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tv   Sunday Morning  CBS  March 27, 2016 9:00am-10:30am EDT

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captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations >> pauley: good morning, and happy easter. charles osgood is off today. i'm jane pauley. and this is "sunday morning."
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day of great religious significance. yet somehow over the centuries also became identified with a certain cute furry animal, we asked mr. that teichner to investigate for our easter sunday morning cover story. >> here comes peter cotton tail, hoppin' down the bunny trail. >> how old is the easter bunny? older than you might think. and given the occasion, we thought we'd introduce you to some people with a real rabbit rabbit. ahead this sunday morning, hoppin' down the bunny trail. >> pauley: the big g is the trademark of one of the world's largest food companies. a food company marking a very
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will show us. >> goes back to the beginning of the company. 1866. >> in these stacks you'll find the first drawing of betty crocker, the original pillsbury dough boy and vintage box of a familiar cereal. >> the original name of the product was cheer-oats. >> inside the archives of general mills on its 150th anniversary. later on "sunday morning." >> pauley: there's no better time than east tore visit with joel osteen, a preacher with a huge congregation, and a giant television audience to match. tracy smith has hour sunday profile. >> pastor joel osteen has the most watched religious broadcast in america. >> cannot take root in a grateful art. >> he prays it will stay that
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>> lord, help me when they turn me on that they won't turn me off. >> joel osteen counts his blessings ahead this easter "sunday morning." >> pauley: a tag team isn't that unusual in the world of staged wrestling. but the one our rita braver watched in action certainly is. >> i just can't wait for you all to get here and just turn this thing into something like they have never seen. >> these two women are the powers mind next week's wrestlemania. but one of them is a bit more hands on. >> are you going to make her get into the ring, too? >> no. i haven't talked to her. >> later on "sunday morning," planning wrestling's super bowl. >> pauley: anna werner shows us some genuine eye canter. steve hartman has the story of a very young hero.
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movie "batman versus superman" and more. first, here are the headlines for sunday morning, the 27th of march, 2016. pope francis celebrated easter mass in st. peter's swear under extra heavy security. in his easter message the pontiff prayed for the victims of tuesday's terror attacks in brussels. a solidarity march in support of the victims is the for today in brussels has been postponed. police asked organizers to wait, spaying they're just too swamped investigating the attacks to provide security an american couple that had been missing after the bombing is now confirmed to be among the casualties. justin shults and his wife stephanie were seeing her mother off at the airport and watching her walk through security when the bombs went off.
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were held in alaska, hawaii and washington state yesterday. and it was a clean sweep for bernie sanders, he won all three contests. still, hillary clinton retains a comfortable lead in the overall delegate count. syrian media say government forces have retain the city of palmyra. isis fighters took control of palmyra last may and demolished 2,000 year old ruins. in case you missed it -- this was the rolling stones performing in havana friday night. thousands of cubans took in the show. you may recall that cuba's government ons labeled rock music suber is sieve. and finally, a grim of the washington mall, where the cherry blossoms are in bloom around the tidal bay is in.
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peak bloom is reached the blossoms only remain on trees for another few days. and now for the weather, soaking thunderstorms could dampen easter sunday from florida north to wisconsin. storms could be severe from tennessee into ohio. a wintery mix is expected in parts of the west. as for the week ahead, still stormy, but sunny skies in the southwest could make conditions perfect for spring fever. ahead, the art of the jelly bean.
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cottontail. t mt ard twk.nogesur-st00eginrn tanphe
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jane say hello to snickers our semi official "sunday morning" easter bunny. when it comes to giving out easter treats we expect bunnies like in this casers to hop to it. why that is, exactly, is the question martha teichner explores in our cover story. here comes peter cottontail, hoppin' down the bunny trail >> have you ever really thought
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other than considering, at a very young age, whether to submit to a bunny hug. or whether to subject your child to the ordeal, however cute, of sitting on his lap for auto photo op. wait, is he a she? in fact, long before it was a bunny, it was a hare, online you'll see all sorts of stories about how the easter hare goes way back to a pagan goddess whose name sounds like easter. doubtful. >> there's no evidence that it's true, it could be true, but a lot of things about that era could be true that we can't verify. >> the easter hare does appear to be german. the first known written reference to such an animal, 1682. >> it's a german book but written in latin and it's about
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it also mention the easter hare as a creature that delivers the eggs. >> steven winick is a folklorist with the library of congress. at what point does the easter hare make his way or her way to america? >> we know that it was here by around the 1780s or 1790s. >> brought by the pennsylvania dutch, who were actually german, it's really pennsylvania deutsch. >> one of the robs that the pennsylvania german artists how do you depict a hare carrying a basket of eggs. you have a weird contraption that the basket seems to be attached. but not clear how that's working. >> when did the easter hare become a rabbit? >> well this is actually a magazine which was called the pennsylvania dutch man. we're looking right now at an issue from 1950. >> in it the reminiscences of
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>> and what he says is, easter was the time for colored eggs and children were told that a rabbit laid them. >> the rabbit laid them. >> the rabbit laid them. >> an egg-laying rabbit, training. but never mind, there's a whole lot more to rabbits than the easter bunny. did you know that the american rabbit breeders association recognizes 49 different breeds? >> lot of nice animals on the table. >> the people show them just like dogs. at this event in washington, pennsylvania, outside pittsburgh, around a thousand rabbits were entered at a national show, it's more like
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rob it basics a. female is a doe. a male is a buck. rob its are capable of breeding once a month, babies are called kits. at a show what looks like obsessive petting is grooming. no hair products allowed. just water. >> what variety? >> mike has been raising rabbits since 197. he even met his wife showing them. >> i've always lived on a farm. i do have three acres myself and a 350 hole rabbitry right now. >> he goes through a ton of feed a month and attends around 40 shows a year. >> are these any of them pets? >> all my animals are pets. i mean, we talk, we have a radio going on 24 hours a day for them.
