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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  February 12, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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the passenger off and -- and a
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next. live from the cbs broadcast center in new york city, this is cbs 2 news at 11:00 p.m. she says she wanted her son to be hero but now she guiltyane man's death. tonight the mother of peter liang talks to cbs 2 news. but first fountains frozen, dangerous temperatures and a warning to stay inside. extreme cold is setting in for the weekend. good evening everyone. >> we have team coverage on the extreme temperatures. and that begins with lonnie quinn live in bryant park tonight. >> reporter: well, you know what, we have the frozen fountains and yes, we do but take a peek. 41 and 6th. you are looking at a semi
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come. i have the mobile weather lab parked here curb side. everything you see displayed on this thing, you will see all the censors, 25.9 on the turnometer. the -- thermometer. winds 6 to 8 miles per hour. around the area, coldest spot on the map is 14 degrees. new york city official reading in central park 22 degrees. you factor in the winds, the wind are not heavy. monticello wind chill is the 14. hamptons same as the temperature reading. 19. new york city 13. we have wind chill warnings and advisories throughout the area. and that is from later saturday into sunday. talking temperatures out there for everybody, a general what
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like 10 below zero or colder. more about this later in the newscast. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. our team coverage continues that mountain creek ski report in new jersey. >> reporter: it is snowing. mother nature making snow tonight and they are also making snow using snow machines. here at mountain creek. getting ready for a big holiday weekend. with the wind chills expect them to drop well below zero. frost bite is a real threat on any exposed skin. >> the cold weather isn't stopping skiers and snowboarders at mountain creek in new jersey. >> it was freezing but fun. >> reporter: they spent six hours on the slopes today with the temperatures in the teens. with the wind chill predicted to be well below zero on saturday she has todraw the
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>> we would love to ski again but not tomorrow. too cold. >> reporter: most people left little skin exposed. which is key. frost bite could happen in minutes. >> it doesn't take you that long to get you very cold. keep yourself warm. wear multiple layers. get hydrated. >> reporter: many people will trade outdoor activities for something inside but that could be dangerous. home heating is the second leading cause of house fires in the winter. >> many times you find space heaters maced too close to combustible materials and used improperly by not plugging them directly into a wall outlet cord. that is a no, no. >> the forecast is so cold and
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they actually canceled the annual ice festival at central park. because it is too cold. but here at mountain creek they are expecting big crowds out on the slopes despite the bitter cold temperatures. reporting live in vernon, new jersey, brian, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. craigslist posting and a severed arm, a bizarre crime in brooklyn. a man gets into an suv where he pulled a gun on the driver who was selling air jordan sneakers. after fighting back the driver mowed down the man who just tried to rob him. he lost part of his arm and still tried to board a bus. police charged the driver with second degree attempted murder. man wanted for robbing and attacking a woman in the bronx. paula nicole de los santos was
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when she was slashed at morris park and hollered avenues. she posted photos of her injuries on facebook. she was pushed to the ground, kicked and robbed and she said i am grateful to be alived and recovering. be careful walking alone in the bloggings out. out. a jury found her son guilty, tonight the mother of former nypd officer officer peter liang is talking about the moment that changed her family. cbs 2's jessica schneider with the story. >> reporter: she tells me her 5-years-old. a robber stole a chain from her neck and that is when peter liang pledged to protect his family and his community. but tonight there is deep despair that peter is no longer
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>> i feel so -- i see my son upset. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: she speaks limited english but the grief pours out of her. [ indiscernible ] >> you see? [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: she describes what her son felt when he mistakenly fired his gun. striking and killing a 28-year- old akai gurley. he pert his head in his hand when the jury -- put his head in his hands when the jury found him guilty. dozens are also upset. >> so many police officers have committed all kind of brutal violence against civilians but his was indeed an accident. >> the victim's family sees it differently.
