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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  February 8, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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that's next. tossed around in 20 foot waves. right now, panicked passengers are still at sea and wondering why their cruise ship sailed straight into a storm. attack on the upper east side, what the suspect allegedly said after following his victim into a store. first from flooding to snowy streets, winter weather causing problems tonight. the next round is headed our way right now. good evening. i'm kristine johnson. >> i'm maurice dubois. queens dealing with flooding yet again right now. this is the scene in broad channel where a number of streets are underwater. cars and homes left damaged and snow fell for much of the evening along long island traveling along ocean parkway
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plows kicked up -- there were whiteout conditions in some spots. lonnie quinn keeping his eye on everything for us. here's what we have as far as the updated snowfall totals. suffolk county with these numbers, yaphank at over half a foot, 6.4. plainview at 3.5, new canaan 3.5. westchester county, 2.7 for you. 1.6 for jfk. the vortex satellite and radar, this is your radar picture, looking at two different systems about two merge into one. the system is putting a bit of a light snow shower in portions like dutchess county and putnam county. that's what we dealt with all day long over suffolk county. that's one system. the second one is nipping at the western fringes of hunterdon county. notice what you're going to deal with from this point forward, snow showers, break, snow showers, break. that's the way of our world for the next couple of days. national weather service has
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weather advisory at midnight tonight. to this time period with this particular system will be later hours. could be a little bit of snow out there. more than 30 people were hurt, six critically after a charter bus crashed on a snowy stretch of i-95. the bus was making its way from queens to the mohegan sun casino. skidded onto the shoulder and then flipped on its side. this happened in madison, connecticut early this afternoon. responders say the scene could've been much worse. >> we expected to have more significant injuries than what we had. vast majority of the patients were able to walk off the bus which was a good thing. >> the owner of the bus, dull your group, has a satisfactory rating. the cause is under investigation. a damaged cruise ship is on his way back to bay, new jersey. it was slammed by a storm. tracee carrasco live at cape liberty with more on this terrifying trip that was cut short.
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>> reporter: maurice, it was anything but smooth sailing for the 4000 passengers aboard the anthem of the seas cruise ship. they were leaving here, cape liberty headed to port canaveral, florida. they were forced to make a u- turn when they sailed straight into a winter storm, leaving passengers fearing for their lives. >> oh, my god. >> reporter: oceanfront views, literally as 30 foot waves crashed into the windows of royal caribbean's anthem of the seas. the rough waters damaged anything that wasn't bolted down like this broken -- broken face and overturned tables and chairs, pictures from passengers. this video shows large pieces of the ceiling falling. george told us via skype about this frightening vacation nightmare. >> you could hear the waves crashing against the whole. metal twisting and bending. it was scary. >> reporter: jeron johnson shot this video after the captain ordered everyone to their rooms. >> at one point people were
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wheelchair, so myself and others were standing over, holding the wheelchair so they weren't going to be sliding around. >> reporter: scott tonback says he was stuck in his room for 12 hours. >> they said, help yourself to the minibar free of charge and we will give you free movies. >> reporter: little consolation as the ship ran into hurricane force winds of more than 100 miles an hour. from a powerful storm off the coast of north carolina. a decision passengers like tonback are questioning. >> when we first board the ship, captain said we're going to put the ship full speed ahead and try to outrun the storm. >> in a statement, royal caribbean apologized to passengers explaining, anthem of the seas experienced extreme wind and sea conditions with wind speeds higher than one was forecasted. four people on board were injured, now a royal caribbean spokesperson tells that the ship is expected to dock here on wednesday. passengers will be given a full
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cruises. that is if they are willing to give it another shot. live tonight from bayonne, new jersey, tracee carrasco, cbs2 news. a developing story, this man is accused of following a terrified woman into a store just minutes after allegedly sexually assaulting her. it happen of the upper east side and that is where valerie castro joins us now live. mallory? >> reporter: the attack happened on this stretch of 94th between second and third. immediately after the woman ran down the street, around the corner and into a market, the suspect followed her inside, and was caught on camera. we've concealed the victim's identity as she walks inside this market to get away from her attacker. she quickly urges the store employee i have to call 911. the man police are now looking for walks through the door and claims to be looking for his wife. >> where is my wife? i say, what? i don't know.
