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tv   CBS 2 News at 5  CBS  February 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> gushing blood, dripping blood, walked there and cops and ambulance came to assist him. >> reporter: police say they believe the argument happened when the victim cut the line. >> could have happened to any of us really. >> reporter: again, we now know that police do believe this started when the victim tried to cut in line to get into the sale. the victim is a 21-year-old man now being treated at the hospital for his nonlife- threatening injuries. police are searching for the suspect and weapon. in soho, valerie castro, cbs 2 news. not far from that location, the nypd is also looking for the person who slashed a restaurant worker across the face. the bus boy at the silver spurs in greenwich village needed 120 stitches to close the wound. police say he was attacked by a teenager asking for money inside the diner. coming up at 5:30, we'll have the latest on the search for the suspect. and just when you thought the presidential race couldn't get any wilder, pope francis has entered the fray.
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church is calling out donald trump saying the candidate is no christian. cbs 2's dick brennan is here now with more on today's developments. >> reporter: could not get any wilder is right. the remarks by pope francis are already causing a storm on the campaign trail. the pope was responding to a question about trump's pledge to build a wall on the mexican u.s. border. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: a person who thinks only about building walls wherever they may be located and not building bridges is not a christian. >> the pope's comments came during a session with reporters on his plane while he was flying back to the vatican from his visit to mexico. [ speaking spanish >> as far as what i said whether i would advise to vote or not vote, i am not going to get involved in that. i say only that this man is not a christian if he has said things like that. >> reporter: trump responded during a noontime rally. >> i'm a very good christian because the pope said something to the effect that maybe donald trump isn't
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and he is questioning my faith. i was very surprised to see it but i am christian. i'm proud of it. okay. for a religious leader to question a person's face is disgraceful. >> reporter: he said the mexican government was feeding negative things about him. >> he heard one side of the story. he didn't see the crime, drug trafficking and the negative economic impact the current policy, i mean, you see what's going on, right? >> reporter: a new cbs news national poll shows donald trump with a 2:1 advantage over ted cruz a person lagging way behind in the polls jeb trump. christianity because i honestly believe that that's a relationship that you have and, um, it only enables [ indiscernible ] it only enables bad behavior when you -- when someone from out the outside of the country talks about trump. comments are amazing considering the vatican is surrounded by walls.
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open city. [ laughter ] >> okay, dick, thank you. [ laughter ] more on the poll. it shows who exactly is backing donald trump. the candidate has similar support across the spectrum from moderates to people who are very conservative. him than women. 39% to 31%. trump also does better with gets 37%. and he has significantly higher numbers from people who make under $50,000 a year. the nypd arrested four people after separate police pursuits today in manhattan and they all wound up in hell's kitchen. cbs 2's magdalena doris reports. >> i was startled going, wow, something that's been going on and the next thing knew is all the policemen and counter- terrorism cars. >> reporter: georgia saw just one part of an incident that police say started at 125th and broadway. a car carrying three people was pulled over but sped away
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a male passenger jumped out of the car and ran into the parking lot of the skyline hotel. the nypd finally stopped the car at 34th street and the west side highway. two women were arrested there and brought back to the skyline hotel at 49th and > like 30 cop cars that came all at once. >> reporter: all three people arrested. at around the same time, just four blocks away, a woman taken into custody after hitting a police officer with her car. police say the driver received a ticket from an officer at 5th and 8th avenue because her vehicle was double-parked. after the ticket was issued, investigators say she sped away striking the officer with her car in the left shin. that officer taken to cornell medical center and is now in stable condition. a wild afternoon in hell's kitchen. madalena doris, cbs 2 news. new information now. fbi agents are searching the
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of the brother of one of the san bernardino attackers. gunman syed farook's brother and sister-in-law live at the corona home where agents were seen today. meanwhile apple is refusing to comply with a federal court order demanding the company unlock farook's iphone. farook and his wife killed four people in the december attack. new at 5:00 the nypd searching for a mugger targeting women. cbs 2's tony aiello reports. >> reporter: surveillance video from harlem shows the suspect trying and failing to buy sneakers. he is wearing a distinctive puffer winter coat. police say the mugger has struck at least five times in the last five weeks mostly on the east side of manhattan. he is targeting women victims ranging from 22 to 71 in age. demands her wallet. >> throw it. and run. >> reporter: why would you throw it? >> so they go after the you.
