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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  February 9, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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attention next. another night of wading through water in some communities, street after street submerged. as we prepare for more snow that could mess up your commute. bernie sanders and donald trump take new hampshire as the first presidential primary wraps up. there are many questions about the other candidates and future plans. i'm kristine johnson. >> let's cut right to those results. republicans, trump currently with 34% of the vote, his closest competition, john kasich. just under half of that support. >> sanders beat hillary clinton 60-39%. marcia kramer is live in manchester, new hampshire with more on tonight's results. marsha? >> reporter: the outsiders won tonight, dealing a rebuke to
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both parties. both sides attracted a large number of voters but it is here in new hampshire which has a significant number of independent voters. >> i love you all. thank you, new hampshire! >> reporter: trump scored his first victory in the race, chalk it up to working-class frustration with the economy and foreign policy. plus the threat of terror attacks from isis and a belief that america has lost its respect in the world. >> we are going to start winning again. and we're going to win so much, you're going to be so happy. >> reporter: bernie sanders also benefited from a push back by voters. they don't want to be force-fed an establishment candidate like hillary clinton. >> i say, huge, honest, energy, and the excitement. the democratic party will need to succeed in november.
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>> i still love new hampshire. and i always will. i know i have some work to do. particularly with young people. even if they are not supporting me now, i support them. >> reporter: the biggest winner of the night may be john kasich. >> you made it happen. >> reporter: he got fewer than half the votes, but emerged from the pack of establishment republicans that includes bush, rubio and christie. >> we never went negative because we have more good to sell. >> reporter: the biggest loser, rubio. he had been polling in second place until an embarrassing debate performance on saturday. >> our disappointment tonight is not on you. it's on me. >> reporter: bush has the warchest to remain in the race and ted cruz could get the wind back in his sales when the race has to south carolina. for the democrats tomorrow is new strategy day. bernie sanders comes to new york
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sharpton and to discuss ways to attract new minority voters to his campaign. and for hillary clinton, staff meetings to discuss possible new strategies but most immediately, to discuss whether she should embark on new lines of attack on bernie sanders when the two meet in the next debate on thursday night. live from new hampshire, marcia kramer, cbs2 news. now for a closer look at the candidates with local ties. >> i spoke with bob schieffer a bit ago. my first question, is this the end of the road for chris christie? >> i don't know if it's the end, but i don't see where he goes from here. this was on trump all the time. in new hampshire, he won everything that you could win up there. firmly back in the drivers seat. >> hillary clinton lost by a significant amount. the women's vote is a big concern.
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>> what it is, it's a very telling loss for her. i think she will link to the nomination. i don't see much for bernie sanders from here on in. but she's got to correct some of the things that are showing up in these early polls and early primaries and caucuses if she's going to be a strong candidate in november. factor? >> he told me he would make a decision in about a month. my question is, who does he take votes away from? right now that's the question that i have in my mind. >> reporter: bob schieffer, your 11th primary. >> hard to believe but i'm sorry to say as young as i look, it's true. >> reporter: thank you. >> [ laughter ] we love him around here. don't forget to stay with cbs2 and for continuing coverage of campaign 2016. now to eye on the storm, more storm -- more snow moving in, concerns for a slick
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lonnie quinn joins us now. >> i think the colder temperatures coming our way will end up being the big story. slick spots for the morning commute, definitely a possibility. take a look here, spotty snow showers pushing through the area right now, but basically, every advisory that we had -- it has been canceled by the national weather service. they just don't think there's as much snow within the system. so really pulling back the horses on this one. what remains in effect, the problems on our coastline, coastal flood advisories, we don't have more warnings. they've been dropped down to advisory steps. looks like places that had a tough time earlier this evening, not as bad, next high tide cycle, cbs2 reporter valerie castro is in broad channel which had a tough go of it. they always have a tough go of it. high tide was around 8:30 tonight. do you have residual water right now? >> reporter: no.
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for the last several nights, streets in broad channel have flooded as the high tide has moved in. earlier tonight, the water came as close as that orange cone right there, it has receded at this point but residents still took precautions. residents in broad channel, queens know the drill. a new moon means high tide, high tide means finding higher ground. >> we just watch it. it comes up and if we have to move, we move. >> reporter: tuesday night, the water began to rise on west 14th road, this time lapse shows you the water moving in. it wasn't significant enough to cause problems but earlier in the day, waterlogged areas on the jersey shore and freeport had their fill. in lindenhurst, nonresidents were kept off this flooded street. in seabright, debris floated by. the national weather service says flooding like this has come to be expected. >> we are seeing an increase in minor title flooding along our coast.
