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tv   CBS 2 News Sunday  CBS  March 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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. right now christians around the world are celebrating in rome. you can see pope francis there live this easter sunday. we are live at st. patrick's cathedral where cardinal dolan is saying mass this morning. >> it's devastating. it usually doesn't have to happen to good people. >> an easter outing turned tragic when an elderly couple were killed in a head-on collision. the disturbing allegations against the driver who hit them. and americans killed in an act of terror.
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belgium attacks, including one of the suspected attackers. cbs news sunday morning starts right now. live from studio 46 this is cbs2 news this morning. good morning. it's 6 a.m. on this march 27th. i am dick brennan. >> i am andrea grymes. happy easter. vanessa murdoch is here with a look at our easter sunday forecast. >> good morning. it's looking pretty good. plenty of clouds right now. we will see more sunday later on. temperatures are warmer than they were yesterday, but still on the cool side if you are heading out early. take a look. we are at 43 in the city right now. 41 sparta. most of us in the mid-to-upper 30s/low 40s. plenty of cloud cover. what's going to happen towards the afternoon hours, the clouds start to break up. more sun later on. as of 9 a.m.
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by noon 49 feeling like 47. then our high today is 55 degrees. at that point in time we expect partly cloudy skies and it is going to be a seigable end to seasonal end to the weekend. the daylight hours are dry. coming up we will talk rain for your monday and then we can also discuss a big drop in temperatures for very late next week. dick and andrea, back to you. >> thank you. nicely dressed this morning. celebrating easter today. the holiest day of the year. >> many who are observing the holiday will be heading to church this morning. that's where we find cbs's magdalena dora. she is live outside st.
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matt good morning, happy easter. we are out front of st. patrick's cathedral. it's very quiet. things will be much more fess i have in a few hours here on 5th avenue. >> [ singing ] it is easter in rome. today marks the end of a 40 day lent period of reflection and around the world it's a time for celebration and family. thousands gathered in st. peter's square this morning to pray together. pope francis celebrating mass and calling on christians to find hope. his homily urging the faithful to open their hearts and be joyful saying, in part, let us not stay imprisoned within ourselves. on the evening of holy saturday came the easter vigil in rome.
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beaters pa silica in darkness. the lighting of the candle represent's the lighting of jesus' life. that radiance carried into the church of pope francis. the three days after death marking his resurrection. here at home timothy cardinal dolan led a mass at st. patrick's cathedral speaking about what is at the heart of this easter celebration. >> let us listen to the quiet hearts of god. let us meditate how god, in times past, saved his people. >> i blessed easter baskets. christians will congregate to reflect on sacrifice, forgiveness and rebirth while celebrating the resurrection of jesus christ. easter. and there will be a eight masses held here at st. patrick's cathedral today and, of course, the traditional easter bonnet parade.
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want to be if you'd like to check that out. live in front of st. patrick's cathedral. a new jersey family is in mourning after two grandparents were killed in a horrific head-on crash. now a 23-year-old driver is under arrest. brian coneybeare reports. >> i couldn't believe two such good people on good friday. >> reporter: friends stunned by what happened to frank and audrey corso in reddington township, new jersey. firefighters running to help after a deadly head-on crash. >> i saw the accident right in front of the house. i knew it was bad. you could tell by the white car. >> reporter: the corsos, in their 70s, died instantly when their white toyota was hit by this black suv. investigators say they had taken
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to an easter egg hunt nearby and were headed home. >> they were so nice to everybody. i would see them walking all the time and, you know, seen their family over there. >> reporter: the prosecutor says 23-year-old frank cabases was drunk at 2:45 in the afternoon, lost control and slammed into the corso family's car. >> it's a tragedy for the entire community. >> reporter: marisa corso was flown by helicopter to children's hospital in new leg. amazingly, her dad and seriously hurt. the thought of an easter holiday to fathom. >> witnessing their grandparents killed in that car. >> reporter: police sources confirm this isn't his first time in trouble. driving drunk in his underwear in 2012 and drug charges as well.