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>> reporter: give him the further? >> yes. that or be dead. and i don't carry that much money so it doesn't matter. >> reporter: in general, when there's a threat of a weapon, it is safest to give up your possessions. in most cases, the mugger has either said or suggested with a gesture that he was packing a gun. except in one case he actually showed a firearm. that was the january 22nd mugging of a 22-year-old woman inside this gristede's on lexington. get to away with $20. -- he got away with $20. in other cases the mugger got as much as $5,000 in jewels and cash. so far, none of the victims has been injured. the nypd wants help in stopping him. tony aiello, cbs 2 news. the white house says president obama will make a history making trip to cuba next month! he will be the first sitting president to visit the island in nearly 90 years. mr. obama says he will raise human rights issues and other concerns with cuban president raoul castro.
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pushing for change in cuba. but cuban-americans we spoke with in our area have mixed reactions about the visit. >> i think it's great that somebody actually is going to go there and maybe help get rid of fidel. >> i think it's for show. >> president and mrs. obama will arrive on march 21 and stay for two days. the president reestablished u.s. relations in cuba in 2014 after a 50-year estrangement. the president will not attend a funeral for supreme court justice antonin scalia. the white house says the president and the first lady will go to the court tomorrow for the time to pay their respects aska respects. vice president joe biden and his wife will go to the funeral. some tough questions for the nassau county executive
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ed mangano made his first public appearance since he was reportedly involved in "sexting" scandal. cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer reports. >> reporter: he tried to appear jovial but didn't stop the questions from me and others. mr. mangano do you think there should be an independent probe by the district attorney or fbi -- >> i have no problem with the fbi and, um, again, the police department's doing it, you know? >> reporter: what about karin getting two no-bid contracts? was that appropriate? >> again, i had nothing to do with that. [ indiscernible ] $35,000 it's not a competitive bid progress. we in the county are under $25,000. >> reporter: the counties executive appearing in public for the first time after there was a police probe into whether he is the victim of hacking. x-rated texts sent to women from his phone including karin caro. it's clear they know each
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also that she got two no-bid contracts under the cap for requiring more scrutiny. mangano's appearance today in a drug summit where his wife played a prominent role. when he walked in, she gave him a pat on the back. i asked the acting police commissioner a mangano appointee if it was appropriate for his department to handle the probe. >> the county executive has made an allegation and at this point the county executive is not the subject of the investigation. if at any time he becomes subject of the investigation, that investigation will be referred to the appropriate agencies. >> somebody that's out there getting their jollies, taking down, you know, a public official, we're vulnerable. you're in a public spotlight and this is some sick warped individual. >> later i asked the police commissioner how he felt about the fbi taking over the investigation. all i got was a terse no comment. maurice and kristine? >> thank you. coming up next, it happened in an instant.
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crushes workers under a huge piece of machinery. what went wrong? >> pilfered from the porch. one driver took. >> could you be missing out on your credit card? the simple call that could save you big bucks. baseball season here. spring spirit. otis livingston is live in training camp is different >> okay, look. i know it was cold out there today below average but if you were walking on the sunnyside of the street it felt better. and yet we're going to talk about the chance for snow here
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one person dead, one injured after a the building of a new fire station had an accident. cbs 2's hazel sanchez reports. >> reporter: firefighters got the call thursday responding to the construction site of
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hills road off route 10. one construction worker was killed and crushed by a generator, another seriously injured. >> it's tragic. you get up in the morning to go to work and, hm, you're not going home. >> reporter: a crane crew had secured the generator and was moving it to its permanent location when it appears two of four yellow support belts snapped flipping the generator on to two workers who were guiding it into place. neighboring communities came to assist whippany's bravest who were the first to respond. only one construction worker was pulled out alive. >> i'm also in the construction business so, you know, seeing something like this just, you know, shocking. >> reporter: morris county prosecutors are investigating this accident at this point it's unclear what caused the crane straps to snap. >> it affects everybody. everybody is close-knit. >> reporter: locals say it's a sad start to what was supposed to be a bright new beginning for the whippany fire department.