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oldies we're talking on the boardwalk that kind of stuff, drifters, platters, coasters. >> we do have radio in our barn. >> what kind of music to they like? >> country. >> this one's name is cupcake, new zealand owned by skyler mcconn, she's 11 has been showing for a year. >> do you think you'll be raising rabbits all your life? >> i think i am. cause i really enjoy it. i think they enjoy me, too. >> you'll see a lot of kids competing. breeding rabbits is popular with 4h clubs. it helps that they're small, except when they're not. >> i'm from australia, we're looking for -- >> judge maddu, pratt. >> minimum of 13 pounds.
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pounds. the breed with the longest ears. >> this is an english lop. >> meaning the ears hang down. hanna reynard judges. >> has to be 21 inches in length. about 24 inches in length. >> now new want to see something really wild. look at this. rabbit agility is the latest thing in rabbit shows. >> keep going baby girl. >> this guy couldn't jump hurdles. the breed with the longest coats are the angora, which look like fluffy slippers. >> i'm picking this one. her name is angelique. >> the reigning queen of angora breeders is betty chu of san
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>> she's about seven months old. she has a coat about stone eight inches long. a good quality english angora should grow one inch of wool each month. >> that's something compared to angelique's mother, franchesca, who holds the guinett world record for wool more than 14 inches long. eric stuart, executive director of the american rabbit breeders association raises french angoras. >> this is sunny she's just over three years old. >> and sells the wool to be spun into yarn for sweaters or scarfs. >> as you can see this is quiet, painless. >> which means giving his rabbits a hair cut three times a year. >> how much does this actually sell for? >> about $10 an ounce. >> wow. >> obviously a high maintenance breed.
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be, stuart insists the lesson easter bunny. >> everyone wants a baby, everyone wants a little bunny. sounds like a wonderful gift to bring home to a family, but this is five to ten year commitment. you want to make certain that the family is prepared. >> so, instead of a real bunny in that easter basket, there's always the chocolate kind. u.s. candy companies produce more than 100 million of them every year. >> pauley: next --
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>> pauley: and now a page from our sunday morning almanac. march 27, 1863. 153 years ago today, the day a motor car legend started its roll. for that was the day henry royce was born near peterborough, england. a gifted engineer, royce tried his happened at building his own
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his car impressed a dealer named charles rolls, who agreed to sell as many of the cars as royce could build. and so was born the rolls royce. which went on to become the standard for automotive luxury. and though rolls and royce are both long gone, their car and its mystique lives on. >> its reputation won it a starring role in the 1946 movie snoot yellow rolls royce" with rex harrison as a fussy british lord to tries out the posh back seat and claims to find imperfections. >> i don't much care for the shape of the decanter. and the telephone is badly placed. >> beatle john lennon did the yellow rolls royce one better when he gave his car a custom paint job.
