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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  February 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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next, trapped on a tram. watch as dozens of people were rescued.
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forever home. should live from the cbs broadcast center in new york city this is cbs2 news at 11. right now assault spitzer. the former governor under investigation for what a woman says happened at the plaza hotel. frozen and frustrated. as the thermometer reaches a painful and dangerous low. more winter weather on the way. a woman is making shocking allegations against eliot spitzer. years ever a prostitution scandal forced him to resign as governor. >> reporter: the nypd is trying to determine what did or did not
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between eliot spitzer and an unidentified woman. a visable police presence outside the historic plaza hotel sunday night, including a crime scene unit van across the street 24 hours after an unidentified woman accused former new york governor eliot spitzer of assault. police sources tell cbs2 news the woman claims a verbal altercations turned physical inside one of the rooms. when the woman says spitzer pushed her and put his hands around her neck. sources say the woman was taken to the hospital after she wrists. we've learned the woman is from russia and she told police she and spitzer had been friends for two years. tonight a spokesperson for spitzer issued a statement saying only, quote, there is no truth to the allegations, unquote. now, sources tell cbs2 news the woman is no longer cooperating with police and that eliot spitzer has not been questioned
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of course, it was back in 2008 when he resigned as governor amid a prostitution scandal. reporting live from the plaza hotel in midtown, brian cone conybear. new records set today. people faced real feel temperatures below zero. while the wind chill is dying down tonight, a two-part storm is set to hit our area with snow and rain. cindy, you're right. that wind is dying down. make no mistake about it. it is incredibly cold. dangerously cold. this is the real feel temperatures. it feels like 2 below in liberty. feels like 5 degrees in sussex. 14 central park. 10 for babylon. feels like zero in montauk. dangerously cold out there. it's just better than what we had this morning.
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this is what it felt out like out there this morning. 34 monticello 19 below in central park. felt like 28 below in the hamptons. it's better. it's not great. not yet. take a look. yourvore texas satellite and radar shows keith kinkaid starting to move in. the bigger picture, that 1-2 punch. wintery precipitation. we get a mix and we are going to see some rain. nevertheless, winter weather advisories in effect tomorrow afternoon. snow, sleet, freezing rain are the issues. coming up in your full forecast we will time the system out for you for your president as day. cindy. >> thank you. and cbs2's hazel sanchez has found the problems these temperatures are causing. hazel. >> reporter: cindy, if you are dressed appropriately, it doesn't feel too bad.
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we woke up in the city and about 1 below zero. if you take a look at the clock there, it's now, let see, i believe it's 14 degrees. and we are still under a cold weather alert until tomorrow morning. so please don't head outside unless you absolutely have to. mark and lisa brook spent all day at home with their 8-month-old baby girl but say tonight they had to run some necessary errands. >> now we're out and we want to go back. >> reporter: the city hopes more people will do the same and stay inside until we reach temperatures. >> over the last couple of days temperatures the last 20 years. >> reporter: and the deep freeze is doing damage. frozen pipes burst at a high school sending water pouring onto the steps and sidewalk, quickly turning into ice. seen. fortunately, students are on vacation this week. no such break for workers cleaning up at this brooks
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a busted pipe above the store sent a waterfall down the windows and on to the sidewalk. if it wasn't valentine's day would you head out? >> no. too cold. >> reporter: she wasn't the only one who ventured out to warm her heart. so did fey, who says she couldn't back out on her weekly shopping date with her granddaughters. >> since i am the grandma, i layered up. i am wearing six layers. granddaughter is wearing. >> one larry. how are you feeling? >> i am freezing. >> reporter: we may be able to peel away one layer by tomorrow, it looks like we could be replacing it with a couple inches of snow. what about your positive thoughts about more snow possibly tomorrow? winter. that. it's not a big deal. >> reporter: and of course the biggest concern when we reach these dangerous lows are households without heat.
