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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  February 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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>> good afternoon, chris ask mary. and thank you. it is going to be a complicated system as it comes on board and changes before it exits. in the city right now, we have clouds. and every now and then, you see a flurry float by. 23 degrees. show you in and around the city, just see scattered snow showers. a break for parts of staten island and brooklyn. a little more light snow through parts of queens and upper manhattan and up into the bronx. a bigger view shows more parts in monmouth county. then much more. this is the complicated nature of this storm. you've got snow, ice. and look at the red box. that's a tornado watch box for louisiana and mississippi. there's energy affiliated with this and the duration. yeah, keeps it in our area, all the way through tuesday. now, let's talk about those temperatures. right now, it's 23 in the city. cold enough for snow. and as far as discomfort, yeah, we still have single-digit wind chills and those numbers in the teens. but the big part of this story is the changing nature from 15 yesterday to 55 tomorrow.
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we're going to see all of those types. and that really starts to get under way today, where we see some snow falling in the jersey shore. and that's where we find our own elise finch with the mobile hi, elise. >> reporter: yeah, john. yeah, we've got the mobile weather lab here in toms river, new jersey, where we're getting a light snow. we pulled off to a residential area. traffic. so you can see the light dusting they've gotten here on you can also see on the windshield of those cars, some fallen. and of course, it is sticking. we're not expecting a tremendous amount of snow here. but still, we are seeing this snow right now. we're also talking temperatures, as you mentioned. so as we swing around here to the back of this mobile weather lab and look look at the temperature in this spot, it's 26 degrees. obviously, we're welow freezing here -- below freezing. we continue to have an issue of
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take a look at this graphic. gives you an idea of what kind of snow we're expecting in this part of new jersey. for the most mart, half an inch to an inch of snow. not a large amount of snow. but the problem, as john mentioned, we are expecting some ice and freezing rain. a tenth to a quarter inch of roadway. it may not sound like much. but here's the problem. you get even the slightest bit of ice on the road and it can be treacherous driving. especially for untreated roads. and the temperatures, that's part of the problem here. we will have part of the atmosphere that is frozen. but of course, this precip is going to fall where the temperature is not. it's going to be quite warm and freezing again on contact. so we've got lot of issues that we'll be dealing with throughout the day. but right now, it is snowing here. we are live with the mobile weather lab. and with that, i'll send it back to you. >> elise, thank you. the frigid temperatures, making a tough situation even
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firefighters battling a still- smoldering fire in greenport are not dealing with just temperatures but ice. diane macedo reports. christopher olganski says all of his possessions are gone. after fire tore through his its place. >> i lost everything. my passport, green card, driver's license, everything. i have only this, my clothes and the phone, no charge. >> reporter: the fire started at 10:30 last night on diamond street. >> fire quickly spread up to the second and third floors. >> reporter: it also spread to two adjacent buildings. olganski saw the fire down the block. >> i live five or six house houses down. and it was so ferocious. it was like flying. the embers were flying in the air, like 30, 40 feet above the house. it was insane.
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thrust into the freezing cold, some without shoes on. >> there was a family from the larger building with a child. and they brought them in because they're so coal would. they were -- cold. they were just piling into the hallway. tea. we were giving them clothes. >> reporter: the problem is not only that spill smoldering behind. >> how much of a problem is water. >> it's a problem. stretching hose lines. we had a car roll over. major log jam, hose line and break it. it just compounds the difficulty with fighting a fire. >> reporter: the building department is now expected to demolish three -- two of the three affected buildings. preliminary findings indicate this was a nonsuspicious electrical fire, possibly from a power strip. but the investigation is ongoing. in greenpoint brooklyn, diane macedo, cbs 2 news.
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two of the residents are unaccounted for, but they are believed to be at work. magdalena joins us live with details at noon. >> employees here say they've had power outages before. but never like this. this is going for over two hours now, as they try to figure out where it has been rerouted. internal leak. and they're working to fix that leak. and figure out what caused these power outages. they say local bakers and shops here are concerned about what is happening now that power is out, refrigerator is out. they may be losing a lot that way as well. >> the power just all of a 10:00 maybe? and we have been just waiting on. now they're saying just for safety reasons to exit and then they'll let us know maybe. they don't know for sure when it's really going to come back on.
