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tv   CBS 2 News at 11  CBS  February 28, 2016 11:08pm-12:08am EST

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next, knocked to the ground and nearly tased. is this woman a the or victim. in the common cell phone
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money at risk. into live from the cbs broadcast center in new york city this is cbs2 news at 11. right now a public plea for help. police hunting the for the drivers behind five hit-and- runs on the same night. tonight a son opens up about losing his father. a cruise ship forced back to port early for the second time this month. a potential storm isn't the only problem at sea. plus. >> he is making a killing off of these and scamming hundreds, if not thousands, of people. >> fake hamilton tickets that look real. this woman decided to do something about it. good evening. i am cindy hsu. tonight police are trying to solve a string of crimes. 500 were reported in four burroughs overnight. three of the victims died and right now all the drivers are
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cbs2's brian coneybeare is live one crash happened. >> reporter: cindy, even before this deadly weekend, the nypd says 17 pedestrians have already 2016. now police are using flashing signs like the one you see behind me to try and catch these heartless drivers. queens, a residential park. police trying to figure out if speed is why a car slammed into this black suv around 4:40 this morning, hitting and killingon uber driver before taking off. sonia ramirez was walking home when she saw something in the street. >> we looked and realized it was a body and the car was running. >> reporter: in park slope,
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killed by a dark colored sedan. the driver gone. two hours earlier in jamaica queens a woman critically injured by a man in a minivan. a similar scene on spring street and 6th avenue in soho at 3:30 a.m. a 30-year-old man hit by another car. that victim hospitalized. then in the bronx 63-year-old jose contreras was killed by a black suv getting on the cross bronx expressway at webster avenue. >> you celebrate something. at 1:30 a.m. they were celebrating a birthday when contreras found him in the street. >> he was trying to walk back towards the hall. it happened while he was crossing street back. >> reporter: city councilman rodriguez is calling for the drivers to turn themselves in and stiffer penalties for hit-and-runs. >> hitting someone with your car and driving away is cowardly
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those that do it must be made an example. >> reporter: lawmakers say they want stiffer penalties for hit-and-runs. they want them to be just as tough as the penalties for drunk drivers. they say if people start going to prison, other drivers may think twice before leaving the scene of an accident. reporting live in ozone park, queens, brian coneybeare, cbs news. >> thank you. and there was another hit-and-run last night. this time on the new jersey turnpike. the person killed was an off duty nypd officer. police say 25-year-old vincent hey son was run over around 3 a.m. in elizabeth. harrison was hit when he pulled over and got out of his car after he was involved in a minor accident. new jersey state police say they caught that driver. a shooting on a subway platform in the crown heights section of brooklyn. police say the it 2-year-old victim told them he was waiting for a 3 train at the station after midnight this morning when two teenagers shot him for no apparent reason.
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the teens have not been caught. new at 11, a good samaritan pulls off a rescue after a fire firefighters say it started around 9 p.m. in a home on runyan street and quickly spread to other buildings. a resident passing by heard an elderly woman shouting for help. upstairs. >> when i ran inside, the kitchen was on fire. he was standing in the kitchen. he didn't want to leave out of the kitchen. of the kitchen he said, no, my wife. but your wife is already downstairs. she the one told me that you was upstairs. i put him on my shoulder and brought him downstairs. >> no word how the fire got started. 20 people were displaced. trouble for that cruise ship tossed around in a bad storm a few weeks ago. the royal caribbean anthem of the cease is heading back to bayonne amid concerns of
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storm earlier this month it traveled into 30-foot waves. late saturday royal caribbean tweeted the ship would return storm. there is also word of a norovirus outbreak. it did not affect their to return. they will offer passengers half off their next cruise. well, if you think the long island railroad was moving slowly last year, you might be on to something. now new statistics show trains were late more often in 2015 than at any point since 2000. the lirr says a lot of factors slow down train service, including derailments, east river tunnel issues and trespassers. the mta released a statement saying, quote, the lirr is undertaking extensive infrastructure renewal that will improve on-time performance over the long-term. happening tomorrow the man accused of killing a police
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day on the job will appear in court. investigators arrested this man ronald williams hamilton. an army staff sergeant. he is charged with murder accused of shooting and killing the officer after she responded to a domestic violence call in hamilton's home south of d.c. the officer had just been sworn in on friday. >> prince william county police department is in very deep mourning over the loss of officer ashley gwynnden last night. our condolences go out to her mother and extended family and all of her loved ones. >> two other officers were also injured. police say hamilton was arguing with his wife and had already shot and killed her by the time police arrived. now to campaign 2016. republican presidential frontrunner donald trump drawing criticism. this time for his response to an apparent endorsement.
