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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  February 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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clinton declare victory. a hazing investigation after a college student's death.
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eye gilldecis. some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other. >> [cheers and applause]. >> when you win, it's beautiful. >> right now a new chapter in the presidential race. hillary clinton gets a boost in nevada. donald trump declares victory in south carolina. and a candidate calls it quits. plus, two police officers shot in the line of duty. the crime bringing back emotional memories for a "blue bloods" family. good evening. i am cindy hsu. two police officers were shot in the line of duty today weeks after two of their colleagues were wounded in the bronx. the latest violence broke out in brooklyn overnight. dave carlin is outside kings county hospital where one of the
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dave. >> reporter: these officers were hit in a barrage of bullets and tonight they are conscious, talkative we're told, and going to make full recoveries. the two words no one wants to hear. officers down followed by this sight of one of new york's finest on a stretcher. the cell phone camera video was taken on malcom x boulevard in a.m. injured are officer william andrew yrkiw. it began when police say the officers confronted jamal funes who was in a nissan maxima near quincy street. they were responding to a report called in to a police precinct. police say inside the cartoons had this .357 revolver. a wild chase came next. the suspect went the wronging way down lexington avenue, crashing head on into a police cruiser. by this time the officer and several backup officers surrounded the car and it was
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unloaded. investigators say most, if not all, by the officers. >> i heard a million shots. it woke me up out of my sleep. >> reporter: officer reddin was shot in right hip. the other officer was shot in the bullet proof vest. funes was shot and critically injured. police call him a career criminal with 11 arrests in illinois. other arrests in north carolina and new york, including an assault conviction in 2007. community leaders are grateful the officers are alive and kept others safe. >> i just want to say thank you to those brave officers. >> reporter: we have learned more about the initial call to police in this case. we are told it came from a uniformed mta bus driver who claimed the suspect pointed a
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live in east flatbush, dave carlin, cbs news. >> thank you. today's shooting. back in 1989, officer yrkiw's father paul was also shot while working for the nypd. this is video from a report back then. as with his son, the elder yrkiw survived the shooting thanks to his bullet proof vest. a big night in the race for the white house. they have been battling it out on the campaign trail for weeks. one candidate won tonight. the other called it quits. donald trump is the winner in the south carolina primary with one-third of the vote. jeb bush was near the back of the pack and has announced he is suspending his campaign. craig boswell is in columbus, south carolina, with more. >> reporter: trump came out ahead of senator ted cruz and senator marco rubio, but only a few points separate the top three. >> i want to begin by thanking the people of south carolina.
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>> reporter: jeb bush finished in the bottom three. he told supporters this was his last primary as a 2016 presidential candidate. >> the people of iowa and new hampshire and south carolina have spoken and i really respect their decision. so tonight i am suspending my campaign. >> oh, in. >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: south carolina voters said the most important quality in a candidate is that he shares their values and they said the most important issue is terrorism. for cruz and rubio, a strong finish in south carolina means momentum heading into super tuesday on march 1st when almost 600 delegates are at stake. >> we can stand together with a proven consistent constitutional conservative and bring back america. >> the movement is the son of a bartender and a maid from be cuber who tonight stands one step closer to being the 45th president of the united states of america. >> [cheers and applause].
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to make it three in a row at the nevada caucuses on tuesday. in columbus, south carolina, craig boswell, cbs2 news. >> and an important day for the democrats as well. in the nevada caucuses where hillary clinton clinched the win, she got 53% of the vote with 90 precincts reporting. that's compared to 47% for bernie sanders. cbs2's danielle nottingham is in las vegas. >> reporter: hillary clinton avoided an upset here in nevada much to the relief of her supporters who were concerned about a late push from bernie sanders. now, this was a close race where women voted for clinton 57 to 41%. but bernie sanders was favored among young women voters. caucus goers were concerned about the economy and equality as well as electability. >> it is a campaign to break down every barrier that holds you back. we are gonna build ladders of opportunity in their place so
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your hard work can take you. >> i believe that when democrats assemble in philadelphia in july at that convention we are gonna see the results of one of the great political upsets in the history of the united states. >> and applause]. >> reporter: the close loss here in nevada may give bernie sanders a boost as the candidates move on to south carolina, and-the primary is on super tuesday. after the loss bernie sanders' campaign says that so far it's received four million individual contributions. danielle nottingham, cbs2 news. new at 11 deadly violence shatters the calm in a long island community as a woman is found stabbed to death. cbs2's brian coneybeare is live in west babylon with more. brian. >> reporter: cindy, this is still an active crime scene here on sheffield avenue after a woman, 32 years old, was stabbed
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police say by the father of one of her two children who then turned the knife on himself. crime scene investigators trying to piece together what led up to a bloody murder and attempted suicide in an apartment at this home on sheffield avenue in west babylon. >> it's scary because i have a six-year-old myself. and when i heard all of this, you know, i was afraid to even step out of my house. this is supposed to be a safe neighborhood. >> reporter: the suspect who sources say tried to cut his own arm off was inside the house. inflicted wounds and he was brought to the hospital. >> reporter: police call it a deadly domestic dispute. the victim identified as sonia williams. >> both of these children have been contacted by the suffolk county police department and they are physically unharmed. >> reporter: police blocked several streets and at one point were searching for the children. neighbors left stunned by the scene.
