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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  February 13, 2016 9:00am-9:30am EST

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below and that will be the trend for everybody getting colder and colder as the day progresses. it is 17 feeling like two. by three this afternoon, 14 will feel like four below and if you're headed out this evening to wine and dine your valentine, at 9:00 it will feel like 12 below. it gets worse than. that coming up in my full forecast we'll talk about how low the numbers go. we'll also discuss a storm approaching for the start of the back to you. >> thank you. the tri-state area is bracing for the extremely cold temperatures. >> the mayor is expected to give an update with how the city is dealing with the weather from the office of emergency management. >> we begin with cbs 2 ilana gold live in downtown bro. >>reporter: it is absolutely brutal out here and it feels like it has gotten colder in the last few hours because of the wind. if you're headed out today, you really need to be prepared. i can tell you, we only have been standing out here for the
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hands are already starting to burn. the mayor is also warning everyone to be careful and stay indoors. dangerously cold air hitting the tri-state area this weekend. temperatures expected to bottom out in the single, even sub zero digits in some areas. >> describe how it feels out here for people who haven't been outside yet today. >> it feels like you're inside of a freezer. >> the arctic air and windchills could make it feel like a bone chilling 20 below. >> is it helping? >> not really. my hands are the coldest. it is freezing. >> it is just, like, my face and hands are the worst part. >> but the extreme doeld is not stopping die hards from hitting the slopes at mountain creek in vernon new jersey. >> the wind is ridiculous. >> most here are leaving very little skin exposeed protecting is key. frostbite can happen in a matter of minutes, so can hypo therma. the national weather service
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bundle up and put on a hat and gloves so you don't lose your body heat. >> it doesn't take you that long to get you very cold, especially your sxremities. wear -- extremities. wear multiple layers. keep yourself hydrated. >> many will choose to stay indoors which poses another danger as people try to keep warm. home heating is the second leading cause of house fires in the winter. >> many times you heaters placed too close to combustible material and not plugging them directly into a wall outlet. they use an extension cord and that is a no no. >> the fdny warns don't use your stove for heat. there is a potential for fire and carbon monoxide could be a problem, too. so being careful is really key in these conditions. if you live in new york city and if you don't have heat or hot
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the elderly. we're live in downtown brooklyn this morning. >> thank you. now to campaign 2016 which is heating up. the 9th republican debate takes place on cbs tonight in south carolina a week ahead of the state's primary. >> weijia jiang joins us live with the latest. >>reporter: the field has been witnessedled down to six candidates -- widdled down to six candidates. the outcome is deeply uncertain. there is a lot to lose and a lot to gain for each candidate. why we expect all of the gloves to come off. donald trump at the campaign trail in florida after aim again at rival ted cruz. >> find out where he gets his money. >> on twitter he threatened to sue cruz if he doesn't clean up his act, stop cheating and doing negative ads. >> there is a reason that donald
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all a smoke screen to hide from the record. >> trump and cruz will take center stage along side kasich, carson, and rubio. >> the group will be the smallest yet to take the debate stage and trump will likely be the biggest target. cbs news political director and host of face the nation john dickerson will be the moderator. >> it should be a pretty rough debate because they're all trying to use the other to seek advantage. >> to do well in south carolina's republican primary, the candidates also need support from african-americans and evangelicals like anita jackson. >> what values do you hope line up with yours? >> pro-life, crushing isis. >> cruz, rubio, carson and bush spoke at the faith and family presidential forum. >> i do not believe you put your faith in a lockbox when you're in public life. >>reporter: faith is one of the issues expected to come up during the debate as candidates
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trump and cruz might be at center stage but marco rubio will be the center of attention. going into iowa, he had a lot of momentum but then he stumbled during the last debate and that pushed him down to the bottom of the pack. after that happened, he promised supporters he would never have a poor debate performance again. live in greenville, south carolina, weijia jiang. cruz, trump and remaining republicans will face-off tonight right here on cbs. we have live coverage from greenville south carolina beginning at 9:00 p.m. followed by cbs 2 news at 11. there has been another slashing in the city. police are searching for a man who robbed and attacked a woman in the bronx. 20-year-old paula delasantos was walking home when she was slashed at morris park and holland avenue. she posted photos on facebook and says she was pushed to the
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she wrote a message saying i'm thankful to be alive and recovering. be careful walking alone in the evening. the nypd is on the hunt for a man who attacked an mta bus driver in brooklyn. it shows the suspect repeatedly punching the driver. the incident took place two weeks ago on a bus near avenue d. the driver told police the attack was unprovoked. police are investigating a home insflags nassau county. somebody broke into the basement of the home in recognize lynn heights. the home owner heard a noise in her basement and saw a man run fraeth side of her house. her house. suspect left empty handed. coast guard will conduct a the seas. the cruise ship is scheduled to depart for another eight-day cruise this afternoon. on wednesday, it pulled into new system. it cruised into a storm and was slammed by hurricane force winds
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nightmare trip on board. royal caribbean says most of the damage was cosmetic and repairs are on track. we're going to check in now with the mayor who is talking about the winter weather and how new yorkers can stay. >> we'll have that coming up after the break. coming up, as well, she says her son wanted to be a hero. we will talk to the mother of officer peter liang, a now former nypd officer convicted of manslaughter. a dog gets stranded in the cold. the daring rescue was caught on camera. >> first, here is vanessa's forecast. >> the camera is shaking behind us. the winds are ramping up, gusting over 25 miles an hour. temperatures will be dropping. we are bracing for the coldest weekend of winter, yeah, not the coldest just yet. details coming up in my full forecast.
