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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  February 5, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> breaking news in tribeca a crane smashing cars and killing at least one person. the possible warning signs and the after math that shut down part of manhattan. i'm chris wragge. >> i'm mary calvi. the crane fell as thousands of people were heading to work in tribeca. >> the impact of the moment records in a nearby building you see the crane swing in the air and quickly topple right down to the street. >> cbs 2 steve langford was the first reporter on the scene has steve. >> the crane 565 feet tall was in the process of being lowered amid concerns about wind speeds because of the snow storm when it all came crashing down. >> when the crane started to
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>> the disaster caught on slow motion watch as the massive crane inched lower and finally collapsed at 8:20 this morning. >> it's falling it's falling. . >> it didn't crash. it somersaulted. earthquake. very bad. it bounced off two buildings that block. >> the scope of the crash on worth street in tribeca spanning two city blocks one person killed identified as a 38-year-old man three others injured at least one person transported to bellview hospital in serious condition. >> the person who was killed upon impact and the other people were all hit by falling debris. >> the pictures tell the story. look at this line of cars smashed with people temporarily
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first responders, windows blown out, debris scattered everywhere, the large cab on it's side in the street all of this as people rushed to work in locher manhattan. >> the construction workers were blocking off the area. the danger to people on the street was lessened and thank god we didn't have more injuries and didn't lose more people. >> i couldn't believe it. the other days i was just thinking i hope it doesn't fall and then it happened. >> it was in place for work at 60 hudson street. >> the work on going was to replace the generators and air conditioning equipment on the roof so we had full permits for the crane itself. wrong. it slowly started to sway picking up speed as it crashed down clipped a nearby building and caused gas leaks shutting down the area. >> it's a painful day. we have to make sure what happened doesn't happen again.
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the scene as several buildings evacuated. a massive piece of construction equipment owned by bay crane in long island city operated by galasso. the crane was inspected just yesterday by the department of buildings the mayor says. all tower and crawler cranes in new york city have been ordered secured. the pair of buildings on worth street are in danger of collapse. live in manhattan cbs 2 news. >> the deadly collapse rattling nerves of people who knew something like this could happen. meg baker live with more from residents. meg? >> chris and mary residents are being evacuated as we speak. now the possibility of a gas leak has everyone on high alert here and i spoke to residents who could see that crane from their bedroom windows. residents furious this morning
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>> my concern is that this was a disaster waiting to happen. we knew something was going to happen. we asked the operator, galasso rigging construction what are the odds of this crane collapsing and they said you have a better chance of winning the power ball lottery. >> residents at an apartment building were nervous from day one when the crane was erected. >> this crane has been here for a week. it was shut down two days ago because of high wind. >> they've been watching the building across the street. >> the crane is 300 feet high. it's lifting equipment the size of a medium sized truck. >> a worker in that building recounts the after math. bruce airman was home and felt the impact from a 6th floor apartment. >> it was the same feeling physically of shaking as 9/11 only far, far worse.
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going to collapse. >> brian o'rourke's wife is still inside. >> i live at 13 worth street our window faced directly out on the cab for this crane. >> so your wife is still inside. >> my wife is inside. i was uptown on a bus and she called me and said it fell. and i knew what she meant. she said it feels like 9/11. >> now con edison has been on the scene for several hours here and again residents were told if they were outside their apartments to go in grab a few belongings and get out on worth street between church street and hudson street where we are now. no timeline on when you can return. meg baker cbs 2 news. >> one of the victims was taken to this hospital with serious injuries. >> one man dead three people injured from the crane collapse. if you plan on traveling in
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>> alex has what you need to know. >> mayor de blasio says to expect gridlock in the tribeca area until monday. this is where the crane actually fell. think of this area as a grid. let me give you all of these disruptions. if you are traveling canal street to the north, broadway to the east, taking to the south near chambers or hudson street to the west in and around this area intersections that are close so within this grid spontaneous detours throughout the day and weekend. traveling to the holland tunnel inbound traffic forced to exit northbound avoid traveling south of canal street currently closed around the accident scene. bus changes as well. expect detours on the m5, m20, 22, 27 and 28 bus lines for you.