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train safely, being that it was so dark? there's there was nobody down there. we just followed the crowd. there was a few lights but mostly just really dark. >> reporter: no pain trains are -- no trains are running on the lower level tracks. they're all being rerouted to the upper level. although they are running. you can buy tickets on the trains for no extra cost. >> now to a developing story in northern syria, where at least seven people were killed on an attack on a clinic supported by doctors without borders. missiles struck four times eight minutes apart. eight members of the staff are still missing. the britain-based org for human rights. a young man -- woman accusing eliot spitzer of assault is now refusing to cooperate with police. >> she said the attack happened at a manhattan hotel. janelle burrell has this story.
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called after a woman in her 20s tried to slit her wrists. the woman was rushed to mount sinai west saturday night. and that's where investigators say she first mentioned eliot spitzer, calling the disgraced governor her boyfriend. >> sources tell cbs 2, that the couple who had known each other for two years, had been arguing in a guest room because the woman was planning to return to her native russia. the woman says the fight turned violent, with spitzer pushing her and then putting his hands around her throat. a spokesperson for the ex- governor denying her claim, saying there is no truth to the allegation. the accuser is now refusing to press charges. >> i was wonder figure mr. spitzer is available. >> at the east side apartment building, the doorman is refusing to acknowledge that the governor even lives there.
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a way that violates my family and wrong. >> he stood with his now ex- wife by his side, announcing his resignation, after being caught using a high-end prostitution service. spitzer would later try to return to politics, running for city comptroller in 2013, but lost. >> reporter: so are far -- far, the former governor himself has not commented on what his accuser says happened here at the plaza motel. -- hotel. spitzer has not been charged. police have not interviewed spitzer. sources say it appears his accuser has left the country for russia. he was known to the current high courts as the leaning and longest serving conservative justice. plus, dozens get stuck in a tram 40 feet above the ground
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video above the rescue. preparations are under way for the funeral of supreme court justice antonin antonin scalia. >> the burial plans are yet to be announced but are sure to be grand for the court's longest- serving justice. weijia jiang joins us from washington, d.c. >> reporter: flags are flaying
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justicantonin scal -- justice antonin scalia. he died on a hunting trip while at this ranch in marfa, texas. the 79-year-old passed away of natural you causes -- natural causes. >> one of the things that i did ask the sheriff and the marshall that was there, if there were any signs of foul play. >> and what did they say? >> they said absolutely not. >> reporter: scalia was a conservative, scrutinizing and constitution. >> i can be charming and combative at the same time. >> still, he maintained deep justices. like ruth bader gins burg. >> scalia's death leaves behind an evenly split court, with four libbials and four conservative justices. president obama said there is enough time in his term to appoint his replacement.
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appointment should wait until after a new president is elected. >> i do not believe the president should appoint someone. delay. >> reporter: scalia's death marks only the second time in more than 60 years that a justice has died while still serving on the bench. weijia jiang, cbs news, the supreme court. >> scalia served on the sport supreme court for three decades. he was appointed by president reagan and was the first italian justice. he suffered from a number of chronic conditions, his family declined a private autopsy. a pileup on the highway in pennsylvania over the weekend. 53-year-old fransisca paya, and kenneth les co, of beth page were pronounced dead at the scene. it happened about 55 miles northwest of philadelphia on i- 78. dozens were injured after a massive chain reaction crash.
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whiteout conditions played a part in the massive crash. a virgin atlantic flight bound for jfk, had to return to london's heathrow airport. the airline says the plane was hit with a laser, just a few moments after it departed heathrow. it returned as a precaution. a scare at a ski resort. crews rescued 48 people from two tram cars yesterday at cannon mountain in franconia. the tram got stuck in 40 feet temperatures. passengers were lowered to the ground, one by one. many said it was frightening. but no injuries were reported. >> yaiks. okay -- yikes. the golden ramo phone goes to -- grammophone goes to -- some
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what's with them? oh, those two? they're always fighting for attention. there's more to a legendary city than its legends.
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smashing album, "25". >> taylor spift swift will open the show for the second time in three years. swift is up for two apards, include album of the year. country star chris stapleton, r&b artist, the weekend and southern rockers, alabama shakes. lady gaga is slated to give one of the night's most highly anticipated performances, a bowie. >> she has something very cool planned. and she's been rehearsing offer site at an undisclosed location. >> ll cool j will host for the fifth consecutive year. he said the bowie tribute is not to be missed. >> it's going to be an amazing night. i think people will be -- i think they'll be blown away. [ music ] >> reporter: the grammys are also a forum for new artist, including soul singer, andra
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right now, she'll do it with goldie. >> right now, i'm not too nervous. but the day, yes. >> the day is also up for two grammys. [ music ] >> lady gaga, taking her davey bowie tribute further than the stage. gaga released has pictures of her permanent homage. the tattoo of bowie on her torso is from his latin sane album cover. she said he changed her life. you can watch the grammy awards here on cbs 2. >> can't wait to see that. can't wait for taylor swift opening up. >> no way i'm going to see hamilton on the grammys. >> it's a great opening act for hamilton. >> the other thing is, today is a great night to watch the grammys because the weather is going to be so nasty outside. it's the evening hours where we'll see the changes and the changeover. we'll explain.