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police are investigating a deadly crash in the bronx where a save tahoe slammed into a dry cleaners. this happened around 9:30 on arlington and barns avenue in the allerton section. the 37-year-old driver hit two parked cars and struck a light pole before crashing into the store. he was rushed to jacoby medical center where he died. new development in the belgian terror attacks. a solidarity march planned for sunday as police continue to search for suspects. >> the man caught on camera with two suicide bombers has reportedly been arrested. remember learning more about the americans killed. cbs2's kenneth craig reports. >> reporter: belgian authorities have charged three men with terrorism offenses before a series of raids linked to tuesday's bombings in brussels. americans stephanie and justin schultz were i don't think the 31 people killed. mormon missionary joseph empy's parents told cbs news escarpedder suffered burns but will make a full recovery. prosecutors say a man identified as faycal c. was arrested thursday. belgian media reports claim faycal shea few is the mystery man here. there is a heavy law enforcement presence at brussels airport. authorities say they have finished investigating the crime scene inside and now engineers are looking at the damage. >> you have to look at security measures because security levels have rosen in our country. >> reporter: a solidarity march scheduled for sunday has been postponed.
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returned to the growing memorial saturday to share the grief and sadness. kenneth craig, cbs news, brussels, belgium. >> so far 24 of the 31 people killed have been identified. 11 of them are foreigners. doctors say a dozen of the 270 people suffered extreme burns. coming up later this morning on "face the nation," john dickerson will be talking about the belgium attacks with u.s. secretary of state john kerry and john miller. the deputy commissioner of intelligence and counter terrorism at the nypd. we will be speaking withdrawn dickerson later this morning at 8:00. rally intercepted by bernie sanders. >> all right. are you ready for a news alert? >> [cheers and applause]. >> we just won the state of washington! [ cheering and applause ] >> his big wins over hillary
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plus, arrested before take-off. why an american airlines pilot is accused of almost putting passengers in danger. first, here is vanessa murdock. >> a pleasant end to the work week. then rain is on the way. i will have details coming up in my full forecast. first, a check on the
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6:13 am in campaign 2016, it was a saturday sweep for senator bernie sanders. the democratic presidential hopeful scored huge victories over hillary clinton in three state caucuses. >> sanders snagged 71% of the votes. 25 delegates are at stake. the biggest prize was washington state with 101 delegates. sanders defeated clinton 72 to 28. in alaska he took 80% of the vote. >> what we are seeing and what momentum means is in state after state huge voter turnouts. >> and republicans don't head to the polls again until april 5 for the wisconsin caucus. a lot of people getting up early. have church on the mind on this easter sunday. >> big, big day.
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bundled up in the cute little outfits. >> and they need to wear the coats those cute outfits. it is a bummer. >> i know. but the good news is it's going to be a very nice easter sunday. so for those celebrating, happy easter. more sunshine late and seasonal temperatures today in the 50s. it is still dark out there. 43 degrees. mostly cloudy skies. east-northeast winds at nine miles an hour. headlines a seasonal easter will be in the mid 50s for us. along the coastline it will be a lot cooler. in the 40s with wind in off the water. you will feel the difference. clouds early, but then we anticipate sunshine this afternoon. that will be lovely. as we make our way overnight into the day tomorrow rain is on the way. it could be a very rainy morning commute. as far as temperatures go,
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we expect exactly the same today. however, early on the sun will be missing for the most part. it will take a little bit of time before we start to feel like 55. that is where we should be. tomorrow 59. maybe even the low 60s. on tuesday we are back down to 54. easter records for you. the warmest was 96 degrees set in 1976. that seems incredible. the coldest 12 degrees back in 1923. we have over 2 inches in 1958, and the snowiest 4 inches in 1970. in general, we are where we should be, and i think that's good. all right. clouds overhead with rain on the way. a system out to the west making its way towards us. with this also track to go the south -- tracking to the south, those clouds will thick and we will get showers. later today more breaks of sun. it's not looking crazy impressive. overall dry for today. overnight rain moves on. in fact, during that a.m.
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rain around. later in the day the cold front pushes through and with that a few showers, a stray storm. by the drive tome most of the rain is out of here. skies are clearing into tuesday. for today 55 degrees. morning clouds. some p.m. sun. overnight tonight rain moves on in. then tomorrow 59 degrees. maybe low 60s and a pretty soggy day on the whole. not a complete washout. late tomorrow into tuesday you will notice those winds really starting to crank. we are talking about gusts up to 40 miles per hour monday night into tuesday. so tuesday windy and 54. wednesday 56 degrees. beautiful. thursday into friday another storm system moves on through. it will be very warm, but wet weather is anticipated thursday into friday. then fast forward to sunday, monday, tuesday. we are talking about high temperatures possibly only in the 30s. >> wait a minute.