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news. >> investigators have not released the workers' names thus far. we want to head down to florida now because there is spring training happening. it's almost 40 degrees warmer there than here in new york and with the higher temperatures come higher expectations for the team from queens. cbs 2's otis livingston spent the day with the defending national league champions. he is live in port st. lucie tonight. otis. >> reporter: yes. that defending national league team because the rest of the mets pitchers and catchers were getting their physicians today so it's quiet around their first official workout is tomorrow. for the first time since they went to the national league championship series in 2006, the mets enter spring training as one of the teams that the rest of the national league will be gunning for, the hunted, not the hunters and their manager terry collins way. >> we have a good team. we can't be ego maniacs about it but you have to walk out there with that confident that
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>> reporter: to win they must stay healthy he will guys like david wright. the pitching staff needs a repeat of last year. the pieces are in place for a return to the fall classic. what's this team's attitude, though, going in? you know everybody is going to give you their best shot. >> yeah. that's definitely -- it's a change, you know, from past years. but i think we're open and accepting of the challenge. >> this is only the first day. once the fans get involved, we play in front of the greatest fans in baseball -- >> reporter: speaking of the fans, they have high expectations just like the met organization. >> i think they are going to win the division, be the nationals and by 7.5 games and reach the world series. >> 7.5 games? >> yes. >> not 6, not 8. >> no. >> i usually follow losing teams. i'm a buffalo bills fans. but i'm a mets fan, sabres fan. so -- >> reporter: were you able to handle it then? you're used to losing. >> no, it was really a slap in the face! [ laughter ] >> but a good one. >> reporter: first time in a long time they have been the story coming into spring
5:17 pm
as a met fan, how's that feel? >> they are the other team in new york now, the yankees. they are the other team. always. >> reporter: yo, those are fighting words in the bronx! but expectations are sky high here in port st. lucie for the mets to have an outstanding season. more from here and we'll check in on the "other" team in new york, the yankees, over in tampa. but for now, that's it from port st. lucie. otis livingston, kristine and maurice, back to you. >> very provocative, otis. but don't sleep on the yankees especially that bullpen. let me say that here and now. >> reporter: if they can get to the 6th inning with a lead, it's going to probably be lights out for the opposing team. but yeah, you know, the yankees are always going to be a story, always going to put together a pretty good team. but right now, man, the mets are where it's at. >> okay. >> nice little change of pace. >> i guess. [ laughter ] >> we'll talk to you. >> thanks, otis. this video right here will
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a giant panda at the toronto zoo seemed to be in a good mood as he just flipped all the way down a snow-covered slope. the city got 4" of snow and freezing rain tuesday which apparently means play time for panda. loved it so much, he had to do it again. >> never looked happier, right? >> he is so cushioned he doesn't get hurt. >> usually they're in regular dirt. look at this. perfect. >> so cute. >> i can watch pandas all day. >> so cool. lonnie is here talking about our weather and what's coming our way. >> but let's just keep rolling the panda video. >> yeah. >> who needs us? >> every newscast should start with panda something. what i have for you outside as of right now, a gorgeous sky. definitely feels better walking on the sunny side of the street rather than the shade. 35 with the sunshine, high temperature only a degree warmer at 36. you should make it up to 42 and you couldn't get there today. 6 degrees off the mark.
