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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  December 11, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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prompted local civil rights activists to rally at the criminal courthouse. >> that's unacceptable! it needs to change! they should have been clearly convicted! there was a gang assault that happened with kyle howell and that wasn't charged. right now, there is no justice so where there is no justice, there is no peace! >> reporter: officer logiudice had faced up to 7 years in prison. he is now being sued in federal court by kyle howell, who maintains his civil rights were violated. from nassau county criminal court in mineola, jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. >> howell was on probation for a burglary conviction at the time of the traffic stop. he was known to the officer. breaking news in midtown tonight. a woman is dead an elderly man injured after an apparent suicide. police say a 56-year-old woman jumped from the third floor of this building at 903 first avenue this afternoon. after jumping, police say she
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old, walking on the sidewalk. he was injured and taken to a hospital. police are still investigating. now to a developing story. another one of new york's most powerful politicians found guilty of corruption. this time, former senate majority leader dean skelos. cbs 2's tony aiello with the story in federal court in manhattan. >> what do you have to say to your constituents? >> reporter: dean skelos put a reassuring hand on his son's shoulder as they moved through a crush of cameras leaving court. do you find this embarrassing? the duo convicted on bribery and extortion charges a shakedown scheme, businesses paid adam skelos in return for legislative favors from his father. one of the so-called, three amigos who controlled virtually every move in albany. coming weeks after the conviction of former assembly speaker sheldon silver, all eyes now turn to governor cuomo. >> governor cuomo and everybody else still working
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enormous pressure to produce some meaningful results here. teeth. >> reporter: the governor promised to do just that during next year's session. >> we are obviously very disappointed with the verdict. >> reporter: the defense argued firms did business with adam skelos just to win no explicit quid pro quo. both men hope to see their appeal. dean and adam skelos sat stone- faced as the verdicts were read. they will be back in court march 3 for sentencing both men facing decades behind bars. in lower manhattan, tony aiello hazel sanchez, cbs 2 news. a williamsburg bodega owner says he is losing business because of a huge construction fence that is obscuring his store. we told you first about this story on wednesday. now the mayor's office is getting involved. cbs 2's scott rapoport "demanding answers" and getting action. [ music ] >> reporter: hidden away
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fence -- enormous blue fence is an owner of a bodega losing business. >> they think we are closed. >> reporter: the owner says his business flatlined ever since the mta started since construction five months ago to repair subway staircases. this construction fence hides his store wrapping around the block. the only way in is this little entrance off bushwick avenue. the fence was scheduled to come down last week. but the mta says unforeseen construction delays prevented that and now says it won't come down for at least six more weeks. the owner says he is running out of time and money. how much business have you lost? >> 60%. >> reporter: after our story aired, we reached out to mayor de blasio's office to see if there was anything the city could do to help the owner. this afternoon, representatives from three city agencies, small business services, community affairs and the department of transportation met with the owner and his lawyer to help.