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candidates are pouncing on him with two days until super >> reporter: continuing his winning momentum, donald trump took the stage in alabama proudly introducing his latest sessions. hours earlier he was denying any knowledge of another supporter. david duke. a white nationalist who urged his radio show listeners to vote for trump. i don't know. i mean, i don't know. did he endorse me or what's going on? because i know nothing about david duke. supremacists. i don't know what group you're talking about. you wouldn't want me to condemn a group i know nothing about. >> reporter: that declaration a complete about face compared to his remarks friday when he was asked about duke's endorsement. >> he endorsed me? i disavow, okay. >> reporter: the comments became a window of opportunity for republican candidates looking to ship trumps votes as they head into super tuesday.
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nominates someone who refuses to condemn white supremacists and the klu klux klan. >> donald trump refused to disassociate himself and condemn white supremacists. that's just horrific. we don't have any place for white supremacists in the united states of america. >> reporter: ted cruz september a message to donald trump saying, you're better than this. we should all agree. racism is wrong. kkk is abhorrent. the republicans are not alone in taking aim the republican while campaigning in hillary clinton she shifted her focus from bernie sanders and went after trump without mentioning his name. >> i said last night america has never stopped being great. whole. >> reporter: clinton goes into super tuesday with a solid lead after winning the south primary. nevertheless, bernie sanders, speaking on cbs's "face the nation," says he is still
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momentum all over this country. it is a tough fight. we knew that from the beginning. >> and also on "face the nation" today, donald trump said he is growing more and more disappointed with the republican party and is prepared to run as a third-party candidate if necessary. cindy. >> thank you. new at 11, a manhattan woman thought she scored tickets to hamilton on broadway but later learned she had been duped and then she put the scammer behind bars. cbs2's valerie castro with more from the theater district. >> reporter: hamilton is the hottest ticket on broadway and people are willing to pay. >> i paid $1,000. >> we paid $2,000 and it was -- i would do it again. >> reporter: daniel posener didn't want to pay that so she checked craigslist and found this ad online. >> it looked real. he had four ticket. it was a guy. he said him and his girlfriend
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>> reporter: they were $175 apiece. she arranged to meet the seller in person in a public place. tickets in hand, she was even more convinced. >> full out legit ticketmaster ticket. had the same print as a ticket. same picture like a real ticket would have. everything looked real. >> reporter: her boyfriend wasn't so sure. posed as another buyer and e-mailed the seller to see if the tickets were available. >> he wrote back and said he had the four tickets. that's when i was really upset. >> reporter: ticketmaster confirmed the ones she bought were fake. >> i said i am going to get him arrested. >> reporter: using her boyfriend as bait, she set up a new deal and made sure police were there. when the seller showed up, police arrested him. >> they found a stack this thick of the same four tickets repeated over and over and over again. so he has been selling these like crazy. >> reporter: the better business bureau says you can take steps to avoid counterfeit tickets.
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like stubhub or ticketmaster. pay with a credit card so you can dispute any fraud. to fight against ticket scammers, posener urges anyone who has been duped to file a report with the police. a shoplifting suspect faces off with a deputy and it's all caught on camera. >> put your hands up. >> oh my god! okay! >> stop resisting me. >> a violent struggle and with injuries and a taser pull. see how it started. a fight over shrinking seats. how airline passengers may be guaranteed space without paying more for it. plus. >> any way that i had money they could take, they got rid of it. >> a woman loses thousands of dollars and it could happen to you. the common mistake people are making with their cell phone that could put their money at risk.