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of the game. >> here if you want it, i'll give it to you. >> as mark phillips learned when he visited the rolls factory two years ago. >> the whims and wishes, desires of the wealthy know no bounds. >> pauley: not content with the usual handcrafted leather and burnished wood interiors, rolls buyers today are ordering and getting just about any feature imaginable. just one of the tycoons who have made china the leading market for rolls royces. speaking of green, he says he paid $1.8 million for his. but don't let the price tag discourage you. a so-called entry level rolls royce "ghost" can be yours for
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tt2watx#@g4 p bt@mn"d tt2watx#@g4 p "a@m^. tt2watx#@g4 p bm@mu%, tt4watx#@g4 r dzhq ?j$ >> pauley: jelly beans are more than just a popular easter candy. in the right hands they can be transformed into eye candy. anna werner has been watching an expert in action. >> from a distance it's hard to tell what these works by artist kristen cummings are made of. they look like mosaics, shiny like glass. >> i like making things out of weird stuff. >> weird maybe is a little harsh. surprising maybe. >> unusual. >> tasty materials. >> that's true. chocolate devotion. this blueberry. >> that's because her materials are actually jelly beans. >> coconut. >> which she uses to make some of the most beautiful works, like da vinci's mona lisa even sweeter. cummings is surrounded by jelly
9:26 am
garage of p her pittsburgh, california, home. they're supplied by jelly belly which actually considers her its artist in residence. >> i never would have imagined i'd be any sort of artist much less jelly bean artist. >> it takes her about seven days to turn 12,000 jelly beans into a work of art. >> really the only question i have for you is how many do you eat? >> well, i've limited myself in the last couple of years to try all the new flavors. because they're so good that if i didn't have some sort of rule i'd just be in trouble. >> cummings is one of a handful of artists turning beans into beauty. jelly bean mosaics started in the 1980s. and were actually inspired by president ronald reagan's love for the candy.
9:27 am
>> his obsession motivated san francisco artist peter rocha to create this image which now hangs in the ronald reagan presidential library. cummings developed a taste for jelly beans in 2009 and has since created nearly 40 pieces. most of her work, appropriately, is displayed here at jelly belly headquarters in fairfield, california. >> when you walk in here nobody knows who you are. >> , no absolutely not. >> just lady with the red hair. >> i'm okay with that. >> collectors have developed a sweet tooth, some of her works have sold for thousands of dollars. and she gives new meaning to the term, performance art. >> very nice. very unique. >> here at chicago's comic and entertainment expo last week, she gave onlookers a sense of
9:28 am
she starts by creating an image with acrylic paint. and then using spray adhesive, she sticks on the beans one by one. >> using more than one different kind of blue or red create a sense of depth and three dimension even though it's two dimensional surface. more interesting to look at. >> along the way she's copied the works of thest masters, vangogh the starry night. with one major difference. >> huge history going back with oil painting and, you know, marble sculpture and there's these really, what i consider serious mediums. and this just isn't it. because it's, you know, you can't really mess up. >> you can't? >> no. well, you can always fix it. jelly beans you can eat your mistakes.
9:29 am
than that. >> pauley: still to come. preacher joel osteen. but first -- >> i get goose bumps just standing here thinking about --
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packs a punch. >> it's "sunday morning" on cbs and here again is jane pauley. >> pauley: for the unenlightened that is john cena prevailing over "the edge" and "the big show" at the wrestlemania event back in 2009. this year bout of over the top staged wrestling is just one week off. and as rita braver explains there's most unusual tag team in command. >> over more than three decades, wrestlemania has become the super bowl of american wrestling. a day-long event featuring brawny, brawlers of both sexes
9:32 am
time, the success of wrestling's biggest event will rest largely on the very strong shoulders of these two women. >> we did have our fans literally on the floor with us. >> they are scions of two of america's most prominent sports families. >> it's an emotional journey for me. >> steph me mcmahon, daughter of world wrestling entertainment ceo vince mcmahon is the company's chief brand officer. charlotte jones anderson, daughter of dallas cowboys owner jerry jones, holds the same job for the cowboys. it was charlotte who managed to land wrestlemania for her family's at&t stadium. >> i made the pitch of why we needed to be together and why wrestlemania has to occur here. when it was over vince looked down the table, we're going to come to at&t stadium. it was a great event. >> how can you say no to charlotte.
9:33 am
extent to make it all work. >> exactly. >> of course it's a bit different from the games usually played here. charlotte's dallas cowboys on sport where nothing is preordained but stephanie makes no bones about the fact that world wrestling matches are essentially fixed or as wwe prefers to say, scripted. this season's stories of villains versus heroes, will culminate in wrestlemania 32, really a mega finale where champions will be revealed. >> you know what that outcome is? >> absolutely. we're going to take you on a ride. to make you so anxious and so caught up that you can't wait to see what's going to happen. >> but if their sports are different their lives have many similarities.
