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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  February 14, 2016 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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senator charles schumer is plasting a white house proposal to cut funding of counter terrorism programs in half. >> this is a huge mistake and it will not stand. the president in general has been good on terror funding, but this year the bureaucrat got through a very serious mistake that must, must, must be reversed. >> schumer says the white house wants to slash funding for the urban area security initiative from 600 million last year to 300 million. the initiative helped cities prevent, respond to and recover from attacks. he says the money is crucial for new york city where it pays for first responders training and heavy weapons teams. on the third day of his historic trip to mexico, pope francis celebrated mass in one suburbs.
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of worshipers not to have a dialogue with the devil because he says the devil only wins and only the word of god can defeat and the pope visited a children's hospital in mexico city where he told the children that every time someone takes care of them, they are blessed. falling temperatures and now rain and snow. elise finch is tracking changes for the work week. flower power at school. a boy goes above and beyond to impress all the girls, and he already has a girlfriend. later there is something extra special about this year's grammy statue.
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well, a lot of love this valentine's day for leonardo dicaprio. he took home the award for best actor.
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prizes, including best picture. and the lack of diversity was a hot issue. the grama wards are tomorrow night and the biggest names in music are getting ready. suzanne marques has a behind the look -- behind-the-scenes look. >> reporter: alabama shakes is preparing. the southern rockers are up for the big prize. album of the year. and lead singer and guitarist brittney howard admits they are star struck. >> it's crazy to be shaking hands with people like pharrell and adele and prince. >> reporter: they join a diverse line-up of performers from across musical genres. ll cool j says the closing act is still under wraps.
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>> reporter: the trophy is outfitted with a grammy cam. >> what's up? >> when the award is given to an art isolated thunderstorms, you will be in the hands -- an artist, you will see their point of view and perspective. >> reporter: even if they don't take home a trophy, everybody is invited to take home everything from clothing to cocktails to jewelry. >> an amazing gift bag that they can roll away or we send wherever they like and they get to come to the gift lounge and fill this bag. >> reporter: miguel will take the stage to pay tribute to michael jackson. mig al performing a cover of she's out of my life, celebrating the reissue of jackson's 1979 album off the wall. suzanne marques, cbs2 news los angeles. >> you can watch the grammy awards live tomorrow night at 8 p.m. right here on cbs2 followed by the news at 11.
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with a big heart gave more than 800 classmates a valentine's day 17-year-old hayden godfrey gave his high school in utah. he ordered the flowers online. his friends helped him trim and wrap them. then on thursday he passed them out. he already has a girlfriend. >> i want to make as many happy as possible. i don't think a girl should be left out on valentine's day. >> to watch every girl walk out with a big smile on their face makes me very happy and very proud of him. >> the flowers cost nearly $500. it took him about a year to save up the money from his job bagging groceries. i like this young man. another check of your work week forecast. what a nice story, right? >> yes. good for him. so good for us? perhaps. it's getting warmer. that's the good news.
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with some snow and some wintery precipitation. so some sleet, ice accumulation, and eventually rain. take a look at this temperature trend. this is what we have seen over the past couple of days. 27 degrees friday. 22 yesterday. today just 15. but for president's day monday, 35 degrees. we get to the 40s on tuesday. we spike to 54 degrees. it will by far be the warmest day of the week. tomorrow afternoon this is what happens. winter weather advisories in effect for the tri-state area. the problems snow, sleet, and also freezing rain. the sleet and freezing rain become a huge issue because you know what that does to the roadways. we tend to have ice accumulation. here is the vortex satellite and radar. this is heading our way. we are watching this system move in. right now high pressure dominating. things are dry tonight. also dry early tomorrow morning. we start to sea the clouds creeping in for that monday morning commute. your monday morning commute will
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as we head into monday afternoon that's when we start to see the snow showers taking over. monday evening commute, we are expecting most of the area to be into some snow showers. could be heavy bursts of snow. you see the pink there. that's where it looks like new york city will be dealing with that changeover. so that's when we see the sleet and the freezing rain. most of long island should be in the rain that point, jersey shore should be in the rain. as we continue on to 11:00, most of the area is in the rain and some pockets of heavy rain as well. northern suburbs dealing with snow and some frozen precipitation. it all changes over to rain as we head into your monday night, early tuesday. we get a little bit of a break and then this comes through. that very heavy rain that we are expecting tuesday afternoon. this system is finally out of here by tuesday night. how much snow are we talking about before it changes over? for most of area we fall into the coating to 3 inches of snow. that's most of us. a few of our northern and western suburbs could see 3 to 6 inches potentially. how much rain afterwards? 1 to 2 inches of rain easily
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so we have a lot of tricky weather heading our way. president's day mostly cloudy, afternoon snow changing over to a wintery mix. 35 degrees. that 35 comes late in the day. so we'll start out cold. temperatures will rise gradually. we should hit 35 in the evening. 54 for tuesday. again that comes with some heavy rain. then things sort of dry out a little bit wednesday, thursday, friday. so the rollercoaster ride of wacky weather continues. >> all right. we know what to expect. thank you. get weather updates by downloading the cbs weather app. send us your weather pictures and video. it is free and available in the itunes store. more from tonight's nba all-star game in canada. plus steve obermeyer sits down with the coach from manhattan college. and for the latest headlines