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and chambers street in both directions. 2 and 3 bypassing as well. this list has been posted on our facebook page so feel free to go there and check out the information. back over to you. >> alex denis this is a live look at the scene. at least one person is dead two others in serious condition. we'll have much more on the story throughout the newscast and all of the traffic and transit information is on the snow only complicating the investigation in tribeca. >> the storm is winding down in manhattan but long island got hit the hardest by the storm. right now the roads may be getting slippery and there could be black ice for the evening commute. >> possible delays on the rails for your ride home. island railroad station. we have team coverage of the snow beginning with john elliot all morning long. >> thank you chris and mary. getting reports there is ice at
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snow. it is pretty, post card view in the city but it's heavy wet snow so watch out. cloudy and 32 cold enough for line now. we are seeing the snow stop in manhattan and basically pushing through parts of brooklyn still snowing in queens wrapped up in the bronx and starting to see bluer skies north and west. heavy whiter bright bands indicating more snow. we are going to tack onto the six inch totals we've seen for parts of long island and the jersey shore but then we are going to see a nice little break and a comfortable weekend. we talk about storm totals and time out the exit of this storm in just a bit. right now we'll send it back to you. >> john just said this snow storm has pounded long island hard. thousands lost power and dozens of schools are closed.
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>> chris and mary get an idea of the accumulation here on me. it started around 4: 00 this morning and has not stopped since as you mentioned. there are about 12,000 long island customers without power at this hour just one of the ways people are having to deal with another snow day. >> i didn't think it was going to snow this much. it's crazy out. >> the snow came down for hours across long island this morning blanketing homes and streets making driving especially difficult and dangerous like here on old country road in corral place. nick of franklin square got behind the wheel to go to work. >> pretty bad. it's very slippery out. couldn't really stop that much. >> the roads are slushy. not a good day to be driving. >> the conditions caused many school districts to cancel classes. for adults who still had to travel this morning, many told us the train was the better option.
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the train ran fine but the roads were terrible. i had to get to the station but the roads were horrendous. >> the driving was pretty rough but the railroad seems to be fine. >> the long island railroad operated with scattered delays with the rush. most trains were on or close to schedule a relief for riders. >> it seems to be running good so that's good. >> and back out here live at this hour the long island railroad is operating with about 15 minute delays in both directions on the port jefferson hemstead oyster bay and port washington commuters for the evening rush to expect possible weather related delays but don't anticipate suspending any service as of now. reporting live in mineeo la. here's a look at vortex radar for the weekend. john elliot has the extended
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>> breaking news in manhattan tragedy in tribeca this morning looking live at the after math of a crane collapse that killed a pedestrian on worth street. an update just ahead. plus the violence seen in the bronx last night. new information on two police officers conditions and the suspects. and a look at the roads on long island. how much longer will this storm last? john elliot has the answer just ahead. [ music ] i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl. but that's not what we all have in common. we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto . xarelto is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke
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an update on the breaking news of that deadly train collapse in tribeca. the crane collapsed between west broadway and church and it was being secured when it collapsed due to wind. a 38-year-old man sitting in a parked car was killed. three others were injured by falling debris. two city police officers recovering from bullet wounds after they was shot in the south bronx last night. more. >> of course we are learning this shooter has 15 prior arrests including robbery, weapons possession and drugs and that he has served jail time. investigators say he was the sole shooter in this case
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altercation that left those two nypd officers in the hospital. >> the quick exchange of gunfire. the officers were fired at close range by 23-year-old malic chavez of the bronx after he was confronted in the stair well of the melrose houses in the bronx. >> i just heard a few velated there right away. thursday night. the officers began routine development. the team asked the suspects for id and the shots went off. >> three officers were conducting a vertical patrol in a 6th floor stair well area when they encountered two individuals one of whom produced a firearm and shot at our officers. >> 29-year-old officer patrick
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24 officer cruz shot in the stomach. the third officer fired back at chavez missing as he ran storming into an apartment saying i just shot a police lady. i ain't going back to jail. sources say chavez asked a woman inside the apartment to shoot him. when she refused he went to a back room and fired once killing himself. mayor de blasio last night where doctors performed on both officers who are expected to recover. >> it's another example of what our officers confront every single day keeping us safe not only in the streets of new york city but in the stair wells and hallways of public housing developments. >> police recovered an automatic hand gun and shotgun near chavez's body. the gun is from tennessee. people who were in the apartment were questioned and released the man who was with him in the stair well he
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not appear he'll be charged. police say officer who was shot in the cheek is expected to be released later today. reporting live from the news room janelle burrell cbs 2 news. >> let's recap our top story breaking news in tribeca a crane collapse at worth street one person dead three others injured. we have another live report coming up in just a moment. >> and the other big story is the weather looking live at central park.
