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tv   CBS 2 News  CBS  February 18, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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for the attack. live at the scene with an update from police. >> reporter: the restaurant is open with a noticeable police presence. they just finished up cleaning up the blood off of the sidewalk after this sickening attack that left a busboy with 120 stitches on his face. and police this afternoon believe that it was a teenager who attacked him. >> the good thing is he's going to be okay. >> it's the one effect that silver spurs manager gives him comfort. his busboy is doing well and recovering after what was a violent and chaotic night at the family-owned restaurant on laguardia place. a slashing no one saw coming. >> we've been here over 20 years. >> it was here where diners were eating around 8:00 p.m. wednesday when police say a teenage boy came in with a gym bag and folder and began going
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customers asking for donations for a basketball team. one of his busboys, a 25-year- old named bobby asked the teen to leave and he did. but investigators say 10 minutes later the teen came back and when bobby escorted him out again this time the teen turned, took out a box cutter and slashed the busboy across the cheek in this vestibule, leaving him with a deep wound. >> we were just eating and then i saw cops come from everywhere and someone was screaming, people were screaming. >> witnesses say the teen is a black hispanic male between 15 and 17. about 5'7", 160 pounds with braces. last seen wearing a gray hoodie and dark jeans. this woman is a waitress at the restaurant and says it's not unusual for kids to come in asking for donations. but never this. >> he was soliciting. people were eating. would you want people bothering while they're eating?
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>> long time customers believes there's no way he suspected that the teen was armed. >> i'm surprised because he's trained in martial arts. very polite person. not aggress i have at all. very good person. a very hard worker. >> now the surveillance cameras inside of the restaurant were attack. now as for the busboy, cbs 2 did have the opportunity to speak with him by phone. we asked how he was doing. he simply said i'm alive. he has apparently worked at this restaurant for the past five years and the manager says he plans to be back at work on monday. reporting live this afternoon from greenwich village. >> thank you. the nassau county executive making his first public appearance since cbs 2 broke
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involved in a sexting scandal. ed -- andrea grymes has this report. >> reporter: nassau county speaking at a heroin summit while her husband is in the midst of battling back, maintaining he's the victim in an allergid sexting scandal. nassau county police are probing whether ed mangano and local marketing executive are victims of a hacking scandal. x-rated texts sent from one to the other. the acting police commissioner is a mangano appointee. >> do you think you should be investigating the charges made and not some independent person not appointed by him? >> nassau county police department is conducting an investigation. the county executive has made an allegation. at this point in time the county executive is not the subject of the investigation. if he becomes a subject of the investigation that will be referred to the appropriate agencies. >> reporter: on saturday cbs 2
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kramer broke the story of the lurid messages allegedly sent from mangano's phone. >> this is outrageous and disgusting and hurtful and it did not come from me. it was not done on my phone. hacker. >> they have met before. >> you're an amazing guy. i follow you. i've been inspired by you. >> this is a previous interview done with mangano for her blog the daily blue. now there are also questions being raised about how she got two no bid nassau county contracts both under $25,000 so approval. a $24,500 contract in 2013 and a $24,000 contract in 2014. mangano's spokesman says she coordinated events benefiting veterans and the games for the physically challenged. her contracts reportedly say the services she provided were
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cannot be evaluated through a competitive bid process. news day questioned that in an editorial saying quote, those needs could easily be met by dozens or hundreds of area firms. she says she never communicated with mangano through text and says she does not even have his cell phone number. in bald win nassau county, andrea grymes, cbs 2 news. >> that announcement about battling the heroin problem is about to get underway. we'll told nassau and suffolk will be working together. more on that tonight beginning at 5:00 p.m. a fire in new jersey -- in jersey city injured five people including an infant. the flames broke out this morning and quickly spread to several adjacent homes. residents raced to safety. some suffering serious burns. the remaining victims suffered
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mta bus drivers are on high alert after several drivers have been attacked behind the wheel. parked along the prongs 19 bus route on southern boulevard tuesday when someone boarded the bus and attacked him. he says he tried to escape through the driver's side window but was trapped. >> just tart to punch me all over. there was no way to run. could see my right, it's all red. i got double vision right now. i can't even see straight. >> police say his attacker remains at large. he says he was attacked in november and just last month in brooklyn another bus driver was also beaten while he sat helpless in the driver's seat. the suspect in that case has turned himself in. president obama announced this morning he'll travel to cuba next month. he'll been the first sitting u.s. president to visit the nation in 88 years. as meg baker reports, residents have mixed feelings about the
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>> it's been nearly 90 years since a sitting u.s. president visited cuba. now president obama will pay a historic visit to the island nation within weeks and cuban americans here in west new york- new jersey have mixed feelings. >> i think it's great. that somebody actually is going to go there and maybe help get rid of fidel. >> it's good to build relationships between cuba ena the united states. cuba needs it. they're in a tough position. it's great that perk america is trying to help. >> the trip has been long expected. if you're cuban in hudson county dish spoke to the son who says his family has had the true american dream. >> built it up, they started, they started off in the bronx and built up and bought this and they lived the american dream for coming here. >> john michael reyes' father came to the u.s. in 1969. >> i think it's just for show. we'll see.