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@cbsnewyork. this bale of hay almost derailed the ranch. when a wildfire raged through elkhorn ranch, the sudden loss of pasture
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faced with horses that needed feeding the owners were forced to place an emergency order of hay. thankfully, mary miller banks with chase for business. and with a complete view of her finances, she could control her cash flow, and keep the ranch running. chase for business. so you can own it. he says his back and his legs are killing him. once was. he is on the verge of breaking down. but tonight he found enough energy for a grand all-star finale. toronto was the canvas for kobe bryant's final all-star appearance. love him or hate him, you can't
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nba record 30 million votes in 18 all-star appearances. the tooth. at his age, he will take whatever he can get. west. carmelo anthony started for the east. he finished with 13 points in a record-breaking all-star game. the most points by a team. most points combined between both teams. the night belonged to kobe. left to a standing ovation and 23 point win for the west. 196-173. we are getting chess to march, which means it's almost ncaa tournament time. the manhattan jaspers have gone dancing eight times, including the last two years. we are joined by the head coach of the manhattan jaspers steve masiello. great to is you back. >> thanks. >> right in the middle of your four game road trip. you join us. hopefully, we will continue to be a good luck charm for you here. this is your time right now. this is when you really start to
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over the past four years, in february and march the jaspers are 31-11 in that stretch. coaches always talk about how they want to play great at the end of the season. >> yeah. >> you're doing it. what's happening? >> good players. that's the first thing. really it's we talk a lot about the process, and i think early in the year, november, december we'll take a loss to learn a lesson, and that means playing young guys in situations. maybe most coaches won't play young guys in. we try to think of the big picture early in the year and get them to understand. and i think they start to figure confidence. process. as that's going on, the other thing we do a great job of, we play more freely this time of year. aggressive. he try to turn you over that much more. a lot of programs and a lot of teams play closer to the vest. we are trying to speed the game force turnovers, get easy playing. >> you get about eight
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per game right now. this has been an up and down season for you. maybe this year it's important for you guys to step it up. i guess hit the nitro button at the end of the season like before? >> yeah, we have had some injuries that really have hurt us. three of our top seven or six are out. but young guys have stepped up and done some good things. it's really important to capitalize on every opportunity we can, and that's our guys are being bought into the system and understanding what their job is and doing a great job with it. >> every year some team in every expectations. this year that would be monmouth. ucla, usc, georgetown, notre dame. last 13 games, and that was to you. >> yeah. >> so tomorrow night do we atmosphere?
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he has built that program. we became coaches together about two weeks of each other. what he has done is phenomenal. he built it from the ground up. the atmosphere tomorrow is going to be one of the toughest we have played in. they do a great job of packing their fans in, students in. their arena is unbelievable. the fact that we were fortunate to beat them last time will add to that. >> their rpi is 30, which is amazing. how much more affirming is that for your squad? >> no doubt about it. it's a great win. this time of year your team has its confidence. a win here, a win there isn't going to matter. you want to be competitive. that's the key. not to start thinking, you know, way ahead of it, but you almost sometimes it's scary if you beat a team twice in the regular season you don't want to see them in the post-season. you have to be careful. >> it seems like the story with monmouth this year is not as
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it's about been about their mob bench. >> yeah. >> we saw recently iona got a little chippy ar wards. >> yeah? i wanted to get an opposing coach's reaction to the mob bench. what do you think? >> you have to have a good team to have a mob bench. >> that's what you think. >> they have that. look how much attention, exposure it brought for the college. it's been within the game. i think it's been pure. i think it's guys having fun at the end of the bench. some coaches might not like it. but listen, if the coach of the program is okay with it, there is nothing wrong with it. i know some of those guys, they are great kids. they come to practice. they work. i think they have added their own spin to the organization. they have really done a nice job with it. the most important thing is you have to be good. and they are good. >> some would say it's antics. >> yeah. >> and it takes attention away from the actual play on the court. >> um-hmm. >> where is that line drawn? what is the line of going too far? >> well, the line of going too far comes into play if you don't
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if you don't achieve your goals to do -- >> so it's a approximate >> it is. only time people talking about it negatively is when you lose. they say the bench. at the end of the day they are kids having fun. there is nothing wrong with that. i don't think they are getting carried away. i have never seen them get carried away. if the coach of the team is okay with it, you should be okay. >> your top scorer is shane richard. one of the original recruits. fourth in the conference in scoring and really underrecruited. he was coming out of new york city as a guy who was born, raised in new york city. you are a new york city kid. >> yes. >> does that make things a little more advantageous? >> it does. any time you can talk about representing where you are from, a new york city kid playing in new york city, playing in the about. you look at shane, you know, obviously myself being from new york, him being from new york, that's an instant connection.