9:34 am
into your own in the business, was there a little skepticism, like, who is this girl? >> absolutely there still is. i do think when you are the boss' daughter or son that you have more to prove. he challenges me more, he drives me harder. you don't expect respect, you have to earn it from everyone. >> my biggest challenge is overcoming a perception that you are there only because you are your fart's do you. so every step of the way you're always trying to not only prove to yourself but trying to prove in your work that you belong where you are. >> both women are working in field's dominated by male executives. charlotte was not long out of stanford university when her father sold his oil and gas business to buy the then struggling cowboys in 1989. >> my family and i have given a
9:35 am
the cowboys. there will be nobody with the cowboys that doesn't give as big a piece of them, we don't want them with the cowboys. >> people forget that the dallas cowboys were losing $75,000 a day. >> a day? when you pick the biggest red letter item on the list, which happened to be laundry, went to the local dry cleaning if you will take care of our lone dei'll put your sign at practice and slowly the idea of sponsorship and marketing evolved. >> in recent years, she over saw the building of this billion dollar stadium, the nation's largest domed structure. >> this is our suite on game day this is filled with quite a bit of activity. >> she's now supervising a new state-of-the-art practice field and team headquarters on 91
9:36 am
dallas in frisco, texas. >> stephanie mcmahon started working at world wrestling, head quartered in stamford, connecticut, when she was still in high school. >> i'd come after school i'd answer phones, i still have extensions memorized from that time. we're here on the first floor which is in essence the heart and soul of the digital and social and creative teams for wwe. this is where it all really happens. >> after boston university, she worked her way up through the executive ranks. but she also plays another role. that's right, she's not only a top executive, but also a wrestler, a villain nicknamed the billion dollar princess. she once even had to slap her
9:37 am
former wwe executive in her right and one time candidate for the u.s. senate. >> i almost threw up. i'm not kidding. that was the single hardest thing i have ever had to do in our show. >> stephanie slapped her on r own mother! >> of course it was all part of the show. outside the ring, stephanie's life is remarkably parallel to charlotte's. both are moms to three children. both are married to men who work for the family business. charlotte to marketing executive shy anderson whom she met on a blind date. and stephanie to, wwe world heavy weight champ, triple h. and both joke about conflict with their dad's. >> never threatened to fire her are. i know that sometimes i expressed my disappointment which is probably worse than me -- >> i don't remember that. but you have actually. >> i would suggest i probably
9:38 am
has ever -- sort of a technique. she's been let go three or four times. >> i thought that maybe you don't always see eye to eye. >> no, we do not see eye to eye. more often than not, though, i come around. >> but each is clearly the apple of her father's eye. he admires his daughter's ability to command respect. >> i knew from her experience that she wouldn't break. that she had a tough skin. i saw that in her, that she would confront. >> it's a jolt of adrenaline for me because i draw on that. that vibrance that she has. >> neither woman wanted to discuss speculation that she could be in line to run the family company in the future. they were both too focused on wrestlemania 2. >> you expect every seat to be filled? is that the idea?
9:39 am
>> they hope to break the wrestlemania attendance record of 93,173 set in 1987. but it's more than numbers that drive them. >> we want people to talk away say, i have never been in a place like that and had an experience like that in all of my life. >> likely never will again. >> and likely never will again. >> pauley: ahead, timeless recordings that will survive. with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa,
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>> pauley: it happened this past week. the latest additions to the national recording registry at the library of congress. each year, the library chooses 25 recordings that are culturally, historically or aesthetically significant and at least ten years old. we don't have time to tell you about all 25. but here are a few highlights. "let me call you sweetheart" by the columbia quartet the s is this year's oldest entry recorded back in 1911. the hoagy carmichael tune "star bust" is number of performances from the 1940 radio concert that were inducted as a group.
9:43 am
historic speech. secretary of state george marshal's 1947 announcement of an economic aid package for europe. you know, the marshal plan. the jazz-based sound track for the 1951 film "a street car named desire" composed by alex north is the only movie score to make the cut. the kurt weil-bertholt brecht classic "mac the knife" is honored twice. first by the louis armstrong version from 1956 and by bobby
9:44 am
country music earns a spot with pearl haggard's 1968 ballad "mama tried." billy joel makes the list for his 1973 hit "piano man" inspired by his own experiences as a piano man. and appropriately enough for the cause of preservation, there's even the disco-era anthem "i will survive" sung by
9:45 am
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9:47 am
we serve up breakfast, next. >> pauley: starting this morning we launch a now and again "sunday morning" series we call "minding our business" a look at some of manage's great companies. we begin with the big g you see on the cereal box. it stands for a company with many another product and very rich history. anthony mason takes us inside. >> your archives go back to the beginning of the company. >> goes back to the beginning of the company, 1866. >> wandering the stacks in the archives of general mills you'll encounter the jolly green giant and betty crocker. >> this one actually becomes very strong betty for us. >> and get just a little taste of american history. >> so here's the first ever athlete on the wheaties box. >> lou gehrig. >> 1934.