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thanked the jury thursday night. >> we are not rejoicing but it is about being accountable. >> reporter: akai gurley's family is suing the city. his mother came to new york in 1983 and still wants to believe in the american dream. >> she still loves america. and what happened is not justice but it doesn't change what she feels about america. >> reporter: peter liang now awaits sentencing in april. he and his lawyers are planning to appeal. peter liang faces 15 years in prison but the judge could decide to give him no prison time at all. >> thank you. nypd is looking for a man who pommeled a bus driver. using the driver as a punching
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the driver says the attack was unprovoked. happening tomorrow morning the coast guard will conduct a coast guard of the anthem of the seas. it will depart for another 8 day cruise. pulled in on wednesday night with a damaged propulsion system. the cruise sailed in to a storm and was pounded on sunday. most of the damage was cosmetic and repairs are on track. donald trump is going back to the birther issue threatening to sue ted cruz. he went on twitter starting with this post. if ted cruz doesn't clean up his act, stop cheating and doing negative ads i have standing to sue him for not being natural born citizen. cruz will not respond. cruz, donald trump and the other republicans will face-off once again tomorrow night right
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live coverage from south carolina begins at 9:00 p.m. followed by cbs 2 news at 11:00 p.m. student catches fire in a classroom. >> her hair was on fire. in flames. it was crazy. >> and students say it was no accident. still ahead the cell phone video you will only see on cbs 2 news. >> your guide finding last minute valentine's day lingerie, men and women will love. >> the next player banned from baseball and this. >> the technology that could help police bust a shooter or a gun. >> it will likely be committed in this location.
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ahead. to a cbs 2 news exclusive. a frightening situation at a middle school after a 13-year- old girl's hair was set on fire by a classmate. a 13-year-old boy brought a lighter to class at the middle school. students tell us the boy and his friend were goofing around and did it on purpose. >> it was just like a little
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getting really big and she was hallway. >> he lit her on fire and she was running around. >> sources tell us the student accused of setting the fire has been suspended for the remainder of the year. seek charges. new tonight slashings, rapes and murders, imagine what life would be like if the criminals could be stopped before they get started and now psychic technology could help to predict when and where crimes will be committed. >> reporter: in the after math of a crime investigators rush to connect the dots that could help to crack the case. but now thanks to new technology the dots are being connected before a crime is even committed. >> this is the next level. >> the future of law enforcement. preventing a crime.
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whether it be a subway slashing, a mass shooting or a terror attack. >> when you have tight budgets you need to figure out a way to provide increased level of protection for the citizens with less man power. >> reporter: the system gathers massive amounts of information from unconnected sources like social media, transit maps, weather reports, crime statistics, camera feeds and more. it then interfaces those sources on one pane of glass. they can then look for patterns. patterns that could identify intent and when and where they will strike again within a two block radius. >> if you go back and look, hey, it is saturday, it is a certain time of day, it is a certain temperature and then you combine that with social
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predict when and where that will happen. >> reporter: new york waterway is the first organization in the area to incorporate parts of the system. allowing the ferry company and law enforcement to monitor the boats in real time. >> if there was a hostage situation they could see the lay out, the placement of the cameras and how many people we have on board. >> the software is used in washington and is expected to soon. nypd would not comment on it but did tell cbs 2 news it began testing a similar application last month. the grammy awards is three days away and there is already controversy brewing over kanye west's new song that has lyrics about taylor swift. kanye west took to social media to defend himself saying i did not dis swift and i have never. he said -- taylor swift and i
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he said she gave her blessings. a few years ago kanye west interrupted at this interrupted -- interrupted taylor swift's speech -- valentine's day, tracee carrasco shows us lingerie everyone will love. >> what is this? how does this -- how does that go on? >> reporter: he is buying his girlfriend lingerie for the first time. a task that might make any man nervous. picking out something she will like. >> traditional. elgent. something red for valentine's day. >> reporter: and even some women. >> i promised my husband i would buy lingerie if he took me out to dinner. >> reporter: but that is where her expertise comes in. she has been helping men and
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>> lingerie is the curtain that separates the audience from the performance. the gift wrap on a present. >> reporter: weather it is the man or woman doing the buying feeling comfortable and confident is key. >> i think you have to take into consideration the woman. because if she doesn't feel comfortable she will never wear it. >> reporter: knowing the right size is important to focus on all the right parts. >> if she has a large buzzm we put herane beautiful bra. -- her in a beautiful bra. if she has big hips and ties the and doesn't want to -- thys and doesn't want -- thighs and doesn't want to show it -- no animal pajamas on valentine's . together. >> well -- >> everything you always wanted to know.