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how nice this day is. tons of sunshine. we will match the temperatures again tomorrow, but we may see some rain. i will have the details coming up. mets spring training is full of smiles with good reason. that doesn't mean one player isn't thinking about life in his home country. over the past year the quality of life in venezuela has deteriorated to the point of crisis. what life is really like in that country. that's later in sports. monday morning morning a shopping secret that could save you big. plus, traffic and weather on the 2s.
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wake up to cbs2 monday morning. put your hands behind your back. >> please! >> put your hands -- >> oh my god! okay. >> stop resisting me. >> a rough takedown of a shoplifter in central florida. the woman was confronted by a deputy wearing a body camera. she hits her head against a wall and starts bleeding. then the deputy points a taser at her. the sheriff says the deputy did nothing wrong. a gruesome discovery at a park in upper manhattan. a suspected severed horse head inside a box. a woman spotted the box around 11:00 a.m. sanitation department removed it
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out where it came from. the new york senator charles schumer is pushing for more leg room on commercial flights. he says seats and leg room have been shrinking for decades while airline profits soar to record heights. >> nothing bothers people more than the fact that there is almost no leg room. the average passenger feels like they are being treated as a sardine. squeezed and squeezed and squeezed. >> schumer says the average distance between rows of seats in 1970 was about 35 inches. today it's 16.5 inches. now to an important alert. those popular apps on your smartphone can ven and fun, but they could put your money, personal information and at risk. the new hack attacks. >> reporter: any way that i had they got a hold of it. >> california's susan harvey
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used a debit card to download a slot machine game app to her cell phone through a google playstore account. when she went to reload the game, she found hundreds of purchases had been made. by her math, monday than $5,000 worth of transactions. >> my heart sank. i sat there looking at it and rolling through and i physically -- i was sick because i didn't know what they were. >> some of the information these what they should be asking for. >> reporter: that story is no surprise to cybersecurity expert gary milefski. he says certain apps are designed to steal your personal information. what are the consequences for me as a consumer? >> you are going to wonder why there was a transaction. you will wonder how someone got into your bank account and paid a bill that doesn't exist. >> reporter: when you download an app, he says you are giving the app permission to access other parts of i couldn't phone
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track phone calls u think an alarm clock needs all those permissions, access to the internet over wifi, your call information, calls you have made, call history, your device i.d. this is not a safe alarm clock. >> reporter: and there is the weather and flashlight apps he says exploit legitimate banking apps to capture information. as he showed us in a demonstration of what could happen when someone takes a photo of a check to send to their bank. >> the flashlight app spies on the camera, noticing the check and grabbed a copy of it. >> reporter: he says he has found another flashlight app that can do much more troubling things. >> this one turns on your microphone in the background, listens in on you, and sends an encrypted tunnel to a server we discovered in beijing. >> reporter: you are saying they are listening to people's conversations and sending that audio back to you beijing? >> yeah, we tracked it. i can show you where it does it.
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>> a few blocks from tiamin square. >> we have to look at our phone and say this is a personal computer that fits in our pocket. let's shut down all the apps we don't lose. delete apps that don't make sense and redawes the -- reduce the risk of being spied on. >> 2014 the federal trade commission settled a lawsuit with the brightest flashlight app alleging it transferred consumers' personal information without telling them. we just can smile about this forecast. the weather. >> we have gotten a lot of spice. lots of rave reviews about today's weather. 60 degrees. tons of sunshine. i am not hearing any complaints. now, we will match temperatures tomorrow. expecting another mild day, but not necessarily a sunny day from start to finish. let's check in with some of our weather watchers, see what kinds of conditions we are seeing out there right now.