9:48 am
us wheaties. and that other, even better known breakfast cereal. >> i have to tell that you in 1941 when we created this product it wasn't actually cheerios. original name was cheer-oats. >> in house his tore i don't know says the competitor sued claiming trademark infringement. the rest is history. >> and oftentimes you think of lawsuits as a negative thing. this one worked out for us. >> the big g is celebrating its 150th anniversary. now the world's sixth largest food company with $17 billion in annual sales, general mills markets hundreds of brands from yoplait yogurt to old el paso, nature valley granola to annie's organic we're the third largest organic food prior in the country.
9:49 am
of general mills, says it's all researched in their betty crocker test kitchens in minneapolis. >> there are 19 of them all of our recipe preparation and development it all happens here. >> this company's been around for a century and a half. how do you make sure you're around for another 150 years? >> by adapting. >> that, powell says, is how the company survived this long. >> it was a milling company on the banks of the mississippi. we invented the packaged food revolution in america. the consumer wanted convenience, general mills became betty crocker and bisquick and cheerios. >> general mills began as the washburn crosby company in 1866 selling a single product, its old medal winning flour. >> still the number one sell flour in america. >> sit really? >> 150 years later that's impressive. >> 1903. gold medal.
9:50 am
>> this is things you can make with gold medal flour. they will expect that you know how to do certain things if you're going to make calves brain breaded. how to separate the two lobes of the brain with a knife and then soak them in cold water with a little salt for an hour. >> and they expected to you use everything. >> ox eyes. >> now let's talk about wheat keys. >> in 1921, the company began marketing its second product, washburn's whole wheat flakes which would become cheat tease. but they didn't catch on at first. >> on christmas eve 1926, we hired the wheaties quartet to come in sing the wheaties junk chill is the first ever singing radio commercial. >> wow. >> it goes something like this. have you trite wheaties won't you try wheaties, for
9:51 am
>> it was catchy. >> it was catchy and wheaties sales improved. >> the company learned the power of radio and television. general mills would sponsor the lone ranger in the 1940s. and the rocky and bullwinkle cartoons in the 1950s and '60s. >> today our program is brought to you by general mills. >> this is the general mills fun group toy section. >> the fun group. >> general mills was actually the largest manufacturer of toys in the 1970s. >> they sold play-doh, created the care bears and invented the nerf ball. >> let's play ball in the house. >> we sold four million nerf balls. >> yes, those are the monkeys. >> these are going to be a little bit different. >> okay. >> because the doughboys are
9:52 am
bought crosstown rival pillsbury the little clay plaster figure joined the family. pillsbury dough boy. >> this is the very original dough boy of 1965. >> when he first came about they had five bodies and 15 different heads. so that they could switch them out and move them ever so slightly. it actually took 24 still shots to get one second of film. >> but no character spans the company's history quite like this lady. >> betty crocker dates to 1921. >> the fictional homemaker whose name would decorate millions of cake mix boxes and cookbooks. why did general mills decide they needed a face of betty crocker? >> people believed betty was real.
9:53 am
>> at archives they have the original drawing. >> this becomes the basis for first in 1936. >> betty crocker would become the second most recognized person in america, behind eleanor roosevelt. day. >> these some are of them? >> these some are of them. >> in 1944, a florida wife would write betty about her husband. >> ever sibs i experimentally brought home a box of betty crocker flour and he baked a devil's food cake i can't keep him out of the kitchen. >> that's great. >> by 1954, general mills decided betty needed a makeover and commissioned a handful of top artists to offer ideas. >> and this piece was norman rockwell's submission. >> >> is that right? second. >> probably only time norman
9:54 am
>> as america has changed betty has been reimagined six more times since. most recently in 1996. is it time for a new betty? >> well, there's thought of this. but it's not a small undertaking. and this betty is quite popular. i have to say i've gotten older, betty looks the same. >> the challenge now for general mills will be keeping betty and the company ageless for the next 150 years. >> pauley: ahead -- ladies and gentlemen, please
9:55 am
9:56 am
9:57 am
youngest hero was honored this past week. and among the many who believe he more than defense it is our steve hartman. >> the medal ever honor presented pip the president is reserved for this country's bravest military heroes. but every year past medal of honor recipients get together to recognize civilians who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. and friday in arlington, virginia, for the first time one of those citizen honor awards went to a kid, an 11-year-old boy named myles eckert. >> ladies and gentlemen, please congratulate myles he can court. >> as we first reported couple of years ago, it all started at this cracker barrel in toledo, ohio. myles in the green hoodie was very excited. he just found $20 in the parking lot. did you start thinking what you could spend it on? >> i kind of wanted to get a video game but then i decided not to. >> he changed his mind when he saw this guy in uniform.