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cameras all week had a rep show up. he refused to answer our questions. what do you think this guy's complaint that it's killing his business? [ no response ] >> reporter: following closed meetings the owner said the mta and the contractors agreed to lower the height of the plywood fence shielding the bodega from sight and replace the top part with plexiglass so people could see the store. some type of financial assistance may also be possible. but his lawyer would not say how or from whom. >> you're asking for more this point. >> that includes loans, financing, and it seems to me that mta will be able to offer some type of benefit, as well. i want to say thank you to cbs for alerting us to this josh. >> reporter: ishmael says for the first time in a long time it's a step in the right direction. >> thank you for your help. >> reporter: after five months of being fenced in. scott rapoport, cbs 2 news. >> scott tried to get additional comments from mta
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but he said he had nothing to add to what was already said during our initial report yesterday. a new york state task force is issuing recommendations that would transform the very education standards. cbs 2's carolyn gusoff has proposed overhaul. >> the fight is not over. >> no. this is not the time give up. >> reporter: parents who fought against new york's "common core" standards are cautiously optimistic. governor cuomo's task force recommends sweeping changes. >> this is a great move a step in the right direction, but the recommendations actually have to be implemented. >> reporter: 21 recommendations include overhauling the "common core" with new locally driven new york state-specific standards. reducing overtesting. using educators not a corporation to create tests
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moratorium on counting "common core" tests and teacher evaluations. it spawned protests and statewide opt out 200,000 kids boycotting state tests. >> i don't think i have seen a grassroots effort like this in 50 years. >> reporter: the task force made up of parents, educators and lawmakers, held public forums and got an earful. a confusing curriculum causing frustrations in classrooms and kitchen tables. recommendations, though, won't change anything right away. >> the tests are not going to mean anything so why are they even taking them? >> what are we doing to fix the damage that's been done to these children already? what happens to the class of 2017 that's been treated like guinea pigs? >> it's up to the board of regents to reject or adopt the task force recommendations. if adopted it's essentially back to the drawing board drafting new educational standards in new york state. on long island, carolyn
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>> if the recommendations are adopted the governor's office insists no state laws have to be changed. a commuter alert this friday night through the weekend, new tunnels under the hudson river could lead to a is your charge for train riders. the federal government and the port authority will partner in the project to help ease congestion but commuters will help foot the bill. cbs 2's christine sloan reports. >> reporter: amtrak, whose tracks new jersey transit trains use, getting two new rail tunnels. the $20 billion gateway project expected to help alleviate problems on current century old tracks that led to this past summer. >> eases congestion. come from the federal government but new york and new jersey responsible for the rest. the port authority partnering up with the feds creating the gateway development corporation to oversee the project. there will be representatives from new york, new jersey amtrak and the federal department of transportation.
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bridges, not ruling out a surcharge to rail commuters. >> i think we pay enough already. >> reporter: would you be willing to pay a surcharge. if it make the commute easier, i guess so, yeah. >> reporter: do you think commuters could face a surcharge? >> you know, look, i think it's way too soon to say something like that. my feeling is commuters are paying too much already so let's look at all the other options we have not to put this on the backs of commuters. >> reporter: u.s. senator cory booker's legislation part of a federal transportation bill just signed into law by the president commits federal dollars to the project and offers both states funding options. >> there is my bill was very favorable loan terms called the riff loan that the states can now use and actually don't have to start paying back the loans until 5 years after the project is done. >> reporter: the tunnels won't be done for 15 years. everyone agrees something has to be done because the current tunnels have 5 to 10 years left before they fall apart. in hoboken, new jersey,
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>> and more commuter news tonight. if you are planning to head out, do some holiday shopping this weekend or enjoy more warm weather, check your train schedule. these 10 subway lines are slated for service changes: the disruptions will be through 5 a.m. monday as the mta continues to upgrade and repair the tracks and stations. log on to our website, for up-to-date information on each line and the disruptions. just ahead here, fiery devastation. nearly 100 people forced out of their homes. what caused the huge overnight fire that destroyed five buildings? >> also, the frustration continues on the upper east side streets closed because of falling bricks. when will first avenue open? >> showing support.
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helping military dogs overseas this holiday. >> vanessa in for lonnie tonight. hey. >> dana, unseasonably warm record-breaking warmth for some today. coming up we'll talk about whether or not this spring- like warm lasts through the weekend in my full forecast. >> and coming up on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" a mosque firebombed in california. we'll have that and more on the evening news. scott. >> reporter: dana, witnesses report hearing a loud boom and then seeing flames at the mosque in palm springs. the fbi is now investigating whether it was indeed a hate crime. an attack on the mosque. we'll have that story and the rest of the world news coming up right up on the "cbs evening news." >> i'm captain bells from so soto cano airbase. a shoutout to my new jersey family.