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mid-and-upper 40s. elaina in brooklyn says 45 degrees where she is. her comment, after such a beautiful day, it's a cool crisp night, enjoying spring-like weather. we are seeing lots of 50-degree temperatures still. this is carl. he says 50 where he is. and a little bit farther north we are starting to see some of these lower 40-degree temps. adam in middletown says 44. felt nice to be able to wear shorts in february today. yeah, i didn't exactly go for shorts. if you did, i hope you had a chance to enjoy it. it's clear and comfortable out there. still 51 degrees at 1129 typhoon at night. wind out of the south at 8 miles per hour. so how high did it go today? how warm did it get? take a look. anywhere from the low 50s to the low 60s. new work reporting 62 degrees. 61 laguardia. central park of 60 degrees.
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60 is 15 degrees above the norm. 45's where we should be. made it to 60 today. it is not a record. 67 is the record set in 1976. still, that 60-degree temperature impressive. sisty degrees is the normal high for april 12. here we are end of february and we are hitting temperatures that look and feel like spring. your vortex satellite and radar not showing a lot of activity. high pressure building in right now. basically what we're watching is this front. quite a bit of moisture along this frontal boundary. we are enjoying that surge of mild air in advance of the front. for monday, however, is an increase in clouds as we head into the morning and then a chance 10, 11, 12:00 a chance for showers. you notice a lot of folks may not necessarily see the showers. but some rain moving through. the rest of monday is dry. we head into tuesday and we see a little bit of activity early wednesday is when we see some cloud cover. also going to see the next chance for rain. the rain gets a little more
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through right around drive time wednesday evening. so could see some showers, evening thunderstorms. so overnight tonight mostly clear. not cold. 45 degrees. pretty mild. as we head into tomorrow another 60-degree day. we could see showers mid-morning. then take a look at your seven-day forecast. we go 60 monday, 53 for your tuesday, chance for rain on wednesday and keeping an eye on friday. temperatures down in the 30s. could see some snowflakes. so definitely another week of mixed conditions for your week. >> you know, i think when we have these nice temperatures they go, maybe that's it. but not quite? >> no. but it's good. >> thanks, elise. the new building set to open in lower manhattan. we will explain ahead. plus a family's prayers answered. a little boy receives a life changing surprise from strangers.
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11:34 pm a rough night for the knicks. check of sports. the knicks. here is thing thing about new yorkers. if they don't like how you're
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the knicks fans were so frustrated, they were contacting let's go heat. the miami heat in town. defense the name of the game. porzingis had a pair of blocks in a matter of seconds. they never mounted a serious challenge. the heat win 98-81. seton hall with another impressive win. this one over fifth ranked xavier, who just beat the number one team in the country. the pirates take it by nine. for the third straight year the rangers have pulled off a deadline trade. this time adding hurricane center aaron staal. he joins his brother mark with the rangers. all right. later in the show we will have a revealing interview with the mets wilmer flores about the turmoil in his home country of venezuela. and coach steve masiello teaches me how to appreciate italian cuisine. that is later on in sports.
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>> i am now properly educated. >> you're crazy. thank you very much. still ahead, a story of survival from a shooting spree. a man comes face to face with a killer and is talking about the ordeal. plus. >> it's going to change his life. >> parents thanking strangers for giving their boy a gift they will never forget. 'rouof%
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lyiohathfaes inrn a wfivaab.soouanenfis t5x st tn bl wi cacy hdlalof urevesnogesothg atnl osffs:00egpld ddolo sed usv d onfoa ic wee veofrebere ju $.9a ntonne d erist enn nu cora.ju gtoetosomrca 188etio
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find cbs2 on facebook. click like and join the conversation. cbs new york on facebook. a man who came face to face with a gunman at a workplace shooting last week in kansas says he forgives his attacker. cedric ford shot 17 people, including 14 co-workers, at excel industries on thursday killing three of them before police shot and killed him. adam miller, one of the shooting victims, says his healing process means forgiving ford. >> i don't know what he was
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felt this was the way out. and so my heart just aches for him. >> investigators believe ford acted out in violence after being served with a protective order, taken out by an ex-girlfriend. here is a look at the week ahead. tuesday is super tuesday. the biggest day in the presidential primary season. 12 states and one u.s. territory will hold primaries or caucuses. on wednesday a landmark abortion case goes before the supreme court. the justices will hear a challenge to strict abortion laws in texas that shut down more than half of the state's abortion clinics. thursday new york city's most expensive and new building opens to the public. the world trade center transportation hub known as the oculus cost nearly $4 billion and took 12 years to build. special surprise for a little boy in new jersey.