9:58 am
soldiers remind me of my dad. so he wrapped the $20 in a note that read "dear soldier, my dad was a soldier. he's in heaven now. i found this $20 in the parking lot when we got here. we like to pay it forward in my family. it's your luck key day. thank you for your service. signed, myles he can court a gold star kid. seam sergeant andy eckert was killed in iraq just five weeks after myles was born. all the kid has ever had are pictures and dog tags. >> this is his wedding ring. >> other people's memories and his own imagination. >> i imagine him as really nice person and somebody that would be really fun. >> the dad he image ins must also love a good story. because after lunch that day, myles asked his mom tiffany to make one more stop. >> he wanted to the go see his dad.
9:59 am
>> she took this picture from the car. follow the footsteps and you'll see myles standing there behind the flag. presumably telling his dad all about it. after that story first aired, myles helped raise nearly $2 million for gold star charities. >> he was chosen by our country's bravest men. andy might not have gotten that medal but just like to see him in everything we do. >> myles clearly does, too. he wore the dog tags to the ceremony. a sweet touch that i'm sure andy will appreciate on their next visit together. >> pauley: still to come -- god knows how to turn it and use it to your advantage. >> pauley: we go to church
10:00 am
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>> the god who created the universe is about to take you back, breathe new life into your dreams and prepare you towards your destiny. >> pauley: with inspirational messages like that one, passer joel osteen has built a loyal following both in person and on television. you'd hardly know that he ever doubted that the ministry would be his calling. tracy smith has our easter sunday profile. >> every sunday morning as the light comes up over houston, a capacity crowd fills the biggest church in town. and televangelist joel osteen prays it all goes well. >> in jesus' name, amen. >> it seems to some at least that god has been listening. osteen, with wife and copastor
10:03 am
lakewood church. it's now the largest congregation in the united states. more than 40,000 members show up every week to hear joel osteen's message of hope usually delivered with his trademark smile. >> god is not in the condemning business, he's in the restoration business. >> his sermons are relentlessly positive. that made him a target of critics who say osteen sometimes sounds less like a preacher more like motivational speaker. >> you have to take the hand you've been dealt and make the most of it. >> you've been criticized for church litz that's right. >> for a cotton candy message. >> yeah. >> do you feel like you're cheating people by not telling them about the hell part? >> no, i really don't. it's a different approach. it's not hell fire and brimstone. but i say most people are beaten down enough by life. they already feel guilty enough. they're not doing what they
10:04 am
can all find reasons. i want them to come to lakewood or our meetings be lifted up. to say, you know what, i may not be perfect bankrupt i'm moving forward. i'm doing better and i think that motivates you to do better today will be a new deagaining in our lives. >> if anything, his flock seems to be growing. osteen personally leads three services a week for the thousands at the church and for millions more on tv, internet and radio. making him one of the most watched religious leaders in america. where are we headed now? >> we're going upstairs there's some visitors up there. after every service, the osteens make their way to the church lobby to meet what typically a few hundred who wait patiently in line for a person encounter of a blessing. >> during the delivery and these children will be healthy and strong. >> or just a word of hope for
10:05 am
time. >> whatever you think of osteen's theology you can't deny his ability to connect with his followers. >> do you sometimes feel like, my goodness, he read my diary? >> yes. i thought he was looking at me, he's talking about me! >> the church is only part of his ministry. his eight books, including his latest are all best sellers and made osteen so much money that he doesn't need to touch the lakewood collection plate. your personal wealth comes from the books. >> comes from the books. it comes from the books and stuff we do with serious radio now. i do think this certain thought in the church world that you're supposed to be poor and broke and defeated to show that you're humble. see, i don't buy into that. >> you purposely don't ask for money on tv. but people send it anyway? >> people send money, they buy
10:06 am
yeah, you know, just an unbelievable amount that keeps it all going. >> do you think if you stood up said, please don't send money people would still send money? >> i don't know. i don't want to try that though. >> what happens to the money that goes to the church and to the ministry? i know you don't take a salary. >> right. big broad terms, $30 million goes to the tv effort. what's left paying staff, it's supporting missionaries and missions work. it's just organization. if we bring in $90 million this year we will spend $890 million. >> i'm sorry you said $90 million is that a good estimate. >> it is. it's amazing. i know. >> each one of us -- what might be even more amazing is that joel osteen never dreamed he could be a preacher and ever even wanted to try. born amine star's son in 1963,
10:07 am
