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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  December 23, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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so far we have already had a park. trenton. the numbers go up over the next six hours, i'll have more coming up. this rain and the fog many parts of the country. some of the worst delays in hours long. brian webb at laguardia where holiday travelers some have been waiting for flights all day. brian. >> reporter: and things seemed to go from bad to worse as the day wore on. first bad weather, then the travel rush, tighter security by the tsa. it quickly became one of the worst travel days of the year. fog slowed thing downs at daybreak. delays an hour at noon. then fog and rain. there was a ripple effect of delays from other airports. add in tighter security, longer lines, and it was ugly
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experience was summed up to me just a few moments ago. >> we're trying to fly in to michigan where i'm from and they canceled the flight. now they are saying there's no flights until after christmas, not even one anywhere in this area until after christmas. >> reporter: after christmas. >> so. >> reporter: all of you in line you're wasting your time. american airlines stinks. >> reporter: so the latest average delay times out of laguardia reached two hours and 35 minutes late not to mention canceled flights. that frustrated family you just heard from says they will have to drive the 12 hours to get back home. it's especially important to her. she tells me she hasn't missed a family christmas in 54 years. live at laguardia, brian webb, cbs 2 news. >> we hope she gets there and everybody gets where they are headed tonight but it is a rainy wednesday night.
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and our airports, well, things have gotten worse as brian said as the day has progressed. right now the longest delay is at newark liberty airport. three hours and 28 minutes. jfk airport one hour 9-minute delays. passengers seeing their delays just continuing trout the evening. a cane reaction crash on the upper west side s the mta says an an m96 bus was parked at 96th street and west end avenue but somehow rolled through the intersection. that intersection known for some pedestrian accidents over the past couple of years. the bus hit a parked car causing three other parked cars to hit each other. nobody was hurt. it's unclear what happened. the crime unthinkable. a school bus aide accused of stealing money from special
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cbs 2's christine sloan has the story new tonight at 6:00. >> leave us alone! >> reporter: would your daughter like to tell her side of the story? >> leave us alone! >> reporter: at the door of the aide charged with stealing money from special needs students she was supposed to be caring for on her school bus, police say can dismilford stole from five children between the ages of 6 and 9 all of them sources say enrolled at this elementary school in woodbridge, new jersey. milford still behind bars when we asked her mother for comment. >> good-bye! >> reporter: the news bringing some parents to tears especially since police say some of the children victimized have limited communication skills. >> i don't understand why people would do things like that. >> despicable to do that to a child. >> reporter: the bus depot asked us to leave. we left messages for the
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investigators say the parents whose name they are not releasing noticed in october the cash they were sending with their children for class trips was not getting to teachers. what are we talking about roughly? >> maybe a couple of hundred dollars at this point. you know, from when we received the information to when we made the arrest on the 21st. >> reporter: they won't say how they broke the case. >> i have an autistic daughter. that's disgusting. they can't go on the school bus without being robbed?! >> reporter: the theft, a third degree crime. if found guilt she probably won't go to jail. >> milford has been employed for three years. we don't know if she still has the job. an update now on a murder mystery on a busy manhattan street in the middle of the day.
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the getaway driver in this surveillance video from 2012. brandon woodward a law student from los angeles was shot on west 58th street and seventh avenue. police say mckenzie owed woodward $160,000 for cocaine. mckenzie charged with second- degree murder. police are searching for the gunman. new details tonight about the frantic seconds at the roosevelt field mall yesterday when an attempted robbery ended in gunfire. we now know more about the brave response of a retired nypd sergeant that led to an arrest. cbs 2's carolyn gusoff reports. >> reporter: robbery assault and weapons charges for oliver lee the 21-year-old accused of pulling a loaded gun in crowded roosevelt field mall and praise from nassau police response. >> think about a violent struggle for 90 seconds over live and death and that's what it was about.
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have been worse say police if not for this private security guard. retired nypd sergeant kenneth krug in the fight of his life to wrestle the gun from a robber in a mall packed with shoppers. they spoke from behind the door of his home. >> reporter: just doing my job. >> reporter: asked about what experience helped. >> it was all in the nypd training. >> reporter: he says lee asked to see a $19,000 rolex and pulled a handgun demanding the watch. krug had no time to unholster his own gun but lunged at lee wrestling away the robber's weapon. it discharged a bullet striking a passing employee. krug posted on facebook, a couple of knots on my forehead and with seven deprecating humor adds maybe will knock some sense into me say a prayer for the macy employee shot in the shoulder and bullet still lodged in his neck. they are leaving it in for now he should be okay. >> reporter: lee unemployed
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complex roused suspicions of neighbors who complained about alleged drug deals. police say he had 10 oxycontin pills on him when arrested and posted before the holdup this picture of a gun and pills. police say they are still investigating whether or not lee had an accomplice. carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. new information tonight on the nypd search for a well- dressed subway slasher. cell phone video shows a woman a couple. it happened friday night on an "a" train in brooklyn. facebook. she said she is not normally violent and there is more to the story not captured on the video. she apologized and suggests she plans to surrender to police. a somber service in delaware this afternoon for in afghanistan on monday.
