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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  February 17, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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is for everybody, for good guys and bad guys. >> reporter: dan ackerman with cnet says once do you that, no phone is safe. >> tech companies have realized that in order to avoid this conflict of there, they need to tie their own -- to avoid this conflict of interest they need to tie their own hands so they can't access customer data. >> reporter: they say tech savory terrorist groups take advantage of this. >> why do you think they are using it? it creates a channel of information to other members of terrorist groups which we can't access and they know we can't. >> reporter: the new york city mayor and top cop echoed the frustration in morning. >> going forward, we are increasingly blind for terrorism purposes and for general law enforcement purposes with the new devices. >> these companies, whether they mean to or not, are unfortunately making it easier for terrorists to do their devilish acts. >> reporter: again, apple is ready to challenge this all the way to the supreme court and will file the paperwork to appeal. as for investigators, they are
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together a missing 18 minutes in their timeline from december 2 and they think the iphone could help establish where they went and who they contacted. maurice and kristine? >> thank you. a new jersey doctor facing serious charges tonight after police say he attacked a 12- year-old boy on a ski slope. the doctor allegedly went know a rage when the boy bumped into him and his son. cbs 2's tony aiello has more on the ski slope assault. >> reporter: it can get snarled asciiers and snowboarders -- as skiers and snowboarders compete for space. in new jersey it got ugly. dr. samuel carothers, a morris county anesthesiologist is charged with assaulting a young snowboarder. >> mr. caruthers ran into an snowboarder and assaulted him. >> reporter: vernon police say it started as caruthers was skiing with his own son.
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snowboarder and then an alleged assault. caruthers accused of punching the 12-year-old in the mouth and -- >> at some point he struck him with his ski pole. >> there were visible signs of injuries and complaints of nose. >> reporter: the 44-year-old is charged with aggravated assault and endangering the welfare the after child. >> reporter: at his home, his wife told meg baker their 12- year-old son was injured in snowboarder and needed medical attention. caruthers' lawyer says, my client had no intention of causing any harm to this young man. it was more in the nature of an accident. my client is sorry for any misunderstanding." >> of course, a criminal conviction could affect dr. caruthers' medical license in the state of new jersey. his attorney says, quote, we'll take whatever steps when they arrive. live in the newsroom, tony aiello, cbs 2 news. stranger danger on the streets of brooklyn. police say a man grabbed a
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cbs 2's dave carlin joins us now live from gravesend. dave. >> reporter: kristine, it happened about half a block here back from the morris morgenstern school. a scare for this 14-year-old girl just walking home only to have a stranger reach out and grab her. this stretch of 7th street near avenue r is where police say this man grabbed onto a 14- year-old girl's arm and wouldn't let go until she managed to wrestle free. these images of the man come from a home surveillance camera system. detectives say these are from shortly after the incident tuesday afternoon. walking home from school. she told police the man came up to her, put his arm around her and said, come here come here. a staffer from a nearby school passed by. having the witnessed appeared to make the suspect nervous and let go of the girl and flee. the suspect is white about 20,
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he had on a black jacket over a white collared shirt and his pants and shoes were black. >> strange danger, you know, that to me is important. >> i walk her where she needs to go even at 14. no. [ simultaneous speakers she knows to scream if anybody bothers her. just yell and scream. that's what i tell my kids. >> reporter: i talked to the girl's mother. she says the family has no comment. but undoubtedly, grateful for the staffer of this school who came out here and help. in brooklyn, dave carlin, cbs 2 news. new information now. the brooklyn man charged with assault for an attack on an mta bus driver was arraigned today. scott clark was accompanied by his mother and their pastor last night when he surrendered at the precinct stationhouse in prospect-lefferts gardens. clark's mother says he has mental illness and autism and that his condition led to the attack last month. she says she told the driver to let her son off the bus
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episode but the driver refused. she says the video is incomplete. >> it didn't show where the people on the bus was screaming, please let him off. it didn't show the mother yelling out screaming out, let my son out because he has a mental issue. it only shows where he was punching that and when he came off the bus. >> clark is due back in court in april. donald trump is escalating his threats to sue ted cruz by filing legal papers against his rival. as cbs 2's dick brennan reports, it's all part of trump's argument that cruz is a liar. >> would president trump ban partial-birth abortion? >> i'm very [ indiscernible ] >> you would not ban it? >> no. >> or ban partial-birth abortion? >> no, i am pro-choice in every respect. >> reporter: this commercial has so infuriated donald trump that he once again is threatening to sue ted cruz insisting he pull the ad or else.