houston watching his dad. pass tore john osteen, founder of lakewood church and preacher with a more traditional style. >> that god says move they move. people are ready to obey god at the drop of a hat and they're willing to drop the hat. >> dad of course wanted joel to succeed him. but he never saw himself at the podium he studied tv production helped get his dad on the air. that's him running a camera. >> i had no desire to do it. my dad, he never pressured me, joel, you'd make a good minister. but i had no desire and i didn't think this was in me. >> in the meantime he met his future wife, victoria iloff as she was working the counter at a jewelry store. their first data basketball game
10:08 am
but dad kept on asking joel to give preaching a shot. and in january 1999, at the age 36, he finally agreed to do it, this is a very nervous joel osteen first tv sermon. >> goes on to say, don't ask thoughtlessly but find out and know what the will of god is. >> six days after this was taped joel osteen got a wake-up call. >> my mother called at 2:00 dash 2:09 in the morning, joel, daddy has had a heart attack over at our house. i went there, fire trucks are there, my dad was on the ground they were is shocking him, i knew he was gone. >> after the funeral, osteen says he felt called to stand in his daddy's shoes. >> i wasn't great at it but immediately there was momentum. almost like it never stopped. >> in fact under joel osteen the
10:09 am
2003 they leased the place where they had their first date, the then vacant compaq center turned it into the new lakewood church. it's a family business. the osteens two grown children are part of the lakewood ministry. osteen says his dad would have loved it all. >> he used to call me and sometimes tell me, you know, how many were in attendance or what an offering was or something. i think, oh, man, daddy, if you could see it now. >> the osteen message seems to resonate outside the bible belt as well. >> it's great. i see him every sunday. he's very inspirational. >> it's the way he delivers his message. i don't know, something very special about it. >> life is too short to live negative -- >> last week he healed an evidence called a night of hope in newark, new jersey. >> you know, some times you just need the basics i think that some people have the ability to deliver the basic principles
10:10 am
that. >> you sell tickets to this? >> we do. $15 ticket. i grew up a peacher's kid. church. they buy the ticket and move on. >> it's worth noting that the newark event was completely sold out. back in houston not far from the >> come on victoria. >> the osteens try to spend their sunday afternoon at home with their extended family. you guys live together and you work together. is that always smooth sailing? >> we've learned. we've been married 28 years. >> 28 years. i think it's -- >> we've learned how to communicate. >> i think there's things. let her be right. >> that's a good rule. >> but what joel osteen's really learned is the same message he
10:11 am
life can be pretty great if you keep looking up. >> my dad was very, very poor. you know, no milk, no food, no heating in the winter. you know what? he stepped up. he had a big dream for his life and look what he's done for us. that's my whole thing, you don't have to stay there. you got to believe that you can
10:12 am
10:13 am
have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america home. expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer cancer treatment centers of america. >> pauley: so, just how super is the new movie "batman versus superman"? our critic david edelstein knows how to answer that. >> i saw the best minds of several generations standing in line for days to see "batman versus superman: dawn of justice" as if it were a religious pilgrimage. and it does inspire awe.
10:14 am
darkly beautiful, that the lousiness doesn't hit you all at once, it seeps in like -- it's hard to find an -- like sip throw night into superman. it leaves you green and a little pukey. it's a weird match to start, right? the fight should end with one punch, seeing as superman is an alien with unlimited powers while batman's just a guy with fancy toys. ah, but what if batman had kryptonite and super suit so he could get thrown through walls with no ilea can folks. and superman was endlessly regenerative getting zapped and leaping back up. the fight would last hours. or feel like hours. why do they want to fight? it comes down to civil liberties. really.
10:15 am
by ben affleck whose bat-mask doesn't hide the mole on his cheek or his dimpled chin so he could -- never mind. bruce witnesses the partial destruction. and blames the villains but superman, played by henry carill an illegal alien. the comparisons to 9/11 are unmissable. and bruce goes over to the dark side. he uses dick cheney-esque language with his butler alfred played by jeremy irons. >> he has the power to wipe out the entire human race if we believe there's 1% chance we have to take it as absolute certainty. >> he is not our enemy. >> superman is hardly a sunny counterpoint, always wondering if he has a right to play god, the guiltiest savior imaginable. he's easy bait for lex luthor whom jessie he's inberg plays as cross between mark zuckerberg in
10:16 am
he's ham with a side of ham. >> i love it. i love bringing people together. >> the movie has about six opening scenes and subplots galore and introduces gal gadot as wonder woman who mostly loiters in the margins and preens more than acts, but wowza, dig that costume! like the last marvel films snacks batman versus superman" is so busy set up sequels and spin-offs it barely tells a story. so you're overfull but you're starved for a real movie. which is not to say the ones in line for hours won't worship at its altar. super heroes are their gods.