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>> reporter: defense secretary ashton carter joined families as one by one the flag-draped coffins were removed from a plane at new cassel airbase. among the victims a staff sergeant from long island who leaves behind a wife and young daughter. at the bagram airbase in afghanistan they said farewell to their fallen comrades. six service members killed by a italian terrorist who rode his motorbike into a crowd and blew himself up. among the dead 31-year-old staff sergeant lewis bonacasa. >> he was going to come home, buy a house and raise a family. this was to be his last tour. >> reporter: vinnie remembered his brother. they grew up part of a close family in suffolk county. >> today was the first i woke up without my brother in the 28 years that i have been alive so it was definitely a spooky feeling. >> reporter: louis graduated new field high school in selden and joined the air force. he and his wife have a daughter lily shown wearing her father's dog tags and
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a picture that sums up how the whole family felt about louis. >> hero, loving, caring, charming. it was just in his heart to do what he did. he was a great man. >> reporter: so is this man, nypd veteran joseph lemm of west harrison. he leaves a wife and two children. among six brave americans whose families like the bonacasa also spend the holidays not celebrating but remembering. >> he loved what he did. he fought for his country just family. he was a loving person. he will truly be missed. >> now, 15 other u.s. service members have been killed in afghanistan this year. dana, your heart just goes out to these folks. >> these families, these children too whose fathers gave us so much. >> what a sacrifice. >> dick, thank you. still ahead tonight, four children discovered alone in a sleeping car. >> i need a police officer right away. so i don't know what the protocol is. i got get these kids. >> you will hear from the
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into action to save the day. >> plus, with santa's arrival just over 24 hours away, an elf on the shelf emergency in new jersey. >> nervous and very scared. i thought santa wasn't going to come. >> what this little girl did next that caught the attention of police. >> and coming up on the "cbs evening news," the weather creating problems not only here but across the country. norah o'donnell is in for scott pelley tonight. >> reporter: good evening. the holiday getaway begins today. coming up, we'll tell you what you need to know about the new airport security guidelines. >> and we'll have a check-in on the roads. those stories and more just ahead right here on the "cbs evening news." >> i want to wish my family in new york a happy new year and
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this is grand central parkway near amazing laguardia. a rainy foggy night. christmas eve-eve for a lot of people that means traveling and once they make it to the airport, some will face delays up to 2.5 hours. also tonight, here at 6:00, city sanitation workers. they are used to seeing a lot of things. but what two of new york's strongest found monday in lower manhattan left them
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cbs 2's steve langford reports tonight they are being hailed for their quick thinking. >> just another basic car park by the fire hydrant. so i told him to move the car. but there were kids in there. >> reporter: a 2011 bmw parked at this fire hydrant for an hour with four young children in the back seat alone at the dorner of lafayette and white streets in lower manhattan monday. sanitation workers wilson arroyo and carlos rosato immediately flagged down a port authority police officer. >> leave kids alone in a car was -- it was -- i don't even know -- i can't put it to words. >> reporter: the car was running. the children in the back seat the oldest 4 years old, the youngest just a year. their babysitter nowhere to be found. police say when the babysitter finally came back, she told them she left the children in the car because she had to go pay a fine. >> she was trying to tell them she was just in there for like two, three minutes just to, you know, do the paperwork right there.
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and, um, but we all know it wasn't true. >> reporter: port authority police say the children were alone inside the car for about an hour. the babysitter identified as 26-year-old toni meyers of manhattan arrested at the scene. >> she seemed like, i don't know what's going on. like why -- why -- why are you arresting me? >> reporter: the four young children returned to their family safe and unharmed police say but the sanitation workers who helped out here badly rattled. >> i told my wife about that she is like she don't want to hear about it. gives her goosebumps. >> reporter: time for a new babysitter. in lower manhattan, steve langford, cbs 2 news. >> and the names of the family or families of of the children left alone in the car hasn't been released. the babysitter has a february 1 court date. a grand jury has indicted the walmart truck driver who hit the limousine carrying comedian tracy morgan and others last year on the jersey turnpike. kevin roper is charged with
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vehicular homicide. the crash severely injured morgan. a fellow passenger died. morgan and the passenger's family settled their lawsuit with walmart this year. teresa guidice was released from federal prison today. these exclusive photos from after nearly a year behind bars for a bankruptcy fraud. she returned home to new jersey this morning. she is confined to home until february 5. the elf on the shelf is a popular christmas tradition for a lot of families and children know they are forbidden from touching the elf or santa claus might not come. cbs 2's meg baker shows us how a new jersey girl went to great lengths to fix her mistake. >> reporter: an elf to watch over boys and girls to make sure they have been good all
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meet he is bill laperuta -- isabel laperuta. >> i touched it and it landed on the ground and i called 911. >> reporter: this is her call. >> 911, where is your emergency? 911, hello? >> it's isabella. >> hi. hi, isabella. why are you calling 911? >> don't come to my house, don't! >> were you accidentally dialing 911, you made a mistake. >> yes, i was trying to call my dad buy you called you on accident. >> okay. mistakes happen, honey. you can just say you made a mistake, okay? >> nervous and very scared and i thought santa wasn't going to come. >> never a dull moment. >> reporter: her mother woke up from a nap to police at her door checking to make sure everything was all right. >> she thought see there killed the elf wore the elf was injured -- or the elf was injured and santa would be upset and wouldn't come. >> reporter: the lieutenant