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masterpass from mastercard and your bank. it's the shortcut to priceless. dozens of people are homeless tonight after a massive fire destroyed several buildings in the bronx. the fire started last night on valentine avenue in the tremont section. over 200 firefighters worked to put out the fire. it spread quickly through nine wood framed row homes. residents say all they had time to do was run. >> my landlady was screaming fire, fire. i ran out with my phone, nothing, no glasses, nothing. freezing.
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it's almost christmas and many people lost their house and everything. it's really sad. >> the red cross is helping nearly 90 people who are displaced by this fire. no one seriously injured though. the cause of the blaze is under investigation. the city buildings department says the section of first avenue will remain closed until monday after bricks fell from a high-rise apartment building. tonight workers used their hands to remove the facade from the building on east 64th street in midtown manned. dozens of bricks rained down on the street below earlier this week in midtown manhattan. crews shut down first avenue snarling traffic near the 59th street bridge. people in the building next door had to evacuate. the city says it's moving as fast as it can to fix the problem. >> we evaluated whether we can put a crane there, and that was going to take longer than what we did now. >> it has to be right and it has to be the safety of the people and the safety of the workers. >> no one was hurt by the falling bricks.
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of faulty materials or design. during the holidays, so many step up to try to make sure our soldiers overseas are not forgotten. but a store in brooklyn is also remembering another battle weary group on the front lines. cbs 2's dick brennan has the story. >> reporter: they take on some of the most perilous jobs in the world. dogs who sniff out danger, dive into trouble and even jump out of planes to keep the troops safe. but now folks half a world away have the backs of the dogs of war. >> we were looking for a cool idea for a holiday fundraiser and we felt this would be cool. >> reporter: at the veterinarian in park slope they are accepting donations and c.a.r.e. packages for the animals overseas. >> those are paw towels. >> not bad. what else? >> these are toys. >> we know these big treats. and this is -- happy tails. nicely said. >> reporter: and dog lovers
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i mean, i love when people get together and do things that are great for not just where we live but for, you know, abroad and it's amazing. >> reporter: especially for dogs. >> always for dogs. >> reporter: and if you donate the folks here make sure it will get over there. >> we gather everything up and we ship it over and they distribute it. >> reporter: if you want to donate in person, come right here to north slope veterinary. they are on sixth avenue and union street here in park slope and if you can't get here, you can reach out to the u.s. war dogs association. they could certainly use your help. >> it makes you feel happy that you're actually doing something for a good cause. >> maybe you will get some response from the soldiers. are you hoping for that? >> yes. it's always nice to see the follow-through and nice to see how it impacts them coming to fruition. >> reporter: doing the best they can for man's best friend. dick brennan, cbs 2 news.
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you can help, go to we have another day to be outside, unseasonal weekend weather. this is incredible. >> it is. today we did break one record at islip. it was 59 degrees. that beats the old record set in 2006 of 57. highs today were 15 degrees above normal. this weekend, we expect them to be more like 20 degrees above normal. and if you are wondering if i'm fibbing, is my nose growing? i don't! i think i'm telling the true. you should get out and enjoy this beautiful weather because when will it be 60 again? at least through early next week. however, it might be quite some time before we see these numbers again. live outside we'll show you what's happening right now. it's so warm out here. 60 degrees in central park.
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per hour. in central park today we topped out at 61 degrees. the normal high is 44. so well above seasonable today and it's been above average since the start of december. not a single day at or below average. and that trend continues. in fact, it's not until friday we see more seasonable weather. yesterday was 52. today's high 61. we continue the climb in into your weekend. tomorrow 63 and on sunday, it is likely we'll break a record with a high of 65 degrees. as far as what's going to be happening above us, the skies will be something in between blue and cloudy. you can see we have clouds overhead right now. partly cloudy skies. but throughout the weekend, clouds and sunshine will be mixing in and out. high pressure will be in control. it sticks to our south and that will be pumping in warm air throughout the weekend.