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sea level rise, caused by the melting glaciers and the expansion of the sea surface. >> reporter: residents say this, they can handle. >> as long as it's not sandy, we're fine. >> reporter: new york city has issued a travel advisory for tomorrow morning. warning drivers of possible icy slick road conditions. there are a few flurries that starts to fall out in queens. as lonnie mentioned, coastal flooding advisories for portions of queens, brooklyn and staten island. live in broad channel, mallory castro, cbs2 news. >> thank you. despite a flurry of activity on social media, the fdny says one world trade was never on fire tonight. video shows what looks like steam coming off the top around 8:00. many people thought it was smoke from a fire. one person tweeted, apparently the freedom tower seems to be on fire, but the fdny says it's not.
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the fdny tweeted later, we can confirm there is no fire to report at the wtc. calls tonight for a federal investigation after a cruise ship from new jersey sailed into stormy weather. >> we should be docked alongside the cruise terminal where you can disembark at 9:00. >> that was the captain of royal caribbean's anthem of the seas saying the ship will dock tomorrow night. one passenger says they were told they would return early tomorrow morning. video shows huge waves pounding the cruise ship as it hit rough seas sunday. the furniture was tossed and the passengers were ordered to remain in their cabins. >> my wife, she got seasick and crying. we want to leave as soon as possible. we don't want to be here anymore.
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did issue a strong storm alert four days before the ship left. check out this new video, a man breaking into a brooklyn liquor store through the ceiling. you can see him crawling over the counter at mr. liquor on fulton street. nypd says several bottles of alcohol were damaged. the man stole $10,000 in cash before exiting through that same opening in the ceiling. a crew of seats with upscale taste in fur coat's is targeting stores around manhattan. cameras captured the suspects but so far police have not been able to catch up with them. police believe the group is responsible for multiple robberies at smaller family-run businesses and also one heist at saks fifth avenue. store owners say they've made up with items worth thousands of dollars. two people arrested at laguardia, accused of trying to board a plane with razor blades. the port authority police say one raise it was hidden in the soul of a sneaker. the other, tucked behind the band of a hat. two were caught while going
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morning. they were trying to take american airlines flight to miami. a crime that affects anyone with a car that's parked outside. >> i came out one morning and i found my car on four bricks. >> the thieves targeting tires in our areas. and why the weather might depend on when they strike. most drivers try to avoid getting pulled over but a man
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e jonghe fstwlod. what's with them? oh, those two? they're always fighting for attention. there's more to a legendary city than its legends.
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thieves are striking during the night, stealing tires and leaving cars sitting on bricks. it's happened more than 100 times. carolyn gusoff has more now on the tire trouble for car owners. >> reporter: what happened to your car. a neighbor pointed out a morning shocker to juanita gonzalez, the mercedes in hempstead driveway was propped up on bricks.
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is happening. you feel violated. >> reporter: it's a familiar feeling to kenroy woodley. >> i came out one morning and found my car on bricks. >> reporter: his brand honda, strips of all tires -- stripped of tires and rims. it's the second time thieves have struck on his block. police counted 117 cases since september, more than two dozen since the new year, the thieves targeting newer model mercedes, honda, and toyota. striking overnight as you can see in the surveillance video, from outside of nassau county, takes just seconds to swipe sets of tires and rims worth $3000. >> think about a nascar race, usually within 30 seconds, all the tires are off. >> reporter: he installed locks, two on each wheel and police advise make sure your driveway is well that, if possible put your car in garage, install surveillance
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stepping up patrols in areas hardest hit. gonzales didn't hear her tires ripped off, police say thieves often strike during stormy weather to mask the sounds. >> if you are in your house and you hear the wind blowing and then a thump, you usually think it's a tree limb or something -- something else. you're not necessarily going to look at your car at that point. >> reporter: police warned owners to remain alert, thieves could drive around every woods to look for targets and loosen lug nuts in advance. a thank you from a distraught driver who tried to flee arresting officers. police in north brunswick say the man was pulled over early sunday morning on route 27, officers discovered his expired license, the man tried to run away but they caught him, the driver told police he was into oncoming traffic. he thanked the officers for intervening and was taken to the hospital for treatment. it was a nosh 10 months in the making, the carnegie deli
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the famed delhi closed last april after con ed found out it had been siphoning gas for close to six years. owner marion harper says she didn't know about the illegal tapping and paid con ed more than $40,000 for the gas. harper was also fined $2600 for violating city building codes. controversy over beyonce's appearance during super bowl. many fans applauded, some politicians say it attacked police officers. leather outfits and black berets, in an apparent nod to the black panthers. the head fists in the air, reminiscent of the black power salute. >> i find the entire show objectionable in that it was number 1, extolling the black panthers who are a terrorist organization. killing police officers in the 1960s. >> beyonce has been around forever and she has never shown
