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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  February 15, 2016 11:30pm-12:04am EST

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online. delta is proud to be the official airline partner of the grammy awards. delta, keep climbing. slick conditions and a warning to stay off the roads. dogs forced into dna tests.
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eye on the storm, heavy snow and slick conditions on the streets. on top of all that, we're in for another wild weather changed tomorrow. good evening. i'm kristine johnson. >> i'm maurice dubois. we've got team coverage tonight, valerie castro out on the roads. we begin with lonnie quinn in the mobile other lab, live at columbus circle tonight. loni? >> reporter: it's not a very pleasant night out here. we start off with snow, turned to rain, check out the roadways over here, this is what we're dealing with. here we go. that was a bad move on my part. it's all slush. the worry about this freezing, not going to happen as much in new york city. mobile weather lab parked right here, 38.5 degrees. if you can pan up to the top, you can see i've got my instrumentation getting me the second by second data.
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picture, hunterdon county to fairfield county, picking up ice right now, that is my concern. heavy ice when you zoom in tight, bergen county, morris county, the entire counties are covered in ice. look at the temperatures, this is so important to this picture, sparta is 23, new york city 34, greenwich 31, sparta 23, yet still picking up ice. raining but you have ice on the roadways. how is that possible? we have a warm front, that goes up and over the cold air that's been in place. so it's raining cats and dogs up top, coming down to the cold air and freezing on the surface. i'm telling you, we've got to be so careful. the morning commute also, going to be a tricky one out there. please be careful. live at columbus circle, i'm going to give because all the equipment. i'll be right there. >> come on back. wintry mix is prompting travel warnings.
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wheel of mobile to in yonkers where it is a little bit of a mess out there. valerie? >> right now i am headed southbound on the bronx river parkway. it's actually not too bad on the main roadways. they are wet, it's been raining for the last several hours. on the side streets, the rain that fell combined with snow from earlier and it was a lot of slush. right now we want to go's -- to some video from earlier around 5:00 in the city, that's when the snow first began to fall. the roadways. then we headed up north along the west side highway, where things started to accumulate on the roadways. eventually on the cross county parkway, that's where we saw quite a bit of snow build up on the roadway. a lot of drivers slowing down, people trying to get home after the holiday weekend. later on, we want to show you some video that was shot around 9:00 in new rochelle. there was a 16 inch water main break on cedar street.
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weather related, but as you can roadway combined with the snow and rain that was falling made for quite a big mess, police had to shut down the intersection, still unclear if that was weather related. river parkway, again the main roadways are pretty clear, just wet, but keep in mind things could ice over for your morning commute so give yourself extra going. live from the bronx river news. >> thank you. new video a man in the bronx moments before shot by police. this happened near tinton avenue and 165th. shortly before 3:00 this afternoon, you can see the man who was carrying a gun pointed at a man, even a dog. police say when they arrived, the suspect refused to drop the weapon. police fired hitting the man once in the shoulder. cbs2 exclusive, a brooklyn mother says her son was stabbed
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yehuda brickman was randomly attacked last week as he walked on empire boulevard and crown heights. the suspect was caught on surveillance camera running from the scene. brickman's mother says her son was a target because of his religion. >> he saw a hasidic boy and he stabbed him. and i believe this was a hate crime and he stabbed him because he's a jewish boy. >> brickman is being treated police are investigating the stabbing as a bias crime. the suspect has not been caught. campaign 2016, heated words and legal threats. donald trump takes aim at other candidates and jeb bush draws his biggest crowds thanks to family ties. dick brennan has more. >> reporter: with the republican primary in south carolina just five days away, george w. bush joined his brother jeb for the first time on the campaign trail. >> there seems to be a lot of name-calling going on. but i want to remind you what
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labels are for soup cans. >> [ laughter ] >> reporter: bush may have been referring to donald trump, who kept bashing the former president today over 9/11 and lead up to the attacks. >> they could have stopped it. >> reporter: jeb bush said trump was trafficking in conspiracy theories following what he said at saturday's cbs debate. >> donald trump was building a reality tv show, my brother was to keep us safe. >> we had the worst attack ever. after that we did okay. meaning the team scored 19 runs in the first inning, but after that we played well. >> reporter: his other target today, ted cruz. he may sue the center over his eligibility to run for the white house if cruz doesn't stop what he calls false tax. >> i have never met a person that lies more than ted cruz. >> reporter: cruz fired back. >> he was going on and on how i'm the most horrible person the world.
