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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  February 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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breaking news tonight, severe storms slammed the south. deadly tornadoes rip up homes and businesses and the threat isn't over. plus tracking snow, wind and rain in the tri-state area this week. good evening. i'm kristine johnson. >> i'm maurice dubois. first, lonnie quinn keeping an eye on the storm here in the weather center, getting ready for round two. still catching a little bit of round one out there. take a look right now at current radar picture, you've got a little bit of pink, shows you where the sleet is, dutchess county, litchfield county as well. a snowflake around kingston, a light little rain shower, also the jersey shore. but everything very light. we want to get the word out
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a much bigger system moving into our area. that is 1000 miles across. it's going to make its way into our area tomorrow. what's interesting is this has had a lot of volatile activity associated with it. you've got to remember, it's february. a hard-core winter months. february is not a hard-core tornado month, yet that is what we've had. in our area tomorrow, i wouldn't be surprised to see a thunderstorm in the area but this is more than just a weather story. my colleague here at cbs, valerie castro, has been watching everything from the perspective of a news angle. what's going on in new orleans today? >> reporter: these storms were really destructive, they caused a lot of damage. they even turned deadly. i want to show you the watch is in place right now. you can see that areas shaded in red, this is what it looks like for most of the day. by the end of the day, at least three confirmed dead in these storms. >> look up. >> that looks tornadic.
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standstill on this road in louisiana. paralyzed by what lay in their path. power lines went down as the tornado moved on to hit livingston. >> i heard a big rumble, the whole house shaking. i just knew that it was a tornado. >> reporter: in content, all that's left of an rv park, piles of plywood and overturned trailers. dozens of first responders arrived to help the injured and find victims. >> we know of two fatalities. seven critically injured. we know 30 plus that were injured, all different types of injuries. >> reporter: over lake pontchartrain, waterspouts formed as the storm continued to develop. everywhere, structures were torn apart, debris left hanging in trees while residents watched the powerful winds whipped through. >> looks like the wind just dipped down.
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>> i could see metal and wood, debris flying through the air. >> reporter: some of the worst damages in prairieville where the roof and exterior wall at the school's gym were ripped away. it was lunchtime and workers say the gym was packed with people. no one inside was hurt. law enforcement officials in louisiana say right now they are still actively searching for survivors. maurice and kristine, back to you. campaign 2016, high-stakes contest happening right now in las vegas. and all of nevada. >> voters taking part in the republican presidential caucuses. jessica schneider is here now with the very latest from there. >> reporter: still an hour left of caucusing in nevada. but there are already rumblings of dirty dealings. donald trump tweeting out a warning to his supporters not to be deceived by cruz's people but the nevada gop stress and there are no official reports of voting irregularities. 30 delegates are up for grabs
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a third consecutive win. >> down at crunch time. we've got to do it. >> reporter: trump pumping up voters in nevada and counting on a knockout punch to the only candidate to beat him so far. >> ted cruz is the single biggest liar i have ever dealt with in my life. i mean it. >> reporter: polls going into caucus night show trump with a double-digit lead. but senator marco rubio says the numbers don't reflect the reality. >> 70% of republicans are already decided. they don't want donald trump. as long as that is being divided among multiple people, it's good for donald. >> reporter: some donors say it's time to take down the front runner. in an urgent call for donations , a super pac largely funded by the ricketts family who owned the chicago cubs said we are about to nominate a candidate who shares none of the values our party has held dear for decades and who will lead our party to general election ruin in november. even democratic contender bernie sanders calling trump
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republicans have used race to thwart president obama. >> a racist effort to try to delegitimize the president of the united states. can you imagine that? >> reporter: hillary clinton appealing to young women, she's hoping to bring them back to her side after many have switched to sanders. >> i want you to know that whether you end up supporting me or not, i will support you and support the young people of this country. that has been my life's work. >> reporter: the delegates tonight are awarded proportionally, so if it's a tight race, it could essentially be a draw for the front runners. super tuesday just one week away and maurice and kristine, the voters in that contest, 12 states, will show up. >> big night. other news, arresting one of the city's recent slashings.
