbonite. and you see it is helpfully labeled-- i'm going to put it in there-- it's helpfully labeled luke skywalker belt clip so you can hang on the belt you wear whenever you take a bath. that's why i'm so excited for the commercial tie-in possibilities of the new "star wars" movie. like this ad for a product that so seamlessly integrates "star wars, that i thought at first it was a new trailer.
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will you be enticed by the dark side or embrace the light side? discover your destiny with the covergirl "star wars" collection, three luminous looks from the light and three mesmerizing looks from the dark. the force is strong. feel its power. the covergirl 'star wars" collection. >> which side are you on? >> stephen: oh, the forced marketing integration is strong with this one. bravo, covergirl. this is the perfect makeup collection for girls who like "star wars" but not enough to realize that this has nothing to do with "star wars." ( laughter ) with this new collection, covergirl is offering three light-side looks and three dark- side looks. they were previously available only in containers that didn't say "star wars." and the makeup comes in such intergalactic shades as lilac, gold, dark purple, silver and
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and for you non-superfans out there, those are all colors that exist in the "star wars" universe. now, as a fan, i've collected all of the "star wars" covergirl makeup line. it's got everything. it's got everything in here. even the much-maligned "the phantom mascara" and "jar jar blush." of course, i'm a grown man. i would never wear this make-up, but darth vader would. ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause )
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"daddy, am i pretty now?" ( laughter ) gets humid in there pretty fast. ( laughter ) folks, this covergirl make-up commercial gives me a new hope, a hope that "star wars" can be associated with any product. like tonight's sponsor: eggs, the "star wars" collection. ( laughter ) a long time ago in a galaxy far, far way, there were eggs. will you join the light side, or or will you be swayed by the dark side? ( cheers and applause )
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your stomach. the battle for the galaxy is under way on your breakfast table! featuring all of your favorites like bb-8, or did i mean b-b- egg? yes, i did. oh, look out, bb, look out. here comes a stormtrooper! ( cheers and applause ) and no breakfast is complete without luke skywalker. oh, yes! will luke stay on the light side or will he turn on the dark side? the choice is yours. with "star wars" eggs, you can even reenact the destruction of the death star. oh, yes! "let's blow this thing and go
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( cheers and applause ) so, try "star wars" eggs for breakfast and start your day like a jedi. "use the fork, luke." ( cheers and applause ) we'll be right back with reigning oscar champion, julianne moore. ( band playing ) i remember, i remember when i lost my mind ( band playing ) covergirl is the easy way to draw attention perfect point liner smudge with sponge-tip to create a smokin' kitten eye lash blast mascara adds an instant blast of volume add a pow to your brow! wow! from easy, breezy, beautiful covergirl this is the one place we're not afraid to fail. some of these experiments may not work.
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