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things he said. >> reporter: trump hinted he might run as an independent if he doesn't secure the republican nomination. dick brennan, cbs2 news. developing tonight out of grand central terminal, the power is slowly being restored on the lower level after a burst pipe caused an outage earlier today. the mta says service was not disrupted because trains were rerouted to the upper level, but it did force dozens of retailers to close their doors. power is expected to be fully restored by the morning commute. some pet owners in new jersey are fighting back after being told their condo association wants their pets to undergo testing. >> jessica schneider has more on what could amount to mandatory dog dna testing. >> reporter: barbara mintz treasures heard two pops. so she was alarmed when she got a letter from her condo association proposing mandatory dna tests for them and the rest of the dogs in eagle ridge in
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>> took so long for me to become a homeowner. i would think i would have some kind of freedom around here. >> reporter: the board wants dog owners to provide a dna sample or pay a fine of $100 and subsequent $250 fines for each week that passes after the dog registration deadline. >> it seemed to me a little extreme. >> reporter: people here say they are not sure why the board wants to do dna testing on their dogs. but they fear it could lead to losing their pets. the proposed resolution warrants the board may prohibit the keeping of specific malicious brings. a board member told cbs2 in a statement that dna testing is not invasive and is not being used for any purpose other than to identify dog owners who are not cleaning up after their dogs. >> people are not picking up after their dogs and everybody has to suffer. >> reporter: the board will hold a public comment session this thursday. the lawyers say condo associations are free to mandate dna testing and it's happening
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on the storm bringing snow and freezing rain to the area, mobile to out on the roads tonight, this is 95 as you approach the gw bridge. lonnie has got your full forecasting less than five minutes. new information on the story cbs2 first broke on nassau county executive ed mangano's alleged sexting scandal. police are reportedly examining his cell phone and other electronics. mangano alleges that he was hacked. sexually charged messages were posted briefly on the twitter page of karin karo, a public relations consultant. she interviewed mangano for her blog, the daily blue. >> you are an amazing guy. i've been inspired by you. how do you fit time in with all the things you are involved in? do you have any time for personal life? >> there's no doubt that this job is seven days a week.
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police and claims she has never communicated with mangano via text. eliot spitzer's attorney says the assault allegation against the former governor of new york is false. 25-year-old woman claims that spitzer choked her during an argument. the attorney says spencer and woman have known each other for an unspecified amount of time and that they agreed to meet at the plaza on saturday. after a conversation, his attorney says he left but then returned after the woman called and threatened to harm herself. spitzer released a statement saying that despite rumors, the woman is not his girlfriend. he's not been charged or questioned by the police has yet. it takes a special trust to hand over your child to a nanny. >> what happens when that trust is broken between the nanny and the husband? hazel sanchez has more now on how many women are fighting the nanny attraction. >> if you are sexy and young and attractive, this is what you are.
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agrees. many moms are worried about the same thing that tore apart some hollywood marriages. >> gavin cheated on gwen with their nanny. ben told the nanny that he wanted to marry her. and leave jen. >> reporter: the cheating husband phenomenon is not new on the star circuit. and certainly not limited to celebrities. >> it's definitely an ongoing trend. >> reporter: there are blogs that out not a nanny's online and now moms are setting new rules and mounting the first line of family defense. >> should be wearing a short skirt or something tight, if they are wearing dangling earrings, that was a no-no. >> reporter: to ensure a good match and maintain a happy home, there should be more than just an interview and reference check when it comes to hiring. >> one of the most important things i do is provide a personality test. >> reporter: ms. weinstein
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making sure the nanny is the right fit for the family, even surveillance may be necessary. >> we did follow a beautiful nanny, she was walking on the streets and everybody was looking at her and making comments. she was flirting with a lot of people. >> reporter:'s former nanny says no matter what you look like there are sensitive situations that can work with families. >> i went to the vacation house with the husband and the kid. something that usually nobody does. >> reporter: tamika fry cautions families to be aware of what everyone's role in the home should be. >> bringing your competition into your house. she's going to take the place of where you are not. so that's very appealing to a lot of men. >> some families go as far as to have written contracts that layout rules and boundaries between nannies and the family. a look at your forecast now, lonnie quinn is just back
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>> it was important to be out there to show what the roads look like. the roads are fine? i'm telling you they are not. find in new york, north and west, i've got a big concern about the roads. i know they are bad right now, in the morning, temperatures rising, i still have a concern. as of right now, new york city, i was out there, the roads are wet. i don't have a big problem with freezing in new york city. 34 and those temperatures will be rising tomorrow, 55 degrees. the time i looks like this, from right now until 4:00 in the morning, ice remaining out there northwest of 287. from 4:00 until 7:00 in the morning, turning to rain for everybody out there. remember, your commute is underway 7:00 in the morning, that does not mean that all that ice is gone. i think north and west of the city, orange county, northern bergen, rocklin county, points north of that, you have tough problems out there on the
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to 1:00 p.m., on-again off- again precipitation. then 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m., heavy bouts of rain through the area. these temperatures go way up. you see the pink, that's the treacherous stuff where the ice is falling or actually falling on the surface, take a look, we showed you before, bergen county, you get into morris county, sussex county, a good chunk of ice that is falling out there. take a look at the dynamics, there's more moisture to come. it's going to make its way in and i believe that the timeline i gave till 4:00 a.m., you can still be dealing with the wintry mix out there. then into some rain. if you pick up 0.1 inch of ice, it doesn't just go away in a couple hours. even though temperatures are going up, by post commute, you'll be fine out there. by the afternoon, warm temperatures. morning commute is dicey for the area north and west of 287. that's my biggest concern.