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>> you know the same delis. >> you say pursuit. just like new yorkers. >> yeah, yeah. so you have a guy like shane who has an unbelievable work ethics. he is such a perfectionist. he has gotten better and better every year and he is going to go down as one of the manhattan all-time greats. he didn't have any scholarship offers out of high school. >> right. that's the thing. things have definitely changed. things changed since you played at kentucky when guys were playing for four years. >> a now a cup of coffee. >> yeah. you have some older guys in there. 20 , 21 years old. your four year seniors. does it help you when you get into the tournament when you are physically or mentally more stable? >> you know, i think there is no stub statute for experience. talent. everyone has to have talent. i think why you are seeing so much parity in college basketball especially is bus you
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at mid-major schools that are terrific basketball players. sometimes they may not have the talent of the terrific one and done guys, but their experience is "the x factor." when you have guys who know not what to do, but more importantly not what to do, there is not a coach in the world that doesn't want that. combine that with talent, you have a special formula there. >> you are shaking your head. >> we were talking about italian food. >> you don't like italian food? you are missing out on chicken parm. it's the pastas i am not down for. i will take the meatballs. >> we will work on that. >> i like it. >> all right. >> still, can we talk basketball? >> yeah. i'm over it now. >> are you sure you are over this? honestly, all right. rick patino. >> yes. >> your good friend? >> yes. >> good coach. he has been asked about leaving louisville over and over again. this week he said i don't know. it seems like rumors of him
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maybe does this seem -- feel a little bit different? >> i don't think so. when you have had the success that coach patino has and when you have accomplished what he has accomplished, there will always be people speculating he is moving on. people are always going to want him as a coach. he is such a great coach. you are going to hear that about all great coaches across the country. coach cal perry. i think it just comes with the turf. >> he's got a contract until 2025, you know, forever. but if he does decide to hang it up or leave louisville does it feel like this would be it for him? >> i wouldn't know. but i just, you know, i know from time working with him how passionate he is about basketball. basketball is a part of his life. i can't ever imagine coach patino not coaching. that's just me personally. again, i don't know his situation. >> you're saying you have to drag him off the court? >> yeah. pretty much. >> just like you, i would imagine? >> no doubt about it.
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i want to talk about basketball in this area. st. john's. hot program in the area. it's not been a very good season for st. john's. lost 16 straight. when they are not good, what impact does that have on the other schools in the area? >> well, i think the coach has done an excellent job of rebranding the program. he has a great recruiting class. a great job of get thing the name back to where it was. i think when st. john's is up, it obviously brings more attention to the metropolitan area and the new york area. floss doubt in my mind coach mullen will have that program where he wants it back up and being one of the perennial big east powers. when that happens, that's good for everyone involved. that doesn't mean other programs can't be successful without them either. >> do you think you can win me over on italian food? >> absolutely. i will take you after this. >> we have some time after in. >> i don't know if my
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>> i am going to feel like a third wheel. steve masiello, good luck in the game. best of luck to you as you advance. hopefully, third straight tournament for you. >> and we got to get you only raviolis. here. the rangers and flyers, i guess upgraded their rivalry tonight. this was new york's response to week. 32 penalty minutes in the opening period. safe to say this he had revenge on their minds. derek stepan admitted that both teams had some unsettled business to take care of, which they did. check out that pass from carello. the duo combining for another one on the power play makes it 3-0. the rangers have won five of six. 3-1 the final from msg tonight.
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new jersey has been a beast on special teams. 12 power play goals in the last 26 games. keith kinkaid stands up with 28 saves. the first career shutout. the devils slide into third place in the metropolitan division.
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a final check on your wake-up weather. >> it's still cold tonight and early tomorrow morning 12 degrees. 35 is the high on the day for this president's day. clouds and then we will see snow, wintery precip and a lot of rain. so get ready for it. >> thank you. that does it for cbs2 news at 11. for the entire cbs2 news team thanks for joining us.
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valentine's day. my kingdom for an empty bench where i can devour my cheeseburger. it's two cheeseburgers you ordered, hotshot. it's gonna be three if you don't finish yours. oh, there's a spot. y, whoa, whoa. huh. excuse me, ma'am, does this bag belong to you? he woman: no. uh-uh. no. no? hey, guys, does that bag belong to any of you? no. no? no. uh-uh. sir, did you forget your bag over here? it's not mine. did you guys forget... okay. excuse me, anybody with this bag?


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