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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  February 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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damaging storms in the south, next. a vote that could affect thousands of commuters, next. [content sigh] ah, excuse me? mr. jones? hi. already? you booked an appointment. i just started cookin. we at time warner cable need to apologize to you. i haven't even started to bronze yet. we no longer give you an excuse to work all day perfecting your tan. starting to even it out. we're making a bunch of changes
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including one-hour arrival windows. we'll also tell you how long our visit will take before your appointment starts. a little girl leaps into the arms of officers after being trapped on a burning third-floor balcony. i'm kristine johnson. maurice is off tonight. you can see smoke and flames pouring into the sky as the fire tore through this bergen county building. tonight, the fire is out and that nine-year-old is safe. cbs2's tony aiello is live now with the story for us. >> reporter: the cops who caught this girl are rejecting any notion that they are heroes . they say the real brave one is the nine-year-old who was home alone at the time, she
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third-floor balcony into the outstretched arms of first responders waiting 25 feet below. it happened just moments before the fire really began to rage. police officers had gone door- to-door, evacuating residents from a burning building at the society hill condo complex. >> some residents alerted lieutenant do know that there was a girl outside. >> reporter: the nine-year-old was on this third-floor balcony, forced out of her apartment by smoke and flames. lieutenant jeffrey deno, sergeant brendan mullen and officers philomont realized she would have to jump. >> i was concerned we would have to do a lot of convincing. it's difficult to get somebody to jump off the balcony. >> reporter: it was a 25 foot drop. together and raised their arms as the girl climbed over the balcony. >> i called for her to jump and she looked down, released herself and fell backwards into our arms. >> what's going through your
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make sure you make the catch. >> that young girl jumped into the arms of an angel. they will be remembered by our community for a long time. >> reporter: the fire ravaged six units including one recently occupied by sage hamilton. she's not sure what she'll be able to salvage. she took some gear from news of the dramatic rescue of her little neighbor. >> she is a tough cookie for sure. >> reporter: you have to be tough too. you have to recover from this. >> for sure. wheel all recovery eventually. >> reporter: tonight, that nine- year-old girl and her mother are telling a local website they are eternally grateful to the police officers for their actions tonight. by the way, lieutenant deno, sergeant mullen and the officer, each bozeman have three kids of their own. investigators believe this fire started in the kitchen of an elderly neighbor. live in new jersey, tony aiello, cbs2. >> thank you. severe weather is pounding
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what is believed to be a large tornado caused damage in western alabama. there is also significant structural damage at a federal prison. no reports of any injuries. that same system is heading our way. lonnie quinn is in the weather center with more on that. >> you are right. it's a real volatile system right now with tornado warnings from louisiana, into portions of tennessee, that's been discontinued. but we're not calling for to -- for tornadic activity but this line is not a confirmed tornado right now but i'll tell you all bets are this will be a nato. moving in our direction, bigger picture is going to show you it's this tail end of the front which is going to lose some of its strength as it moves in our direction. but i'm not going to rule out the possibility for severe weather tomorrow. it's going to be a slight chance. as you get into your morning hours, is it with us yet? no. just starting to nip at the area. heavier activity will get here later on.
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how we see it, heavier by the evening. move forward to your forecast for tomorrow, waking up at 43 degrees, cloudy, light shower chance, later on in the day, how much range we pick up? that's another thing we'll talk about later in this newscast. riders say they are terrified on the trains. after yet another passenger was attacked with a knife. he was slashed in the face. now more people are calling for protection. cbs2's jessica schneider reports on the subway slashings. >> reporter: riders on edge after a midday slashing on the three train in brooklyn. man police say is schizophrenic filed -- followed a male passenger onto the train car and sliced him across the chin with a folding knife. >> it's terrible. we had to commute. we don't have too much protection. as you can see, there is no police around. >> reporter: riders griped they are not seeing police on trains were very many on platforms. >> extra eyes on the subway are a good thing.
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>> the guardian angels are promising to patrol until the slashings stop. >> reporter: there have been 365 slashings or stabbings citywide since the beginning of the year. for the same period last year, there were 305, so an increase this year of 20%. >> we're living in fear of being slashed on the subway. something needs to happen. >> reporter: the mta posts blue call boxes. people can call for help. commissioner bratton points out there are ups and downs with subway crimes. three slashings reported by this time last year. this year, there have been seven. he says the department is looking into banning career criminals from the subways altogether. some of these severe career recidivist criminals use the subway to pray on victims. we find some way of excluding them. >> reporter: the board is working with the nypd to step up security measures in order to bring this spike in crime
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schneider, cbs2 news. dangerous sex offenders could be living in your neighborhood and you may not even know it. that's because in new york law allows some registered offenders to remove themselves from the list. level one offenders who have been listed for 20 years are no longer required to register. >> we have a stack of level one offenders that have committed serious sexual offenses against young children. as young as two years old. they are going to be dropping off the registry. that makes absolutely no sense. >> reporter: bills are being considered in albany to keep offenders registered for another decade but as of now, 70 level one sex offenders will drop off the registry this year. new tonight, important vote on a heat issue on the upper west side. should a bike lane be added to amsterdam avenue? valerie castro life where passionate residents packed
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valerie? >> reporter: a meeting finally wrapped up after more than three hours of discussion and debate. community board voted yes in favor of proposed changes on amsterdam avenue including a protected bike lane. the final vote 28 in favor, 13 against. >> the resolution passes. >> reporter: the meeting was contentious and at one point standing room only. those who couldn't make it inside found a way to show support by holding signs through the open windows. the proposed design created by the department of transportation would take away one of four traffic lanes on amsterdam avenue to create a dedicated bike lane and other new features like loading zones. those against the proposal say it would eliminate parking spots and increase congestion and noise. those for it say it's a necessary safety improvement after several pedestrian deaths. the most recent, almost 3 weeks ago on 96th and amsterdam. >> i can't breathe.