10:17 am
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xeljanz can reduce the symptoms of ra, even without methotrexate. ask your rheumatologist about xeljanz. >> pauley: here's a look at the week ahead. monday singer-songwriter lady gaga celebrates her 30th birthday. tuesday sees the annual international women of courage award ceremony at the state department in washington. wednesday is world bipolar day, pegged to the birthday of the troubled artist vincent vangogh. it's a day dedicated to increasing awareness and ending the social stigma of bipolar disorders. on thursday night, late pop singer david bowie will be honored with a tribute concert
10:20 am
friday is april fool's day, an annual occasion for all manner of jokes. no foolin'. saturday is park day sponsored by the civil war trust, a day for volunteers to help clean up and preserve america's civil war battlefields, cemeteries and shrines. if you're running a business, legalzoom has your back. over the last 10 years we've helped one million business owners get started. visit legalzoom today for the legal help you need to start and run your business.
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don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. >> senator smitts so much has changed since we last sat down. you'd just been 'elected now find yourself incarcerated. >> we all live in prison, jane, come on. >> pauley: i'm playing myself with bill murray on the amazon show "alpha house." let's face it, i'm no actress. but tonight on the cbs show "madam secretary" i share the
10:22 am
leoni on my fictional washington talk show. the clock stands at four minutes to midnight. but now, madam secretary, there is talk of moving it up to three minutes to midnight at the bulletin's meeting here in washington this week. do you think this is a comment on the dalton administration's foreign policy? >> they're not policy experts and they certainly aren't privy to national security briefings. >> pauley: i had about 100 times more fun than i thought i could possibly have because i had to actually learn lines. it was -- it was great. >> she did great. she did great. >> pauley: remains to be seen whether i embarrass myself or not. it's heady stuff. fact is i never even appeared in a high school play. >> when you start thinking about bringing people in who have enormous sort of iconic faces or reputations, you want to make
10:23 am
completely overshadow the scene because they're not going play with you. >> pauley: that sounds like a fantasy. >> so did the berlin wall coming down. and red sox winning the world trade center. >> pauley: i thought i did the iconic part pretty well. >> yes, you did. >> pauley: but, icon in this case really, if you want -- there november danger of iconicness overwhelming your scene. i wish i could have told you in advance if you were worried about that, no worries. i leave the icon at the door. >> while you were there, of course -- >> pauley: the show has featured appearances by genuinely iconic characters, cbs newsman bob schieffer and madeleine albright. >> there's plenty of room in the world for mediocre men. there is no room for mediocre women. >> i'll speak a little bit for secretary albright she told me i
10:24 am
she said, i love that you're making foreign policy less foreign. kind of a respect is probably -- i'm making that up. she never said that. but i want to say it i want already to say it. she was very close, i could tell, to saying that she had great respect for what we were doing here. >> pauley: all those things you said that madeleine albright was on the verge of saying i would have said. you made a hit show out of foreign policy. kudos to you. >> yeah! hell reah. >> pauley: you'll have to judge for yourself tonight on cbs. coming up now on cbs, "face the nation" with john dickerson. what's ahead, john? >> dickerson: good morning, jane, we'll talk to secretary of state john kerry about response to those attacks in brussels including what americans should think. who are traveling offer seas we'll talk about the homeland security implications and because there's still
10:25 am
we'll talk about politics, too. >> pauley: john dickerson, thank you. and we want to mention that you can talk movies with our film critic david edelstein in life facebook chat right after we go off the air this morning. we learned on thursday that "sunday morning" has been nominated for two emmys at the upcoming 43rd annual daytime emmy awards. our thanks to the television academy. and more important, our thanks to you. and with that, next week on sunday morning this story from rita braver. >> the great wall. >> a family affair. anderson cooper talks about his mom, gloria vanderbilt. >> even though she's 92 one of the most youthful people. she already believes next love right around the corner.bad. for over 75 years, our clients have relied on us to bring our best thinking to their investments
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covering is caring because covering heals faster. for a bandage that moves with you and stays on all day, cover with a band-aid brand flexible fabric adhesive bandage. >> pauley: we leave you on
10:28 am
geese and their goslings at los gatos creek park in california's silicon valley. >> pauley: i'm jane pauley we wish all of you a happy easter. and hope you'll join us again next sunday morning. captioning made possible by johnson & johnson, where quality products for the american family have been a tradition for generations
10:29 am
10:30 am >> dickerson: today on "face the nation," european brace themselves for more terror attacks and belgians hoping to march for peace are told to stay home. investigation into the isis terror cell responsible for the belgium attacks, as arrests are made we'll have the latest on the hunt for those responsible. plus, we'll talk with secretary of state john kerry who says americans should not fear traveling abroad but should be on guard. how vulnerable the the united states to similar attacks? we'll ask new york deputy police commissioner john miller.


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