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your wife. >> reporter: before they walked into the store, police say the man attacked her on 94th street. put her in a choke hold, threw her to the ground, groped her and robbed her of $40. the woman was walking to work around 5:00 saturday morning when the attack happened. after taking her cash, sources say the attacker tried to walk away and told the woman to have a nice day. he even allegedly said, i feel that and tried to return the stolen cash. the woman ran away, her attacker following her as she entered the market on second avenue. that's -- the store employee says she ran into the back stock room and hid in a storage area until the suspect left, and police arrived. >> you said she was crying and scared? >> yeah. crying. like -- trembling. >> reporter: the store employees say that the woman is
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that's how she knew the layout of the store, knew exactly where she could hide, if you have any information about that suspect might be, call police. live on the upper east side, valerie castro, cbs2 news. >> really terrifying, thank you. frozen -- in closing arguments set tomorrow in the trial of an officer accused of killing an unarmed man. officer peter liang is charged with manslaughter. in the 2014 shooting death of 28-year-old akai gurley, at the lewis pink houses in east new york. liang, who broke down on the witness stand today, was patrolling the durkin stairwell with his gun drawn. he says he was startled by a sudden noise and the gun went off. early's mother had a message for the officer. >> akai, his death was no accident. i need justice for my son. i need a conviction of peter liang. >> liang also admitted he did not radio for help right after the shooting. now to campaign 2016, new hampshire where the presidential primaries take place tomorrow, and tonight,
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pitches to voters. >> donald trump made what could be his most outrageous remark it. political reporter marcia kramer live in manchester tonight, with the very latest. marsha? >> reporter: maurice, most polls open in the morning, but three small villages start voting in less than an hour. population nine, heart, population 41, and millersville, population 22. it's the first indication of how state voters field but tonight, there's a new controversy involving donald trump. >> she just said a terrible thing. you know she said? shout it out. i don't want -- [ bleep ] >> reporter: donald trump causing controversy on the eve of the new hampshire primary. repeating a degrading and vulgar remark a female supporter made about ted cruz. that's terrible. terrible. >> [ cheering ]
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have here? overshadowed trump's intended message. >> tomorrow, you have to get matter what. this is sort of our final lovefest. >> reporter: ahead in polls, trump pulled out all the stops, appearing with yvonne cut, very pregnant and wife. >> we together, we will make america great again. >> reporter: for many of the other candidates, the results in new hampshire could mean the end of their presidential dreams. earlier, the animosity between jeb bush and trump was intense. >> donald trump, you are the loser. >> jeff is a stick. >> reporter: chris christie talked about people making up their line -- their minds at the last minute. >> it must be hell on wheels here christmas eve. >> reporter: bernie sanders over hillary clinton. >> yes, you are going to have to start paying your fair share of taxes. >> [ cheering ] >> reporter: hillary clinton's
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>> [ music ] i've still got a lot of fight left in me. >> she rallied with husband bill and daughter chelsea. >> this is an important milestone. in this campaign. >> reporter: well, if you look over my shoulder, you can see those limousines over there, that's donald trump's motorcade. he's arriving back at his hotel for the night. we will find out tomorrow just how well he does here in the granite state. live from manchester, new hampshire, marcia kramer, cbs2 news. >> thanks. on the attack, biting clawing and nearly impossible to catch. a stray leopard gets loose inside a school. >> i just want to know why he did it. >> she was slashed by a stranger in broad daylight.
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why she didn't see it coming. new tonight, slow going for riders who use metro-north into and out of the city after a truck hit and overpass in east harlem. the truck was carrying water cooling tower components when it slammed into the overpass at park avenue and 125th around 9:30. crews are now on the scene checking for damage to the overpass. the mta says there are delays of 10 minutes in both directions on all lines. a leopard attack in south india leaves six people hurt. the wildcats got into a school building and -- in bangalore on sunday, chasing and mauling victims as they tried to get away. thankfully, no students were at the school at the time. it took rescuers 10 hours before they were able to corner and tranquilize the leopard. local media reports that it was later released into the wild.
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slashed by a stranger in queens says her attacker came out of nowhere. in an interview with cbs2, the st. john's university student described her terrifying ordeal. >> all of a sudden, he starts sprinting past me and i feel a pain in my leg and i looked down and i was bleeding. i just want to know why he did it. >> vanessa says she was walking to her car sunday morning when she was attacked at jackson heights. she was left with a deep cut on her leg. >> new tonight, amanda berry, their harrowing stories of abduction and release got a lot of attention across the country. >> what have these and other cases of kidnapping inspired a bizarre fascination of the crime? cbs2 investigates the game of extreme kidnapping. it can happen in broad daylight, and in the blink of an eye. a man is swiped off the street, tossed in a trunk and held for
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but believe it or not, this is all just a game. the abductee actually wanted to be taken and even paid for the privilege. >> adventures are customizable. >> it's part of what seems to be a growing trend. kidnapping as entertainment. >> i decided to do a video. i'm so glad -- how i got kidnapped. >> a quick search of youtube will result in a standing similar tales of abduction. >> we were sold to these two guys. >> according to the fbi, kidnapping is one of the most common crimes in the country. some of the more recent high- profile cases have clinical psychologist dr. barbara greenberg say may be contributing to the growing fascination which even includes a kidnapped app. >> it speaks to the high level of risk and sensation that people need to be entertained. >> kidnappings start at $1000.
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kidnapping says these abduction adventures are no different than any other thrillseeking excursion. >> you are restrained, maybe handcuffed to a pipe or duct closet. >> kidnapping -- and there's nothing fun or silly. >> -- but a four psychologist who has worked with victims of abductions and abductors says treating kidnapping as a game only desensitizes it as a crime. cases. >> anyway you cut it or look at it, it's a terrible event that happened in someone's life. it can have long-term permanent consequences. >> these staged kidnappings can last up to four days. but clients to have a safe board they can say if they feel they have endured enough. not going to say i quite understand that one. >> i don't know. not meant to be understood. there you have it. let's talk about the weather now.