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manhattan was charged with criminal possession of a weapon. investigators say surveillance video and a tip led to his arrest. police say howington was caught on camera near silver spurs restaurant in greenwich village after being asked to leave. he returned with a box cutter and slashed a bus boy. the suspect's grandmother came to his defense tonight when confronted by reporters. >> why did he do it? >> that man punched him in the face. so he got what he deserved. >> slashing victim needed 137 stitches for his injuries. a mother is being questioned by the police after her two-year-old died in a house fire in bedford stuyvesant. leila aquino's daughter kaleena was home and home. about three hours after it broke out, aquino alerted investigators that she was missing. the girl's body was found other event. no word on what caused the fire. a vertical challenge in midtown today where two window
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the country's tallest hotel. the 68 story marriott tower at 54th and broadway, the men working when their scaffolding equipment malfunctioned. firefighters had to break a window to pull the pair back inside. we're told the window washers were actually laughing during the rescue. angry words today from bill bratton when asked at a news conference whether a quota system is used for arrests and tickets. the nypd is being sued by some minority officers who claim they were pressured to meet quotas. >> if any of my comes out there still think we're pushing for the summonses, i'm sorry. we're pushing to reduce crime. >> the news conference was about the constand program for tracking crime. the question that upset bratton was whether the system was being used to set quotas. we learned the suspect in the shooting rampage in
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gun store on the day of the gun store on the day of the attacks. jason dalton was seen on surveillance video inside the store about 20 miles from the city. the shop owner says dalton was a regular -- a regular customer and on saturday he joked with the staff and bought a jacket. police say hours later, dalton shot and killed six people. the store owner says he never sold a firearm to dalton. worry about the zika virus spreading. u.s. health officials say 14 cases may have been sexually transmitted by men who visited areas without -- with outbreaks. the disease is confirmed in at least two women. seek outbreaks were reported in the caribbean last year. there are currently 82 cases in the u.s. the city's most expensive structure, still ahead, a first look inside the multibillion- dollar project before it opens to the public. and now the question, was it worth it or a waste? the bus is not driving normally.
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a wild ride and her background
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bizarre. new video tonight showing a minivan crashing into a three story house. happen this morning. you can see the three front porches packing -- painting onto the vehicle. the people inside the home say they didn't even feel the impact. it appears the driver blacked out because of a medical condition. a fired mta bus driver is accused of stealing a bus and then going on a joyride. police arrested 34-year-old sherita hedley on third avenue in east harlem. investigators say headley was smoking on an m 11 bus. when the bus stopped, headley allegedly jumped behind the wheel and then drove three blocks. the mta says headley was fired last july because of extended absences. it's the most expensive
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could also be the most controversial. opens to the public next week. tonight, cbs2 has a sneak preview. tony aiello takes us inside the multibillion-dollar world trade center transit hub. >> reporter: it is perched at the edge of the 9/11 memorial. a structure unlike anything the city's ever seen. >> it's strange but it's nice. artistic, right? >> a bird flying. eagle flying. something taking flight. it's beautiful. >> reporter: the apex of the ceiling soars 160 feet above the marble floor which is larger than the main concourse at grand central. the ribs frame panes of glass that fill the hole with light. and eventually replace will home with shoppers. stores leasing space here include apple and italy. critics are divided on the architectural merits, one calling it 11. another praising it as extravagantly idealistic. everyone agrees $4 billion price tag is hard to justify.
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since the architect unveiled his design. >> after a change in leadership, the port authority became cost-conscious and demanded changes. these ribs for example, they were supposed to be polished to a glossy satin finish. instead, there's a rough finish under the coat of paint saving millions of dollars. the cost is such an issue the port authority declined to spend money on a ribbon cutting ceremony. the transit hub will simply open for visitors on march 3. tony aiello, cbs2 news. new tonight, superheroes and super powers, it's the stuff movies are made of. >> in the real world, there are people who have remarkable's a bit -- remarkable abilities. cbs2 explores these real-life superpowers. >> god versus man. >> from superman to spiderman, who hasn't looked at these characters and thought, what would it be like to have
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shape shifting? there are a few very real and gifted people in this world. >> i got my first bicycle at the age of six. >> now 50, daniel kish has biked all over the world. while that may not seem like such an accomplishment, kish is completely blind. amazingly, he says he sees the same way bats do, using a kind of sonar called echolocation. similar to the blind superhero daredevil. then there's stephen wiltshire. his memory, just like batman, is so precise, he can draw an exact landscape after seeing it just once. >> very proud of my work. >> others have super physical powers. are you familiar with the super villain magneto? this man's body also acts like a magnet.