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you by. a new jersey child with a rare disorder had a life changing day thanks to a generous donation. now he with move around more freely because after local foundation as a big surprise. cbs2's ilana gold has the story from bergen county. >> reporter: a special delivery wheeled into garfield, new
11:45 pm
this is now his to keep. it's something gavin and his parents have needed. >> he is going to be able to do regular every day little boy things. >> reporter: he has a genetic condition. it affects his heart and mobility. the stroller will now make getting around much easier. >> it's going to help us be able to do our normal everyday things without having to get a wheelchair for him. >> reporter: a local organization that helps new jersey children with rare conditions called let them be little foundation heard his story. they were looking for funds and called up a friend for help. >> he mentioned gavin and the struggle he was having. i said what do you need? he said $3,500. i said you got it. >> reporter: bill carol is first meeting gavin and seeing his money was more than well spent. how much does this mean to you? >> it's -- i can't describe it. i am having trouble not tearing up. >> reporter: this foundation has so many other children with rare
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also about fundraising. >> we try to make each day a little bit better for these families going through these life challenges. >> reporter: they held this pancake breakfast to spread awareness. it prompted bill carol to give another donation. >> i am going to give another $10,000 today. >> reporter: his effort is making a difference in gavinchesky's life. in garfield, new jersey, ilana gold, cbs2 news. another check of your work week forecast. another good day, right? >> temperature-wise, absolutely. we have a few more good days, i think. maybe not quite as good as this one. let's talk current temperatures right now. clear skies. 51 degrees. wind out of the south at 8 miles per hour. check out these other current temperatures. we have had a consistently chilly reading in the hamptons for a while. 43 greenwich. 46 for babylon and monticello. 48 for white plains. sparta and belmar 51 in central park.
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mild temps out there. mostly clear and cool overnight, but not cold. a few raindrops we'll see likely mid-morning and around lunchtime. but temperatures mild again. a better chance for more significant rain arrives on wednesday. colder temperatures as we head to the end of the work week. we could see a few snowflakes. right now a surge of warm air in advance of this front. this front moves across the area. it gives us a chance for mid-morning showers. moving on we, going to see temperatures tonight not nearly as cold as they were last night. degrees. tonight 45 degrees. lots of 40s tonight. tomorrow temperatures in the 50s and the 60s. 60 in central park tomorrow. we are doing that countdown. here is your seven-day. 221 days officially until spring but it will feel like spring tomorrow with a 60-degree day. a one-on-one interview with
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and the sit down with the coach of manhattan basketball. that's next in sports.
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us on twitter @cbsnew york. now your jeep sports desk. >> well, former nikki haley amar'e stoudemire didn't pull any punches when discussing what is wrong with the current knicks squad. he called out carmelo anthony on the current state of affairs in new york. he told reporters you have to
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bring your team out of a rut. everybody can't do it. end quote. knicks six games out of the playoffs as the miami heat come to town. 36% as a team. now, they did hang around for a while thanks to the second-chance points. stoudemire had quite a night for miami. he made noise when it mattered the medical examiner's. knicks down by 15 in the fourth. and then dwyane wade putting the finishing touches on the night. yeah, we heard let's go heat chants. 98-81. the feel good vibe in port st. lucie continued today. they welcomed in a special instructor, a well known hall famer. mike piazza in camp to give tips ear. looked like everybody wanted to talk to him. july's gonna be a special month for piazza. he will enter cooperstown and have his 31 retired by the mets.
