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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  December 4, 2015 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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their black executive and their home. we are also learning more about the 14 victims. are you looking at eight of the men and women who died. many. them were married with children. we have team coverage this noon, beginning with cbs 2 chris martinez live in san bernardino, for us this noon. chris? >> reporter: chris, we are learning more about that post and that connection to isis this afternoon. this was a post as you mentioned pledging allegiance to the leader of isis put on social media, facebook, we are told, but deleted before the attack actually happened. and while this doesn't necessarily mean that isis was directly connected, with this attack, it could in fact indicate that terrorism was the motive here. >> cbs news confirms that shooting suspect tashfeen malik pledged her allegiance to isis on facebook. she and her husband, syed farook, are accused of the deadly rampage this week in san bernardino. the couple's relatives say the massacre caught them by spleet
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>> it is just mind boggling why that. >> sis sister and brother-in- law are saddened and left prevented the tragedy. >> i ask themselves, if i had called them that morning or the night before and asked him what he was doing, what he was up, to how he was doing, if i had any inclination, maybe i would have stopped it. >> the suspects died in a shootout with bliss. officers say they found enough fire power in their home for more attacks. investigators are looking into the possibility farook's wife radicalized him. the couple was engaged in 2013 after he traveled to saudi arabia for a religious pilgrimage. >> reporter: those victims of the attack ranged in age from 26 to 60. 12 of the 14 killed here were co-workers of one of the shooters. now we do expect an update from the fbi here, and in just about a couple of hours from now, hopefully with some more information on the facebook
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fbi today is researching one of shooters. back to you. >> thank you, chris. we are learning more about shooting spree. as well as more about what it was like for the first responders who were first to arrive at the scene. cbs 2 andrea grymes is here now with that part of the story. >> reporter: well, san bernardino police lieutenant madden was on the way to lunch on wednesday. although he had a madden administrative desk drive he did not hesitate to respond. >> it was unspeakable the carnage we were seeing. >> lieutenant mike madden, one of the first officers to arrive at the inland regional center. he went in with three other cops, and despite all of their active shooter training, says nothing adequately prepared him for what he saw. >> as we entered, into the conference room, the situation was surreal. >> he had to put his emotions
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out of the building, to safety. >> the initial 50 people did not want to come to us. they were fearful. >> that fear evident in cell phone video recorded by a survivor, being led by an officer. >> i will take the bullet before you do, that's for dam sure. be cool, okay? >> not everyone could be saved. 14 people were murdered. including 52-year-old nicholas balasinos. who used to live in south jersey but moved to california. he worked with the gunman syed department. he leaves behind a devastated wife. >> he was so kind to everybody. very civil rous chivalrous. >> the two regularly discussed politics and religion. >> he got along with everybody as far as i know. what is what is shocking. obviously he became radicalized. >> this woman worked for the health department as an inspector. she was a wife and mother of three. >> she will be the one i would
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she knew all of my secrets. everything. she is my best friend, basically. >> and yesterday, new york giants safety matt burhey from san bernardino, tweeted, quote, just got word one of my cousins yesterday. i am so sick right now. >> well, he says his cousin, 60- year-old isaac, was a great human being. and he also thanked the first heroes. >> it is incredible to hear some of the accounts from these people here, including the wife of the gentleman, nick class, who was killed. i mean the way she put it, nicholas, and the shooter, the alleged shooter, talked about everything from their wives to religion, during the daily basis. >> and nicholas we are told he was a messianic that combined jude dix and christianity and passionate about pro-israel causes an he was outspoken and would have stood up to anything that was stood to him to explain what he believes. very much.