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promising direction. >> make the living conditions better in cuba. better for them. he's got family over there. he wishes them the best. >> the country signed an agreement clearing the way for daily commercial flights to cuba. vacation. >> many americans and cubans will welcome that. in west new york-new jersey, meg baker, cbs 2 news. major changes may be coming to brooklyn. pope francis versus a politician. the holy father takes on donald trump over an issue that has many people divided. everyone is excitabled to their opinion. >> he wore white scrubs and used a stethoscope. a teenager accused of tricking patients into thinking he was a doctor. from white coats to winter coat. it's cold out there right now. awfully nice and bright. what about your warm weekend?
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share. now to campaign 2016. the south carolina primary is just two days away and republican presidential candidates are hoping to sway votes away from front runner
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pope francis is sounding off on donald trump. before flying back to the vatican from his visit to mexico, the pope responded to a question about trump's pledge to build a wall on the u.s.- mexican border. a person who thinks only about building walls and not of building bridges, he said, is not christian. the trump campaign has yet to comment. a new cbs news national poll shows donald trump with a 2 to 1 advantage over ted cruz. >> thank you so much, congressman. >> the only candidate left out of the top five is jeb bush. he stopped by a farmers market in florence, south carolina thursday morning. >> if you want a president that can lead us through adversity, then i ask for your support on saturday. >> governor nikki haley appeared with marco rubio after endorsing him. >> i'm here to ask for your vote. i'm as conservative as anyone running in this race pap but i can win. >> john kasich was out pumping up his campaign team who will
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door at a time. >> it's really cool to see l receiver starting to come up and the recognition starting to register. >> south carolina's polls are set to hope in less than 48 hours. for the democrats a new poll shows hillary clinton with just a one point lead over bernie sanders ahead of the nevada caucuses. toyota is recalling nearly 3 million suvs worldwide because of possible problems with the seat belts. the company said a flaw could cause rear seat belts to fail. the affected vehicles of the toyota rav 4, rav 4 ev. toyota dealers will fix the problem at no cost. we're getting our first look at what could be brooklyn's tallest skyscraper. approved a plan to build a $600,000 square food
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approved. the 73 story building would involve the brooklyn dime savings bank. bill cosby case. why the comedian is suing one of his accusers. does this teenager look like a real doctor to you? a boy in handcuffs accused of treating patients without a license. then later one of the richest women in the world opens up her closet to the public.
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bill cosby filed a breach of contract lawsuit against a woman whose 2005 sex assault accusation led to his recent arrest. accused cosby of drugging and molesting her. the suit names her mother, two lawyers and the national inquirer. they were all subject to confidential clauses covering the settlements of lawsuits against cosby. one of the stars of the reality show mob wives has lost her battle with cancer. angela raiola died early this morning. a friend in a statement posted on social media saying she was surrounded by family and close friends when she died. she had been battling stage four brain and lung cancer. she was just 55 years old. the florida teen accused of
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on bail. malichi love-robinson was still wearing a lab coat. the 18-year-old cared for patients at his own medical clinic. robinson allegedly gave a physical exam to a female undercover officer. he denies those accusations. >> we can shed a good light on positive things happening and stop worrying about bashing someone and start lifting them up. i want to thank everyone for their support whether it was good or bad. >> in an online profile he described himself as a well rounded professional who utilizes physiological, psychological and mechanical methods to try his patients. sounds very interesting. let's get a check on your forecast. no rain that we have to deal with. maybe a little wind. >> it is windy and cold. good and bad support too. we'll turn that around by the
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show show you what the weather watchers are reporting. look at that beautiful sun, beautiful smile. it's a beautiful day. now you can tell this is very -- you have to sleuth this out. 32 in plainview. it took all morning to get to 32. it's cold and windy. it is cold out there we'll turn that around for you. look at this. multiple folks sending in crocuses popping up. i like that. beautiful blue skies. pitchers and catchers. maybe that will warm you up. we'll see the sun today. the clouds tomorrow. a hiccup tomorrow night. then a dynamic weekend. 32. winds are variable at 6. 23. turn the numbers around.