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>> i don't mind the flannel pajamas. it is going to be cold this weekend. lonnie quinn? >> yeah. look, no breaking news there. it will be cold. we are getting ready for the. mobile weather lab parked right hire. outside of bryant park. 25.7 degrees. winds are light. 7 degrees. the winds could be gusting to 30, 35 miles per hour. i want to show you something. i showed you the semi frozen fountain. the buildings are too tall. until my trusted photographer found that shot. the reflection of the empire state building. in one of the buildings opposite the park. a better picture from high atop the city, you have a temperature reading of 22 degrees. a fairly cloudy skies. feels like 13 degrees. the winds are not all that
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my headlines all about severe. the severe cold that is moving in with tough, tough winds. it will be short lived. on tuesday you could hit the 50- degree mark. a memory. right? we have a few snow showers around the east end of long island. a type of snow shower that could put a coating down. this isn't anything. look at that darking blue line to the west. that is the cold front. the winds we had today, follow me, the winds we had today have been a warming wind. i know that sounds crazy. coming from the southwest. it will get really cold, speaking of the west, go way out west, idaho, that system there, that precipitation is our next storm chance monday into tuesday. future cast shows you what i am talking about. you could see some snow squalls because of the front coming through on saturday.
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maybe snow showers in our area. the system is still south of the area. gaining steam. 2:00 p.m. a significant snow in our area. talking snow on monday. monday's temperatures are 32 degrees or colder. later hours on monday it will change over to rain. the rain snow line moves north of the city. anything left over on tuesday is going to be just rain because we talk about tuesday's high temperature being 50 degrees. taking a look across the board. that is what you want to focus on. the 50-degree reading for tuesday. till then it is cold. monday, i mean, it is cold but 32, we could handle that. live at bryant park, back to you in the studio. otis livingston. >> doing it all in the rising stars challenge in toronto. you can close a career on jenrry mejia, he sets a record but not the kind you want in
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it is over. now your jeep sports desk. >> otis is here now and the mets, a mets player making history today. >> a former met. >> not rocket scientists. third time is a charm for jenrry mejia. fails a third test for performance enhancing drugs and his career is over. july he was busted a second time which was supposed to be for a full season and now he tested positive again. in less than a year he gone from the closer to closed out of the game.
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to receive a life time ban. after his troubles with the first two suspensions he was set to make $4.2 million. henrik lundquist needed rest tonight so he didn't face the kings. not just together game for the rangers. a rematch of the stanley cup final. rangers trying to hang on in the final few second. how about this? off the rangers defender the kings force over time. that is where the kings got crowned. rangers see their four game winning streak come to an end. time for us to step aside for a minutes. when we come back, tonight was for the young guns. kp6.
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welcome back.
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insane's all-star game but there is a rumor that would send carmelo anthony to cleveland. nothing etched in stone right now. >> locking in right now. everybody needs a real -- what is that statement? put the first half of the season, you know, behind us and lock in and focus in on winning games from here on out. trying to make that push. >> carmelocarmelo anthony's teammate taking part in the rising stars challenge. fell short of making the all- star game. he was out of this world. 30 points in 27 minutes. probably would have won the mvp but they lost by three. 115-147. zack levine will get the mvp and he is the slam dunk
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pay close attention. as you can see he pounces the ball in the -- bounces the ball in the air. he loves it. whatever it was. just listen. he threw it down hard. right? we better tune in tomorrow night to see if he could defend his crown. >> yeah. >> trading carmelo anthony? >> yeah. >> for what? >> players. >> draft picks. >> okay. he would team up with lebron james -- >> yeah. >> that would give -- nothing is etched in stone. only a rumor right now. >> blockbuster rumor.
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we will be right back. what's with them? oh, those two? they're always fighting for attention. there's more to a legendary city than its legends.
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tonight. coming up next the late show with stephen colbert.
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