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went into action, hospitals prepared for the unknown number of wounded after the shooting. this is what the emergency room of arrowhead regional medical center looked like on wednesday after the first emergency calls. the staff had 30 minutes to get ready before patients arrived. and for every person brought in standing by. >> we were given reports of patient injuries. were shot. and mental status. that was basically all we had. as they hit our doors. we had to sort of prepare for a larger influx of patients than we normally would. >> the six patients treated at the hospital are all expected to survive. now we have breaking news on long island. where investigators have arrested a man they say was stockpiling weapons and impersonating an officer. this is a spread of the wednesday found inside the home and vehicle of mark vickers. officials stopped the 49-year- old on jericho turnpike yesterday morning in syosset. investigators say vickers activated emergency lights on his vehicle, and showed officers a fake badge, claiming
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a search of vickers car and home uncovered an arsenal of unregistered firearms. >> the investigation is ongo. and we ask the public's assistance that if anyone has any interaction with defendant mark vickers, whether he engaged anyone, for fraudulent authority, we would like all to call nassau county crimestoppers. >> for now vickers is charged with several weapons possessions charges. well, police hunting for the man accused of robbing midtown jewelry stores at gunpoint now and taking off with merchandise, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. cbs 2 janelle burrell has more on thieves police are trying to catch. >> reporter: well, open it or i am going to shoot you. >> jennifer says she was stunned frozen. two men seen on surveillance camera, walking inside madison jewelry on west 38th street where she works. robbing her and her co-worker at gunpoint. just before 5:30 wednesday evening. >> they go, well, move. and i'm like, you know, i was just frozen and they are like
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you know what it is. and yeah, it is a gun. and i'm like okay. >> the man on the right armed with a small handgun. the other seen handing them a laundry bag, ordering them to fill it with expensive watches and jewelry. >> they were pointing with the gun like give me this, give me this. >> the duo demanding their most expensive products. when they realized they didn't carry rolexs, they went for the next best thing. cleaning out entire cases. >> he told him to give him the oris watches which are expensive, and we had maybe case. and each one, the cost is about $1,000. >> the loot, police say is valued at more than $500,000. police believe it is the same pair that descruk on october 9, at kenjo jewelry store on west 57th street with the same m. o. cameras capturing them with what appears to be the same handgun before investigators say they made off with a bag filled with more than $100,000 in watches. the two accused of carrying out
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avenue shop back in september as well. these co-workers remarkably calm say they are just glad to have survived knowing the valuables can be replaced. >> it is funny know, but at that time, it was so scary. >> the store employees say the two men came out shielding their faces with umbrellas and got into a van waiting about a block away. they are now revisiting their security plans. reporting from midtown, janelle burrell, cbs 2 news. police are investigating a bise abuse attack wednesday morning in berriesburg. police say the suspect described as hispanic punched a man in the head and yelled anti- white staples and ran into the roberto clemente housing development across the street. the man refused medical attention. at least six people are dead in a fire bombing at a nightclub. three others were wounded in the attack in the capital city of cairo. police are looking for two young men refused entry into the club. investigators say they have been returned and threw molotov
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in paris, one of restaurants targeted in last month's terror attacks reopened this morning. customers crowd inside the cafe to take their morning coffee. five people were killed when gunmen launched attacks in paris. in all 130 people were killed. flowers and candles remain in memorial at the attack site. a restaurant industry group is you soing the city's board of health to block high salt warnings on -- suing the city's board of health to block high salt warnings on restaurant menus. the lawsuit says the salt warning will confuse and mislead consumers and oversteps the city's authority. the board of health says the warning is aimed at helping people lower blood pressure, and reduce the risk of heart attacks and stroke. we are going up this weekend, and how much more will you have to pay? plus, imagine seeing this on your morning drive. a water spout near the george washington bridge. also ahead, preventing concussions on the football field. the new features hidden in
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>> len later, sick and tired of -- then later, sick and tired of gadgets that have family members staring at screens? the very best holiday gifts that will bring everyone together. >> boggle? i remember boggle. that was great. >> not mind boggling. that is great. great weather forecast for the weekend coming up. prediabetes is a serious medical condition that increases the risk for developing type 2 diabetes. more than 1 in 3 adults has prediabetes, but 90% don't know it. you could be one of them. talk to your doctor about small lifestyle changes that can prevent you from getting
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a water main ruptured in fort lee this morning, creating a guiser in the middle of the bridge plaza south. chopper 2 was over the scene as police blocked off the street between park avenue and central road. the road closures caused traffic delays leading to the gwb. the cause of the break is still under investigation. a commuter alert for drivers starting this weekend. you have to pay more to cross the hudson river. on sunday, ez pass rates rise $0.75 and cash tolls $1 raised. the cash price across the george washington will increase to $15. ez pass, 12.75 during peak hours and 10.50 offpeak. ez pass for staten island crossings will rise by 25 cents a trip. new at noon, a second person has died as a result of a house explosion in elizabeth, new jersey. 26-year-old kamiah helpedderson died yesterday from injuries suffered during last month's blast. investigators believe the explosion was caused by a breach in a gas line that may have been a part of an illegal addition to the house. three surrounding homes are
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structural damage caused by that explosion. well, still ahead here on cbs 2 news at noon, a story every parent needs to know. with concussion concerns growing on the football field. researchers reveal helmets and technology that we veal dangerous and possibly deadly impacts. >> plus -- >> there are no real word has can express that for us. >> an amazing little lady gets an incredible gift. find out why her princess chair is so important. >> and will sunshine stick around for the weekend? john elliott is back with your all-important weekend forecast when we come back. meet the moore's! we're the moore family, and as you can see,
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a sad loss for the music industry. scott weiland the former frontman for stone temple pilots and the velvet revolver has died. you can see him in the new band, here in montclair north new jersey last saturday. he passed away in his sleep last night on the tour bus in bloomington, minnesota, he battled substance abuse for many years. he was just 48 years old. the nfl revealed the winners of a research challenge to protect players from injuries. and concussions have been linked to long term brain injury. the research laboratory devised a tether system that slows down the head after a tackle.