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sky. this is the current satellite and radar picture. all right? so satellite we show you where the clouds. you have to go all the way out to western pennsylvania to find the line of clouds. and then if you go up to the northern great lakes you will see a little bit of precipitation, a little snowflake and believe it or not, that's going to give us a little chance for a flake around here maybe say late tomorrow but if any of that moisture -- if any of this is still with us by the time you get to the start of your day on saturday, i think maybe a stray raindrop out there, because look how warm it's going to be on saturday. i'm talking below normal temperatures today and then you're almost 60 on saturday. partly sunny skies, sunday still mild about 52 degrees. but it's a brighter looking day. overnight tonight you're not into that warmth yet. we have to get the front through here. we have to change our wind direction. tonight we're still dealing with the cold air down to 23 degrees. a clear sky. but it is cold out there. north and west of the city you will be into the teens and then for your day tomorrow, extra clouds will be making
5:20 pm
afternoon. a late snowflake is possible. high temperature tomorrow around 39 degrees. the extended forecast comes up in a little bit from now. but let's go back to you. >> thank you. up next, free wi-fi while you walk through the city? how will this new program keep your data safe of?$. >> plus, is this the future of flying? the company drawing up plans
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. on heroin. a new task force aimed at stopping dealers but will it work? and why are uber drivers avoiding one of our major airports? we'll explain a new ordinance keeping them away, at 6:00. pay phones, they are about to officially become a thing boroughs. today the city rolled out the first of the replacements. look. >> out with the old. they look crusty anyway. >> reporter: and in with the kiosks where you can make a phone call but use wi-fi. sb charging ports, tablet for web browsing, usb charging services. >> with this effort we are
5:24 pm
most innovative most accessible most tech-friendly city in the nation and anywhere in the world. >> reporter: today the city officially l link nyc with about a dozen kiosks. when the project is complete 7500 will be installed in all five boroughs. they are free. >> you won't need to insert a quarter. you won't need to insert any kind of money whatsoever. >> reporter: new yorkers we spoke to had mixed opinions about making use of the kiosks. >> my phone is good. >> reporter: you need one of those right now? >> my phone is dying. >> i think i'll use it. >> definitely. >> if there was an emergency, yeah. >> reporter: the city says access to the internet is no locker a luxury but a necessity. >> this is another way to put tools in people as hands who can't afford them. >> reporter: still, some have concerns about how secure the wi-fi is. >> we do offer a, um, encrypted connection which is
5:25 pm
generation of phones, example ios 7 and up will be able to use this encrypted network. >> this is the most secure public wi-fi network. they have the latest technology to prevent hacking. >> reporter: as for the upkeep of these kiosks to prevent them from going the graffiti ridden defaced way of the pay phone, maintenance will be performed twice a week. alice gainer, cbs 2 news. >> the high speed wi-fi has a radius of 150 feet and more than 500 kiosks should be installed by july. the city says it's not costing the taxpayer a dime and is funded through advertising revenues which will generate revenue for the city. >> so different. telling my little guy about pay phones th other day. what's that? you didn't have cell phones? >> i hear it. coming up next searching for a slasher. a frightening attack inside a diner. now a new photo could help find the man accused of sending a bleeding bus boy to the hospital.
5:26 pm
homeless problem in the city be found in empty lots? proposing. >> plus, paying convicted politicians huge pensions. is the governor going to do anything to stop it?
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demanded answers. this is the face of addiction. addiction doesn't discriminate. alcohol smoking weed pills crack k2, spice acid cocaine crystal meth heroin this is also the face of hope. addiction is a disease. help is available. visit the new york state office of alcoholism
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tonight the search for the suspect in a greenwich village slashing attack. police are looking for a teenager who cut a restaurant worker across the face. i'm maurice dubois. >> i'm kristine johnson. welcome back to the broadcast. it took more than 100 stitches to close the worker's wounds. police say he was slashed after telling a teenager who was likely trying to scam customers to leaves. cbs 2's sonia rincon live in the village now with the story. >> reporter: the attacker is described as a teenaged kid 15 to 17 years old with braces going around asking customers for donations to a basketball team. now, the employee who kicked him out of this restaurant needed dozens of stitches in his face after police say that teenager came back and attacked him with a box cutter. coworkers and customers who know the 25-year-old bus boy are shaken up over what happened and wishing him well. >> everybody loves him.