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>> if you want to file a lawsuit, challenging this ad, claiming it is defamation, file the lawsuit. it is a remarkable contention that an ad that plays video of donald trump speaking on national television is somehow defamation. >> reporter: the ad shows an interview from 1999, trump who is now against abortion, said in a statement of cruz, he is a liar and these ads and statements made by cruz are clearly desperate moves by a guy who is tanking in the polls. if i want to bring a lawsuit, it would be legitimate. likewise, if i want to bring the lawsuit regarding senator cruz being a natural born canadian, i will do so. time will tell, teddy." some republicans side with cruz. >> this is just part of, to me, like a goon squad mentality that donald trump has. if you sees something he doesn't like he is going to bring a lawsuit. you can't show it. people say a lot of things about you, some true, some untrue. this is true. >> reporter: in an appearance today trump addressed another
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he says water boarding doesn't go far enough. >> they want to kill us. they want to kill us. they want to kill our country. they want to knock out our cities. and don't tell me it doesn't work. torture works, okay, folks? >> reporter: in what's considered a major endorsement south carolina governor nikki haley backing marco rubio. the state holds its primary on saturday. >> thank you. powerful explosion in turkey left at least 28 people dead. the car bomb rocked anakara in what officials call a well planned attack that targeted military vehicles. the fiery explosion and aftermath left another 61 people hurt. so far, no one has claimed responsibility. the plane carrying pope francis to mexico on friday was hit by a laser light from the ground as it arrived. alitalia says nobody was hurt and the aircraft landed safely. today the crew notified the mexico city airport's control tower of the incident. laser strikes are now an
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number of them continues to rise. the pope showed his report for migration on his final day in mexico. he became the first pope to visit mexican border. in juarez he met with prisoners. the trip culminates with an open-air mass tonight where the pontiff is expected to offer a blessing and lay remember the thousands of immigrants to died trying to states. father tom hartman was seen across the country as a member of the god squad a rabbi mark gelman. more. >> reporter: father tom hartman's soft-spoken style restnated with millions of catholics who heard his words of inspiration on the tv network telecare that he helped found in nassau county. >> i heard early this morning passed. >> reporter: he followed in
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hartman taking his place's the face of telecare when father hartman had parkinson's 16 years ago. >> he kept it quiet for about 7 years and then finally he told his friends, told his family, his staff here at telecare. >> reporter: his god squad partner rabbi mark gelman spoke with us by phone about the visit he paid to his beloved colleague in the hours before his death. >> i told him that i loved him deeply. and i told him that it was all right to let go. >> reporter: the god squad pairing led to many tv appearances on mainstream television and the popular duo wrote several books together about their "shared" faith. >> i can picture them here in these studios walking together, talking together, hugging each other, and that was so real and what was beautiful about it was that it conveyed right across the television. >> reporter: st. eden church was father hartman's boyhood church. parishioners say his message of faith spanned generations. >> it's kind of cool to be, um, you know, part of that, i guess, i'm a new generation of catholics attending where he
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>> it was very sad but also i knew that he was a priest with god. and he was out of his pain. >> reporter: rabbi gelman says now he can barely imagine continuing the god squad with anyone else. >> i believe an angel has gone back to heaven with his passing. >> reporter: father hartman was 69. in nassau county, jessica schneider, cbs 2 news. >> a funeral park will be held on saturday and he is being remembered on facebook among other places. almost every driver has fallen victim to one. this wild weather has potholes plaguing our roads.
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>> also, a huge step for science. we'll take you inside the lab making living tissue with a 3d printer. >> also, the new twist to the "sexting" mystery centering on the nassau county executive. >> and if this is a dog's life, we should all be so lucky. we are going to catch up with the canine who took best in show for the annual whirlwind winners tour around the city. lonnie. >> well, sunshine will be back tomorrow. but do not expect the temperatures to go up.