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bicycle on amsterdam avenue, you are nuts. it's all commercial, trucks and buses. >> i can't believe we're talking about stasis versus people's lives. if my son dies -- >> [ applause ] >> reporter: department of transportation hopes to start implementing the changes this spring beginning with the stretch of amsterdam between 72nd and 110th. live on the upper west side, valerie castro, cbs2 news. turning to campaign 2016, the presidential candidates have put iowa in the rearview mirror. >> god bless the great state of new hampshire. so what a victory last night. >> [ applause ] >> last night's republican caucus winner ted cruz was on the stump in new hampshire even before the sun rose. second-place finisher donald trump says his decision to skip
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heard him. but he is predicting victory next tuesday, tweeting restore reality, iowa is meaningless. keep pushing forward. also pushing forward is hillary clinton. she beat bernie sanders among the democrats but by the smallest margin in state history. >> we are in a fight to the finish. about whether or not we're going to build on the progress we have made, or watch it get ripped away. >> sanders has not yet conceded citing reports that some precincts were decided by a coin flip. new warning about the zika virus, health officials in dallas are reporting what appears to be the first case in the us of a patient contracting the virus through sex. the patient was infected after having sex with a person who returned from venezuela where zika virus is present. zika is usually spread through mosquito bites. it's been linked to birth defects.
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extremes. >> like i was going to pass out. >> a woman streams the video live online, seconds after being shot. and panic on the plane,
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plan your legendary stay at i'm bleeding! i feel like i've been shot! >> chilling video of a teenager's plea for help after being shot. shooting happened at a drive- through at a burger king in florida. north miami, the -- she's tuned her agony live on facebook. >> shot my arm! >> just breathe. >> help me! >> as long as you're talking, you're going to be okay. >> paramedics arrived to help. in addition, another woman was hurt. the females were targeted but no word on a motive.
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new video shows a gaping hole in a jet that was forced to make an emergency landing the plane had just taken off from airport in some of you when there was an explosion. investigators are now trying to figure out whether the blast was caused by a bomb. the cabin lost pressure, so the oxygen masks fell from above. there were two minor injuries. a judge may decide to drop sex charges against bill cosby by tomorrow. a judge in suburban philadelphia hopes to wrap up a ring that began today. cosby's attorneys claim the comedian was promised he would never be criminally charged for an encounter with a woman named andrea constant. the former prosecutor testified that he made an unwritten pledge so cosby would testify in the civil suit. new tonight now a nice meal and a cozy restaurant can lead to a fine romance. but according to a new study, make sure sushi is served if you want a second date.
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why. >> reporter: where are you going to go? >> i guess red lobster? >> probably italian. >> a steakhouse? i would be very impressed. >> reporter: the first dinner date can be stressful especially planning where to go. but a new survey of singles shows that if you want to secure a second date, your first date should be sushi. >> it gets you to the second date because it is sharing. >> reporter: dr. helen fisher who conducted the survey of 5500 single americans ages 18 to 70 of all backgrounds found that sushi increases your odds by 107%. >> it's also expensive which says something about you. and it's also sophisticated. >> reporter: there's also biological reasons. >> fatty tuna or salmon has got omega three in it. and that can increase your circulation and alertness.
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season in full swing, how about talking about politics on the first date? >> do not talk about politics or religion. i don't even want to get awkward on the first date. >> i'm not huge and politics. that's something i don't have experience in talking about. i wouldn't bring it up. >> reporter: while they say political talk is a no-no, the survey says 91% of singles want to talk about politics on the first date. >> 25% of singles would not go out with somebody who was not registered to vote. 35% of singles would not go out with somebody who didn't have any opening in. >> reporter: no matter where you go or what you talk about, only 50% of singles believe that a good first date has to end with a kiss. in union square, tracee carrasco, cbs2 news. >> how about that? remarkable reunion has a 96- year-old mother meeting her daughter. she said she had to give up 82 years ago.