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>> extended period of time, does not look like a gigantic system over the area, but different spurts of snow showers, for probably a number of days around here. right now aside, 20s all around the area, pick a spot, any spot, we'll go right there, 25 degrees, aldo is saying, here comes the cold weather. wow. get ready for this. the coldest air yet will arrive for your weekend, saturday and sunday, of the charts, not getting out of the teens for some of you. outside as of right now, a few flakes flying around, upper levels in new york city, a couple making their way down to the surface as well, 28 as of right now, headlines? 72 hours of on-again, off-again snow showers. right through thursday, guys. the coldest air so far this season arrives for your weekend, we were just talking about it, as far as the event we're dealing with right now,
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this event south of new york city as opposed to what we had today, bigger snow totals were east of new york city. what are we talking about? down to ocean county and possibility for 3 to 6 inches of snow, anywhere north of that, zero, maybe a trace to three inches so that's how we see it. again not going to be one gigantic system, it's going to be snow here, a break, that's exactly what we're seeing right now on the vortex radar. fairfield county, bridgeport area, you've had a pretty decent clip of snow here throughout the day. it extends up into putnam county, dutchess county as well. other places starting to see a little snow flurries flying around here are there, we talk about new york city, the very northern fringes of manhattan, up into rockland, westchester county, a little snow shower here or there. big giant picture, takes a look like this, you can see the rotation right here, i'll tracy for you, that's your low- pressure system, it will take a
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the area, so you are going to catch bands of snow and breaks, more bands of snow, breaks, that's for 72 hours that you are dealing with something like that. then the story will become the cold air that arrives for the weekend, arctic air, real cold stuff, new york city maxes out around 22 degrees on sunday. so for 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, could have some of those snow showers around ocean county, monmouth county as well, then afternoon on tuesday, we'll see it as much until later in the day, 10:30 on tuesday, wednesday, here we are morning commute, 7:00 a.m., pushing for the to the east, we will watch more still in behind that. wednesday, 4:30. snow showers again, a big line or wall of snow. like a view, some balance here and breaks and then bouts there and breaks, 35 tomorrow, 39 wednesday, 31 thursday, three days have a snow chance, 27 friday, then the ice cold air moves in, 22 will be the warmest temperature on saturday, that's going to be one of the warmest readings in our area.
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>> i can't wait. >> it's going to be invigorating. >> thanks a lot. ots is back from the super bowl. just off the plane. looking ahead to sports. >> that's right. peyton manning got the trip to disney but we're going to hear from the man that got the mvp trophy. and the fishing expedition didn't work out so they fired derek fisher and matt barnes must be smiling somewhere. check this out, bro. what's that, broheim? i switched to geico and got more.
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yeah bro-fessor, and more. like renters insurance. more ways to save. nice, bro-tato chip. that's not all, bro-tein shake. geico has motorcycle and rv insurance, too. oh, that's a lot more. oh yeah, i'm all about more, teddy brosevelt.
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't't'tearfialbualyse ee d crs wr nsee
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norticl lo,avs seter ju gd. the derek fisher experiment is over. after losing out to steve kerr, phil jackson went with another point guard he was familiar with.
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beginning as a first-time head coach on any level, only spent about a year and a half on the bench. they won just 17 games last season and have 23 wins this far -- this year. that was a plus, so was kristaps porzingis, eastern conference rookie of the month. but the energy has waned recently. 1-9 in their last 10, so he is replaced with interim coach kurt rambus. >> nine losses in the last 10 games, in the business of winning, obviously there's games in which we didn't get off to a very good start recently. >> going to do the best job i can to finish out this year and get into the playoffs. that's critical. the next hosting the nuggets, denver taking the lead late. no problem, that's plenty of time. joe johnson, no ordinary joe. it counts and he says, yes! yes!
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the nets have won two of three. second of a home and home, the devils won 3-2 on february 2. something they haven't done since mid-november, playing with a fractured thumb, kevin kline gets them on the board in the second. now to the third, same score, miller time. jt miller continues to be very hot. that's his ninth goal in the last 10 games, two more big points for the rangers, 2-1 the final. time for us to step aside for a minute. you can't predict the market.
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. have we heard peyton manning yell out omaha! for the final time? who knows? the future hall of famer was able to win his second title last night. something tells me von miller is just getting started on his farm hall of fame resume. dominant performance. today he says he wasn't a one- man game. >> it was truly a team effort. everybody is used to seeing
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for 45 points a game, but this year it was truly a team effort. we all had a percentage in this super bowl win. >> finally tonight, back to derek fisher's firing. you have to wonder what impact that fight with matt barnes' estrange wife had on today's decision. phil jackson said no one is happy. it was embarrassing for the organization. nothing to do with the byron. barnes said otherwise, posting this on instagram around the time of the announcement. no captions, just chilling. just looking. >> oh, my gosh. [ laughter ] >> [ laughter ] sometimes less is more i guess? >> that says it all.
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