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>> dick is excited about spring home openers. monday is looking to be quite cold. >> sometimes you get the flurries on the first day of baseball. >> right. >> that is possible. >> right now the little ones are going to be bundled in the cute outfits they wear. >> it's not horribly cold, but definitely the jackets for the little ones. >> and some of the big ones like me, too. >> thanks, vanessa. 6:17. they got on their marks but no one said go. kids are knocked over and eggs are stolen when an easter egg hunt gets out of control. has winter taken a toll on your skin? how you can restore your skin without having to buy expensive
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the cold, windy weather that we have been experiencing over the last few months can take a toll on your skin. research shows good nutrition is critical and what we eat or drink can affect our skin. tips on what you can do to restore your skin. it doesn't have to be plastic surgery, right? >> absolutely positively no. you know, you have already
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dries out the skin. so does working in sealed office buildings or airplane travel or forced heat in some homes and office buildings. the way nutrition plays a role, think two things. that all cells need fluid and nutrients to maintain themselves, and that's true of skin cells as well. when it comes to nutrients, we look at things like vitamin c, omega-3 fatty acids, sell eniam. they act as antioxidants. that protects cells. very simple. >> right. >> so hydration. hydration is important because it helps to maintain muscle tone. muscle tone prevents skin sagging. so water, juice, milk, fluids are very important.
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some fluid at least once an hour. >> at least once an hour. we hear eight glasses of water a day. >> at least eight, and sometimes more if we're in a very dry climate or if we're exercising a lot. and so the other thing that folks should keep in mind is don't mistake thirst for hunger. a lot of times we start nibbling and looking for a snack. we are really thirsty. so have a glass of water. have a glass of milk first. >> if you need some snacks, you brought some examples that can help? >> absolutely. and i brought protein is the first thing that i want to talk about. protein is really important for skin because protein is a component of collagen. and collagen is what supports the skin, prevents sagging.
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seafood because it's a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. yes, nuts and seeds contain omegas. you know, the new dietary guidelines call out seafood because it's a rich source of protein. the best dietary source of omega-3 fatty acids. so those fatty acids are also important for brain development. women who are pregnant. breastfeeding. we all should be having at least two seafood meals a day. >> a day? >> per week. oh, my good. we could have it all day, too. have two seafood meals per week. keep son tuna. substitute it for chicken. make a chili. >> we have fruits and vegetables, which is common sense. tell us why it's important. >> well, because they contain a high amount of water.
6:24 am
like vit mine c that are those antioxidants. the colors of fruits and vegetables contain special plant nutrients that protect cells. >> if you are worried about your skin, what should you be eating in terms of fruits and vegetables? >> the high vitamin c are things like peppers and tomatoes. carry around or keep some grape tomatoes. also broccoli, squash are very good sources. but, you know, if you just go by color, you can get selenium and things like flavonoids and licopein. and stop smoking. period. it narrows blood vessels. it also destroys skin cells. and for the sun, use an spf at least 15 or above. and wear a hat. >> and wear a hat.
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>> no matter how hot it is? >> that's correct. we appreciate it. if you missed any part of this
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6:27 am march madness. >> here is steve overmyer with your sports update. >> the first week of march madness was a chaotic mix of buzzer beaters and upsets. restored and gave us some games were superior. villanova and kansas. both these schools have a history of coming up short in the tournament. november a 13-0. 10-0. kansas within a basket of taking the lead in the final moments. game. like two heavyweights, this was too close to call. a turnover by the top overall seed proved costly for kansas. villanova survives.