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between lena pierce and betty morrell. when pierce was 14, she gave birth in utica to a daughter named eva mae, six months later the state took her away saying pierce wasn't old enough to have a baby. worrell grew up on long island. her adopted parents died when she was in her 20s. after searching for years, she found her birth mother's name. >> she was alive. my god. i've been talking to her on the phone. it's all gone. my life is complete at this point. >> a lot of times, i worried about her or wondered where she was. >> after the reunion, the daughter returned to florida but she and her mother do plan to keep in touch. absolutely amazing. 82 years, lonnie quinn. >> no kidding? >> my goodness. >> page almost doesn't make a difference at all. she is 92. >> when they made eye contact. instant connection. >> once somebody is your mom,
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>> that's right. >> there you have it. weather watchers are showing temperatures around the area, in the 30s for the most part, let's take a gander here, 30 degree reading, this is ed road, a new picture, 30 degrees right now, will tomorrow be a yes it will. also a 30 degree reading around princeton and this is anthony in plainsboro township. anthony is saying i think phil needs to see his optometrist. i saw my shadow with no problem today. well, i think he's talking about the groundhog. he did not see his shadow. i don't know how the groundhog did not. nothing but sunshine. in punxsutawney, pennsylvania, sunshine all over the place. groundhogs could not find their shadow which means it will be an early spring. i think how do you not see your shadow today? lots of sunshine out there. mostly clear, 43 currently, clouds will be on the increase.
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mostly dry, a little bit of rain but not the biggest of the big. heavy rain from 4:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m., a little bit earlier than that, breezy and mild tomorrow, temperatures near 60, gusty winds out there. for -- satellite and radar sean high, thin clouds into the area, a precursor to things to come, bigger picture will show you the things to come, the cold front that you see right now draped right across the state of tennessee, moves in tomorrow, for the morning commute, later on. for the morning commute, i'd say eight, nine, even 9:30, leading showers, not heavy stuff. is is just a little bit of a taste of things to come. that's what's coming later, 7:00 p.m. evening commute is going to be difficult with the wet weather. by 11:00 p.m., lingering activity around the east and. pretty good-looking thursday in store for us. how much rain? models are indicating anywhere from -- half inch to an inch, maybe more for others out there. with that kind of rain,
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issued a flood watch for central new jersey, weiner were flooding, small creeks could flood with something like that. if you take a look at the numbers across the board, we are 60 for your day tomorrow, certainly is mild but not a pretty day, 52 on thursday, getting better with the sky, friday 41, cooler out there, still above average. 46 saturday, pretty nice, 44 on sunday, monday, 41, next week for everybody thinks winter is over, i see some days -- >> a small reminder that it's not. >> we may not get out of the 30s. the late late show host and karaoke came james corden is taking his show on the road. he is due to host the tony awards in new york city. called in won a tony for his role in one man, to governors. you can watch the tony awards live sunday, june 12 right here
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our new york knicks. we want to help. right? >> you might have to go play in order to help. they are limping to the all- star break, take a serious hit in the standings. losers of five of their last six. hosting the celtics who have won five of six. arron afflalo started out hot tonight, 3-3 as the next jump out to a 9-0 lead. sauce of leakage, also a good night -- sasha vujacic. tyler zeller came into the night averaging just four points a game, he multiplied that average by four, 16 off the bench, the celtics start to pull away.
11:25 pm
he finished with 10 but it's not enough. isaiah thomas, not that isaiah thomas, led all scorers with 20. the knicks are in trouble -- are in trouble. start of the second half in the nhl, the playoffs are a mess. seems like a most every team has a shot to get in including the devils who host the rangers tonight. the all-star break didn't cool off jt miller. open scoring with a nice finish on a two on one. then he pulls the blue shirts back in front with a one timer from the corner. seven goals in his last seven games. that was it for the rangers. he was a solo act. the devils answer with two goals for the come from behind win. the second coming on the power play, the devils pick up two big points. they are just to back of the rangers for second place. 3-2 was the final. the islanders did the same thing.
11:26 pm
in the standings. tied at two in the second, brian nelson lets it rip. still 3-2, nielsen with the big drive, that's his 15th, 4-2, islanders. they got in on the act as well, 17th. the islanders beat the wild, 5- 3 the final. when we return, we had out to san francisco and getting caught up on the goings-on at
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. last night we had the hijinks surrounding media, now calling it opening night. today, more nuts and bolts, regarding the matchup, the center of attention was cam newton. his energy, tenacity, celebrations have been a topic of conversation. some like it, some don't. make no mistake, it fires up his teammates who often join in. cam says they are focused on the have to be and have fun when they can. >> average nfl player is 4 to 6 seconds. in that, you can pretty much be who you are or listen to
11:30 pm
out the exact things you been coached to do. everything after that is fluff. people see us play, it's after those 4 to 6 seconds. >> keep him out of the end zone if you don't like to see him celebrate. finally, they have three rings among them, peyton and eli manning know the routine. eli flew in from the probable. do you wonder what happens when these two decided to break bread? >> we don't have an itinerary of what we're going to talk about. we've got an idea of what time we're going to meet and got a place. and probably split the check. >> split the check? >> get their itinerary for the conversation. >> good to go. >> announcement today of another monster performance at the super bowl, lady gaga will sing the national anthem. remember the game airs this sunday at 6:30 right here on cbs2, special coverage begins
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