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alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology.
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push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. . we want to get back to our coverage of the extreme cold. the mayor is holding a press conference. let's listen in. >> the weather forecast changed so we have to be ready for the cold to continue. so just because it is right now
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it may go longer. starting at 1 o'clock and going through noon at minimum, this windchill advisory is in effect. temperatures on sunday will remain in the low to mid teens. and we are not forecast to get above the freezing mark before mid afternoon or late afternoon on monday. we watch the weather service reports very closely. they change frequently because the weather changes. we'll keep updating people regularly. at this moment we're expec1 or 2 inches of accumulation on monday. we do not expect more than that. at some point that will change into a wintery mix and then freezing rain and then regular rain in the course of the day monday but that, again, could change. we'll keep you updateed we do expect minor coastal flooding tuesday morning but it should be
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last week so we'll keep you updated on that as well. all new york city residents should be monitoring the weather forecast regularly to look for these changes and adjustments you have to make. now, our code blue plan remains in effect. we've been conducting intensive out reach all over the city encouraging anyone on the streets living on our streets, to come into shelter. last night our homeless out reach teams helped of 62 people come in from the cold. in addition, 207 individuals walked in to our health and hospitals facilities to escape the cold. so combined almost 270 people came in. we want to remind all new yorkers to look out for the neighbors. particularly the senior citizens and folks with any kind of health problems or disabilities. also, again, stay in touch with your friends, family, make sure
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precautions they should take and another reminder, bring your pets inside. this is not a situation where pets should be outside for prolonged periods of time. if you do not have heat or hot water, call 311 immediately. very important point. we've been trying to get this point across intensely. you do not have heat or hot water, call 311 immediately so we can act on that. we want to give you an update on our housing authority which has, at this point, all of our developments have heat. the housing authority is prepared, weatherized and prepared all 2,000 boilers in our developments and we have 24-hour response teams in place. also, we want you to know, in terms of the housing preservation and development, we have added 50 staff for duty this weekend.
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heat and hot water complaints. overnight, we rec388 complaints. although a number of those may be duplicates. people calling from the same building, but hpd is ready and has beefed up the operation to be able to respond to any and all complaints. that is the basic update. i want to remind people, we have another challenge that comes in the cold weather which is that people have a lack of heat in the home trying to improvise. they open up the stove. do other types of informal sources to heat their home. that can be very dangerous. the better solution is to call us so we can get your heat restored or go some place with friends and family where the heat is working, but not to try to improvise. that did can lead to other dapgs like fire and carbon monoxide poisoning. so we want to remind new yorkers, most fires occur in the winter months for this very reason. so please, do not improvise when
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and make sure that the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors are working. . one other point, because of the extreme winds that we're having. yesterday we ordered all of the cranes in the city to be secured and out of operation. that was accomplished late yesterday so none of our construction cranes will be operational today given the winds. a couple of words in spanish before we take your questions. [ speaking in foreign language ] .
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offering words of advice a mid they received 388 complaints about heat and hot water so far. if you have an issue with the heat or hot water call 311. do not improvise they're saying. the city has extra personnel on hand to deal with the issues. they're asking people, again, not to improvise. don't use your stove or oven to heat your home. it puts you at serious risk for fire or carbon monoxide. the mayor is advising everyone to check the carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors. >> the most fire deaths happen in the winter months. switching gears now, the mother of former nypd police officer peter liang is talking about the moment that forever changed her family. >> i see my son so very upset. i'm so very .