6:28 am
big east in the final four. 64-59. oklahoma and oregon for a trip to the final four. this has been a dream season for the ducks. first top overall seed or top seed, rather n school history. an even bigger year for oklahoma's buddy healed. he is the frontrunner for the player of the year. he is the first player with 100 points and 15 threes prior to the final four since steph curry. hey, buddy. oklahoma taking out oregon 80-68. for cbs2 sports i've steve obermeyer. time now is 6:28. coming up next, today's top stories. >> we are live at st. patrick's cathedral this easter sunday for the celebrations. and fighting crime and running errands. two of new york's finest go above and beyond the call of duty. this is "cbs2 sunday morning." spruce up your home today with up to 30% savings on hundreds
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blinds to go faux wood blinds combines the warmth of natural wood with modern durability to make any room beautiful for years to come. spruce up your home today with up to 30% savings on hundreds of styles and colors. spring is here. and so are the savings. blinds to go. blinds for life. right now easter celebrations here and around the world. we are live at st. patrick's cathedral as local christians reflect on this sacred holiday. plus this. >> horrible. horrible. incident that should not have happened. >> a community comes together to remember the victims of the deadly east village explosion
6:32 am
and a jewelry heist in queens. a jeweler held at gunpoint and robbed of more than $10,000 worth of valuables. "cbs2 news sunday morning" continues right now. live from studio 46 this is cbs2 news this morning. good morning. it is just after 6:30 on this sunday, march 27. i am andrea grymes. >> i am dick brennan. first, meteorologist vanessa murdock is here with a look at the forecast. our lovely ladies in their easter best. one day of the year, right? >> thank you so much, dick. yes, one day out of the year. [ laughter ] >> no. we could see easter best. >> you're right. >> oh, you can never compliment a woman and get it right. am i right? okay. >> we are always -- >> oh, man. >> you look very dapper as well. >> in your sunday best, my friend. all right. let's get dick out of the hole
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on to the forecast. it is looking like a very pleasant it your weekend. plenty of clouds around early. more sun later on. we are at 43 right now in central park. 36 in quag. we have clouds overhead right now. they are hanging awfully low. thicker clouds trying to stream in through the south. through the day clouds this morning, a little more sun later on and tonight overnight showers. 9 a.m. 44 degrees. mainly cloudy. 1:00 partly sunny and 50 by five tonight. looking good and 53. the high this afternoon will be 55 degrees. i hope everybody has a beautiful day. rain on the way to start the work week and we will talk about when temperatures drop to near freezing again. it is a day for prayer and reflection and celebration as
6:34 am
celebrate easter sunday. >> many are heading to church this morning. that's where we find magdalena doris. she is live outside st. patrick's cathedral in midtown where there will be services all day. magdalena. >> reporter: good morning, dick and andrea. and happy easter. the doors to st. patrick's cathedral are open and the faithful are flying in. it is easter in rome. today marks the end of a 40-day lent period of reflection and around the world it's a time for celebration and family. thousands gathered in st. peter's square this morning to celebrate the holiest day of the year for christians and to pray together. pope francis celebrating mass and calling on christians to find hope. his homily urging the faithful
6:35 am
joyful, saying in part, let us not stay imperez end within open our sealed tombs to the lord so he may enter and grant us life. on the evening of holy saturday came the easter vigil in rome. pope francis entering the st. represents jesus' death. the lighting of the candle life. that radiance carried into the solemn prayer and mourning, the three days after death marking his resurrection. here at home timothy cardinal dolan led a mass at st. patrick's cathedral speaking about what is at the heart of this easter celebration. >> let us listen with quiet hearts to the holy word of god. let us meditate on how god, in times past, saved his people. >> reporter: he blessed easter baskets filled with food for the celebration.