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temperatures in just a bit. nassau police are proceeding full speed ahead tonight in their probe of the alleged "sexting" scandal involving the county executive and his claim that his phone was hacked. this as new questions are being raised. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer who first broke this story joins us now with
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>> reporter: kristine and maurice, should nassau county executive have asked the police he named police commissioner investigates the case? should one of the women involved in the case have received two no-bid contracts from nassau county? police are trying to verify ed mangano's claim his phone was hacked. >> you are an amazing guy. i follow you. i have been inspired by you. >> reporter: ed mangano and karin, a local markettic executive clearly know each other. >> how do you spend time with the counting and all the things they are involved in, do you have any kind of a personal life? >> well, there's no doubt that this job is, you know, seven da a week almost 24 hours a day. >> reporter: if police try to determine if they are both victims of the hacking scandal x-rated texts sent from one to the other there are new questions about how she got two no bid nassau county contracts both just under the
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aid >> mangano's spokesman says she coordinated events benefiting veterans and the games for the physically challenged. her contracts reportedly say the services she provided were specialized unique and cannot be evaluated through a competitive bid process. news day questioned that saying those needs could easily be met by dozens or hundreds of firms also wondering about mangano's decision about his appoint at the acting police commissioner handle the investigation. >> a spokesman for the nassau county police insists that their probe is fair and impartial and will not be subjected to political pressure. as for the contracts, mangano's spokesman sent me a statement from the county
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followed, the work was satisfactory. potholes are blossoming since the blizzard last month costing drivers a fortune. cbs 2's vanessa murdoch reports from mobile2 on the upper west side. >> reporter: over the past few weeks we have had winter storms, freezing and then warm temperatures, ideal conditions for the breakdown of blacktop. it's that time of year again. across the city cars are getting the shakedown thanks to potholes popping up. after going a through rounds with old man winter and repeated pounding by vehicles, blacktop is crumbling. school at least plenty of potholes. >> i have tried to avoid them. >> reporter: tires are taking a big hit. >> we are seeing flat tire calls increase since the blizzard from 40 or 50 a day up to wards of 300 a day in new york city and long island. >> reporter: robert sinclair
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closer to $700 in the city. and across the country, america is shelling out billions each year after hitting potholes. tony says he drives a lot but thankfully so far, so good this year. >> maybe i will have to buy four new tires after this. >> i hope not. [ laughter ] >> reporter: let's hope not but if he gets a flat he might run into john sullivan with one stop. sullivan says this year, he has had to fix a few tires busted by these black holes. >> last season was crazy. >> reporter: in 2014 it was similar off the belt parkway. car after car fell victim to a crater. >> numbers from new york city's department of transportation confirmed it was worse during those miserable winters past. since january 1, the city has
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last year, nearly 60,000 in the same period. in 2014, over 94,000 potholes were repaired. >> city says their average response is about one and a third days to repair a pothole. next week we are expecting more wintry weather and that could mean more problems with potholes. live from the west side highway in mobile weather lab, vanessa murdoch, cbs 2 news. i'm glad there's no camera around when i hit those potholes. >> due say a few words that maybe can't be aired? >> a few choice comments. we have seen a lot of weather over the past few weeks. lonnie quinn? >> vanessa gave us a teaser. next week we could see twitter ee weather. right now outside cloud cover has been with us today. it will be breaking up.
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sunshine during the afternoon. 37 your temperature reading now. typical temperature 42. maximum 39. this dare of clouds you get into central pennsylvania and you have snow flurries. not a big storm just a few snow flurries. bigger picture shows you what's more important than snow flurries out there tonight would be cold air coming in behind it. that's a quick shot of cold air. tomorrow morning, you're starting off in the 20s for new york city. could be colder elsewhere. and then by the time you get to tuesday and thursday of next week this is what vanessa and i were chatting about, another coastal low is forecast to come up the eastern seaboard. is it snow? is it rain? got a lot of time to watch this one develop. thigh potential is out there tuesday and thursday sometime between those few days.
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i'll be back with the extended forecast. cj the german shorthaired pointer won best in show last night at the westminster kennel club dog show. so what did he do to celebrate? he did what any posh pooch we do. he had lunch at sardi's. the 3-year-old was treated to a meal at the theater district restaurant. but instead of having the traditional steak treat, he went for chicken. he also got to make a special visit to the empire state building. >> impressive regal posture. >> he has it going on. >> how do you turn down a steak at sardi's? that's a whole other thing. in just a moment, it's a tough topic for even adults to tackle. >> i cried and i cried and i couldn't -- i didn't know what to tell my parents so i just hid it. >> but how do you deal with domestic violence involving teens? the new program aiming to do just that from the classroom. >> also, wood pulp in your parmesan? the study that brings up
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t 0 g lo a dnldspds
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it tbeer it tfi. coming up tonight at 6:00, he said he just wanted to play a little basketball.