5:30 pm
>> polite and not aggressive. he is a very good person and hard worker. >> nice and humble dude real chill relaxed attitude. >> reporter: he says the bus boy bobby has worked here at silver spurs for a few years and has had to deal with the occasional problem customer. >> he has had to ask people to leave before. sometimes people looking for money. >> never happened before. >> we been here over 20 years and nothing like this ever happened. >> reporter: according to police and witnesses, the bus boy politely told the teen to leave because he was bothering customers. the teenager was carrying a gym bag and folder asking for money for what the nypd says was probably a bogus basketball team. >> for all intents and purposes it looks like a scam to get money, that he asked people to invest in a basketball league. >> reporter: the chief of detectives says the teen threatened to come back and did a few minutes later.
5:31 pm
boy in the cheek here in the vestibule. surveillance cameras inside weren't working. police here had this flyer and this afternoon released this surveillance picture of the teen suspect, who ran north on laguardia place. and moments ago, cbs 2 news spoke with the victim's girlfriend nicole fontana saying his injuries are very serious. >> about 130 on the outside and 7 on the inside of his cheek. i just panicked. and, you know, the first thing i did was just run to side. >> reporter: i spoke with bobby earlier by phone. he wasn't ready to speak with us on camera. but he did say, i'm alive and he expects he will be okay. live in greenwich village, sonia rincon, cbs 2 news. a fire in jersey city injured five people including an infant broke out just after 4 a.m. at 33 irving street and quickly spread to several adjacent homes. the child and another person had serious burns. three others suffered smoke
5:32 pm
no word on how the fire started. corrupt new york state politicians elected before 2011 are allowed to keep their whopping pensions even if convicted of crimes. tonight new calls to reform new york state law after some learned former senate majority leader dean skelos may rake in nearly $100,000 a year. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan reports. >> reporter: on the streets of his hometown rockville centre not far from the sports complex named in his honor, citizens reacted to news that former senate majority leader dean skelos convicted of bribery, extortion, conspiracy, filed for his state pension 11 days after being found guilty and will be granted $95,831 a year. why? because current pension forfeiture law affects only public officials who took office after 2011. >> it's not fair to the average working person. it's rockville centre, dean skelos.
5:33 pm
they're down to comment on that. pension. >> reporter: on long island the governor responded to corruption questions. >> why should we continue to pay them after they have been convicted for violating the trust that the people put in them? >> because the people on long this. >> they should be. >> they should be. it's absurd! >> reporter: no one answered the door at the whom of dean skelos for comment but nearby a grassroots movement started by this long island man james cole with an online petition to strip the name from the park root out corruption in criminals. >> seems like the governor is a little bit of a johnnie come lately when it comes to albany. opinion. it wouldn't just simply follow it. >> reporter: reforms to the current pension law may be nearer a resolution. >> and we even have members of the senate and assembly who finally get the picture.
5:34 pm
so long? >> nothing good comes easy in democracy. >> reporter: if pension reform can't be brokered in albany many long islanders say they won't vote to reelected their legislators next november. jennifer mclogan, cbs 2 news. pope francis's suggestion women in areas affected by the zika virus could use artificial contraception. that recommendation does not apply though to abortion which the pope still strongly condemns. in addition, puerto rico has begun buying blood from the red cross after the u.s. government warned against the use of locally donated blood in areas affected by zika. the island territory has more than 30,000 confirmed cases. airbus is trying to be travelers. the airplane building company applied for a patent that turns a row of airplane seats in a bench. they are thinking the bench can be reconfigured fitting sizes. it could fit a family of four but if needed it could be
5:35 pm
passengers or just three people. airbus. [ laughter ] >> we'll see. coming up next, "living large" in a home where even the shower is a work of art. and wait until you see the special staircase made with marble and 18-carat gold. >> shiloh one, shiloh three, a bunch of other ones. i'm sick of it! >> she just wanted a book that she could relate to and now a new jersey girl's reading list frustration has turned into a movement. >> and today in history, in 1885, mark twain's adventure of huck finn was published in the u.s. with its racially charged language and subject matter. the book was controversial from the beginning.
