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tv   CBS 2 News at 6  CBS  February 19, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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people came, they knew what to do in this situation. and i approached them to make sure they were doing the right thing since i was an emt for many years. >> reporter: now, the girl's hair may not have been pulled back and got caught in the jets which pulled her under water. police say no criminal charges will be filed. that child was taken to booth memorial hospital with minor injuries in stable condition. very lucky tonight. live tonight from college point queens tracee carrasco, cbs 2 news. some new information now on a stabbing on the upper west side. police are questioning this man, suspected in a robbery and attack yesterday on 88th and columbus. he is suspected of stealing a kindle and headphones from a man -- rather, and then stabbing him in the back. the victim is in stable condition. for the first time we are also hearing from bobby barbot who was slashed in the face wednesday at the greenwich
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police confirmed that the number of stabbings and slashings is up more than 20% this year over the same period last year. there's another frightening attack on the subway. this time a woman had to fight to keep from getting thrown on to the tracks allegedly by a homeless man. the victim told police an angry homeless man pushed her toward the tracks at the borough hall station last night. but she managed to hold on to a pillar and stay on the platform. she rode the next train to union square where she got hold of the police. some riders we spoke with say more needs to be done to keep people safe. >> i would definitely like to see more of a police presence in the subway. fares winter up. people are getting hurt on the subway. >> police caught up with the suspect later. 46-year-old david french was arraigned on charges including reckless endangerment. he is now being held for a psychiatric evaluation. a manhattan teenager convicte in the deadly hit-and-
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is sorry. [ inaudible ] >> he was sentenced to three to nine years in prison. he was 16 and unlicensed and smashed an suv into ariel russo and her grandmother as they ago. then while briefly out on bail he drove illegally and injured a cop and later escaped custody. for ariel's family, the pain is still fresh and the apology not enough. >> i feel like it was just words and i have to see his actions. what is he going to do when he gets out of prison? >> because he is held without bail, reyes is eligible for parole in august of 2017. the russo family says the family will be there to oppose their release every time he is eligible. mayor de blasio signed historic legislation, he says to give members of the city
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but the additional money comes with a lot of strings attached . cbs 2 political reporter marcia kramer has details. >> reporter: the paychecks of the city's 51 city council members are going to be fatter but along with the raises, mayor de blasio approved a number of reforms that good government groups have sought. the jobs will be full time, limits on outside income and the stipends for chairing committees have been ended at least for now. >> people of new york city have a right to expect that their public servants are always putting them first. >> reporter: so with the stroke of several pens, mayor de blasio signed into law a series of bills that simultaneously give members of the new york city council a big pay raise from $112,000 a year to $148,500 a year but requires them to work full time, no outside income of note, and to give up the
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chairing committees. >> these are reforms talked about for decades. i think it's to make our city government stronger and better for decades to come. >> reporter: some criticized the move because the council voted itself raises for their current terms and the raises are retroactive to january 1. >> look, it's no secret that it is awkward, uhm, that elected officials are the ones who have to vote and sign to officials. >> reporter: good government groups have sought the legislation for years. >> we come to this today with mixed feelings. >> he worried about the deal to ban the extra stipends for chairing committees. apparently that's only traer. >> that reform ends when this council leaves office. >> reporter: at the end of 2017. new yorkers have mixed reactions to giving the council such a large pay hike. >> huh?! why would they give that? they don't need that. what they did? >> reporter: now they are going to be full time.