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says he was beaten by strangers in the clubhouse at his gated community. >> i couldn't speak for three weeks. >> for three weeks? >> yes. >> tonight the search for answers. who are the attackers and how did they get? >> a push to have donald trump's name off a state park. >> one in ten teens has experienced physical or sexual violence at the hands of a government statistics. the nypd is working to cut that number. magdalena doris has more on how they plan to do it. >> i used to come home all bruised up on my arms. >> reporter: anna lived through a volatile and dangerous win as a young teen. >> jealous and then he just started hitting me out of nowhere. >> reporter: ania survived and she is raising her daughter planning to going to nursing school. >> i cried and didn't know what to dell my parents so i
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to tell my parents so i hit it. >> young females are beaten more often. it's less than 3% will confess to a counselor or police officer. >> reporter: they are trying the people who work with high schoolers every day to avoid violence among teens. >> they are on the front lines to see the abuse in students. >> reporter: the officers have seen it firsthand. >> girls and boys. [ inaudible ] >> he was crying. >> reporter: identifying the physical, mental or technological abuse creating a safeway to report it, is key. >> a young person is less likely to go to a precinct but maybe they will go to the school safety agent until the school. >> reporter: officers in the class say that risk true. >> womb cop verse and work we'll converse and work it
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>> reporter: the training will be for all safety officers in all five boroughs. cbs 2's magdalena davis cbs 2 news. it's a call that would send shivers' down anyone's spine. the irs threatening to pay up or else. the phone scam claimed thousands of victims. fight back. >> customers are so angry they started a social media campaign. what the lirr just had to say about the delay outrage. >> get ready to meet the officer sally who protects at night and wait until you hear
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up. (baseball on tv in background) with heart failure, danger is always on the rise. symptoms worsen because your heart isn't pumping well. (water filling room) about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options.
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to keep it pumping. good evening, i'm kristine >> welcome back. i'm maurice dubois. a warning tonight about a scam than 5,000 victims. >> irs impersonators preying on people afraid the fed is after them. cbs 2's carolyn gusoff with how to prevent being the next victim. >> my name is [ indiscernible ] and i'm calling regarding and enforcement action.
5:30 pm
using celebrity names before launching a threat. this new hyde park retiree got two such calls. >> ignoring this will be an intentional attempt to avoid an appearance before a magistrate judge or a grand jury for a federal criminal offense. >> it sounds threatening, court action, magistrates. >> reporter: the caller purporting to be from the irs or treasury department with urgent instructions to transfer money or else. this man got a similar threat. >> it sounds like they are going to lock you up and put you away for whatever you owe and that's not right. >> reporter: the treasury department calls it the largest most pervasive impersonation scam in the history of the irs. often when frightened victims return the call scammers direct them to the closest walmart. >> do you know the nearest walmart store? >> um, yeah, i do. >> don't act part is with me, okay? >> got it. got it. >> you act smart with me, seriously you will be in a lot of trouble.
5:31 pm
calling on walmart to help. the retail giant the unwitting go-to store schumer says. he wants small warnings replaced with detailed signs. >> so to have employees to tell anyone taking out a money order for the irs that it's a scam. >> the irs is never going to demand immediate payment on taxes owed. first they send you letters. >> reporter: victims have lost $30 million money transfers are untraceable. >> don't send money period. >> reporter: the calls appear to be coming from u.s. area codes often washington, d.c. but officials say those are fake caller id numbers. hang up, they advise, and report the threat to the treasury department's inspector general. on long island, carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. >> walmart is taking additional steps to better inform people about scams
5:32 pm
like the irs. new information now. the nypd says it is questioning a suspect for the attack on a tourist who refused to buy statue of liberty tickets. the tourists from arkansas was at the staten island ferry terminal in lower manhattan. police say they were approached by a woman selling the tickets and when the tourists refused, a man punched him in the face. the victim was knocked unconscious and now has a fractured skull. police believe the tickets were fake. complaints against the long island rail road are getting louder. fed up with unreliable service, riders have taken to twitter using the edeservebetter in order to complain. posting about everything from packed trains and repeated delays due to track and signal problems. they are calling on the governor and the mta to do something now. today we took their concerns to governor cuomo. >> reporter: what can do you in the short term to help ease frustrations for righters experiencing recent delays -- riders experiencing recent
5:33 pm
>> well, we have -- talk about expensive. we're spending $26 billion on a capital plan for the mta. part of which is the long island rail road. >> cuomo did not answer what could be done now in terms of addressing commuter concerns. the mta would only say that its performance in terms of on time is up 3% from last winter. ambulances have to be ready to go at a moment's notice always running. now the fire department is launching a program to make them better for the environment. cbs 2's hazel sanchez has the story new at 5:30. >> reporter: ems crews are saving lives while on the move but idling ambulances can be doing harm. >> the the car went into the air so doesn't make good for the environment. >> each ambulance as it's running we found puts 45 tons of carbon emission into the atmosphere per year. >> reporter: the problem is ambulances can't be shut down.