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no, we can do better than that. 33 in the hamptons. even in the city where the thermometer says it's freezing. it feels like 26. windchills as low as 13 north and west. numbers below normal. 35. shooting for 42. i don't think that's going to happen until the weekend. sunset at 5:34. we should see mostly sunny skies. the composite radar and satellite is nice and quiet. big concern well visited fire risk in the central plains and then more welcomed wet and white weather out west. our area going to make a stop. clear and cold. you'll see readings in the mid20s in the city. another cold one tomorrow morning. friday clouds fill in. there's a possibility we've been talking about this the last few days.
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passing rain or snow shower. there's not a lot of coverage anticipated. that clears up saturday and we warm up. saturday the warmer of your two days. you have temperatures about 10 degrees above normal. then we're waiting and watching for next week's storm. this is coming in looks like on tuesday into wednesday. path is still uncertain. it's hard to have enough cold air in place for snow. one of the models hinting it would be more of a snow event. that's what we'll be watching into wednesday of next week. ready. tacking on over 20 degrees by saturday. staying mild. sunday we'll wrap up the weekend with a passing showers a weds. >> what a weekend. thank you. to find out the weather any weather app. get the forecast, check live radar and send us your pictures and video. the hit show survivor resurrected the brains versus brawn versus beauty theme for its 32nd season.
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asked the host and former contestants some tough questions. >> alex denis has the story. >> season 32 is being described as one of the most physically grueling seasons. featuring 18 cast aways divided into tribes. on an island in cambodia, people are divided on who will reign supreme. >> people said i see brains as a quality, brawn as a quality. i don't see beauty as a quality. i said you don't think doors open for beautiful women? every day. you really see that. >> these fans are undecided on the possible winner too but they're sure of one thing. >> you can't script anything like that. >> at a panel discussion on all things survivor, grilled by young future contestant hopefuls. >> do you think you'd do best in brains, brawns or beauty?
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>> spoken like a true future survivors. my iq is not that high. >> the young fans had suggestions for producers. >> this is survivor. >> current survivors will continue to battle it out weekly while these young ones sharpen their skills. >> you can catch the new season of survivor wednesdays at 8 on cbs. if you can't be a celebrity you can dress like one. oprah will auction off more than 250 items from her own closet next month. those looking to score in the sale can find designer items. bid willing start at 99 cents. all proceeds will go towards the oprah winfrey leadership
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site off the palm beach county coastline. thousands of black tipped sharks are swimming just hundreds of feet from beach fronts. it's part of their annual migration pattern. they put a drone over the area so you could see the thousands and thousands of -- they look like goldfish. no. those are sharks. isn't that amazing? >> wow. >> you should put your red wet suit on. >> why not. >> let's not. that's it for us at noon. thanks for joining us. >> cbs 2 news is back at 5:00. we'll see you tomorrow morning at 4:30. have a great afternoon. we'll begin tonight with breaking news. go! steve kroft from "60 minutes." yo, how you doin'? what did you mean by that? mr. president, what do you know? that's a very good question. i know it is.
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>> abby: so, you're positive? 'cause it's not like the lab doesn't make mistakes. i mean, look at what happened with my mom, unless that was all an act. >> stitch: ashley called and said she had another test run and the results were negative. >> abby: negative negative? >> stitch: as negative as you can get. yeah. so, yes. the lab messed up with her results, but -- >> abby: but not with mine? >> stitch: you're having a baby -- our baby. >> abby: [ laughs ] >> stitch: how do you feel? >> abby: oh, my gosh. i-i feel like i'm gonna throw up, but in the best possible way. how do you feel? >> stitch: is it not obvious? >> abby: i mean, we just got married like two seconds ago, and we had the shortest honeymoon ever. i can understand if you're not ready. >> stitch: this is the best surprise i've ever gotten. >> abby: [ laughs ] me too. i-i can't wait to tell everyone. [ sighs ] everyone. >> stitch: what?


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