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about many things, like how baseball is taking notice of the crisis in his home country of venezuela. but we start off by talking about the new opportunity this guy has of playing more than just shortstop. he will be asked to play every infield position. >> yeah. well, i have played all those positions. i played second base. i played third base. so it's kind of a challenge for me, but, you know, i'm really familiar with those positions. i never really play first base yet, but, you know, you know, i'm open to play anywhere they want me to. >> reporter: i brought up first base. you played 20 games at first base in the minor leagues. what's your comfort level there? know. i'm gonna try to make that adjustment that i have to make. you know, i am going to work with tough, anything i have to work on, and we'll take it from there. it.
11:53 pm
>> reporter: how many gloves do you have and how many do you have to bring on to the field every day? >> well, honestly, i have two right now. >> reporter: just two? >> yeah. i use just one glove for third base, shortstop and second base. >> reporter: listen, i want to talk about venezuela because 65 players are on major league baseball rosters venezuela. because of economic and civil unrest there, mlb is shutting down operations in venezuela. how damaging is that to the country? >> yeah. it's definitely -- well, we all are disappointed because of that. you know, i guess it's because of the situation over there. you know next just -- they left the country. you know, there is nothing we can do right now, you know, with everything that's going on there. but, you know, all you can do is just keep playing and keep working hard because we have no
11:54 pm
home country. i understand that this is a now. when you were there, did you while >> yeah. i was there in december. you don't want to leave your korea. but in this situation, it tells you need to go. i don't want to leave it, you know, with everything that's going on. i wish i didn't have to. but sometimes you have to. >> reporter: it has to be scary to be in the middle of that. like you said, you were playing winter ball there. you were there a couple of months ago. there have been reports of rampant crime, food shortages. what is life really lying in venezuela right now? >> yeah. well, it's a little bit tough because of the economy. you think that's it.
11:55 pm
sometimes they say too much. but when you're there, you don't see nothing going on. you know, i think you the first thing is the economy. it's really bad. you know, people, they just go to work every day and they don't control that. >> reporter: did you ever feel like your family is in danger? >> no. no. not really. i mean, it's dangerous right now, but, you know, someplace -- some places that you go it's dangerous. but i don't think they are in danger. you just got to know where to be. >> reporter: where the bad spots are, where you have to stay away from? >> yeah, that's right. >> reporter: let's talk about eunice cespedes. he has been getting a lot of play for that beautiful car collection he has out there. i understand you have driven one or two of those cars? >> well, i had the red one. i had the one, i had it for a month.
11:56 pm
i had it for a month because i went to his house in balka. i left my other in his house and took that one. >> reporter: all right. let me ask you then, if he were to give you one of his cars, > [ laughter ] i don't know. i probably take the lambeau. i mean, i like sports cars. 700-horsepower. that's a lamborghini lb700. that's a bean car. can you handle 700-horsepower, wilmer? >> yeah, yeah. i love sports cars, but i don't think i would own one. they are too fast. >> reporter: too dangerous. we can't have any wrecks in spring training here right? >> i know. i know. you're right. >> reporter: wilmer flores, thanks for your time. best of luck to you this year, buddy. >> thank you guys. >> all right. it's been ten years since seton
11:57 pm
that is about to change. today they bumped heads with fifth ranked xavier and the result was a statement win for the program. the pirates man-handled them from start to finish. desi rodriguez coming through with a game high 27. the pirates are now 21-7 on the year. meanwhile, st. john's has gone from bad to really bad to worst. creighton couldn't miss a shot. they shot the 60% as a team. it got so bad the head coach said heck with it. i am going to get ejected. the worst loss in school history. 100-59. the rangers got center eric staal from carolina for draft picks. he helps bolster a 22nd ranked power play as they make the push for the cup. halak was good for 50 minutes until he yielded a pair of late goals back to back. right now it is 2-1 oilers in the third period.