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are going through, you know, what problems people have. never know what's going on behind closed doors. >> reporter: neighbors say the couple rented the apartment here for about a year. they were quiet and mostly kept to themselves. now, as for the two children, ages 5 and is, who lost their mother in this horrific incident, they are staying with relatives. reporting live, brian coneybeare, cbs2 news. >> thank you. thousands of mourners attended supreme court justice antonin scalia's funeral today. washington, d.c. among the many dignitaries vice president joe biden and all eight sitting supreme court justices. a reading from the new testament atlantic priest, delivered a mass with a mixture of reverence and humor. >> sure, he forgot our names at
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>> but there are nine of us. he loved us and sought to show that love. >> scalia died last week. he was 79 years old. a show of support for a police officer convicted of a crime. plus, tragedy at an upstate university. sudden death of a college student gets a fraternity suspended. also ahead, real money that's fake. the counterfeit cash being used in our area and how the suspects are sneaking approximate by some cashiers. later four inches long and worth $35,000. why this hair from nearly 50 years ago may go down in history. well, we didn't make history today with our high temperatures. they were incredibly mild itle be a little cooler tomorrow when we have several chances for rain in the forecast. i will have the details coming up. we will have a report from otis livingston who is with the mets in florida.
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season, bartolo colon is having as much fun as a kid trying to break into the bigs.
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it's ok! thousands rallied in brooklyn today in support of former nypd officer peter liang. >> justice for all! flags and held signs.
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convicted of manslaughter in the 2014 shooting death of akai gurley who was unarmed. the mostly asian-american crowd said this is a tragedy for both families. counter protesters rallied across the street staying justice for akai must be served. >> the black community wants a jail sentence. you may not commit wreck acts with impunity. >> he faces up to 15 years in prison. a college student from brooklyn dice suddenly at buffalo state university. police say his death might be related to hazing. cbs2's ilana gold talked with his close friends in canarsie. >> what are you going through? >> it's really hard because we were really close. >> reporter: marcia green is devastated over the death of her good friend bradley doyley. the two grew up together on east 81st street in canarsie, brooklyn. she saw him last month.
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he told me he would see me when he comes back in march. >> reporter: that was their last time together. on thursday, the 21-year-old lost his life. during his first two years at the scal he was a member of the school's basketball team. his fans honored him at friday's game questioning how this could happen. >> he was healthy. you never heard of any health problems. he was on the basketball team. he was in perfect help. >> reporter: police looking into what led to his death and investigating if it could be related to an off-season hazing incident. >> my grandson is up there, too. sometime in january my grandson called me and told me that he weight. doyley had been in and out of the hospital for several weeks show. talked to his parents and says been given some sort of toxic drink. >> a healthy young man couldn't
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>> reporter: family friends tell us the students parents are in buffalo while police investigate and funeral arrangements have not been made. >> doyley was reportedly involved with the alpha phi alpha fraternity. the college chapter of that fraternity has been suspended from the school and the national chapter of the fraternity released a statement saying, in part, that it does not don doan and prohibits any he will legal acts including hazeing in any form. it's cooperating with investigators. new at 11, counter fight cash is being passed around in new jersey. surveillance video shows two phony bills slipping by a cashier at a store in the fords area. they past the marker test because it was made using a real $5 bill. clerks are being urged to check the hologram. it should match the face on the bill.
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would take to buy a lock of john lennon's hair. this now inch tuft sold for 35 thousand dollars at action auction. a german hairdresser kept the trimmings after giving the beetle a trim in 1967. the buyer of the hair is a collector from the u.k. elise finch is here with your exclusive cbs2 forecast. >> well, it was a mild, mild day. it was a really warm one out there. we had tons of sunshine to enjoy it. hopefully, you had a chance to enjoy it. let's check in with the weather watchers, see what kind of temperatures we have at 11:17 at night. still pretty mild out there. let's get started on long island. this is mike. mike is in brookhaven. he says 41 degrees where he is. his comment, felt a little like strong. it felt a lot like spring, mike. this is typical weather for april today. we have lots of 50-degree temperatures in fact. this is stan in greenwich. 53 degrees where he is.
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lonnie, elise. we do what we can. yes, we are definitely expecting an early spring, right saws the ground hot dog? this is an el nino year. warmer than average temperatures at this time. 54 degrees. breezy, mild conditions. wind out of the southwest at 15. check out the highs today. low 50s to the low series. that includes 64 degrees in newark. record 62 for islip. 62 laguardia. 61 degrees in central park. so today's high temperature, that spike of 61 degrees definitely not the trend happening this week. we'll be cooler sunday. cooler still monday. but we'll be above normal. 43 is where we should be and we will remain above that over the next three days. your vortex satellite and radar shows this. not a whole lot to talk about tonight. hyperpressure dom fating. nice and dry tonight. we do continue to have dry conditions as we linger into the morning.