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taking a live look for you as we turn our thoughts to the weather. mobile 2 is live on the lie right notch looking at the condition--now looking at the conditions right now. let's find out what to expect for the next couple of hours. how much longer john? >> a couple of hours for long island and that's going to add to these big totals we are already seeing. weather watchers a lot of reports from long island focusing on the pictures. i really want to share this comment from joann in east rutherford. it is beautiful but we hope it melts soon. then the concern is at 32 degrees very treacherous driving and john reporting that there is ice at the base.
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pictures. matt is saying long island the bulls eye and the concern here lauri makes a great point. look at that snow there's just enough of it so it's weighing down some of these power lines and trees. beautiful views around the area. even dana in jersey got a coating to four inches on average the weather watchers there. so let's take a look what's going on in the city. snow has stopped. it is it pretty but it's still a bit of a challenge. 32 winds screaming out of the north 32 now these numbers across the board colder than we were yesterday from almost 10 to over 20 degrees and the winds still gusting anywhere from 15 to 30 miles per hour. wind will help to dry surfaces but the cold air will refreeze overnight and your comfort wind chills this afternoon 20 to 35. it's going to be cold. there's the snow line right now pushing through brooklyn into queens. staying though we are still going to add to these totals
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we see more of a break. also concerned about just the jersey shore ocean could see more of that snow. between now and 3: 30 almost clearing the area. still the twin forks dealing with a little bit more and by 5:30 clear and cold overnight. 2 to 4 we have reports of five to seven on the ground. of course we'll have a full wrap up of the totals which he'll be able to tally by the time we get around to the 5:00 show. great weather for the weekend. next event potential is monday night into tuesday. >> okay john thanks. good stuff today. >> so we are about 54 hours away from the kick off of super bowl 50. >> cbs 2 otis livingston caught up with one jets player who hopes to be playing in the big game next year. >> out and about the super bowl and what better sight than the record breaking wide receiver brandon marshall.
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media for audio sports so put on your analyst hat and tell me the biggest key this week's game. >> the star is going to be the defensive units so when you think about the games in the past where there was a clash of two great defensive units it comes down to the punter or the kicking game and if colquitt can control the game with his foot denver will be all right. >> now prediction time. who is going to be in next year. >> i pick the denver broncos to win the game. >> thanks a lot. chris and mary back to you in the studio. >> otis is out there looking good. watch super bowl 50 right here this sunday at coverage 11: 00
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coming up on cbs 2 tonight
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>> it's moving really fast dropping it quick. >> we will have much more on breaking news we've been following all morning of the deadly crane collapse. we are already hearing stories of heroism as investigators look into how this could happen. then a man sucker punched and left unconscious on the street. now the search for the attacker and the person who recorded the whole thing. those stories and more beginning at 5:00. >> that is it for news at noon. thanks for joining us i'm mary calvi. >> i'm chris wragge. we'll see you monday morning at 4:30.
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