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and hate. >> so far there has been no comment from beyonce. what to do if your kids are late for school after staying up to go to a bruce springsteen concert? you write a letter, that's what one that did in upstate new york. in a note to the school, patrick pino said this may not seem like a good excuse but have you ever wondered how many kids would be late or miss school outright if god were to suddenly appear? something like that. he says school administrators were okay with this excuse and some even had a good laugh. >> he went there. father of the year, that's hilarious. >> love that. sticking up for them. let's talk the weather now, lonnie is here. i have a hard time imagining my dad pulling that. >> it is bruce. >> i would try. the amount of hours i helped my son with his homework, i got to
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saying -- i was having a bunch of them. somehow i did graduate and we moved forward. what i've got for you with the weather watchers, here we go. take a look outside as of right now, temperatures basically hovering around the freezing mark, a little bit below, let's check in on any one spot, we'll go right here, 29 from barry goldberg in bloomingdale, new jersey, what do you have to say for me? by friday, a little asterisk, by friday, definitely don't feel like enter. you know what? he is right, we're going to see the temperatures drop a lot. i'm on board here, that's what's going to happen, the story will turn from the flurries that are out there right now, to really really cold air. that will be setting up soon, 34 as of right now, headlines look like this. a snow chance for the next couple days through thursday, put in a passing snow shower chance but we are talking minimal amounts, the temps are going to be bottoming out this week and that will become the story, sunday for example, record low on sunday, sunday is
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is two degrees set in 1916. oldest valentine's day ever, two degrees, we are forecasting five degrees. it's going to be close. the cold air is going to be set up, could possibly be the coldest valentine's day we've ever had. but right now and talk as of right now, as far as snowfall amounts being minimal, again, all the winter weather by the national weather service. now looks like the bulk of the area picks up an inch or so, some spots here, keep an eye on the shaded pink area, for the most part, a good swath of the area, vortex satellite and radar, a little clear trench right here, this is a dip in the jet stream, that's going to bring in the cold air, as of right now, look at some of these readings, look at this
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better shot now, 31 below in kugluktuk. light snow for most folks, only a few moderate bands of snow, we watched the tides again tonight going into the high tide cycle for tomorrow morning, bitter cold late thursday night and friday, we bought them out on sunday, maybe even colder early monday morning. right now sunday with a wake-up temperature around seven degrees, about five degrees on monday morning. we keep that the snow chance in for wednesday, thursday, by friday, more than cold air now, and it gets colder for the weekend, the weekend is going to look pretty nice out there. just really cold. >> from the window. >> yeah. there you go. that's the way to handle it. a nearly 80-year-old shipwreck uncovered off the coast of california thanks to el nio. it is a gambling ship, the ss monte carlo once owned by
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casino, dance all at a brothel, used to be anchored in international waters, it ran aground off the coast of san diego in 1937 during a storm, over the years it got buried in sand, high surf from el nio wiped the sand away exposing what's left of the ship, where tourists are now flocking to run a board. >> i wonder if there's any money in their. a gambling ship. otis livingston is here now. >> cam newton says walk a mile
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criticize. stevuestesctllraedolio f das obmsn mmce
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you can turn the page on the fisher period, it's now onto the rambus age, first game as interim head coach after derek fisher was fired yesterday, he inherits a five-
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no rambus is not allowed to play defense from the sidelines although no d could slow down the wizardly, 10-12 from behind the arc, that's a blazing 83%. it was 63-50 at the break, the knicks finally got their act together in the third, porzingis for three, five point game. kp 6 with authority. kp was far from done, four points in the first half, ends up with 14 more in the third, 83-83, headed to the fourth. jump ahead to the final seconds, langston galloway, open look and it's off the mark. that is six in a row, one 11-108 is your final. now to hockey, marty brodeur's place was already submitted before he got a statue last night, tonight another sign of how great a player he was, number 30 hung in the rafters, he entered the
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thunderous applause. the fans broke out the classic chant, marty's better! a three- time champion, four-time trophy winner and the game's all-time wins leader, simply no one better. he spent 21 of his 22 seasons in front of the devil faithful. >> thanks for all the memories. thank you for all the marty's better chance. keep be in one of the best fan bases in the msm -- in the nhl. good night and thank you. >> [ cheering ] >> all right. the doubles hit the ice later, two big points, boucher goes top shelf, midway through the third, ends up as a game- winner. devils winning 2-1. islanders beat the blue jackets 3-2 in a shooter. when we return, cam newton steps up to the mic and tells
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. super bowl 50 is over but the backlash continues for cam newton. quarterback called a sore loser after leaving his postgame
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today, he and his teammates cleaned out their lockers officially headed for the off- season. he had a great year, won the mvp. what he's remembered for right now, giving short answers, not his usual jovial self. he tackled the topic today and was unapologetic. >> we got all these people that is condemning and saying he should have did this, but what makes your way right? i mean, i've been on record to say i'm a sore loser. who likes to lose? show me a good loser and i will show you a loser. i'm not here to start a popularity contest. you know what i'm saying? i'm here to win football games. >> too bad that's all we're talking about right now. he did have a great season. came up short.
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>> let's do that. [ male announcer ] one year after you quit smoking your risk of heart disease is cut in half. but right now...'re a heart attack waiting to happen. every cigarette makes you sick.
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