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and then late sunday night, as that low pressure system approaches from the west, we will start to see more clouds and maybe a little bit of drizzle action but that's late sunday evening. your weekend is looking lovely. tonight, comfortably cool at 50. partly cloudy skies. tomorrow, beautiful with a mix of sun and clouds a high of 63 degrees. winds will be west-southwest at 5 to 10. for sunday, 65 degrees. a mix of sun and clouds early but getting cloudy by evening and again that chance of some drizzle. it is though however on monday we expect it to be still warm, wet and windy. that courtesy of a front moving on through. now, as we make our way into tuesday and wednesday we are in the 50s. that's still well above normal. thursday it's 53. then friday a big drop. 43 degrees is the high on friday. what's happening friday early? some of us may see a little bit of snow. but that's a long way off. we have a lot of warmth to enjoy between now and then. >> what a drastic difference there. all right, thank you so much, vanessa. otis livingston with
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>> the giants are rooting hard for the hated cowboys to beat the hated redskins monday night and now it's time to take care of their own business the last four games and he didn't have on the red no contact jersey today so that's good news for the jets but how close is darrelle revis to actually playing sunday against the titans? holiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place.
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holiday season's just like football season... you got your big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place.
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some positive news out of jets practice today. otis livingston here with that. >> yeah. certainly a sight for sore eyes. jets say you don't have to worry about a letdown game this as you understand against the 3-9 titans. take care of business focus on the game at hand according to the coach. it was good to see darrelle revis on the field. he practiced fully good to go but needs final clearance from the concussion protocol. whether reeves is there or not, the defense must continue with titans rookie quarter marcus mariota. the number 2 pick in last year's draft can get it done as evidenced by this 87-yard touchdown run last week. >> talk about some of the challenges that you have. he is a young quarterback and rookies are rookies.
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is surely talented. >> he doesn't make a lot of mistakes. he can run, he can throw. so it's like having another halfback back there. he is faster than most of the defensive lineman so he can get around the corner, up the middle. we have to make sure we understand where he is at all times too try to keep him in the pocket. >> now to big blue. moore is no more. at least with the giants. he got waived today. reportedly the final straw was that he got into a fight with fellow defensive lineman because he didn't get free headphones like other members of the team. the value of the beats by dre $200 his contract $447,000. doesn't add up. o'dell beckham and big blue getting ready for the monday night matchup in miami and they have to be happy for the guys with the star on their helmet. when dallas beat washington monday night, it created a three-way tie for first with the giants eagles and redskins. four games left the giants have to finish strong. >> everybody knows that you can talk about until you're blue in the face.
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actually do it. that's the goal. we know our situation. we know what we need to do and we just need to come out and do it. coming up tonight the rangers will be in edmonton. the devils host the red wings. the knicks are off. mascots everywhere can breathe a sigh of relief because robin lopez was at it again last night except you can't blame him this time. the kings mascot wanted to take a picture with him before last night's game only to reveal that t-shirt that red, i'm with stupid. that didn't go over well with robin as you can see. as he pummeled the mascot. that's his thing though. they are just having fun. >> really. >> no lions were hurt in that little demonstration there. >> we know the twins like their cats. >> exactly. thank you. we'll be right back. up next a little boy's helping hands see him in action as he learns to use a very special christmas gift for the first time. >> closed captioning on cbs 2
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kentucky boy has received what he is calling his best christmas gift ever. lucas abraham showed off his new bionic hand yesterday. he is six years old born without fingers on his right hand from a rare disorder. but thanks to 3d printing technology he can now high classmates. and they also treat him like a >> they think it's pretty cool. they want my autograph because it's so cool. >> the prosthetic was created by bioengineering students at the university of louisville. they say the hand can even be adjusted as lucas grows. we hope you can join us for the news at 9:00 on tv 10/55. up next on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley," extreme weather in the west. we thank you for joining us have a good weekend. good night.
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