6:36 am
christians will congregate to reflect on sacrifice, forgiveness and rebirth while celebrating the resurrection of jesus christ. easter. and mass here at 7 a.m. will be the first of eight at st. patrick's cathedral. come 10 a.m. on 5th avenue we will have the easter bonnet parade. magdalena doris, cbs2 news. >> all right. we are following breaking news in queens. an elderly man died after fire ripped through a home in jackson heights. it broke out four this morning on the first floor. two firefighters were also treated for minor injuries. it's not clear what caused the fire. a community gathered to remember the victims of a deadly explosion in the east village. yesterday marked one year since the devastating blast. cbs2's dave carlin reports. >> reporter: one year after the explosion and this fire caught on cell phone video brought
6:37 am
in the east village. this empty lot becomes a place of candlelight and prayer. fresh flowers added to the fence along with extra photos of the two men who lost their lives. moises low can, and nibblelis figueroa, a restaurant patron on a date. here is figueroa's mother anna. >> some thinks that a loss gets easier with time. >> reporter: 22 people were hurt. mildred line lived in the building. she lost her home of 44 years. >> horrible. horrible incident that shouldn't have happened. >> reporter: four people were indicted last month on manslaughter and other criminal charges. the building's owner, her son, and a contractor and plumber allegedly tampered with the building's gas line and failed to warn residents. the disaster that resulted is leading to new laws, including legislation to mandate more
6:38 am
>> these laws are in honor of nicholas and moises and the entire east village community. >> even a portion of this blast site could fetch $10 million if sold to developers. politicians want to make sure that owners who were allegedly negligent do not benefit. >> because of his death and moises death could change this and make a difference. yes, nicholas would have been proud. >> reporter: families were promised the city will crack down on landlords who perhaps motivated by agreed schemed to take deadly shortcuts. in the east village, dave carlin, cbs2 news. new video this morning. police say the man seen on surveillance video robbing a queens jewelry store at gunpoint, this happened days ago, it happened on queens boulevard, the suspect demanded gold, diamonds and watches. an employee says the man ran off with about $15,000 worth of valuables.
6:39 am
slashing in hoboken. and quarts streets. hoboken police tell us their investigation is still on going this morning. in new york city the search continues for a group of men who station. the 19-year-old victim was waiting for a bus just after midnight yesterday when four men tried to rob him. the pedestrian plaza at the subway station and slashed him across the head, hands, and back. last week mayor de blasio announced the city will respond aggressively to slashings, but some residents are asking when and where. >> i thought that there would be a larger police presence as we speak. i don't see any policemen. do you? >> we need it in our community. do you her, mr. de blasio? >> that victim was treated at st. luke's hospital and released.
6:40 am
fire at a brooklyn apartment building. it broke out before one yesterday afternoon on south 12th street in park slope. investigators say the flames began on the third floor and quickly spread to three other apartments in building. two of new york city's finest went above and beyond the call of duty to help an elderly staten island woman. vincent demarco and kelly gormley took the woman grocery shopping after performing a wellness check on her. they noticed she did not have enough food in her home. the officers spend their own money, about $40, at a nearby shop right. >> very nice. 6:40 in the morning. trouble on the tarmac for an american airlines pilot. why he was taken away in handcuffs just before take-off. plus, egg hunt chaos. why parents are being blamed for ruining a day of fun for thousands of kids. also, farming in the city. how you can grow fresh herbs and produce right inside your home. first here is vanessa murdock with a check on the
6:41 am
we expect a little more sunshine later today. and then rain is on the way.
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a pilot reportedly failed a breathalyzer at the airport and was taken into police custody. cindy hsu has more. >> reporter: this image shows what passengers witnessed at detroit metro airport. >> they had him mud. >> reporter: blaine and her son mitch were heading to a spring break trip. the flight was delayed by 20 minutes with airport officials say it was a problem with seating. >> they were stunned when they figured out what it was. >> reporter: by the time airport police arrived, jamie laughed
6:44 am
>> i go, oh, there is a police car. they are coming to get somebody. and then i looked out and saw him walking and i went, oh, they really are. >> reporter: turns out tsa reported the american airlines co-pilot was acting strangely as if he had been drinking. police gave him a breathalyzer test, which he failed. the flight was canceled, which left passengers scrambling. >> it was chaos and people trying to get answers and trying to change flights. we knew we were going to miss our connecting flight. >> reporter: american airlines tells us this is a serious matter and we are assisting local law enforcement and the federal aviation administration with the investigation. we will handle this matter appropriately as the safety and care of our customers and employees is our highest priority. some passengers say the thought of the pilot getting on the plane while drunk is terrifying. >> they are drunk drivers and they take the lives of a couple people and make those mistakes. this is a drunk pilot.