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in brooklyn, he mistakenly fired the gun in the stair well in november of 2014. striking and killing 28-year-old akai gurley. >> i see peter upset at home. you see? no eelt anything. >> -- no eat anything. >> so many police officers have committed all kinds of brutal violence against civilians but his was indeed an accident. >> the jury of course, ruled otherwise. april. the lawyers are planning to appeal. he faces up to 15 years in prison but he could get no prison time at all. a dog is safe and sound marsh. the fire department used a boat to cross-ice cold water to a snow covered island yesterday. the dog named nico had been there since thursday night after bringing her back to safety, she
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lives nearby. nico was a little dirty and cold but otherwise was not hurt. >> good for nico and the firefighters for putting their own lives at risk to get the dog to safety. >> a tough job this weekend with the temperatures. let's head over to meteorologist vanessa murdock. hopefully they don't have to work outside too much. >> we wish them all the best. we know temperatures are plunging, winds are picking up. it will be brutally cold tonight. the trend has already begun. let's take you live outside right now. show you what it looks like as building. it will be frigid today but we could have passing snow showers. that is something to keep in mind. 21 degrees but feeling like eight with northwest winds up to 21 miles an hour. gusts out there are as high as 35 miles an hour. here are the cold hard facts. tomorrow morning's forecast, two degrees. that is just the temperature, folks, that does not factor in the wind.
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we anticipate tying the re 100 years later tomorrow morning. now, the coldest day last year was two degrees on february the 20th so we've felt this chill before but not necessarily coupled with these crazy winds. the coldest day ever, 15 below, february 9th back in 1934. so it could be worse but it is going to feel so much worse as this day progresses. here is what is happening. the jet stream is taking a huge dip to our south, allowing arctic air to dive right in today this is as warm as it gets today, 21 degrees, out in california, they'll be hitting the 90-degree mark today so a super spread across the country, here is the deal for us. windchills today going to drop off in the 20 to 40-degree below range. below zero is what it will feel like tonight into early tomorrow morning, so areas in pink will see the most extreme cold for
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bad, just not as bad to the neighbors to the north. this is what we expect overnight into tomorrow morning. 15 to 25 below for the city points east and south. 20 to 30 below to the north of the city points west and well to the north in the extreme case could feel as cold as 50 be allow for places like -- below for places like uncar county. snow showers passing by. that is the general trend for the day. they'll be moving quickly because that air is cranking. old man winter blowing in, absolutely brutal cold. 21 right now. dropping off through the day. winds ramping up. we'll see gusts in excess of 40 miles an hour this afternoon. overnight it is windy. overnight lows below zero for most in a city we bottom out at two. that is not the whole story. we'll feel like 20 below overnight. tomorrow it will be a beautiful day, 17 degrees, beautiful in
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windy, feeling like single digits with winds still cranking. then on monday, 34 degrees, nice warm up. there is a storm moving in. we'll see snow late in the day. it will transition to rain as we warm into the 50s for tuesday. then we drop back off towards the week's end. andrea and diane. back to you. >> 50 on tuesday!
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. there is a bit of
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two days until music's biggest night. the 58th annual grammy award glaez it is over a reference kanye west made about taylor swift in his song called famous. he defended himself saying i did not disswift and i would never diss her. you might remember at vma's west interrupted swift's acceptance speech. we'll be watching to see if she reacts to. that watch the grammy's on monday. >> the line he said we're not allowed to say on tv.
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. we have a final check of the forecast this morning. >> i almost don't want to hear it gl i have my hot drink in hand. it will get colder and colder and colder. it feels bad out there right now. nothing like how it will feel like tonight into tomorrow morning. we're talking windchills 20 to 30 below. for some it could be 50 below well north of the city. this is as warm as it gets today. tomorrow, 17 degrees for valentine's day. lots of sun but windy. it will feel like single digits and sub zero during peak heating tomorrow. moral of the store is it will be cold and unfortunately, dangerously cold, too. >> cuddle up with a hot drink or your valentine. >> thank you, vanessa. >> that wraps up cbs 2 saturday morning.
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on i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm andrea grymes. thanks for watching. have a great saturday. captions by:
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