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us of forrest gump. >> run, forrest, run stored >> his muscles never tire, allowing him to run for several days and nights without stopping. >> i can take an lp record, look at the groups, i can identify the piece of music. >> arthur lynch doesn't only listen to vinyl records, he is the only person in the world who knows what songs are on a record simply by looking at it. >> brass and percussion there. >> each of us is endowed with a certain potential. >> for those who have the seemingly superpowers, neurologist daniel says their brain is different. >> some circuits of the brain may not have developed fully. this may allow other circuits to be hyperactive. >> this overcompensation can result in that superhuman ability. dr. antonello also says for a large number of people who have this capacity, it's often
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disorders like autism. which reminds me of rain man. >> that's right. extraordinary. that memory. i'd like to remember anything. >> [ laughter ] >> right? >> i couldn't tell you what i wore yesterday. >> i want to know what we said five minutes ago. lonnie is here. we've got a mess on our hands. >> a messi day today. it's going to be a worse day tomorrow. not the worst-case scenario but the worse day tomorrow. looking at temperatures in the 30s out there, we had snow falling out there today, look, didn't pick up too much of anything. right now in new york city, the skies are not very pleasant. has not been a nice-looking day. 35 degrees right now, we do have winter weather alerts, advisories in effect, all those counties shaded in purple. basically north of 287 right now. and here's the reason why, it
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morning. could be slick spots driving. mainly wet roads around new york city but icy spots are possible north and west of the city. that's why we've got the advisory. speaking of tomorrow, round two tomorrow, heavier rain than what we had today. take a look at what we picked up, so far, quarter of an inch, the biggest number, 0.6 around belmar, toms river, by the time you get to thursday after a wet wednesday, looking at anywhere from and each to two inches, maybe more. here's your current radar picture, everything is pretty much on the light side. some light showers around, greenwich, connecticut, snowflakes, all very light. a little bit of mixed precipitation, inland and fairfield county, this is moving out, going to linger a little bit. then we watch this big system, in the tennessee valley, this will have a lot to say about our weather tomorrow. as you go through your
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get to the commute tomorrow, still some light showers peppered around the area with a moderate shower here or there. that's 8:30. you get to lunch time, some bouts of heavy rain but not the heaviest stuff. heaviest stuff right there, the actual big line of rain. it's a soaker that is 10:30 at night. thursday is a better looking day. still breezy and windy on thursday. tomorrow is a windy day. 7:30, wind gusts around the area, everybody with wind gusts over 40 miles per hour. thursday afternoon, down a little bit but still very windy thursday. then extended forecast, high tempo 52 on wednesday, not pleasant out there. thursday is 54, damp to start off the day. breezy, windy still friday, 41. saturday 39. sunday 44. precinct with us the entire time period. you still have that wind to deal with. right now looks like next week starts off on a very warm note.
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glad you're feeling better.
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looks like sarah jessica parker and matthew broderick are moving on up. they bought a two townhouses for $35 million. they plan to combine them and build a 14,000 square foot megamansion, but not everybody might be thrilled about the coming construction work. >> i understand neighbors are going to be upset because they are going to be walking under scaffolding, they are going to see construction on the street. >> the property had been by a nonprofit and has nine bedrooms and eight bathrooms. complaining about her salary, a millennial writes an
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ceo on social media that got the attention of many generations. >> 25-year-old talia ben-ora complained to the ceo that her $12 an hour salary was leaving her practically starving. workers of other generations say she needs to learn to pay her dues. >> they needed to be patient. really, tell you? one year in customer service is too long? that's called learning on the job. >> social media publicity actually gets change done. that's one of the biggest things. >> after her letter was posted, she lost her job. yelp said it had multiple reasons for letting her go
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conduct. a lot of news in yankee and met camp today. otis livingston in tampa tonight. >> maurice, after taking a personal day yesterday, aroldis
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as you can imagine, there were plenty of eyes on his bullpen session. the flamethrower did not disappoint. he was popping the mid--- alongside dellin betances. they are still awaiting word on a possible suspension for domestic violence. chapman said he didn't hurt anyone and that he's being portrayed wrongly. he asked his manager -- we asked the manager, joe girardi, when it comes to trusting a player he's getting to know. >> i think to give players the benefit of the doubt until they let you down. or you feel they haven't been truthful with you. it's important that players feel a manager trust them on the field, off the field, but when you hear things, you're going to pay attention and watch closely to see if a player is being honest or not. >> now to the nba. a late start out west for the nats. they are in portland, they trail the blazers by 13 in the third quarter.
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on the devils in the metropolitan division. the jersey boys get two points back. 4-2 in the third, the devils get the 5-2 victory. islanders skating with the minnesota wild, who have not lost since the coaching change. jonathan taras scores his 23rd off a power play. the islanders tick down the wild 4-1. players report to camp tomorrow morning. a lot of them have already joined the pitchers and catchers. matt harvey is driving a maserati but check out the wheels that yoenis cespedes showed up to camp in today. it's a $68,000, three wheel vehicle called the polaris slingshot. and what does it look and sound like rolling away? there you have it. it's good to be yoenis cespedes these days.
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officially report tomorrow. so to the yankees. brian cashman told me he doesn't expect much electricity around alex rodriguez tomorrow. have you ever heard that? >> [ laughter ] >> alex rodriguez. we shall see. >> just a little bit. those cars, they need to win some games if they are driving like that. come on. >> right. they went to the world series last year. this is just getting ready for the parade this year. these guys are loving life. [ laughter ] >> to say the least. >> does that come in automatic? >> i don't know. he would let me get close enough to find out. >> all right, this. -- otis. t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. smoking causes 16 different types of cancer.
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