5:34 pm
ready to roll. >> our ambulances have be kept running at a certain temperature and so the equipment is charged and radios work. >> reporter: to reduce pollution the fdny commissioner says the department is launching a pilot program placing ambulance charging stations that look like this throughout the city. em ts can pull up, turn off the engine and plug in for power. >> definitely help the environment. why not? we have enough fumes going with the cars, the buses. so if they have charging stations, that would be great. >> reporter: this shows what one would look like in queens. >> it would look something like the stations where you pay for parking and receive a little parking ticket,. >> they made the buses stop. they made all the buses shut off or get fined. >> reporter: the fbi is working with coned to figure out the best places to put the charging stations. about losing coveted parking spaces. >> i think they should leave
5:35 pm
we need the parking. parking. i really don't. it sounds good. >> reporter: nigro says the stations would also help the department save on fuel. they plan to install 30 charging stations across the five boroughs over the next 18 in maspeth, queens, hazel sanchez, cbs 2 news. >> most of the pilot program will be funded by state grants. that parmesan cheese you sprinkle on your pasta may not be what you think. an independent investigation by bloomberg news found that in a number of tests with different brands, the cheese tested positive for wood pulp. it is listed in the ingredients as cellulose. while up to 4% is allowed to keep the cheese from clumping, some products that were tested had up to 8.8% of that. >> unbelievable. the struggle to have a baby can take a huge emotional physical and financial toll on many couples. because of that, a growing
5:36 pm
dangerous shortcut to save money on fertility medications. they are buying them online even though they are prescribed to someone else. they are risking their health as they do whatever they can to make their dream a reality. >> i have done everything i was raised to do. you work hard. you go to school. you get a good job. you find a good man. you have the babies and there's no babies. my clock is ticking. >> cbs 2 investigates the illegal sale with dangerous consequences. watch black market ivf tonight at 11:00. still ahead, a medical breakthrough that could help doctors create actual body parts. we are going to take you inside the lab where they are making living tissue with a 3d printer. >> plus, it's an impressive streak. 80 games without a single loss. how does this high school basketball team do it? find out their secret. >> and today in history, in 1801, thomas jefferson was elected the third president of
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may cause low blood sugar. the most common side effects are headache, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. side effects can lead to dehydration which may cause kidney problems. if your pill isn't giving you the control you need, ask your doctor about non-insulin victoza . it's covered by
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over the past four years a girls basketball team a local one has gone undefeated 80 straight section 1 wins and three state championships for ossining high school. steve overmyer has more on a record shared by four graduating classes and one unforgettable coach. >> go, quick, quick. >> reporter: dan's practices are like his games. something to behold. >> come on! got to be quicker. >> reporter: how does your practice style make this team better? >> the pace. the pace that we play is more college-like. go! attagirl! finish! beautiful. jog back, quick. >> reporter: ricky believes in hustle. he is also the football coach and for this team, fortune favors the bold. >> if he wasn't like how he is, we wouldn't be where we are and i want him to continue to be like that because it motivates us to play how we play.
5:41 pm
to be a down year for the three-time defending champs. when did you know you had a state caliber championship squad? >> the minute i saw aubrey griffin. >> reporter: she is 5'11. her father'd green played nine years in the nba. she is only 15 and already has a couple of 40 point games. she quiet but aggressive. >> my coach had confidence in me to like go keep attacking the basket. he said i can go by any girl so i do. >> reporter: three freshmen start on this team. you might expect resentment from the seniors but despite the age difference the strength of the squad is the unity. >> there's no age on the court. i think that i we all play like we're the same age. >> everywhere we go, we hang out the girls on the team. so we know each other so well. >> reporter: what do you want people to know about this team? >> they put team first and work hard.