5:36 pm
5:37 pm
5:38 pm
banned. ' sixth grader in new jersey who loves to read is changing the world one story at a time. she got frustrated because none of her reading materials had characters like herself. cbs reporter vinita nair has
5:39 pm
>> reporter: for 11-year-old marley, a good book opens the world. >> you always have words. you're able to express your emotions when you read the people who look like me keep fighting. >> reporter: some books she is assigned in school she has grown tired of. >> the groups are about white boys and dogs. >> shiloh, shiloh one, shiloh three, a bunch of other ones. i'm sick of it! >> reporter: marley wanted backs she could relate to with characters like her. >> so i just went to my mom and then she told me, well, what are you going to do about it? that's how the book drive started. >> reporter: the idea was simple but ambitious to collect 1,000 books about black girls. >> we started posting pictures of me on instagram holding black books. >> reporter: that led to appearance with larry wilmore on the nightly show. >> and your name is marley. were you named after bob marley?
5:40 pm
my mother's jamaican so she named me after bob marley. >> reporter: the books began arriving and stacking up. when we visited, marley had collected close to 1300. >> yes. woodson. >> reporter: who won the newberry award and national book award for brown girls dream knows the importance of identifying with characters in a book. >> seeing a story on the page about a black child written by a black author not only legitimizes your own existence in the world, because you're a part of something else. look, i'm here in this book. >> so 1,000 of the books are going to go to st. mary jamaica primary school where my mother is from. and it's going to be my first time going to, like, rural jamaica where she is from. >> reporter: last week, that's what they did.
5:41 pm
volunteers gave away the books she collected to jamaican children. many of whom had limited access to books. >> i think you should consider writing your own book. >> i have heard a lot about that. i don't think i'm ready. but when i am ready, i will. >> reporter: we're guessing that book will have a very impressive main character. >> sounds like she is ready to me. >> oh, yeah. she could write a story now. i love the question her mom asked, what are you going to do about it? that's the question. >> also on marlie's most recommended list is chains about a slave's fight for freedom during the american revolution. you go, marley. up next here at 5:00, are we looking at a weekend warmup or chill? we'll check in with lonnie. plus a package that stopped a thief in her tracks. watch the crime caught on camera. >> then at 6:00, the series of slashings in the city, the victims and new yorkers very concerned. what's being done to make sure that the suspects aren't put back on the streets. >> i said, my god!
5:42 pm
this couldn't be happening to me! >> a long overdue honor for a world war ii vet.
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you have no doubt seen our series of reports on the homeless with pictures like this one with people sleeping across seats on the subway. the city controller is proposing to turn unoccupied land into permanent low-income housing. scott stringer criticized the city for failing to turn more than 1,000 vacant lots it owns into vacant housing more quickly than it's been doing. >> even in the city focused just on its vacant lots -- if the city focused on its vacant lots and those with delinquent taxes, the city could build, now listen to this, the city could build up to 57,000 units of permanent low-income housing. [ applause ] >> in response, city hall says one site on 123rd street in harlem is already slated for development. and the city says it has a process for working with community boards and others with these types of projects. police in new jersey are asking for the public's help
5:46 pm
this is the woman they are looking for. surveillance video shows her walking up to a porsche, then taking the packages -- porch, then taking the packages and stealing them in a black jeep. investigators say this happened wednesday in the sunken city section of middletown. the homeowner says those packages contained baby gifts. contact police if you have information. now attention, bargain shoppers. you see the ads all over facebook and instagram. adorable clothes and coats for a fraction of what you would pay in retail. are those deals at these virtual stores too good to be true? [ pause ] >> okay, right away. i'm worried i'm going to bust through this like the hulk. >> tonight, on cbs 2 news at 11:00, we put the clothes to the test. how do they compare to what's pictured in the ads? what is the quality and can you return them to these social media boutiques? we'll answer all those
5:47 pm
>> looked like there wasn't much to that thing. >> you could hear the seams ripping apart. >> like a piece of paper. >> lonnie quinn is here talking weather -- not good when your clothes creak. >> we were chatting all week with how things are going up and down. they will go up a of and down again. right now outside a lot of mark. let's go north of the city today to right around carmel. lynn, thank you very much. there. lynn at 27 degrees is telling me, happy for a nice weekend ahead and hoping for some -- okay let me read this gunmen. week. how's it looking? >> all right.