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is urged to call the city at 311. live in the upper west side, hazel sanchez, cbs2 news. and the mayor urging people to get out of the cold. they sent 800 people to homeless hospitals or shelters. the city's code blue plan remains in effect to tomorrow morning. new information tonight about the sexting scandal involving the nassau county executive. tonight we know police are involved. >> i am a victim here. i am being hacked. this is a lie and i will bring every legal action to catch this person and bring this to justice. > s nassau county executive ed mangano defend defended himself two cbs2's marcia kramer saying someone is out to get him and they hacked his phone to send the lurid texts. many of the messages are x-rated. had this is one we were able to show on tv that claims to be
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i really just want you next to meet. nothing else. just that. i miss being alone with you. i wanted to see you, replies the woman. tomorrow, she asked? i will let you know. i want you to blank my brains out, even if it's in my car again, she says. sorry, left early. something came up. >> reporter: a tweet of the ex its reportedly showed up on the page of one of the woman. he says his phone was hacked using a technique called spoofing. it seems like the messages came from his cell phone. >> these words did not come from me. it was not done on my phone. it could only be done by hacker. period. i am a victim here. that is the truth. over >> reporter: nassau county police say the texts and tweets are being investigated and
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police say a public relations consultant also reported being victimized by the spoof. she released a statement saying in part, to be clear, the alleged text messages and tweets are fabricated, false, and never happened. i never communicated with the county executive via text message, nor even have his cell phone number. both the nassau county executive and i have been maliciously attacked and have both been victims of a terrible crime. we have requested an on-camera interview with caro and police. it was determined today that long-time supreme court justice causes. he was 79. at a resort ranch in texas. the flag draped casket carrying his body was driven from a funeral home to an airport in al paso where it's being flown to virginia. president obama says he will
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the man accused of triple murder at a staten island hotel pleads not guilty. michael sykes was arraigned today on three counts of first-degree murder in the stabbing deaths of 26-year-old rebecca cutler and her two kids. one-year-old ziana and four-month-old maiyah. he is charged with attempted murder, accused of stabbing her two-year-old daughter miracle who survived the attack. new tonight a virgin atlantic flight bound for jfk airport had to return to london's heathrow airport after a laser beam was pointed at the plane. the airline says the plane was hit with a laser a few minutes after it departed. virgin atlantic says it returned as a precaution and an investigation is underway. skiers in trouble high above the ground. dozens of people forced to go to extremes when two trams stop in midair. see the rescues caught on camera.
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survival story in the middle of the desert. the one thing he says you kept him alive for a week. a makeover months in the making. one of the dogs found living in dangerous conditions having a ball with a forever family. later something big is hidden in this year's grammy statue and you can barely see it. how it will get you closer to tomorrow's winners. the jaspers are preparing to take on a rival tomorrow. and tonight was kobe bryant's all-star swan song. see if the rest of the players
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new video tonight shows the moment dozens of people are rescued from two tram cars stuck at a ski area in new hampshire. the 48 people stranded inside had to rappel through a hatch in the bottom of the tram. resort employees say a mechanical issue in the braking system likely caused both trams to get stuck. one was going up the mountain. the other was going down.
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republican debate, it has a lot of voters talking. 32% said marco rubio won the contest. 24% thought donald trump won. 19% john kasich. 12% thought it was ted cruz followed by ben carson and jeb bush. a cbs news tracker of likery republican voters in next saturday's south carolina primary shows donald trump holding on to the big lead. trump gets 42% followed by ted cruz with 20%, marco rubio third with 15%, kasich gets 9%, followed by jeb bush and ben carson with 6% each. the democrats hold their presidential primary in south carolina the following week and the cbs news poll of likely democratic voters shows hillary clinton leading with 59% over bernie sanders 40%. new at 11, animal shelters in bergen county, new jersey, were overwhelmed by hundreds of phone calls last month.
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rescued from a heartbreaking hoarding situation. tonight we tracked down one of those dogs who found a new home. cbs2's valerie castro with more from wycoff. >> come on. >> reporter: bear is a sweet and playful lab mix puppy who just a month ago was rescued from this north bergen home. more than 50 animals were found inside the house on hillcrest road with no heat and in filthy living conditions. a dead dog and several cats were also discovered. debbie, bear's new owner, remembers seeing images. >> i saw people carrying out the dogs and i saw, you know, some were so young. and to think that no one was really caring for them and then some of them looked really frightened. i saw like almost, you know, 50 or 60 dogs in need. i thought one of them needs us. >> reporter: they reached out to a shelter and found bear. >> he was so scared that they
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he wouldn't come out on the leash or anything like that. just thinking they were all traumatized. >> reporter: he has since become a part of the family and has new found friends. bear was able to find a loving and happy home, but there are still other dogs from that hoarding house that are up for adoption. these three are some of the dogs that were most skiddish when they were first rescued. they can be found at the second chance pet adoption league in oak ridge, new jersey. these other dogs can be adopted from the ramapo bergen animal refuge oakland. >> since the rescue operation the man accused of hoarding the animals has not been found by police. a man stranded for a week in the nevada desert says he survived on melting snow. he got lost and then his pickup broke down. he stayed close to the truck, rashing the little food he had and drinking the melted snow.