5:42 pm
five time defending sectional champs. they begin that tournament today. griffin, the freshman, already has an offer from seton hall at the age of 15. >> oh, my. >> that's where her dad plays so i think they want to keep that in the family. >> she can't leave before she graduates. >> clearly. >> unlike college. >> what a great coach. passion, right? >> yeah. and he says every one of these teams are different. this is the team that had such low expectations. years before they had the target on their backs. because the expectation is low it's like they took an us against the world kind of mentalities and you see what happens when they step on the court. >> i love how he treats them equally. their identities have been a mystery for weeks. now we meet some of those lucky powerball winners and it turns out they are from long island. >> a postal worker assaulted on the job. at 6:00, it's not exactly as it sounds. >> you're not going to believe this but i got a carrier being
5:43 pm
>> yeah. you heard that one right. hear more of the 911 calls after turkeys attacked. >> a bike lane battle in new jersey. why residents hope to put the
5:44 pm
city's busiest street. [ male announcer ] 20 minutes after you quit smoking your blood pressure decreases. after 2 days your chance heart attack drops. and 1 year after you quit your risk of heart disease is cut in half. but right now... [ flatline ]'re a heart attack waiting to happen. every cigarette makes you sick. quit smoking today.
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long islanders claim their share of the historic $1.58 billion jackpot. maureen smith and david kaltschmidt will get a lump sum payment of $327 million. they bought it in melbourne, florida, where they lived since the 90s. it was one of three tickets. since then they say they have lost sleep and weight. >> well, of course, we're going to take care of family and we have a lot to think about. it's very stressful. it's new. >> we still have to live the same lives basically. my truck's about to fall apart so i do need a vehicle. >> well, we are still waiting to hear who holds the powerball tickets bought in southern california. we have heard a lot about 3d printing and all the cool gadgets that the new
5:47 pm
school, clothes, guns and art. what about bones, tissues and organs? cbs 2's dr. max gomez says that's happening as we speak. >> reporter: you're looking at what started out as a high- tech version of of the inkjet printer you probably have at home only about 1,000 times more sophisticated. you see this 3d printer is making a living tissue. and in this case a jawbone made out of live cells. and that's just the beginning. >> we think it's soft tissue such as muscle meeting strength tissue such as cartilage and we printed hard structure of bone. >> reporter: to accomplish this, they realized that it wasn't enough to just squirt cells out through the tiny nozzle of a printer making for a blob of sells that couldn't be surgically implanted. those cells had to be fed with enough nutrients to keep them alive.
5:48 pm
thin microchannels so we basically are building a highway if you will into the central portion of these tissues so that they can be fed. >> reporter: so the printer actually shoots out a gel called bioink, a mixture of cells and nutrients solution that will along with those microchannels will keep the cells alive. the bioink solidifies so it's firm enough to be handled and implanted something it's already being done in animals. >> planted these tissues in small mice and rats and what we're doing now is actually doing the long-term studies that are needed so we can take these technologies to patients. >> reporter: now, the simplest structures to print out are flat tissues like skin and tubular and hollow organs like blood vessels and bladders and finally the most complex are solid organs like lives, hearts and kidneys. those are still a ways off but some of these made to order
5:49 pm
we have seen some bone implanted in animals, those small ears actually implanted on the back to prove that they can survive. actually interviewed a young man who had one of those bladders implanted. . >> incredible. lonnie, we have been seeing something of everything this week. >> a smorgasbord. >> yes. >> something for everybody. let's check in with weather watchers to see what our weather watchers are serving up. temperatures in the area in the 30s upper 30s for most people. princeton, plainsboro, anthony, what are you telling me?
5:50 pm
led to overcast skies. the winds are gone. my headlines has a look at what we're look like this. chilly over the next 48 hours and some precipitation. it's a warm weekend that awaits. here's the deal. right now we have a northwest wind light like anthony was talking about but coming from the northwest which cools down the air. by the time you get to the weekend it's a southwest wind that will bump you up to 10 degrees or more above the normal for this time of the year. your normal temperature is 42. we are talking lower 50s for vortex satellite and radar, we said there could be a little bit of precipitation out there and this is it binghamton. this is trying to move southeast. it won't make its way through the area. best bet to see snow would be those areas north and west of the city. high pressure will fill in for your day tomorrow so a lot of sunshine for your day on thursday.