6:45 am
hundreds of people. >> the pilot also failed a second test at the police department. he is has been released as authorities decide whether charges will be filed. an easter egg hunt left parents scrambling. this was at the pez new haven center. a crowd of thousands began storming the field before they could officially start the event. the easter excitement got so bad witnesses say some parents started knocking over little kids. they say some stole eggs out of people's baskets. >> my son had a broken basket and he was crying. >> it was like locusts. everybody descended and left. >> there was extra candy on hand for the kids who didn't get any. luckily, no one was hurt. >> all i can say is seriously? really? >> i know. hopefully it goes better next
6:46 am
hopefully, the last time i tossed over to vanessa murdock i had said how lovely the ladies look this one day, easter. >> right. >> and they somehow twisted that into say we only look lovely one day a year? let me stipulate how lovely you look all day long, especially day. lovely, dick. thank you so much. >> nice have you with us this morning. >> okay. >> now, don't let it happen again, right? >> yeah. >> all right. listen, it is going to be a very pleasant sunday. let's check with our weather watchers first. region. temperatures mild this morning. heading towards sunrise, which is in a minute from now, here we go. 43 degrees right now. this reading from dana in new jersey. a few clouds.
6:47 am
overcast skies. and overcast skies won't stick around for the entirety of your day. we do anticipate more breaks of sun as your day progresses. live outside right now, as i mentioned, pretty much sunrise at this point in time and it's hard to tell. cloudy skies. 43 degrees. east-northeast winds at 9 miles per hour. what can you expect from this forecast? first of all, clouds start. sun by afternoon. then rain arrives tonight, late tonight. your morning commute is looking to be a wet one and by afternoon the wet weather looks to be wrapping out. so hopefully by your drive home tomorrow the roadways may not necessarily be completely dry. the rain should be done falling at the very least. then tomorrow night the winds will be cranking up big time. we are talking gusts up to 40 miles an hour overnight monday into tuesday. tuesday will be sun filled but breezy. the vortex satellite and radar for today high pressure still dominating for much of the day.
6:48 am
the water there is an influx of moisture. that's why we have got this deck of clouds overhead. then tonight into tomorrow two areas of low pressure join forces to bring us that opportunity for rain. it is looking soggy, especially as we start your monday. today dry with breaks of sunshine. by afternoon the giant bunny is a little overwhelming there. i hope all the children have a wonderful easter morning. tomorrow with those areas of low pressure moving towards us it will be a soggy start to your day. looks like steady rain through the morning hours, and then in the afternoon kind of one last stand as a line moves on through. by 3:00 skies should be clearing. we should be drying out. but the winds will then be really ramping up. so for tuesday it's windy sunshine in your forecast and for the stretch temperatures are really staying in the 50s. okay. so we're in the 50s for the next few days. then next weekend cold air plunges on in.
6:49 am
sunday, monday, and tuesday of next week, april 3, 4, 5, we are talking about potentially another arctic blast. highs will be in the 30s and low 40s out there. it's looking frigid. that's a ways away. today morning clouds giving way to afternoon sun. 55 degrees. tonight the rain against. 4 tomorrow morning. steady rain. some showers. maybe a thunderstorm in the afternoon. a high of 59. it is quite possible a few spots will reach into the low 60s tomorrow. and then we are expecting those wind to start ramping up big time. they will be 10 to 20 miles per hour per hour sustained. gusts as high as 40 by tomorrow evening. your extended forecast here. tuesday very breezy and 54. but beautifully bright. wednesday 56. mostly sunny. almost 70 on thursday. friday 64. wet weather thursday into friday. next saturday looking okay at 58. those numbers take a nosedive for sunday. now that the weather is
6:50 am
people will be hitting the weekend's farmers markets. despite the lack of yard space or towering buildings, you can use your green thumb and do a little urban farming at home. here to give us tips how to get started is mary. welcome. >> thank you. >> you're a fourth generation farm owner from arkansas, right? >> i am. i am a southern belle. >> we can take a little country living into the city? you are going to show us a few tips. >> >> absolutely. you need some farm fresh in your life. new yorkers are foodies. they need herbs. you can do is so simply and beautifully in your space, even if it's very limited. >> okay. show us how. >> you can have anything that you want as a vessel. okay? even though it may not drain from the bottom, you can create a reservoir. so you use rocks or something kind of creative. marbles. anything. sea shells so that the roots won't get oversaturated by the water.