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so that -- them being full time they get all this money back? they don't deserve it, sorry. >> i think it's perfectly fair as long as they are doing it full time. >> reporter: the bill also includes raises for the mayor and the other citywide elected officials. the mayor says he won't accept his nearly $34,000 raise and will continue being paid $225,000 for this term. but all bets are probably off if he wins a second term. kristine and maurice? [ laughter ] >> thank you. desperate pleas from a new jersey woman tonight after her beloved dog was stolen along with her suv. caught on camera. and tonight she is hoping someone will come forward with information to help her find her puppy. cbs 2's magdalena doris is story. >> reporter: maurice and kristine, it only took a few moments but in that time everything was gone. in less than 20 seconds, this victim lost her car, her
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now she fears for her safety asking to have her identity hidden. >> something that i loved so much has just gone so -- >> reporter: you can see the man in the black hoodie spot the running jeep grand cherokee hop in and steal it and go down edison street in bloomfield. the victim left her car running at around 9:30 this morning. >> i don't blame myself. i really blame that person because if something don't belong to you, you don't just come and take it. >> reporter: in those quick moments, the carjacker made off with her 5-week-old shih tzu shade. she is wearing his tiny collar around her wrist as she waits for good news. >> i was hoping to put it back on him but hopefully praying that he come home. >> reporter: more than anything, she wants to see shade again. >> you could keep everything. i don't care. i don't want anything but my dog back. >> reporter: and police tell me they are still searching for their suspect in this case.
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me she used a gps tracker looking for her phone. it was last -- which was inside the car. that was last in bayonne, new jersey. reporting from bloomfield, magdalena doris, cbs 2 news. >> thank you. the mta wants to bring back the w train as early as this fall! it's part of a bigger plan to help get the long-awaited second avenue subway up and running. the proposed service changes would return the w to astoria where it would operate local service into manhattan. the line will effectively replace the q subway service in queens because the q will run on the second avenue subway line. many families were on vacation this week with schools closed. and as travelers return home from central and parts of caribbean, some have zika virus concerns. on long island home to one of the nation's largest latino communities, zika testing is now available. cbs 2's carolyn gusoff spoke to those concerned about the virus.
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putting off plans to visit her native el salvador. >> keep safe for you and your baby. >> reporter: she has roots in central and south america where the zika virus has been linked to birth defects. as friends and family return from this busy travel week, they are bringing back with cases fever. >> a lot of people are returning from these trips with febrile illnesses or some sort of febrile illness while they are away and they are concerned it might be the zika virus. >> reporter: today nassau university medical center rolled out testing stations. on the front lines, emergency room doctors say they are flooded with inquiries from travelers returning from affected areas. they will now offer a simple blood and urine test for high risk patients. zika symptoms seem like the flu. >> body aches, fever, rash, red eyes. >> reporter: tests will be sent to albany to one of only
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with the ability to test for zika. if a person tests positive -- >> we recommend for the man not to have any sexual contact for at least four weeks. >> reporter: same for women. as for those returning home symptom free but considering getting pregnant? >> it might be wise to wait three or four weeks post in order to try to get pregnant. >> reporter: pregnant women who test positive will get "obstetric counseling." >> we would tell them to go to the hospital or something. >> right. if they are sick in any way? >> exactly. >> reporter: testing is available at the hospital for walk-ins and at satellite health centers like this one. results take two to three days. in long island, carolyn gusoff, cbs 2 news. in just a moment, kesha in court. the pop singer squares off against her record producer in a manhattan courtroom. while her fans rally outside. >> a new warning about an old scam. how thieves are using jury duty to trick people into
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information. >> the radar picture showing snow flurries out there and this is not the only snow chance over the next seven days. coming up. >> and coming up on the "cbs evening news," a conversation with donald trump. >> scott pelley is here live to tell us about it. scott. >> hey, kristine, maurice. always interesting, a conversation with donald trump. our major garrett today asked him if he always tells the truth. and why he is patching things up with the pope. we'll have that and the close race among the democrats in nevada all coming up for you on the "cbs evening news" at 6:30. you. at 6:00, email overload.