5:51 pm
then you get to friday more clouds and look at this. there's a little precipitation chance on friday especially late friday into saturday. this is it. it could be a little wintry mix. could be maybe a snowflake, sleet or rain. it is running a little further to the north now on the most recent models but this had been sagging south early so i'm going to keep the chance in for a little bit of a wintry mix friday into early saturday. buttively better about the weekend. sunday will be nice. tomorrow chilly and sunny. 37 degrees. you are starting off tomorrow in the 20s widespread north and west into the teens a cold start on thursday. friday 40 degrees. late chance for precipitation out there. saturday 55 degrees for your saturday. the double nickel. that's conservative by some of the data i have looked at. 52 on sunday. so a couple of degrees cooler on sunday. sunday is the better weekend day with sunshine.
5:52 pm
into thursday, for the next affect us. thank you. cbs will have you thinking summer with the premiere of tonight. the show was filmed in cambodia. the host traveled from that island to this unwith, manhattan, for a special screening of the premiere. the season's theme is brains versus brawn versus beauty. the 90-minute premiere begins here on cbs 2 tonight at 8:00. up next she gives new meaning to concept of fashion police. meet the officer who is making a splash with her second job. >> then at 6:00 donald trump's name is on buildings all over new york city. but state lawmakers want them
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
park. when we talk about the fashion police it's usually the tough critics who like to make fun of other people and what they're wearing. but tonight cbs 2's cindy hsu introduces us to a true blue fashion police officer. >> reporter: there's a lot that stands out about officer sally reeves. >> they are beautiful. i love them. if i could have my pick gun here i would. [ laughter ] >> reporter: officer reeves is
5:56 pm
she has been on the job for 13 years. she actually enrolled in the police academy on a dare. >> she gave me $1,000. i'm very competitive. [ laughter ] >> reporter: so competitive when she gets home from her night shift at 7:30 a.m. she sleeps a few hours and then starts her day job as a fashion designer. the whole thing started because were you borrowing your husband's bow ties. >> i said i'll make my own. >> reporter: she launched a company three months ago sally reeves collection. she designs bow ties suspenders and as scots for men and women. i tried it. >> i try to do the pretie for the ladies because they don't want to -- >> no, they don't want t. >> that's cute. >> very cute. [ laughter ] >> reporter: she has lots of fans on the force. >> i told her i said, you have to up my game for me. so she in a sense did that and
5:57 pm
[ laughter ] >> so i think i'm her number one fan. [ laughter ] >> reporter: right now, reeves sells online but dreams of getting into high-end stores. and has a message for anyone who has given up pursuing the dream. >> please don't give up. if i can do it you can do it. >> reporter: she plans to keep on do it. in maplewood, cindy hsu, cbs 2 news. >> officer reeves also loves her night job and doesn't plan on retiring from the force anytime soon. >> dreams come true. >> they do. >> right there. that's it for the news at 5:00. the news at 6:00 starts right now. [ music ] live from studio 46, this is cbs 2 news at 6:00. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. clobbered at the clubhouse! a long island man says he was jumped by a group of strangers inside his gated community. >> one of the guys immediately jumped on me and started punching me in the face.
5:58 pm
they get in? >> main debate the push by some lawmakers to take donald trump's name off a state park and why said it shouldn't have been on there. >> attacked by turkeys. a 911 call to prove it. >> i was attacked by wild turkey. >> good evening. i'm maurice dubois. >> i'm kristine johnson. dana tyler is off today. you would think you were safe inside a gated community but a long island man learned that's not always the case. >> the suburban dad wanted to get in some exercise at the gym but instead, he says he was beaten by a mob. it was all caught on camera. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan joins us live from police headquarters in yaphank with the story that's new tonight at 6:00. jennifer. >> reporter: maurice, kristine, good evening. the victim, a distinguished scientist from brookhaven national lab. police want to find those responsible for the attack inside a gated community in
5:59 pm
>> i believe that this guy is the one who did the most damage. >> reporter: the chemist from brookhaven lab is the victim of a group assault inside the clubhouse of his bellport gated community, say police. >> hit in the mouth, to my shoulder, in the back, and all over the shoulder to the jaw. then broke it. >> reporter: it was inside this building where the beating took place last month. the door says restricted and so do signs. no guests or visitors permitted at any time. >> they said this is not enforced. >> reporter: he finished his work and walked into the gymnasium to shoot a few hoops. it was filled with two dozen outsiders who refused to allow lemar access. >> told me to go away. but in obscene terms. >> reporter: he picked up his cell phone hoping to take a photo to show management. >> i took one of the guys immediately jumped on me and


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