11:58 pm
a couple of weeks ago manhattan basketball coach steve mass yellow paid us a visit. in the midst of that live interview he found out i was not a fan of italian food. i am sorry. he was offended at first, but then he decided to use it as a teachable moment. my appetite education took place at a restaurant coach likes to call his second home. molin o's in white plains. welcome back. steve obermeyer alongside manhattan coach steve mass yellow. >> i can't believe what i just heard. this is unbelievable you don't like italian food! >> reporter: this is where the education begins? >> this is where it starts. this is, my opinion, best italian there is. taking you to my home. when i heard last two weeks ago, please, that you don't like pasta, i took it personally, and i had to bring you. >> reporter: you have no idea how many people were offended.
11:59 pm
be honest. have you ever heard of such a thing? someone not liking post that? >> he is a little slow with italian terms. you might have to explain what these pastas are. >> you are right about that cheese. that adds an extra layer, doesn't it? how has basketball do you think changed in the city? >> i think too many third parties are involved. the best analogy i can give is, if you go to a restaurant, you're going to let the chef prepare the meal and you are going to trust what he does. and i think in basketball kid don't trust the coaches, and i think a lot of the kids, they turn to the wrong people for advice about their future. it's hard sometimes because sometimes those people who love you or you love. you don't go home and talk to my brother about how to do a pick al and roll. social media has hurt. >> reporter: kids are told how great they are at a young age? >> yeah. >> reporter: confidence is a
12:00 am
>> yeah, you can't lose by 20 and tell someone they played great. >> reporter: being a local kid from new york city how much does that help in recruiting other new york city kids? >> i think there is new yorkers and then there is new yorkers. i know the real places. the best slice of he is pizza. the best chicken franchase. the best rigatoni. >> reporter: he always want the best. not just good. it has to be the best. >> new yorkers want the best and they always have a guy. you have to have a guy for everything. you got a guy for everything. you don't have a dentist. you got a guy. >> and the jaspers win the championship. they are going dancing. >> reporter: does your move shift at the end of february when you know march is around the corner? >> oh, it's like a lion going out for a hunt. i love it. i enjoy it. it's the greatest time of year. lions enjoy the hunt. they love the hunt. that's what march is. it's the hunt.
12:01 am
but what you enjoy is the hunt. you enjoy getting there. you enjoy the process of going after it. that's something we take great pride in. >> reporter: you started as a ball boy for the knicks in 1989? >> yeah, that was the door that opened for me being around guys like patino, don nelson, all these coaches at a very young age. >> reporter: a lot of kids, if they were in that situation, would be enamored with the players. why was it the coaches that drew your eye? >> i wasn't 6'10". i said i can relate to that guy a little better than ewing. it's funny. there is something about a personality that commands a room, especially when you have megastars like that. to see the way pat riley or patino or gundy navigated through a practice, it was fascinating because those guys hung on every word those guys said.
12:02 am
hats. amateur psychologist? >> yeah. definitely that. it's about relationships as is anything, and it's about the guys believing in you. the ability to lead, i believe, is when people follow you who don't have to and you want your guys to believe in you. you want to trust that you are going to take them to the right place. not just on the court. also the court. also to a good italian restaurant. when you want to start merging the pastas. >> reporter: that's an advanced move. i don't know if i am ready for that. >> how is the atmosphere? good music? >> reporter: bobby darren. mack the knife. >> are we bringing you over? >> reporter: are you kidding? my knowledge of growing up in the corn and pig fields of illinois, my knowledge of italian stretched to chef boy ardi. how am i doing? >> okay. a couple weeks, a couple months you might order. we are not the there yet. we are not going to it turn our taste buds over to you just yet. >> all right. thanks to the coach for that
12:03 am
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let's get a final check on your wake-up weather. >> let's do it. waking up to mild temperatures. 45 degrees. that's your wake-up temp. 60 for a high tomorrow. we have a chance for passing showers monday, mid-morning, and up until about lunch time. then we see some clearing. a little cooler tuesday. 53. rain wednesday. eying a system on friday that could produce a flake or two. we will keep you posted. people are like, did i hear that right? >> thanks. >> that does it for cbs2 news at 11. for the entire cbs2 news team,
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