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a rally of support for singer kesha in her battling against her record label and former producer. fans gathered outside court to back her up. she lost a preliminary injunction to get her out of her contract with sony music and producer dr. luke. she claims she was drugged and sexually abused by him. on dr. luke's behalf sony has no comments on ongoing litigation. harper lee a giant in the literary world has died. she wrote the novel "to kill a mockingbird" about racial
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it was made into a 1962 movie starring gregory peck as atticus finch. lee received the presidential medal of freedom from president bush in 2007. last year, lee's novel go set a watchman was published. harper lee was 89 years old. an old scam is targeting new victims across the country. scammers posing as authorities are calling people and tell them that they will be arrested for missing jury duty. then they demand money to get out of it. the ftc says these kinds of scams are on the rise nationwide. >> get a phone call that said that there was a bench warrant out for my arrest that i had missed jury duty. >> says all you need to do is send some money via paypal and that's when i knew something was wrong. >> criminals use spoofing to make their number look like it comes from a court or police department. we're all familiar with digital overload.
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too many mindless tweets. what about those massive amounts of unwanted emails? >> there may soon be changes in the law to protect unsubscribers and to make the opt out process more speedy. cbs 2's jennifer mclogan reports now from garden city. >> reporter: john mullin is sick of receiving daily spam mail in his office. >> this email is telling me i made $2,300 in an account i don't even have. >> reporter: so call that unsolicited email? >> i call that a waste of my time. >> reporter: some say they feel they are being chased online at all hours by commercial companies. >> i'm getting emails from stores that i have never even visited. >> that terrifies me because i don't know how they got t i don't know where they got it. >> reporter: sean bates wonders if ununsubscribing confirms his email to others in cyberspace. >> why do they need my name and email? my address? >> reporter: why do these companies do this?
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almost nothing. unlike advertising, they have computer software where they can simultaneously send out millions of these messages. >> reporter: hofstra professor joe levin says companies are required to make it easy to opted out but it isn't. it's been 13 years since the first and only law to block unwanted and unsolicited commercial emails was passed. it comes with a lengthy six- step procedure. >> this process that i'm explaining here perfectly real under the spam act of 2003. they are not doing anything wrong. >> reporter: like the "do not call" registry, the congresswoman calls the can spokesman a law without teeth that needs amending. >> this process should be streamlined and that's what this act will do. >> reporter: her new bill being introduced today could cut the unsubscribe time from 20 minutes to 20 seconds. companies must also permanently remove the email address within 10 business days. and not sell it.
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mclogan, cbs 2 news. weather time now. at least it's friday. . >> all these days bleed into each other. >> i keep track of the weekends. it's definitely friday. great looking weekend coming up. numbers compliments of weather watchers extraordinaire. 30s for most folks out there t 34 in pleasant valley. 30 days to spring. you counting down already! all right. let's talk about what we see right now in new york city. some clouds 35 degrees right now. a spring-like weekend lies ahead. temperatures in the 40s on both days. it's not perfect but it's a good weekend. snow showers north of the city. it's breezy for the weekend but generally a good one. look at the numbers. 56 on saturday.