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found him and took him to the hospital. elise finch with a bone chilling forecast. >> temperatures will be rising through the day tomorrow, but we get that with snow, wintery precipitation, and then some heavy rain. let's get to it. checking in first with our cbs2 weather watchers. some very interesting readings in people's locations as we look here at 11:18 at night. we are looking at temperatures that really the warmest i can find 16 degrees. that's from beverly in brooklyn. she says it's just 16 where she is. of course, a full 10 degrees cooler as we head north and west of new jersey. barry in bloomingdale has 6 degrees. i don't know. i mean, we have got even colder readings out here. lots of single-digits and a few subzero. this is mark and janine in pleasant valley. 1 below where they are. 36 days to spring. i certainly understand why they are counting.
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going on right now, we do have still some very cold air in place. this is from our camera high atop the empire state building. it's crisp. it's cold. it's 14 degrees. miles another cold night. we are expecting snow tomorrow tuesday. but mild in terms of the temperatures. 15 degrees. that was as warm as it got today. 41 is where we should be. we didn't come close to that. 1 below? yeah, it's a record low for this valentine's day. these were the highs. right in the teens across the board. the warmest north new jersey at 18 degrees. take a look at the morning lows. tied in setting records. bridgeport 6 below. set a record. central park 1 below. the actual temperature, not the wind chill. set a record. also some records either tied or set for islip, newark, jfk and laguardia. the last time we had an actual reading of 1 below in central
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so it is a rarity that we see air and feel air this cold. but that was the case today. right now we're looking at high pressure dominating. things remain dry. this system poised off to the west. as it enters it will be as snow because we just have so much cold air in place. behind it though a wintery mix and rain. putting your futurecast in motion, 7:00 tomorrow morning it is president's day. a lot of people off work. the morning commute should be dry. monday afternoon take a look a at what happens. we he start to see the snow showers. then the pink. that's that rain-snow line. rain on long island, down the jersey shore. by monday night we're looking at some significant rain. we get a little bit of a break on tuesday and then look what happens tuesday afternoon. we're talking 4:00, we're talking about some very significant rain. as far as the snow before it changes over for a good portion of the area a coating to 3 inches before the system changes over to rain. here is a look at seven-day. 35 degrees tomorrow.
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we will hit the 35 late in the day. 54 tuesday. significant rain. so the rollercoaster ride of temperatures and conditions continues this week. >> that has been -- >> crazy. >> yes. thank you very much. love is in the air on this frigid valentine's day as dozens of couples braved the record cold in times square. eight couples were set to get married at the crossroads of the world today with 2-degree temperatures. some literally got cold feet and can sed. not katie and jordan abidin. they refused to let the chill postpone their wedding. >> speechless right now. especially with the cold. >> it's funny. i wanted to wear a wedding dress, of course, but i want to be warm. if this isn't love, then i don't know what is. >> check out these festive newborns decked out in little red hats and red envelopes at pennsylvania's washington hospital. it's part of the little hats big hearts program for american heart month. if you thought that story
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steve overmyer with a quick look at sports. >> this was a night that kobe bryant was looking forward to. tonight was the nba all-star game. it really did turn into a tribute to the man who is playing in his final all-star game. kobe bryant the league's leading vote getter was honored with a standing ovation, video tributes, fireworks. this marked the 18th and final all-star game for kobe who finished with 10 points and left to standing ovation. carmelo anthony finished with 13 points for the east. the west wins. 196-173. the fighting began right
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the rangers and the flyers. now, the rangers have been fuming all week after their captain was concussed on a cheap shot from philly. at times this looked like a scene from the movie slapshot. the rangers pulled out a 3-1 victory. how about the devils power play? they have scored an nhl best eight power play goals in the last six games. their only goal in this one in a 1-0 victory over the kings. later in the show, steve joins me to talk a little basketball. but cindy, also a little bit about italian food. that's gonna be a little bit later on in sports. >> that's a dicey conversation. well, funding fight. the lawmakers sounding an alarm trying to save an anti-terror program. then gearing up for the grammy's. less than 24 hours away.
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senator charles schumer is plasting a white house proposal to cut funding of counter terrorism programs in half. >> this is a huge mistake and it will not stand. the president in general has been good on terror funding, but this year the bureaucrat got through a very serious mistake that must, must, must be reversed. >> schumer says the white house wants to slash funding for the urban area security initiative from 600 million last year to 300 million. the initiative helped cities prevent, respond to and recover from attacks. he says the money is crucial for new york city where it pays for first responders training and heavy weapons teams. on the third day of his historic trip to mexico, pope francis celebrated mass in one suburbs.


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