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with a layer that would go under turf for extra cushioning, and researchers from the university of washington devised a helmet that helps absorb contact. >> we will continue with science and try to adjust. >> there will be $1 million received from the nfl and the partners to continue the all- important research. holiday season is in full swing and two days before the start of hanukkah. and personal electronics are big sellers but what about gifts that bring families together? carolyn gusoff scouted out some great ideas. >> whatever you wrap up, it is the gift of togetherness that outlasts batteries. >> it is nice to get the kids off of the computer, off of the tv set. and have a nice family fun night. >> simon says, going back in time at funky monkey in green
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sell big. >> yahtzee, a popular one. >> trivial pursuit has more. >> and charades has new names. like shopkins and headbands. >> it is nice to converse with your children and have them converse back to you. and turn off everything. >> or sit down together, and build. >> lego and laser pegs work as a family project. >> and when you put the light on, everything lights up. >> newer video games allow for more players. >> you can also get crafty together. >> we actually find that fathers will sit there with their children and bead. >> and get cooking. and a game called high phase. >> and there are family cooking lessons. >> it is a wonderful gift. because it gets the family together in the kitchen. >> it is fun. the kids, the fathers are chopping up things, the mom is having fun. >> think outside the gift box. gather together for a family portrait. give the gift of time.
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stuff, like we like the christmas spectacular. >> loving a home cooked meal. >> right? >> yes. >> other ideas, buy a family membership to a museum. take a family excursion to an animal shelter. bonding over the decision to adopt a pet that is truly a holiday memory that lives on. at roosevelt field, carolyn gusoff cbs 2 news. the gift of a princess chair is changing the life of a young girl in new jersey. it is giving a 12-year-old the gift of freedom. jenna cruise has a disorder that affects every orgen in her body and endured 26 surgeries and puts up with daily procedures and that made outings very difficult but thanks to the new stroller donated by the let them be little times two foundation, she can roam freely. >> i don't have a place where i can bring her and safely do the procedures while we're out. and now, she knows the sky is the limit. >> giana calls her $4,000
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she -- she says the first place she wants to take it is sesame place. >> something tells me they will welcome her with open arms that's for sure. good to see her in that chair. and time for the forecast. and we bring in the ever- popular john elliott. >> a gift from you. i appreciate that. >> and good afternoon. comfortable weather for december. weather watchers reporting for duty. 45 to 50, the observations from the island. a little warmer around brunswick. we have some folks right around that 50-degree mark and we want to share this reading, i will tell you mark and janine, another great picture. i love this. it tells a beautiful tale. the half-moon. some contrails. beautiful bright blue skies. some more great pictures. i like this from brian. pretty in this morning. how about the birds. so many comments coming in about the migration that is under way late this year. and i like the color from george and les, pretty holiday colors as well. not a bad weekend. we have some chores to do around the house, you will have
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are going to put up some decorations or of course hanukkah sunday night. the weather will cooperate. nice and blue in the city. 49. and working our way towards 50. and that's above normal already. and the spread right there, 41, to 51. and other stations coming in, and these numbers compared to yesterday, and pretty close to where we were. but remember, it won't be as windy. it hasn't been, so it feels a little bit better. tack on a degree. three degrees above normal. 74 and 10-year records and the sunsets at 4:28. and we hit 57 on that wet dipping a bit. and then up to 56 on sunday. and 56, is the normal high. for november 6. so we are basically backing up a month, as far as the temperatures go. but have no fear. the snow lovers, winter is 17 days away. and a lot of questions, where is the snow. i will tell you, it looks like december is actually going to be a little bit above normal, as far as temperatures. so it is going to be a harder challenge to get some snow in.
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high pressure, and i mean this big building ridge of high pressure, it is going to serve to keep us dry today, and saturday, sunday, right through monday. and hints of a shower on tuesday. but till then, staying dry, and we have been dry. the deficit for the year now at 9.65 inches. but those nice numbers on sunday are good for a little football game. somebody's got to win. jets and giants. 56 as we get things under way. the t-birds. great high school football games as well. for the games, tomorrow and today, as far as the championship series, we have 50. mostly sunny and chilly. overnight tonight, 39. in the city. cooler for the suburbs. really nice saturday. super on sunday. there is that hint of a shower on your tuesday. going to the game? >> i don't knowy, was that my cue to bring out that letterman jacket again from this morning? >> yes.
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-- 5:00 kickoff. go t-birds. >> down are download the cbs weather app. radar and it is free and available in the i-tunes store. and not to be slighted, don the game afterwards.
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we'll be right back. i am totally blind. and sometimes i struggle to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. this is called non-24. learn more by calling 844-824-2424.
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coming up on cbs 2 news at 5:00 tonight, how would you like to live next to this? this story. neighbors frustrated by a trashy home. can the city step in and do anything about it? coming up at 6:00, toll hikes at bridges and tunnels we told you about earlier may ent up costing you even -- end up use them. we will explain that, beginning at 5:00 on cbs 2 news. that will do it for us at noon. for john and the entire cbs 2 news team, thanks for joining us. i'm chris wragge. have a great afternoon and a wonderful weekend and i will see you back here monday morning at 4:30. look how beautiful it is...
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