6:51 am
>> and then it's so simple. put potting soil in there. some with a little fertilizer. a little kickstart. buy an herb. we are going to transplant and get our hands a little dirty put one right in there over the potting soil. >> which one is this? >> this is mint. >> mint? >> you can basil. you can grow thyme. you name it. >> talk about light. >> light is an issue. you know what? as long as your balcony or indoors is getting some light, you're pretty good. direct light is always better. but we can cheat it. >> oh, really? okay. >> yes, we can, with a light grow bulb, okay? so it uv light that the plants need. cooler than usual. it's non intrusive. so you basically put some potting soil around that. sprinkle a little water to set it and you are on your way. >> and you can use any herb?
6:52 am
>> yeah, some might require a little more light. but you can always figure out how to do that. >> yes. so what's next? >> a little fish fertilizer or something to give it a kickstart every week or so, see how it's going. this can be non smelly. it's organic. look for that. before you know it a wonderful gift for a bridal shower or just for your home to look lovely and bring a little farm into your life. >> what's next? >> you don't have to get your hands dirty when you go to a grocery store you can find herbs that alive. snip, snip? your kitchen and you have it right there. >> very cool. we are talking about farmers markets. what should people be looking out for in terms of buying fresh produce, especially as the weather turns? >> things are in season how because it's spring. you will find great fresh fruit and wonderful vegetables. it is the season.
6:53 am
and pick your own berries, which can be fun. we have a farm finder on our website. you can pick berries, blueberries, strawberries, apples. did you know that apples can last for three months in your frin? >> yeah. >> how do you store them in the fridge? >> actually, with the apples put them right in. just keep them cool. but for strawberries or blueberries, i recommend rinseing it in a diluted vinegar so it will last a lot longer. you can make the best tarts, pies that your family ever had. >> what are some other good tips for people living in the city or suburbs if they don't have a lot of space? >> i would say basically find out what do you want to have on your sill or in your house? because you can bring any of these herbs into your space. you can make it vert come.
6:54 am
put herbs on your wall with little grow light on it. you are in business. >> all right. thank you so much, mary. we appreciate it. for more information and tips you can head to our website you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec is different than claritin . because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec . muddle no more . when your type 2 diabetes numbers aren't moving in the right direction, can be a burden. but what if you could wake up to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. discover once-daily invokana . with over 6 million prescriptions and counting, it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c. invokana is used along with diet and exercise to significantly lower blood sugarin adults with type 2 diabetes. it's a once-daily pill that works around the clock.
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invokana reduces the amount of sugar allowed back in to the body through the kidneys and sends some sugar out through the process of urination. and while it's not for weight loss, it may help you lose weight. invokana can cause important side effects, including dehydration, which may cause you to feel dizzy, faint, lightheaded, or weak, especially when you stand up. other side effects may include kidney problems, genital yeast infections, urinary tract infections, changes in urination, high potassium in the blood, increases in cholesterol, or risk of bone fracture. do not take invokana if you have severe kidney problems or are on dialysis. stop taking and call your doctor right away if you experience symptoms such as rash, swelling, or difficulty breathing or swallowing. tell your doctor about any medical conditions, medications you are taking, and if you have kidney or liver problems. using invokana with a sulfonylurea or insulin
6:56 am
imagine life with a lower a1c. are you loving your numbers? there's only one invokana .
6:57 am
i made the pitch of why we needed to be together and why wrestlemania had to occur here. when it was over, vince looked down the table and said we're coming to at&t stadium. it was a great, great event. >> how could you say no to charlotte? >> it was kind of up to you to a certain extent to make it all work. >> exactly. [ laughter ] >> you expect every seat to be filled? i mean, is that the idea? >> they hope to break the wrestlemania attendance record of 93,173 set in 1987. but it's more than numbers that drives them. >> we want people to walk away and say i have never been in a place like that and had an experience like that in all of my life. >> and likely never will again.
6:58 am
plus, we are meeting a jelly bean artist and searching for the easter bunny. it begins at 9 on cvs. time now is 6:52. frightening phone calls. who is on the other end? >> it was, you know, pretty scary. a warning this morning about
6:59 am
7:00 am
sunday morning continues. right now christians around the world are celebrating their faith on this easter sunday. we are going to be live at st. patrick's where cardinal dolan will say mass. plus this. it's devastating. it's usually something that doesn't have to happen to good people. >> an easter outing turned tragic. one elderly couple is killed in


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