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throughout. later sunday as you understand more clouds. and don't get caught off guard by that forecast. a great looking weekend. but we could see some light precipitation out there overnight sunday want to talk about the clouds coming back into the picture overnight sunday into monday a little precipitation out there. and i got to tell you it could be frozen. we are talking about a coating to an inch of wet snow. quick mover sunshine comes back to the area by monday afternoon. saturday 5:00 tomorrow morning. i talk about north of the city snow showers saturday morning. picking up a coating for some of you. then into saturday afternoon looks great. north of the city, most of this rain -- if any comes through, it's not a lot to begin with -- probably just north of our northern borders here. but northern borders of sullivan county and ulster
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more clouds sunday into monday. another chance for snow to move into the area monday 4 a.m. rain-snow mix is right there in the area then it pushes out by monday around lunchtime. how much snow? that little system comes through, you know, a trace to 1.5" for some folks out there. i do want to show you what we see on the vortex right now. couple of little snow showers out there. primarily north of the city not going to be much of anything but there's that chance for coating monday morning and wednesday, thursday another possible wintry mix to be developing out there. >> just a reminder that we are still in winter. >> we are. >> we still got you. >> don't get too happy. otis livingston is coming up next with sports in port st. lucie. >> reporter: that's right, kristine. win and they will come as the
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attendance day here in port st. lucie and over in tampa, all eyes on cc sabathia and the big fella talks about addiction and how he is going
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relapse. let's go to port st. lucie. shall we? otis livingston standing by with the latest on spring training. >> reporter: the mets told me today that a record 1500 fans showed up so there is plenty of excitement down here for the first day the pitchers and catchers worked out in port st. lucie. even my photographer joe mclaughlin got a workout as he had to keep up with the guys as they went from field to field. matt harvey took a little time out to meet with seth proctor a harvey fan from connecticut who has huntington's disease but works out every day. some position players are here like wright and granderson who made deep play-off runs in 2006. granderson the world series
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they hadn't gone that deep again until last year. >> don't less last year be the pinnacle -- don't let last year the pinnacle of what this team can accomplish. let's take it one step further this year and we can really celebrate. >> the big thing is stay hungry. the work is not done. you got to continue to push forward. >> granderson's former team the yankees in tampa and they had their first official workout for the pitchers and catchers and all eyes were on sabathia coming off a tough year. he was pitching great in september when he suddenly shut it down and checked himself into alcohol rehab on the eve of the play-offs. he has been an alcoholic since 2012 and he has a sponsor now and looks forward to 2016. >> i'll be able to keep myself busy, you know, videogames hanging out with my teammates, um, you know, something that i kind of got away from the past couple of years. just kind of shut myself into
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deed so, you know, i'll be out with my teammates hanging out with the guys in the same role i was when i first got here, um, very social. >> we are wishing cc all the best this season and the rest of his life. the nba all star break is over. the nets will host the knicks tonight and the knicks give a 10-day contract to scoring sensation. curtis granderson had a great world series with a torn thumb ligament. earlier today he gave me the lowdown on how difficult it was to play with the injury. >> a lot of people said he did these amazing things and played injured. it wasn't necessarily the case. any injury that i could have asked for, that was the one that was the best that i could play through. >> you know, most people will say, oh, yeah. now, i couldn't even get out of bed with it. i mean -- [ laughter ] >> you had a chance right there to win over some more new york fans. >> no. it wasn't that bad. you know? a little scar, not that much. i thought i would have a big battle wound but it's good to go.
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but i have to pull curtis to the side and say you have to milk this thing, man. you got to get some sympathy on your side after playing like that. he was sensational. hopefully he will duplicate it this season and says he is healed. that's the story from port st. lucie, florida. back to you guys. >> he won over the tough guy fan. >> lots of fans. thanks. see you at 11. back in just a minute. so, what moves me? it's the journey. the feeling of doing.
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coming up tonight on cbs 2 news at 11:00, it used to be something only for police officers but now, more and more drivers are getting access. and it's saving them time and money. tonight at 11, how drivers are using the dash defense. >> plus, students scared after a train comes dangerously close and the bus driver is blaming them. those stories and more at 6:00. at 11:00. a local police department is taking name recommendations for its new feathered friends. >> clarkstown police put this video on youtube of a red- tailed hawk that uses an outdoor camera as his own personal perch. he comes by every day and they want to get a name g to facebook or twitter and use the hashtag, name that hawk. up next the "cbs evening
6:30 pm >> pelley: pax romana. >> i think he's a terrific person. >> pelley: trump makes peace with the pope on the eve of a critical weekend for both parties in the presidential race. also tonight, law enforcement's battle for access to the cell phones of criminal suspects. remembering author harper lee, and her american classic. mockingbird. >> pelley: and steve hartman, when a young boy summoned the police, they responded in force. >> i didn't know it was going to be this big, really. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> pelley: tomorrow could be a turning point in the race for the white house. democrat hillary clinton, who scweekd by in iowa, only to be


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