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right now. hyped a warm front. influx of mild air. a cold front and cooler air that will be moving in. so as we turn on your futurecast a couple things tonight nice and dry. early for your sunday morning we are dry. by the time we head into the afternoon this is 12:00 tomorrow we are looking at cloudy skies. so the clouds really increase pretty quickly. then by the late afternoon and into the evening we start to see the rain. now, for a lot of us it is a lighter rain. we will still see some pockets of moderate and heavy rain. northern suburbs doesn't look like you get this much. points south you are going to see the heaviest of the rain. morning commute. stories as far as how much rain we see, a tent of an inch, two-tenths of an inch. we have a chance to see significant rain by the middle of the work week. so overnight tonight we are expecting partly cloudy skies. 44 in the city. 30s in the suburbs tonight. tomorrow not the 60s, but we are going to be in the 50s. 54 degrees for sunday. we do see increasing clouds
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we are doing the spring countdown. it felt like spring today. officially 29 days until the start of spring. we will be 45 degrees monday. tuesday, wednesday, into thursday, that's when we're expecting the next rain. we could see heavy rain with that. >> i like this count down. >> march 20th. spring training coverage continues with otis livingston in florida.
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the mets down in florida trying to pick up where they ended last season. steve is here with sports. >> right. let see if the team can get more wins as the season progresses. mets fans have been waiting for a decade to bask in the glory of
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run and the franchise is capitalizing. the mets have sold 8 how more additional ticket packages t it appeals to all ages because it's a team of all ages. spring training means something different for every different guy. for more on this mix of young and old down to port st. lucie where otis livingston is with the mets. >> reporter: no way the mets would attraction the record 1,500 fans that turned out on friday for the first official workout for pitchers and catchers. that's okay. day two of the long grind of a page major league baseball seen. spring training where players will continue to develop chemistry and camaraderie. >> we are a family. we will be together a long time during. season. it's a fun time. you just going to enjoy and try get ready, like you say. >> reporter: even with the young armsers harvey, degrom, matz
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feels bartolo colon will continue to motor along. >> what you look at what he has done in the two years early in the seen while hitters are getting their feet under them he mows you down. he is what he is. then with what i know of his durability, hey, look, is there a time in the season where you know what? your starting rotation is intact. no history of problems. he could go and pitch out of bullpen and do it very well. >> reporter: there is plenty of talk about who is already in camp. the biggest buzz aboution us cespedes. expected to throw up tomorrow. three days before the position player 'report date. collins believe it speaks volumes. >> he loved the clubhouse. he loved the atmosphere. needs to be a part of it. that sends a huge message to the other guys. he is for real. it will be a big push and a big plus to everybody in the clubhouse.
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that session pedis loves of -- cespedes wants it fit in. i think mets fans love that as well. they rather he stand out like he did for most of the summer when he absolutely are carried the team. otis livingston, cbs2 news. >> all right. the knicks six games out of the playoffs. robin lopez was on turbo mode to start this game. 16 of his season high 26 coming in the opening quarter. knicks led by 24 tonight. minnesota would rally in the fourth. but carmelo anthony fended off the wolves with a game high 30 points. the nicks win 103-95. devils with the capitals in d.c. i think it's a foregone conclusion that washington's gonna grab the top spot in the east. new jersey led the final few minutes but a pair of late goals clinched washington's win.
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feel about seeing porzingis in a dance off? frank comiskeyle challenged him. let get a preview. comeinski, what he is performing here is the bearded prairie dog. porzingis chose a simplified version of a dance called the wave albatross. you see, watch here. he point. you see that? he is pointing to his intended target. clearly an advanced move from porzingis. with his spanish team this is going to be an amazing dance- off if it comes to pass. charlotte comes to town on april 6. we have time for these guys to prepare before this amazing dance-off. >> i don't understand. is this a thing? this dance-off? >> it could be. it absolutely could be. >> it could be. >> i would pay to watch it. >> we will show it when it happens.
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we will right back. what's with them? oh, those two? they're always fighting for attention. there's more to a legendary city than its legends.
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that does to for cbs2 news at 11. for the entire team, thanks for
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have a great night. 'rouof% th ihohtmae he thgsou bbeerhed atswchg bteinrn isowasr anve lyiohathfaes inrn a wfivaab.soouanenfis t5x st tn bl wi cacy hdlalof urevesnogesothg atnl osffs:00egpld ddolo sed usv d onfoa ic wee veofrebere ju $.9a ntonne d erist enn nu cora.ju gtoetosomrca 188etio
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(elevator bell dings) baby did a bad bad thing" playing) (" (explosion) baby did a bad, bad thing baby did a bad, bad thing baby did a bad, bad thing baby did a bad, bad thing... man: it was e-mailed to campus inboxes. do you know who sent it? my guess is tau kappa theta, the jewish fraternity. i'm not saying anything bad. no, of course not. man: i just think it was this video that provoked the fight at the interfaith rally. and you want us to defend...? jimal mifsud. scholarship student in science.


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