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34 right now, 48 in belmar, 25 monticello, temperatures as you go through the overnight hours, 7:00 a.m., all above freezing but doesn't melt the ice instantaneously. afternoon hours, way up there. i saw a 60 at one point around toms river. 50 or above for everybody. futurecast will show us here we are, 3:30, north of 287, 7:00 a.m. anything falling would be a light rain. 12:30, heavier stuff, that's the big front. that's where you see heaviest rain. he started clearing skies towards wednesday. wednesday could have residual activity. for the most part, tomorrow, 55 and a wet day. wednesday 46. looking better, thursday looks good at 40. friday 41. and right now even though there's a rain chance on saturday, saturday and sunday at 50 degrees or above. >> thanks. otis livingston looking
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>> maurice, start of spring training a couple days away. how much is that puppy in the
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it's going to cost some gold. many of you may have seen a dell perform at the grammys tonight. but it wasn't long ago her singing career was in jeopardy. she lost her voice in 2011 after a growth on her vocal cord hemorrhaged. she had to have laser surgery to remove it, done by a doctor at massachusetts general. adele was not allowed to speak or sing for five long weeks. >> remind you, she is basically back to normal. i think she is well positioned to have a tremendously long and successful career.
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singing while she was sick almost sidelined adele forever. she helped james corden break youtube records with their version of carpool karaoke. >> tonight before the grammys, the host of the late late show had last -- had some laughs with justin bieber. coordinated last-minute help to prep. >> i haven't had time to moisturize. did you bring my moisturizer? can you apply it please while i drive? thank you. just on my t zones. it's going to be pandemonium when i get out of the car. i want to be my best. you know the spots. that's it. yeah. thank you. >> [ laughter ] this was corden and beaver's third -- justin bieber's third carpool karaoke. >> a lot of people have the same face. coming up in sports, hockey has a case of puppy love.
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florida.e sttinrn aillewi uoa utox st anab. t 0 g lo a dnldspds
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it tbeer it tfi. otis livingston is here talking sports. most of the mets are ready to go.
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going to the world series, pitchers and catchers reported in portland's -- port st. lucie. many fans got to take part in the official sendoff. more than expected showed up. we need more capital because cowbell man was there to cheer on the champs. some fans got a chance to peek at the clubhouse and receive vouchers for home games. the main attraction was mr. and mrs. met, packing up the equipment as they do every year in a truck. that's where most of the mets already are, including matt harvey, the dark knight. he is a you removed from coming back from tommy john surgery, over 200 innings under his belt. he says the mets have not approached him about signing a long-term deal but he's hoping to do so. the ace said while he was tough to lose the series, it adds fuel to the fire. >> something that motivates you and drives you going to the next year. instead of dwelling on what happened and trying to change something you can't come use that as motivation towards the off-season. we had a lot of confidence this
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last year and experience. so we're excited about starting fresh and getting back to where we want to be. as for the yankees, good news. tanaka is pain-free in his first session yesterday. pitchers and catchers report thursday. hockey now, presidents' day matinee. big second-period for the islanders, 1-0 islanders. and the two more goals, in the span of 66 seconds. josh bailey and then cendrosky with the slick move in front. the islanders when this 4-1 over detroit. finally tonight, the hottest trend in hockey, the puppy goal. no dogs on the ice, but they are finding homes thanks to player scoring goals. kids show up with signs that the parents have promised them a dog if the player scores. last month it was a blue jackets game where a father promised if cam atkinson scored.
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today, he got to meet that dog named, what else, cam? cam the dog was adopted from a shelter. i think she should have gotten three dogs for the hat trick. one, two, three. >> next time he scores, he should get another one.
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what's with them? oh, those two? they're always fighting for attention. there's more to a legendary city than its legends.
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