5:48 pm
it's going to be one of the big things we'll talk about during this weathercast so right now we go outside. nice picture looking out over the empire state building. 35 degrees as we speak. a chance of flurries tonight and into the next 4 hours. we'll show you that. then a mild weekend is it a big storm brewing out there? the pieces are there whether they are coming together in our area not definite yet but i'll show that to you. if we see significant snow how rare is that? over the last 10 years, the peak and we are now over the peak, the peak is from january through mid-february, we had 18 major snow events, all right, i'm talking about six inches or more, from now through march we have only had six. spring is 30 days away. futurecast will show us now
5:49 pm
will be a beautiful sky into the overnight hours. that's 5 a.m. any moisture left over will be rain because it will be warm and then sunday is a good- looking day. so what about that possibility for next week's storm? it looks to be a coastal system. is it close enough to shore to be our system? i think we'll get some weather out of this. mainly tuesday night into wednesday the path is still uncertain. is it cold enough to snow? the normal high is 44 degrees but you have to watch the timing of this because if it comes in later at night when you have overnight lows it will be cold enough for snow. but you have to watch it. we'll watch this one. 39 on friday. 56 -- 56?! on saturday. yes! 52 on sunday. 49 monday. and then it's tuesday, wednesday, thursday that you look at that possibility for, you know, a winter storm because at 37 for a high temperature on wednesday you
5:50 pm
to be cold enough for some snow. >> no more zeros though, huh? >> i don't see it. zeros i will call it right now. no more zeros for the year. >> oh!! [ gasp ] >> wow! >> the only time new york city has been at 0 or below is a handful of times. >> you heard it here first. >> you watch, we'll be like minus 20! [ laughter ] in tonight's "living large" we go inside a luxury penthouse. the home has endless windows and a courtyard. cbs 2's emily smith reports. >> reporter: this building is designed with custom bricks made specifically for this project. we looked at the triplex penthouse. >> hi, laurie gilmore from town residential. >> reporter: walls of windows can be found on each side of every floor including in the kitchen where you find a terrace overlooking a courtyard.
5:51 pm
kitchen is custom designed. it's all walnut. >> reporter: a custom wine storage custom made for 55 bottles. the central design is a three floating spiral carrera marble staircase with 18-karat gold. >> the architect wanted to insert luxury. that's real gold. [ music ] >> so coming into the guest suite here, it has its own outdoor space. >> reporter: another one. a home study overlooks prince street and it's pin-drop quiet. >> these windows are completely soundproof. you continue up the spiral three-story staircase with the continuation of this mosaic and the marble throughout the property is carrera marble that was all sourced from one lot so that it's through the
5:52 pm
there's all one consistent color. >> reporter: a frosted glass skylight reflects sunshine off of the mill work something that was hand done and took an entire year to craft. >> this is the master suite. another outdoor space. >> reporter: your dressing room's all walnut with radiant heated floors and the master bath has a modern take on the roman bath. >> this mosaic was designed in italy by carlo del bianco. it is endimion who is either a shepherd or hunter. >> reporter: the home includes a private elevator to easily access all three floors. to live large on prince street it will cost you $7,300,000. >> wow. it's got 2400 square feet and three bedrooms. >> amazing how quiet it was in there, right? those windows. >> peaceful. >> definitely. a lot of people could be making a costly mistake when it comes to their credit card. the advice that could save you money.
5:53 pm
taking an uber to the airport might not be as easy as it has been. the new ordinance that is keeping many drivers away. (baseball on tv in background) with heart failure, danger is always on the rise.