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this is tony, in little silver. but he is reporting light already. elena in brooklyn has that. ed has that. we have multiple lens reporting. now, mark and jeanine demartin are celebrating 15 years of wedded bless yesterday. they say puris the opposite of brrr, nice for a fire nathat wood-burning stove. there's elena. bubblers and ice eaters getting ready to get in the marina. and notice the birds all insulating themselves with that extra down blanket. very cold. nice conditions over the weekend. if you were layered up. because the birds were everywhere. clouds now, though, and precipitation. we have 23 degrees, but it feels colder than that with the wind. wind chill in the city is 14.
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a lot of folks in the teens with wind chill. cold. what a change yesterday, felt like 23 below. tomorrow, 55. that's from sunday to tuesday. what happens during the course of the storm is warm air aloft starts to fill in. starts as snow, changes over to some sleet. and then elise mentioned this, some freezing rain, where it freezes on contact. now, the concern is, after the snow, the ice. 1 to 3 just north and west of the city. the city possibly an inch or an inch plus, particularly parts of manhattan and into the bronx. 3 to 6, north and west. future ice accumulation, though. troubling, though, even though these numbers aren't that significant, it doesn't take that's overnight tonight into the early morning hours tomorrow. there's snow first. then there's some ice. and then it's rain. you're looking at the possibility of over -- well over an inch of rain. timing it out for you by 5:30,
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of the area. there's that ice, that pink line. then tomorrow morning, early, there's some breaks. but boy, by tomorrow afternoon, that's when we see that heavy rain, the concern there, in poor drainage areas, you could be dealing with some flooding issues. because the ground is frozen. so just can't absorb the rain. could be a challenging two days. a little break wednesday into thursday, with more seasonable numbers by the end of the week. >> at least not too, too cold. >> thanks, johnny. now to an east coast, west coast food rivalry. scallions or green onions. >> tony sort its out in his tip of the day. >> west coast, it's called green onions. east coast, they're called scallions. and what i say, don't waste anything. use the whole green onion. the whole length of it. the flavor profile changes every inch. the text, profile is incredible. a little stronger to the milder.
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as a matter of fact, green onions, when they start to age in a store too long, they'll start to turn. they'll become almost like a u. so nice and straight. squeaky, nice and fresh. when you bring them home, store them in the refrigerator, right away. shelf life not too long. 3 to 4 days at the most. the very top right here, i cut small pieces like chives. then what i do is i sprinkle the top of a dish, like a pasta dish. the flavor is incredible. i'm tony tantillo, your fresh grocer. and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. these are magical things these green onions, slash, scallions. >> we call them green onions. what dow think? >> yes. celebrity marriages have been rocked with husband-and- nanny cheating scandals. but it doesn't just happen in hollywood. it can happen to anyone. >> if somebody wants to do something, he's going to find a way to do it. >> be yourself.
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ask your doctor about xarelto . coming up on cbs 2 news tonight at 5:00, just a few
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how are the stars getting ready for the grammys. last minute wraps that make them last-minute ready. and search for clues, after a string of attacks near rutgers. those stories tonight beginning at 5:00. >> and that's it for us at noon. for john and the cbs 2 news team. thanks for joining us. i'm mary calvi. >> and i'm chris wragge. cbs is back at 4:00. we'll see you tomorrow morning. until then, have a great afternoon. we'll begin tonight with breaking news. go! steve kroft from "60 minutes." yo, how you doin'? what did you mean by that? mr. president, what do you know? that's a very good question. i know it is.
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>> neil: wow. >> lily: yeah, i've sampled them both, so let's go with the 2008 vintage over the 2012. okay. thank you. >> neil: hey. >> lily: hi. >> neil: wow. you really pulled this place together fast. talk about a-a nice transformation. >> lily: yeah, thanks. you don't think it's too reserved? >> neil: oh, no, no. i think it's absolutely perfect. so, why'd you, uh -- why'd you need my help with any of this? >> lily: um...i don't. >> neil: you don't? but your text -- >> lily: yeah, i-i asked you to come here because devon told me what happened at the lab yesterday. >> neil: i was having a bad day.


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