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want to reassure her. >> don't worry, santa will still come. it was an accident. >> reporter: and he did last night for a quick visit with the old bridge fire department. >> i like the fact that she knew how to call 911 in case there was really an emergency. >> he gave me another chance. >> reporter: bring all of us some joy this holiday season with her young heart. in old bridge, new jersey, meg baker, cbs 2 news. what kind of weather will santa face tomorrow night? first we need to get through tonight and rain and fog. >> reporter: so we have more rain. the heaviest of the rain is going to be rolling in over the next few hours. fog is an issue now. it will remain an issue for the same next few hours. let's check in with westchester. we want to see what kind of numbers we are seeing out there. it's 58 degrees where he is. he also says heavy rain this evening. so fm folks are still seeing -- so some folks are still seeing heavy rain. the fog is an issue. adam in middletown 53 degrees
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rain and fog, his advice stay in if you can. keywords there, if you can. outside -- [ laughter ] >> doesn't that just say it all? this is basically what all our cameras look like just covered with the fog. as they are driving, air travel as you heard also delayed. so rain and fog 56 degrees right now. 58 the high on the day so far. but we are expecting temperatures to start rising over the next few hours so we will likely hit 60 before midnight. the norm is 41. that's where we should be. we are well above that. expect to see temperatures going up between now and midnight.
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and a few pockets of heavier rain. pockets of heavy rain with a steady stream of moisture straight from the gulf moving in so we have several more hours. consider about 6 more hours of this rain. turn on your futurecast. you can see it here. 9:00, more widespread rain with more pockets of the moderate and heavy rain which means we'll add to the rain bucket. remember, we had a deficit, significant deficit, almost 10" on the year. we need the rain. it tapers off tonight and tomorrow although we can't sort of rule out -- maybe one residual shower into your thursday. tomorrow temperatures will be the big story. how much rain will we have when it's all said and done? take a look. we are approaching 2" of rain in central park. some will be at the 2" mark. your hour-by-hour forecast showing we are going to see these temperatures rising to
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and 73 degrees is your record for your christmas eve. >> thank you, elise. odell beckham, jr. pleads his case. sports is next. holiday season's just like football season... you goyour big games... ...and regular games. get it all at a great price... ...and the holiday season is won. everything in one place.
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never ends. mark morgan in for otis livingston with more on now what mr. beckham has to say. >> that's right. a lot of people waiting for this information. not a surprise. giants wide received odell beckham, jr.'s one game suspension is upheld by the nfl and he will not be on the field for the giants when they travel to minnesota to face beckham junior met with james thrash at the league offices in manhattan this morning. thrash is a former nfl wide receiver. he is one of the hearing officers jointly appointed by the nfl in the players association. thrash listened to him tell his side of the story and apparently, he didn't make a compelling case. the giants wide receiver released this statement moments ago on twitter. sportsmanship and respecting the game are as important as blocking, running routes and catching the football. i dropped the ball on sportsmanship on sunday. i apologize to my teammates,
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all fans of the nfl. this morning, giants head coach tom coughlin said odell beckham, jr. isn't the only one to blame. >> to depict this as odell beckham, jr. being the only one wrong is not right. there was an attempt to provoke him. he was provoked. he was out of control. he did -- he was wrong. there's no doubt about it you like that that didn't happen. but the fact of the matter is if you know the situation pre- game, with the baseball bat if you know what occurred at the very beginning of the game you can understand that there was two sides to this and not just one. >> a panthers player is fined over $26,000 by the nfl. he hit with two infractions including $17,000 for striking odell beckham, jr. in the head and neck area. the games have been close. four of the last five times the jets and patriots have met the margin of victory three points or less.
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find a way to get over the hump this sunday at metlife stadium in what shapes up as a must-win for the play-off hopes. since losing to new england 30-27 on october 25, the jets seemed to have found their mojo winning five of eight. bowles has watched the pieces start to come together. >> we play together more now. we play more as a team and we have grown as a team being the first year teen it takes [ indiscernible ] all winter to start clicking and you have to go through growing paints before you start to play together. we went through growing pains and it's starting to click. carmelo anthony will not play tonight. it will take a herculean effort by the knicks to win without anthony. >> closed captioning on cbs 2
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get free installation with a one hour arrival window. and ask how you could get a $300 reward card. call for more, now. i'm kristine johnson. at 11:00 a surprise christmas treat from star athletes. [ music ] >> meeting with the members of the jets an that's not the only reason shoppers are smiling. that and more at 11. thank you for joining be us tonight. the "cbs evening news" is next. ted cruz fights back at a cartoon targeting his daughters.
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