5:54 pm
(water filling room) about 50 percent of people die (dog whimpering) within 5 years of getting diagnosed. but there's something you can do. talk to your doctor about heart failure treatment options. because the more you know, the more likely you are... (dog whimpering) to keep it pumping. every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and
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5:56 pm
when it comes to credit cards apparently many people don't believe out with the old and in with the new. >> americans are contented with stay with what's in their wallet but as cbs 2's lou young shows us, they could be missing out. >> what's in your wallet? >> reporter: despite the constant bombardment of ads begging us to switch credit cards a new survey says many of us would rather stick with what we have, older people by force of habit, younger people out of a sense of cautions. >> i pay my credit card off every month and i don't have to worry about dealing with any other credit cards. >> reporter: you're not looking to switch? >> no. >> reporter: a survey estimates 45 million americans have a long-term relationship with one primary credit card. and nearly half of them have never changed cards even once. that despite cash back and discount offers some find quite appealing. >> these are the best rewards in the credit card industry ever. >> cash back is good.
5:57 pm
>> for bonuses, sure, yes. >> getting points. my wife and i have taken many a trip with free hotel stays i'm getting back $62. i just did that yesterday. >> reporter: some who switch when they carry them. >> you get an introductory offer where rates are significantly lower. you can take advantage of that. >> reporter: then later on maybe switch the balance somewhere else? >> correct. >> reporter: mostly it's a battle of benefits, free or discounted stuff making the cash flow pay off. >> we get a lot of checks back for $25, $50. you know, comes in handy. but you stay loyal to them. i don't usually jump ship just if you get a little better rate. thank god we're able to pay off the credit card bills every month so we don't incur they charges. >> reporter: that's something all the experts agree on. no matter what the benefits are the best way to keep a credit card from becoming a liability is to pay off the balance. we're in rye brook, new york, lou young, cbs 2 news. >> if you have been a loyal customer to one card, experts say you might want to see what
5:58 pm
offering to new customers. you can suggest you're leaving and some of those perks could come your way. that's it for the news at 5:00, the news at 6:00 starts right now. it is phone as the scourge of the suburbs. and everyone is vulnerable. >> heroin was more readily available and cheaper and it seemed like the economic answer to all my problems. >> tonight a unified front in the battle against addiction. a first-of-its-kind qualifies designed to get to the root of the problem. >> more slashings in the city. two in just the last 24 hours. so how is the city keeping track of slashing suspects they have arrested and now out on bail? >> the war of words heard around the world between donald trump and pope francis. >> if you are looking for an uber they may not be at one of our major airports. good evening, i'm maurice
5:59 pm
dana is off. authorities on long island are teaming up to tackle the heroin epidemic at its source. >> with the number of fatal overdoses reaching record highs nassau and suffolk county rolled out a new partnership today. cbs 2's carolyn gusoff says they are declaring war on heroin. >> reporter: candles mark hundreds of deaths, victims of heroin, joined with educatedders and police commissioners from both nassau and suffolk pledging a new approach because until now little has helped. >> starting at a younger age, it's hard to say we're waiting anything. >> we have to cure the epidemic and the only way that will happen is working together. >> reporter: a first-of-its- kind partnership rolled out at nassau's first-ever heroin summit. each county tapping four detectives and a supervisor along with a federally funded intelligence analyst to track every overdose to its supplier. >> how did that overdose occur?
6:00 pm
>> on a daily basis side by side. >> reporter: the two county approach because it's across lines. >> all classes, all areas. no matter where you're on long island heroin is available and it's cheap. >> reporter: with suburban heroin use exploding cbs 2 has spotlighted the scourge for years covering the devastation to families, a new generation of desperate addicts turned to crime. this mother knows the pain of an addicted child. >> this is our future. these are bright articulate wonderful kids. and it's a nightmare. >> all young people, you know, laying in a casket. >> reporter: heroin addiction for steve dodge began innocently with painkillers in ninth grade. >> heroin was more readily available. it was a lot cheaper. >> reporter: but 10 years into the crisis, the head of long island's family and children's association says the war must be better waged on the prevention and treatment fronts. >> we're not doing enough of that. people are dying while we're on waiting lists trying to get treatment. >> reporter: officials in both


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